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Lush Houseplants Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Houseplants Of 2022

Being one with nature is a rewarding experience and brings a fresh vibe to your life altogether. Greenery has that effect on human senses that it is very close to a divine experience. Plants have their way of making you their own when you are around them. Just the surreal color of house plants make the whole look of your home very cozy and welcoming. 

Ever been to someone’s house that has a ton of plants? Don’t you automatically feel refreshed? It is the plants that make you feel this way. Some people love having plants so much they prefer to call themselves “plant mommy” or “plant daddy”. These terms describe how deeply attached one can be to plants. When you bring small plants into your home and nurture them with love and care, they become an inseparable part of your lives. 

They figuratively become your babies whom you need to take care of. You wonder how you will manage to keep them healthy and buy stuff to maintain the environment that’s best for them to grow. All of this makes you a more gentle human, someone who is becoming one with nature through taking care of small plants. 

Plants are also a very inexpensive way of decorating your home. All you need to do is get a bunch of house plants and place them in aesthetic potters all around your house. It will appear as if you’ve done a lot of homework to amp up the look of your home but it is just plants everywhere. Sometimes, it might seem effortless but there is a lot of effort and mental investment involved when it comes to having house plants. 

These needy little things require a lot of care and it differs with each plant too. Some plants require constant attention and supervision whereas some plants can be left alone with just a little water and they will take care of themselves. This article is going to be your go-to  guide about which plants are the best to have and how you can take care of them and keep them in your homes for years to come.

Houseplants: Why you need to have them in your home

We are sure you agreed when we asked if you’ve felt automatically refreshed entering someone’s house with lots of plants. How exactly do plants do that? How do they make you feel better? Well, for starters you need to understand that plants literally do the opposite of what we do. We breathe in oxygen and they give it out. This freshens up the air and makes you feel refreshed. Plants help you increase productivity and help you concentrate too which is why you can see plants in many offices. People who recognise the power of plants, use them to build a better environment to live and work. Plants also help maintain humidity and increase the positivity in the space just by being there. 

With plants you naturally feel better because they are literal children of nature. To enhance your mood. You must have some plants at home and at work.

If you’re still not convinced, checkout the following reasons why having plants in your home is the most awesome idea you will ever have:

  • Reduced stress levels: Several studies conducted all over the world by many scientists have proved that plants will surely help you reduce the levels of stress. One such research involved an experiment wherein the participants were divided into two groups. One group was asked to pot a small house plant and the other group was asked to carry out a simple task involving working on a computer. Results of this research showed very clearly that the stress level of the people asked to pot a plant were very less as compared to the ones who were asked to work on a computer. This was just one of the many researches done in this field which prove that plants are amazing stress reducing buddies to have around. 
  • Improvement in concentration: One of the major benefits of having plants at home or at work is the improvement in concentration. Science backs this and says that it has been observed that people who live with plants naturally have the ability to concentrate better than the people who don’t. There are specific plant species available which people put in their homes or offices to improve concentration. 
  • Therapeutic- There is something called horticulture therapy that exists solely because potting plants can develop a feeling of well being in humans. Horticulture therapy has been around for ages. It allows therapists to prescribe potted plants to people suffering from anxiety, depression and dementia and they really benefit from it. 
  • Help recover from illnesses: There is a significant amount of proof that says plants help you recuperate faster. There was study conducted through which it was found that most of the patients who were recovering from serious illness were able to do it faster when they were allowed to remain in an environment where there were lots of plants and greenery as opposed to the patients who were recovering in hospitals with excellent facilities but no outdoor scenery to look at or no plants in the rooms either. 
  • Increase productivity: Since plants help in reducing the amount of stress, they naturally allow you to focus better and when you focus better you are able to do as much as you feel. This results in increased productivity. This fact is also backed by science. There were multiple observations about students being able to work and study better in classrooms where there were plants as compared to the ones where there weren’t any plants around. 

Now that you know the awesome benefits of having plants around you, let’s get you familiarized with some of the best plants to own.

Check the following list of plants one must have:

  • Coral Plant: This plant is majorly popular for its ornamental purposes. The plant that you see in literally every office, hospital or school is the one we’re talking about here. It is very easy to take care of . 
  • Peace Lily: This gorgeous plant looks absolutely stunning. It beautifies any space where it is kept immediately and as the name suggests it also makes the space peaceful. It also prevents the formation of mildew and absorbs the acetone vapors which have an adverse effect on your health. 
  • Dieffenbachia- This plant is well known to improve the quality of indoor air. This plant is the best at absorbing carbon dioxide from the air making it fresher for us. It is also one of the best plants to grow in low light. They flourish in low light homes. 
  • Spider plant- This is an air purifier plant. It is popular for its ability to remove harmful toxins from the air and make it fresh. They are also used as ornamental plants. They add beauty and color to your homes. 

