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Handy Work From Home Tables Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Best Work From Home Tables

Working from home might be considered a fairly new term that was popularised by a notorious pandemic but it has been around for years. People have been working from home since the advent of computers but this term has become a household term due to the lockdown all the countries imposed to control the spread of ‘Coronavirus’. Every office was shut down and companies had no other option but to work from home. 

Even schools were operating online. Everyone believed it was just a matter of a couple of weeks but when we realized the intensity of this deadly pandemic we understood that we are going to be locked in our homes for a long time and slowly everyone started transforming their homes into home offices. 

Working from home became a normal thing for every person, be it an IT professional or an elementary school teacher everyone was working from home. At this point in time, people realized the importance of having the right type of furniture to work efficiently from home. To sit in an uncomfortable place where your legs don’t reach the floor is such an agony. Working from home sure has a ton of benefits but the major drawback is being asked to work at any given time. 

We are sure you relate when we say that you end up doing the boring task for hours which you thought would be done in a matter of minutes. To make working from home convenient you need a proper work-from-home table. 

The market has seen a sudden demand for work-from-home furniture since everyone needs it now. Even as we are headed towards the end of the pandemic, many offices are still shut and it looks like it will be that way for a long time. Many huge firms that used to rent large workspaces have now realized the benefits they can derive from letting their employees work from home. 

They do not have to pay an enormous amount of rent for office space nor do they have to pay monumental bills for electricity. Due to many firms letting their employees work from home, many people have been looking out for good home office furniture and that is why we have formulated a list of the best work-from-home tables for you. 

There are many different types of work from home tables in the market based on the purpose, material, and size.

Following is the list of the different types of work-from-home tables available in the market:

  • Convertible: A convertible table is a very convenient piece of furniture that is constructed in such a way that it can be converted into a dining or study table. It also transforms into a dining table. This is basically a multi-purpose table which can be used for many other reasons along with working from home. The table very easily transforms into whichever version of it you want to use. 
  • Ergonomic gaming desk: This usually comes in an L-shape.  It is very conveniently designed to be used at home. This desk is usually made of materials that are very easy to clean. They are pretty sturdy and work as reliable home office furniture. These desks are very convenient to use as they do not take up too much space in your house yet provide the perfect amount of comfort and the correct posture you need for working long hours. 
  • Portable laptop table: It is also called a lap desk. The best part about this table is it’s portable. It is designed in such a way that it can be raised and lowered depending upon the height at which you want your work laptop to be. You can also use this table as a bed dining table. It doesn’t cost too much but makes things extremely convenient for you.
  • Standing desk: This desk is made for everyone who is concerned about the long hours they have to sit to work. A standing desk or a stand-up desk allows you to stand comfortably while working on your computer. Its height is adjustable. These tables can also be custom-made according to the size you want and the features you require on the tabletop.
  • Wall-mounted table: The name of the table is self-explanatory. This is a work table that can be mounted on a wall. It is constructed keeping in mind all the things you need when you are working from home. Some special wall-mounted tables also have features like drawers, mug holders, cable stations, etc. 
  • Computer table: This table is specially designed to accommodate your computer and give you a comfortable space where you can use your computer for hours. It has the proper space for office equipment and cabling. It comes with a keyboard tray, shelves, and holes for routing cables. It also has proper space for a monitor, printer, speakers, mouse, etc. It has a whole lot of shelves and drawers too. 

Furniture can be made using many types of material but work from home tables are specially manufactured using a more sturdy wood or plastic or other range of materials that last for a long time and are extremely well built.

Following is a list of materials that are used to make tables for working from home:

  • Metal- Metal tables are extremely resilient. Metal is a strong material for making furniture therefore metal tables last for a long time. It is also very easy to clean a metal table as metal doesn’t absorb liquids. Metal tables are durable, especially with a well-sealed finish. With powder-coated paint, metal tables not only look aesthetic but become resistant to scratches and rust.
  • Wood- Solid wood tables are extremely strong and durable and that is why it is highly recommended to use solid wood as a material for work-from-home tables. These are made using non-toxic materials. Wooden furniture usually looks beautiful and with a wooden work-from-home table, the design has a lot of scope. You can match it with the other pieces of furniture in your house.
  • High-pressure laminate- This material is the most sturdy material as it is chemical, scratch, impact, fire, and abrasion-resistant. It is one of the most commonly used materials for office furniture. Top-quality high-pressure laminate sheets make the furniture last for decades. It is a very affordable material which is yet another benefit of using it for work-from-home tables.
  • Polymer-plastics- This material may not be the most durable one but it is definitely the most affordable one. Invest in a polymer-plastics work-from-home table if you are not looking to spend a lot of money and if you are not looking for a long-term solution. A polymer plastic table might not last for a long time but it is worth the price it is offered at.

