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Relaxing Outdoor Hanging Chairs Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Hanging Chair Of 2022

Everyone’s idea of having a relaxing time has a different definition but picture this- you just finished doing all the chores around the house and sat down with a cup of hot coffee to calm your nerves. Imagine if you had the most beautiful piece of furniture that would allow you to sit on your patio and watch beautiful birds in the evening going back to their nests and the sun setting and preparing itself to light up the other side of the world. Isn’t it one of the most beautiful feelings? Isn’t it relaxing to think that you’d have your favorite coffee mug with you and you would be seeing all of this sitting on the most relaxing piece of furniture and admiring nature in its most beautiful form? Surely sounds like heaven doesn’t it? 

Sitting in a relaxing chair anywhere for that matter is a wonderful experience because it allows you to grab all the comfort around you and fill your entire body with it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s outside in a gazebo or inside in your well-lit hall. All that matters is that relaxing piece of furniture. What we are getting at, is an outdoor hanging chair. An outdoor hanging chair is that type of chair which is mounted to a ceiling or a support unit buy rope or any other support. This chair does not have any legs and is like a free-hanging swing.

Now, when you picture yourself chilling outside on your hanging chair, isn’t that wonderful? But investing in a hanging chair is something that should be a thoughtful process, after all, you are going to spend your hard-earned money on this furniture item so you want it to be perfect. You wouldn’t want to plop down onto the ground if the support system is bad, would you? You wouldn’t want the chair to feel uncomfortable, would you? 

The whole point of getting a hanging chair is having a relaxing evening. This article is going to provide as much information as is required to make the right decision of buying an outdoor hanging chair. When you read through this article you will be able to make an informed choice about what types of hanging chairs are available; the kinds of materials that are used, and the benefits that you can derive from using a hanging chair. 

A hanging chair is also called an ‘egg chair’ which has a huge history. It actually came from the Mayan hammocks. It is believed that Mayans liked to suspend their beds from the floor and that is how they created a hammock. Hammocks are still popular all across America but the design kept evolving and modern decor transformed a hammock into an egg chair or hanging chair The hanging chair that you see today first appeared in the market in 1957 when are Nanna Ditzel designed furniture and created the hanging egg chair There are several different versions of hanging chairs available now which can be hung up indoors as well as outdoors.

Let’s have a look at the different types of hanging chairs that are available right now:

  •  Macrame chair- Macrame hanging chairs are extremely popular right now and these look very chic. These chairs are very comfortable and look trendy. They can be set up either indoors or outdoors. The load capacity is not too much in these chairs but they sure do look very pretty.
  • Egg chair with stand- These chairs come with an independent stand from which they are suspended. The best thing about these chairs is that you can place them absolutely anywhere. They are super comfy yet modern-looking and sophisticated.
  • Woven Wicker Rattan egg chair- This variety of hanging chairs comes in a number of designs that will surely woo you. From the Classic Rattan chair to the Ultra-modern Wicker swing chair this pattern has it all.  It’s a timeless design that is preferred by most customers who are looking for something modern yet traditional. 
  • Teardrop style hanging chair- The teardrop style hanging chair has the perfect design to give you the best seat outdoors. It can either be suspended from a ceiling or it can be customized to come with a stand that can be placed anywhere and will allow you to make the chair portable. 
  • Hammock hanging chair- This chair is pretty much a hammock that is constructed to look like a chair.  it provides the comfort of a classic hammock except you can’t lie down on it.  This type of hanging chair is perfect to be hung up in children’s rooms. 
  • Netted tree swing chair-  A tree swing chair is the most basic form of a hanging chair which is netted usually using heavy-duty ropes and they are designed to be hung on tree branches. If you are a nature lover, you should certainly get this type of hanging chair. It will allow you to relax amidst nature. 

The different types of hanging chairs provide similar comfort but it’s really important that you choose the right material for a hanging chair that lasts for a long time and satisfies your need for relaxation and comfort outdoors.

