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Top Pillow Massagers Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Pillow Massager Of 2022

When you think of planning  a relaxing day for yourself, a massage is something that you’d always place on the top in your list. A massage relaxes the very core of your body making it forget all the aches and pains and stress that is built up inside your body through constant work and a stressful life. Massages are certainly relaxing for everyone but for people who suffer from chronic pains, it is a holy grail. It is their go-to therapy to get a massage to relieve pain.

Professional masseuses learn this art through several courses and rigorous training schedules and only then are they able to help you with their massages. Did you know that science and technology and the intelligent minds of some people have brought stunning massage gadgets into the market which are more than capable of giving you a similar experience? A pillow massager is one such device that allows you to stay in the comfort of your home and get the most relaxing massage of your life with just a pillow.

It sounds highly unrealistic that a pillow massager could actually replace a human being who gives massages professionally and has perfected the art through training but it is the truth. It is not that masseuses’ jobs are rendered useless with the advent of mechanical massagers though. Human touch has that value which cannot be replaced even in a million years by any form of technology but what we are getting at is how close we’ve gotten to achieving it.

Scheduling a massage session at a spa or with a professional masseuse sometimes is too much effort and you tend to dodge it. With a pillow massager you have a masseuse at home to assist you whenever you like. With a pillow massager you won’t have to schedule an appointment nor would you have to leave your house. Just buy one from our list and you’ll be grateful you came across this article.

What does a pillow massager do for you?

Pillow massagers come in many different shapes and types which cater to different parts of your body. There are neck pillow massagers, back pillow massagers, shoulder pillow massagers, etc. All of these types are differently built from each but they have the same functions and motives. A pillow massager stimulates your muscles and blood circulation helping you relieve all the stress and pain in that area.

A pillow massager is certainly not a replacement for a professional or a medically trained masseuse but it definitely helps you in relieving pain to a great extent. Doctors can also prescribe pillow massagers to patients who have suffered an injury and are in the convalescence period. Pillow massagers cannot be used in lieu of a medical treatment but they surely do help you ease a lot of pain.

The effectiveness of pillow massagers has always been questioned since every person who uses it has a different experience. Some people find these extremely helpful while the others don’t. It depends on what kind of pillow massagers you are using and for what purpose. Pillow massagers are extremely effective at not just relieving physical pain but they are also good for your mental health. People with social anxiety often avoid going for massage therapy as they get anxious around people. With a pillow massager you can get a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home. The relaxing massage releases hormones which make you feel happy and chilled out.

Pillow massagers will help your muscles with blood circulation and will prevent them from getting tensed up again. This will help you get rid of the recurring pain in your back, neck and shoulders. Constantly sitting at a spot and working on the computer often leads to strain in these main body parts which can be easily gotten rid of with the help of different types of pillow massagers.

Do you think you are someone who does not have time to sit down with a pillow massager and let that little gadget massage all your muscles? If yes, then you will be happy to know that the pillow massagers we have researched about can be used absolutely anywhere and everywhere and within 15 minutes of using these pillow massagers you will feel intense relief. Sitting on your office chair and working extra hours? Don’t worry, just slip a back pillow massager on your chair and relax while you work. Driving overnight to reach another city for an important meeting? Throw your worries out of the window! Just wear a neck pillow massager around your neck and help your neck muscles relax while you drive peacefully to your destination.

How is a pillow massager good?

There are many benefits that come with using a pillow massager. It not only eases physical pain but also helps you in several other ways. Have a look at some of the many benefits that you will enjoy if you decide to invest in a pillow massager:

  • Reduces pain naturally- With a pillow massager you will not have to ingest any pills to relieve your pain. Many people have a habit of eating pills whenever they experience pain in any part of their bodies but with a pillow massager you will be able to ease pain without any artificial painkillers that can be harmful for your body in the long run.
  • Relieves pain in hard to reach areas- With a neck, shoulder and back pillow massager you will be able to ease pain in those parts of your body which are extremely difficult for you to reach, let alone massage them. Just place a pillow massager wherever you want to massage your body and you will feel relaxed within 10 minutes.
  • Reduces stress- As mentioned earlier, a pillow massager helps you relieve not only physical stress but also mental stress. If you are feeling any stress or anxiety building up in your body, just slip a pillow massager on your couch and get a nice and relaxing massage followed by a nap.
  • Portable item- A pillow massager is usually a portable item and it can be operated using batteries. You can carry it with you while you are traveling and use it while you drive too.
  • Loosens stiff muscles- Stiffness in muscles can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. This happens because of build up of lactic acid. You can ease this pain with a pillow massager. It also helps with blood circulation which helps you also avoid this pain from coming back to bother you.
  • Saves money and time- Everytime you go to a massage therapist, you have to spend a ton of money to get just a single appointment for one massage. For this appointment, you have to take some time out from your busy schedule to accommodate a massage but with a pillow massager you will be able to have a massage session at your own home. 
  • Can be used by everyone- A massage pillow can be used by literally anyone. You can help your parents ease their pains using a pillow massager and you can also let your kids use it to help them calm down and relax. Some people even let their pets use it, afterall our furry friends also need some relaxation. 