You’d think a work-from-home table is a temporary solution and is not worth your money because in some time you will probably be going back to the office but with each passing day that you spend crouching on a small table which does not provide the proper height for correct posture, you are damaging not only your eyesight but also your vital body parts like shoulder, neck, and back.

Read the following benefits you can derive from having a work-from-home at home. It will literally stop you from tormenting your body:

  • It will provide you with a comfortable workspace and will help you work  comfortably even if you have long working hours
  • It will help you with your organization and will allow you to work in a clutter-free environment
  • With no clutter, you will be able to work peacefully and will avoid getting stressed out
  • Working from home usually requires long working hours and with the proper work-from-home table, you will have a perfect sitting posture. It will help avoid any shoulder, neck, or back pain

The following list is a treasure trove of work-from-home tables that you can invest in without breaking your bank and move on from the uncomfortable tables that are breaking your back. Choose the table that best suits your needs based on the features and the top reviews of customers who  have used these tables:

1. HOMCOM- Work-from-home table

Price: $96.99

Shape and design:

This is an L-shaped corner design table. Due to the design, the table gives you plenty of space to keep your office equipment and also accommodate gaming accessories.


It’s made of a metal frame and P2 grade MDF board. The board has a wood grain finish which makes it look stunning.

Special feature:

The minimalist design office table makes it one of a kind. It matches all styles of home decor and is a perfect piece of home office furniture.


This is a perfect corner desk that can be used for many purposes other than working from home. Many customers used this L-shaped table as a gaming table and as a study table. The fact that this table is not very expensive was liked by customers. The quality is average according to the price.

Some customers weren’t happy with the assembly process as it is a little difficult. Customers also said that information about the table is misleading as it says that the table is reversible but in reality, it’s not. Customers seemed pleased with their purchase as the table gets the job done and fits easily in any corner. Some people also had trouble lining up the screws as the craftsmanship is not perfect but the sturdy frame of the table makes up for it. Most customers who bought this table recommend it since it is affordable and does what is it is expected to do.

2. Camaflexi-Work-from-home table

Price: $146.25 ~ $423.99

Shape and design:

This rectangular table is a mid-century style desk which is the perfect combination of sleek lines and geometric forms. It has large drawers and tapering legs.


This table is made of solid Pinewood from Brazil which was harvested from renewable forests. It has a urethane protective finish which makes it easy to clean.

Special feature:

This table has large drawers which have metal ruler glides with safety stops. They slide open and close smoothly.


People were extremely happy with the quality of this work-from-home table. It is made of solid wood which is of great quality and makes the table extremely sturdy. Very little assembly is required in setting up the stable and the customers said that the tabletop comes assembled, to use the table all you need to do is attach the legs. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to set this table up and have it ready for usage.

The look of the stable is also extremely stylish. It’s not your basic work-from-home table but something very trendy. It gives your home a rustic vibe and goes well with any set of home decor items. Customers said that the quality of the table is better than what you would expect at this price. The drawers on the table function smoothly and the knobs look beautiful.

Customers highly recommend buying the table if you are not looking for a basic work-from-home table but also a designer furniture piece. With this table, you will be able to work and enhance the look of your home office.

3. Rolanstar Store-Work-from-home table

Price: $159.99

Shape and design:

This rectangular computer desk comes with a built-in socket with two outlets and 2 USB ports for smartphones or tablets. The design of this table will help you create the perfect workstation.


The table is made using an MDF particle board and a strong metal frame. The particle board is easy to clean with a smooth surface and the metal frame sturdy enough to keep the table steady.

Special feature:

The table comes with a unique finish which looks incredible. It does not look like a basic and boring work-from-home table.


