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Chill With The Choicest Mini Refrigerators Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Chill with the choicest mini refrigerators of 2021

Are you short on space? Or living in a hostel or shared home? If you’re sharing a house with a flatmate and keep wondering how your cake or sandwiches keep disappearing, we can understand your plight. How frustrating is it when you get back from a day of hard work only to find your favorite beer gone from the fridge! Does all this sound familiar? If yes then you must certainly think about the wonderful machine called ‘Mini Refrigerator’

With a mini refrigerator you will reach the level of comfort and relaxation only those on a vacation feel. Mini refrigerators are the perfect home appliance to store beverages, food items or your expensive beauty products.

Mini refrigerators are basically just a smaller version of regular sized refrigerators but they’re better in a number of ways. Think of a night when you were craving some ice cream but felt too lazy to get up from your toasty bed to fetch something to eat from the fridge. Forget that! A mini fridge by your bedside is what you need. Keep your midnight snacks, beverages, and what not in your mini fridge, in the privacy of your own room. 

It would not be fair to say that a mini fridge can be a replacement for a regular sized fridge. But, consider this- a nice little magic box in your room that gives you access to a cold brew, ice cream or your favorite piece of cake anytime. Sounds heavenly, right? Well, you’re one step away from having that luxury. Mini refrigerators have been around for quite some time and have played a major role in giving us a comfortable life. 

Whether you’re a student living in a dorm, a new house owner looking to up your man cave game, or a fan of the next-gen mini houses, a mini fridge is always an essential accessory for you. A mini fridge is such a gadget that moves back and forth between necessity and luxury. Need it for your man cave- luxury, need one for your dorm room- necessity. It is a versatile piece of machinery that will be there for you to cheer you up with an ice cream cup in times of trouble and help you celebrate with a cold drink in a time of prosperity. 

By now you’re definitely on board to invest in this incredible invention but before you go ahead let’s explore the mechanism, precautions, price, capacity- the whole ball of wax.

How do mini refrigerators work?

A mini refrigerator like its regular sized cousin is an insulated box for cooling food and beverages. It has a storage area surrounded by a closed-circuit system of coils that circulates refrigerant. The system continuously absorbs heat from the inside of the unit and releases it to the outside. 

The compressor moves the refrigerant through the system. It adds pressure to the warm fluid that flows through it, which heats and turns it into vapor. The vapor escapes into the condenser coils on the back of the fridge. The vapor then travels to the condenser coils, cools down and turns into a fluid again. The fluid passes through the expansion valve which sprays it into the evaporator coils on the inside of the fridge.

As the refrigerant condenses, it absorbs heat from the inside of the fridge. As it evaporates it releases that heat on the outside of the fridge. This is the continuous cycle of its operation and it is important to understand this so as to not harm your mini fridge by unknowingly placing it in a tightly packed space which might be a hazard.

What to look for in a mini refrigerator?

As the name suggests, a mini refrigerator must fit in a small space, so the first thing you need to check for is the amount of space you can devote to your mini fridge. Measure the space and then check the measurements given for the product. Remember, your space must be a little bigger than the dimensions of the mini refrigerator. 

Mini fridges are a piece of versatile equipment and come in all shapes and sizes. The capacity of a mini fridge ranges from 1.4 to 4.4 cubic feet. If you need a mini refrigerator to store plenty of snacks and beverages then buy one which is on the bigger side but do not forget the space factor. Depending on the capacity, there are several types of mini refrigerators available in the market;

  • Drinks mini refrigerator- This mini refrigerator can only store drinks, beverages or water. It has a temperature setting suitable to cool only fluids. You cannot store snacks or fruits or vegetables in this type of mini refrigerator.
  • Counter high compact mini refrigerator- This type of mini refrigerator can fit under the counter of your kitchen. There are two variants of it- single door and a double door. They are roomy and will let you store everything from food to drinks in this one. They come with a lock, freezer, dispenser, and light. Since you can store so much in this type of refrigerator it is surely more expensive.
  • Mid-sized mini refrigerator– The number of selves in this type is more as compared to any other type which means more storage space and organisation. They come with a freezer and are quite expensive. 
  • Cube mini refrigerator- These are very compact with fewer compartments which mean they can fit easily in small spaces. 
  • Travel mini refrigerator- They are portable refrigerators that can be carried along while you’re traveling. You can store both food and drinks in them. They are generally neither very durable nor expensive. 