Let’s have a look at the different types of materials that are used to make hanging chairs:

  • Fabric-  A fabric hanging chair is an affordable option for an egg chair. It is pretty easy to install and is very comfortable to sit on. Depending on the type of fabric used, these outdoor chairs come in a wide range of prices. Buy a fabric outdoor hanging chair if you are looking for something that is comfortable, looks beautiful, and is not overly expensive. The design options are limitless as you can choose either printed fabric or a color block option. Fabric hanging chairs are very popular, especially for children.
  • Rope-  A rope hanging chair is a classic piece of furniture that can be found in homes that like to give off a rustic vibe. These chairs are pretty sturdy and neutral in design. If you have a minimalist taste with a thing for old-world charm items, a rope hanging chair is your type of hanging chair. The design and the color of this chair are such that it goes with almost any type of home decor whether it is edgy and modern or homely and rustic.
  • Plastic-  Plastic hanging chair or hanging bubble chair is the newest form of hanging chair and is a futuristic design of the regular hanging chair.  The hanging bubble chair looks like a cut-up Globe inside which you can lounge for hours. The chair comes with a stand which makes it portable and it looks like a huge globe where you can chill.  It is pretty strongly built and has a good load-bearing capacity.

Hanging chairs not only provide you with the utmost comfort outdoors and are a perfect piece of patio furniture but they also lend your house a very relaxing ambiance. Buying a hanging chair will be a great addition to your home and through the information in this article, you will be able to make the best choice.

Following is a list of the best hanging chairs available in the market right now this list contains all the features of these chairs and detailed feedback and reviews from the customers who have been using them for a long time. Read thoroughly and choose the best from the best:

 1. Modway Store- Hanging chair 

Price : $310.59

About the product:

  • This beautiful outdoor hanging chair or swing is made using rattan and alloy steel
  • It has a wooden texture and ergonomic curved design which gives it a teardrop shape. The shape of the chair will give you a relaxing seat
  • This outdoor swing chair can be installed using the Hanging chain That comes with the package.  It is 70 inches long and is made of steel
  • The chair can be installed  either indoors or outdoors
  • The sturdy rattan and alloy steel frame will last for many seasons even if you install the chair outdoors
  • The chair also comes with a  cushion that has a machine washable cover and is water-resistant

Good bits:

  • Beautiful looking
  • Well-made

Bad bits:

  • Cushion cover not easily removable
  • The quality of the question is not up to the mark

Detailed review:

This beautiful chair was loved by most customers as it’s a great piece of furniture that is easy to assemble. The chair is super comfortable and looks stylish. Customers said that it would be better if this chair came with a stand The chain that comes with the chair is coated with the same color as the chair and makes it look even prettier.

The cushion on the other hand is not of the same quality as is the chair itself. In the description, it says that the cushion cover is washable but it is impossible to take the cover out as there is tufting in it. Also, the fabric of the cushion cover is not very good in quality and gets torn off easily after a few months of usage.

Overall customers highly recommend this hanging chair as it is the perfect hanging outdoor chair to chill in. The chair looks beautiful indoors as well as outdoors. It seems to hold up weight limit comfortably and is made using good quality material.  The quality of the cushion could be improved but that’s not a massive drawback as the chair itself is one of the best.

2. GREENSTELL Store- Hanging chair 

Price : $195.79 ~ $299.99

About the product:

  • This egg hanging chair is made using rattan PE material and a steel frame that is corrosion-resistant.
  • The design of the chair is extremely trendy and stylish. It is the perfect egg shape and has been tested to fit the curve of the human body.
  • The chair comes with stainless steel pad screw, spring snap hooks, expansion screws, and regular screws. You can either suspend it from the ceiling or you can install it with the swing stand.  Please note that the swing stand has to be ordered separately.
  • This chair is the perfect addition to your backyard furniture. You can either place it on your deck, Sunroom, garden, near the pool and enjoy a relaxing time
  • This sturdy chair has the capacity of bearing a load of  300 lbs easily and is fit for everyone 

Good bits:

  • Many options to install
  • Strong load-bearing capacity

Bad bits:

  • Difficult installation process 
  • No warranty

Detailed review:

Most customers said that this swinging chair is a great chair to have. You might require two people to install it.  Customers also said that it’s the perfect egg chair for anybody. You can hang up inside your room or on your patio and have the time of your life. Most customers felt that the installation might require a professional but some also said that they could install this chair by themselves in a jiffy.

