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Top 10 Fitness Tracker In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Best Fitness Tracker In 2021

One beautiful morning you decide to jump out of your bed really early and go for a jog. It’s been a long time since you got any exercise done and so when you have just “run” half a mile you’re already out of breath. You’re struggling like a turtle trying to reach the finish line while huffing and puffing and gasping for air. That’s when it hits you- “God! I am so unfit and out of shape.” Well, if this is your case or anything remotely similar then you need to keep your fitness in check and get back on those treadmills.

The clichéd saying that goes ‘Health is wealth’ couldn’t be truer considering the times we are currently living in. The air is more polluted than ever. Every other product that is manufactured in factories is replete with harmful chemicals. Oh, and the fruits and vegetables you so happily eat thinking they’re the healthier option than junk food, sorry to burst your bubble, but they are grown in farms that use harmful chemicals and pesticides to grow them. But you cannot stop breathing the air outside, you cannot stop using products you need to lead a comfortable life, you cannot stop eating fruits and vegetables in spite of being aware of the fact that all of these things are harming your health slowly and steadily. What do you do now that you cannot stop doing all the things you literally need to do to live a decent life? – Keep track of your fitness.

Your fitness is something you can never take for granted. No matter how healthy you look, if you refuse to exercise your body will start getting affected in some adverse manner and by the time you notice, it might be too late. Start today and invest in a fitness tracker that will help you tremendously in keeping track of your fitness. 

A fitness tracker is a wristband-like device that comes with a number of features. These features focus on getting your physical fitness on track and keeping you healthy. A fitness tracker can perform many functions. It looks just like a watch but does much more than just show you the time. Let’s have a brief look at what exactly a fitness tracker does:

  • Monitors your heart rate
  • Monitors your breathing
  • Tracks the number of calories you’ve burnt 
  • Tracks cardio fitness levels
  • Tracks your sleep
  • Is also an alarm
  • Can be connected to the phone and perform some functions related to it

So basically, a fitness tracker is like a little trainer wrapped around your wrist watching every step you take and every move you make. It is something that is really helpful when you feel utterly demotivated to workout. Everyone knows that a long period of inactivity leads to several health problems and we have been seriously inactive for the past year due to the lockdown. Get a fitness tracker today and get that healthy and beautiful body back, yes, the one that you once had!

Now that you’re on the journey to get the best fitness tracker for yourself because you’re budget conscious but health conscious too. Let’s look at the types of fitness trackers that you can choose from:

  • Basic fitness trackers– These trackers count the number of steps you’ve taken and calculate the distance you’ve walked using that information. This type of tracker is the best for people who want to calculate the distance they are running or walking. 
  • Heart rate monitoring trackers– These trackers perform the functions of a basic tracker but with that they also monitor the changes in your heart rate. They also help you determine the calories you’ve burnt.
  • Heart rate monitoring trackers with GPS– This is a very safe fitness tracker as it can communicate with satellites and track your position provided you are outdoors. It is used by cyclists and hikers who often like to hit the trails. 

You’re probably thinking that a fitness tracker is just another way to get you to spend more money on an extravagant watch, but before your completely dismiss the idea of owning a fitness tracker, read the following amazing benefits that come with having one in your life:

  • Keep track of your progress- With a fitness tracker you can set fitness goals for each day and try to reach them. There are reminder options on fitness trackers which will remind you to finish the amount of physical activity which in turn will help you achieve your fitness goal.
  • Free tips– A fitness tracker will not only remind you to stay in shape but it will also give some health tips and tricks to workout in a more effective way. 
  • Monitors your health– A fitness tracker definitely tracks your fitness journey but it also tracks your health. It is great for elderly people too because the cardiovascular deterioration barely shows any physical symptoms. With a fitness tracker you can monitor the cardio activity. 

