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Best Traveling Checklist In 2022

by Evelyn Smith

When you find yourself reading this article sitting in the comforts of your home, you are in one of the two categories. The first is because you are planning a trip soon and need all the information you can get. If you are the second category, you just came across this article while you were lying on your couch or bed looking like a deflated balloon with no chance of ever leaving your house, because you are just that indecisive/ lazy/ uninspired, choose your adjective. 

Or, there are chances, you are simply exhausted by the pandemic with your soul destroyed by the endless work and desperately look forward to going anywhere other than your living room. 

But if you are still looking for reasons to help you make up your mind, spare 5 minutes and consider the following. 

10 reasons to motivate yourself for traveling 

1. You have one life, Go see the world.

Today, at this moment, the biggest reason to step out of the house after surviving an excruciating pandemic is to celebrate life and see the world just like you wanted to. All of us were collectively part of a harrowing experience, and to be able to find oneself alive and well by the end of this unfortunate time is reason enough to begin traveling. 

2. You are getting way too cozy in your comfort zone 

If you are one of those people who thrive in the family and would do anything to avoid trying new things, life can become a bit mundane after a bit, isn’t it? Try something new, challenge yourself to try something you’ve never tried, go somewhere you’ve never been. 

3. You get to learn new things about yourself and others 

Even if we ignore the pandemic for a second, a lot of us have one or the other life-changing event going on in the background, and it can often lead us to feel lost. This seems to be a great time to travel and allow yourself some free time to process things while you find yourself. Just the unfamiliar surroundings can be incredibly healing and cathartic for some people. 

4. Do you remember your last adventure?

To feel good about everyday life, a lot of us detest mundane repetitions and look forward to new, exhilarating experiences. A trip can be the perfect opportunity to experience the adrenaline rush of an adventure that you may be seeking out. While being a recipe for revitalizing and refreshing your whole being, adventure provides the escape we need from our daily lives. 

5. You haven’t seen your friends and family in forever

A lot of us move out of our hometowns and even countries to venture out for better opportunities. That becomes an excellent reason to travel and visit family, friends, and relatives. Not only does it provide you with the chance to catch up with everyone, but a reason to take some time out for yourself to relax. 

6. It has been a long summer, go somewhere pleasant

Just when you realize you are exhausted from traveling back and forth from work in the scorching heat or freezing winter, a change of weather is the right welcome. It doesn’t matter how pleasant the weather is that you already live in, at some point you are bound to complain that it’s just too commonplace and look for a change. 

7. Meeting strangers and learning their stories is fun!

Only when you go to a new place where you’ve never been before, you end up meeting new people and trying things that you never did before. It is through people and their stories that we find out, just how much we can share and learn from each other. Traveling solo or with a company, you learn about people, places, their cultures, and the stories behind it all.

8. You get to revive your relationships 

Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a trip with your family and friends, it can lead to the bonding that may never occur in normal circumstances. For the people who do not get enough time to spend with family or friends, a trip can be an excellent reason to smoothen grudges, resolve complaints and spend quality time helping cement relationships. 

9. You come home feeling refreshed and renewed 

New places, new people, cultures, and sentiments help you widen your horizons while you relax from your worldly problems. No matter how many photos you may see, a photo of a beautiful garden or a waterfall will not have the same relaxing effect as actually being there by yourself. 

10. Celebrate your milestones or occasions 

Have a reason to celebrate, why not take a trip for it? No matter a promotion, graduation, or even a wedding, why not choose a place away from the usual to celebrate. It can even serve as an amazing opportunity for you to gather all your friends and family from different places to come together to commemorate the occasion. After all, happiness shared is happiness doubled.

Now that you have a reason to travel, patiently ensure that you know exactly how you need to prepare for travel. Following is a concise set of tips that will help you pack and prepare better for your next journey. 

Packing tips and foresight that you didn’t know you needed:

1. Everything starts with a list

Yes, you need a list before anything else. Keeping the number of days you’ll be traveling in mind, sit down and make a checklist of the items that you need and lay them out to see. 

Verify if you know what you will need by finding out as much as you can about the place you plan on visiting. Especially if it’s another country, then list the documents you will need.

Find a suitable luggage bag and carry-on bag to start packing them separately. 

2. Separate carry on items from luggage

Double-check that you pack your valuable and delicate items like passport, money, electronics, jewelry, or medicines that you may need safe with you in the carry-on luggage.

If you are carrying liquids then all of them need to be 3.4 ounces or 100 ml or smaller packed inside a clear zip-top bag. Pick a bag that is suitable to be put in the space in front of you or below the seat if in case the overhead space is full.