Some buyers were unhappy with the construction quality of this product. It is certainly a comfortable chair but the quality could have been better. They felt that the weld on the top cracks easily.

Despite some negative reviews, this chair is highly recommended by most customers as it is pretty sturdy and does not have any missing pieces. It can be installed anywhere in your home too. Customers said that this is an awesome chair and that they instantly fell in love with it.  They also praised the customer service offered by this brand as their issues were resolved instantly.  Buy this hanging chair today and get it at an affordable price. The chair comes in different color options for the rattan material as well as the cushion.

3. Giantex Store- Hanging chair 

Price : $409.99 ~ $419.99

About the product:

  • This hanging chair has a more round shape as compared to the other hanging chairs on this list and this makes it a unique hanging chair
  • The construction of this chair is done using heavy-duty steel and polyester.  The metal is corrosion-resistant and there are non-slip pads at the bottom of the stand to make it stay in place
  • The chair comes with a hanging chain and a security strap with which you can buckle the chair to the frame and keep it away from danger
  • It also comes with a cushion that makes the chair comfortable to sit in. The cushion has a zipper cover that is easy to remove and wash.
  • Install this chair anywhere in your home as the design is convenient enough to do that.

Good bits:

  • Non-slip pads on the stand
  • Security strap

Bad bits:

  • Not very comfortable
  • Makes a squeaking noise

Detailed review:

Customers had many good things to say about this chair. The first thing was that this chair is a great investment.  It will add a ton of style and comfort to your home instantly.  The cushion is extremely plush and thick and the cover is of great quality.  The chair is big enough and super spacious so you won’t feel crammed inside.  The security strap feature was also something the customers really liked.

Most customers had only good things to say about this chair however some felt that it was not very comfortable and made some squeaking noise while shaking.

Overall customers recommend buying this chair as it looks trendy,  is compact enough for small spaces, and has a sturdy and lasting construction.  The load-bearing capacity is also pretty good as it can easily hold the weight of 380 pounds. With a weatherproof cover, you can install this chair outdoors too.  Some customers faced some problems with the installation process and had to get professional help to install this chair however if you have some experience of putting furniture together then you should be able to put this chair together pretty easily.

4. Sunnydaze Store- Hanging chair 

Price : $35.58 ~ $97.20

About the product:

  • This hammock-style hanging chair is available in 4 vibrant color options and has a weight-bearing capacity of 300 pounds
  • The chair is made using tightly woven soft polyester cloth which gives you relaxation and comfort while sitting on the chair
  • The chair is an outdoor hammock that can be hung pretty much anywhere
  • It is extremely lightweight and therefore can be carried along with you when you travel. It has a wood spreader bar that makes it easy to hang.
  • The hammock itself is extremely pretty the 10 inch long  tassels hanging on either side of the chair add to its beauty
  • You can also install this hammock chair on a chair stand and use it anywhere 

Good bits:

  • Comfortable fabric
  • Lightweight and portable

Bad bits:

  • The spreader bar doesn’t work very well 
  • Flawed design

Detailed review:

This extremely affordable hammock chair was loved by the customers since it is big enough for even the tallest people.  Customers who have been using hammocks for a long time said that this is the most comfortable hammock chair they have ever owned. It is very easy to install this hammock chair and is pretty sturdy too. 

Some customers felt that the design of this hammock chair is flawed as the wooden spreader bar is too shallow to hold the loops safely. Due to the design flaw, some customers don’t recommend buying this hammock chair, especially for children.

If we look at the majority of the reviews they are on the positive side. Most customers felt that this is a roomy hammock chair that comes in pretty colors.  The fabric is extremely soft and is strongly woven. It’s a great hammock chair that is comfortable enough to nicely stretch in.  It will make a great birthday gift for anyone. To have the most relaxing time, install this hammock chair in your home and gift it to your friends and family too.

