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The Best Camping Chairs To Relax In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
The Best Camping Chairs To Relax In 2021

Whether you’re thinking of abandoning all duties and going into the woods for a relaxing trip by yourself or planning a nature getaway with a bunch of friends, camping is more often than not the answer or rather the activity you’re looking for. Camping can be one of the most fun things to do for extroverts who like to venture outside as well as for people who don’t like to socialize too much and would like a nice and peaceful evening out in the open by themselves. 

Camping is a leisure activity that involves an overnight stay in a protective shelter out in the midst of nature. Recreational camping has been a popular activity among outdoorsy people since the late 19th century when a British traveling tailor wrote a handbook about it called ‘The Camper’s Handbook’ 

It is considered to be one of the best ways to take a break from the stress you experience when you’ve been working constantly. In recent times, especially since the pandemic, when almost all of us have been working for what seems like 24 hours from home, camping does sound like a treat. Over a period of several years, recreational camping has evolved to a great extent but regardless of the evolution one thing has remained constant and that is your one and only ‘The Camping Chair’ 

What is it and why is it essential?

The camping chair is a great invention meant to ease your trip into the wild, having said that it should also be noted that these chairs are not something that can be used strictly for camping. This piece of foldable furniture can come in handy on several occasions.

Do you need to attend a BBQ with your buddies? Or want to watch your kids’ soccer game without breaking your legs while standing for hours? Or when you have a romantic night of stargazing planned with your beau and don’t want the both of you to take a hike after a while because you just couldn’t find a place to sit down? Relax! The camping chair has got your back, literally. 

Buying a camping chair is definitely going to pay off if you’re always the one who’s looking for some place to sit. There are a ton of options available in the market for a foldable camping chair which can be a little confusing but once you decide that you need one, the next thing you need to think of is the price range that falls in your budget. 

Once you’ve decided how much you are willing to spend on a camping chair you need to start scrutinizing other factors like the material used to manufacture, portability, weight, capacity and the most important thing: Is it worth the price?

Factors to consider:

Material used: The production of a camping chair requires the usage of a lot of different types of materials like steel, aluminum, plastic, fabric, paint, etc. The purpose for which you’re going to use the camping chair is the most important thing you need to consider while checking the material used in the making of the chair. If you are looking for a lightweight chair to carry with you then you must buy a chair that uses less bulky fabric and cushioning, if you’re looking for a real sturdy chair then you must focus on the material used to make its poles. Currently aluminum is the most preferred metal as it has a high strength to weight ratio which can help make the chairs sturdy.

Weight capacity: The amount of weight a camping chair can hold up varies across different models. Some chairs can hold up to 800 lbs whereas some can hold only up to 200 lbs. If you’re looking for a camping chair for your kids or for someone who doesn’t weigh a lot then you can buy a chair with less weight recommendation but let’s face it, all of us have gained a few extra pounds over the course of the pandemic when we were busy binging our favorite shows while eating ice cream right out of the tub. That is why you must choose a camping chair that has a higher weight tolerance to get the best out of it.

Portability: The quality of a chair which enables you to carry it around is its portability. If you are buying a chair to carry it to your picnic or to a sporting event then you might want to select the chairs which are easily foldable and can be carried in a case or in the trunk of your car. Nobody wants to carry a lot of weight while trying to enjoy themselves so this factor must really be given a good thought. 

Price: The price of the chair plays a vital role in the selection process because if a chair is priced at 150 $ and does not provide that sturdy quality then you’ve just wasted a lot of money. Remember, expensive doesn’t always mean the best. In order to get the best for the hard-earned money you’ll spend on the chair, thoroughly inspect the factors mentioned above and then decide the model you want for yourself.

Here’s a list of the most loved camping chairs of 2021 which have received raving reviews by enthusiastic adventurers:

1. Coleman Camping chair

PRICE: $31.82 -$43.46 USD

Coleman is a brand that has been in the market for ages manufacturing gear like tents, sleeping bags, outdoor lighting, and more. Since the time it has been around, the brand has continued to restructure the outdoor furniture with their innovative products. One of their best-selling products is the Coleman camping chair. This camping chair has a ton of great reviews and ratings from users all over the world.