Choose the carry-on items to bag including items such as a laptop or purse that you can carry or sit with as per your convenience during your flight. Don’t forget a scarf for the long chilly plane ride.

3. Put your organizational skills into packing

Take your time, and start with wearing the heaviest jacket or boots yourself and pack the rest of the heavy items at the bottom wheeled end of your bag. 

Try and see what works for you, rolling or folding your clothes in neat layers that allow you to see everything at glance also helps fasten the security checks process. Pack multiple plastic laundry bags to compartmentalize shoes, clothes, undergarments, and socks.

Try to avoid things that you can live without, such as heavy makeup, speakers, or hairstyling accessories and if you do carry them, cushion them between clothes to keep them safe from damage. Don’t forget to leave a little room for anything you might buy or souvenirs while you travel. 

4. Find multipurpose clothes and accessories 

After checking the expected weather patterns of the destination, pack in layers. If you own a rain jacket that layers well or a pair of pants that become shorts, or a scarf that turns into a blanket, then carry those for multiple purposes.

Carry light breathable functional clothes in the order of when you’ll wear them, knowing that you will wear them without any problems. 

Especially wrinkle-free clothes can be a hit while traveling. You can also wash your clothes on the go if you get a chance, to allow you to carry less stuff.

If you need some special guidance on how to decide for your electronics while you are travelling then we can help you with that too! 

5. Travelling and electronics tips

The only rule to keep in mind is to try and save as much space as possible. Skip bulky technology and electronics at home and keep things light. 

6. Phone

You will want to choose a phone that is customizable and allows you to depend on it when it comes to battery life to use all your media, apps, maps and Google Translate. While planning international travel do not make the mistake of using your personal phone because you can end up with hefty phone bills. Try getting a local sim for affordable internet and calls. 

7. Tablets

If your work does not pose a need for a keyboard or a laptop then consider carrying a tablet. It is a compact but powerful piece of technology that becomes an extension of your phone for using social media apps, for drawing with procreate, editing apps, or use it for entertainment while having better battery life as well. 

8. Laptop 

When you can find internet anywhere you go these days, a 13-14 inches screen and weighing up to 1-2 kg is ideal for a laptop while travelling. A lightweight, small screen laptop that exudes strength at the same time, takes up very little space allowing you to travel light and efficient.  

9. E-readers 

If you like reading then there’s a possibility that carrying an electronic reader helps you with carrying more options for reading. With a soft backlight and easy scrolling or dictionary features, An-e reader can be your preferred piece of entertainment while being easy to carry.

Now that you’re done with the basics of packing for your weekend getaway or two months or South Asian backpacking, here are a few products that we think you’ll love to try on your next travel plans. For we know that you can run the risk of over packing or missing important articles and the process can quickly stagger under the deluge of choices.  We have compiled a list of products that we have found to be highly useful and, in certain situations,  may even be difficult to function without. Our experts have put in their time and curated a list that will provide you with all the options that have worked for us as well as the kind users who helped us with reviews. 

Only after you are done with your critically essential items like passport or money, consider this list to make the most of your trip.  

Our Recommendations for your next  trip

1. Earphones 

  • One of the most used and preferred flagship products by Apple, Airpods are compatible with all Apple products and others to help you enjoy your entertainment whenever you like. With the charged case, these wireless Bluetooth earphones can provide you with 5 hours of listening time and up to 24 hours with the charging case. They are compact, easy to carry and fit right into your ears for your hands-free mode. 
  • As a reasonably priced option, you can try TOZO T10 wireless earphones that are compatible with all your Bluetooth devices for up to 30 hours on a fully charged case, providing you with powerful bass and clear sounds. The noise-reducing ergonomic design sits perfectly in your ears while you travel through noisy flights or commute. 
  • If you do not wish to worry about losing the small devices you can switch to Apple Wired Ear pods or try Panasonic wired earphones for optimum performance while forgetting about charging the device or the kind of device. 
  • As a frequent flyer and music connoisseur, try the Bose noise cancellation earphones for the ultimate noise cancellation experience for your calls and a comfortable over the head design for crystal clear music. You can try COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones that are available in 7 exciting colors including black to help you keep your music and entertainment free from noise while you travel and everything in between while being affordable. With the option of 30 hours of charging, both these headphones provide you wireless experience and answer your calls too.
  • If you need something to mount your phone or tablet then try Quikstand which is strong enough for all of your devices and thin enough to fit in your wallet.

