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The Best Sleeping Bags To Travel With In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
The Best Sleeping Bags To Travel With In 2021

“A good laugh and a strong sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book”. This Irish proverb really hits home. The peace you feel when you finally hit the sack after an entire day of hard work is heavenly. Some people might disagree as they feel that there’s plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead. Well, have you ever snuggled up inside a cozy and fluffy sleeping bag while it is literally freezing outside?

Getting a good amount of sound sleep is taken for granted by many people till the time you’re traveling. When you don’t have your comfy bed with you it really does put you in an irritable mood. Doesn’t it drive you insane to keep shuffling all night on that rigid surface trying to get just the right posture to sleep?

Since times immemorial humans have loved to travel and explore every nook and cranny of the world. Sometimes you travel to places where you can enjoy all the luxuries of the modern world like a hot bath, a toasty blanket, a cozy bed, etc. But for instance, when you’re backpacking on the Appalachian trail these luxuries seem otherworldly. There is absolutely no way to find a cozy spot in that place to lay down and relax without tiny stones pricking your body. This is when a sleeping bag becomes your best friend. 

A sleeping bag is a protective sleeping gear for a person. It is a ‘bag’ to sleep in or a blanket that can be closed with a zipper or similar means. It functions as a bed in situations where an actual bed is not available. The purpose of a sleeping bag is to provide warmth and thermal insulation. The bottom surface of the sleeping bag also provides some cushioning for a comfortable sleep.

Which type of sleeping should I choose?

Based on the purpose and structure there are different types of sleeping bags available on the market. To choose the perfect type of sleeping bag for yourself you must be aware of the kind of usage you will be deriving from it. Here are a few different types of sleeping bags based on their structure and usage:

  • Rectangular sleeping bag This type of bag is a non-tapered, right-angled designed bag with a full or half length zipper on one or both sides of the bag. The best feature of this design is the amount of room it has inside. It allows you to shift around freely without making you feel suffocated and without restricting any movement. It’s ideal for sleepers who toss and turn a lot while sleeping. 
  • Semi- Rectangular sleeping bag- This type of sleeping bag is slightly tapered at the shoulder area. The tapered area prevents draughts of air from sneaking inside the bag and disturbing your sleep. This bag is perfect for people who are not too keen on the idea of sleeping in a restricted fashion. It allows a little more room than the next type of sleeping bag- the Mummy bag.
  • Mummy style sleeping bag- This type of sleeping bag is the most popular among hikers and campers due to its excellent warmth to weight ratio, low bulk, and the ability to create a draught resistant cosy cocoon. The mummy sleeping bag is highly tapered which allows a snug fit around the legs and a wider fit around the hip and the shoulder allowing you to sleep in a comfortable posture. The mummy bags are form fitting and restrictive which means it is ideal for people who like to sleep snuggly. 
  • Double sleeping bags- This type of sleeping bag, as the name suggests, is meant for two people to use. Double sleeping bags usually come in a rectangular form and are roomy enough to accommodate two adults comfortably. Given their size and filling, they’re naturally a little bulky to carry. It is ideal for you if you’re going camping with your spouse or a very close friend. Some double bags can also be converted into two individual sleeping bags. 
  • Women’s sleeping bags- These bags are anatomically optimized for the female body. It means a narrower fit around the shoulders, a wider hip area, and shorter sizes. Women are normally considered to be cold sleepers and need more insulation to stay warm at night which is why this type of bag uses more insulating fabric to boost warmth.  These bags weigh a little more than the other types of sleeping bags due to the bulky insulation fabric. Needless to say, it is ideal for women. 

The sleeping bag you choose to accompany you on your most daring adventures will play a really important role. It will give you shelter in cold conditions and protect you from certain injuries. Choosing a sleeping bag that’s best suited for your requirements and is also affordable can be a daunting task. With a plethora of options available, it is likely for you to get overwhelmed.

