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Mobile Case | 10 Top Shield for Phone in 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Best Shield For Phone In 2021

Imagine you were innocently taking pictures of your cute pet and your precious phone slipped out of your hands, fell on the hardwood floor and the screen shattered! Does this sound familiar? There have been countless instances where people thought they had their phones safe in the tight grip of their clammy hands but they accidentally dropped them in unfortunate places and had to bear the cost of getting the phone fixed just because they were careless. Would you want to pay a few dollars for a cute-looking mobile case that will protect your phone and make it look ten times better or would you prefer to pay hundreds of dollars to get your phone back in working condition because you broke it yet again?

The answer is obvious. Nobody would want the money they earn with such a lot of effort to go into careless expenses, right? So be responsible and make the right decision to cover up your phone in a nice and protective mobile phone case. If you need any more convincing, read these amazing benefits you will be able to enjoy once you decide to case up your phone:

  • Max level protection– Cover up your phone with a padded protective case and forget about worrying completely. With a protective phone case even if you drop your phone it will be safe.
  • Beautiful artwork in your hands– Mobile cases are designed with a great aesthetic appeal so if you decide to cover your phone you can choose from hundreds of designer phone covers that are nothing less than literal artwork. 
  • Personalize it– Did you know that you can actually get a phone case personalized? There are several websites that will take your picture and put it on a phone cover! How cool is that? While covering your phone you can personalize it with your picture or name.
  • Many functions– A mobile case does the job of protecting your phone, that’s true, but it doesn’t do just that. A mobile cover can be designed like a wallet, a mirror or even a self-defense object!
  • Many looks– If you get bored of your phone you can certainly not keep changing it every other month because it costs too much. What doesn’t cost too much and can be changed every other month for a new look? That’s right. A mobile case. Get several cases for your phone to suit the occasion or your mood without spending a whole lot of money. 

The many functions of a mobile cover make a strong case for it and by now you’re probably too eager to get the best one for your phone. Don’t rush! Choose your mobile case carefully because it will be holding your most favorite thing in the world. You’d be surprised to find out how many types of mobile phone cases are available for your phone. These cases are so versatile that they sometimes double as wallets and mirrors too! Several types of phone cases cater to different types of needs, there is a huge variety but let’s find out a little bit about the most popular ones:

  • Transparent silicone gel case- The most basic type of cover yet very popular. If you think your phone is too pretty to be hidden behind an opaque phone cover, get this one as it will protect your phone but will also have its looks on the display for everyone to ogle. 
  • Plastic hardback cover- This is a basic level phone cover that is made of hard plastic. It focuses on covering up the back of your phone and not the screen. It protects your phone against dust and minor falls. The drawback of these covers is the prolonged usage causes the paint of your phone to chip in the corners which are fixed to the case. 
  • Hybrid back cover- This is a heavy-duty back cover for your phone made with industry-grade materials. It does a pretty good job of protecting your phone but only from the back. It does not protect the screen which is a huge demerit. 
  • Rubberized back cover– This is the cheapest variety of phone case which comes in as many designs as there can be. It is made using soft rubber which protects the phone against any impacts but again does not protect the screen. 
  • Flip case- It is a versatile cover that kind of looks like a tiny book or a wallet. It opens up like a book and keeps your phone safe inside it while offering some pocket space to keep your credit cards or some cash.
  • Pouch case- This is yet another type of phone case which has more functions than just protecting your phone. It’s made of many types of materials like fabric, leather, PU, etc. The closure is usually a magnetic button which isn’t very functional and can be impractical because whenever you want to use your phone you will have to pull it out completely from this case.
  • Metal back cover- These covers are specifically made of metal to give a shiny look. They protect the phone from the back but again, not the screen. They look great but do an average job of protecting your phones.

There are many more types of phone cases but the ones listed above are the ones that are the most popular. Having gained such amazing information about the types of phone cases and the ways in which they protect your phones, you sure are excited to get one for yourself by now. So, here’s a list of the best of the best mobile cases for your phones, get going and choose the one for your phone:

1. Spigen Liquid Air Armour phone case

Price: $12.99 ~ $19.99


  • This flexible and protective cover is made of TPU material for absorbing shocks and perfect fitting. It is an amazing shield for your phones. 
  • This case is compatible only with Apple iPhone 11.
  • It is slim and lightweight and will not beef up your phone like the other covers. 
  • The design of this case is amazing as it can be used even while you charge your phone wirelessly. 
  • The edges of this cover are raised so that the screen of your phone is protected if it falls unexpectedly. The edges are also raised along the camera for protection against scratches. 