A pillow massager is not an item of luxury neither is it a necessity but it is a great invention that will save you trips to the faraway massage parlor and will help you uplift your mood on a day when you don’t feel like doing anything.

Get the best pillow massagers from our list below and have a relaxing day by yourself every once in a while:

1. Prideal Store Pillow Massager  

Price: $39.99


  • This is a multi functional back and neck massager with adjustable speed and multiple modes 
  • It is a kneading massager which also has an option for heating 
  • The recommended time for using this pillow massager with heat is 15 minutes 
  • The massager is safe to be used by people of all ages.  
  • It is made using good quality leather and breathable mesh fabric which ensures comfort the entire time you are using it.

User’s response:

Customers were all praises about this pillow massager. Some people who have been suffering from chronic pain for a long time said that this pillow massager has really helped them ease pain without spending a lot of money. This pillow massager works best on your shoulder and neck muscles. Customers suggest placing a soft thin blanket over the pillow massager to provide a little bit of a cushion and to make it more comfortable 

Customers who work from home and are using a computer the entire day, say that they use this pillow massager every other day and it eases all their pain. The massager is designed very carefully and is easy to use. The heating function works really well and does not overheat the pillow massager. According to most customers, at this price this pillow massager is a great deal  

Some customers said that it would have been great if this pillow massager was rechargeable. Some customers found this pillow massager faulty as it had an allergic reaction on their skin. Some customers also complained that sometimes it gets a little too hot and smells like burnt plastic

Is it for me ?

This multifunctional pillow massager is for you if you are:

  • Looking to ease shoulder pain
  • Looking for a pillow massager with heating function
  • Do not want to spend a fortune at a pillow massager

2. Breo Pillow Massager

Price: $199.99


  • This is a c shaped pillow massager which provides support to your neck and your head
  •  The massager has shifting nodes that offer flexible massage motions and  is easy to use on your entire neck
  • This pillow massager can be controlled using an app on your phone. It has several different functions such as deep tissue massage or friction massage
  •  This pillow massager is rechargeable and comes with a 12 months warranty

User’s response:

Some customers who have serious neck pains said that they were extremely happy with this massager because it is like a medical device. The massages that this pillow massager gives are deep tissue massages. It can help relieve pain that has been sitting with you for a long time.  

People who have been struggling with pain for years loved this massager as it eased their pain very quickly. Customers also suggest that one must use this pillow massager once a day for 10 minutes. It should also be kept away from children as this is not a toy and can cause injuries if used in a wrong way. The app is great but customers suggested that it could use a little tweaks and a bit more advanced features. Some customers were not happy with the design of the massager as it sits a little higher on the neck than you would want. 

The fabric on the massager is very soft against your skin and makes it very comfortable to use. It works really well and is highly recommended by its customers for everyone.

Is it for me?

This high- tech neck massager is for you if you are looking for:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Quick and intense pain relief
  • Easy to use pillow massager

3. Ideas in life Pillow Massager

Price: $28.77


  • This is a vibrating lumbar massage pillow that helps support your lower back. The speed of the massager can be controlled using a button
  • It can be used to massage your neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs
  •  The size makes it very convenient to carry and it is very lightweight and portable to be used with any chair
  •  It gets rid of tension in your back, shoulders and neck and through soothing vibration it eases your pain 

User’s response:

Loyal customers who have been using this pillow massager for a long time, trust the brand and are very happy to use this product everyday. They however said that the pillow massager battery burns out pretty quickly . Some customers felt that the quality of this product was not upto the mark and the vibration was really weak. Some customers also said that it’s like a toy for kids.

