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Best Whiteboards For Kids Learning In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Whiteboards Of 2022

“The highest form of research is play.” These wise words were uttered by none other than the genius Albert Einstein. He believed “The desire to arrive finally at logically connected concepts is the emotional basis of a vague play with basic ideas. This combinatorial or associative play seems to be an essential feature in productive thought.” 

We’re always criticizing our kids when they spend too much time playing but the fact is, they learn the most when they play. Toddlers are the light of our lives, aren’t they? A parent could never forget the moment their little kid uttered their first words ever. It’s a great joy to watch your children learn and grow up to one of the wise ones. Their level of social interaction and ability to learn from new things and experiences is greatly influenced in the early years by the kind of toys they play with. Most parents focus on the level of engagement the toy will provide when they’re buying one. But, what you should really be looking for is the educational value- what can your child learn while using a particular toy? One such educational tool your toddlers can use is a white board. A white board for kids is an amazingly engaging tool. They play and they learn too, plus they are super engaged through mind and through body, what more could a parent ask for?

A whiteboard is an educational toy for kids with which they can learn as they play. Educational toys are designed to induce learning. They are built with a motive of teaching a child to develop a particular skill or achieve any learning objective of a subject. Educational toys have evolved a lot. Toys like Locke’s blocks, Dissected Maps, Froebel’s gift, Montessori manipulatives, Construction sets etc. have been amazing pals to children since ages. A regular whiteboard first became commercially available in the early 1960s. The quality of markers was not so great at the time and so they used to leave stains and marks all over the board making it look shabby and unappealing. They became very common in classrooms and hence an amazing educational toy also. With the help of a whiteboard, your kid can start learning even before stepping into a school. 

Why kids’ should work on surfaces like whiteboards is an interesting piece of research which explains the many benefits your toddlers can derive by using whiteboards. It is crucial for kids to learn amazing motor skills and become strong. Believe it or not, working on whiteboards greatly promotes elbow and shoulder stability in children. The use of big surfaces like whiteboards allow children to use bigger arm movements that encourage strength and flexibility throughout the joints and muscles in their upper body. It also works on your child’s bilateral coordination. Using a stencil to trace a picture or just hold a surface stable to draw something requires concentration and strength. When done on a regular basis, it will be very helpful for your child. Midline crossing is another thing which is aided by using a whiteboard. When your child has to write or draw across a fairly large vertical surface, they have to use their dominant hand to reach all the places which is great for kids finding it difficult to achieve that goal. Along With this, a whiteboard also helps your child in hand stabilization and grasping stationery items. Working on a whiteboard ensures that your child has the ability to pay visual attention and have good hand-eye coordination. It will create a spatial awareness in your child and will help them understand directional terms like up, down, left, right etc. If you have a fidgety toddler, there couldn’t be a better gift for them than a whiteboard. They will be able to work well on it since they’d have to stand for it. Standing does a lot for a good posture for your kids. No more slouching on the chair.Your kid’s back and core muscles will be completely engaged when they are standing in an upright position to work on a whiteboard. These were just a few of the many ways in which a whiteboard helps a child’s development in an educational manner.

Let’s now have a look at the main benefits that come with giving your kid a whiteboard

  • Activity tool- A whiteboard is a great tool for your kids which will increase their physical activity. All parents must know this fact that physical activity is very crucial for the development of children especially in the foundation years of their lives and whiteboards facilitate that. It is beneficial for their overall development to use a white board as an activity tool. 
  • Parental involvement-  Bonding with your children in their childhood is an important thing for them and an amazing experience for you. Through these activities of fun and play they form a deep emotional connection with you. A whiteboard allows that kind of parental involvement .To teach your kids spellings or simple math calculations before they start going to school, parents can get involved and solve them together on the whiteboard rather than on a piece of paper.
  • Helps literacy and numeracy at home– Children love to write on whiteboards and try out more complicated activities, because even if they make a mistake, they can just wipe it clean and start again. For younger children they are a fun and engaging method of perfecting letter formation; as well as writing and reading basic words.
  • Encourages creativity- A whiteboard for kids usually comes with two sides, one to write and learn and the other for drawing and painting. Children can experiment with their drawing and writing without hesitation using a whiteboard and therefore it encourages creativity greatly. 
  • High level of engagement- It seems nowadays, all children want to do is play on their iPads and tablets. As parents you would want nothing more than to reduce the usage of electronics by your tiny tots. A whiteboard is a highly engaging tool which does not use any technology to keep your kid occupied. Whiteboards eliminate the factor of boredom because since it is so engaging, it is fun for children and they are more than willing to use them. 
  • Cognitive development-  With whiteboards your child can do more than just draw and write. There are many whiteboards available which are magnetic and they offer a surface on which your child can work with magnetic shapes or alphabets. This works in the direction of cognitive development and helps their brains function in a better manner.  
  • Magnetic whiteboard- This type of whiteboard has a magnetic surface and usually comes with a set of magnetic alphabets, shapes and numbers. Your child can arrange the alphabets in order to learn them. Same can be done with numbers. These magnetic whiteboards can also be used to draw on with marker pens that also come along with the board. 
  • Double sided easel type whiteboard- This whiteboard is double sided which means there is either a blackboard on the other side or a white one with a magnetic surface. These boards can be used with chalks and are very popular since children have the chance to switch from white blackboard. 
  • Art easel type whiteboard- This type of whiteboard uses actual paper attached to an easel. A roll of paper is attached to a kids’ easel which can be either torn off or rolled up when the surface has been drawn or written on. It is like a big wall mounted drawing book for your kid.
  • Whiteboard for two- This whiteboard also has two sides but these two sides are separate panels, meaning two children use this at once, one on each side. It can also just be a  simple whiteboard, a magnetic one or a blackboard on which chalks can be used. 

