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Umbrella | Your Friend Through Rain, Shine, or Snow.

by Evelyn Smith

If you’re planning to go on a hiking trip then what are the things that you consider before packing your bags? 

The duration of the trip and the state of weather during your stay are one of the first things that you think of before packing your essentials. Because depending on the weather you may need layers, or you can make do with a single pair of jeans with different t-shirts. But if you are advised to expect rain or light showers, would you consider keeping an umbrella or a rain jacket, or would you decide to brave it out? 

Your decision can vary, but we are here to help you make up your mind. Why not pick something that works both in the rain and sunshine!

This brings us to why we cannot emphasize enough just how under-appreciated an umbrella is. 

We understand that there are situations where a rain jacket may be more appropriate, but we are confident that you cannot find a rain jacket that can fit into your glove apartment as well as the bottom of your hiking bag while keeping you safe from the environmental elements. 

And if you are still looking for further convincing, read on, for reasons that we stand by an umbrella. 

5 reasons to buy an umbrella

They provide Protection

Of course, by stating the obvious we want to declare that umbrellas work. One of the most successful ways of protecting yourself from rain is umbrellas. They take up less space, pop open in a second and are always right around. Rain jackets may just only be for that- rain. We don’t say that any umbrella could keep you completely dry, especially if rain is accompanied by some breeze. 

Umbrellas are efficient at protecting you when it’s raining as well as keeping you safe, on a sunny day or a snowy one. 

Assist in Ventilation

One way that an umbrella trumps over a rain jacket is the ventilation it provides along with saving you from the rain. For instance, on a hiking trail if you are wearing a rain jacket it will protect you from the rain but it cannot save you from the inevitable soaking in sweat and then possible chances of catching a cold because of the lack of ventilation. 

Even the best of rain jackets are not breathable enough to allow heat to escape. An umbrella allows you to adjust your body’s temperature according to the surroundings while doing its job. 

They are Lightweight 

Users have found after much consideration that a lightweight umbrella is much more compact and lighter to carry as compared to a rain jacket. The umbrella does its job and is easy to stack in a handbag, knapsack, or glove compartment but a rain jacket or a raincoat is a lot more hassle to carry or handle. 

Especially on one of those days where it rains sparingly throughout the day, an umbrella scores on keeping you protected without the whole ritual of taking off and wearing a rain jacket again. On other days where you may need to carry an extra bottle of water for replenishing the sweat loss over a hiking trail in the sun, an umbrella is lighter than a big bottle of water while reducing the need to rehydrate. 

Offer Versatility 

You may realize once you start using an umbrella on your sunny day hikes or long walks with a backpack through mountains or simply laying on the beach, not only will you protect yourself from the sun, but it’ll provide you with shade throughout. 

And if that does not surprise you, wait till you watch the snow slip off of umbrellas, easily keeping you safe through snowfall as well. Or when you keep yourself safe through a day of gardening or a match of golf, the need to protect is easily solved with a simple umbrella. 

Converts to other uses 

Some of the users confessed to using umbrellas as a privacy screen or small shelter for creating a space to pee behind a tree while they can’t locate a toilet on a particularly difficult route of backpacking. 

Some days if you are not able to find yourself a shelter, a bigger umbrella can actually protect you and your backpack. Other times, an umbrella allows you better visibility through the rain especially if you wear eyeglasses. And if you notice rain falling through a sloppy tarp then the umbrella can fill the hole and save you from rain again! 

If you are anything like us, and we are confident that you are, we have you convinced by now of how an umbrella is an excellent accessory to carry while traveling, hiking, or just commuting to work, how about we help you pick your next one? 

The features of the perfect umbrella

Consider right dimensions

An umbrella that’s too short may fit into your small handbag but will not do any more than save your hair or part of your torso on a rainy day.

A size too small for an umbrella is simply impractical to make and then use. It’s better to consider a fairly average size umbrella of a canopy 37-40 inches in diameter and that is about 9-12 inches when folded. This size of umbrella is effective in keeping one person safe from rain and fits into bags or glove boxes.

A double vented canopy is a neat feature to consider in an umbrella especially if you live in an area with a propensity for windy rainy days, as it allows the wind to pass through it without inverting and keeping you safe. But the double canopy won’t be available in umbrellas too small, so know the correct dimensions to expect. 