About the item:

  • This comfortable camping chair is a combination of a cozy design with a convenient armrest which also doubles as a cooler.
  • It has a built-in insulated pouch that can keep up to 4 cans chilled so you can easily grab one while relaxing on your campsite.
  • The seat is fully cushioned and the back provides lumbar support and comfort.
  • Built into the armrest is a cup holder which ensures that a refreshing drink is always within arm’s reach. 
  • It has also got a handy side pocket where you can keep phones, snacks, and keys without the fear of losing them. 
  • It has a sturdy steel frame and adjustable arm heights which guarantee that you have a secure seat year after year.
  • It has a collapsible, folding design which makes it easy to store and transport. The chair also comes with a carry bag making it all the more convenient to be carried around while you look for the perfect place to set up camp. 

Whom is it ideal for?

  • These chairs are some of the sturdiest camping chairs available which is why they are the best suited for people on the heavier side of the weighing scale.
  • They are especially popular with people looking for any sort of outdoor furniture. 
  • People looking for patio furniture have reviewed this chair as one of their favorite pieces of outdoor furniture and hence it is the best choice for people looking for folding chairs. 

According to most reviews, the customers felt that this chair is hands down one of the best camping chairs on the market right now, however, the quality of this chair was not much appreciated by some of the customers. According to them, its poles are weak and the seat is a little low. This chair has received 82% five-star reviews which is proof of the customer satisfaction it offers.  

2. Best choice products set of two adjustable steel mesh zero gravity lounge chair recliners

PRICE: $124.99 USD

Best choice products claim to develop customer favorite products by reinventing their products with useful solutions. They use surveys and customer feedback to validate the product’s design. The quality and life value are painstakingly checked ensuring the best service. 

About the item:

  • This pair of chairs smoothly falls into an ergonomic zero gravity position giving you a comfortable posture while sitting. It comes with removable elastic cords which adjust to your body weight. 
  • The portable design makes this lightweight chair a certain companion for your next outdoor trip.
  • The removable tray built with two cup holders, a phone holder, and a tablet holder is completely detachable and makes things convenient for you.
  • This durable couple of chairs has the capacity to hold 250 lbs and is made using low- wear Textilene fabric which makes it last for ages. 
  • It also includes a removable padded headrest as an extra feature of modifiable support. 

Whom is it ideal for?  

  • These chairs are ideal for campers, beach goers, sporting event enthusiasts, etc.
  • Their light weight makes them a popular choice among people looking for patio furniture.
  • The durable build and affordable price make it an ideal selection for people on a tight budget.

According to most reviews, these chairs are great for the price and the customers were happy with their purchase. The most praised feature about this product was the fabric used to make it which makes the whole seating experience very comfortable. Unlike most of the customers, some felt that the chair is not as great as claimed and they were dissatisfied with the subpar quality and customer service experience. This product received 74% reviews from the customers which helps you understand that most of its users think it is a reliable chair.

3. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair

PRICE: $59.99 USD

The GCI outdoor chairs are built-in with portability and durability. The brand creates products best suited for your requirements with the highest quality and innovative functionality. The lightweight chairs made by them are portable and user friendly. 

About the item:

  • The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair delivers a smooth rocking action on any surface in the outdoors 
  • This portable folding chair swiftly folds to a compact size for easy storage and transportation.
  • Made using sturdy powder coated steel, these chairs are exceptionally durable. 
  • The chair comes with padded armrests for that extra comfort, a mesh back rest for a relaxing seat and a beverage holder to keep you from spilling your drink. 
  • The rocking motion on this chair is smooth as it comes with patented spring action technology which enables the chair to rock on most outdoor surfaces.
  • The setup for this chair is pretty simple because of its EASY-FOLD technology. They also have an easy to carry handle.
  • These compact portable chairs come with a lifetime warranty which is a huge pro. 