For a small price, you can get a fitness tracker that will help you achieve serious fitness goals and will literally be right there with you all the time when you’re working out, motivating you. A fitness tracker ensures that exercising for you is fun and not a task that you need to do away with. It will keep reminding you with its alarms that you need to walk or run more. With its distance calculation feature you will be pretty happy with yourself as you will realise that you walk a lot during the day. Through a lot of careful research, we have selected the best fitness trackers for you and made a list of them with elaborate reviews and features. Choose a fitness tracker today and aim for a healthier you tomorrow:

1. Donerton Fitness Tracker for women

Price: $37.99 ~ $39.99


  •  This multi-functional fitness tracker is awesome because it has all the features of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker.
  • The screen is full touch display with 5 levels of brightness. The touch technology makes it really easy for you to access the data on the tracker quickly.
  • The tracker comes with a heart rate monitor which monitors and detects your heart rate. It also comes with a pedometer which records accurate distance through steps.
  • It has two amazing features: sleep tracker and alarm clock. The watch tracks your sleeping pattern and helps you fall into a healthy sleep cycle and the soft alarm will always help you wake up on time for your exercise. 

Review of the product:

This smartwatch which is also a fitness tracker has some really amazing features which are loved by its customers like notification for messages, turning music on, the weather update tec. There are also all the exercise buttons on it like timer etc. and it has ‘find my phone’ feature. The physical features of the watch are also quite attractive and comfortable. The face of the watch is shiny and coloured. The strap comes in four colour options and is super comfortable to be worn for a long time. It does not make you itchy when you sweat while working out. 

Battery life is reliable as you’ll have to charge once in two days. It has tons of different watch faces you can download to the watch for no extra cost. This watch is amazing for the price. You can read your text messages as they arrive on your phone, you can decline a call, and you can upload personal pictures for a custom screensaver. 

It is very affordable and budget friendly unlike the other high-end brands which offer more or less the same features. The app is also free.It is an attractive looking watch, with sturdy build. The results are accurate. The charging cable is magnetic and convenient. No more worrying about apps draining your tracker’s battery because this one is going to last a very long time. 

2. ZURURU Fitness Tracker

Price: $27.41 ~ $33.99


  • The fitness tracker comes with all the features you need to get back in shape. It tracks your step count, calories consumed and workout distance as well as time. It also monitors your heart rate and keeps track of your sleeping cycle. 
  • It also has bonus features like notifications for calls and messages that arrive on your phone. 
  • It has a pretty long battery life. Charge it for one or two hours and forget about the charger for an entire week! 
  • It comes with 11 exercise modes. You can connect the GPS to your smartphone and access all the statistical data and modify your workout accordingly. 
  • It gives you reminders throughout the day to stay active and is available in four pleasant colour options. The rectangular screen has a high touch sensitivity and is easy to operate. 

Review of the product:

This is a waterproof fitness tracker which works perfectly if you want to swim with it or take a shower while wearing it. The application for it works really well too. Every customer seemed to be a huge fan of the way this fitness tracker can be charged, no need to carry any cable, just take the band off from the tracker host and charge it wherever there is a USB port. 

It comes at a very cheap price but those functions can compete with other more expensive brands. You can use it to count steps, calories burned, miles, active time etc. You can wear it all day for activity tracking. There are powerful functions such as measuring blood pressure, heart rate and track the sleep quality, which is quite meaningful as you can be in touch with your health and keep a record of your physical activities.  The strap colours are great and are suitable for all. It’s convenient to use as well. 1-2 hours of charging ensures 7-day working time. The display is bright and it is pretty easy to download the mobile app. 

It is small, sleek and convenient. The customer service is very responsive and helpful. The tracker determines the blood pressure and heart rate accurately. It also records sleep patterns. At this price you cannot go wrong with this fitness tracker. 