5. Iwicker Store- Hanging chair 

Price : $399.99 ~ $429.00

About the product:

  • This outdoor hanging chair is made using top quality resin polyethylene wicker and a strong steel frame
  • The design of this chair will support your entire body and will help you relax outdoors
  • The stand of this chair is also constructed using sturdy steel and is powder-coated to last for a long time
  • The chair comes with a seat cushion and headrest pillow which are made of polyester to give you a comfortable seat
  • The design of this chair is perfect to be placed indoors or outdoors and the chair is sturdy enough to hold 250 pounds of weight comfortably.
  • It comes in different color options for the cushion but the chair itself is a beautiful beige color 

Good bits:

  • Comfortable cushion and headrest pillow
  • Powder-coated steel frame

Bad bits:

  • Not very sturdy
  •  Wobbly base

Detailed review:

Many customers said that this chair is their absolute favorite piece of furniture. It is extremely comfortable and the cushion is perfectly sized. It is easy to assemble. The instructions given to install the chair are pretty easy to follow but it might require two people to fully install this chair. It is spacious enough to hold two people comfortably. The beige color of the chair goes with any color scheme indoors as well as outdoors.  It also sits well with any type of home decor.  

The base of this chair is not pretty steady and might be unsafe for children to use. Customers felt that it is pretty to look at but could use better quality materials.

Customers recommend this chair as it is very comfortable to sit on and the pillows are plush and comfy.  Customers said that they really love the chair as you can easily curl up inside it and read or watch TV.  Since the chair is spacious you can add a bunch of pillows to make an even cozier spot.  The assembly might be a challenge for some people but according to most customers it can be done without professional help. 

6. Luckyberry Store- Hanging chair 

Price : $389.99

About the product:

  • This teardrop-shaped outdoor hanging chair is made using polyethylene and stainless steel.
  •  The stand has a unique design which lends it the ability to hold the chair in place steadily.
  •  The seat cushions that come with the chair are waterproof and UV resistant and can be washed easily
  • The size of this chair makes it perfect for two people to sit in comfortably
  • The cushions are thickly padded and the stand has nonslip pads and a safety buckle
  • The chair is pretty strong and can hold weight up to 330 lbs.  the curved top design of this chair makes it a very spacious chair even for tall people 

Good bits:

  • Spacious design
  • Sturdy Steel frame

Bad bits:

  • Screws don’t line up properly
  • Not woven perfectly

Detailed review:

Many customers gave this excellent chair a 5 Star review as the quality is amazing. The package includes all the tools you need to install this chair and clear instructions on how to put it together. The cushion and the pillows that come with the chair are also ideal.  Customers said that they absolutely love the chair and would buy it again if need be.

Some customers felt that the design of this chair was pretty shoddy but the quality is very good.  Some users received the package with different weaving design on either side of the chair which wasn’t something they were looking for, however, the customer service was quick to respond and resolve all the issues that the customers had.

Customers highly recommend getting this egg-shaped chair as it is perfect to be installed in any type of home. Whether you have a small apartment or a huge bungalow, this chair will be a great addition to a large space as well as a compact one. It will add a lot of style and will give you a cozy spot to curl up and chill in. 

7. Outsunny Hanging chair 

Price : $132.99 ~ $139.99

About the product:

  • This unique outdoor furniture is a canopy swing. It is an outdoor chair that will give you are a comfortable spot to relax underneath its shade
  • It’s a spacious hanging chair that has plenty of room to comfortably seat 3 people
  • This outdoor hanging chair for three is made using polyester fabric and strong alloy steel
  • The fabric is weather-resistant and protects you from harmful sun rays while giving you a comfortable spot to relax even during summers.
  • It’s an adjustable hanging chair and the angle of the canopy can be adjusted according to your preference
  • It comes with cushions, a backrest, and non-slip pads to protect your floor from getting  damaged

Good bits:

  • Extremely spacious
  • Comfortable backrest

Bad bits:

  • Difficult assembly 
  • Looks cheaply made

Detailed review: 

Customers were divided in their opinion about this spacious outdoor swing chair.  Most of them felt that it is not as comfortable as they had hoped. It needs better cushioning but is still a great product. Some customers felt that it looked cheaply made and does not look very sturdy.

It is a little difficult to put this outdoor hanging chair together as the rods it comes with get bent during shipping. 