Some mini refrigerators come with a built-in freezer. If you eat mostly pre-packaged food and frozen vegetables and fruits then you most certainly need one with a freezer. If you’re only planning to keep a few snacks and drinks then you can do with one without a freezer. 

A mini refrigerator will serve you best if you consider all the factors before buying. You will find a lot of seemingly endless options once you start your shopping: the types, sizes, technical terms used to lure customers. You will be staggered by the variety of options available and that’s why we have shortlisted the best mini refrigerators of 2021 for you. Have a look at the following list and decide for yourself

1.Astro AI Mini Fridge

Price: $36.79~ $49.99
  • This mini refrigerator is perfect for dorms due to its compact size. It can easily fit into small spaces and does not make any noise. You can store up to 6 cans of beverage (4 liters capacity) in this mini fridge. You can carry it along with you on journeys too.
  • With this mini refrigerator, you can not only cool items but you can keep them warm too, however, it will not heat up items for you.
  • The shelves in it are removable. You can store milk, cosmetics, food or medications easily in it. It’s also got a top handle with which you can hold it and carry it with you while you travel.
  • The mini fridge comes with AC/DC adapters. Two plugs are included in the package for both standard wall outlets and 12 V cigarette lighters in vehicles. Only turn your mini fridge on when the engine of your vehicle is on or you’ll risk draining your vehicle’s battery.
  • This cute mini refrigerator is not just about looks. It’s also eco friendly as it’s built-in with a semi-conductor refrigeration chip which is freon free and environment friendly.
  • It is CE, FCC, ETL, RoHS certified and comes with a 3-years warranty. With constant customer support, there is assurance and satisfaction. 

This mini refrigerator is highly recommended because it works as advertised. It will be a great addition to your car. It’s extremely lightweight and handy. It cools items down reasonably quickly. It will meet your needs if you’re looking for a mini fridge to keep a few beverages cool or store your luxurious and expensive skin care products. It is preached as a classy, stylish, and convenient mini fridge by the customers. 

2. Cooluli Skin care mini fridge

Price: $49.99
  • The Cooluli mini fridge is a classic 4 liter thermo electric cooler/ warmer mini fridge which is compact, lightweight, and portable. It cools down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit below ambient temperature and warms up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • It comes in 7 attractive matte color options, the special one being the cow print! The design is modern and edgy. 
  • You can use it for multiple purposes- store food, drinks, snacks, breast milk, insulin, skincare items, beer, medications, etc.
  • This mini refrigerator is built using smart technology. The semi-conductor operation is energy efficient, very quiet, and environment friendly. 
  • The Cooluli mini refrigerator can be used with the AC and DC power cords which are included in the package and it is suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors. A USB cord is also included for extra flexibility. 
  • With its 4lbs weight and molded inset top handle, transporting has become very easy, even when it is filled completely. The removable shelf and container basket give you more space and storage options. 
  • This mini refrigerator is low cost and energy efficient as it is powered by Ecomax technology.

Considering all the amazing features of this mini refrigerator and the price, it is highly recommended. The parts are durable and will last long if you take good care of it. It will keep your beverages cold and your lunch warm. The fan in this refrigerator isn’t any louder than a laptop or computer fan. It is especially recommended by users keeping their skincare products in it. Because of its tiny size you can easily stack it anywhere in your room.

3. RCA RFR321-FR320/ 8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator

Price: $127.49~ $349.98
  • This RCA single door mini refrigerator with freezer is compact enough to fit in any spot in your room. It combines a contemporary style with cutting edge refrigeration technology.
  • The sleek design and bright colours of this refrigerator will give your room that edgy look.
  • The total capacity of this mini refrigerator is 3.2 cubic feet. It has a lot of space to store your food and beverages inside it. The two racks inside can be easily adjusted according to your requirements. The shelves and beverage holders in the door provide extra storage options. 
  • The reversible door enables you to adjust it according to your kitchen layout. An adjustable thermostat allows you to keep your cooled item at an optimum temperature. 
  • With the amount of space available inside this mini refrigerator you can store a number of things like food and drinks, cosmetics and medicines.

This beautiful and colourful refrigerator is recommended by its users for its top-quality performance. It’s silent and lightweight. It is the perfect size and has the holding capacity for all size beer cans, soda mixers, wine bottles etc. The low asking price and great quality make this mini refrigerator one of the best sellers. 