3. Fitpolo Fitness tracker

Price: $39.99


  • This fitness tracker has a 1.33 inches full touch screen. It has advanced features which will help you with sleep tracking, sports record, menstrual health, relaxed guidance etc. 
  • It is compatible with most iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 above smartphones. The app is available for free download. Connect the tracker to your phone and never miss any important notifications.
  • It monitors your heart rate and your sleep- deep sleep, light sleep and awake time and helps you maintain a healthy sleep cycle. 
  • It is a completely waterproof device which allows you to swim in the pool with it. The battery life of this tracker is also amazing as it lasts for a week of continuous usage and 35 days of stand by time. 

Review of the product:

People were in general very happy with the purchase of this device. The heart rate monitor works really well. You can control your phone’s music from the watch but it only allows you to skip to the next song and pause or play. The timer lets you go as low as you want. It also comes with a pedometer. 

The interface is user friendly and it has the ‘find my phone’ feature which helps you locate your phone. It also has an option to remind you to move after a time you set which can be very motivating. It is waterproof which means you can shower with it on. If you need a watch and fitness tracker, this is the one for you. The easy charging allows you to charge the device without disconnecting it from the strap. The battery is long lasting and holds up to a week. If you pair your phone with it, you can see all notifications – calls, texts with no need to have your phone with you. It allows easy navigation and is comfortable to wear.

The readings on the device are precise, the screen is bright, the band is made of soft materials. It is very easy to synchronise with your phone. Many of the tracker’s features can be turned on or off through both the device or app for convenience. Overall, this watch represents an incredible value for the money.

4. Fitbit Versa 2 Fitness Tracker

Price: $118.99 ~ $234.00


  • With this amazing fitness tracker by Fitbit, you can check the weather, set timers and alarms, and control your home’s smart devices.
  • It collects the data of your heart rate, time asleep and restlessness and helps you better understand your sleep quality. 
  • You can control your Spotify app and play 300 plus songs on your wrist through this tracker.
  • The large display and an ‘always on’ option allow you to use it easily. The ‘always on’ option requires frequent charging as it drains more battery. 
  • You can track heart rate, steps, distance, calories burned, hourly activity, active minutes and floors climbed with this awesome fitness tracker. The battery without the ‘always on’ option typically lasts for 6 days. 
  • It allows you to receive notifications of your phone on the watch and also to respond through voice if your phone is nearby. 

Review of the product:

It has a ton of great features which make it easily the most loved fitness tracker. The screen is AMOLED which shows brighter colours, deeper blacks and allows outstanding outdoor viewability. The glass cover has a smooth, low profile and premium look. The optical sensor on the bottom is big and doesn’t protrude from the case, making it more comfortable on the wrist. The processor is fast and the apps load quickly too. The touchscreen is highly responsive. The new feature- ‘always on’ is loved by users. 

The screen brightness is adaptive, though you can pre-set the base brightness.
When you wear it, the weight is balanced enough that it doesn’t bring any discomfort, and light enough to sometimes forget you have it on. The sleep scoring system is pretty accurate. It provides your data in a visually appealing look on the app and in desktop form. The alarm feature is very useful which ensures your body wakes up when it is the right time to wake up. There are numerous exercise modes, training guides, and even 10-minute training cycles. 

The list of amazing features on this tracker goes on and on. It is highly recommended for people who do not mind spending a little extra money for the best fitness tracker in the market. 

5. Garmin Vivosmart Fitness Tracker

Price: $99.99


  • This tracker has all the fitness and health monitoring features like wrist-based heart rate, all day stress tracking, relaxation breathing timer etc.
  • It also features dedicated activity timers for walks, runs, strength training, yoga, pool swims etc. The lens material is made of polycarbonate and the strap material is made of soft silicone which makes it very comfortable to be worn for a long time. 
  • Once you connect it to your smart phone it gets vibration alerts for all notifications, including calls, text messages etc. You can also connect it to your smartphone’s GPS and get an accurate location for outdoor exercise like walking or running. 
  • It is waterproof enough to be swimming with and also taking a shower with. The long-lasting battery will give you power for 7 days. 

