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The Best Swimming Suit In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
The Best Swimming Suits in 2021

People’s lifestyles have changed dramatically in general as well specifically since the beginning of the pandemic. You must have noticed that you’ve become lazier and sluggish. Many surveys suggest that regular exercising among youngsters has declined greatly during the past decade. Exercising for a healthy body is very important and so is having fun. The best exercise that allows you to have fun and stay fit at the same time is swimming. 

Swimming is considered one of the best exercises for your body to keep it in shape and for your mind to remain peaceful and stress-free. It’s an intense full-body workout that is tough on your muscles but gentle on your joints. Regular swimming will make you lose those extra pounds and will allow you to show off that chiseled figure. Swimming is not just a sport but a life skill too. Just like everyone with legs knows how to walk, so should you know how to swim. If you’re stuck in a situation where you have to swim for your life, you will thank your coach who was probably too hard on you while you were learning to swim. 

It is a sport that is enjoyed by everyone and it is recommended that if you’re a regular swimmer you should continue to do so till your body has the physical strength to do it for 20 minutes every other day. There is literally no other exercise which is fun and strengthening too. 

There are numerous benefits you can derive from a regular swim daily or every alternate day. Following are a few benefits:

  • Physical health benefits– It helps you build muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. It also helps you lose weight if you want to shed a few pounds. It will keep your heart and lungs healthy and will tone your muscles all over the body. It’s a full body workout which will give you an intense exercise session. 
  • Mental health benefits– It is the most calming and stress-free exercise which allows you to feel tranquility once you enter the water. As a leisure activity it has the ability to lighten up your mood and make you feel cheerful and happy with a positive mindset. 
  • Other benefits– It improves your flexibility and helps you balance better. It also enhances your coordination. 

Swimming is definitely one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities which has tremendous health benefits, both mental and physical. To reap all the benefits from this exercise the most important gear a swimmer needs is the swimming suit. Swimming suits, especially the ones for women have changed quite a lot since the first time they were manufactured. Earlier the focus was on covering the body as much as possible which resulted in uncomfortable and obstructive swimming suits but as time progressed the swimming suits for women were designed in such a way that they facilitate movement inside water and also allow the swimmer to feel comfortable at all times while wearing it. 

There are several types of swimming suits available for women according the body type or the preferred level of coverage and support:

  • One piece swimsuit– This vintage style swimsuit never goes out of fashion. It is a single piece swimsuit which is super comfortable.
  • Bikini swimsuit– It is the most popular type of swimsuit which women with slender figures prefer as it allows you to flaunt your well- defined physique. It is a two-piece set which can be worn by women of any body shape. 
  • Skirtini– This rather showy swimsuit is a set of a skirt and a bikini top. It is suited for pool parties and is rarely preferred by professional swimmers. 
  • Tankini– This swimsuit is a set of a tank top with a bikini bottom. This type is preferred by middle aged women as they feel the top is quite comfortable. 
  • Legsuit– It is a body-hugging swimsuit. It is preferred by professional swimmers as it is very comfortable and protects your skin.
  • Burkini– This type of swimsuit was especially designed for women who prefer keeping their heads covered. It covers the full body and comes attached with a skull cap like headgear to cover the hair.
  • Top and bottom set– This swimsuit provides more coverage while also making you look attractive. It is a two-piece set with a modest top and a modest bottom which can be mixed and matched.

Since it is such an intimate item of clothing, there are certain things about a swimsuit which you must definitely know. Check the following list of factors which are going to be your guide to buying the perfect swimsuit:

  • Perfect fit– A swimsuit is a garment that must fit your exact body size. You do not want to lose your clothes while swimming, right? Believe it or not, it does happen. If the swimsuit you’re wearing is a little too loose, it might come off when you’re in the water. If it is too tight it might make you feel suffocated and uneasy. The key is measuring your body correctly and matching those measurements to the swimsuit you’re planning to buy.
  • Type– As mentioned in the above list there are different types of swimsuits available which provide different levels of coverage. Choose the type which you think will flatter your body type.
  • Material– Checking the material of the swimsuit is crucial. Is it stretchable, breathable and soft? If not, then you might regret buying it because after a little while you might start feeling super uncomfortable. The material of a swimsuit should also be quick dry too. You do not want to roam around the beach wearing a heavy and wet swimsuit, right?

Choosing a swimsuit for your body should now be considerably easier because you know all about the things you need to think of when purchasing one. Keep all these points in mind and shop for the best swimsuit. Fetch a ton of compliments and feel confident about your beautiful bodies. 