Whom is it ideal for?  

  • This portable rocking chair is best suited for campers. It can also be used as a lawn chair or a sports chair.
  • Anyone looking for a sturdy chair to set up easily at just about any surface can go for this product as it is ideal for exactly that.

According to most reviews, these chairs are very well built and are easy to rock back and forth. The most appreciated feature of this chair is the wide seat and its sturdy structure. Highly recommended by most users, this chair did receive a few comments about the seat being too shallow for tall people to sit on making it difficult for them to get off it. Overall, this chair received 87% five-star reviews which is quite an inviting element.

4. Kijaro dual lock portable camping and sports chair 


Kijaro is a brand that promises to offer quality innovative outdoor gear with premium designs and an array of colors that portray your personality. The outdoor gear manufactured by this brand is sturdier and cheaper as compared to similar models sold by other brands. 

About the item

  • This portable dual lock chair gives you a comfortable seating experience with an upright and sagless seat.
  • It’s made of double diamond ripstop polyester with a breathable mesh on the seat back.
  • It comes with two cup holders, an organizer with a  zipper and mesh pockets, a carry strap attached to the chair, and a carry bag.
  • The dual locks in this chair can be opened up for extra stability and can be shut for easy transport. 
  • The mechanism is quite simple with only a push button to unlock and push arms to lock them in place. 
  • The seat is firm and easy to rise out of and it’s a slight lean back chair for that extra cozy comfort.
  • Weighing 9.5 lbs this chair has the capacity to hold a weight of 300 lbs. It is sturdy enough to hold this weight for a long time.

Whom is it ideal for?  

  • These chairs are perfect for watching sporting events, car-camping, or any outside activity.
  • It is best suited for short heighted people as you can lean back to rest your head. Taller people might have to go in for other options or if you do buy this one then you can place a towel under your head for extra lumbar support.
  • Since the chair is not a straight-backed chair, it is perfectly suited for people looking to relax among the mountains, laying back slightly, and enjoying the view

According to most reviews, these chairs, although expensive, are worth every penny as the quality is great and the seat doesn’t sag. The frames on this chair are sturdy which is the reason for its popularity. Some buyers felt that the fabric used in making these chairs was not of a great quality which is why they felt a more reliable fabric could have been used. The most popular feature of this chair is the range of colors it comes in. This chair has received 84% positive reviews from its users and is a dependable product.

5. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong chair 

PRICE: $50.59-86 USD

ALPS mountaineering has been manufacturing affordable and performance driven outdoor gear for years. The brand promises to exceed its customers’ expectations through its industry-leading warranty and friendly customer service.

About the item:

  • The King Kong chair as the name suggests is quite a sturdy model. It weighs 12.5 lbs and is capable of supporting a hefty weight of up to 800 lbs!
  • It is made with patented powder coated steel frames making the chair extremely stable and durable. It is a well-built chair made to last for a long time. 
  • The fabric used to make it 600D polyester fabric which again is one of a kind and a heavy-duty providing the chair a great quality.
  • This chair boasts a roomy seat measuring 24.5 inches wide to give you reliable seating. 
  • It comes with two cup holders located on each arm of the chair. It’s also got two side pockets to help you easily access your essential items and keep them off the ground.
  • On the back of the seat of this King Kong chair is a large mesh pocket perfect for storing your carry bag or other most-needed items. 

Whom is it ideal for?

  • Since this model is the only model on the market that has such an astonishing weight recommendation, this chair is an absolute catch for buyers looking for a heavy-duty foldable chair. 
  • The King- Kong chair remains the most durable and strongest chair in the market therefore it can be used in almost any outdoor event without the fear of it breaking down in the middle. 
  • This chair is best for people looking for a chair to carry around with them during any outdoor activity.

According to most reviews the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong chair is a spacey chair best suited for individuals who need a bigger seat and it is sturdy enough to support a significant amount of weight for a long time. Most customers found this chair to be ideal and strong whereas some were discontented with the high design of the seat. The design of the chair according to some customers made the seating a little uncomfortable as it makes your legs hang in the air, however, if used with a footstool this chair would be nothing short of perfection for campers. 