4. Midea WHS- 87LB1 Mini Refrigerator

Price: $135.23~ $158.84
  • This little refrigerator by Midea is one of the leading products in the market. It has a streamlined look that will compliment the look of any room’s style or setting. They’re perfect for European kitchens, galley kitchens and small apartments.
  • This mini refrigerator is made with whisper quiet technology. It does not make any sound at and is therefore suitable to be kept in nurseries, bedrooms, hospitals, libraries, offices and other quiet places. 
  • It will cool your food and drinks quickly, efficiently and evenly without any warm spots. The food will be evenly cold regardless of where in the fridge it’s kept. 
  • It comes with a compartment fit for storing frozen foods. It will keep your food frozen, however, it cannot be used to make ice cubes. 
  • The temperature adjustment ranges from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 356 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Its design features adjustable legs and a reversible door that can open from left or right according to your kitchen layout.
  • This amazing mini refrigerator is an energy saver and is energy star rated. It comes with a one year warranty too!

This mini refrigerator has been praised by its users for its extremely silent mechanism and the roomy yet compact size. It is relatively lightweight and has ample room to store your food and drinks. It cools really well at default settings and is a reliable gadget. It is durable and made using sturdy materials. It has adjustable shelves in it which can be set to the height you want. There is storage space in the fridge door also where you can store your food and drinks like a regular sized fridge. 

5. Homelabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

Price : $319.97

  • The Homelabs beverage cooler is ideal to cool your drinks and always have them within your reach. 
  • It has the capacity to store 120 cans and can be stored under your kitchen counter. The design is beautiful with a glass front door and a stainless-steel frame. It has three adjustable and removable shelves. On the inside it has a white LED light that illuminates for easy night time selection. 
  • It is built-in with advanced temperature controls. It has an easy touch temperature control that cools down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit and a large digital display for quick monitoring and setting of any temperature of the cooler.
  • This beverage refrigerator is heavy duty and features energy efficient advanced technology. It has a whisper quiet compressor that works with a small convection fan to cool quickly. 
  • The coolest feature is the auto defrosting function. It is designed with an additional temperature sensor for auto defrost mode. 
  • This mini refrigerator can be used only to cool your drinks. Please do not store fresh foods and meats in it. 

This beverage cooler is built using amazing technology and its touch buttons are sensitive and work great. The cooling system and insulation are top notch and allow the refrigerator to easily stay at 40 degrees and even lower temperatures. It is aesthetically pleasing and has ample space inside to store your drinks. Attention was paid to all the little things while this refrigerator was made- the temperature doesn’t fluctuate, keeps everything cool and the door closes perfectly. It is a value for money product which guarantees perfect performance. 

6.Black + Decker Compact Refrigerator

Price : $148.02
  • The Black+ Decker mini refrigerator is compact in size making it suitable for placing it almost anywhere you want.
  • It is perfect for keeping your beverages, meals from home or left overs from last night. It is spacious and is surprisingly able to accommodate a lot of food and drinks inside. The dedicated freezer section will keep your frozen foods perfectly frozen and your ice cream intact in the tub. 
  • It is ideal for your home, office or dorm room. The removable glass shelf expands storage space and makes it easy to clean. You can also store two small cans of soda or beer on the top shelf of the door and tall bottles or containers in the bottom shelf. 
  • This mini fridge is loaded with convenient features like a reversible door, levelling legs, and adjustable temperature control. The small freezer fits ice packs, most frozen dinners and the included ice tray.
  • It is a perfectly silent appliance, which means you can use it even in nurseries where you can store milk for easy feeding.
  • This mini refrigerator comes with one year warranty for its parts and labour and two years warranty for the compressor. 

It is a top tier quality refrigerator according to customers. It starts up each time without any problems, runs smooth and cools well. The door is very easy to reverse but the main attraction is the energy usage. It’s an energy saver and will allow you to cool your drinks and food without any glitches. It is absolutely perfect to be kept in your bedroom and the users claimed that they couldn’t be happier with this nice little refrigerator. 

7. NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler

Price: $299.00~ $419.99
  • The NewAir beverage cooler is designed to provide you with extra space to store 126 cans. It has 4 adjustable shelves and a stainless-steel framed glass door. 
  • The beverage cooler comes built- in with LED light and set-it-and-forget- it thermostat. The thermostat has 7 settings which can chill down to 37 degrees. 
  • It is a silent refrigerator with a quiet 35 decibel compressor which makes it ideal for homes. Offices, hospital rooms, libraries etc.
  • This cooling machine is only meant to be used for drinks. Please do not refrigerate foods or any perishables inside it.