Following is a versatile list of different types of swimsuits, choose the one you like the best:

1. Beautyin Women’s Athletic Racerback Swimsuit 

Price: $28.99
  • This trendy one-piece swimsuit is made of nylon and spandex which gives you extra comfort.
  • It is designed with dual shoulders and a racerback. It also has an inbuilt padded shelf bra and is available in several colour options. 
  • The fabric of this swimsuit is quick-dry and stretchable and since it is made of spandex it has a slimming effect on your body.
  • It is a chlorine resistant, lightweight and sporty swimsuit which will protect you from harmful UV rays. 
  • The closure type on this swimsuit is pull on which is the easiest to put on and take off. 

Product feedback:

Buyers were extremely pleased with how this suit fits. People claimed that they swam several times wearing this swimsuit and never had to tug or make adjustments to the suit while swimming. It is designed very well and the straps don’t cut into your shoulders. It’s made in such a way that you won’t have to repeatedly remove a wedgy. It’s also much easier to get on and off-unlike most suits which are a pain to take off after getting wet. 

If you need extra support and something high enough in the neckline where you’d want full coverage in the chest area then this swimsuit is going to be your favourite. It is recommended to order one size up so that it will hold up nicely. It covers up just enough and the support is great. You cannot find a better product at this price. Buyers felt that it is much better than other competing brands and is definitely worth the money.

The fit of this suit was especially liked by people as it is fully lined in the front, has sewn in cups, and has a lovely back which is very flattering and appropriate for swimming. The quality is good and overall, it’s a good value. The best thing about this swimsuit is that it doesn’t ride up the back like most swimsuits and so it is very comfortable.

2. CUPSHE Women’s Bikini Swimsuit

Price: $29.99
  • This two-piece swimsuit is made of 80% chinlon and 20% spandex. 
  • The bikini top has a twisted design on the front and lace up closure at the back. The top comes with removable padded cups 
  • It can be worn for vacations, beach trips, pool parties and for your honeymoon. 
  • It is recommended to wash this swimsuit in cold water. Avoid bleaching or tumble drying as it might cause your swimsuit to look worn out. 
  • This cute swimsuit is available in several colour options and multiple sizes. Check your size and measurements before making your purchase. 

Product feedback:

This colourful swimsuit is an excellent buy. The heavy support and style are fantastic. It feels snug and secure. It also has removable padding which you can remove if you feel the pads are too heavy for you. The stringy ties are cute. The material is of great quality and most buyers felt that the top fit them perfectly. For heavily chested women, it minimizes the chest and gives you a great fit. The colour options are beautiful and customers highly recommend it.

The lively colours, quality of the materials, and adjustability of both the bottom and the top make it a great swimsuit. The bottom is high enough to cover adequately without looking extremely high-waisted. Buyers felt really comfy and supported in this bikini. It is recommended to size up. This bikini will give you the perfect lift and support. Most bikinis give a saggy look but this bikini top will give you a push up look. The colours are exactly like the picture. 

It is definitely a perfect bikini to add to your summer collection. It offers the perfect amount of coverage, and looks very cute too. The back has a tie so you can tie it tighter to get a better fit. The bottoms are great too. It’s a mid-rise bottom which is hard to find. The bottom also has ties on the side so you can play a little with the fit. It is a little cheeky, but it’s not an unreasonable cut. Overall, it is the perfect two-piece swimsuit for ladies looking for extra support in the top. 

3. Zando Women’s Swimdress

Price: $16.99 ~ $31.99
  • This is a one-piece swimsuit designed like a dress. The design offers tummy control and makes you look attractive in the bathing suit.
  • It is made of high-quality polyester and elastane. The fabric is soft and breathable. For a perfect fit please refer to the size chart of the brand.
  • This swimdress will allow you to flaunt your figure as it makes you look slimmer.
  • It can be worn on several occasions like pool party, beach party, summer vacation, hot spring bath and several others.
  • It is available in many attractive prints and neck designs. 

Product feedback:

According to most buyers this is an awesome swim dress. There are shorts in the bottom and a slimming fabric for your stomach which slims it out and shapes your torso perfectly. The neckline is awesome and covers decently without you feeling overexposed. The design of this swimdress is such that it won’t give you any weird tan lines. 

Some buyers felt that it should have been a few inches longer to hide the buttocks a bit more but it is not a major concern. It fits just like the picture. Although wireless, it does provide good support. It looks very attractive and has some stretch. Buyers were happy with this adorable retro suit. Some customers also felt that it was better than expected and felt like very high-quality material. The bottom portion underneath is like shorts and the outer layer is free flowing. They connect underneath around the ribs. This makes it extra comfortable. The torso and skirt fit nicely, with only a little flaring of the skirt. 