Reading about all these types of sleeping bags must’ve really got you thinking- ‘Should I choose a mummy style sleeping bag?’ Or ‘A rectangular one?’ ‘What if I choose a sleeping bag that fits my budget but barely fits my body? What if I choose a sleeping bag that promises the best protection and dryness but makes a massive dent in my budget? What if I buy a lightweight sleeping bag but it fails to keep me warm? All these questions might get your head reeling with confusion. But, don’t you worry. We have carefully examined and reviewed the best and the most comfortable sleeping bags in the list below. No need to spend the night out in the open shivering with cold, desperately wishing for the sun to rise. The list will help you choose a sleeping bag which will not only be reasonably priced, but will also give you the satisfactory sleep you need after a thrilling but exhausting day.

Read the following list of tried and tested affordable sleeping bags which will meet all your needs:

Following is a list of the most comfortable sleeping bags which will fall in your budget:

1. Sleepingo double sleeping bag

Price: $57.95 – $71.54

This double sleeping bag by Sleepingo is a reason for traveling couples to rejoice. This sleeping bag made for two will offer you complete comfort with its lightweight and two travel pillows. It will surely make your trips warm and snuggly. This comfortable and cozy sleeping bag is portable and sturdy and will most certainly give you a good night’s sleep.

Highlights of the product:

  • This large and impressive sleeping bag is 87 x 59 inches in size, big enough to accommodate two adults comfortably.
  • It is one of the coziest sleeping bags which is economically and practically efficient.
  • It is perfect for cold climate conditions and can keep you warm at places with a temperature of 32° up.
  • It comes with two traveling pillows and the best feature about this sleeping bag is its ability to be used as two individual sleeping bags. 
  • The outer shell of this bag is made of strong and waterproof camping grade polyester fabric which will surely keep you warm in freezing weather.
  • The fabric is packed with 210 thread count every square inch which makes it last a long time in adverse situations.
  • The lining of the bag is made of Tetron and cotton which give you the feeling of being in your own bed. 

Is it meant for me?

If you want to sleep soundly all through the night while staying warm so that you’re fresh in the morning then this bag is definitely meant for you. Priced at a reasonable amount this amazing sleeping bag will ensure that you stay dry and comfortable. If you’re someone who likes to cuddle and sleep with your beloved then this bag is the best suited one for you but if you’re a non-cuddler then you can just sleep in a separate bag because this bag can be used as two individual sleeping bags too. This is nothing less than luxury when you’re shivering in the cold weather.

2. Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag

Price: $25.99 – $49.99

This sleeping bag by Oaskys is going to take you for one cozy adventure. This bag is made out of the smoothest fabric to give you a pleasant nook to rest your head in after a full day of gallivanting in nature. It guarantees to give you 100% customer satisfaction. 

Highlights of the product:

  • They can be used in 3 seasons. They are designed to keep you warm in temperatures ranging from 10- 20 degrees Celsius. 
  • These bags are built using weather resistant design to keep you warm even in biting winter and since it is waterproof it prevents you from any dampness. This is because of its double fill technology. 
  • They are designed to ensure that after a tiring day of trekking, hiking, travel, or any other exploration you can get a good and relaxing night’s sleep. 
  • This sleeping bag is a smart choice because the design is versatile. The separated zipper at the bottom can also make your feet often come out through the wind. A half-circle hood with an adjustable drawstring keeps your head warm even in extreme conditions. 
  • They are designed to provide much needed rest after a full day of outdoor activities.
  • The outer cover material is premium 210 T Anti-tearing polyester which is waterproof and breathable. The lining material is 190T polyester pongee and the bag is filled with 100 % hollow cotton. 
  • The size of this bag is very convenient to carry around as it packs compact.
  • To clean it you can just wipe it with a washcloth.
  • Each sleeping bag comes with a compression sack with straps allowing for super convenient storage and easy transport.

Is it meant for me?

This convenient and comfy sleeping bag is something every hiker wants. The affordable price and the excellent features make it a catch. It comes in four basic colors and is made using premium materials. The length of this bag is perfect for tall people. So, if you’re a tall adventurer who is looking for something premium at an affordable price, this sleeping bag should definitely be your pick. 

3. REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag

Price: $24.97 – $39.90

These versatile sleeping bags by REVALCAMP are probably the most convenient to carry sleeping bags available in the market. These are meant not just for any outdoor activities but they can be used indoors also, for instance, in kid’s sleepovers. The customers who have used these sleeping bags swear by the quality and highly recommend these bags for multiple uses. 

Highlights of the product: 

  • Measuring 30 x 71 inches, these sleeping bags are quite spacey so you won’t feel like you’re tightly packed inside them. It is big enough for a tall adult and definitely for kids too.
  • They are very easy to use and will allow you to sleep in a comfortable posture. The zippers on this bag stay closed and the filling is so plushy that you wouldn’t want to get out of it
  • The fabric used to make these bags is durable and makes them last a lifetime. With proper care and storage, these sleeping bags will keep giving you comfortable sleep for years. 
  • These sleeping bags are available in several colors and designs to suit your taste. You can now select REVALCAMP sleeping bags from a range of twelve vibrant colors and designs.
  • The most attractive feature about these sleeping bags from this brand is their 100 % satisfaction policy. If you’re not satisfied with the product, simply return it. No questions will be asked and all of your money will be refunded. 

Is it meant for me?

REVALCAMP is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to sleeping bags and is a reliable name as recommended by its users. The sturdy material used to make this sleeping bag will keep you warm on those cold rainy nights. Storing away these sleeping bags is a very easy task: you just roll it. Unlike other sleeping bags where you have to sit for hours straining your arms just to pack away your sleeping bag, this sleeping bag is pretty easy to wrap up and packs compact, almost the size of a paper towel roll! If you’re looking for a trustworthy brand of sleeping bags then this is the one for you.

4. Coleman Brazos Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

PRice: $39.99 – 58.7

When you think about outdoor gear for any form of adventure; be it hiking, backpacking, trekking, or camping the name Coleman is the first to come to your mind, that’s how popular and reliable this brand is. The products made by this brand are used and praised by adventurers all over the world. The brand has been manufacturing the best quality products for years and has developed a reputation with its customers which makes them blindly trust any product sold by them. 

Highlights of the product:

  • The Coleman Brazos sleeping bag will keep you warm on cold nights in severely low temperatures (20 degrees Fahrenheit) 
  • Its durable build will make it last every season and will give you a million memories to cherish. 
  • This large and roomy bag measures 33 x 75 inches and is capable of fitting most adult campers. 
  • It’s made using stain resistant polyester on the outside to avoid your sleeping bag from getting soiled. The inside is lined with a soft tricot liner. The Brazos holds four pounds of proprietary ColeTherm insulation. It comes in two shades of blue. 
  • Packing this sleeping bag is pretty easy, thanks to the QuickCord system which doesn’t require any tying. 
  • The upkeep of this bag is very easy too as you can wash it in a washing machine. 
  • The ZipPlow technology by Coleman prevents zipper snags by plowing the fabric away from the zipper. 
  • The RollControl feature helps lock the bag in place for hassle free and quick rolling. 
  • The FibreLock prevents insulation from shifting and also increases the durability.
  • The zippers on this bag glide smoothly without getting stuck.
  • Finally, the ComfortCuff keeps your face warm by surrounding it softly.

Is it meant for me?

A good night’s sleep is very crucial for a day of successful camping. You wouldn’t want to ruin your night by sleeping in your tent without any sleeping bag, that could actually be fatal in extremely cold regions. Although a little bulky this sleeping bag is super comfy and absolutely worth carrying with you. If you don’t mind carrying a little extra weight to get a comfy sleep then this bag is meant for you. This bag works perfectly with your body heat so no need to even carry any blankets with you. Just get in the bag and you’ll be in dreamland in no time.

5. Mallome Sleeping bag

PRICE: $2999 _$5699

Mallome is one of the most trusted brands in the US. The brand promises to deliver a perfect design which will ensure comfort and is a great fit for its customers. Its several unique features and affordable price have made it quite a popular choice among outdoorsy people. 

