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Illuminate Your Homes With These Radiant Lamps Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Best lamps for bedroom

Lighting inside a house is what sets the mood for the day or night. It builds up the entire ambience of your homes and that is the reason why having proper lighting in the house is of utmost importance. If you have amazing interior décor but your lighting is improper then it is going to snatch away all the beauty of your furnishings. Lighting is an essential part of home décor. Lighting in the room can drastically enhance the way you feel when you’re at home. 

When lighting is talked about the most prominent item that comes to mind is a lamp. A lamp is a device which holds a bulb or lighting equipment and is used for illumination indoors. Lamps nowadays are almost all electrical but lamps have been around even before electricity was invented for household usage. In fact, they were the primary source of light when there was no electricity. The original lamp was completely different from the ones we have now. The first lamps were just some hollowed out rocks filled with moss that was soaked in animal fat and was used as a source of light when one was needed. Shells were also used to make lamps and these were later replaced by clay, alabaster etc. Another type of ancient lamp was called saucer lamp which was made of either pottery or metal.

Modern electrical lamps were invented in the 1800s. An English chemist Humphry Davy was the first one to invent an incandescent lamp in 1802 and since then electric lamps have been evolving to this day. A lamp is more than just a lighting source, it is that part of your home décor which will allow the beauty of your home to be witnessed by anyone who visits you. Installing a lamp in a strategic place can add spaciousness and character to your homes. Based on style and functions there are a variety of lamps available to brighten and dress up your homes with:

  • Buffet lamps– These are tall lamps, usually 32 to 36 inches high. They are primarily used in bedrooms, hall console tables, sofa tables etc. These lamps are taller than table lamps and are slimmer too. Since they are skinny, they work the best in narrow hallways or bathrooms. 
  • Tripod lamp- These are floor lamps which are an excellent choice for a contemporary interior design. It can be used to make a comfy corner in your home and brighten up the entire room. You can draw attention to your home décor through tripod lamps as they act like a spotlight for it. 
  • Swing arm lamps- These lamps have an adjustable arm that can be moved and adjusted allowing you to control the position of lighting. Along with being utilitarian these lamps can easily glamp up your homes too. They can be used on bedsides, on study tables, in your home library etc.
  • Torchiere Floor lamps– These lamps are the most popular floor lamps and also have the most recognizable design. These lamps are used when you’re aiming to provide general lighting. They point upwards which diffuses the light to the entire space creating a nice and warm look. 
  • Piano lamps– As the name suggests, these lamps are specifically used to light up sheet music and the keyboard. They are designed in a way which does not let glare bother the piano player and also reduces eye strain. 
  • Gooseneck lamps- These lamps are attached to an adjustable shaft known as gooseneck and can be moved to position the light without moving the entire lamp. They are often used for reading and spot lighting for work.
  • Tiffany lamps– These are artistic, handcrafted beautiful glass lamps. The design is characterized by the use of lavish ornamentation inspired by nature. Tiffany lamps are the most graceful lamps and will adorn your homes gorgeously while giving it a look of old-world charm. 

Importance of having good lighting in your homes or offices

Lighting is important not only at homes but also at workplaces. The maximum information people gather is through their sense of sight, and proper lighting is what allows it. It also prevents any accidents from occurring and also alerts you of any safety hazards. Following are a few benefits that you will experience if you pay attention to proper lighting in your homes or office:

  • Good lighting creates the illusion of a more spacious living area and hence gives a beautiful and comfortable ambiance to your homes. It is especially recommended for small houses with low ceilings. To create the illusion of a bigger space there must be ample strategic lighting to make the house seem spacious. 
  • The fact that good lighting affects your mood is not something new. Most people agree that they feel depressed and gloomy in dimly lit areas of their house. A well-lit area will seem to make you feel cheerful and energetic. Good lighting can be a game changer for your mood.
  • Good lighting is also a great contributing factor in improving productivity. You must’ve often noticed when your workspace or room is poorly lit you tend to get tired sooner and feel groggy and exhausted all the time. Whereas, in a brightly lit workspace you tend to feel fresh and chirpy for a longer time. 
  • It also helps with aging eyesight. The use of electronic items has shot up greatly ever since the pandemic began because everyone in the house is using electronics day and night to either work or study. This has resulted in people’s eyesight taking a hit. Having proper lighting in the space where you are working or studying is always a good idea as it allows your eyes to feel relaxed and it obviously assists you in reading and writing. 