6. Amazon basics portable camping chair

PRICE: $30.99- 38.99 USD

Amazon basics chair has the reputation of providing highly rated products at low prices to their customers. This chair definitely lives up to that expectation of the loyal customers of Amazon. When compared to other models of folding chairs falling in the same price range this chair by Amazon basics chair stands out due to its affordable price and durable quality.

About the item:

  • This padded foldable camping chair comes with a fully cushioned seat and back for comfort.
  • It comes with a built-in beverage cooler pouch that hangs from the armrest and can hold up to 4 twelve-ounce cans.  
  • There’s a combined cup holder for holding an open beverage and a storage pocket for magazines and personal items. 
  • The heavy-duty steel frame provides it with reliable strength and durability.
  • Its collapsible folding design and compact size enable it to fit inside most car trunks. 
  • The chair comes with a carry bag to ease transport and storage. It is also backed by the AmazonBasics chair limited 1 year warranty.

Whom is it ideal for?

  • The brand is famous for offering great quality products at a low cost hence this chair is ideal for someone who’s looking for a great foldable chair but is also on a tight budget.
  • This chair is best suited to be lugged around to most outdoor events like camping or bonfire or even musical events.
  • Anyone who can absolutely not go on a trip without a cold beverage can definitely buy this chair.

According to most reviews, this camping chair by AmazonBasics Chair comes at an affordable price with good quality. The feature that customers loved the most is the simple setup and the comfortable, tall, and wide back support. The least admired feature of this chair was the design of its structure which according to some customers makes the seating a tad uncomfortable. This chair received 75%positive reviews from its users and is claimed to be a cherished and useful item by most of its owners. 

7. Nice C low beach camping folding chair 

PRICE: $55.99- 109.99 USD

The perfect chairs by Nice C provide you with ultimate comfort while outdoors. The brand makes products with ergonomic design, great value, and reliable quality. The chairs manufactured by this brand are lightweight and comfortable, perfect for heavy-duty usage. 

About the item:

  • This foldable beach chair is exceptionally comfortable due to the type of fabric chosen in making this chair. The fabric is breathable which allows air to flow while you relax at your favorite nature spot. 
  • The chair has cushioned metal arms to help you rest your arms while sitting. It also comes with an easy to reach cup holder to hold your beverage and other stuff like your phone or keys.
  • The chair is made using heavy-duty steel and industry grade Oxford 1000D polyester mesh which naturally makes it a burly piece of outdoor furniture.
  • The lightweight frame of the chair and the included carrying bag makes it easy for you to carry the chair along with you on your trips. It weighs a mere 6 lbs each and has the capacity to hold up to 300 lbs of weight. 
  • The chair’s heavy-duty frame allows it to sustain a good amount of weight up to 300 lbs. The low sink and anti-sink leg cap design give the chair a stable structure to hold more weight.
  • Setting this chair up is very easy. The only thing you need to do is pull the frame apart and you are ready to enjoy your seat. To store the chair simply push the frame back together and put it in the carrying case.
  • The chair can be cleaned with a dry towel or with a wet washcloth. You need not worry about the fabric fading or the edges fraying as the quality of the fabric is astounding. 

Whom is it ideal for?

  • This chair is ideal for beach goers as it is a low beach chair. If you want to stretch your legs out and relax on the beach without getting sand everywhere then this chair is the best product for you. 
  • This chair is also meant for people looking for comfortable, low, and reclined seating outdoors to attend events like campfire or even for stargazing. 

According to most reviews, this chair is unquestionably of great quality and is exceptional for the price. The compact beach chairs are very comfy and lightweight which is why they’re so popular among beach goers. The neck support on this chair isn’t as supportive as it should be for a low seating chair. The most liked feature about this chair is that it is low and lets you stretch your legs and feel the sand on the beach. This chair received 68% positive reviews which are less as compared to other models but it does bear testimony to its good quality and its inexpensive price. 