Apart from some negative reviews about inadequate padding, this outdoor hanging chair received many good responses from customers.  They said that they love this chair, especially for the canopy it comes with. For the price, it is a good deal, however, you’d want to place some extra cushions on the seat of this chair as the padding it comes with is not thick and the bar on the seat might make it uncomfortable for you to sit on it for long hours. The price at which this chair is offered is great but a few improvements in the overall design will make it the perfect outdoor hanging chair

8. UNIPRIDE Store- Hanging chair 

Price : $59.99 ~ $69.99

About the product:

  • This versatile outdoor hanging chair is a hammock that gives you a peaceful space to relax. 
  • It is made using 40% cotton and 60% polyester fabric and can be used indoors as well as outdoors
  • The chair comes with all the hardware that you would need to install it. It can be suspended from concrete or wooden ceilings or even over a beam.
  • This hanging chair is perfectly sized and comes with two pillows to make your experience even more comfortable
  • Its unique design will support your whole body and will allow you to lay back comfortably for hours. 
  •  it is a super strong hammock that can bear a load of up to 500 pounds and comes with an anti-slip metal bar.

Good bits:

  • Very spacious
  • Provides a lot of support

Bad bits:

  • Weak ‘S’ hook
  • Thin fabric

Detailed review:

Customers really loved this chair. It is super comfy and the material is extremely soft.  Buyers said that it is also perfect for very tall people as it is spacious and accommodating.  Customers said that they love the product as there were no musty or chemical smells coming from it, unlike all the other hammock chairs. 

The assembly of this hanging chair is pretty straightforward. All you will need is a drill and a socket wrench to install it. It is very lightweight and can be carried along with you when you go camping. 

According to most customers, this chair is perfect to be bought by everyone. The affordable price makes it a great deal and so does the strong fabric. It is safe to be used by children as well as pets and its strong build allows even heavyweight people to comfortably chill in this chair. Customers highly recommend this hammock hanging chair if you are looking for relaxed seating outdoors. Some customers said that the ‘S’ hook that comes with the chair could have been stronger.  You can add a few pillows to make this chair give you some lumbar support.

9. BACKYARD EXPRESSIONS Store- Hanging chair 

Price : $32.99

About the product:

  • This unique hanging chair comes with an added feature of armrests
  • It comes in a number of color and pattern options that do not fade.
  • It’s a perfect chair to sit and read in. The fabric is soft and the armrests are an added benefit.
  • The hammock chair has the capacity of bearing 275 lbs of weight and the chair itself weighs very little.  It is portable and can be carried along with you when you travel.
  • This hammock hanging chair can be set up anywhere as it takes only a few minutes to install it.
  • Install this hammock hanging chair in your backyard with the stand or suspend it from the ceiling in your kids’ room
  • It comes with a hand-stuffed pillow to give you added comfort.

Good bits:

  • Comfy pillow
  • Armrests

Bad bits:

  • Fabric fades
  • Doesn’t hold up for long 

Detailed review:

According to most customers, this is a great quality vibrant colored outdoor hanging chair that is easy to put up.  Customers felt that it looks very beautiful but the quality might not be so good. The design and the patterns on the fabric are alluring but the fabric itself is not as cozy as promised.  The cushion is very scantily stuffed and rips off after a few uses. 

Customers do not recommend putting up this hammock hanging chair outdoor as the ropes might get nibbled by squirrels and cause it to fall apart. If you are looking for a beautiful hanging chair that could last for some time then you should certainly choose this one.

Buying a stand to install this hammock chair would be a better option than suspending it from the ceiling as most customers who used this chair with a stand were happier with it than the ones who suspended from the ceiling. The armrest design of this chair was certainly a huge hit as the wood used is of good quality. Some customers complained that the chair falls apart if it is kept in the sun and starts fading too. This chair might not be ideal for older people as the seating is confined and the chair itself is hard to get out of. 