While lamps are used as a lighting source, they also function to make your homes look stunning and inviting. They provide lighting in rooms with dim lighting, they can be used for reading or any other work in which bright spot light is required, they can also be used to provide informal light on a side table or on credenzas. Lamps are important to have since they set the whole mood of your household. If you want to improve lighting in your homes but don’t want to go all out on the budget by changing every lighting fixture, start with lamps. They are perfect as they will beautify your homes, will be a great light source and will not cost a fortune. Browse the following list of the best lamps of 2021 to emblazon your homes with:

1. Werfactory Tiffany Table Lamp

Price: $98.99 ~ $108.99

About the product:

  • This mid-sized lamp is made of beautiful handmade stained glass. The size is perfect for a coffee table or bedside tables.
  • The LED bulb is included in the package and will provide ample light which will be suitable for reading or home décor purposes. 
  • The quality of this lamp is ensured using several checks. Its structure does not allow it to tip over. The base is sturdy and will keep the lamp steady
  • These lamps are the perfect gift option especially as a housewarming gift.  The customer service is excellent and can be reached out to for any issues. 


This lamp is a great bedside or end table lamp. It is a graphically beautiful combo of deep-sea blues and greens. It looks beautiful even when it is not turned on as the colours look muted. The glass in the lamp makes it twinkle beautifully and casts gorgeous reflections on the walls and ceiling. 

The lampshade is slightly heavy since it is made of real glass. The glass and metal do not get hot because of the bulb. The entire lamp and base are heavy and very well made. The on-off switch is in the cord, a feature which users loved. This is a lovely atmospheric Tiffany lamp and will add a beautiful vibe wherever you place it. It does not give off enough light for reading, however it will work perfectly as a bedside lamp in the bedroom. 

Customers loved the colours. Some felt that it is not made of real glass but it does come with a sample glass to ensure the authenticity of the material used. For the price, the customers were pleasantly surprised as it is reasonably priced but looks like a million bucks. It is very simple to assemble and fits together perfectly. There is absolutely no tilt to the shade which is why it is highly recommended if you’re looking for a Tiffany style lamp. 

2. Amora Lighting Tiffany Table Lamp

Price: $105.98 ~ $115.00

About the product:

  • This beautiful imported Tiffany lamp features space for two incandescent bulbs and has two pull chains to turn on the bulbs one at a time or together.
  • The lamp is handcrafted and has a beautiful design while being the perfect size too.
  • The lampshade is made of stained glass which is coated with mineral oil for proper protection and finish.
  •  It is perfect to place in a household with classic décor.


The lamp is beautiful looking and exactly as pictured. It is made of stained glass, not plastic. The glass is exactly like it looks in the picture, the basic colour being a vanilla-buff tone without greenish or other overtones. 

This lamp is worth your money and is the nicest thing to add to your home décor. Some panels are darker than others so the light shines through inconsistently but still looks beautiful. The lampshade frame is made of metal. There’s minor assembly required which is quite easy. It is sturdy and seems well built. Customers liked having the two pull cords which give you the flexibility of how much light you want to have. 

The shade is really pretty. The base is fairly heavy, which is great since the shade is also a little heavier. It is perfect to be kept in your home office. Some customers claimed that there were similar lamps for over twice the price available but this looks just as expensive and is almost the same quality. It is gorgeous, sturdy and highly recommended. 

3. Pazzo Floor Lamp

Price: $43.99 ~ $59.99

About the product:

  • This beautiful floor lamp by Pazzo is made of real solid wood. It features shelves which are highly durable and the frame can bear up to 20 pounds of your items.
  • It has two charging ports and one power outlet. You can charge three devices through this lamp at the same time. 
  • Assembling this lamp is pretty simple. The tools and assembly directions are provided with the package
  • The LED bulb is included in the package too. It is a three-colour temperature LED Bulb. 
  • This floor lamp is perfect to be put up in your living room with small plants on its shelves.


This lamp comes with the necessary spare parts. It also has tools suitable for the screws, so the installation is very convenient. It’s made of hardwood and is thoughtfully designed. There are no complicated installation problems. Every spare part is well fitted, and each side is very neat. It will take only a few minutes to set up the whole floor lamp. 

Some customers were worried that the lamp would be unstable because it was too light but because this lamp is made of solid wood, its centre of gravity is lower, it stays steady. 

Customers think that this floor lamp with shelves looks great, is very functional and sturdy. The diffused light looks stunning. People were very pleased with this product.  It’s very elegant, modern and will give your room a clean feeling. 

