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Elegant Wine Glasses Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Wine Glasses Of 2022

Sipping on delicious wine after a tiresome day at work is one of the most relaxing luxuries that life offers us. Wine is probably the most popular alcoholic drink that people prefer for a soothing effect and many health benefits. Wine has been a popular drink that accompanies meals, especially dinner since the ancient times but now wine is not just something that comes with dinners, it is something that starts a conversation, it is something that helps you create a billion memories with your loved ones, it is something that lifts you up when you are feeling down. In other words, it’s more than just a drink, it’s your partner for life. 

Having wine the right way is like a ritual, if done wrong it will fail miserably, and hence wine glasses are just as popular as wine itself. Do you think wine can be had in absolutely any tumbler? If so then you are committing blasphemy, at least for wine lovers! What if we told you that Choosing the right glass to have your favorite wine is just as important a decision as buying wine. 

This article will take you into the realm of wine glasses and will try to educate you about every single thing you might need to know in your quest for the best wine glasses ever. Wine glasses come in a number of shapes and sizes and are made using different materials. Wine glasses are a special crockery item. They have a standard structure and serve the singular purpose of delivering delectable wines. 

Wine glasses are the first thing you think about right after you open your wine bottle. Once you see the gorgeous garnet-colored red wine or beautifully translucent white wine in your favorite wine glass and admire the breathtaking beauty of this nectar of gods, you feel grateful for the simple pleasures that life offers us. 

People have been using a specific type of glass to drink wine since ancient times but since times have advanced so has the basic design of wine glasses. When we think of modern-day wine glasses, we think of a design that is basically a bowl with a stem and a base. This type of glass known as wine glass came around in the 1400s in Venice. During that time Venice was the glass-blowing center of the world. The Venetians had learned to purify their alkaline source and make ‘Cristallo’ which is the clearest form of glass. This form of glass however was not durable. These glasses deteriorated very soon.

In the 17th century, the English created a glass industry of their own. They used sea-coal to blow glasses. It created higher temperatures making hotter furnaces which in turn strengthened the glass. Earlier it was customary not to have a wine bottle or wine glass on your dinner table. The wine glass which looked like a modern-day shot glass was handed to people and they were expected to chug it in one gulp. 

Towards the end of the century, however, wine bottles made their way to dinner tables and so did the wine glasses. This was the time when people began to take pleasure in pouring their own wine in these intricately designed elegant classes. Wine glasses now play a role more than just a container. They add to aesthetic pleasure and are more of a decorative necessity in modern households. They are designed now to be functional but are equally sophisticated. 

The modern-day wine glass can be found in many different designs based on function and look.

Let’s have a look at the most famous wine glasses

  • Stemmed Goblet wine glass- This type of wine glass is basically a bowl with a stem and it is large in size. They have an intricate design that sets them apart as the most aesthetically pleasing wine glasses. This type of wine glass is perfect to have heavy-bodied red wine.
  • Spill-proof wine glass- As the name suggests these glasses are specifically designed for extra protection from tipping and spilling wine. These glasses completely eliminate the chances of falling over. 
  • Bordeaux wine glass- This type of wine glass is specifically designed for heavy and full-bodied wines. It is smaller than a regular red wine glass. It is tall in structure which helps maximize the flavor of the wine it holds.  It holds about 21 to 22 Oz of liquid. This wine glass is perfect for Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Alicante Bouchet or Bordeaux blends.
  • Pinot noir wine glass- These wine glasses are specifically designed with specific grape varieties in mind. Burgundy glass is used to make pinot noir glasses. They are shorter than Bourdeaux glasses but they have a bigger bowl. The structure of the glass is such that the wine is directed to the tip of your tongue when you drink wine from a pinot noir glass. To highlight the aromas of wine, this wine glass is chosen. 
  • Balloon wine glass-This type of wine glass is much more rounded than other wine glasses. It is almost spherical in shape. In fact, it is the shape of this glass that determines its type. These glasses are ideal for red wine.  The design of this wine glass lets your wine breathe and exposes more of it to the air. This allows ethanol to evaporate and tannins to soften. If you really love wine then a balloon glass is a must-have for you.
  • Aerating wine glass- These wine glasses come with a built-in aerator which allows you to quickly maximize the quality of your wine. It enhances the taste of the wine by evaporating compounds that give it an undesirable flavor. Using a self aerating wine glass will bring a greater depth of flavor to your wine.
  • Vintage wine glasses- These glasses are made in many shapes and sizes and most of them look like chalices. They have beautiful patterns and colors.