Highlights of the product:

  • This sleeping bag is going to give you an amazingly comfortable experience because of its extra padding and cushioning. 
  • This bag can be used for all the seasons and will keep you warm in freezing weather. 
  • The material used to make this bag is very sturdy and provides protection from rain and freezing cold. The outer protective shell is made using the unique waterproof ripstop hexagonal weave and is stitched with a double layered S shaped stitching. The inner 3D synthetic fiber fill will give you optimal warmth and insulation. 
  • This multifaceted sleeping bag can be used by adults as well as by children. Since it weighs very little, it can be carried around on almost all your adventures.
  • The sleeping bag is very easy to take care of and store for next usage. To clean the bag just wipe it with a damp cloth. In case the bag has a lot of grime and dirt you can just wash it in a washing machine.
  • The design of this sleeping bag will allow you to tug the drawstrings and sleep cozily with your head tucked into warmth.
  • Available in four different color combinations, this sleeping bag is a huge hit among its customers. 

Is it meant for me?

With its easy to carry design, this sleeping bag is best suited for people going on long adventure trips as on these trips you do not want to carry big bags. If you are traveling to a rainy place then this bag is an excellent choice for you as the outer fabric on this bag is completely waterproof and will keep you dry and toasty throughout the night. 

6. SWTMERRY Sleeping Bag 

PRICE: $25.99 – $26.99

This lightweight and sturdy sleeping bag by SWTMERRY is one of the most lightweight sleeping bags on this list and the quality according to its users is excellent. The customers are really happy with their purchase and are preaching this brand as one that is affordable and at the same time doesn’t compromise with quality. 

Highlights of the product:

  • This waterproof sleeping bag is designed to be used in cold weather. It is made using double-fill technology to keep you extra warm and snuggly in the harsh winters.
  • The design is compact and it is very lightweight which makes it pretty convenient to carry for any outdoor adventure. It is sturdy enough to withstand extremely tough weather conditions.
  • The outer cover is made using 210T nylon and the inner lining is made using 190 T polyester pongee. The filling is 100% hollow cotton. All these materials make the sleeping bag very lightweight, warm, and sturdy.
  • This sleeping bag is very easy to clean as it is machine washable. To store it away just roll it in the storage sack and tuck it away in your garage till the next time you decide to go on a trip.
  • This bag fits perfectly around your body leaving no room for heat to escape. It comes in six beautiful color combinations and can be used by anyone.

Is it meant for me?

This extremely lightweight sleeping bag weighs just 3 lbs which means it is perfect for people looking for a less bulky but warm sleeping bag. The width of this sleeping bag is a little narrow as compared to most sleeping bags and hence it fits a little tight around bigger individuals. If you’re someone who easily feels suffocated then you might want to switch to other options as the users who’ve had some experience with these sleeping bags recommend it for people with a small stature. 

7. Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag

PRICE: $30.99 – $34.99

Winner Outfitters is one of the most reliable brands and is committed to encouraging more people to take up outdoor activities like hiking, camping, backpacking, trekking, etc. The brand strives to provide high quality sleeping bags, hammocks, outdoor lights, and other indispensable outdoor gear. The customers find this brand trustworthy and most of its users highly recommend this sleeping bag.

Highlights of the product:

  • This high-quality sleeping bag is made using 350 T polyester with a coating shell which makes it very soft and waterproof. The material is skin friendly and can be used by kids also.
  • Since the bag is waterproof it will protect you from uncomfortable dampness and will keep you safe during rains.
  • Apart from being waterproof, this bag also guarantees to keep you super warm in an extremely cold climate. It is filled with hollow fiber (200g/m2) which is environmentally friendly and helps with better insulation.
  • The compression sack and sleeping bag come in one random colored bag. When you take out the sleeping bag, you’ll find the compression sack.
  • These easy to clean sleeping bags can be easily thrown into a washing machine and washed like a load of regular clothes.
  • The design of this sleeping bag (mummy) makes it a lightweight and portable bag to carry. Weighing only 2.8 pounds this sleeping bag can be easily taken along for any outdoor event when you pack light. 
  • It comes with the SBS double slider zipper which can help adjust the temperature according to your choice. 
  • The bag has draft collars and zipper draft tubes which prevent the warmth from getting out and the cold air from coming in. The draft tubes help enhance the insulation.
  • This easy to use sleeping bag comes with a detailed instruction manual which will help you whenever you need more information about this product.