Most customers, however, found this back pillow massager very relaxing and recommend it to people looking for a vibrating massager. Some customers use this pillow massager to soothe them while they sleep but some users complained that there should be a strap to hold the pillow onto your back while you sit on a chair as it tends to fall off.

Customers love this lightweight lumbar massager and said that it is a decent enough massager at this price. Customers recommend getting a couple of these massagers so that you can keep switching between them and help the batteries last longer. It works well but it would have been even better if the batteries lasted longer.

Is it for me?

This portable back pillow massager is for you if you are looking for:

  • Vibrating pillow massager
  • Reasonably priced massager
  • Massager to ease back pain

4. AccuMed Pillow Massager 

Price: $39.98


  • This massager can be used to ease pain on your neck, lower back, upper back, abdomen, thighs, legs, shoulders and arms
  • It has 8 heated deep kneading massage balls that relieve tension in your muscles
  • It comes with a car adaptor and so it can be used even while you’re driving
  • It has three speeds and intensities to adjust according to your needs
  • It also comes with an instructional guide which tells you how to properly and effectively use this products to ease pain

User’s response:

Customers love this portable massager as it gives really good deep massages especially for your neck, shoulders, and lower back. Customers were highly satisfied with the performance and the design of this product. Customers said that it is an inexpensive solution which is like a replacement for a physical therapist.

 The design of the massager is such that it’s easy to place between your arms through the openings in the front. Customers were happy that this high quality massager is available at an affordable price. The heated kneading balls heat up to the perfect temperature and give you a comfortable toasty massage

Customers who bought this massager as a gift for their parents say that their parents are extremely happy with the product. This product is highly recommended for people suffering from neck and back pain and it’s perfect to be used at home or at your workplace. Happy customers said that this massager gives you the experience of a real shiatsu massage. It eases  your pain more and more with every massage and that is why customers highly recommend  it.

Is it for me?

 This top quality neck and Shoulder massager is for you if  you are looking for:

  • Reliable neck and shoulder massager
  • A massager that is portable
  • A massager that comes with different settings and modes

5. Ettg Store Pillow massager

Price: $18.59 ~ $23.59


  • This neck pillow massager comes with 6 modes of vibration to ease neck and shoulder pain
  •  It is a travel pillow massager which is made of high quality materials and is eco- friendly
  • It is lightweight and portable and can be used while doing several activities like  working, traveling, reading etc.
  • It works using two AA batteries and does not make a lot of noise while operating
  • The massager relieves fatigue and promotes blood circulation in your muscles

User’s response:

The customers praised some very good features of this product like the soft fabric and ease of usage. The customers also like the different speeds on the device. It is a convenient travel pillow massager which helps you relax even while you are traveling on uncomfortable flights. Some customers were not happy with the performance of this pillow massager as it does not massage but only vibrates. Customers felt that is a waste of money since it does not include any massage balls or heating feature.

Most customers had a complaint about the quality of this product; they felt it was cheaply made. It is not even filled properly and that’s why  most customers do not recommend this massager. If you are looking for deep tissue massage that helps you relax while you travel then you should buy this pillow massager 

According to customers,  you can give this pillow a try as it doesn’t cost too much but still works. The main reason you’d want to buy this pillow massager is a bit of relaxation while traveling or driving. It’s not a heavy duty product.

Is it for me?

This portable neck massager is for you if you are looking for:

  • Light vibration massager
  • Travel pillow massager
  • Massager for minor pain relief

6. VOYOR Pillow Massager

Price: $36.99


  • This pillow massager can be used on your neck, arms, waist, back, abdomen and legs
  •  It comes with 6 shiatsu kneading massage nodes that feel like a real therapist’s massage
  •  It is extremely easy to use with one button switch which also controls the intensity of speed
  • The massager comes with a PU Leather cover, car adaptor, home adaptor and power and direction red light switch. 
  • The mesh on the pillow is breathable and the  leather used is soft to touch

User’s response:

This massager works efficiently to ease pain in your neck and lower back muscles. It gets heated up quickly once activated and the various speeds allow you to control the massager. Customers said this is one of the most comfortable pillow massagers. The heating action was really appreciated by customers as it does not overheat. The mesh makes it extremely comfortable as it allows air flow.

The pillow massager is lightweight and small enough to be carried around with you when you travel. The strap makes it easy to use and hold in place. You can also use it on your office chair while you work. It comes with a 15 minute smart timer which automatically stops the pillow massager as soon as the time is over.