Review of the product:

The features are simply awesome on this tracker. The sleep tracking and Pulse Ox are the most loved ones as they are pretty accurate. You can see how well you are sleeping at night and how much oxygen is in your blood. The step counting feature is also spot on. This newer version of the tracker is lighter and smaller than the previous model. 

It’s slim and attractive. If you don’t like those big bulky trackers with huge screens, this sleek one is great for you. It is available at an affordable price and is long lasting. The accuracy of readings is precise which is a great outcome. The app is user friendly, easy to use and is compatible with iOS and android.

The stress level monitor is interesting and useful, as is the Sleep Pulse Ox monitor providing accurate results. The watch face display is customisable and the battery typically lasts for a week. The charger attaches easily and securely and it is easy to remove. The strap is quite comfortable and stretchable. Customers loved that it has a stretchy unibody design. 

6. LEKOO Fitness Tracker

Price: $27.86 ~ $33.86


  • This fairly priced fitness tracker monitors your heart rate and does activity tracking. It tracks your sleep duration and gives you a comprehensive analysis of sleep quality data. It helps you maintain a better and healthy lifestyle. 
  • When you connect it to your smartphone, you can not only receive notifications on it but you can also store 3 messages on the watch.
  • The device is made of highly clear resin material. Even though the watch is waterproof it is not recommended to keep it underwater for a long time. You are also advised to not press any buttons on the watch while you’re underwater. 
  • It is very easy to charge this fitness tracker as it comes with an in-built USB port. Charge once for 1-2 hours and get up to 7-10 days of working time.
  • It comes with an unconditional 12-month warranty on this fit tracker. For any issues with the device, you can contact the friendly customer care service available to help online. 

Review of the product:

Customers were thoroughly impressed with both the device and the free app. It is super simple to charge. The sleep tracking feature is amazing and the step count feature is seriously accurate. Customers highly recommend this for its features. 

The build quality is pretty good. The strap seems pretty strong and waterproof. The display is crisp and the screen has good touch input. The device tracks your physical activity very well and you can keep track of your daily data on the app. Since the device is waterproof it is safe to wear around water. 

The colour options are pretty unique and are available in many options. It’s a nice switch from the usual black and grey colours. The customers were very happy with the watch as it is a great mix of features at an affordable price. 

7. WallPacle Fitness Tracker

Price: $45.86


  • This tracker allows you to check your heart rate, sleep tracking your deep, light, and awake sleep patterns, and provides comprehensive analysis of your sleep.
  • It is compatible with most iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 above smartphones. The app ‘Gloryfit’ is available to install for free which connects this tracker to your smartphone and allows you to receive all your phone notifications on the tracker.
  • This fitness tracker supports 24 sports and tracks all your workout routines, distances, and physical status during exercise. 
  • The screen is a 1.7-inch IPS HD full colour-screen with high contrast. It is made of resin material and is waterproof. It is recommended not to press any buttons while you’re doing underwater activities. 

Review of the product:

The customers liked the design and the features of this device. Unlike most fitness trackers, this one is a bit bigger; it fits just right on your wrist. The screen is bright and makes it very easy to read outside in daylight. The heart rate monitor and steps features were among the most loved features by customers. The tracker exactly syncs up with your android phone. The battery life was very good for everyday use. The touch screen is very smooth and comfortable. The tracker looks even better than in the images. 

The accuracy of everything on the watch is stunning. Customers highly recommend buying this as it is worth your money. The text alert feature as well as phone call alerts were appreciated by most customers. The find your phone feature is very convenient when you lose your phone. It is also reversible in case you lose your watch. 

This tracker is accurate and is a must have for any fitness enthusiast. The interface and sync options are good. The battery life is pretty good and lasts a week. It is very easy to connect it to your phone, the app is great and customers said they would buy it again because it is way better than the more expensive models. The different sports modes are also another helpful thing. It is highly recommended by its customers for the price it is available at and the features it comes with. 