Our opinion:

This is a pretty good case and a great value. It feels pretty good and grippy in your hands. It’s not sticky but has a soft texture. The edges of this case are slightly ridged which is perfect as it protects the screen. The back texture is just enough to break any slipperiness without feeling very rough. The listing photos make it look like the back texture is more prominent but it is pretty subtle. 

This case is actually a little thicker and heavier than the pictures make it look but it isn’t a problem as it keeps your phone secure and prevents it from falling. There is a ridge around the camera cut out too which protects the camera from dust and scratches when the phone is kept on its back. This case is less slippery than the regular plastic ones and it doesn’t attract fingerprints. 

It is one of Spigen’s best cases. It’s very durable, super comfy, and provides a good level of protection in a sleek design. The firm plastic that the case is made of makes it fit on the phone tightly. This is a pretty decent phone cover for protecting your expensive iPhone in case you drop it. The matte finish makes it look classy. It’s amazing how flexible it is, very easy to put on and take off. The buttons all work great as the case doesn’t block anything you’d need access to.

2. Otterbox Commuters Series Mobile Case

Price: $7.35 ~ $11.23


  • This heavy-duty phone cover has a soft internal slipcover and a hard external shell which will not only protect your phone but will also not give it any permanent marks on the inside. 
  • The outer shell is anti-microbial which means it will protect the case against common bacteria. 
  • With one quick pop, you can put it on your phone and get it off just as quickly and easily. It is compatible with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro
  • The slim and smooth design makes it easy for you to slide it in and out of your pockets easily. 
  • The outer hard layer protects your phone from falls and makes your phone look super cool. 

Our opinion:

If you want a lot of protection for your very expensive iPhone but do not want to add too much bulk, then this is the mobile case of your dreams. Other single-layer cases are just very flimsy and they break easily. They barely protect your phone, especially the screen. 

The OtterBox Commuter is a two-piece case – and the pieces are supposed to be separate. The rubber piece goes on first followed by a hard plastic shell to provide extra protection. This kind of two-layer system is the best way to protect your phone from falls. If you drop your phone a fair amount, get this case today!

It is a little bulkier than other similar cases but well worth it if you’re clumsy. If you’re someone who’s on the phone all the time and worry that your case might look worn out soon, don’t worry about that with this mobile case. The case looks and feels as if it is brand new for a long time. Your pricey phone is surely safe with this sturdy and well-built mobile case. 

3. Speck Candyshell grip iPhone case

Price: $10.79 ~ $23.38


  • This rubberized cover is an amazing armor for your phone. It is made of soft shock-absorbent rubber on the inside and a hard shell on the outside. 
  • It shields volume and power buttons without blocking or obstructing the usage. 
  • The raised rubber ridges on the back of the cover allow a great grip on the phone avoiding any accidental dropping. It is perfect for mobile phone gamers. 
  • The cover is lab tested for protection and it is safe to say that you can be relaxed around your phone and not worry about dropping it every other minute. It is compatible with iPhone 8, 7, 6S and 6
  • The raised bezel on the cover protects your screen and the hard outer shell protects the back of your phone. 

Our opinion:

It is a durable and fantastic cover with rubber stripes that provide a no-slip grip. If you keep dropping your phone then this case is your savior. It is a military-grade drop-tested onto hard surfaces which ensures that your phone will be safe from any damage. There is a plush and soft rubbery interior that both absorbs extra shock and makes for a non-scratch layer for your iPhone. 

The raised bezel of the case is an amazing and thoughtful feature. Phone screens are notoriously breakable therefore the raised bezel is very important; it protects the screen from impact and adds grip so your phone can lie face down on tables or dashboards without sliding off. The front screen lip keeps the screen from cracking when dropped face down. If you have a tendency to drop your phone constantly, this phone case will save your bucks by protecting your phone. 

It is recommended to pair this product with a tempered glass or plastic screen cover to increase durability, since this product doesn’t have anything to directly cover the front of your screen.