Is it meant for me?

This extremely affordable bag is especially meant for people who are on a tight budget and are looking for something not very expensive but at the same time offers great quality. The users of this brand claim that the sleeping bag is quite large and of amazing quality at this price. The only concern could be a little bit of the zipper snagging. This product has received lots of love from its users and is definitely for you if you’re looking for a large and high quality comfortable sleeping bag at a reasonable price.

8. Teton Sports Mammoth Queen sized sleeping bag

PRICE: $179.99 – $119.15

Teton Sports is a brand that people can trust without a moment’s hesitation. They conduct their business differently than a lot of other companies because they believe relationships, people, and experiences matter more than material belongings. The brand is always up to date with the ever-changing outdoor gears industry. The customer service offered by this brand is praiseworthy for its loyalty towards its customers. 

Highlights of the item:

  • This comfortable family sleeping bag surely lives up to its name. The generous size of this sleeping bag allows you to get the most comfortable sleep at almost any place in the world.
  • The size of this sleeping bag is 94 x 62 inches which will be roomy enough for you and your camping buddies
  • This sturdy sleeping bag will keep you and your family warm even in the harshest weather when you’re looking for comfort after tirelessly backpacking in those steep mountains.
  • The fabric used to make the outer shell of this sleeping bag is made using taffeta and the lining is made of soft and brushed body flannel, the filling is done using hollow fiber which gives you a relaxed sleep.
  • The double layer thermal stitching helps with insulation and keeps you warm throughout the night forbidding any cold spot from ruining your precious slumber.

Is it meant for me?

This mammoth of a sleeping bag is huge in size and because of its massive size, its weight is a little on the heavier side. If you’re someone who prioritizes comfort over weight then this bag is meant for you. Its cozy cushioning will give you the warmth and comfort of your own bed and the hood will let you snuggle up all night. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind carrying a little extra weight with you while going on outdoor adventures then this bag is the perfect choice for you.

9. Coolzon Lightweight sleeping bag

PRICE: $25.99 – $29.99

This brand of outdoor gear is the most reasonable one on the market. The customers who have been using it for a long time claim that this sleeping bag is one of the best and most durable bags yet. The brand believes in creating products that cater to the needs of all their customers within the price that can be afforded by almost anyone.

Highlights of the item:

  • This sturdy and durable sleeping bag is made using polyester fabric and hollow cotton filling because of which it’s fluffy but at the same time lightweight too. After a tough day of hiking, this sleeping bag will surely be your best mate.
  • The fabric of this sleeping bag is completely waterproof which means it can be used in adverse weather conditions. It is breathable too so that you don’t feel suffocated inside the bag. The warmth that you’ll feel inside this bag can be owed to the soft fabric of the liner.
  • This bag comes in two sizes and five attractive colors. It is suitable to be used by adults, teenagers, and children. 
  • When you are done using the bag don’t worry about storing it away as it can be easily packed in the storage bag which allows you to pack your sleeping bag quickly without rolling.

Is it meant for me?

This otherwise comfortable and roomy bag has been reviewed by some customers as one with a narrow width. People with bulky built might find this sleeping a little bit uncomfortable. It’s perfect for moderately tall and slim people. It can be easily used by kids and teens. If you’re looking for a lightweight and comfortable sleeping bag for your camping trips, this bag is a great choice.

