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Best Travel Pillows Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Travel Pillow Of 2022

Travelling is at its best when it is comfortable and with covid 19 almost coming to an end, people are going to take the opportunity to free themselves from the cage they have been put in for the last two years. 

A travel boom is looming over the industry.

What’s better than a travel pillow at this point? 

‘Travel pillows’, 

Before moving on to the ‘pillow’ part of the product, let’s explore the ‘travel’ part together. 

Everyone loves to travel, to explore and to discover- new places, restaurants, monuments, relaxing beaches and what not! 

Travelling is an emotion and not some mere activity. It involves enjoying the little things in life which one misses out on because we are too busy to give ourselves time. It’s discovering our freedom and what lies behind the four-walled room in which we spend our time.

Travelling is not only going from our homes to our offices or our schools, but rather it is visiting places where our heart meets the horizon and all our eyes can capture is the scene in front of us. It’s a process that makes our camera go up as well as forces us to keep our camera side and admire the beauty in its reality. 

More than that, it is both about individualism as well as spending time with friends and family. Nowadays with the skill specialisation of work and long hours of office, one barely has time to indulge or form other meaningful relationships and most importantly, relations with oneself. It won’t be wrong at all to say that travelling makes you know yourself, love yourself and discover yourself. 

For this aspect and perspective to come alive, what you need is comfort. Now, let’s discuss a bit about the necessity of comfort. 

Why is comfort necessary? 

It has already been established that travelling is a lovely experience, but in reality, is it? Because people experience achy shoulders, cramped legs, strained necks all the time. Is prolonged hours of suffering worth it? 

For you to stop regretting your decisions is the reason why comfort while travelling is so important. It’s not just about mental comfort but about physical comfort too.

Who wants soreness in the neck and shoulders after travelling for ten hours straight? We sure don’t. Sitting for long hours fixes you in a difficult position where moving after those agonising hours stretches and strains your muscles due to rigidness. 

When we think about comfort zones then all kinds of activities such as lazily lying on our couch, watching Netflix, sleeping, or staying up inside our blankets come up in our minds. When we travel outside then we are, to some extent, out of our comfort zones and try to adapt to the transportation’s environment. Being out of our comfort zone challenges us to take new risks but at the same time, the activity can be extremely stressful, and taking stress is not good for our health. Loads of problems such as deterioration of mental health, physical strength, tiredness, etc are associated with it. 

The adjustment always does not prove to be positive. Science has it that our shoulders and neck are most vulnerable while travelling. 

One of the EASIEST ways to get rid of this unnecessary discomfort is by practising correct posture. In a generation where everyone is so careless about how bent their shoulders are and how deep they are involved with their phones. Correct posture can help relieve the constant pain. Try to sit with your back straight. 

But, posture cannot alone help you alleviate this stress, hence, I now introduce TRAVEL PILLOWS to you all. 

What are travel pillows? 

Travel pillows are soft yet firm pillows that cushion the back of your neck and your shoulders. It is placed on the base of your neck and the starting borderline of your shoulders. 

What are they made up of? 

Travel pillows can be made up of multiple types of material. It depends from company to company and the different types of neck pillows. The most common materials used are nylon, polyester, fleece, cotton, etc. 

What is the average size of a neck pillow? 

Travel pillows are generally small in size and are sufficient to cover only your neck. If the pillow is too wide, too tight, too large, or too small, then that too can cause a huge problem for the physical structure and posture of your body. 

How can travel pillows help reduce pain? 

The most common benefit of travel pillows is that they keep your neck straight. Usually, there aren’t many services while travelling to keep our neck and shoulder pain and strain-free. 

After discussing some of the main and general questions, let us know some more about travel pillows.


  • Travel pillows are your perfect companion while travelling. It supports your neck so that while you sleep, you can rest your head comfortably and it relaxes your muscles. 
  • It is extremely convenient to carry as well as easy to use. So, ten on ten in terms of convenience. 
  • Travel pillows are very soft since they are made up of comfortable material and hence it elevates the comfort level you feel while using them. 
  • It prevents stiff neck and fatigue. For example, it is often seen that people look for the side compartments or the seat near the wall so that they have a place to place their heads. Well, with travel pillows they won’t have to worry about that ever again. The travel pillows have two sides and hence you can tilt your head on the sides of the pillow without turning around.
  • It is extremely easy to clean, so not much of your time will be spent on taking care of the product. 
  • Alongside travelling purposes, Travel pillows also have other uses such as using them for office work. You can take the travel pillow with you to your office. While working continuously for eight to ten hours, using travel pillows is a smart move on the user’s side. 
  • You can also use the pillows for taking short naps. Taking naps on regular breaks helps us concentrate more. Psychology studies prove that if we receive stimuli at a regular interval, we can attend to them in a much better manner than if we receive the stimuli at irregular intervals. 
  • Driving, especially on rough roads can increase the pain, hence using travel pillows while driving can help you get rid of that problematic pain that acts as a barrier in your day to day work. 

