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Best TV Stand In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Best TV Stand 2022

Home entertainment is one of the biggest motivators for children and adults equally. There are many new gadgets that have been invented to enhance your entire experience of entertaining yourself and your family while at home. A television is the primary source of home entertainment for most families as it is something that is found in almost all the houses in the world. With the evolution in the design and technology of a television, the storage type has also changed.

Earlier with big televisions people used basic credenzas to keep their television sets at a suitable height for proper viewing but as the newer models of televisions started coming out these stands evolved too. With the televisions available now the media stand has become an essential item to have in your houses. 

A media stand is a piece of furniture which provides storage for your multimedia products. At the first glance it seems like just another part of your living room furniture but for a media stand it is essential to have some important features to give you the comfort and organization you desire. 

There are several types of media stands available from which you can choose. The type you choose depends on the interior construction of your home and what kind of décor you are going for. 

Types of media stands:

There are a variety of TV stands available in the market based on the material used to make them, their design and style. Following is a list of some such types of media stands:

  • Open shelve TV stands– These TV stands are designed in such a way that all of the shelves in the unit are open on both ends. They are perfect for people who want to store their game consoles or DVD players etc, items which can overheat easily. The open shelves allow the free flow of air avoiding any overheating of the multimedia accessories.
  • Wooden media stands– These media stands function as a part of your living room or bedroom furniture along with being a TV stand.  They are the most commonly used TV stands. Some are made of particle wood but the more luxurious ones are made of solid wood and look extremely attractive. The ones made of solid wood tend to be expensive. 
  • Modern Designed– These TV stands are designed keeping in mind the sleek appearance they have. They are the best suited for slim TV sets and for homes with minimalist décor.
  • Swivel Designed– These types of TV stands are designed in a way which allows your TV set to stand on a rotating structure. This TV stand can be angled at any position you wish and allows you to control the direction in which the TV faces for a better viewing experience. These types of TV stands are the best for people who have TVs without a rotating base.  

Best material for media stands

Media stands as you read in the previous section can be made using a number of materials but the question is which material is the best choice for a media stand? Browse the following list of materials to make an informed choice about your media stand:

  • Metal: This material makes the TV stand extremely lightweight, especially compared to a wooden TV stand. It usually has a modern design and can be made along with other materials like glass too. They have a slim profile and can be used in homes with a modern look. 
  • Wood: This is probably the sturdiest material for a TV stand however it wouldn’t be the best choice always. A wooden TV stand costs much more than any other material. They are pretty heavy and can be very difficult to move. 
  • Glass: These media stands can give your homes a very modern and edgy look.  They are fitted with metal and allow your electronics to be visible beautifully. They might not be the best option if you have kids or pets as the glass has a great chance of breaking. The tempered glass is pretty sturdy but you can’t really trust it around chirpy children. 

Essential features a media stand must have

A media stand has the main function of storing your TV and all the other entertainment accessories. They must have a set of essential features to be able to store your expensive products without endangering their or your safety. Following are some of the essential features every media stand must have in order to be a good one:

  • Size: It is very important to note the size of the entertainment unit you are buying as it should be able to accommodate your products. Checking the size is important also because it must be suitable for the place you’re planning to put it up in your house. The perfect size is an essential feature in a media stand. 
  • Storage: A good media stand should supply you with ample storage room as you’d want to store all the accessories that come with your TV. It should also have room to keep your cable box or Blu Ray player etc. Media stand with doors is the best for this purpose as it gives you enough space to keep your things in the cabinets. 
  • Adjustable shelves: This feature probably seems like one of those bonus features but it is not. It is a basic feature which will allow you to adjust the height of your shelves so that they accommodate your products properly. Most of the media stands do have this feature but some don’t so make sure that the one you’re buying has adjustable shelves. 
  • Cable management– The whole point of media stands is to keep things safe and organized which is why a media stand must always have a cord management system. It conceals the nest of cables that are used in electronic products. Make sure that your media stand has a functional cable management system. 

Now that you know what to look for in a media stand, it’s time to introduce you to the best stands available in the market right now. Make sure you keep all the essential features in mind while selecting your media stand as they can be an expensive and heavy item and it would be very difficult to replace or buy one again. 