2. Traveling bags 

  • No matter if it is a weekend trip or a two-month backpacking plan, you need appropriate bags. Amazon basics bring you a 21-inch hard side wheeled suitcase that is perfect for a weekend and rolls smoothly without wearing you down. Or consider this Rockland expandable set, a colorful rolling suitcase, and a tote bag fit to carry along. 
  • Those of you who prefer being on foot bearing nature’s elements while backpacking or camping must assure that you have a waterproof rucksack by Reebow Gear that allows plenty of pockets for your essential clothes, first aid kit, water bottles, and everything you may need.
  • You must also prepare for international travel by investing in travel-friendly reusable bottles from Teapile and Packism clear bags that can be included in carrying along with luggage while being TSA friendly. 
  • For your important identification documents during internationals, invest in a traveling wallet from Amazon basics that allows you to carry a passport, cash, cards, loose change, pen, etc. You should be able to see and retrieve anything that you need. 
  • For an option, you can get a fanny pack such as a Waterfly fanny pack, suitable for men and women, to carry all your important stuff including your phone, and change safely tucked around your waist or shoulders while you travel, go for a trek, hiking, or jogging.

3. Sleeping aids 

  • Many of us, especially after a certain age, have a strict sleep hygiene routine that must be met when we need restful sleep. Traveling for short or long periods can be tiring where you can try to relax if you carry proper sleeping aids such as an eye mask. Try the MZOO eye mask that is lined with memory foam that completely blocks out light allowing comfortable sleep. If you can’t sleep because of noise then you will need earplugs to like the excellent Mack’s earplugs that help you relax on a plane ride with noisy babies or the afternoon sun.
  • Long hours on a plane or any more transportation rides can cause a sore neck that can ruin your travel as well as the next days’ plans. Make sure you carry a travel-friendly neck pillow by trtl pillows that help you and millions of Americans’ necks stay supported and pain-free while you catch some shut-eye and dream about the fun things you can do the next day of the trip.
  • If you require a more supportive memory foam travel pillow, then check if it is travel-friendly, like the Jensens inventions J-pillow which is washable, and does not take up a lot of room in your baggage while helping you relax. 
  • You do not have to spend your nights tossing and turning because of jet lag on an international trip. If there are severe problems then speak to your doctor beforehand for SOS sleeping pills or try melatonin tablets that can help you relax and adjust to the schedule.

4. Portable charger 

  • We need our electronic items with us fully charged, and functional at all times. Especially when most devices are wireless and run on Bluetooth connectivity they can drain the battery quickly. Carry a lightweight portable charger like that by Anker store for your phone or tablet as per your traveling duration. You must always carry your power bank in your carry-along luggage when traveling by air. 
  • If you are traveling to another country, it’s important to understand that all your electronics may or may not be compatible with the electricity arrangements in the destination country. You must carry a universal adapter like this one from SublimeWare Store. This product is compatible with all apple and android devices to be used in any country that you may be visiting. 
  • If in case you wish to use a curling iron, your laptop or electric shaver, you will require a voltage converter like the one from the Key Power store that allows the usage of electronics when traveling internationally. Although you may choose not to carry such appliances to reduce baggage, however, for a short wedding trip or one-week business trip where you need these devices, a universal adapter will need a voltage converter for your appliances to work at all. 

5. Reusable water bottle 

  • No matter where you may be going, a short or a long trip, a flight, or a hike, you will need to keep yourself hydrated to ensure healthy wellbeing. Dehydration can cause headaches, lethargy, and feeling light-headed. Invest in a sturdy reusable water bottle that keeps you hydrated and can be carried while you actively move about. This Simple modern stainless steel flask carries about one liter of water without causing any spills or leakage. 
  • It is important to remember that you will have to declare a reusable water bottle that is empty at the airport security and fill it afterward. 
  • A reusable bottle from Takeya is travel-friendly, fits into most cup holders and keeps your hot drinks at the same temperature for 12 hours, and cold drinks up to 24 hours, to help you stay hydrated and comfortable.
  • If you are a frequent traveler and need a smaller container for your drinks, then try the  Contigo autoseal coffee mug that can be sealed, cleaned easily, and carried around without leaks or spills. Just to be safe, keep them in the vertical position at all times. Easier to hold and carry your drinks, a leak-proof tumbler can also help you enjoy your drinks for longer.