For the price it seems quite nice. Customers loved the colour contrast. It will give you a nice shape and will fit like a glove. It looks beautiful because of the racer back which also keeps the straps secure, not letting them fall off your shoulders. This swimsuit is a very classy take on a swim dress.

4. HOTAPEI Women’s Tankini

Price: $22.89 ~ $29.99
  • This is a great quality sporty tankini swimsuit for women which is very soft and skin friendly.
  • The suit includes a sporty tank with tribal print and the bottoms are solid matching boy shorts. The bottom has a tie side detail and can be easily adjusted.
  • It is a tummy control bathing suit matched with a racer back design to make it comfortable. 
  • This swimsuit is made of high-quality fabric which dries up quickly and makes sure you’re comfortable wearing it for a long time. 
  • It comes with removable soft cups and thick straps for perfect support and fit. 

Product feedback:

This swimsuit was really liked by the buyers for its style and the great coverage of the chest. Buyers also liked the feel of the suit on the skin. All the patterns available in this swimsuit were loved by customers especially for the tank top.

The top is actually long enough and overhangs the bottoms by a couple of inches. The adjustable sides in the bottom allow you to adjust them as modestly, or skimpily, as you want them. The bottom material is a great thickness. Customers did not have any issues with the top riding up while swimming. It fits like a swimsuit should and if you are someone not wanting to spend a lot of money on a swimsuit this one is the perfect pick. 

Some buyers felt that even with adjustable ties the bottom was a little too skimpy for curvy bodies. The top is very flattering and has great coverage. The fabric is a bit thin so there is no slimming effect. The shorts look cute but are a tad uncomfortable as they do not have built-in underwear but they can always be worn with your own underwear. This swimsuit is highly recommended by its customers especially for the tank top. 

5. Summer Mae Women’s Plus Size Floral Swimsuit

Price: $34.99
  • This pretty, floral swimdress is made of polyester and spandex with 100% polyester lining. 
  • It has a V neck design and is a sleeveless one piece with boy shorts under the skirt. The shoulder straps are adjustable and the pads on the chest are removable.
  • The design has a shirring detailing and a pleated skirt which helps define the waist. It has a slimming effect and is perfect for heavily chested ladies. 
  • It does not come with an underwire but is supportive enough and gives good coverage.
  • It is recommended to wash separately in the machine. You can also wash it with similar colours but do not tumble dry or iron it. 

Product feedback:

This swimsuit is of high quality, holds everything together perfectly. The lining makes this feel like a spanx fit but is not very tight. This bathing suit is perfect for a swimming workout and for older women as it gives more coverage and is supportive. 

The quality is excellent for the price. This swimsuit looks beautiful and is extremely comfortable. You can wear it for hours as it is non-restrictive and secure for exercise purposes. The fabric is bright and beautiful and isn’t remotely see through when wet. It fits very well where many other swimsuits just accentuate love handles so it’s easy to feel confident and beautiful wearing it. It’s modest enough so that you can wear it without feeling too weird about it. 

It has adjustable straps which help get the fit just right. The cinched belly pattern means you can gain or lose weight and it will still fit. The boy shorts attached to the skirt are awesome. You can make these shorts essentially be long or short depending on where you let the skirt and belly part rest. Some buyers felt that even with the lining this swimsuit does not offer any tummy control but is very comfy. This is the best, most comfortable, adorable and attractive swimsuit for women according to the buyers. 

6. HiSexy Women Slingshot Bikini

Price: $11.99
  • This sexy swimsuit is made of cotton & PU leather and is machine washable. 
  • It is backless and has criss cross spaghetti straps on the belly and adjustable strappy ties at the back. 
  • The design has a keyhole in the front and deep v neck. This exotic swimsuit can also be used as lingerie.
  • The material is very elastic, comfortable and soft on your skin.
  • This slingshot swimsuit is perfect for special occasions like honeymoon, valentine’s day, surfing, swimming, beach etc.

Product feedback:

This shiny slingshot swimsuit is very revealing but very comfortable. It doesn’t ride up the crotch too much. It’s fully adjustable. It might be a little too hard to string together all by yourself.

Customers loved that the top was so shiny and perfect. If you’re planning a romantic remote beach escapade, just buy it. To tie it perfectly, just look at the picture of the model and you’ll be able to figure it out. It might take 5-10 minutes to get it right. 