Customers were very happy with this product as it is a convenient device to use and can be operated by even the elderly. It is an all-in-one massager which is highly recommended to be given as a gift to everyone since it can be used by elderly people too.

Is it for me?

This portable massager is for you if you are looking for:

  • Shiatsu pillow massager
  • Heated kneading balls
  • Long lasting pillow massager

7. iBooMas store Pillow Massager 

Price: $58.99


  • This u shaped neck massager has an ergonomic design which can be used to massage your neck curve
  •  It’s a cordless pain relief product which can be used anywhere in your home office or car
  • It has a heating function which ranges from 93 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit
  • There are 8 massage heads on each side of the massager  which mimic the movements of an actual hand massage
  • There are three speeds with one key adjustment. The massager never overheats and must be used for 15 minutes at a time.

User’s response:

Customers had mostly positive things to say about the soothing massager. It will relieve your neck tension greatly and will also ease pain on your shoulders. The heat option on the massager provides gentle heat and does not burn. The mesh fabric on the massager is breathable which keeps things comfortable when the balls get heated up. The speed options- low, medium and high work really well but the other option of direction might get aggressive 

Customers  said that they were happy with this massager since it saved them trips to a physical therapist. The price of this product is low and performance is high. Customers who bought this massager for all their family members as Christmas gifts, said that everybody was happy to receive them. The performance of this massager received many positive responses as it digs deep and gives you a deep tissue massage.

Customers also reported that this pillow massager has helped them with migraines. Most users say that this is a multifunctional massager for pain relief which can be used on almost all your body parts. This  pillow massager is highly recommended by its customers since it has really helped them with their pain.

Is it for me?

This high-performing pillow massager is for you if you are looking for:

  • All in one body massager
  •  A massager that helps you relax stiff muscles
  •  A convenient  and relaxing product

8. HoMedics Pillow Massager

Price: $39.99 ~ $49.99


  • This pillow massager comes with kneading balls that help soothe your neck, back and shoulders through versatile movements and soft heat
  •  The massage balls provide deep tissue massage and help stiff muscles relax
  • The comfort flap on the massager reduces the intensity for a more comfortable massage
  • The design of this pillow massager is perfectly suitable for everybody as it is ergonomic, plush and comfortable for your body

User’s response:

This is a strong massager at an affordable price which can be used for your neck, back, leg and shoulder. Most customers were delighted with its performance. Customers say that the brand is reliable and the pillow massager is a great product.

Some customers had a few complaints with the product like no change in direction and overheating of massage balls. Customers also complained that it requires you to constantly keep changing your posture to avoid the repetition of massage at the same spot. Some customers complained that the product does not work really well. It either heats up too much or doesn’t heat up at all.

 Apart from some negative reviews this product did receive some good reviews. It gives tremendous relief in a short period of time. Customers also said that it is easy to use this product and manage the controls. When it comes to recommendation, most customers were not on board with the decision of buying this pillow massager again as there were many problems with the performance and the functioning.

Is it for me?

This comfy pillow massager is for you if you are looking for:

  • A temporary solution for back and shoulder pain
  • An affordable massager
  • Quick relief through heated massage

9. Coby Pillow Massager

Price: $29.99


  • This shiatsu massage pillow can be used for multiple body parts and is highly effective in releasing tension in your muscles
  • It’s a professional quality product with gentle yet firm massage motions
  •  The operation of this massage pillow is quiet yet effective. It comes with 4 independently rotating nodes which work towards soothing your pain
  • It is a portable product can be used and charged in your car home or office 
  • It comes with a strap with which you can secure it on a chair or on your car seat

User’s response:

Customers were unhappy with the fact that the pictures listed were misleading as the massager shown in the pictures has 4  massage balls, however, when the product arrives, it only has two big balls on each side. The smaller ones do not exist. Customers also complained that the straps are too short and the velcro on the strap is not strong enough to hold it in place. The massager itself is great but the misleading pictures and the flimsy strap reduced the popularity of this product

Some customers said that they use it when they get intense headaches and this massager quickly helps them relieve that pain. The mesh material that you put your head on is very comfortable. It is soft and allows air flow and most customers were extremely happy with this pillow massager.  They said that they would recommend it to everyone who needs a good neck, shoulder or back massage.

Apart from the misleading pictures, this product did not receive any other negative feedback . The performance is great and so is the price. Customers were happy to report that this device has improved their lives immeasurable by providing them pain relief and relaxation.