Check out the following list of the best TV stands which will not only hold your TV sets safely but will also allow you ample storage space and will give your homes an organized and tidy appearance:

1. Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand

Price: $100.28 ~ $299.00

Product details:

  • This modern looking tv stand is made of laminated oak woodgran particleboard and features black metal accents. It has a gorgeous Sonma Oak finish which makes it look very attractive. 
  • It is a pretty sturdy media stand. It can bear a load of your 50-inch TV which could be up to 60 lbs. The top open shelf can hold media accessories weighing up to 40 lbs, middle open shelves can hold 30-40 lbs and the cabinet on top and lower shelves can hold 20lbs and 30 lbs respectively. 
  • Along with being sturdy this media stand is also contemporary which will enhance the look of your living room without making it look stuffed with furniture.  

Customers’ reviews:

This TV stand is rated highly by the customers. It takes approximately 2 hours to assemble it if you are watchful of what you are doing and follow all the instructions mentioned in the manual. Customers felt that this TV stand is as described and is easy to put together without any power tools.

This product definitely has some longevity and it looks really nice after you’ve completely set it up. Most customers loved the way it looked. Some customers were dissatisfied with the kind of instructions given in the manual as they felt they were not clear enough. 

The colour of this TV stand is really pretty and the laminate is easy to clean. You need not worry about scratching or scraping the surface. The appearance is modern and the dark cherry wood stain looks absolutely stunning. Your multimedia products can be safely stored on this TV stand. It even comes with stickers to cover some screws that are exposed so that it does not look unappealing. If you’re worried about buying this because the price is low and it might be cheap, don’t hesitate as this is the best deal you can get at this price. 

2. Walker Edison Georgetown Modern Double Barn door TV Stand 

Price: $133.58 ~ $687.97

Product details:

  • This charming rustic style TV stand is available in 5 different colours and it also has an option for a fireplace. If you wish you can choose one with or without a fireplace. The price varies accordingly.
  • It is made of pressed wood and looks high quality and well built. 
  • The top surface can support a weight of 150 lbs and both the cabinets can support 30 lbs each. 
  • It is perfect for storing a 65-inch TV. The TV stand comes with 2 cord management holes which will keep the cables organised. 
  • It comes with a detailed manual which has step by step assembly instructions. 

Customers’ reviews:

It is a very sturdy and large TV stand which also has a great fireplace. It emits heat and will make your living room cosy. Some customers felt that it was pretty hard to put together. They recommended hiring a professional and some recommended using an electric drill for easy assembly. 

If you are assembling it on your own, follow the directions carefully and set aside an hour or two and you will have an amazing TV stand, however, most customers felt that assembling it by hand can be a time consuming and an exhausting exercise which might not be worth it. Some customers felt the doors feel slightly less sturdy as compared to the rest of the unit. They feel a little wobbly when you pull them open from the magnetic closure, but it is a minor complaint and can be overlooked as this TV stand is well worth your money. 

Customers were very satisfied with their purchase. The materials are not cheap and the unit looks very beautiful as a complete product. It is exactly as pictured and looks very expensive. It is worth the price. It will last for a long time and is highly recommended by current users. 


Price: $58.33 ~ $109.00

Product details:

  • This convenient TV stand has a large top panel which will hold your 50-inch TV very easily.
  • It is lightweight as it is made of particle board and PVC tubes. 
  • The corners of this tv stand are rounded and will not hurt anyone. 
  • It comes with two compartments which have doors so you can store items and keep them dust free. 
  • It is very easy to assemble and it also comes with the hardware pack which you can use during the assembly. 
  • The TV stand also has open shelves where you can store magazines or decorative items. 

Customers’ reviews:

According to customers this stand is perfect. It looks very nice and holds all of the entertainment accessories perfectly. It isn’t too hard to put together either. The unit seems sturdy enough and fits with most living rooms because of the neutral black colour. There’s lots of storage room in this TV stand and the top shelf functions well as it can hold a 55-inch TV steadily. 

The wood seems sturdy and not at all defective. Customers felt that this unit was easy to work with as all of the pieces and necessary hardware were included. The picture instructions were surprisingly easy to follow. If you are looking for a TV stand on a budget this fits that need. Not only is it affordable but it is straightforward to assemble and looks terrific especially for the price. The design limits the size and weight of the TV. It would not support heavier items than a 55-inch TV. 