The USB port on one of the shelves makes it ideal to put a phone on and charge it conveniently. There is plenty of room on the shelves for a few books, picture frames, and decorating elements. The lamp is made of solid wood, which is a huge plus. The customers were very happy with the purchase, especially at such an attractive price.

4. Brightech LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Price: $59.99 ~ $89.99

About the product:

  • This big and bright floor lamp provides ample lighting for big rooms. You can position the head to direct the light in the direction you wish.
  • This floor lamp comes with three-way dimmable light and has a memory function which makes the lamp remember the brightness setting till the time you change it. 
  • The structure of this lamp is pretty sturdy. The heavy base prevents it from tipping. 
  • It can be operated using wall switches and can be set up with a smart plug to connect with Alexa or other smart home devices. 


This incredible lamp is a game changer. There are 4 different brightness levels. It is built pretty well and is very sleek. It gives out lots of light. The design is elegant, and minimalist. The controls are easy to use and the tilting head is a nice feature. 

It illuminates the room pretty brightly. The assembly is very easy. It’s light but substantial. Above all, the LED light illuminates the room like nothing else. The construction is good overall. The lamp head seems a little flimsy, but the sections of the main stand screw together very securely which allow it to stand steadily. 

The only thing that the customers didn’t seem to appreciate was that if you control it from a wall switch, the light always comes on at full power, it does not remember the brightness setting. It is not a major problem though and most customers were very happy with their purchase recommending the lamp to everyone who needs a floor lamp with minimalist design.

5. Lightaccents Floor Lamp

Price: $19.95 ~ $29.95

About the product:

  • This modern floor lamp comes with a white cone shaped plastic lampshade. The height of this lamp is 74 inches
  • It has a dimmable accent light which can be changed to bright or dim. It is perfect for placing in the living rooms or bedrooms as mood lighting.
  • It has a contemporary design which works great if you need a reading spot in your living rooms. 
  • This sturdy floor lamp has a sleek black-painted finish and a curved white-frosted plastic shade which looks amazing with any décor. 


The customers really liked the design and recommended it because it is perfect to be placed in almost any room. It is really easy to put together too. The height makes this lamp great for high ceilings where you want increased lighting in a room. 

It is very non-obtrusive, and you can put any type of screw-in bulb in it to get just the right amount of light you want. The price for this lamp is affordable. It is especially going to look great if placed in the corner of any room. Customers said that they would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a nice, tall floor light. 

Including the shade, it is pretty tall but doesn’t appear especially sturdy. It is an attractive lamp which makes your home look uncluttered without all the cords hanging and complicated bulbs one needs to buy. The three-way regular bulb is perfect for this lamp. It only takes a little while to assemble it and it is easy to operate. It’s reasonably sturdy, the stem holds up well, and the base is nice and heavy. It looks decent, too and is loved by the users. 

6. Yarra Décor Table lamp

Price: $26.99 ~ $29.99

About the product:

  • These small table lamps have touch controlled dimmable lights. They are perfect to be put up in your bedrooms. 
  • The lampshade is made of linen fabric which subtly softens the light coming out of the bulb within and creates a soothing mood in the room.
  • There are three different settings for the brightness level in this lamp. To adjust the brightness, tap anywhere on the base
  • The lamp comes with two built-in USB charging ports to charge your mobile phones, kindles, headsets, diffuser, speaker or other electronics devices. 


The lamp works great and does exactly what it says it will. It arrived with a lightbulb and the assembly was very easy. This lamp reacts to touch which means that any time you want to move it on your nightstand or wherever it is, it will turn itself on or off. 

The lamp has 3 levels of brightness: you tap the base once, it turns itself on, tap it again it gets brighter, then tap again and it gets to the brightest, tap again and it turns off.
The lamp has a nice design with genuine linen lampshade and sturdy wood base. The touch control is very cool. It’s the perfect size for a nightstand or desk at a great price. 

It is lightweight but not to the point where it isn’t stable. Customers appreciated that the lampshade is not glued at the vertical seam, it is actually stitched. It does not look cheap at all. The light settings are great, no customers faced any problems with touch sensitivity.

7. MOICO LED Desk Lamp

Price: $19.54 ~ $35.99

About the product:

  • This LED desk lamp is designed to relieve eye strain and help you work peacefully. It is made of 52 LED pieces and will give you sufficient light. 
  • It has 5 colour modes and 5 brightness levels. You can dim or brighten the light as per your requirement. 
  • This LED lamp comes with a charging port through which you can charge your electrical devices. 
  • The head of this lamp is adjustable and can be rotated 90° allowing you to control the direction of lighting. 
  • The lamp also comes with a memory feature which makes it remember the brightness settings so you don’t have to adjust the setting every time you switch on the lamp. 