A whiteboard does more than just entertaining your kids and keeping them occupied. It is a great way to combine play and learning.

Check out the following best whiteboards you can buy for your kids and give them the opportunity to leave news things each day

1. GINMIC Whiteboard

Price : $29


  • This whiteboard for kids is a magnetic one and it comes with 133 letters and numbers, math symbols. The two sides of the board are perfect as one is white and the other is black. The kit also includes one dry erase marker,  one eraser and five colors
  • It is safe to be used by your child as it is made of non-toxic, environmentally-friendly EVA foam with a full-cover magnet on the back.
  • The board is a highly engaging toy for kids because it functions both as a magnetic dry-erase board and chalkboard. 
  • It comes with a storage bag, which makes it easier to wrap up play time. 

Reviews and suggestions:

This whiteboard is quite popular among kids. It has attractive letters, numbers and symbols. The letters come in different bright colors with powerful magnets that stick perfectly well to the board. It is very easy for the kids to play with and learn words and numbers. Customers loved it since it is two-sided. It is of a perfect height for toddlers and preschoolers to play with and build their words on. The  pen and eraser are for kids who have started writing simple words and numbers.Overall, customers were very happy and more than satisfied with the product. It’s a really fun, engaging and educational tool. It is a complete engagement package for parents and kids.With this whiteboard your kids will not only have fun but will learn to associate the act of learning with joy. The carry bag that comes with the whiteboard makes it extremely easy to store away the kit once your child is done using it.  This is a versatile way for kids to practice reading, or writing. Ur audio makes a great teaching tool for teachers and parents.

All the parents were extremely happy with the product since it is versatile, budget-friendly and a great learning tool for kids. 

2. Image Light Up Tracing Pad

Price : $29.99


  • This battery powered light pad is perfect for multifarious activities such as Calligraphy, Embossing, 2D animations, Scrapbooking, Tattoo Transferring, Sketching and Drawing, Sewing projects, Stained Glass, Quilting etc.
  • It is well known for travel where kids can use it in cars, airplanes, restaurants and on the go.
  • This is a pretty sturdy kids’ lightpad and stays steady when your kids are using it. Light and thin, battery-powered, can be carried in a bag, and it is very convenient to bring sketches or classes.
  • Help your kids learn and get in touch with their creative side with this lightpad that is safe for their eyes as well as it comes with eye protection design, bright and not glaring.
  • It comes with 10 traceable images of different animals and plants,mix and match or trace single pages to create different story scenes that Inspire the inspiration and creativity of little artists.

Reviews and suggestions:

This light pad gained great popularity because it is great for travel. Be it in cars, airplanes, restaurants, camping – you name it. It is perfect for multiple domains, such as 2D Animation, Calligraphy, Embossing, Scrapbooking, Tattoo Transferring, Sketching and Drawing, Sewing projects, Stained Glass, Quilting etc. Customers were very happy with all the accessories that came with this light pad, especially, the 10 traceable image pack. Some customers who faced some issues with their item also praised the customer service. They appreciated that all their questions were answered. It is a great birthday gift for toddlers. It ignites their artist within.

The price at which this light pad is offered is the best among the many options that were available.

3. QDH Whiteboard

Price : $34


  • This whiteboard is a magnetic easel for kids that has enough space for drawing and writing on both black and white sides.
  • It comes with a perfect magnetic number and letter set that can help children learn numbers and letters faster.
  • It is a tabletop easel for kids that can be adjusted to match the height of your children.
  • It’s a foldable whiteboard that  you can carry with you even when you’re traveling. It also comes with storage racks to keep the smaller items. 