The cord management is pretty good. There is an open space in the middle back so that cords can go through there, it makes things pretty easy. Most customers expressed happiness over their purchase and felt that they trust the brand enough to order again.

4. Sauder harbor View Media Stand 

Price: $238.30

About the product:

  • This sturdy media stand accommodates up to a 60-inch TV and can bear a load of up to 95 lbs. 
  • There are two adjustable shelves which provide ample space to hold multimedia accessories 
  • The stand has a curado cherry finish which looks absolutely gorgeous with any type of home décor. 
  • The design of this TV stand is classy and the legs are turned which make it look even more attractive.

Customers’ review:

This TV stand is very nice in colour. Its size is perfect for any living room and it looks like it is very well built. The assembly is pretty straightforward; however, you do need to set time aside to do it correctly. For a beautiful and useful piece of furniture like this, the price is very reasonable. The quality of materials used is amazing and it doesn’t look cheap. It’s heavy and looks pretty expensive. 

This TV stand is a solid piece of furniture and will last for a long time. The finish looks beautiful. The pressed wood feels strong enough. Most customers said that it is a good choice for a TV stand. The only place of slight concern are the centre cabinet doors. Go slowly building this and align the parts up carefully. If not, the door hinges will be slightly off. It has plenty of holes in the back for all your cables to keep them organised. 

Customers were happy that it turned out better than they expected. The credenza seems to be able to support heavy TVs also just fine. The colour goes perfectly with a hardwood floor. The particle board looks like real wood and is very dense. The pieces are thick too. There are adjustable hidden levellers under the unit which you can use if your floor is not level. Customers recommended not to use power tools while setting it up as it may damage the unit.

5. Tangkula TV Stand

Price: $169.99

About the product:

  • This simple yet elegantly designed TV stand is perfect for your traditional homes and will give it a modern touch. 
  • It is best suited for TVs up to 50 inches and a few decorative items like succulents or photo frames. In the shelves you can store books, magazines, CDs, remote controls, and any other media or gaming accessories.
  • The pattern of the doors is a classic design and the vintage bronze handles give it an antique look enhancing its overall appearance.
  • The TV stand has cord management cut outs at the back which will help you during the installation of your TV. 

Customers’ review:

This TV stand is not an expensive piece of furniture but it holds the TV great. Your 55 inches TV will fit perfectly. It’s sturdy for what it’s meant for.  It is highly recommended by users to take the help of power tools while assembling this unit as it might be tedious and exhausting if you do it by hand. 

The assembly is pretty simple as everything is clearly marked and all the hardware is separated into little bags. It’s a heavy piece and the structure of this TV stand is sturdy too. There are four separate stages inside of the two glass doors, so you can store a TV box and DVD in this stand and a number of other multimedia accessories.  

It makes your TV area look tidy. Customers loved the look especially for the price point. It’s pretty well built and the height of this stand is perfect for viewing. Customers felt that the only negative about this TV stand is that the magnets for the doors aren’t very strong and the shelves are not adjustable. Overall, this product was loved by all its customers and is recommended for its classic yet sturdy structure. 

6. PERLESMITH Universal TV Stand

Price: $31.99 ~ $335.99

About the product:

  • This universal TV stand is fit for all the flat panel LCD and LED TVs. It can be installed in mere 15 minutes and has 3 height adjustments.
  • This tabletop TV stand can be used to mount your TV and AV components on an entertainment centre or a table. It comes with a detailed instruction manual which will help you in the installation process. 
  • It is compatible with almost all the top TV selling brands and is made of black tempered glass which provides you with the perfect set up to organise your media devices.

Customers’ review:

The quality of the materials used in making this TV stand is very good and sturdy. The instructions and diagrams are very clear. Customers recommended watching the installation video on the product page to get the full scope so you will be able to put it together easily. The tempered glass bottom helps keep the stand stable and it’s sturdy and sleek looking. 

Customers loved the cord holders on the back as it is a great solution if your TV is too wide to sit atop of a dresser or a small width table. This stand is extremely well built too.  Customers were extremely happy with their purchase. It is fairly simple to put together and not bulky at all, which customers loved. When completed this piece looks very nice with its tempered glass and at this price point it is a great deal. 