Houseplants are the best mates to live with. They will beautify your home, purify the air you breathe and all of this only when you take good care of them. They will also help you become a gentler human being. If real plants scare you and make you worry about whether you will be able to take good care of them you can buy some artificial plants that look exactly like real plants. We strongly recommend it if ornamentation is your only purpose of buying plants.

Here’s a list of the best plants you can buy to beautify your home and improve the quality of your life:


Price : $33.98


This gorgeous plant is also called the snake plant and Mother-In-Law’s tongue. The sword shaped leaves of this plant have an elegant green and black color.  They are majorly used as an ornamental plant as well as an air purifier inside your homes and even bedrooms. 

Merits of having it in your home:

This plant is one of the best air-purifying plants which removes chemicals in your home. It releases oxygen during the night which gives your home a better quality of indoor air.

Care instructions:

This plant does not require too much attention or maintenance. It survives on little water in very low light, shade, or indirect sun. They do not require constant supervision. It is advised not to overwater this plant. 

Top reviews suggest:

According to most customers this is the snake plant you need to buy. The plant is very healthy and has brightly colored leaves. Its leaves are big and striking and it even has a few new leaves poking out around the base. Customers felt that this plant is worth spending money on as it will drastically improve the look of your home. Some customers who bought this plant for a second time said that the first time they received a great specimen but the second time was not so good. 

The leaves were damaged and the tips were broken off.  Some customers also received broken and completely damaged pots which was highly disappointing.

Customers said that although the plant is extremely beautiful, the shipping ruins it because the packaging is not up to the mark. It is shabbily done. The packaging needs to be better taken care of. If you are skeptical about buying plants online though, you should give this one a shot, you will not regret it. 

2. The Rooted Store- Spath Peace Lily Plant 

Price : $18.99 ~ $29.99


This gorgeous plant is grown and certified in Florida. It comes with a 14 day guarantee to make sure you are fully satisfied with the plant. The plant comes in a 4″ wide grower’s pot. The height is approximately 7″-12″ tall from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant. 

Merits of having it in your home:

The plant will adorn your beautiful home with its lush leaves and pearly white blooms. It also has an air filtering quality which improves the quality of air in the space where it is kept. 

Care instructions:

This plant flourishes in low or medium filtered light but you need to be careful about the amount of sunlight it is getting as it tends to burn in strong light. It must be watered 1-2 times a week. It should also be kept away from pets since it can be toxic if consumed in high quantities. 

Top reviews suggest:

Plants are a fragile item when it comes to shipping from far off and generally they get ruined in the process but you will not face that issue with this one. The packaging was terrific according to most customers, which is usually a problem with other vendors. Customers were happy with the fact that it is not just one small plant in a small pot,  it is actually a bunch of plants that grow really well and are in full bloom when shipped. Some customers however complained that the plant was shorter than mentioned in the listing but in a few days it grew so it wasn’t a huge issue. 

The plant was very healthy and the customers were pleased by the service they received from this brand as all their plants are very healthy when they are shipped and the packaging is also done very carefully so as to maintain the shape of the plant throughout the journey. Customers who bought this plant highly recommend buying it from this particular brand. 

3. California Tropicals- Black Goldfish Plant 

Price : $16.99


This cute little plant comes fully rooted in a 4″ pot. It is ready to grow and you can pot it in your favorite potter. It can be placed in your home or office to enhance the environment. 

Merits of having it in your home:

This is a small yet lush green plant which puts up a royal show of its eccentric colors. The leaves have a shiny green luster and rich red lines on the undersides. It is a real beauty of nature.  

Care instructions:

This plant is everblooming which not only survives but flourishes when it is kept indoors. You must always keep it out of direct sunlight as it can make the gorgeous leaves turn brown in color. Allow the top 2 inches of the soil to dry out before watering the plant again. 

Top reviews suggest:

Customers were happy about these plants arriving in excellent condition. They were very securely packaged. Customers said that this brand is reliable and you can buy any plant from them as their pricing is great and the quality and health of the plants is excellent.  Some customers however had a different opinion. They said that the plants did not arrive in a healthy state. They were rather lanky. The leaves and stems were already wilted and soft and the plant seemed too fragile to even repot. Customers said that they were initially scared about whether this plant will survive over a period of time but it did when it was very well taken care of. 