8. YIZI GO Portable camping chair

PRICE: $39.99 USD

This comfortable and portable camping chair was created by the brand Trekology. It is an innovative startup company formed by a group of engineers passionate about the outdoors. The brand is fastidious about every detail of their products’ life cycle from concept to design, material selection, and distribution. 

About the item:

  • This camping chair is by far the lightest foldable chair weighing only 2 lbs and is made using breathable fabric.
  • It comes with breathable side mesh panels which allow increased airflow in difficult weather conditions. 
  • The YIZI GO chair is a sturdy gear for the outdoors. Made using high strength aluminum alloys these chairs are built to last an eternity. 
  • The frame provides sturdy support with a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. The fabric used is engineering grade 600D polyester with double reinforced V stitch which makes it all the more durable and machine washable. 
  • The single piece lightweight aluminum pole system with a hand guide connection makes it really easy for the chair to be set up. The unique design enables you to just pop it open.
  • The durable 600D storage bag attaches to the seat’s mainframe with the included pack tight straps which creates additional small-item storage beneath the seat.
  • The design of the chair is a ‘daisy chain style’ with multiple tie-downs and end handles. The chair’s versatile design allows you to attach the bag to the chair and to your backpack, motorcycle, etc. 

Whom is it ideal for?

  • This chair is perfect for hikers, campers, tailgaters and also for several events like BBQ, picnics, concerts, sporting events, the beach etc.
  • This exceptionally lightweight chair is definitely meant for those who do not want to carry excess weight on their excursions. It’s a light and easily storable camping chair which you can take with you just wherever you go. 

According to most reviews, this chair is highly recommended by users due to its great quality and the kind of comfort it offers. It is very easy to use and set up which is why it is so well liked among the customers. Its bulky weight was the only factor that seemed to be a concern for some users as it might get a little too much to carry it around for a long time. This chair received 75% positive reviews from its customers making it one of the best choices among the options available at this price.

9. ONIVA- A picnic time brand portable folding sports chair 

PRICE: $78.47- 98.95 USD

The Oniva brand encompasses active living and outdoor recreation. The line offers a wide array of outdoor gear such as chairs and stadium seats, food totes, coolers and travel cases and much more. The brand has been in the market for over 40 years and manufactures high-quality products.

About the item:

  • The Sports chair by Oniva is a fairly popular portable chair in the market. It comes with a lightweight portable folding design and sturdy aluminum frame with adjustable shoulder straps for easy transport to your destination.
  • The chair also comes with two sturdy webbing handles that come into view when the chair is folded. 
  • The extra wide seat is 19-1/2 inches and is made of durable 600D polyester with padding for extra comfort and padded armrests for optimal relaxation. 
  • On the side of the chair is an accessories panel that includes a variety of pockets to hold items such as a cellphone, sunglasses, magazines, or a scorekeepers’ pad.
  • It also includes an insulated bottled beverage pouch and a zippered security pocket to keep valuables out of sight. 
  • A convenient side table folds out and will hold up to ten pounds of weight, making it perfect for holding food or drinks.

Whom is it for?

  • The sports chair makes a perfect gift for those who enjoy spectator sports, RV-ing, camping, or days at the beach. 
  • This sturdy chair has the capacity to hold 300 lbs of weight making it suitable for almost everyone.

According to most reviews the customers who have been using these chairs for years have claimed that the quality is a catch because even after a long time of usage, this chair barely wears out. The customer service offered by this brand is a feature that stands out. The only possible feature of this chair that is unpopular is how high it is from the ground. The customers felt that the chair could have been lower for a more comfortable posture while sitting. This chair received 89% positive reviews by its customers who absolutely swear by its quality.

10. Marchway ultra light folding camping chair

PRICE: $32.99 USD

The brand Marchaway has been pleasing its customers for years with its sturdy and affordable outdoor gear. The brand definitely lives up to the expectations of its users offering great customer support and quality products. 