Take weight into account 

One of the biggest reasons that people refuse to advocate against buying an umbrella especially for traveling or hiking is because they say that it weighs too much or takes up too much space. It is fairly easy to find umbrellas that are easy to use, and are compact in storage while weighing less than a pound. 

You can find a good quality product and prefer to carry the light versions on your person at all times but the larger umbrellas that can fit 2 people or cover your baggage along with your body may be bigger and heavier. As the frame, structure, and materials of the umbrella change the weight of the umbrella will also increase accordingly. 

Explore materials

One of the upsides of using a synthetic material is that it is water-resistant and dries quickly and weighs almost nothing. Across different brands and varieties of umbrellas, the canopy materials may not change as much. 

But you can still compare materials for the frame as well as learn about their advantages and possible disadvantages against your expected usage and affordability of the product. Alloys of Steel and Aluminum are commonly used along with fiberglass for making the inner ribs and frame of the umbrella all of which collectively decide the overall durability of the product. 

Handy operating 

While traveling through a busy road or hiking by a busy trail you would want your umbrella to come to your rescue within seconds. This means you should consider carefully which of the automatic or manual nature of the buttons that click open the umbrella you would prefer. 

You might have to try some of them before testing them against forces of nature. Especially if you are carrying a briefcase, groceries, or anything in one hand your umbrella should be convenient to use with the other hand. 

Make sure you pay attention to the materials of the handle allowing it to be soft and handy for prolonged usage. You must also consider handles that are molded in a shape that follows the contours of your hand for easy handling

Check affordability 

While shopping for an umbrella you may be attracted by a lot of factors such as the material size or shape of the canopy or on the other hand you may want a durable long-lasting windproof umbrella. Even though there is not really a minimum price on quality, an expensive product may not always be a good quality one either.

We have, however, observed that a price range between $30 to $45 offers a wide variety of umbrellas that offer you all the convenient features along with good coverage and long-lasting durability. 

How about we help you know your umbrellas a little better and perhaps further help you in not only buying a new one but also care for it when the need arises. 

The Anatomy of an umbrella

Umbrellas are made of several little parts held together with your mechanical functioning. Each part plays its role in keeping the whole umbrella functional for your protection at all times. 


  • The most noticeable and biggest part of an umbrella is its canopy.
  • This is the part that two forms the most important function of keeping you dry and shaded from the Sun.
  • Usually made up of eight-panel sections sewn together to fit onto the ribs both inner and outer sides of which can be printed or colored with any design. 
  • Typically, the canopy is made of water-resistant fabrics which are usually coated with materials to keep the water from sliding off of the surface and keeping you as well as the fabric itself dry. 


  • Your umbrella resumes its shape and final structure only because of the ribs that are attached to the canopy and the shaft.
  • The ribs extend from the pole of an umbrella to the tips that hold the canopy together in a dome-shape. 
  • Ribs are made of several pieces of metal held together to become movable pieces held together that provide the movement, opening and closing functions to the umbrella.


  • Umbrellas in the past were routinely made from cane or even whalebone, but today the most common materials found in the shaft or pole of the umbrella are lightweight and sturdy wood aluminum, fiberglass, and steel. 
  • Fiberglass is a modern synthetic material that has shown promising abilities to last a long time and show a considerable amount of resistance to bending or breaking.
  • For the people who love to use their umbrellas as walking sticks, wood has been a common choice for the pole.


  • Through different kinds of umbrellas, the basic structure of the elements remains the same, but the handle is something that can be customized.
  • J-shaped handles have commonly been associated with walking sticks or larger umbrellas which are easy to handle and store away with whereas smaller fist like handles are more suited for modern smaller ones.
  • The handles usually have a button for quick and seamless opening along with manual closing of the umbrella. 


  • The canopy of the umbrella is attached to the ribs which are held in place with small metal or plastic pieces at the ends of the ribs.
  • These small pieces are crucial in keeping the fabric and the metal held together to retain their shape when opened. 

The umbrella also consists of an outer packing also known as the umbrella sleeves used to wrap and store the umbrella away. All the little parts can be named and are really put together manually to make each umbrella come together. 