The best thing about this brand is that they ship the plants after packaging them very securely. The plants do not look lifeless when they arrive and there isn’t any damage caused to the pot or the plant while shipping. One customer complained that they received the plant with mold on the soil but that was the case with only one customer. They said that they scraped the mold off and treated the soil and were happy to report that the plant had survived and was thriving.  

4. Costa Farms- Dieffenbachia Plant

Price : $22.20


This plant is also known as dumb cane. It is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. The leaves have splashes of white color throughout which will help you create a tropical look inside your home.It comes well rooted in a Costa Farms brand grower pot. The height of the plant at the time of shipping ranges from 12 to 14-inches tall  from the bottom of the pot to top of the plant.

Merits of having it in your home:

It is one of the best air purifying plants to have inside your home. It is also extremely beautiful looking and will help you create a positive vibe in your house without spending a lot of money. 

Care instructions:

Keep the soil of the plant slightly moist at all times. Water it only when the top 1 or 2 inches of soil look drier than usual. Do not overwater. 

Top reviews suggest:

Customers were pleasantly surprised with this plant. People who were on the fence about ordering plants online but did it anyway were very happy about going through with this decision as it turned out to be a huge success. The plant is thriving in each buyer’s home. The pricing is pretty fair and the plant arrives in excellent condition. Customers said that the plant wasn’t damaged at all when it arrived and it also had a few sprouts. 

Some customers said that the plant came to them in a great condition with already big leaves. Some people had a little trouble growing it though since over time the leaves on the lower side became yellow. It is suggested that you allow the plant to acclimatize to the surroundings and take great care of it especially right after it arrives. Some customers were unhappy with the way the plant was packaged. The soil was all over the place and the planter was also a pretty cheap wicker basket. The packaging and the pot both could be better at this price. 

5. Hirt’s Gardens Store- Curly Spider Plant 

Price : $19.99


This Curly Spider Plant from The Hirt’s Gardens Store comes in a 4″ pot. The plant arrives in good health and the brand also offers a 30 day health guarantee. If you are dissatisfied after 30 days of purchasing the plant you can ask for a full refund or replacement.

Merits of having it in your home:

This plant will help you increase humidity inside your home. The best usage of this plant would be to purify indoor air and to decorate your home. It also clears airborne irritants. 

Care instructions:

Water this plant  only when the soil is dry. You must keep the soil slightly moist- not too dry or too wet. It is advised to fertilize the plant sparingly as over fertilization can make the tips turn brown. Keep it in a warm spot indoors but out of direct sunlight. 

Top reviews suggest:

Customers reported that this brand is the best to buy plants online. Extremely reliable and great customer service is offered by them. The plant arrived in good condition and for most customers it was larger than they had expected which was a win-win situation. The plants are healthy and thrive in no time. Customers highly recommend buying plants from this particular brand as they deliver excellent specimens unlike others. They also said that after years of trying out other brands they have finally found the one brand which they can trust for excellent quality and healthy plants. 

The plants are securely and beautifully packaged in a tall cardboard box and brown packing paper. It looks more like a gift when it arrives. Some customers had minor complaints like wilted leaves, and brown tips. However they also said that after a few hours of arrival and watering the plants they definitely look better and grow well over time with an apt amount of light and water. 

6. HAMAMA Store- Green Onions Kit 

Price : $48.95


This is a green onion growing kit. It has everything you need to grow green onions  easily at home within a span of a week. It comes with picture instructions, bamboo green onion lid, growing tray, and coco fiber mats. To grow green onions, all you need to do is add your own store-bought green onions and keep the kit anywhere inside your home. 

Merits of having it in your home:

This plant is not only a delicious herb you can add to your meals but also a natural mosquito repellant. It promotes a healthy heart and also helps you prevent the common cold and flu. It also adds a ton of nutrients to any food you decide to put it in. 

Care instructions:

With the help of this kit you can grow green onions at home in just 7 days. Water it once when you put the onions in. There is no need for regular watering or adding any fertilizers. You green onions will flourish in this kit regardless. 

Top reviews suggest:

The response received for this green onions growing kit was mixed. The customers who were able to grow green onions using the kit were extremely happy with it. Some said they received a damaged kit which they were unable to use. The people who were able to grow it gave excellent feedback. There is literally nothing to be done with this kit. Just put in some green onions and watch them grow in your home. Having fresh herbs for your food is a special advantage for people who like to cook.