4. URBAN ARMOR iPhone Case

Price: $10.00 ~ $61.70


  • This is truly a protective case for your phone is made with premium materials and durable 5-layer construction. 
  • It is very lightweight with top grain leather and metal hardware.
  • It has a soft impact-resistant core & honeycomb traction grip which will avoid slipping. 
  • The buttons in this case are tactile buttons that allow crisp and clean click-feel for improved functionality.
  • It is military drop tested and is compatible with iPhone XS 6.5 inches. 
  • Along with being a protective case, this is also a very edgy-looking cover that will fetch you lots of compliments. 

Our opinion:

This case is impressive and completely fits the iPhone XS perfectly. It provides full protection and does not add any bulk to your phone. You can carry the phone in your pocket and never worry about it falling out. It slides smoothly in and out. The grip is extremely sturdy and comfortable. The buttons are very flexible and there is easy access to the charging port and speakers. 

Even if you use this case for a long time, there won’t be a single scratch on it. It is recommended to have a screen protector tempered screen as the case does not cover it. This is a very stylish-looking phone case that is strong and protective. It looks wonderful and doesn’t make your phone feel like a big brick in your hand. It is an absolutely rugged case that is very well built. 

It looks beautiful in red and black, has solid grippy sides, and can fit your phone even with a skin on. This case is a bit on the expensive side, but when smartphones are costing more and more, it is worth a little more to protect them. The sound quality was not affected at all by the case. The back is secure and makes it easy to grab the phone. The case allows wireless charging which is another awesome feature. It fits great and you can put it on without any struggle. 

5. Ringke Fusion Translucent Mobile Case

Price : $11.99 ~ $18.99


  • This robust hard-back mobile case is shock absorbent and provides an amazing grip.
  • The case is translucent but is available in a few print options and frosted and glossy finishes.
  • The edges of this thoughtfully designed cover are raised so that it protects your screen against impacts.
  • One amazing feature of this phone that makes it stand apart from all others is the ability to be attached to hand or neck-straps. Please note that the straps are sold separately. The cover is designed to accommodate them.
  • It is compatible with iPhone 13pro Max and has precise cutouts for this model only.

Our opinion:

This clear case has a minimalist design and will display the beauty of your iPhone in all its glory. The case does get yellow but very slightly and after a long time of usage. It is as clear as can be. The other finishes look pretty too. The frosted finish looks elegant and protects your phone while displaying the aesthetics of your phone in a subtle fashion.

The case is pretty sturdy and would hold up if it falls from a significant height. It is simple but well-designed. The silicone material gives it a good grip and feel. It is inexpensive but long-lasting. Its thin structure might fool you into thinking it is flimsy but it is the opposite of it. The slim profile only makes your phone look as naked as possible. It protects your phone despite being very thin and snuggly fit.

This case also protects the camera as the edges of the camera cut out are raised to avoid the lens from getting scratched. The minimalist design of this case doesn’t attract much attention to itself while fully showcasing the phone’s aesthetics. The matte finish is very popular and doesn’t collect fingerprints.

6. Poetic Spartan Mobile Case

Price: $12.95


  • This smashingly sturdy case by Poetic is the ultimate mobile case you need to protect your phones. It is made using the strongest materials like leather, polycarbonate, and thermoplastic polyurethane.
  • It is a military-grade drop-tested phone which is compatible with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. 
  • It comes with an extra hard frame bumper. The sides are raised and the corners are padded for super protection of your phone from all sides. 
  • This is a heavy-duty thick case which is why it is not compatible with MagSafe wireless chargers; however, it does work with almost all other wireless chargers. 

Our opinion:

This case is so well built that no matter how many times you drop your phone with it, it will still look brand new. It is efficient and robust. There is a stand on the back of the case which is a huge bonus if you like watching movies on your phone. It also has the option of choosing the screen protector on it. It is recommended to use one. 

The case definitely does its job amazingly well. The strong dependable glass on the phone case will never disappoint you because it is sturdy too. The case itself is easy to get on the phone and much cheaper than the expensive brands.

The stand works very well. There are small rubber bumps on the back of the case so it doesn’t slide around. Though it is thick, it doesn’t add too much bulk. The screen protector is thin and easy to type or swipe on. The case is very easy to clean. The tabs that cover the charging port and mute button require a tool to open but they are super secure when closed. The volume buttons work easily with the case installed. The mute button is difficult to access as it is deeply recessed in the case and you might need a tool to use it. 