This beautiful-looking work-from-home table was loved by most customers who bought it. The customers said that the table was packed really well. The assembly of the table was pretty straightforward and what customers liked was that the package included wrenches and screwdrivers that you need to assemble the table. The instructions provided along with the table were also very simple to follow and the craftsmanship of the table is great as everything fits together very quickly and really well.

This compact desk looks small but has ample space for all your home office equipment. The drawers are pretty big and the outlets and ports on the table work perfectly well. It’s a nice-looking table that has sturdy construction and is an item that is value for money.

Customers highly recommend buying this table as not only a piece of work-from-home furniture but a table every home needs. It looks lovely once put together and comes at a decent price. some customers complained that the drawers don’t line up well and so if you want to open one drawer you have to open both. There might be tiny construction flaws in the table but those do not bring the quality down.

4. SEATZONE Store-Work-from-home table

Price: $47.99 ~ $49.99

Shape and design:

This table is a modern minimalist rectangular-shaped writing desk. It is foldable and portable and can be placed in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. The design is basic but very modern.


It is made using a strong metallic frame and the board is wooden with a glossy finish. The frame is pretty sturdy and stable. The finish on the wooden board is waterproof and anti-scratch

Special feature:

The leg pads on this table are adjustable and this table is a space saver as when not in use it can be folded and kept away. It also comes with a 12 months warranty that offers free replacement for damaged parts within 12 months of purchase.


Since this table is a foldable table, customers who have a small apartment really appreciated the foldable feature of the table. It is perfect for small apartments and small study spaces or workspace. Some people also use this table as a TV stand and were happy to report that it works really well.

Some customers felt that the durability of this table could not be gauged as it seems a little flimsy. People who used this table for additional space in their home office loved it and happily recommend it to everyone.

The top finish of the wooden board makes it extremely easy to clean the table. Customers were pretty happy with the small desk which takes up very little space but provides you the perfect platform to work from home comfortably. Customers recommended buying this table  since it seems sturdy, fits in small spaces, and is made of good quality materials that seem long-lasting

Although the table seems small, it still has a load-bearing capacity of 280 pounds. The design is perfect with the X frame and a metal hook. This simple yet modern desk will easily accommodate all your office supplies and equipment.

5. FSTAR Store-Work-from-home table

Price: $104.99

Shape and design:

This multifunctional desk comes in a compact size and functions very well as a computer desk. It has enough space for your PC or laptop and has an adjustable height. It can either be assembled with the shelves on the right side or on the left side.


This convenient work-from-home table is made using a sturdy metal frame and P2 wood board. The wood board is Sandalwood color and the surface of all the wood boards are waterproof and scratch-resistant. It is easy to clean and very good for being used as a work-from-home table.

Special feature:

The table has anti-slip footpads which keep the table and the shelves in place. The design of the table is extremely practical as it not only has a desktop space but also has storage space in the form of shelves for your office supplies, files, or books.


Customers like this product as a unit as the assembly was pretty easy and instructions were simple to follow. Some customers were disappointed that they received defective products. There were scratches on the wood board and the screws didn’t fit quite well.

Some customers said that the table is larger than it appears in the pictures which is a great thing as it gives you a lot of space to organize your stuff on it. The size is perfect to fit in small spaces yet large enough to provide ample space on top. 

After assembly, the product looks beautiful and most customers were very happy with it. The design of this table is modern and stylish and the table is highly functional. Some customers who received the product in a damaged state were unhappy about it but received a replacement and so everyone who bought this table highly recommended it.

6. Vari Store-Work-from-home table

Price: $199.99 ~ $255.99

Shape and design:

This work-from-home table is a very convenient standing desk that has a two-tier design. it has a top deck that is spacious and the lower deck can be used for keeping your keyboard and mouse if you use a computer. It can also be used to store gaming accessories.


It is a laminated table that includes a keyboard tray made using the same material. There are metal springs that control the mechanism of the table. These are pretty sturdy and lend a lot of strength to the overall structure of the table. 

Special feature:

The special feature of this table is that it requires absolutely no assembly. It has 11 height settings and it is ready to use right out of the box. It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


Customers said that this standing desk is a decent yet affordable work-from-home table. It easily supports the weight of all your office equipment and stationery. Customers were happy to notice the quality of this product. It is not flimsy or cheap-looking. The customers warned future buyers to keep their cables in check because when you fold the table, the cables might get pinched.