With this kit you can grow and have fresh green onions in your home and use them whenever you like. The care they need is also not too demanding in nature which means overall this kit is a great deal. Many customers bought these as gifts for their moms or girlfriends and the receivers loved it because it actually works really well. There were some complaints about the product arriving broken but there is always an option to get the product replaced if you are not satisfied. 

7. The Cat Ladies Store- Cat Grass Kit 

Price : $28.90


The Cat grass kit is a nutritious blend of important nutrients for your cat’s diet, including wheat grass, oat, barley, and rye. It is completely organic and chemical-free. The kit includes a white wood planter, 3 soil disks, organic seeds for planting edible grass, and instructions on how to use the kit.

Merits of having it in your home:

With this kit you can grow organic and GMO-free cat grass. It will keep your cat from eating toxic household plants and destroying your lovely flowers. This way the grass will not only benefit your kitty but you too. 

Care instructions:

To grow the grass add a soil disk, a little water and sprinkle the seeds. The package includes tips on how to successfully help the grass thrive. The brand guarantees that the cat grass will sprout up to 4” in just 4–7 days. 

Top reviews suggest:

This is by far the best product on this list as it does exactly what is promised. The customers were very happy that the grass grew exactly the way it was supposed to and within the same time period mentioned in the listing. Customers were very happy with their experience of shopping from this brand. Customers reported that their cats love this grass. The only complaint some customers had was about the instructions. The listing claims that the instructions are simple and pretty straightforward which is totally not the case.  Customers excitedly reported that the grass sprouted within 4 days of planting which is exhilarating. 

The pot looks very beautiful. Customers highly recommend buying this cat grass if you have a cat. To make the grass denser you can always buy more seeds but the brand assures you that there will be enough to completely fill the pot. The growth will not be scanty and the grass will be lush green when it sprouts out. 

8. HOME GROWN Store- Bonsai Tree Kit

Price : $36.95


This Bonsai starter kit includes 4 planters, each with its own drainage-catching saucer, seed packs, 4 pellets, grow guide, 4 wooden markers and nutrition. Try growing a Bonsai tree  at home with this kit and experience a surreal feeling of a stress free life. 

Merits of having it in your home:

Bonsai trees are well known for purifying the air around them. They lower your stress levels and help you develop the ability to be patient in stressful situations. It will also help you maintain humidity inside your home. 

Care instructions:

Water the plant with room temperature water and always keep the soil moist. Use an organic fertilizer to help the tree grow better. Shape it every two weeks. Use sandy clay soil as it can hold nutrients for the tree. 

Top reviews suggest:

This kit to grow a Bonsai Tree is very effective. Customers who gave this Kit to their friends said they were happy to receive it. This kit helps one develop a hobby for gardening. Some customers were however thoroughly disappointed. They said that none of the seeds sprouted and they felt cheated out of their money. Some customers complained that the seed pack was totally useless as it didn’t sprout anything at all. Some also said that the pictures of the product are misleading as the pots look like stone pots but they are actually plastic and do not look as attractive in person as they do in pictures. 

The instructions you get to grow the seeds are pretty vague based on some customers’ reviews. Overall the customers did not feel satisfied with this kit and would not recommend buying from this brand as the seeds fail to sprout. If at all you decide to take the risk it is advised that you follow the instructions strictly for the seeds to sprout.  

9. The Der Rose store

Price : $21.99


These are artificial plants that look exactly like the real ones but do not require attention or care. This set of fake planters do not need to be assembled and can be used to decorate your home right out of the box. They can be used absolutely anywhere because they are small in size and are convenient to put up on small shelves or window sills. 

Merits of having it in your home:

The merits of having fake plants are plenty. You will not have to take care of them or worry about watering them when you are on vacation. Sure, they don’t grow but they will be in your home forever and will continue to enhance its looks for a long time. 

Care instructions:

They do not require any care as they are fake plants. You can dust them and clean them with a damp cloth every once in a while when dust settles on them. 

Top reviews suggest:

Customers were glad they decided to buy these fake plants to decorate their homes. These look like real plants and they imitate the frosty look plants have during winters. The pots are white and look absolutely classy when placed around your house. Customers highly recommend buying these tiny fake plants because they will not only give your home a wonderful look but the green fresh color will also make it look like you have beautiful plants growing all over your house. The planters are small enough to be placed on your work desk or study table. 