Usually, we have mainly three types of neck pillows. One Is filled with microbeads, the other is filled with memory foam and lastly, we have fiberfill neck pillows. There is a long going confusion amongst the three products.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of microbeads travel pillows, memory foam travel pillows as well as fiberfill pillows. 


Microbeads are small plastic balls, maximum of one millimetre in size. You might have seen microbeads being used in the bean bags used in your homes.  


  • Microbead travel pillows are usually feather light in weight. Most people expect it to be very heavy, given that they are made from plastic but it is indeed one of the lightest pillows. 
  • They are malleable and they can change their shape according to our unique head shape. So, no more problems searching for the ‘right pillow’. These microbeads allow space between them and are not tightly packed like solid molecules. Hence, they easily surround your head and neck providing the best comfortable position. 
  • The pillows made from microbeads are breathable and allow air to pass and hence both the sides remain cool and do not retain heat.  


  • Sometimes the polystyrene causes off-gassing, hence making it slightly difficult to be used for daily use. 
  • The filling of microbeads inside the pillow often lose their malleability and stretch way too much thus losing their elasticity. So, if you use it for a long time, it might not be able to provide the adequate support needed to support your neck.
  • The pillow becomes loose quite often resulting in a non-definable shape as the microbeads are not tightly packed.
  • Once you start using microbead travel pillows, adapting to normal pillows is going to be slightly difficult as the normal pillows are firm and are usually not malleable. 


Memory foam is a transformable kind of foam used in mattresses or pillows. It takes the shape according to the heat and pressure applied. 


  • Unlike microbeads, memory foam retains its original shape once the weight of the pillow has been lifted, When you put your head on the memory foam pillow, it adjusts to the heat and pressure needs and comfortably cushions your neck and head according to the shape of your neck region and once you lift off the pillow, it returns to its original shape.  
  • Regular pillows incline your spine towards a tilt which later on causes spinal problems but memory foam helps in keeping the spine straight and aligned properly. 
  • It might also help in less snoring. Due to the correct alignment of the spine, it cures snoring.
  • It also helps in easing the pressure points present throughout our bodies. 
  • It is cost-effective and costs almost the same as a normal pillow. 


  • Unlike microbeads travel pillows, these pillows retain heat and don’t let heat escape hence causing the surface to be warm after continuous usage. It also doesn’t let any air escape due to the tight structure of the memory foam. 
  • The material used might be flammable.
  • Chemical gassing occurs in memory foam travel pillows too. 
  • By retaining heat, the pillow might prove to be uncomfortable for some people. 


Fibre fill consists of polyester fillings that look similar to cotton fluffs. It is quite often used for filling fibre stitchings such as quilts, handmade dolls, pillows, etc. 


  • Fibre fill pillows can be easily used every day and night for at least 2-3 years. They are durable and easy to wash. No sort of complexities come along with care instructions for Fiberfill pillows. 
  • These types of pillows are very soft and fluffy and thus give a feeling of lightheadedness to the user. These pillows are extremely lightweight and can be used easily 
  • Sometimes, they also come with a vibration function that massages your shoulders and neck and provides instant relief. 
  • One of its best points is that it is easily portable and hence the user can carry it without any tension and stress. 
  • They do not retain heat, unlike memory foam pillows.
  • The fiberfill is also more firm, hence sometimes providing better neck support than the memory foam pillows. 


  • As fiberfill pillows are very soft and fluffy, they are more prone to clumping. Clumping means the formation of clumps or blocks inside the pillow due to the accumulation of the material filled inside. 

After having an intensive discussion on types of travel pillows, the pros and cons of the material they are made up of.

Let us have a look at some of the best-suited products under the category of travel pillows. 

1. Edomi Travel Pillow 

Price : $12.97 ~ $12.99

Product description:

  • This pillow provides 360-degree support for your neck, head, back, shoulder, and spine. It helps you sleep comfortably and reduces poor posture pain. 
  • It weighs 6.7 ounces, is pretty lightweight, and is properly sized. It is slightly inclined towards being small-sized. 

What do the customers think?

After using this product, the customers believe that this pillow is more than just a travel pillow. They used this everywhere, for instance – in their house, office, bus, while driving, etc. The customers found the foam pillows to be hard and firm at first so, you will have to get them warm enough to use them comfortably. It is soft and can be used on long flights to get a relaxing rest! 