Customers also liked the fact that it is designed to go forward a little when it is raised. Most people were happy that this table has helped them work comfortably while standing. The table functions very well as it is pretty easy to move it up and down. The springs control the mechanism exceptionally well.

Customers highly recommend getting this standing desk not only because it allows you to comfortably work while standing but also because it comes at an affordable price; is made of great quality materials, and will last for a long time. The finish of the table is very smooth and does not allow the surface to absorb any liquids therefore making it very easy to clean.

7. Mount-It Store!-Work-from-home table

Price: $59.99

Shape and design:

This special wall-mounted table is designed for space saving. It is perfect for you if you have a small apartment and do not want the furniture to take up any extra space in the house. It is foldable so when you are done using the table you can simply fold it away.


The table is made using eco friendly particle board which is heavy duty and moisture resistant. It has a bracket lever which makes it easier to fold with a click. The triangular structure of the steel frame makes the table incredibly sturdy and strong.  

Special feature:

The special feature of this table is that it is customizable and allows you to change the anchor point according to the place where you want to mount the table. It is a heavy duty table that is special in its own way


Customers love the space saver table and its functionality, however, many people complained about the anchors that come with the table. The customers said that the anchors are cheap and not very useful and if those are used to mount the table, it starts sliding out of the wall. To use this table properly you will have to invest in better quality anchors which is another expense.

The instructions are also not very easy to follow. The customers also said that assembling this table and attaching it to the wall is a tedious job and will require many screws and probably two people.

The table is strong and has a solid construction. It also looks very good once it is set up but setting it up is difficult. Some customers were not happy with the size of the table. They said it was smaller than the measurement mentioned. It is also a little too narrow to be used as a work-from-home table. This table might be suitable for other tasks like folding laundry or using it as a study desk but some customers felt that it was too small and narrow to be used as a full-fledged work-from-home table.

8. Mind Reader Store-Work-from-home table

Price: $49.99 ~ $79.99

Shape and design:

This portable desk allows you to roll it around your home or office with the help of four locking wheels. The height of this standing desk can also be adjusted and it has a two-tier design.


The frame of this table is made of sturdy metal and the tops are made of wood. The finish of the table is smooth and can be cleaned with a damp or dry cloth.

Special feature:

The special feature of this table is definitely the four locking wheels which allow you to move the table around in your house or office comfortably. You can also use this standing desk as a sitting workstation and that makes this piece of work-from-home furniture very special.


Most customers felt that this sitting and standing desk can be used as a temporary option but it might not last for a long time as according to them it appears cheaply made. Customers found it difficult to assemble this desk as the instructions are not very clear. Most customers said that it will take approximately 1 to 2 hours to completely assemble the table and have it ready for usage. The craftsmanship of the table was acceptable but ordinary.

The adjustable height of the table is convenient to be used by people who are short or very tall. The entire desk can be rotated and the surfaces also can be individually be rotated. The customers like the small cart placement that you get with the table. For a desktop computer, you can either attach it on the right side or the left side of the desk and if you don’t want to use it, you can always remove it.

Customers recommend it as it is an affordable desk that works fine as a workstation for your laptop. It is the perfect size and the wheels work just fine. The finishing quality could be better but at this price, it is a steal deal.

9. Neos Modern Furniture Store-Work-from-home table

Price: $590.00

Shape and design:

This premium quality transparent tempered glass table is the perfect item for any home office. It is rectangular in shape and is an all-glass computer desk. The surface of the table has enough room for all of your office equipment and accessories.


This table is made using a single sheet of thick tempered glass which is extremely durable and strong. The table is elegant and looks fragile but in fact, is very sturdy and heavy.

Special feature:

The special feature of this table is that it is all glass. The table can be used as a computer desk, as a coffee table, as a center table for your living room, and even as a gaming table. Since it is a clear table it looks beautiful no matter where it is kept.


This is the most perfect table that anyone could ask for not just for working but for just about everything. The customers couldn’t stop praising the table for its exceptionally well-made structure and design. There is no assembly required for this glass table since it is made of one sheet of sturdy tempered glass. 

It is a beautiful signature piece but many customers received a damaged piece. Although the damage was minimal yet the structural integrity of the table was destroyed because it was chipped. The customers who received this desk in perfect condition were extremely thrilled by the quality and the size.