Reviews and suggestions:

This little whiteboard became an instant hit with the customers for its cute appearance. What most customers complained about though, was the size. According to most buyers, it looked like it would be much bigger than it turned out to be. It is small enough for toddlers to use on their laps. Many customers really liked this whiteboard because it is easy to fold up and store. Since it is smaller in size as compared to other whiteboards, it doesn’t take up too much space in storage. Customers recommend it because they felt that it is absolutely worth the price.  The small size of the board allows it to be used on kids’ lap, on the  floor, and as a standing board. Both sides of this board are made exceptionally well and the board itself is very sturdy and stays stable when it is being used. Customers who bought this as a gift for their kids told how their kids couldn’t contain their excitement about playing with the board.

Customers highly recommend this whiteboard for kids. 

4. SGILE Whiteboard

Price : $18.69 ~ $22.99


  • This whiteboard gives your child quite a big surface to draw and write on.
  • It comes with premium magnetized stamps which easily stay connected to the drawing pad. 
  • It is great for children because they can express their own ideas in the drawings and learn through the magnets. 
  • The eraser is big and easy to use for kids. The shape is such that children can hold it easily. It is made using high-quality ABS and PS plastic and has rounded edges to avoid any injuries.

Reviews and suggestions:

Customers love this amazing whiteboard for kids. It is highly portable and kids can use it absolutely anywhere. Customers did not like the fact that there is no string keeping the pen attached to the board.The colors are fun but there are some concerns about the product that the customers collectively expressed. The eraser doesn’t go all the way over on either side so when you color there is a white line on the eraser side. Some customers also said that they feel the board wears out very soon even after normal usage. 

The board does a great job of helping the kids develop their writing skills and imagination. Customers think this product is great for the price and the large surface was one of the most appreciated things about this whiteboard. It can easily keep two children occupied while the parents work or finish the house chores.  It keeps them involved and interested. Customers highly recommend this whiteboard as it’s cute. It also comes with all the different colors unlike many other boards available for kids. 

5. Delta whiteboard

Price : $50.49 ~ $54.99


  • This cute and attractive whiteboard comes with toy storage, and is adjustable
  • The package includes a magnetic dry erase board, stool and large removable fabric toy bin. There is also a toy organizer where the child can store their books, toys, etc. 
  • It is very easy to put this product together and it can also be cleaned easily. 
  • It is made using all the non-toxic materials and it is totally safe to be used by your kids. 
  • The brand is a family owned business and that is why the quality of this product is always kept in check. The standards are unmatchable. 

Reviews and suggestions:

This pretty whiteboard is a special attraction for little girls. Parents loved it as it keeps their kids pretty occupied most of the time. Some customers felt it was not so difficult to put together, however, some said that they had a tough time setting it up. The directions are confusing. The chalkboard on the back works really well but to access it, you have to completely take it apart. This was naturally not something the customers liked . Customers felt that it is not convenient at all but once it’s put together it seems pretty sturdy. One more important thing that the customers complained about was that there are no markers, erasers or chalk included. It is a pretty sturdy piece for kids and if you think it wobbles, it just means you need to put it together again correctly. It is highly recommended for it’s cute appearance and its popularity among little kids. It is available in 5 different themes which are equally suitable for both girls and boys, choose the one which is most popular with your kids. 

6. Melissa & Doug Whiteboard

Price : $33 ~ $43.29


  • This tabletop whiteboard is a dry-erase board and chalkboard. It comes with a built-in wooden paper roll holder and a paper roll too.
  • It is sturdy and durable and can be used by kids from ages 3 and up. It’s made using high-quality wood that folds flat for easy storage.
  • The board comes with 36 letter and number magnets. The package also includes a dry-erase marker, 5 color chalk sticks, and a felt eraser.
  • This innovative toy helps your kids learn and play simultaneously and focuses on improving their cognitive skills. 

Reviews and suggestions:

According to most customers, this whiteboard is perfect for you if you don’t have too much space in your home. It is very easy to fold and put away.  Customers expressed some concerns about the chalkboard surface being just black plastic, so the chalk does not work very well on it. The little tray at the bottom is cute but the problem is that it is only usable with the whiteboard side and does not flip around. Customers said that they haven’t had any problems with it falling. When kept on a table it never slides around or falls off. The rubber at the bottom of the feet helps it stay put. 