According to most of the customers, the fabric of the pillow can be removed and separated pretty easily from the memory foam and be washed and then reused. The memory foam is not washable, only its cover is washable. The cover can be hand washed. It is way better not to machine wash it. It has a microfiber cover and doesn’t usually get hot and retains heat from surfacing to the pillow cover and can be used daily. 

Some people have also used this pillow for healing an ear piercing since it is soft and properly spaced. So, it has multiple uses! 

2. Huzi Travel Pillow

Price : $39.90

Product Description:

  • This pillow has a variety of colours, eight to be specific. 

What do the customers think?

The customers found themselves happy with the power they got over adjusting their comfort. Whether you want to double fold it, or use it without repeating the folds is totally up to you. You can also adjust how loose or tight you want the scarf shaped pillow to be around your neck. 

The fact that it can be washed in the washing machine provided the customers with much-needed comfort. You just need to put it in the washer and it will come out all fresh and ready. It specialises in supporting your chin. The customers could not fold the pillow flatly but were able to fit it into any space, especially travel bags. 

It is easily portable, lightweight and was made in such a way that it kept the customers cool throughout the night. This travel pillow was patented in such a manner that it can be used for all resting positions. In addition, the customers found the product to be a bit expensive. So, if your budget does not fit this, there are many better travel pillows available at a lower price than 40 dollars. 

3. DMI Travel Pillow

Price : $17.99 ~ $29.99

Product Description: 

  • This pillow is designed to provide support for your neck, hip and also helps in easing joint pain. It comes with a washable cover.
  • The pillow has a polyester filling which helps in solidifying the pillow a bit. 

What do the customers think?

Customers who purchased this pillow thought that the pillow is firm enough to uplift their heads properly. It is also a full body pillow so they were able to use it in multiple ways. The purchasers who often drive found this pillow to be perfect for travelling in a car. It can also be carried alongside and be used in hotels or any other resting place. Some of the customers gifted this pillow to their loved ones and thought it made a great gift. 

As the covers are made up of cotton, the customers found it easy to use and wash. The cotton cover is super soft and comfortable. It also allows cooling. The pillow cups your head, neck, and shoulders perfectly. 

It has two sides, a longer side, and a shorter side. The ear recess is available on both sides for customers to use. The pillow might be a little on the flat side and the size could be larger than you expect a normal pillow to be. But it’s odd design helps and supports the body in a good, comfortable, and sensible manner. 

4. Ambesonne Travel Pillow

Price : $19.99

Product description:

  • This hourglass-shaped travel pillow by Ambesonne is the best-suited product for you if you are looking for some comfort as well as fun in your life. 
  • It uses memory foam inside the cover and the company provides a lot of options regarding the designs of the covers.
  • It has approximately 102 designs you can choose from. 

What do the customers think? 

A lot of times we get bored with the plain, repetitive and simple white and grey pillows and need something funky as well as comfortable in our lives. The customers who purchased this product found their purpose in this product. Its printed cover is also washable and comes with a zip lock which makes it easier to remove the pillow from its cover. 

Moreover, this pillow comes with snap fasteners which makes it easier for the user to carry the pillow immediately after use. The customers who used this product could easily attach the pillow to the luggage and it didn’t even take much of their space. With the help of head support, you can use it for naps in the office or even at home.

The customers conversely complained about a slight variation in the color of the pillow received as compared to the image of the pillow on the net. That might be because of the tint of your computer screen. 

5. World’s best store travel cushion

Price : $12.26 ~ $12.29

Product Description:

  • The memory foam is wrapped in a soft polyester fabric which makes it easier to rest the neck or head without feeling rough fabric acting up against your skin. 
  •  It provides firm support and is not thick and fluffy which makes it a better travel companion. It is thin, about three inches thick. 

What do the customers think? 

The customers thought that it is suitable for travel and neck support. It is soft and best suited specifically for air travel. This product is simpler than the other cushions. Unlike other products, the customers who bought this pillow were able to wash the pillow itself apart from its cover. The memory foam in this pillow is washable and this pillow has a snap fastener and can be attached to your luggage. 

While this pillow is rectangular shaped, it is not the usual u shaped pillow and didn’t snake around the necks of the customers which proved to be problematic for some people. So, if you are someone who prefers to have a snuggled pillow around your neck, then this pillow might not be the best one for you. 

This pillow worked for those people who preferred to sleep on extra firm and hard pillows. If you prefer it too, then this is the one for you. Travel pillows are not only meant for the neck but can also be used for comfort purposes for lumbar as well as knee support. 