6. Umbrella/ raincoat

  • The weather can change at any time. But we are fortunate to be living in this time and age where climate along with weather patterns can be predicted. Especially on a trip that includes staying in close quarters with nature, you must be ready for anything. An umbrella is something non-negotiable while traveling to certain places. 
  • Consider a plain, compact and functional umbrella like the Repel traveling umbrella that is easy to carry because of its small design. With a single on and off button, the umbrella is convenient to use while traveling with a backpack or a small purse and withstands under extreme conditions too, by not breaking but bending. 
  • The DEMOZU light-weight hooded jacket is effortless to carry or pack while helping you stay dry in unfavorable weather conditions. It is light, waterproof and of a loose fit that adapts to your needs while keeping you safe during a trek, hiking, cycling, or walking. 

7. Skincare essentials

  • Beautiful and hydrated skin is one of the tell-tale signs of overall health, and it takes very little effort. But while traveling, plane rides or sun exposure can damage skin. Make sure you pack products according to your skin type. CeraVe moisturizing cream is an excellent product that is suitable for your dry and normal skin and gel-based products like Neutrogena hydro boost moisturizer for your combination/acne-prone skin. 
  • The biggest factor causing your skin to malfunction is sun damage. You must always wear it even when you are indoors sitting by a window. Do not forget to reapply after every few hours when you spend your whole day out in direct sunlight. You can choose EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen meant for sensitive acne prone skin or Cetaphil Redness Relieving moisturizer with SPF 20 for redness prone skin.
  • For quick hydration after a long flight when you cannot do your routine, you can consider Mario Badescu Facial Spray which is a brilliant face mist that provides instantly moisturized plump skin. Not only you will look fresh, but you can also wash off the tired look from a long flight or journey. 
  • Your lips can get parched during long traveling hours and for instant moisture Burt’s Bees natural lip balm has been popular with innumerable users’ choices for providing moisture and protection to lips.

8. Multipurpose clothes 

  • When you are packing for a long trip across a country, you will want to research the general climate and weather patterns of the said area and pack accordingly. You will require clothes that you can wear in multiple settings, and offer different features. 
  • A dress by Patgonia that becomes a skirt or the pepper dress by season that can be worn 5 ways is an ideal kind of clothing that you’d want to bring along on a trip. Made of easy-to-wear breathable fabric which allows you to remain comfortable while looking good. A button-down shirt can be one of the most versatile multipurpose pieces of clothing you can find easily. 
  • The Columbia ridge silver’s convertible pants are 100 % nylon and can be shortened to become knee-length. The fabric wicks away the sweat and dries quickly keeping you cool at all times. In slightly colder temperatures you can layer with slacks or pants allowing you to experience exceptional layering keeping you warm. 
  • If you are planning on visiting an area that is going to be cold then consider a product like Boulder creek’s parka that is especially suitable for tall, well-built men. With multiple pockets and a detachable hood, this fleece-lined microfiber jacket provides you with an unparalleled traveling experience. 

9. Sunglasses

  • For the people who love to travel or are looking forward to a certain trip, but wear prescription glasses, getting them upgrades to UV protection glasses can be a wise step towards caring for your eyes. 
  • If you wear lenses, do not forget to pack the right kind of lubricant and carrying case for easy storage. Removing lenses before going to sleep is crucial and if you do not have a place to wash your hands, this can be a slight problem while traveling. 
  • MERRY’s unisex polarized sunglasses are immensely popular among the people who frequently use sunglasses for being affordable and highly functional sunglasses. They are available in multiple colors and reflective surface glasses to ascertain that you enjoy your day basking in the sunlight.
  • The SUNGAIT store gives you another option for extremely trendy sunglasses that will not hurt your pocket while lasting through multiple outdoor expeditions and travels. 

10. Walking shoes 

  • If you do not know this already, you will need a sturdy pair of walking shoes while you’re traveling. A good pair of shoes helps you maintain proper posture and remain painless throughout the whole time traveling. For instance, the Sketchers sneakers not only keep your feet comfortable but last through walking, hiking and exercise. 
  • You must also know that even though heels or some kinds of shoes look very good with some outfits, it can make you go through a painful time because of the absence of a cushion for heels. Therefore, be careful with your footwear choices. 
  • You can even try the waterproof hiking boots by Timberland that, based on user reviews, last for multiple years without any problems. The lightweight waterproof hiking shoes from the Columbia store have men’s and women’s sizes for hiking, walking, and every other activity without tiring your feet.
  • The Adidas walking shoes are preferred by women of all ages and sizes leading an active lifestyle. The STQ slip-on shoes come to you with sparkling reviews for being extremely comfortable for rigorous use while traveling and in activities. 