The customers felt that the quality was good and they had nothing negative to say about the suit. It is perfect for petite women. It is recommended to size up as it runs a little short. It is also recommended to wash alone because the colour runs a little. Buyers were happy with the product because it does exactly what it intends to do. 

7. SPORLIKE Women Ruffle Swimsuit

Price: $36.99

Around – $36.99

  • The design of this swimsuit is super cute. There are ruffles around the arms in the top and it has a deep V-neck. 
  • It also comes with removable pads. The bottom is high waist and cheeky with a soft lining. It has ruched detailing which makes it look even cuter.
  • The vibrant colour options and prints make it very attractive looking.
  • It is recommended to wash this swimsuit by hand.
  • It is perfect to wear to places like the beach, swimming pool, vacation spot etc.
  • The customer care is very helpful and will assist you in choosing the right size of the product.

Product feedback:

This swimsuit fits cute and looks very flattering. It has a unique design which looks very glamorous. Be prepared to receive lots of compliments if you wear this suit to the beach! Some buyers felt that it feels a bit heavy when wet, that’s the only concern if there is one. It’s definitely perfect for women with all types of bodies. Curves will fit in all the right places. 

It’s super high waisted but not too high around your buttocks. The bust area is nice for bigger chested women. It’s tighter on the bottom bust area and holds everything together. It is hands down the perfect swimwear for summer. The material is thick as well and customers felt very comfortable in it. The bottoms are adorable and fit great. It runs true to size and the colours are bright. 

This suit is loved by all its customers because of the comfort it offers and the elegant look it gives you. The bottoms can be worn with many different bikini tops. It gives a proportionate look for a pear-shaped body. It is very stylish and gives you a slender look mainly because the top is bigger than bottom. It is truly high waisted over the belly button. It does not come with underwire but provides adequate support. It’s good for curvy girls as it makes you look way skinnier than you are.

8. Ababalaya Burkini

Price: $39.99
  • This comfortable and modest swimsuit is a three-piece set. It offers full coverage and also comes with a cap. It is not padded. 
  • The print options are very beautiful with leaves and flowers on the top. The bottoms are solid.
  • The material is high-quality and will not fade or fray for a long time. 
  • The closure type is pulled on so you can wear it very easily without any discomfort. With this burkini, you can swim freely without the worry of any wardrobe malfunction. 

Product feedback:

This burkini fits wonderfully. The fabric is beautiful and lightweight. It is a non-see-through material. With vibrant prints and colours. The length of the top is perfect. It falls in the middle of the thigh. The bottoms, however, run a little loose. They have little loops to connect the string from the dress to the pants so that the dress doesn’t lift up in water. Make sure you tie them tight and all the way to the top of the string or else the top will flip. 

Since it is very lightweight, it dries up fairly quickly and does not excessively weigh you down when it’s wet. Some buyers felt that the cap doesn’t stay on your head because it runs a little large. It is a form fitting swimsuit because of the material so if you prefer looser clothing, consider ordering a size up. 

Swimming is very smooth and easy with this swimsuit. The arms especially have a lot of room. The pants can be worn with other long sleeved swimwear too. There’s a paint smell to it, which will be gone after one wash. 

9. ZAFUL Strapless Bikini Set

Price: $18.99 ~ $32.99

Around – $18.99-$32.99

  • This daring and edgy bikini set is made of polyester and spandex. The closure type is lace up.
  • The bandeau top is padded and has an adjustable lace up back. The bottoms are high cut and cheeky.
  • The fabric is stretchy and ribbed. The top has a centre cutout with frill detailing.
  • It is perfect to be worn by petite women for occasions like parties and picnics.  
  • This is the perfect swimsuit for you if you want to flaunt your figure but at the same time would like some support from your bikini top. 

Product feedback:

The fit of this bandeau style swimsuit is perfect. If you like to wear your bottoms a little on the high side you will be able to adjust them. The top is comfortable and covers properly.  It stays up with no problems of worrying you would lose it in the water. It doesn’t fall down like some other strapless styles. 

For the frill effect on the top, you have to bunch up the material. It does tend to spread back out after a while but it is comfortable overall. The bottoms are great too. they’re adjustable and it’s easy to make them not very revealing. Material is nice and doesn’t feel cheap. The bottoms are definitely cheeky and bunch up a little. The sizing is great, and the colours are really pretty. 

This bikini is perfect for tanning. It’s pretty much adjustable everywhere to keep the tan lines moving. A larger chested woman might need more of a supportive top than this one.