The NewAir beverage cooler is recognised as a reliable beverage fridge by customers. Its design is much appreciated as it is modern and fits into most places. If you’re looking for a nice enough beverage cooler at an affordable price then this one should be your first choice. 

8. Euhomy minfridge with freezer

Price: $259.99~ $269.99
  • This mini refrigerator by Euhomy comes with automatic noise reduction compressors which keep its noise level to the lowest.
  • The temperature in this mini fridge is uniform from top to bottom. With its advanced 3D refrigeration technology, you can choose from 7 temperature settings. The temperature settings allow you to adjust the temperature of the fridge for your bedroom according to your own needs. Since the refrigerator is equipped with a powerful compressor it does not create any noise and is therefore perfect to be used in libraries, offices, nurseries etc. 
  • The design of the fridge is quite unique as it comes with a built in LED light. There are multi layered shelves which are adjustable and a crisper drawer where you can keep food to prevent odour.
  • The reversible designed door is very convenient to you as you can change the opening side according to the layout of the place you’re putting it in.
  • This mini refrigerator has a UL energy certificate and consumes only 0.98 kwh per day.

This fridge is highly recommended for its silent presence as it uses automatic noise reduction compressors. It is an absorption mini fridge which keeps the noise level to the minimum. There is a little temperature difference from the top to the bottom. It cools food quickly and evenly. It saves energy and keeps food fresh. In this spacious mini fridge, you can store as many as 8 frozen dinners and 4 half gallons of ice cream in the freezer and a few more items in the storage space provided on the door. This product is appreciated by the customers greatly as it is value for money.

9. Frigidaire retro bar mini fridge

Price: $123.16~ $312.19
  • This retro style mini fridge is the ultimate appliance you need in your house. It’s a 3.2 cubic feet mini refrigerator which also has a bottle opener on the side. 
  • It has glass shelves which can be removed to create extra space or to meet your needs. The thermostat in this fridge is adjustable and it is also CNC free.
  • The gallon door accommodates tall bottles, there’s a fresh food compartment and a freezer compartment.
  • The noise produced by this fridge is negligible and it cools the food items or drinks very quickly.
  • It is a sturdy and well- built refrigerator which will last a very long time. The size of this fridge is also very convenient as it is compact and can fit into most spaces. 

The most attractive feature of this mini fridge is definitely the looks. It comes in 7 colour options and each colour is better than the other. It has a retro look which will make your kitchen or bedroom ten times more beautiful. When we talk about performance, the customers swear by its quality and the perfect cooling system. It has plenty of room to keep all kinds of food items and drinks. This product has been claimed as ‘A value for its performance’ by the customers.

10.Antarctic Star Wine Cooler/ Cabinet Beverage Refrigerator

Price: $209.99~ $389.99
  • This mini refrigerator is especially manufactured for cooling drinks and wine. This refrigerator cools wines to the ideal temperature so they remain delicious, flavourful and crisp.
  • This wine cooler enables you to store your wines in optimal conditions for long term aging. You can choose temperature settings ranging from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 61 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • The design is very stylish and modern. The gorgeous glass door is reinforced with airtight seal to maintain ideal humidity level and the blue soft LED light makes it look even more appealing. 
  • This beverage cooler can easily store wine bottles as it has the capacity of 1.6 cubic feet. It is also perfect for beer cans. You can now store your bottles efficiently because of the horizontal shelf design.
  • It is equipped with an advanced cooling system that will always keep your beverages at the perfect temperature without rattling or gurgling sounds. 

Wine aficionados will find this mini refrigerator appealing as it is designed specially to serve the purposes of storing wines. This product is designed not to preserve your wines but to age them. It brings out the wine’s true characteristics and full flavour potential. Its adjustable temperature feature is liked by all its users. The knob for adjustment is located outside the unit so as to not disturb the cooling process of your valuable wines. The largest wine cabinet is equipped with a touch panel and the other two wine cabinets have rotating temperature buttons that can be used to adjust the temperature according to your requirements. 