With the list of factors to be considered before buying an umbrella under consideration, here follows a list of the best umbrellas that we could find. Also, to help you find out which of the products worked the best for us and our users during our research. 

1.Repel Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella

Price: 22.95 to 29.95 USD
  • One of the massively popular products, this windproof lightweight umbrella is a much loved and perfectly dependable companion for traveling or commuting on a rainy day.
  • Befitting an exceptional innovation, these umbrellas are highly durable designed with 9 reinforced fiberglass ribs that can tolerate strong winds without flipping inside out, so you can stay protected. 
  • With a vented double canopy design the umbrella is extremely efficient at being windproof which means the umbrella blindly fights against the rainy winds letting the air pass through and still keep you dry without inverting. 
  • Teflon coated canopy material is very efficient at being water-resistant and keeps you as well as the umbrella itself dry which means you literally just have to shake it off once, and you can pack it without having to worry about any water stuck with the fabric
  • A brilliant one-click automatic opening button will quickly make this your most handy and the most favorite umbrella ever. And then maybe you will probably end up never buying another umbrella because these are designed to hold up against all kinds of nature’s elements be it sunshine, rain, or snow.

2.EEZ-Y Travel Umbrellas For Rain

Price: 13.99 USD
  • One of the most important features or prerequisites for an umbrella is that it should be a perfect size for packing or traveling with. EEZ-Y travel umbrellas are the perfect travel size that you will love to carry for your rainy as well as sunny days.
  • If you are tired of losing umbrella after umbrella to strong gusts of wind and stormy rainy days then it’s about time that you try EEZ-Y travel umbrellas for not only are they extremely affordable they have been reported by countless users to stand against the wind.
  • While being extremely lightweight, and compact these umbrellas are designed to fight against forces of nature in all weather conditions. Even if it looks small, only with one quick click of a button the whole canopy opens up big enough to fit two and stay protected with the help of its water repellent fabric.
  • While being less than a pound these umbrellas truly defy the forces of nature and look good while doing it with 15 colors and patterns at your disposal to choose from. 

3.Totes Women’s Clear Bubble Umbrella

Price: 26.00 USD
  • If you have ever wanted to buy the exact kind of umbrella that many models and actresses seem to carry in videos, this one will suffice. This is an extremely good-looking and stylish bubble umbrella that you would love to own, get photographed in, and carry around. 
  • The 51-inch bubble canopy appears to be beautiful and ends up being extremely efficient at keeping most of you and your torso safe from the rain and the wind. 
  • The clear canopy makes for interesting clear visibility and the sturdy frame makes for an everyday stick or sophisticated yet protective umbrella for rain or snow. 
  • This means you can use the umbrella and see clearly through the rain as well as the umbrella and at the same time stay protected from it. You may not be able to use it for shade during a sunny day for obvious reasons. 
  • This excessively stylish totes umbrella meant for women is easy to handle while being totally fuss-free to use which makes it instantly popular with kids and adults alike. 

4. SoulRain Classic Wood Handle Umbrella

Price: 25.00 USD
  • SoulRain brings you a classic designed and built umbrella that is not just quick and sturdy but extremely reliable, even on windy days. The umbrella is made of high-quality features while being affordable at the same time.
  • The 42-inch canopy is made of high-density Pongee fabric that you would be easily impressed with when stepping out in the sun or while braving the sudden windy showers. The outstanding waterproof fabric is not easy to get drenched, so much so that you only need to shake it off just once to remove all the water droplets and then put it away. 
  • With a J-shaped handle and the shaft made of elegant premium wood, this SoulRain classic wood umbrella weighs less than a pound and thus, becomes an unmatched companion for all days walking through the park or for commuting to work for one and all.
  • The fiberglass frame is made of 8 ribs that provide the umbrella with a powerful structure and the ability to withstand wind up to 46 m/s. Not only will you enjoy the convenient comforts of this umbrella for a long time, but you will also love to give it to your loved ones as a gift too.