This lamp gets really bright and will light up your entire space on the brightest setting. It is pretty flexible. It has a battery built into the lamp so even during a power outage the lamp will stay on. It is a portable lamp and can be carried anywhere with you. 

It is very versatile, allows you to charge your electronic devices and has touchscreen buttons. It works way better than most of the other desk lamps. You won’t regret buying one. It has a beautiful design, is sturdy, and bright. This desk lamp is the best for reading. 

It won’t hurt your eyes and the brightness is adjustable. The colour can also be adjusted from daylight to cool white. The light is also very sturdy. This lamp is a must buy especially for the price. If you need a lamp to work from home or for your kid’s study desk then this lamp is the perfect pick for you.

8. ACAXIN Table Lamp

Price: $37.99 ~ $47.99

About the product:

  • This is a gorgeous pair of ornamental crystal lamps and is perfect for bringing a blingy vibe to your homes. It comes with a USB port to charge your electronic devices. 
  • The lamps are very easy to use and set up. The size is perfect to be kept on nightstand or centre tables. 
  • The lamp shade is made of 130 pieces of blingy crystals which are fixed with wires so they won’t fall out. 
  • These sparkly crystal lamps look absolutely stunning when lit and are the perfect housewarming gift.


These dainty little lamps are perfect for your bedside. It’s easy to assemble them and you definitely get your money’s worth because they look very expensive. The lamps have two switches which are very useful. 

The USB works great and will charge any electronic devices like phones, tablets, ipads etc. The lamps come with a bag of replacement crystals in case you lose some. This pair of lamps is of a very high quality and is recommended by its customers to everyone. The price was great for a pair of lamps. 

They are absolutely gorgeous, very decorative and work great when you need a quick soft light in the night because the switch is easy to locate in the dark. The crystals on the lamps make them very blingy and elegant looking. At this price these lamps are an amazing deal, easy to assemble and gorgeous which is why they are highly recommended by customers. 

9. Addlon Floor Lamp

Price: $39.99 ~ $49.99

About the product:

  • This tall floor lamp is beautiful with a sturdy base which never makes it fall over. The LED bulbs, which are included in the package, never overheat even after being on for several hours.
  • The bulb in the lamp is bright enough to read at night and uses only a few watts of power. 
  • The lamp is modern in design and will enhance your home décor beautifully. The lampshade is beige in colour which makes it look super elegant.
  • The lamp comes with a foot switch which has been tested multiple times to ensure it works well.


This is a classy looking lamp that works really well. The customers were divided in their views about the footswitch. Some customers really enjoyed the convenience it provides, it can be used while sitting down but some customers felt that it’s a tad annoying as their kids keep fidgeting with the switch. The cord is short too which makes it hard to place it in the desired space.

The lamps are exactly as described by the seller. The base is heavy which makes it stand stable on a carpeted floor. Some customers complained about the lampshade looking cheap. The shade actually requires assembly and once assembled properly it looks stunning.  

It can be assembled within a few minutes without any tools and will look great in any part of your rooms. This lamp is reasonably priced and is a great choice if you’re looking for a floor lamp on a budget. 

10. Lakumu Industrial Floor Lamp

Price: $69.99 ~ $79.99

About the product:

  • This alluring floor lamp has 3 lights in a tree pattern. It is quite tall and creates the most beautiful ambience when lit up. 
  • This lamp is made of premium quality metal and the base is pretty sturdy. The lamp will not fall down and is safe to have in a house with children and pets. 
  • It is very easy to turn on and off as it comes with a step-on switch. It is perfect to be placed in your living area as the design of this lamp will tie all your furnishings together. 
  • This tall floor lamp saves energy and money while providing ample light and beauty to your homes. You can change the bulbs in the lamp as per your requirement but LED bulbs are recommended by the brand.  


Customers loved the design and quality of this lamp. Most of them did not have a hard time assembling it, however, some people complained about the assembly of the arms being too complicated. Since the cord is a bit long you might face some issues adjusting it but overall, it’s not too tough to put together. 

Customers really loved the antique look and the brightness of the lights which was warm. The lamp comes with bulbs which some customers felt were too bright for their liking. According to most users, if you’re looking to completely brighten your room then use the bulbs provided in the package, otherwise you can use softer light for moderate illumination. 