10. Hihiker Camping Sleeping bag

Price: $31.40~$33.95

The HiHiker camping sleeping bag is one that will be with you for years. The bag is made keeping in mind the harsh weather conditions that campers usually find themselves in. It’s very well made and the materials used to manufacture the product are of great quality which helps to trap the body heat inside the bag to give you a night of comfortable and long hours of sleep. Even if the surface you’re sleeping on is cold and wet this bag will surely keep you warm and dry throughout the night.

Highlights of the item:

  • This old-fashioned sleeping bag is the coziest sleeping bag. Measuring 86.6 x 31.5 inches this bag is big enough for a good amount of legroom and can be easily used by kids and adults.
  • This comfy sleeping bag by Hihiker comes with a soft and compact travel pillow. You won’t have to use your arm as a pillow anymore and as a result, you won’t strain your neck.
  • Unlike most sleeping bags, this one can be used in both high and low temperatures. The heat retention and the stitching will keep you warm in a violent winter and the zippers will allow you to open up the sleeping bag and get some air if it becomes too warm for your liking.
  • The manufacturers claim this sleeping bag will give you 100 % satisfaction and with the lifetime warranty they offer, you can claim a new sleeping bag if yours is damaged. 
  • The cleaning and upkeep of this bag are very easy. You can either clean it with a damp cloth or if it is really dirty then you can wash it in the washing machine with lukewarm water.

Is it meant for me?

According to the customers who have been using this product for some time, this bag might run a little small for tall people. The bag is very well made with a cozy filling. It makes you feel like you’re sleeping inside a heated blanket as it traps the body heat and the large zippers keep it from escaping, keeping you warm all night. Since this bag is generously filled it is a little bulky to carry so if you’re going on trips where you won’t have to carry the bag in your arms for too long then this is the bag you’re looking for. 


  • How to clean and store away my sleeping bag safely when I am not using it?

Your sleeping bag will be with you on all your adventures. How you store it will determine the life of your sleeping bag. Your sleeping bag must be stored outside the compression stuff sack. The compression stuff sack is for the purpose of backpacking only. You should store your sleeping bag in a storage bag which will allow it to breathe. Also, before storing away the bag, you must make sure that it is clean. To clean your sleeping bag, follow these tips:

  • Most of the sleeping bags are machine washable. However, it is not advisable to wash your sleeping bag in a top loading machine as the agitators in top loading machines can tear the sleeping bag and damage the zippers.
  • If your bag isn’t extremely dirty, all you need to do to clean it is wipe it thoroughly with a damp washcloth and leave it to dry in the sun for 5-6 hours.
  • When you’re sure that your bag has completely dried up, fold it lightly and keep it a roomy storage bag to avoid too much compression.
  • Is there an expiration date for sleeping bags?

Sleeping bags do not expire. The perfect care and upkeep will make your sleeping bag last for ages. The fluffiness of a sleeping bag creates warmth by trapping heat between the fibres. The longer the material is compressed, the less it bounces back to its original shape. That is why it is advisable to store sleeping bags in large stuff sacks. After years of usage when you feel that your sleeping bag has lost the fluff and is unable to keep you as warm as it used to then it is probably time to invest in a new sleeping bag.

  • How do I know which insulation type to choose- down or synthetic?

Down sleeping bags are considered to have a longer lifespan and often boast an excellent warmth to weight ratio. However, the drawback with these bags is the price and the upkeep. These bags can be a little expensive and demand extremely good care. These bags are also not very useful in moist climates as the moisture causes the down clusters to stick together which removes all of their insulative properties. 

Synthetic sleeping bags are sturdier and don’t require too much care. The demerit of buying this bag is the warmth to weight ratio. They do not become as compact upon packing as down bags. However, they maintain their insulating properties even if they get wet. With the advancement in technology, their warmth and equivalent pack size is getting closer to that of down sleeping bags. 

After reading this entire article we are sure you feel more enlightened about the kind of products available on the market and will be able to make an informed purchase. So, we hope you’re on your way to choosing the sleeping bag that meets your needs. 

Let us know in the comments about your experience with whichever kind of sleeping bag you decide to purchase.

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