Since you are reading this article, it is very obvious that you understand the importance of having wine in the right type of wine glass. We are sure you’re also aware of the many reasons wine glasses are designed the way they are.

Let’s have a look at the following details about wine glasses which will further tempt you to get some wine glasses for yourself right away

  • The different shapes of wine glasses are meant for specific types of wines. The shape of the glass allows it to collect aromas and deliver the wine exactly the way it is supposed to taste.
  • The shape of a wine glass can help concentrate the aromas in the wine and that’s why wine glasses should never be filled up to the brim. The wine should be allowed to breathe. The design of a wine glass is such that once it is filled halfway, it will have the perfect quantity and quality. 
  • The lips of a wine glass are made thin so that they are not in the way and let you enjoy your drinking experience.
  • Swirling wine around in the glass is important to unlock all the aromas of your wine and a wine glass allows you to do exactly that. The structure of a wine glass allows you to swirl the wine comfortably without spilling it on the floor; you cannot do that in any other type of glass.

If you still think that the right kind of wine glass doesn’t matter, we suggest you do a glass tasting. Drink a glass of wine from a water glass and another in a wine glass. You will notice the difference on your own. The whole experience of wine tasting revolves around the shape and design of wine glasses, yes, they are that important. Each different design of a wine glass is suitable for different types of wine, however, there are a few universal wine glasses that can be used for all types of wine. If you are a wine enthusiast there is no need for us to convince you, but if you are a beginner, we would surely like you to try out wine in specific glasses made for this very purpose. 

Following is the list of the best wine glasses available in the market. Wine glasses keep the aromas of your wine intact. Read the reviews and choose accordingly

1. Godinger wine glasses

Price : $17.95


  • This is a set of 4 wine glasses with a timeless design
  •  These glasses are made in a European glass factory using lead-free crystal glass
  •  These wine glass glasses are the perfect choice for an elegant gift
  •  The brand is known worldwide for their excellent quality products
  •  The structure of these wine glasses allows you to taste brilliant wine
  •  These glasses are made using lead-free material and are completely dishwasher safe
  • The base and the stem of the glass make it very easy to be held 


Customers claimed that this is a high-quality glassware product from Godinger. These wine glasses are very well made and they look elegant. They have a sturdy base and are very easy to hold. By the look of it, you can tell that they are made with good quality glass and that there are no imperfections on the bowl, the stem, or the base. 

They can be easily washed in the dishwasher and therefore the customers were very happy with the product.  These glasses hold a significant amount of wine which is great.  The customers were very happy with the design, price, and exceptional packaging.

Some customers complained that the glasses are very fragile and need to be handled with extreme care. 

Overall, the customers really liked this product and highly recommended it. These glasses will allow you to taste wine just the way it is supposed to taste the best thing about these glasses is you can either wash them by hand or you can throw them in a dishwasher. Customers were happy that these affordable wine glasses are highly functional and elegant looking.

2. Cortunex wine glasses

Price : $12.99


  • These unique glasses are designed in a manner that makes them 100% spill resistant 
  • The material used to make these wine glasses is of excellent quality. They are thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top. The lip of these glasses is very thin which allows you to taste wine the best.
  • These glasses are dishwasher safe and lead-free 
  • They make the wine spark beautifully and are as strong as crystal glassware
  • The capacity of these glasses is perfect for wine.


The customers were not particularly thrilled with this product.  Some customers who liked it said that it is the perfect wine glass and must be bought by every wine lover, however, some people expressed their concerns over the size of this glass. They felt that the wine glasses are too small.  Some even said that the glasses are so small that they hold about 2 tablespoons of liquid. Anything more than that will spill. They also said that for the kind of performance these glasses are extremely expensive.  

Some customers also faced problems while washing these glasses as they tend to break easily. The customers felt that in order to make the glass extremely thin the quality was compromised. Some customers who really liked this product said that the design is very cute and the glasses are even thinner than one would expect which might be a good thing and a bad thing. The thin lips give you a great wine tasting experience but at the same time make the glass extremely fragile. 

Customers were dissatisfied with this product and only a small number of customers recommended buying these glasses. If you are somebody looking for extremely thin wine glasses then these glasses are for you.