8. L8star Fitness Tracker

Price: $19.99 ~ $24.99


  • This fitness tracker comes with a continuous heart rate monitor, pedometer, calories tracker, distance tracker and many more interesting features.
  • It can be connected to your smartphone via the app and you can get calls, messages and notifications directly on the tracker. 
  • It measures your heart rate every 1, 2, 6 and 12 hours automatically once you set it up in the app. It also has an option of real-time heart rate tracking or manual tracking. 
  • It allows you to switch 6 different sports and accurately count your steps, calories burned and distance covered.
  • This tracker can be charged pretty fast without any cables and lasts up to 7-10 days. To utilise the tracker to its fullest potential it is recommended to download the app ‘Flagfit 2.0’

Review of the product:

If you are looking for something to help monitor your daily physical activity, get this tracker because it will do exactly that for you. It is super comfy and extremely easy to use. It has almost all the features that very expensive brands offer. This is a very good-looking tracker with a great battery. It has a battery life of almost 2 weeks. The step counts are perfectly accurate and the heart rate monitor is helpful if you’re watching your heart health. Customers really love this tracker because it’s durable and attractive. They’re not fancy or expensive, but they do exactly what you want them to do at an affordable price. 

None of the customers complained of any connection issues. The strap is comfortable, very smooth and soft to the touch and seems to be very durable. It is fairly easy to sync to your phone and begin using. It has a nice weight to it and doesn’t feel cheap as some others do. For the price it is a great deal. 

For users who don’t want to create an account and give your personal details, it works fine if you skip that option on the first screen of the app. No need to worry about data breach as you can choose what information you want to share and what you want to keep. 

9. KALINCO Fitness Tracker

Price: $29.99 ~ $35.99


  • This fitness tracker has a 1.4 Inch full-touch screen display and custom watch face. There are five levels of brightness options that will allow you to easily read it in brightness or in the dark. 
  • It is compatible with android phones and can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and your deep, light sleep state.
  • Once you connect it to your phone you will receive all messages and notifications on your wrist through vibration. You will not be able to answer calls or texts through the tracker but there are many convenient functions like timer, wake-up gesture, find my phone, sedentary reminder, music control and weather display.
  • It has 7 kinds of sports modes. The display shows your accurate steps, distance, calories, active minutes etc. If you want access to detailed data, you can simply download the app. 

Review of the product:

The review that this fitness tracker received from its customers is very promising. The battery life is excellent. It lasts a long time. The charging port is different from the ordinary micro-USB ports a lot of brands use but this tracker charges very fast which is also a great feature.

The tracker syncs with the app very well. The iOS app works great and you can initiate just about every function on the tracker from the app which is very convenient. It also allows you to control the shutter on your camera for distance selfies. You can control which notifications are sent to your watch. It sends notifications such as an email or text which is very useful. 

It also has a find my phone feature which comes in handy when you’re having trouble locating your mobile phone. The customers loved that the features worked accurately and gave them precise readings. 

10. BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker for kids

Price: $29.99


  • This cute little fitness tracker is meant for kids and it will monitor their heart rate and track sleep at night.
  •  It also comes with a silent alarm clock which will wake your kids up on time without disturbing others.
  • It works for several physical activities that kids do for example- walking, running, cycling, dancing, playing basketball, football, tennis, climbing, workout, etc.
  •  It is also waterproof which means your kids can also wear it while swimming.
  • Charging this tracker is pretty simple. You can charge it using any USB adapter without needing an extra charger. The long battery life will last a week once you charge it for a couple of hours.

Review of the product:

This kids’ fitness tracker is inexpensive, easy to adjust, and will fit your kids comfortably for quite some time. There are several watch face choices and you can adjust the brightness of the watch face. You can also toggle the feature that wakes up the screen when your arm moves.