10. Homchwell Store- Hanging chair 

Price : $33.99 ~ $48.99

About the product:

  • This is a hammock hanging chair that comes with two pillows,  a carrying bag, a hardware kit, a ceiling bracket,  an ‘S’ hook,  2 spring clips,  4 expansion bolts,  for screws, and a 60-inch iron chain. 
  • This hammock hanging chair has a tassel design which gives it a beautiful appearance.
  • It’s a spacious and large hanging chair in which you can not only comfortably sit but also recline fully.
  • The ropes used in this chair are handcrafted durable polyester ropes and the fabric is canvas.  It is strong yet comfortable.
  • The chair has a capacity to hold 330 pounds comfortably and can be suspended from sealing indoors or trees outdoors. It’s going to make a great piece of furniture

Good bits:

  • Beautiful appearance
  • Large size

Bad bits:

  • Didn’t include installation hardware
  • No structural stability

Detailed review:

Most customers enjoyed this hammock chair as it looks absolutely lovely. It is the most perfect item to have in your daughter’s room. Customers were happy with the quality of this product and the easy installation process. This hammock hanging chair is better used as an indoor chair as the color is light and it might get dirty very quickly if it is installed outdoors.

Some customers were disappointed by the quality and the structure. The design of this chair does not give you a comfortable spot to sit in unlike promised and the wooden bar is wider than shown in the pictures.

Most customers felt that this hammock chair swing is fantastic, sturdy, and comfortable. Once you put this chair together you will be glad to have purchased it as it looks very beautiful once it’s all set up. Customers said that they would buy this hammock hanging chair again as it is perfect to cuddle up in. The only drawback is the broad wooden bar which makes the chair difficult to sit in and the shape of the chair. If you prop up the pillows correctly in this hammock hanging chair, only then will you be able to sit comfortably otherwise it might become too uncomfortable for your back. 


1. How to put up my hanging chair?

To enjoy a hanging chair you need to install it the correct way. Follow these easy steps that will guide you through a pain-free installation process and  will help you enjoy the chair to the fullest:

  • Ensure that the rope you are choosing is at least three fourth inches thick
  • Make sure the ropes that you have selected are long enough for your chair to hang at least three to four feet off the ground. Adjust the length of the rope and cut off excess later.
  • Choose the right spot to hang the hanging chair
  • Drill a pilot hole and install the eye screw into the pilot hole carefully 
  • Attach an S hook to the eye screw
  • Attach one end of the rope to the chair and the other end to the ‘S’ hook

With these easy steps, you can install any hanging chair that does not come with a stand. 

To install a stand hanging chair all you need to do is hook up the egg chair part to the ‘S’ hook on the stand. Put in some nice seat questions and enjoy your hanging chair indoors or outdoors.

2. What are the ideal places to install a hanging chair?

A hanging chair is good to be hung up almost anywhere in your house but choosing the right spot will allow you to enjoy one relaxing evening after another daily. Following are some ideas about places where you can have your hanging chair:

  • Poolside– Enjoy the relaxation of vacation at home by putting up your hanging chair with a stand next to your pool. You can also monitor your children while relaxing and reading your favorite book
  • Porch– This is the most commonly used area for patio furniture for hanging chairs. If you have a covered porch, you can suspend a hanging chair from the ceiling. If it’s an open porch you can go for a hanging chair that comes with a stand and place it on your porch.
  • Fire escape- Installing your hanging chair in the fire escape can be another beautiful experience.  You can put up your hanging chair with a stand in the fire escape and watch the hustle-bustle of the city from up above. 

3. Is a hanging chair better than a hammock?

A hanging chair and a hammock have considerable amount of differences between each other and they cannot be compared.  To say that one is better than the other would be unfair as both of these items provide a different level of comfort and fulfill different types of needs.

If you install a chair hammock you will be able to relax in it but since it does not have any proper structure you will not be able to sit in a good posture. These are good for lying down but not sitting propped up.

A hanging chair, on the other hand, has more structure and gives you the proper posture to sit. You should get a hanging chair if you are planning to sit in good posture and get some reading done or anything else for that matter a hammock is great for sleeping but not for sitting. 

Bringing a hanging chair in your home will bring a lot of beauty and comfort to it as well. It is the perfect combination of design and comfort.  A hanging chair outside your home will be the perfect accessory to your already beautiful porch.  It will be the cherry on the cake when you place it in your home that you have designed so thoughtfully.

Buy any of the hanging chairs from our list above and we assure you that you will not regret it. These chairs have been selected after thorough research and analysis. Buy the one that fits your budget and your needs and we are sure you will have tons of relaxing evenings with your friends and family and will be happy that you decided to put up a hanging chair in your home. Let us know in the comments which chair you chose to chill in.

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