6. REDCAMP store travel pillow

Price : $13.99 ~ $25.99

Product Description:

  • The pillow cannot be machine washed or dry cleaned or bleached. Only the flannel cover of the pillow can be washed. 
  • It is made up of cotton fillings and has a flannel cover. It is not thick but is comfortable for travelling.

What do the customers think?

This product has been mainly purchased by people indulged in activities such as camping, hiking, etc. It is quite often for campers to look for a pillow that is compact, lightweight, and easily portable. These camping pillows help the campers sleep comfortably instead of sleeping on the hard ground with no support whatsoever which may pose a problem for the spine and the neck.

It is widely known that one should never exercise or sleep on bare ground, always have some form of support that softens the blow when you land on the ground. The pillow also comes with a sleeping bag, where you can place and carry your pillow.

Some customers prefer wrapped pillows and hence the rectangular shape of this pillow posed a slight problem for them. Again if you are someone who is against the likings of rectangular pillows, this might not be for you. But given that this is a camper pillow and most users are bound to be campers, it is pretty much a perfect product for them. 

The customers sometimes complained of the fillings not being evenly spread across the entire pillow which made them a bit uncomfortable. Overall it is a great product for trips. You can even take two of them. Their lightweight and compact packing make it easier for the customers to carry it. 

7. Sunany store Travel Pillow

Price : $16.99 ~ $18.99

Product Description:

  • This set comes with an inflatable neck pillow, two earplugs, an eye mask, and a drawstring bag to carry it. 
  • This pillow is small in size and is easy to use and carry.
  • The pillow is versatile and can be used for various activities and situations. 

What do the customers think? 

The complicated design of this pillow had the customers perplexed the very first time they cast their glances at this product. Even if the design looks non-comprehendible, its usage is intelligently designed. You can snake your arms inside the holes on the side and rest your neck in the middle space meant for your head. 

This device helped the purchasers relieve their neck pain and helped in reducing pain around pressure points on their back, shoulder, and spine. It can be used for rest on the plane, train, bus, car, office, home, etc.

The customers found it easy to inflate and deflate the pillow. If you are looking for an all in one travel pack, then you can consider buying this product. It should be considered that sometimes when the customers adjusted their head in the place meant for the head, proper ventilation of airflow was tampered. 

The pillow rolls up quite easily, especially if it is folded lengthwise into thirds. The purchasers found it feasible to roll it up in a bag and carry it.

8. MLVOC store Travel Pillow 

Price : $16.14 ~ $25.99

Product description:

  • This travel pillow manufactured by MLVOC is made up of a hundred percent pure memory foam and is mainly a neck pillow. 
  • This kit includes the neck pillow, a drawstring luxury backpack, earplugs, and soft eye masks.
  • The travel pillow is covered in sweat-resistant fabric. The cloth is breathable.
  • It uses a super soft magnetic therapy cloth that helps reduce the pain and tension.

What do the customers think?

The customers thought that the cover was snug and had a breathable fabric. It can be machine washed and this too like the above product is an aeroplane travel kit. 

The customers were satisfied with the secure cushioning that this pillow provided them with as this pillow has many curves. There is an adjustable rope lock that will prevent your head from falling to the sides or forward. This is a feature that wasn’t present in any of the products discussed above. You can adjust the rope lock according to your preference. 

MLVOC is one of those companies which has been coming up with unique travel pillows for a long time. This travel pillow is their latest design and has a set of unique features. 

The customers felt sheltered as it fits all neck sizes. The neck pillow comes with a snap strap which allows the pillow to be attached to the luggage. Moreover, this is a lightweight pillow making it even more restful, plush and homely.

9. HOMIEE store travel pillow

Price : $21.99 ~ $22.99

Product description:

  • It is available in six colours and is made up of memory foam for proper neck support.
  • It also includes travel accessories such as a sleep mask, earplugs, and a storage bag.

What do the customers think?

The customers were happy that this product used a soft cushioning instead of a hard one. They were easily able to adjust the tightening of the pillow around their neck according to their needs and comfort.  

Most of the travel pillows often contain an odorous smell to them and this issue has been the complaint of many of the users. This product however has an inbuilt technology that prevents odours. It is removable and washable and is also crease-free.

The customers find this pillow small, light, and cozy. It easily and quickly deflates as well as inflates. It does not let the air inside it escape and you can use it easily the entire night. This pillow is still a thin pillow once inflated. If you want a fat pillow, it is better to know from the customers’ experience that this pillow doesn’t blow up that big.

There are little pockets in the pillow which help with the comfort level. The neck and head are assured to remain cool. The customers recommend it for its size and comfort. It is very popular amongst campers and hikers. The only difference between this product and the earlier one is the price and the earlier pillow set was made up from microbeads whereas this one has memory foam inside it.