About the item:

  • This chair is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. It achieves the optimal balance between compactness and comfort.
  • It weighs a mere two pounds and has the capacity to hold up to 250 lbs of weight. 
  • The seating fabric is made of sturdy ripstop CORDURA nylon which is denser than Oxford and doesn’t get deformed after prolonged usage. It also keeps the stability of your sitting posture 
  • The aircraft grade anodized aluminum pole can be used in a variety of harsh environments for a long time without distortion, fading, and rusting. 
  • Four pole pockets at the back of the fabric are greatly reinforced to ensure no puncture in normal use. The frame poles come attached to each other with strong elastic at the joints so you won’t lose any segments 
  • The chair comes with a carry bag which makes it portable and easy to store. 
  • The assembly of this chair is also pretty simple. All you need to do is shake the black plastic joints and when all the poles fall into place the frame is set up. Put the mesh seat fabric onto the frame: first insert the upper two poles into the fabric pocket, then insert the lower two poles into the fabric pocket. It can be done within minutes and you’ll be ready with your chair.   

Whom is it ideal for?

  • If you are looking for light travel without the bulk, this chair is a nice addition to your camping gear.
  • It is an ideal choice for campers, hikers, backpackers, kayakers, tailgaters, concert goers, and adventurers. 
  • This chair sits low to the ground due to its portable design which is why it is suitable for people who do not have trouble getting up from a low position. 

According to most reviews, the popularity of this chair is due to its compact size and very light weight which is an absolutely essential feature when one is looking for a camping chair. The customers were extremely happy with the fact that this chair can be taken almost anywhere and is easy to stuff in a backpack. Although every feature of this chair makes it a great chair there were some customers who had issues with the inability of the chair to balance on rugged surfaces. This chair has received 75% positive reviews which is comparatively a great score. 


Following are a few frequently asked questions about camping chairs which will further aid your decision about the selection of your chair.

Is it safe to use a folding camping chair in rough weather conditions?

Whether your camping chair can be used in a rough weather condition totally depends on the structure and build of the chair. Some camping chairs are very light weight and as a result they aren’t very sturdy; not meant to offer heavy duty usage. You need to do a little research about the materials used to manufacture the chair and find out whether the chair is made using industry grade material. If the chair is made using heavy duty material, then surely it can be used in rough weather.

How do I keep my camping chair clean?

Camping chairs get dragged into all kinds of places and as a result they get really dirty. To keep your camping chair clean you must follow some tips. The material with which your camping chair is made plays a huge role in the washing method. If your folding chair is made out of metal completely then you can just scrub it with soap water and wash it off but if your chair has fabric then you need to dust off the gunk first with a brush and then you can spray soap water on it. Scrub the chair lightly with a soft sponge and wash it off with warm water. You do not want to hose down the chair as it might cause some damage. After washing the chair, leave it upside down in the sun to dry.

How do I safely store away my camping chairs when not in use?

Camping chairs are something which are mostly not used year-round. You need to store them away when you are ready to go back to work after your fun trip or a get together event. You must keep a few things in mind while storing away your valuable chairs because you don’t want them all rusty and mildewed after one season. The things you must remember are as follows:

  • Make sure you are storing them in large containers and not stuffing them together in small boxes. If you stuff them together tightly for a long time, they might become deformed.
  • Most of the camping chairs come with carry bags. It is highly advisable to store the chairs in their bags to prevent any damage to them.
  • The most important thing you need to do while storing away your chairs is storing them in a dry space. Do not store your chairs in your garage if it is musty. It might cause the fabric of your camping chair to become mildewed. 

After reading this article and through your own exhaustive research, we are sure you are now certain about the camping chair you want to get your hands on. The most important thing you must remember though is the purpose for which you’re buying the chair. Till the time you’re sure about that, your right chair will be waiting for you just around the corner. 

We would love to know your opinion about the chair you selected out of the ones mentioned. Please let us know in the comments. 

Happy Shopping!

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