The base is heavy and sturdy. This lamp is a really nice statement lamp for your living rooms.


1. Is it safe to leave the lamp on all night?

Leaving a lamp on all night depends on the age of the lamp and the type of bulb used in the lamp. If your lamp is old and faulty it is recommended that you do not leave it on for the entire night as it has chances of malfunctioning. Lamps that use low wattage LED bulbs are safe to leave on for days as these bulbs do not overheat.

2. Is using a lamp to read bad for your eyes?

Using a lamp to read is not going to have any adverse effects unless the light coming from the lamp is too dim or too bright. Too dim light might put too much strain on your eyes and when the light is too bright the glare might bother you. So, using a lamp to read does not have any lasting effects. 

3. How do I pick the right lamp?

Buying lamps depends on the type of lamp you have chosen. It also depends on the purpose for which you’re purchasing the lamp. Consider the following factors as they are quite important while selecting a lamp:

  • Purpose– There is a huge variety of lamps available in the market so the first thing you need to look into is the purpose for which you are buying the lamp. Based on the purpose you can choose the lamp from several types.
  • Lampshade– The shades are made of different materials- glass, plastic, fabric, crystal etc. Establish the kind of look you are going for and select the lampshade style based on the look that you desire for your home décor. 
  • Base– The base of a lamp is probably the most important part as it is responsible for holding the lamp upright. The base of a lamp should not be flimsy and lightweight otherwise the lamp will easily tip over. The base must be heavy and sturdy to allow the lamp to stay steady on any type of surface. 
  • Size– The size of the lamp should be compatible with the space you’re planning to set it up in. It shouldn’t be so large that it occupies a lot of space and hinders your movement in the room and shouldn’t be so small that it gives out very little light and is barely noticeable. 

4. What type of bulbs can be used in lamps?

There are different types of bulbs available in the market which will help you achieve the lighting goal you desire for your homes and offices. Following are the types of bulbs you can use in your lamps:

  • LED bulbs– This type of bulb is the most energy efficient bulb which saves electricity and never heats up. It is very commonly used in lamps. 
  • Incandescent bulbs– These inexpensive bulbs emit warm light and can be used if you want dim lights. They last up to a year.
  • CFL Bulbs– Compact fluorescent bulbs are energy efficient bulbs. They come in several colours and you can choose the colour of your liking depending on the vibe you want in your room. They are less expensive than LED bulbs.
  • Halogen- These are bulbs that emit very bright light. It is not recommended to be used in lamps as they heat up fast and can explode if you touch them with bare hands. They are dimmable bulbs and have short lifespans. 

6. How do I clean my lamps without damaging them?

Cleaning of the lamps should always be done in two parts as you need to clean the lampshade and the base separately. Cleaning lampshades depends on the material it is made of. Cleaning a fabric lampshade is fairly easy and they are the most commonly used lampshades. Follow these steps to clean your fabric lampshade:

  • Unplug the lamp and remove the bulb.
  • Examine the fabric in bright light.
  • Remove any detachable items from the shade.
  • If the lampshade is stuck together with glue, then do not immerse it into water
  •  Dust off the dirt with a soft brush.
  • If your lampshade is stitched, immerse it in a bathtub filled with water and mild liquid detergent.
  • Scrub it using a soft and clean cloth.
  • Let it dry in the sun naturally before using again.

If your lampshade is made of glass or plastic, follow these steps to clean it:

  • Unplug the lamp and remove the bulb.
  • Wipe it with a dry cloth.
  • Use soapy water to clean the glass surface.
  • Do not use a rag or a scruffy cloth as it can cause the glass to have scratches.
  • Wipe them with a dry microfiber cloth.

The lampshades are easy to clean but you need to be careful when you’re cleaning the base of the lamp. Follow these steps to clean the base of your lamp:

  • Unplug the lamp and remove the bulb.
  • Make soapy water with mild detergent or mix water with vinegar.
  • Do not dip the base completely into the water.
  • Rub off the dirt with a soft scrubber.
  • Wipe the cord of the lamp with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Place it in an airy space to dry it out completely.

Lamps are a beautiful ornament for your homes which will illuminate your houses gorgeously and create a surreal mood. They work best when used with the right type of bulb. They are an essential part of your home décor without which your home will not look like a lovely place where you would want to hang out with your family and friends. Choose the best lamp from the above list and let us know which one you chose.

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