It is a wonderful option for small spaces as it lifts up the tv pretty high for a perfect viewing angle. It also gives you space to put things on the tempered glass stand. The pieces in the back of the stand that hold down wires to help keep your space organized are an amazing feature. The stand works great and there are multiple options of screws to fit most TVs which makes it the perfect choice for everyone. 

7. WALI Floating Entertainment Accessories Stand

Price: $21.30 ~ $34.99

About the product:

  • This large strengthened tempered glass shelf entertainment stand has a 3 shelves system that can be detached and reconstructed into a 1 shelf unit or 2 shelves as per your needs. 
  • The slim all-black wall plate has a built-in cable management on both sides which gives a clean overall look with cables hidden away from sight.
  • It is an elegant looking shelf with adjustable height which allows you to free up floor space and make your entertainment accessories look more organized. 
  • It is a top-quality wall mount solution for holding DVDs, Blu-Ray Players, satellite or cable boxes, games consoles, surround speakers and any other of your multimedia accessories.

Customers’ Review:

The floating shelf is very sturdy and makes everything look much cleaner. It is easy to install with the detailed instructions manual that comes in the package. It looks great too. It is functional for Xbox, cable box, etc. Once you’ve set the entire unit up, the shelves are snug and do not wobble. 

The instruction manual is actually helpful. It takes approximately 20 minutes to install and it is not overly complicated. You need minimal skills to install it. Make sure you tighten all of the screws appropriately so the glass shelves do not slide down. Proper anchoring to the wall is important too. As long as that’s done, the shelf will stay up for a very long time. The thick plate glass shelves do not seem fragile. 

Customers really liked the cord hide built into the wall mount as it is able to hide most of the cords but the retaining plate is plastic and will only hold a certain cord. For such a reasonable price there is nothing to complain about. Measurements are accurate and the edges of the shelves are not sharp which means it is safe to have in a house of pets and kids. This floating stand comes with rubber stoppers for the screws to secure the shelves in their place, this will prevent them from cracking and breaking. 

8. BELLEZE Wooden TV Stand

Price: $169.99

About the product:

  • This sturdy TV stand has a modern design and is available in 5 different finishes, each better than the other.
  • The cabinet doors have a plank style detailing with metal knobs which add more beauty to this TV stand. 
  • In the open compartments you can display decorative items or ornamental pieces. You can also keep small succulents there. In the closed side cabinet, you can keep bigger items which you wouldn’t want on display. This TV stand also has cable management cut outs which keep wires hidden and untangled. 
  • This credenza works best as an entertainment centre for your living room where you can store your TV and other accessories. 
  • It is also available with the option of a fireplace which will keep your homes cosy and toasty.

Customers’ Review:

Customers expressed great happiness upon purchasing this TV stand. It’s fairly easy to put together but it will probably take you a couple hours to put it together completely. A 55-inch TV will fit on it perfectly. The fireplace is a great touch. It has 3 different flame settings, and it has a few timer shut off settings. The heat can be turned on or off and the brightness of the fire can be adjusted. You can do all of it with the buttons on the fireplace itself or with the remote it comes with.

Customers highly recommend this item as they liked the amount of area in the top for components as it stretches all the way across the entire cabinet. There’s enough room for everything you’d want to attach to the TV. It is not difficult to put together if you follow all the instructions. 

It is very heavy and big and will bring a peaceful ambiance to the living room. Customers felt that the stand is sturdy and the consul compartments are roomy and so are the cabinets. The holes for the cords are hidden which makes this stand all the more attractive.

9. VASAGLE Retro TV Stand 

Price: $77.64 ~ $178.99

About the product:

  • This TV stand is made of durable particle board and has a vintage design. The legs are made of solid rubberwood. 
  • It will look great in homes with modern décor. 
  • This entertainment centre comes with 2 shelving areas and push-to-open doors. The tabletop is large enough for your TV, cable boxes, and movies.
  • It is well built and will hold your TV firmly and will last in your house for a long time. 
  • This TV stand also comes with bottom pads for the legs to avoid scratching the floor and mending wedges for the back of the TV stand, increasing its stability.

Customers’ Review:

This retro style TV stand is easy to assemble and looks great. The wood is dark, and the thick, angled legs lend to its vintage aesthetic. It looks exactly as pictured and it comes with the 3 grey fabric drawers shown in the pictures. There is a small opening in the centre back behind the shelf to pull your cords through and organize the cables. The wood pattern is exactly as shown in pictures. 