Things to know before unleashing the wanderlust 

After making your travel plans and having packed for your days away from home, it’s time to move on towards preparing yourself for your adventures. 

Take necessary action for home

This goes without saying, but you will need to plan what happens to your house and your belongings that you decide to leave home. Inform your office and friends and family need to know about your absence to avoid making people and yourself stressed. Make certain that you assign someone to take care of your pets with instructions about their needs, and do things like water the plants, pick up the mail, etc. 

Don’t ignore weather patterns 

As much as we would like to tell you that a sense of adventure is all you need before traveling, you need a lot of information on several topics including weather for your traveling. Use technology to research the weather predictions for wherever you are traveling along with packing the necessary equipment that you may need like extra sweaters or raincoats. If a high temperature is expected for your trip, you cannot forget simple items such as sunglasses or sunscreens to keep yourself safe. 

Research the necessary information

Read up on the current events and general news of the country you are about to visit to help yourself make better travel arrangements. Find out how well they treat the tourists and how to remain respectful of the locals. Be willing to meet all kinds of people and witness customs that are different from your own, and learn basic practices that you may need to know. 

Eating mannerisms and availability

If you have any specific dietary needs or general preferences, find out the availability of the same, where you are traveling to. For example, it may be very difficult for you to find affordable places where you can find vegetarian food. Research on the kind of cuisine and ingredients you may be coming in contact with while trying local food. In some places you may not find anything you usually eat, you must also be prepared to take the necessary action. Update yourself on the local eating mannerisms and customs to not offend your hosts. For example, Indians are more likely to use their hands while eating and Japanese people understand that you appreciated food based on your finished food.

Know about Appropriate clothing

Wherever that you may travel to, you must find out as much as possible for you to blend in as much as possible. Western countries do not have such restrictions or customs, while eastern parts of the world may have different rules for different places. For example, if you plan to visit a temple or Church, you may be required to cover your shoulders in Italy and even your head if you are in India, and carrying a scarf along can serve both purposes. It’s also advised, out of respect, to not wear shorts or sleeveless clothes around religious surroundings. It’s best to dress as the locals do to remain respectful while keeping the travelers’ spirit high.  

Learn basics of the local language

We cannot expect you to learn the entire language just for a foreign trip that you plan to take. But in an emergency, it can be very handy if you practice a few basic phrases or learn customary greetings in the local language to familiarize yourself with the surroundings. Although English has become a universally accepted language, there’s always a possibility that you may not find someone who understands your language when needed, or you lost the internet signal to try Google Translate. Try a few phrases like 

1. Do you speak English? 
2. (Local greetings) how to find ____ bus, train station or a thing. 
3. Where is the bathroom/name of the place/ hospital/ shop? 

Have an emergency plan

Learn about the rules and regulations of the country, and keep the necessary emergency contacts ready in case you happen to find yourself with a mishap. Many countries have basic patterns for crime or tricks to dupe the tourists, these can easily be researched and avoided. Some countries may be safe for women and others might look like a potential risk to travel alone. No matter where you go, you must keep your belongings close and safe. 

And perhaps, if you find yourself having a good time, then find a way to continue travelling. Like many others, If your work is what has been keeping you away from travelling, then bring your work along! Or  Read on for a few tips on how to make money when you’e away from home. 

How to earn while you travel! 

Thinking of extending travel? Why not! Make the most out of your travel or lengthen your plans on the go. There is so much you can do while you explore each new place at your own pace and even earn money alongside. 

1. Work away from desk

You’d need to be patient and look for jobs that can pay even if you are away from your office. A lot of freelance work can be done from any part of the work with your electronic essentials and internet. 

2. Try taking up local jobs. 

Try this only if you really wish to stay longer in a place that you like. Look for tourist seasons and put your existing skills to use or learn on the go for suitable temporary demands for workers. 

3. Become a guide

You can earn good money while touring and learning as much as you can about your surrounding to become a tour guide for others. You really only need to be willing to work in order to find such a job. 

4. Teach English

A lot of countries may find your excellent language skills useful to teach them English. Or any other language for that matter, teaching languages can help you find temporary jobs. 

5. Work at a hostel

Many places that offer affordable accommodations, such as hostels, require volunteers to work for them, handle management or mild forms of marketing. See what you can contribute in.

For any adventure, curiosity and patience go hand in hand. As much as you should be able to enjoy unfamiliar new things and places, you must also have the patience to deal with small hiccups. With our list, you can be sure to enjoy every bit of your expeditions or explorations. Don’t forget to tell us where you plan to go next?

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