They can also be kept on vertical shelves as decorative items. The size is perfect to be put in bathrooms too. Customers said they used these plant pots to bring a new life in their bathrooms which earlier looked dull and bland. Add a bunch of freshness with these 6 beautiful plants which do not demand any care or attention. These little plants are the perfect decor item for you if you keep moving and do not like to have a ton of stuff to carry with you. They will add a ton of beauty to your home and will not be a pain to carry when you move.  

10. Tropical Plants of Florida Store- Braided Hibiscus Tree

Price : $59


This is a gorgeous plant that grows all year round. The Hibiscus plants produce the most beautiful flowers. The plant is 44 inches to 48 inches tall including the 10 inch planter it comes in. The most beautiful thing about this plant is that it grows flowers of 3-4 different colors since it is braided. 

Merits of having it in your home:

There are many health benefits of hibiscus like fighting cold, lowering blood pressure, and helping in weight loss. Tea made with hibiscus is believed to have medicinal value. 

Care instructions:

It is very easy to take care of this plant. All you need to do is place it in a sunny spot as this plant loves sunlight. It also loves water so make sure you add plenty of water to it. 

Top reviews suggest:

This plant, according to most customers, arrived in great condition and was packaged really well. Customers instantly fell in love with the plant as it was in bloom and looked absolutely breathtaking. The health of the plant was also very good upon arrival. Some customers reported that within a day of having this plant they noticed that the buds had started to fall off and the leaves had holes in them which is not a sign of good health. Customers said they received insect damaged plants and a damaged pot. To solve this problem, it is recommended to use fertilizer to help the plant grow healthier and taller. 

Most customers were very pleased with their purchase and said that the plant does not require extraordinary care. It does well if placed in a sunny spot and watered regularly. Customers highly recommend buying this plant from this brand if you’re a fan of Hibiscus. 


1. How to take care of indoor houseplants?

Plants do not require as much attention as pets do but they do require a little bit of it. They need love and care to flourish. To take care of your plants follow these rules:

  • Water them regularly based on their requirements
  • Avoid moving your plant pots around a lot
  • Keep them in a well lit space that receives apt amount of sunlight
  • Increase humidity in the room. Dry air can make the plants dry 
  • Prune them regularly for them to grow properly 
  • Do not put tea or coffee in your house plant
  • Cut off dead leaves as they attract bugs and insects
  • Keep your plants close to each other for more humidity
  • Water plants only at room temperature. Hot or cold water can harm them

2. What are some tips and tricks to keep potted plants alive?

Taking care of your plants also means you need to have proper information about how to keep them healthy and alive. Follow these tips and tricks to keep your plants healthy and thriving:

  • Choose the correct pot
  • Use good quality potting soil
  • Do not water your plants too much or too little
  • Keep them in a place which does not receive a lot of traffic to avoid them getting damaged by kids or pets
  • Keep an eye on whether they are getting the apt amount of sunlight
  • Keep pests away by using pesticides 

3. What all equipment is needed for maintenance of indoor plants?

With the right kind of equipment you can give your plants the care they need and help them grow stronger. Invest in the following equipments to keep taking good care of your lovely plants:

  • Hand fork- For loosening, listing and turning the soil 
  • Pruners- to snip off the foliage
  • Label maker- If you are planning to grow many plants, a label maker will come in handy in putting up names of the plants on the pots
  • Watering can-  A watering can will help you water your plants efficiently
  • Fertilizers- To help your plants grow with ease
  • Potting soil- Buy all purpose soil since it works best for houseplants

Growing plants at home can be an interesting hobby as the results it will bring will be nothing less than magic. When you see the plant you potted, grow and flourish, it gives you a feeling of joy that you experience when you achieve something very big in life. It is certainly an achievement of sorts. Plants have a wonderful way of working towards making your life better. They work in very subtle but effective ways. They will slowly but surely remove all the balled up stress in your life, they will make your bland and dull home brighten up with the colors of life. Buy some plants from our list above and decorate your home with them. The plants you see in the list are all one better than the other and will surely work towards making your homes more beautiful and your life even more positive and fresh. 

Become a plant mommy or a plant daddy and observe how you begin to feel better from within. Plants are not high maintenance at all but the way in which they will improve your outlook on life altogether will be surprising. Work towards the improvement in the quality of your life and start by improving the quality of air in your home through some plants. You can also gift these plants to your loved ones and help them develop an interesting hobby of gardening. Let us know in the comments which plants you chose to buy for yourself or for your folks. We assure you that every other person might fail you but a plant will never ever do that. Grow them yourself and you’ll thank us later for bringing this gorgeous greenery in your lives.  

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