It looks way more expensive than it actually is. When it is all put together it does feel sturdy and there is no wobble to it. The instructions were simple and assembly intuitive. Customers felt that this TV stand met their expectations. It is a stylish, sturdy TV stand. People particularly loved the push to open storage cabinets as they’re very clean looking and functional. 

This piece of furniture has a very modern yet retro vintage feel that customers absolutely loved and the wood pattern just makes it perfect. It is highly recommended because it looks absolutely stunning and is perfect for storing TVs and entertainment accessories. 

10. AVF Glass TV Stand

Price: $99.52 ~ $189.99

About the product:

  • This sophisticated black glass TV stand is made of tempered glass. The legs are made of metal and are silver in colour. 
  • It holds up to 99 lbs of weight on the table top. The middle and bottom shelves can support up to 44 lbs each.
  • The design of this TV stand will never let your TV or other accessories get overheated as it has open shelves. 
  • The tempered glass used to make this TV stand is pretty sturdy but not advisable to have around toddlers. 
  • This TV stand is compatible with most TV sizes, but remember to take measurements before your purchase.

Customers’ Review:

 People love everything about this stand. The top glass is tempered glass but the other two shelves, which are half as thick, are not tempered. Make sure you keep weight limits in mind always. It is also recommended that you read the manufacturers’ suggestions on weight and TV feet dimensions. Wide TV feet are not supported by this stand. It looks fashionably good and works as advertised. It gives off a modern vibe too. 

The edges are rounded so it is very safe. The assembly is the easiest as there are no screws or nails needed. It is very sturdy and can hold up a 50-inch TV just fine. If you want something that’s really tall, this stand might not be a good choice as it sits quite low. The shelves accommodate full sized components setting side by side, with a little room to spare, giving them some breathing room and avoiding overheating. 

If you need a good-looking stand but don’t want to spend a lot of money for it then this TV stand satisfies those criteria. This would not be good for people with young kids as the glass could be dangerous to have around them. 


1. How can I ensure that my TV remains stable on the media stand?

When you buy a media stand, you’re expecting to keep your expensive gadgets safe but if it is wobbly, it will keep stressing you out. You’ll keep wondering that any moment your huge TV could come crashing down and hurt your family or pets. Also it will completely damage your TV, nobody wants that, right? So, to make sure that your media stand is stable you can do the following things:

  • Secure your TV in place with an inexpensive strap.
  • Keep objects that might attract children like remotes and toys or decorative items away from the TV. It won’t attract children and would avoid them accidentally pushing the TV off the stand. 
  • Install rubber feet at the bottom of your TV legs to be sure it doesn’t fall down with a little shove. 

2. How to make my TV stand baby safe?

Baby Proofing a TV stand is very important as it is something that might cause serious injuries. If you have children in your homes, do the following:

  • Buy a TV stand with a cable management system so that all the cables are hidden away from sight. Pets can chew electrical cables and toddlers might pull them.
  • Cover the corners of your TV stand as the sharp corners can hurt your baby’s head.
  • Buy a TV stand with cabinets to keep your remotes and cable boxes out of the way of children. It is important to be hidden from children as there is nothing that tempts children more than buttons. To avoid any unnecessary damage, buy a wooden TV stand with ample storage. 

3. Should I install the media stand on my own or hire a handyman?

Installing a media stand on one’s own can be an unnerving experience for some, especially those who do not have such skills and patience. With most TV stands the assembly is pretty standard. They come with a very detailed instruction manual which will guide you through each step but at times they can be very confusing. 

It depends on the design and the number of parts in a TV stand too. If the design is too complicated and there are a huge number of small parts which need to be screwed in or drilled, you might get irritated and lose it during installation. Some TV stands do not require much assembly and can be set up without any screws or nails, these TV stands can be easily assembled by unskilled individuals. 

Hire a handyman if you think the materials are too heavy or delicate to be handled by you or your family. If there aren’t too many steps involved in the installation, you can do it yourself!

A media stand is a must have accessory of every modern household as we all own expensive entertainment gadgets and would love to keep them safe. Choose the best media stand of your liking from the above list and let us know in the comments which one was admired by you the most.

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