Is it for me?

This effective pillow massager is for you if you are looking for:

  •  An affordable pillow massager
  • A pillow massager that can be used indoors as well as outdoors 
  • A well made pillow massager

10. PerkyPackMassager Pillow Massager 

Price: $49.99


  • The skin friendly pillow massager has an ergonomic design and comes with 16 massage nodes
  • It has a 15 minute auto shutdown timer which turns off the massager automatically after 15 minutes are over
  • It is a quiet and cozy device which works quietly in a bidirectional motion
  • It has three speed adjustments and the massager itself is extremely easy to operate
  • It comes with a bag to conveniently carry it in

User’s response:

Customers were happy with this product as it works really well. Most customers said that they were surprised by the quality of the massager. The massages it offers feel very close to real massages. The heating option helps you get rid of stubborn back pain. Customers like the convenient storage bag it comes in and also the design of the product unlike most pillow massages. 

This pillow massager comes with slings on both sides to put your arms through and sit in a relaxed posture while the pillow massager gives you a good massage. The best thing about it is that it can be used on almost any part of your body to ease soreness. It is easily adjustable and can be used by anybody without any trouble.

This product was especially loved by people who work from home and sit at the computer continuously for hours. They said that a 15 minutes massage from this highly efficient product eases an entire day’s worth of tension in their muscles. They highly recommend this product for everyone who struggles with back and shoulder pain and does not want to spend a lot of money on physical therapy.

Is it for me?

This easy-to-use pillow massager is for you if you are looking for

  •  An affordable yet reliable massager
  •  A real life massage experience
  •  Heated and relaxed massage every other day


1. Is it safe to use a pillow massager?

Pillow massagers are a great way to ease your aches and pains but you must always remember that it is not a permanent solution or a replacement for any medical treatments. When it comes to safety you must remember that it is safe to use pillow massagers provided they are used carefully and in some cases you might want to consult your physician or massage therapist. They will be able to guide you better about whether you can use it and which one would be the safest for you.

There are some things you must keep in mind when you use pillow massagers and want to keep the entire exercise completely safe. Follow these rules that will keep you safe with pillow massagers:

  • Do no use a pillow massager if your doctor has advised against it
  • Discontinue usage if using the pillow massager intensifies your pain
  • Read all the instructions carefully before starting to use a pillow massager
  • Don’t use a pillow massager more than 3 times in a week 

2. For how long can I use a pillow massager?

Pillow massagers will provide you with comfort whenever and wherever you wish but they shouldn’t be used in excess otherwise they may cause some damage to your muscles. Regular vibration pillow massagers should only be used for 20 minutes at a go. 

If you think using a pillow massager for a long time will help you better in easing the pain then you are wrong, in fact it can do more harm than good if you use a pillow massager for a longer than recommended time. 

The kind of troubles you’re looking at with extended usage are inflammation, bruised tissues and muscle damage. It is strongly advised not to use pillow massagers for a long time especially for senior citizens. 

3. How to use a pillow massager?

Most pillow massagers use the mechanism of vibration or heated rotating balls that relieve the tension in your muscles and ease the pain for you. With these pillow massagers all you need to do is make sure there are functional batteries in the massager. 

If it is an electric pillow massager, make sure it is completely charged. Place it in the most cozy and comfortable spot and simply turn the switch on. Keep track of time because you surely don’t want to over do it. 

Some pillow massagers come with velcro straps. You can secure the pillow massager to your body using these straps and use it while you work or drive. With these pillow massagers it is easy to lose track of your time, make sure you have that covered to save yourself a world of trouble later. 

Pillow massagers are an important thing to have in our homes now since everyone has access to mobile phones and computers and we literally use our gadgets to do everything. This continuous usage means neck and shoulder pain and you need  proper massage every once in a while to ease up that pain. Whether it is your parents who need some relaxation or your kids who need to sit in a place for sometime and experience tranquility, a pillow massager will be there to help you with every pain. 

Get a pillow massager for your parents and show them you care about their health. Buy one for your partner and help them relieve the stress buildup. A pillow massager is an affordable and effective tool which requires very little money and time investment but gives you a lot of relaxation in return. The many benefits that you can derive with a pillow massager outweigh everything else that might be in competition with it. Ditch that painkiller pill caddy today and buy a pillow massager from our list above. Relax whenever and wherever you wish without any side effects. Let us know in the comments which pillow massager you chose to ease your aches and pains.

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