7. Incipio Hard-shell Mobile Case

Price: $13.68 ~ $17.99


  • This hard-shell mobile case is made of polycarbonate which is completely waterproof and scratch-resistant. The frame is made of plextonium and the inner soft material is made of silicone. 
  • It comprises two layers of protection that keep your phones safe from accidental falls. 
  • The interior of this case is soft and shock absorbent which avoids your phone from getting any scratches. 
  • It is available in black colour and is compatible with iPhone 8, 7, 6, and 6S.

Our opinion:

This convenient and classy-looking mobile case is smooth enough to slide into the back pockets of your pants, but not too slippery that it’s hard to keep a hold of. It is slim and doesn’t create a huge bulge in the back of your pants. This is a two-piece case- there’s a gel shell that goes on the phone first and then the hard case fits right over the gel shell. 

The design of this case is classy plain black and the button covers match up to the phone buttons as well as the camera lens which fits perfectly in the protective cover. The little edge above the surface of the screen keeps it very safe. The rounded contours complement the lines of the phone. The material adds just enough grip. The raised edges also minimize the chance of the screen shattering. This case will fit your phone like a glove. 

It is ideal for people who stick their phones in their back pockets. The material is great for maintaining the grip while using the phone. It does not seem to display any wear even after months of use. If you’re a minimalist, this case is for you. It is a very solid case, and if you are looking for something protective and simple, this is definitely a case to consider.

8. Tech21 Evo Check Mobile Case

Price: $4.04 ~ $39.99


  • This is an antimicrobial protective phone case that reduces microbes to a great extent. 
  • The protective antimicrobial formula works quickly and efficiently. Now you won’t have to carry around a bunch of germs with you on your phone.
  • The design of this case is unique as it has a rib structure built into each case. It absorbs any impacts and makes it lightweight. 
  • Each case is tested thoroughly to ensure it does the job perfectly. It is compatible with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • The case comes with a set of two additional sets of colourful buttons which you can mix and match. 

Our opinion:

It is a very sturdy and good-looking case which is totally worth a little extra money. It isn’t slippery and looks sleek without sacrificing the protection of your phone. The mobile case feels great in your hand and is very comfy to hold while your phone is in it. It’s soft and easy to handle but not too gummy. 

The case is very slim yet offers great grip control. The buttons are also easy to press and the mute switch is accessible easily. It doesn’t slide all over the place if you set it on a smooth surface for a while. It has a gel that hardens during impact on the sides. The case has edges that extend above the screen so it does not touch the surface when put face down. 

It is a great product that does what it says. It brings out the colour of your phone beautifully. It doesn’t obstruct the charger port. One drawback, if any, is that it is prone to fingerprints. It is a small, slim and beautiful case with a cute crisscross pattern. 

9. LIFERPROOF FRE Series Waterproof Mobile Case

Price: $33.45 ~ $146.31


  • This is the most heavy-duty mobile case. With this case, your phone is safe from water, snow, dust, and dirt. It can be submerged in water for an hour and nothing will go wrong with it. 
  • It comes with a built-in scratch protector and is compatible with iPhone SE, iPhone 8, and iPhone 7.
  • It can sustain drops from as high as two meters. 
  • It is very easy to install this mobile case. It is recommended to watch the installation video prior to putting it on your phone. 

Our Opinion:

It is a seriously protective mobile case which will keep out dust, water, dirt, and protect your phone from many drops. Chargers work perfectly through it. The sound quality is good for both ends, however if you’re facing some issues with the sound, go to your settings-general-accessibility and turn off your noise cancellation setting as indicated in the instructions.

It is a genuine product with the original manufacturer’s packaging and serial numbers. Stick your phone in your pocket along with keys and tools and whatever else you’d want to put in there and still your phone will be scratch-free and safe. 

All the functions on the phone work fine with this case except for the power button, which works, but takes a very hard press to get it to shut down. The case has a slim body. With all these amazing features, this case also comes with an amazing warranty. 

10. RhinoShield Bumper Mobile Case

Price: $24.99 ~ $48.97


  • This tough and flexible bumper case is made of shock-absorbent BPA-free materials.
  • The case provides impact protection of 11 feet and is compatible with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.
  • It is available in many attractive colours and fits snuggly around your phone. 
  • The case is also customizable which means you can mix and match the buttons whichever way you like. 
  • The case is designed expertly as it allows access to all the buttons perfectly and the port cutouts are extremely precise. 