The watch charges via a USB port that is hidden inside the armband when you pull the band off the watch face it reveals a USB. Charging is relatively fast and appears to last several days. This is a decent watch, especially for kids, at an affordable price point.

The customers were unsure of the accuracy of the tracker, but it does keep time and provides a glimpse into daily activity. Unlike too many buttons on most other trackers for kids, this one only has one button to rotate through the options but no means to set anything manually. It’s 100% Bluetooth set from an app you download to either your smartphone or tablet. This tracker was loved by parents and kids equally as it keeps track of their activities and keeps parents informed.


1. Is a smartwatch and a fitness tracker the same?

A fitness tracker is a band that tracks your fitness with the help of the data it collects based on your physical activity whereas a smartwatch is an extension of your mobile phone. It is a device which you can wear on your wrist just like a watch but which also allows you to perform certain actions that you do on your phone, for example- check texts, emails and even social media. 

The main difference between a smart watch and a fitness tracker is that a smartwatch has a lot more features but does not focus on keeping track of your fitness. Following are a few points of differences between these two devices:

  • Smartwatches are generally way more expensive than fitness trackers
  • Fitness trackers work towards getting you into a healthy routine whereas a smartwatch is built around the principle of connectivity.
  • Fitness trackers are less bulky and smaller than smartwatches making it easier for you to wear during exercise sessions for a long time.  

A smartwatch does keep track of your fitness to a certain extent but it is no match to an actual fitness tracker. If your main focus is to get fit, you need a fitness tracker. 

2. What are the pros of a fitness tracker?

Having a fitness tracker feels like a luxury but in reality, it is an item which once you possess you will realise its potential. Following are some pros of a fitness tracker:

  • A fitness tracker makes you more committed to your workout regime.
  • It acts as a great motivator to help you maintain consistency in your exercise sessions. 
  • It keeps track of your diet and eating habits too which will make you healthy.
  • It also keeps track of your sleep and recognises your sleep pattern making you regulate a healthy sleep cycle.
  • It monitors your heart rate helping you maintain good cardiovascular health. 

3. Are fitness trackers safe? What are some tips which can keep me and my information safe?

Since fitness trackers collect so much of your information it is bound to feel a little insecure about your privacy. A fitness tracker poses some privacy concerns. Some users dislike that the trackers monitor your location. This type of data is preferred to be kept confidential by many people but the kind of security you get when your fitness tracker helps you get healthier is unmatchable. Here are a few tips which will help you secure your privacy and enjoy good health:

  • Reading the privacy policy- If you read the privacy policy of the brand of fitness tracker you’re purchasing, you will be aware of how your personal information is going to be used. If you feel that the policy seems vague and your data could be compromised, avoid purchasing from such brands. 
  • Restrict the data collection- The setting of your device will always allow you to control the kind of data that is being collected and used. Wherever necessary only allow a limited number of apps to collect your information. 
  • Set-Up an authentication code- To avoid getting hacked, set up a twofactor authentication code which sends a code to your phone or another device to unlock the tracker and gain access to the information on it. 
  • Turn off location tracking- The location tracking feature can reveal a lot of personal information like your address, workplace, where you shop etc. Turn off the location tracking through the settings to avoid this data from being misused. 

A fitness tracker will definitely transform your mind and your body through its constant motivation. It will help you get mental and physical peace. It is amazing how this small yet effective device can help you change your entire being. With its constant reminders and motivational tips, you will always be inclined towards finishing your physical activity goals and will feel guilty if you don’t. The way it works on your mind as well as your body is something that is very subtle yet highly constructive. Once you decide to get your life on track with these small little fitness trackers, there is no turning back. You will be grateful that you decided to buy one and will be wearing it all the time, tracking your physical activity, and maintaining a healthy way of life. 

Purchase your favourite tracker from our list and let us know in the comments the one that will become your partner in the journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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