3. KROSNO wine glasses

Price :$45.99


  • This is a set of 6 wine glasses made using crystalline glass
  •  They are very durable and resistant to damage
  •  They can be easily washed in a dishwasher
  •  The design of these wine classes is elegant and simple
  •  They are manufactured by European glass manufacturers known for their exceptional craftsmanship and extremely durable products
  •  The capacity of this wine glass is good enough to hold a significant amount of wine while protecting the delicate aroma and softening the tannins.


Reviewed by popular wine tasters, these wine glasses are extremely popular and functional.  The glass structure will concentrate the aromas and direct them to your nose. They also air the wine in a good amount of time and do not overexpose it.  The lip of these glasses is very thin but strong.  Some customers complained that the top of this wine glass is a little heavy.  These glasses look luxurious and are a great competition to their more expensive counterparts.

Some customers said that these wine glasses are not exactly classy or strong.  The capacity of these glasses is great and they hold a lot more than a regular wine glass. Some users said that these wine glasses might be very fragile as they are too thin. Some customers even received broken wine glasses in their packages. 

Customers said that these glasses are of great quality and have the perfect thickness of glass. They are neither too thick nor thin. They do not break easily and look twice as expensive as they are. Customers recommend these glasses because they are beautiful, they look stylish, and are suitable for either red or white wine. 

4. Riedel wine glasses

Price : $52.97 ~ $65.00


  • These gorgeous wine glasses are produced by the world-renowned Austrian glassmakers
  •  They are made using 24% lead crystal that adds clarity and brilliance to their design
  •  These glasses are dishwasher safe however it is recommended by the manufacturer that they must be washed by hand to maintain the shine and clarity
  •  They are the perfect gift choice as they look extremely elegant and are a quintessential example of what wine glasses should look like.


These wine glasses were received very positively by the customers as they can be used with each type of wine.  The design of the glasses directs the wine to the specific areas of your tongue allowing you to taste it the best way. Some customers said that they had a great wine tasting experience when using these glasses.  they are extremely beautiful and are recommended by all the customers

Customers said that these glasses might be a little fragile and therefore you need to be careful while using and washing them. the lip is quite thin and must be handled with extreme care.

The size and shape of these glasses are elegant yet durable. customers said that every wine lover should have at least two of these wine glasses.  They said that they love drinking wine out of these glasses as they look perfect. The brand is very well known for its exceptionally good quality products. Therefore most customers recommend buying these wine glasses. they are not only beautiful but are extremely sturdy but delicate enough to give you a luxurious wine tasting experience. 

5. Restaurantware wine glasses

Price : $68.97


  • These exceptional wine glasses are made from premium lead-free crystal which gives them amazing clarity and great quality
  •  These glasses have a classic wine glass shape that expertly presents the flavor complexities and aromas of the wine. 
  •  They are laser cut on the top and have a narrow stem that is extremely easy to hold. The base is strong and sturdy and keeps the glass in place.
  • These fine-blown crystal wine glasses are made to precision and are extremely durable
  • They can be washed in a dishwasher as they are made to withstand that strength.


The customers were very happy with these wine glasses as they are well designed and do not have even a single negative characteristic. Customers were happy that they were able to wash these elegant glasses in the dishwasher. The size of these wine glasses is perfect. It allows them to be stored easily. Customers said that these glasses are great but they are made for white wine only. Red wine might not be the perfect pick for these glasses.

The glasses are very elegant looking and the lip is very thin. Customers said that they really like this product as they look very appealing and are perfect for drinking wine. Many customers were also happy with the packaging and very few of them said that they received damaged products. These glasses are the perfect size for entertaining guests and for having a little bit of wine with your dinner. 

With these glasses, you can be sure of never overserving wine to your guests before dinner. The stem of these glasses is strong enough to be held for a long time without breaking. Some customers said that these glasses might be a little flimsy and that’s why they must be used carefully.

6. MyGift wine glasses

Price : $39.99


  • These attractive electroplated ombre rose gold crystal glasses are a set of four stemware glasses. 
  •  They are perfect for serving red or white wine or even sparkling water. You can also use them to serve other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The capacity of these glasses is 9 oz.
  •  They can be used at home, for parties, weddings, holidays, and for wine tasting events.
  • The ombre rose gold effect on these glasses is really captivating as it creates a beautiful display with both types of wine.
  •  It is recommended not to wash these glasses in the dishwasher as they might get damaged.