10. SOLY HUX Bikini Swimsuit

Price: $9.99 ~ $25.99
  • This three-piece swimsuit is a unique one as it comes with a sarong wrap. 
  • It comes in various patterns and attractive colours. The fabric is very stretchable, soft and comfortable.
  • The bikini top is padded with removable pads. There are also options available for the bikini top with underwire or without one.
  • It is the perfect beachwear. For the best fit please refer to the size chart of the brand. 

Product feedback:

 If you buy one size up, this swimsuit will fit well. If you want it to be showier, it is perfect for you. The bottoms aren’t tight at all, they are snug but neither tight nor loose,  just perfect. The top fits beautifully giving you a push up effect. Some customers felt that it fit better than expected, but the strap around the back is not adjustable. 

With the bottoms, some customers had the issue of bunching in the back. The wrap is super cute and makes you look well put together. It’s a simple swimsuit but the wrap really makes it pop. Customers loved the quality as well.

Sizing up was recommended by most buyers because your regular size might not fit so snug. Customers were very happy with this beautiful bathing suit and matching skirt. Everyone definitely recommends this set to anyone looking for a stylish, affordable, good quality bikini with a wrap. It’s really cute and doesn’t feel cheap at all but the top does not provide enough coverage. If you need more coverage, definitely size up. 


Q1. What should I keep in mind while buying a swimsuit?

When it comes to swimming suits women quickly opt for the ones that look cute, but aesthetic quality isn’t the only factor you should be considering while buying a swimsuit. Please take the following points into consideration to make an educated choice when you buy a swimming suit:

  • Body shape- You must notice your body shape before buying a swimming suit because the swimming suit might look great on the pear-shaped model but might not look so flattering on you if you have an athletic body shape.
  • Purpose- Always consider the purpose for which you are buying the swimsuit. Are you buying one just for a weekend on the beach or are you buying one for a swimming competition? The types of suits available for both occasions are very different based on the purpose.
  • Fit- The fit of the swimsuit is a very important factor you must think of. If the swimsuit is a little too snug you might have to keep tugging at it and fixing it every now and then. If the swimsuit fits too loose again you wouldn’t be comfortable while swimming. Make sure you measure correctly and purchase the swimsuit that fits you just right. 

Q2.  How do I pick the right type of swimsuit for myself?

There are many types of swimsuits available depending on the purpose, coverage and shape of your body. Following points will help you make your decision:

  • Torso– If you feel your torso is longer than most women then you should opt for a two-piece swimsuit. It will easily accommodate your long torso with a separate top. Women with short torsos can opt for single piece swimsuits which will make them look attractive and will be comfortable for short upper bodies. 
  • Shape– if you are someone on the bulky side and are too shy about wearing a swimsuit there are plenty of swimsuits available which are made using spandex. These swimsuits will give you tummy control and a slimming effect and while wearing these you will be very confident about yourself. 
  • Chest– The heaviness of your chest is also a determining factor when it comes to swimsuits. Women with heavier breasts might want to go for options that have an inbuilt bra so that you have proper support. Women with smaller breasts can go for options that provide minimal support like strapless or bandeau bikini tops. 

Q3. How to hand wash a swimsuit?

Washing a swimsuit by hand can be a tricky task. To hand wash a swimsuit properly, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Fill a sink with lukewarm water.
  • Add a teaspoon of gentle laundry detergent. Use the type of detergent made for washing spandex.
  • If you do not have this type of detergent, you can use baking soda or vinegar as these will clean your suit thoroughly without damaging it. Do not use them together though.
  • Slosh the suit around in the sink and make sure that it is submerged in the water. 
  • Soak it for only half an hour and not more than that as it might loosen the fibres. 
  • Rinse with cold water 2-3 times and let it air dry.

It is highly recommended to use a mild detergent because it cleans your swimsuit gently and gets rid of all the oils and chemicals from the fibres while not damaging it at all. If your swimsuits are colourful or are dark in colour, the colour needs to be protected. The mild detergent will do exactly that. You wouldn’t want to go out wearing a faded, frayed swimsuit now, would you? So, it is advisable that you invest in a detergent especially made to wash spandex material as it will be perfect for washing your swimsuits by hand or even in the washer. 

A women’s swimsuit is not just a piece of garment that you wear and strut out of your home carelessly. It is an intimate item which must be thoughtfully chosen. Most women do not feel confident wearing swimsuits to the beach but if you go for the perfect type of swimsuit based on your body type then you will look amazing, feel amazing and will be comfortable while swimming or just enjoying your time on the beach.

Select your favourite swim suit from our list and let us know the one you chose to bask in the sun this summer!

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