Customers loved this product for their kids and the children also loved it equally. Many customers said that they would buy it for all the kids in their family and would recommend this toy to every parent. Some customers suggested that if the bottom tray could be made flippable that would be an excellent upgrade and would make this product even more popular. 

7. Coodoo Whiteboard

Price : $76


  • This whiteboard is brightly colored and features a double-sided drawing board flip design. There’s a chalkboard side and a magnetic dry erase board on the other.
  • This is a convertible whiteboard as it can be taken off from the standing rack to use it as a tabletop board. It is super easy to carry everywhere with a handle.
  • It comes with 2 storage cups, 5 whiteboard pens, 12 colorful chalks, 1 eraser, 12 magnetic beads. It also has 1 sleeve designed for pinching a chalk and placing it on the board.
  • It is sturdy and won’t move around when your kid is using it. It has short and long easel legs for height adjustment which can be used according to your child’s height. 

Reviews and suggestions:

Customers were very happy that this whiteboard comes with 2 sets of legs so it can be used by kids of varying heights and ages. It has a removable board for use at the table, too. There is a dry erase board on one side and a chalkboard on the other as well as a clip to hold art paper for painting. Customers were very happy with the quality and said that it is very sturdy. It is also very simple to put together with the provided plastic screws and nuts. It comes with everything you’d need to set it up for your kids. Kids were happy that the package included dry erase markers, chalk and eraser and plastic cups for paint as well as some magnets. It has a comfortable handle and since it can be detached, the kids can take the board off the frame to use it as a handheld drawing board and carry it anywhere. Buy this board for your kids today and help them enjoy hours of fun and learning. Customers highly recommend this for kids as all the features of this board are kid-friendly and useful.

8. Elk and Bear Whiteboard

Price : $59.99 ~ $74.99


  • This whiteboard has the perfect height for toddlers. It can be conveniently used by kids of ages 3- 5 years. It is a magnetic whiteboard on one side and a blackboard on the other.
  • The package includes dry-erase magnetic whiteboard, chalkboard, wooden letters & numbers, pen, eraser and chalks.
  • There is no assembly required with this whiteboard. It includes a carry handle and folds up easily for storing. 
  • It is completely safe to be used by kids. It is safety tested and meets all requirements. 

Reviews and suggestions:

Customers were pleased that this whiteboard is very well made. It is solid wood. The dry erase board is pretty nice and the chalkboard is of high quality.The black side is perfect to write on. Customers were very impressed with the whiteboard and highly recommended it to people looking for something for gifting to their kids. The two sides of the board are awesome because you have a choice of a blackboard or a whiteboard by just switching sides. The magnetic letters and numbers are fun to use and add versatility. Some of the concerns parents expressed were mostly about the letters and numbers. They have to be punched out from a board holding all the pieces on one sheet. The glossy colored surface of the characters is made of paper and comes off and tears very easily. This problem needs to be fixed.Overall, the customers feel that this is a wonderful product for a child with a creative mind, but you should be aware that this might require little repairs every so often.


9. Belleur Whiteboard 

Price : $130.00 ~ $134.00


  • This whiteboard can be used in 3 different ways: as a whiteboard, chalkboard, and with paper.
  • It comes with 8 whiteboard markers, 1 box of colorful chalks, 6 finger paints, 4 paint pots, dry eraser, brush, cleaning brush, palette, and apron, a set of magnetic letters & numbers and 6 round magnetic bottoms.
  •  It uses safe materials which meet  international safety standards. The edges of the easel are polished and the inverted corners are rounded to avoid any injuries. 
  • This whiteboard can be used by children aged from 3 to 7.  The height is adjustable to 3 different levels.

Reviews and suggestions:

Customers were very pleased with this purchase. It is wooden, well made and very sturdy. It is easy to assemble and it takes about ten to fifteen minutes to complete the installation. The instructions are easy to follow. Customers really liked that it allows for simple raising and lowering in height as your kids grow. This particular whiteboard comes with almost everything your children might need  to begin playing with it as soon as it’s assembled. The magnets and magnetic alphabet and numbers are sturdy and strong. They stick well to the magnetic surfaces. The white board and chalk board side clean easily. 

Parents liked that it comes with the paper roll and has magnetic numbers and letters.

Though the price is a little high, parents recommend it anyway because they feel that this whiteboard is a great deal with all the good items it includes. Some customers feel that the size of the drawing surface could have been bigger and suggested this update for the new version. 