The customers said that these wine glasses are the best ones out there. They said that these glasses are absolutely beautiful, in fact, they are better looking in person. The ombre effect on these glasses is stunning and makes them look lovely with wine in them. The packaging is great and none of the glasses get damaged during shipping. Customers said that they must not be put in a dishwasher as black spots might appear. They must be washed lightly by hand and kept in a safe place. 

The customers said that the size of these glasses is a little large. If they were a little smaller they would have looked even more elegant. They are very lightweight but very beautiful. Customers said that you must be extra careful while washing these glasses as they are very delicate. 

These are a great gift choice as they look very beautiful, especially the rose gold ombre effect. Customers said that they were completely satisfied with their purchase of these glasses but some also complained that the gold effect flakes off after some time. 

7. Bacador wine glasses

Price : $26.97 ~ $30.97


  • These wine glasses have a modern yet elegant design. They are basically champagne glasses but serve as excellent wine glasses too.
  •  They are made using crystal which is lead-free and gives complete clarity. The rim is laser cut to precision
  • It’s an excellent gift that is perfect to be given at weddings, birthdays, or any festival.
  • The design of this glass makes it perfect to serve Prosecco, Mimosas, Sparkling wine, and delicious cocktails. They are sturdy and can be returned if broken during transit.


Customers like these glasses.  They have a beautiful shape and the quality is great too.  They are made of thin crystal and look very pretty.  These serve as perfect champagne flutes but might be a little fragile. Customers highly praised the customer service of this brand and recommend buying these glasses to serve not just wine or champagne but different types of cocktails. They also make a fancy wedding gift without costing too much. These glasses cost very little but do not show any evidence of warping

Customers said that these glasses are better than they expected. They look extremely sophisticated and come very well packaged. They also said that this product will not disappoint them in any way whatsoever.

These wine glasses have the perfect size and shape which make them extremely popular. The packaging is also elegant. Customers recommend using a bottle brush to wash these glasses by hand.  Washing them this way will help maintain their quality and shine. Some customers complained that the mouth of the glass might be too narrow to drink comfortably from but this complaint did not come from many customers.

8. Kingrol wine glasses

Price : $26.99


  • These beautifully designed wine glasses are durable and are made using heavy glass.
  • They are BPA free and lead-free which makes them healthy for daily usage
  • These glasses have a beautiful design all over them which makes them look vintage yet modern.
  • These glasses can be used for different types of drinks and not just wine. You can serve your favorite cocktails, ice tea, lemonade, and different beverages in these glasses.
  • They are perfect to be given as a gift at weddings, birthdays, or any celebrations
  • They have a capacity of 10 oz and this set has four of these glasses. 


Customers absolutely love these wine glasses and said that they are a work of art. They felt that these glasses were a little on the expensive side but the design and quality is completely worth it. Some customers even said that it felt like royalty drinking wine in these glasses. 

Customers were happy that these glasses look exactly like the pictures. They are very beautiful yet very sturdy. The packaging of these glasses was done securely and so they were not damaged at all. None of the customers had anything bad or negative to say about these glasses. all they had to say was that these glasses are the most beautiful ones they own and the quality did not disappoint them. They also suggested washing his glasses gently by hand using a mild detergent to keep them looking new for ages. 

These glasses can be used to serve any beverage or even water. Feel like kings and Queens with these perfect glasses and give them to your family members. They will be thrilled to receive these vintage-designed gorgeousca wine glasses.

9. Luxebe wine glasses

Price : $44.09


  • These balloon-style wine glasses are a set of four wine glasses. These are perfect for you if you like a full-bodied wine.
  • The shape of these glasses will make your wine taste exquisite.
  • These glasses have a capacity of 21 pounds which is perfect so you don’t have to keep refilling your cup again and again
  • The brand manufactures the sturdiest wine glasses. These are made of pure crystal and are lead-free.
  • These glasses can be easily washed in a dishwasher without worrying about them getting damaged


These wine glasses received many positive reviews from the customers. They said that these glasses are very nicely balanced with the balloon shape and hold the wine really well. The glass is flawless, smooth, and strong. 

Customers recommend these glasses to all wine lovers. These glasses are also very well packaged with styrofoam packaging and therefore each glass comes in perfect condition. Customers also said that these glasses are very well made without any imperfections and the rim of the glass has the right thickness. They are neither the two thin nor too thick. These glasses are a little on the bigger side which is a feature many customers liked and many did not. 