5.SY Compact Travel Umbrella

Price: 11.89 to 14.99 USD
  • If you could describe this umbrella with just one word it would be unbreakable. Coming from an umbrella manufacturer with a history of 15 years this umbrella definitely holds up the quality that comes from experience. 
  • Do not, even for a minute, let the compact size of this umbrella make you think it’s puny in any way. The fiberglass ribs provide it with massively high resistance against wind gusts up to 55 mph. 
  • SY Travel Umbrella is only 10.8 inches when folded making it exceptionally compact in size allowing it to be carried along with all your day-to-day activities or travel plans without taking up much space in your luggage or handbag.
  • The umbrella stands up against the wrath of weather with dense waterproof fabric that allows the umbrellas to dry off with just one shake and is ready to be packed within its case.
  • With years of experience backing up its manufacturing, these umbrellas are available in many bright beautiful colors to suit your preference and blow you away with not just shining reviews, but a replacement guarantee in case anything wrong is found with the product. 

6.Luwint Folding Umbrella

Price: 13.86 USD
  • Now we do realize not all of you are walking around mountains or sidewalks with an umbrella all day which is why we bring you Luwint 36” diameter fishing or gardening folding umbrella hats. 
  • This excessively useful headgear is an efficient extension of a hat that is wide enough to keep your arms, upper body plus your head shaded and dry without you having to hold it in your hand.
  • The umbrella is compact and neat for you to use every day with is and comfort that comes along with a spring Spring-Stop Lanyard Cord Lock that holds the umbrella in place under your chin. 
  • Designed chiefly to serve as an umbrella for protection against the sun, this umbrella is made of silver-coated fabric that effectively keeps you cool by bouncing off sunlight. It collapses into a small travel-size umbrella that can be locked and held together tightly to form a small purse.
  • Suitable for extra sun protection for any activity that requires you to be in the sun keeping yourself shaded without the need of having to hold the umbrella in your hands such as photography, gardening, fishing, or hiking.

G4Free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

Price: 17.99 to 29.99 USD
  • Also known as the ultimate golf umbrella, this umbrella is a 54-inch large-sized umbrella that is going to be your ultimate shield against all kinds of forces nature can throw against you while making you look good at it. 
  • The large-sized canopy is made of silk-derived material which is not only lightweight and supremely water-resistant, it also provides you with spf 50 plus protection making it suitable for lengthy golf sessions and save you from the sudden rains or snow. 
  • If the fiberglass ribs were not enough to convince you of its strength the double canopy design ensures that your umbrella will never be blown away. Even in harsh weather conditions because of the double canopy design allows the wind to pass through without damaging the umbrella. 
  • The umbrella is suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities such as playing golf or commuting to work. Ready for you to use with its automatic opening switch which is useful when you need it instantly. 
  • G4Free is so confident of their umbrellas and craftsmanship that they offer you a generous one-year guarantee that stands behind their products in the form of an unconditional guarantee of replacement in case of any defaults.

8.Repel Umbrella Reverse Umbrella

Price: 21.95 USD
  • Changing the notion about umbrellas being fragile, Repel brings you another compact umbrella that is the perfect companion for all your daily routines that keeps you safe through unexpected weather patterns at all times you’re outdoors. 
  • Repel brings you an innovative reverse fold technology which ensures that the frame of the umbrella folds inwards. Designed with practical usage in mind and ensuring that the umbrella folds opposite to that of your regular umbrella trapping water droplets inside the canopy keeping you and your surroundings and your belongings dry. 
  • The umbrella is equipped with 8 fiberglass ribs that provide strength to withstand strong winds without snapping  and allowing the umbrella to be used against the high gusts even if it ends up reversing itself.
  • If the reverse umbrella idea was not enough for someone, the umbrella comes in 8 charming designs that make the umbrella so charming that you’ll surely want to try them at least once. 

9. GAOYAING Travel Mini Umbrella

Price: 11.99 to 19.99 USD
  • With a surprising size of 6.9 inches, this mini version of an umbrella is only slightly bigger than your phone and fits perfectly in your hand just the same way. And if that isn’t enough for you, check out all of its colored options to brighten up any rainy day.
  • A distinctively skillful design with an easy to press partner compact design is packed with all the goodness of a full-size umbrella while being accessible for a child as well as adults. 
  • A lot of those who loved this umbrella after having used it frequently reported having found it to be an ideal gift for men and women alike. 
  • For all your backpacking trips across the mountains or the rainy season of on and off showers this excessively affordable umbrella stays up, does its job, and goes back into your bag without taking any space at all.