Our opinion:

This is a pretty-looking bumper case that will protect your phone from falls and impacts. It will also protect the screen and the back with the raised ridges. It is recommended to use a screen protector in addition to the bumper. The case fits perfectly and will protect your phone from drops on all types of hard surfaces. The bumper case comes with a screen cloth and a back screen protector. 

It’s thin, light, sleek-looking, and offers amazing protection. If you want something that protects the phone while wanting to show off the beautiful design of your phone, a bumper case is the best choice for you.  The bumper is not made of squishy silicone but protective hard plastic. 

The case provides an incredible amount of protection without compromising the sleek look of a new phone. There is no issue with wireless charging because of the bumper design. It is incredibly durable and long-lasting. 


1. Why do I need a mobile case?

A mobile phone is surely designed with gorgeous looks but it is also very slippery and prone to damage if it is left uncovered for a long time. A mobile case will protect your phone from any damage and will make it look pretty too. Following are the reasons why you absolutely need a mobile case:

  • Protection– The first and foremost reason why you need a mobile case is its protection. Mobile phones are getting expensive day by day and getting just a tiny little breakage repaired also costs a fortune. Protect your phones and save yourself from all the trouble. 
  • Looks– There are some pretty cute mobile cases available in the market with which you can frequently change the uninteresting look of your mobile phones. You can even customize mobile cases with your names or pictures. 
  • Affordability– Firstly the case protects your phone which is a huge plus but what’s the real benefit is the price. Mobile cases are pretty cheap and can save you a lot of money by protecting your overpriced phones. 
  • Resale value– We all get bored of our phones after we’ve had them for a significant amount of time and feel like selling them and getting a new one. If your phone is all damaged and broken or even has scratches, the resale value will be too low. If you decide to protect it with a mobile case, it will have minimal physical damage which will give you a good resale value. 

2. Which type of mobile case is the best for protection?

There is a huge market for mobile cases and the types that are available are countless. There are different types of cases that are meant for looks or protection. Following are the most heavy-duty mobile cases you can choose from if you don’t care too much about the looks but a little too much about protection:

  • Shock absorbent silicone mobile case– It is a soft mobile case that will protect the back of your phone from any impacts. It is protective but not too reliable as it does not cover the screen. 
  • Hard-shell cases with soft lining– These cases are a two-piece set that have a soft gel-like layer and a hard-shell outer covering. It is great for you if you keep dropping your phone every now and then. 
  • Heavyduty metal and PU cases– These cases offer the most protection and cover the front as well as the back of your phone. They are waterproof and they also keep all the tiny dust particles out. 

3. How do I clean my mobile case?

Mobile cases protect your phones from all the filth that you can imagine and they get really dirty over time. Trust us, you do not want to see what the surface of your mobile case looks like under a microscope. Relax! With a few easy steps, you will be able to clean your mobile case no matter which material it is made of. A word of warning- do not try to clean your mobile case while your phone is fitted into it as even a small amount of water getting inside your phone might damage it. Follow these steps to clean your mobile cases:

Cleaning with soap:

  • Mix a cup of warm water with liquid soap
  • Dip a soft cloth or sponge in it
  • Scrub the case with the cloth or sponge
  • Wipe with a damp cloth 


  • Fill a small spray bottle with some rubbing alcohol
  • Spray the rubbing alcohol all over the case
  • Rub the mobile case using a soft lint-free cloth, preferably microfibre
  • Wipe off the rubbing alcohol with a dry cloth

Remove stubborn stains from your silicone mobile case with the following steps:

  • Dust some baking soda on the stain on your mobile case
  • Scrub the spot with a wet toothbrush
  • Rinse the soda off when you notice the stain gone
  • Dry it with a microfibre cloth

4. Can mobile cases damage your phones?

A mobile case is a protective gear for your phone which will keep it safe if there is a liquid spill. They also keep dust and dirt away from your phone. The number of scratches you’d have on your phone without a mobile case is crazy. With prolonged usage, you might notice a bit of paint chipping off of your phone at the points where the case touches your phone, but the protection it provides is worth it. 

So, in conclusion, a mobile case does the opposite of damaging your phone, it protects it. If the fit and the material of the case are great then it will be the best accessory you can get for your phone. 

Mobile cases are certainly an indispensable accessory which you should not use your phone without. We hope the above information will help you make the best decision about which case you need for your phone. Choose the best out of the list above and let us know in the comments which one or how many cases you bought for your phone.

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