Some customers said that they did not like the design as it looked cheap but most users seemed to highly recommend this product for either everyday usage or entertaining. They also said that these glasses are strong enough for daily usage, they are also lightweight and therefore can be washed by hand very easily. Customers were happy that these glasses look exactly as advertised and have the same capacity as listed. They recommend these glasses for anybody looking for balloon-style wine glasses.

10. Chevalier Collection wine glasses

Price : $59.00


  • These unique glasses are a set of two Sommelier aerating wine glasses which are beautifully delivered in premium gift packaging.
  • These glasses are hand-blown to elegance. They are made of Pyrex glass which makes them extra durable and ultra-clear.
  • They are a great addition to every wine enthusiast’s wine glass collection
  • These glasses are tested by wine enthusiasts all over the country
  • Since these glasses are self aerating, there is no need for a third party wine aerator
  • They are completely dishwasher safe.


These are probably the best wine glasses on this list as they received many compliments from their customers. People were very happy to have purchased these unique wine glasses. They said that they have received countless compliments from their guests and inquiries about where they got these glasses from. Some customers bought these classes as gifts and said that the recipients absolutely loved their gift. They look extremely cool because of the aerating feature.

Some customers said that because of the aerating design these glasses become extremely fragile. It is difficult to wash them by hand and there is a chance they might break if you put them in a dishwasher. 

Customers said that the aerating effect is cool to look at but doesn’t really do anything for the taste of the wine and therefore it might be a useless design. These glasses, however, will make an elegant gift choice for anybody. They look stunning and have a unique design.  They are not very heavyweight and are therefore very easy to hold. They are wonderful to look at and at the same time very practical and functional. They are highly recommended by all users. 


1. How to hold a wine glass correctly?

To some people, this might sound utterly ridiculous but there is a right way and a wrong way to hold a wine glass. Holding a wine glass is not very difficult but doing it the right way will allow you to enjoy your wine in a more sophisticated manner and at the right temperature. To hold a traditional wine glass the correct way follow these steps:

  • Hold the stem of your glass between your thumb and the first two fingers. Place your fingers on the lower half of the stem and your middle finger should rest on the stem just above the base.
  • Ideally only these 3 fingers should come in contact with the glass. This is important to collect the aroma of your wine.
  • Holding your wine glass in this manner will provide stability and will preserve the temperature of the wine.

2. What’s the point of wine glasses?

There is a lot of hype surrounding wine glasses in the market and let us assure you that this is not in vain. It is very well deserved. The proper stemware makes a whole lot of difference when it comes to the aromatics of wine and therefore, a terrible glass will devalue your expensive wine. If you want to enjoy full-bodied wine, wine glasses are an absolute necessity. Wine glasses help the movement of Ethanol vapors in your wine helping you taste it better. Therefore it is extremely important to have wine in a carefully selected wine glass.

Wine glasses are certainly very important but it’s not compulsory that one particular type of wine should be drunk in one particular type of wine glass. Any wine glass can be used to drink any wine provided they have a standard structure of a wine glass. A thin lip is also something that is necessary because a thicker lip gets in the way and does not allow a fuller wine tasting experience.

3. What are wine glasses made of?

Different types of wine glasses are made using various materials. Some of them are as follows

  • Soda-lime glass-this type of glass is extremely affordable and is nonporous. It does not absorb chemical aromas and is dishwasher safe. These glasses however are thicker but also more durable.
  • Crystal–  these wine glasses have 2 to 30% added minerals.  These minerals allow crystal glasses to be much thinner than regular glass and still be strong. Wine in crystal glassware looks sparkly as crystal refracts light better
  • Other materials like acrylic, metal, stainless steel, and silicone are also used to make cheap wine glasses durable but not classy.

By now we hope you have realized that the experience of drinking wine is always better in a wine glass. The U shape of a wine glass allows it to remain aromatic and keep the temperature perfect. Wine drinking is considered an experience of luxury and therefore it is important to have a proper glass for wine- not just for flavor but also for a soothing drinking experience. 

A wine glass is that perfect vehicle that transfers decades-old wine to you exactly the way it was supposed to taste and smell. The value of wine glasses cannot be more emphasized at this point. Buy the best wine glasses from our list above and let us know in the comments which glass you chose to satisfy your need for a luxurious wine tasting. 

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