10.Spar. Saa Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

Price: 21.68 USD
  • Anyone who came up with reversible umbrellas was someone who was tired of having to carry a wet umbrella through the day. Meet Siepasa unique double-layered umbrella that not only repels water but also inverts to close, keeping the water stuck inside. 
  • You do not need to worry about poking people in the eye to open your umbrella in a closed space. Use the umbrella and fold the wet side inwards and just shake the umbrella and the water will simply slide off rather than soaking you again when you open the umbrella. 
  • The unique C-shaped handle allows easy handling. With so many colorful patterns to choose from and the option to create a customized design as well, this umbrella is one must-have product to keep you safe from the sun and the rain while looking good. 
  • The double inverted umbrella is designed by keeping durability and comfort in mind. The umbrella stands against the wind and keeps you safe from the rain by allowing the wind to pass through.

Even if you might have already made up your mind about your favorite umbrella, let us now explore a few types of umbrellas and their features for clarity. 

The many kinds of umbrellas

By now we know that umbrellas are your best companions for protecting yourself from all kinds of harsh weather. They allow you to step out of the house without worrying too much about ruining your health, hair, or clothes and perhaps get on with your day. Now that you have already been through a list of favorite umbrellas you can still go through your options for different kinds of umbrellas that are available to suit your different needs.

Classic umbrella

  • These are the most commonly seen and known foldable umbrellas, classic umbrellas are easily available everywhere that it rains.
  • The convenient and compact design of these umbrellas makes them popular among the people who would prefer to carry an umbrella in their backpack or handbags for any situation.
  • Classic umbrellas usually come with manual handling which means two hands may be required to open and close the umbrella. These umbrellas have been around for a long time but lately may be replaced with smaller more convenient designs. 

Double canopy umbrella

  • An epitome of innovation and design, these umbrellas truly define the forces of nature by the virtue of their double canopy design.
  • Because of a second canopy smaller than the larger canopy this design allows the wind to pass through without turning the umbrella inside out which in turn keeps you safe and protected through the windy rainy days.
  • Usually found in larger sizes these umbrellas can withstand storms and stay intact against winds up to 55 mph. 

Travel size umbrella

  • As the name suggests these umbrellas are designed to fit all sizes of bags for everyday use as well as a traveling accessory. 
  • The USP of these umbrellas lies in their lightweight and small size which makes them extremely handy for all kinds of weather without adding too much or taking space. 
  • With all the features of a regular umbrella travel size, umbrellas are also known as pocket umbrellas because of their ability to fit into anything from a briefcase handbag or even coat pocket.

Fishing umbrella

  • For any activity that requires you to use both your hands and still presents and need to protect yourself from the current weather, you can consider a fishing umbrella.
  • Made with fabrics that have sunlight-reflecting properties, these umbrellas fit around your head keeping you cool through a sunny day of fishing, gardening, or just about any activity including walking your dog around the neighborhood.
  • The size of a children’s umbrella, these umbrellas are a better alternative to a large-sized hat because it does not trap any heat and keeps your head, arms and upper body safe. 

Doorman’s umbrella

  • These are one of the largest sizes of umbrellas that are suitable for protecting two people at a time. Doorman umbrellas are so-called because of dominants and hotel attendance all over the world using them to assist guests through the rain. 
  • Usually made of high-quality materials and strong internal parts, these umbrellas score high not only on performance but also in style. 
  • Very similar to golf umbrellas that can fit multiple golfers at once.  But due to their large size, they cannot fold more than once but size also dictates that it cannot be carried around easily. 

Bubble umbrella 

  • You remember them from their peculiar shape as well as the transparent material of the canopy. Usually considered as fashionable accessories, these umbrellas are also one of the powerful structures enough to withstand changing weather conditions. 
  • A design that does not restrict your view because of the thick dark canopy, these umbrellas are referred to by news reporters or people who wear eyeglasses. 
  • The larger canopy effectively helps keep most of your body safe from heavy rainfall with the dependable windproof design.

To wrap it up, we wish to remind you that life is short, and you shouldn’t let a little rain stop you from making the most out of each day. All of us at Transparent Views have spent a considerable time out of our days to research and test the products for you, so that at least you don’t have to spend your precious time doing something better, perhaps a hike? 

Let us know if you have any questions and your experience with the products mentioned in the comments below. 

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