The size of the table is perfect to be used in a small space as an office desk. It also works very well as a center table in your living room. If you are not a huge fan of the clutter of furniture then you should definitely get this table as it supports your gadgets and office accessories without making its presence very prominent. The customers said that the table was a little expensive but the design of the stable is to die for and so it is worth every penny.

10. MPETAPT-Work-from-home table

Price: $245.99

Shape and design:

This work-from-home table is made to be used in your home office or in your study. It is rectangular in shape and has ample space for all your devices and other items you might use for work.


It is made using alloy steel which is pretty sturdy. The table can support up to 20 pounds of weight with its strong legs. The entire table has a solid steel construction that will last for a long time. The tabletop is made of a high-quality industrial-grade steel frame that will make it last for years

Special feature:

The special feature of this table is that it comes with a touch screen controller which allows you to move it up and down and adjust the height.


Customers loved this simple table which works well not only as a work-from-home table but also as a TV stand. Some customers said that this table would be perfect if it had a Child lock for the controls. Customers were happy that the height can be adjusted on this desk and it can be used either as a standing desk or as a sitting desk. For a motorized desk, this product is a catch. 

The table impressed all of its customers as they were highly satisfied with the performance, quality, and durability. Some customers received the product in a damaged state but they were  promptly given a replacement.

The customers were happy to have purchased this work-from-home table since it was extremely easy to assemble works perfectly fine and is easy on your pocket it is highly recommended by its users for the functionality the look the price and the durability since this table can be used for multiple reasons other than just working from home there were many buyers who bought it it is an important piece of furniture in their homes.


1. What are some tips to choose the right working-from-home table?

You will be spending the majority of your day sitting or standing while working from home. it is extremely important that you choose the right table. To choose the table that will be perfect for you to work from home:

  • Make sure that you choose the table that suits your body type. the table should be able to accommodate your height and weight.  It should have adjustable legs so that you can adjust the height according to your preferences.
  • Choose the right material for a work-from-home table as the material will determine the longevity, durability, and price of the table. 
  • Make sure you choose a table that will fit well in your space. If the table is too big it will be inconvenient similarly it will be equally inconvenient if the table is too small.
  • Choose the table that has options to hide away wires. You will be using a lot of electronic equipment on your work table and you do not want the wires to get tangled and that is why it is highly advised to buy a table that either has a hidden storage box or holes for routing cables.

2. How to set up a work-from-home table?

Setting up a work-from-home table at the right spot is crucial. Follow these steps to successfully set up your work-from-home table and enjoy the benefits that come with it:

  • Make sure you face the table against a wall so that when you are working you don’t have a lot of distractions to steal your attention.
  • Choose a spot near the window for proper lighting
  • Once you have chosen the spot start the installation of a table on that very spot so you won’t have to move the furniture
  • Once the table is set up, install all your wired equipment and plant them in place
  • Store your office-related documents in the work from home table drawers
  • Add some tabletop decor or small plants to increase productivity

3. How to keep my work from home table clean?

Working space usually tends to get clustered and unclean because you are on it all day. Similarly, when you start working from home your work-from-home table also tends to get piled up with papers and gathers a whole lot of dust. to keep your work-from-home table clean follow these tips:

  • Collect all the paperwork that has piled up and sort it into drawers. 
  • Make sure you have only the office supplies you need on the table. Remove everything else and store them in storage drawers on the table.
  • Label all the paperwork and items that you use on the table like office supplies or files
  • Each day after you are done working,  keep all your supplies inside and wipe the table with the lint-free cloth. This way dust will not keep accumulating on your table.

Most of the time, working from home is seen as a luxury that only fortunate people enjoy but working from home also requires a similar amount of effort as does working from the office. The extra hours that you put in, go by unnoticed when you are working from home. The requirement of proper furniture is therefore extremely important. When you are working from home, you are in your comfort zone and you tend to forget how time passes by. Before you realize that you have been working for hours it’s already too late. 

To keep enjoying the safety and comfort of working from home,  it is highly important that you get an ergonomic work-from-home table that will help you not only during your working hours but will also help you after you finish working by letting you dodge all the stress, tiredness, and fatigue that comes with working for hours on a computer. Buy any work-from-home table from our list above and work comfortably from home. Create your own office space at home and let us know in the comments which table you chose to work from home.

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