10. GMAOPHY whiteboard

Price : $9.99 ~ $12.99


  • This whiteboard has two sides: one side is ruled with lines, and the other side is blank white board. 
  • This dry erase lapboard set comes with 10 markers and 2 educational posters, 8 fine-point markers. Each marker cap has a felt eraser with which children can easily wipe the board without hassle. 
  • This board can be used for educational reasons or just for fun as well. 
  • It was made with high-quality materials which make it lightweight and durable. It has rounded corners and smooth rim for children’s safety.

Reviews and suggestions:

This whiteboard for kids is well made, thick and has good size handwriting lines for young children to practice their letters. The markers that came with the board are not so good according to most customers. The caps are really hard for kids to take off so they could be made a little easier for kids to open and use. Customers also suggested a dry eraser should have been included in the package. The guidelines on the whiteboard are very helpful. There are two sides and the other side is blank. It is often used for drawing and math. Customers said that they use it for everything from handwriting practice to math lessons. It’s a great little board. Customers who’ve had it for quite some time said that it holds up pretty well. Customers highly recommend it because the board is sturdy and thick. The quality is excellent. You can use the pens all year round without them drying out. Buy this board for your children today and give them the gift of learning and joy both in one. 


1. What all can my kids do using a whiteboard?

A whiteboard is a versatile item which can be used for both learning and fun. Following are some ways in which your child can have an amazingly productive day with a whiteboard:

  • Games: There are several games your child can play on a whiteboard. These games can be played when they are all by themselves. They can also play these with peers and form good friendships and socialize with children in the neighborhood. Interesting games like hangman, wheel of fortune, world traveler, etc. can be played on whiteboards. 
  • Learn writing: This is probably the best usage of whiteboards. Most whiteboards either come with magnetic alphabets which can be stuck to the board’s surface or they come with ruled lines and dotted alphabets which very young kids can trace and learn the alphabets and numbers as they enjoy themselves. The magnetic alphabets can be arranged in a proper sequence to learn them, same goes for numbers too. 
  • Drawing: This activity brings out the creative side of your child. Most kids love drawing and coloring and this can be done on whiteboards. Drawing is a mentally engaging activity and will keep your child occupied while enhancing their artistic abilities. 

2. How do magnetic boards benefit kids?

Most whiteboards are available in dual sides, out of which one side is a magnetic surface. The set probably comes with magnetic alphabets and numbers. Some advanced kits also add some animals and shapes. Following are the ways in which your child can benefit from the other side of the whiteboard:

  • Imagination: magnetic boards encourage children to use their imagination and in turn strengthens their cognition. The magnetic boards require children to place or arrange the alphabetical or numerical magnets in  proper order which induces their imagination. They are compelled to think and recall what they’ve learnt. It is highly beneficial especially for toddlers who are learning the alphabet and numbers. 
  • Creativity: Magnetic boards bring out the creative side of children by giving them a space to explore their talents. With magnetic shapes children can create several patterns and showcase their creativity to their peers and parents. 
  • Emotional skills: A magnetic board can either be used by your child by themselves or by a group of toddler friends. This will help them create special friendships with other children. They will learn that sharing their toys is a great thing. Sharing their beloved toys will also help them enhance their emotional skills since sharing really is caring.
  • Social skills: One your child learns to develop emotional bonds with friends he or she will also develop amazing social skills and will achieve communication goals easily. If they socialize they will be better at expressing themselves and a magnetic board helps children develop this important skill in their lives. 

3. What to do if the magnets become worn out?

Children absolutely love the magnetic alphabets that come along with the whiteboard but overtime either the magnet loses its power or the magnet comes undone from the alphabet. This, however, doesn’t render the entire toy useless. Following are the steps you need to follow to fix this problem:

  • Purchase a few button sized magnets from a hardware store
  • Get your hot glue gun and the alphabets that need to be fixed
  • Remove the powerless magnet from the alphabet if it’s there
  • Drop a blob of hot glue on the new magnet
  • Place it on the back of the alphabet
  • Allow it to rest for a few minutes and get stuck properly

The alphabets and numbers will be as good as new after following these steps and your child can go back to enjoying and learning through their favorite toy.

Through this entire article you must have gathered enough information to understand how important it is for your child to learn some important things before they start going to kindergarten and that whiteboards are the best educational toys that help facilitate this kind of fun learning. 

Whiteboards are one of the most versatile tools which your kid can continue using till the time they grow up and when they do they can continue to use the more grown up version of this very same tool.

We assure you that all the whiteboards mentioned above will greatly benefit your kids and will not be too heavy on your pocket as this list has been formed after thorough research. These whiteboards are not just whiteboards but also blackboards and magnetic boards which lend the feature of versatility to the whole product.  Let us know in the comments which whiteboard you decided to buy for your kids to help them learn as they play. 

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