A mini refrigerator is a great kitchen appliance and will give you a lot of freedom, luxury and power, but with great power comes great responsibility. You must always keep a few things in mind while using a mini fridge to use it safely. Following are the things you must and must not do with your mini refrigerators:


  • Always buy from a reputable dealer and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Electrical appliances must be used with extra caution.
  • Do regular checks of the plug and socket for burn marks and seek help if you see these marks or hear crackling and buzzing sounds coming from the plug. 
  • Always ensure that there are no papers or flammable materials in the place where you’re planning to store your mini fridge.
  • There must be ample space between the fridge and the wall so as to allow air to circulate freely. 


  • Don’t connect the refrigerator to the power supply till all packaging material has been removed.
  • Don’t block the interior or exterior ventilation opening of the mini fridge.
  • Don’t trap cables beneath the mini fridge while setting it up. 
  • Don’t use a mini fridge outdoors unless it is a portable one. 
  • Don’t place a mini fridge near cookers, radiators or in direct sunlight.


1. What all can I use my mini refrigerator for?

The purposes for which you use your mini refrigerator vary greatly depending on the type of mini refrigerator you have or are looking to buy. If you decide to get a portable mini refrigerator you can literally use it anywhere you want. They are ideal for outdoor activities. 

A mini fridge can also be used at offices to keep your lunch safe from other employees who might sniff your food and claim it for themselves. A mini fridge can be an amazingly helpful addition to your workspace. It will help keep you hydrated and well- fed. 

If you get a beverage cooler, you can use it to entertain your guests with cold beverages. A mini beverage refrigerator will give you the perfect space to stash all the bar accoutrements without any clutter of perishables or food items. 

2. How much electricity is my mini fridge going to consume?

A mini refrigerator consumes 55 to 85 watts per hour. According to this, the annual electricity consumption of your mini refrigerator will be 160 kwh. A mini refrigerator will reduce your energy use if you have a habit of frequently opening the refrigerator. 

Some mini refrigerators are significantly more efficient than the others when it comes to electricity consumption. Remember that quiet fridges do poorly in terms of energy efficiency. A loud compressor only works intermittently while the technology in its silent counterpart works silently but continuously.

3.What should I keep in mind when I install my mini refrigerator?

Installing a mini fridge is as important as actually using it. Just like a regular refrigerator, a mini fridge cannot be too close to the wall. Since it needs to have air circulation. It is recommended to leave at least 3 inches gap while you’re setting up your mini fridge. 

 The surface on which your mini refrigerator is kept must be levelled because the oil in the compressor that cools the fridge down will not be able to perform efficiently if the fridge is unlevelled. 

4. Will my mini fridge heat up the room?

All refrigerators work by continuously transferring warmth from the inside of the unit and releasing it on the outside. This is done using a closed system of coils. Please do not try to cool a room by leaving the refrigerator door open, it is only going to end up generating more heat as its heat pump tries to cool the exterior. 

5.How do I defrost my mini refrigerator?

To defrost your mini fridge, follow these steps:

  • Remove all the items from inside the fridge and discard the foul-smelling items. 
  • Unplug it and lay a thick towel in the interior bottom. Move the mini fridge to the area where the floors won’t be damaged upon getting wet.
  • Let the mini fridge defrost overnight with open doors.
  • Wipe everything clean in the morning. Remove all the stains inside the fridge using soap water and washcloth. Clean all the shelves and make sure they are dry when you place them back. 
  • Plug the mini fridge again and stack your items back neatly.
  • Adjust the temperature setting according to the food and drinks you’ve stored in it.

To increase the longevity of your mini fridge, clean it every other week and at least once a month do a deep cleaning of the entire refrigerator  and the freezer if it has one. 

Understanding the mechanism and the benefits you can derive from a mini refrigerator must’ve excited you to buy one right now, but you must be careful with your new purchase. You don’t want to ruin your mini refrigerator only months after buying it, right. No one does. So here are some tips and tricks which will help you use your mini refrigerator efficiently and make it last longer than ever:

  • Clean your mini fridge often to keep it in a tip top condition. If you keep it clean, it functions efficiently. 
  • Don’t be a hoarder and stuff your mini fridge to its complete capacity. Do not cram things inside it.
  • Don’t refrigerate things you don’t have to. Since there is not enough space inside a mini refrigerator it is recommended not to refrigerate things you won’t be using anytime soon.

Now that you’ve read this article and decided which mini refrigerator you want to grace your home with, please let us know in the comments which one you picked. 

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