10. Cloudz store travel pillow

Price : $10.85

Product Description:

  • It’s small and cute. Style, statement, and comfort go together with this product. 
  • There are a lot of designs made available to you by the CLOUDZ company, nineteen in total. 

What do the customers think?

The customers using this product got great features for a reasonable price. They were able to wash the pillow with ease and recommended a few tips for the future consumers to follow. It is possible to wash them in a washing machine in warm water with a bunch of towels on top. You’ll have to push the pillow under the water a few times throughout the cycle. You can also run an extra rinse cycle. Be sure not to use any heat. 

The customers also do not suggest this product for children since it contains microbeads. If a small hole rips in the cover, then there is a high possibility of suffocation or choking with these children. It is only suitable for teenagers and adults. Usually, the foam pillows are too hard, these pillows are perfect if you want the pillow to take the shape of your neck.

Tips and advice to remember while buying travel pillows

Now that we have discussed the pros as well as cons of some of the products. Let us move on to a general review of what is needed while buying a travel pillow. What size do we buy? What material? and questions like that. 

The kind of pillow you buy heavily depends on your needs and your measurements. It depends on your budget, your degree of tolerance, etc.

Most people buy U- shaped travel pillows but there ain’t no harm in trying out new products!

The best material to be used in Travel pillows

The best materials to be used as the covers of travel pillows are cotton and bamboo fiber. These clothes are way better than the nylon and polyester ones which are often used. 

The main reason is that cotton and bamboo fiber allows air to pass in and out of the cloth, thus making the pillow breathable equipment that doesn’t retain heat much. Cotton keeps cool against the skin. 

Even bamboo fibers which are fibers used in the textile industry made from bamboo bristles and stems. It was earlier used for making baskets, etc but nowadays it has seen an increase in usage in the textile industry. 

These two types of fibers allow proper ventilation which helps prevent any infections.

Polyester and nylon on the other side do not let any air pass through them and often retain heat and capture sweat, etc. Thus, making the user more prone to diseases and infections. Also, some people might be allergic to synthetic material which might pose a bigger problem than the neck and shoulder pain at hand. 

Size of the pillow 

The size of the pillow should be in accordance with the size of your neck. If you have a longer and slightly thicker neck, then it is better to buy a travel pillow that is wider and has a more coverage area. If you have a thinner neck, then travel pillows such as the infinity travel pillow or the ones that snuggle your neck and come with adjustment ropes are the best choice for you. 

Practice postures to cure pain

Using travel pillows is of course an option and equipment which helps in prevention and curing neck, shoulder, and back pain due to traveling. But while this does prove to be extremely useful, this is not the only way to alleviate your pain. You can follow the following yoga poses and stretches to ease your pain- 

  1. Seated cat cow pose
  2. Seated spinal twists
  3. Forward and backward neck bend
  4. Side to side neck rolls
  5. Shoulder rolls
  6. Seated forward rolls
  7. Forward bend
  8. Quad stretch
  9. Ear to shoulder pose
  10. Child’s pose
  11. Thread the needle pose

How to wash the cover

In most cases and products, only the case or cover of the travel pillow is washable.

  • So, make sure that you do not wash the memory foam or the material inside the pillow until and unless it is mentioned that the pillow itself is washable. 
  • Simply toss it in the washer, and it becomes all fresh, breezy, and fluffy again.
  • While washing the covers, try to use no heat. Most of them can be easily washed in washing machines. Make sure to use cold water and low/less temperature. 

How to loosen up the foam pillow

Foam pillows made up of memory foam are very rigid and tight during their initial use. They also become rock hard in winters. They are usually hard and not many people are aware of the techniques and methods used to soften the memory foam. 

Memory foam becomes softer when it is warmed up. The firmness of the memory foam depends on the temperature. Like, it gets cold in winter and gets softer when the weather is warm. 

  • You can also soften the foam by squeezing it tightly. When you squeeze the foam, some physical stress is applied which allows the foam to loosen up. This way it becomes softer.
  • Or, you can just let it be and after a few initial uses, it will start getting into shape and will start loosening up. You can let time take its course.

It may take up to a week to get used to the feel of the memory foam travel pillow. However, people who quite frequently use the pillow might get used to it sooner. Over time, with more flights and train trips, the softness increases, and then comes a point where the user achieves maximum comfort from the product. 

No more sore neck and shoulders.

No more stressful flights.

And no more rolling, twisting, and turning during your NETFLIX binge sessions.

I hope by now the expert developed in you has found the perfect travel partner for yourself.

Answer the question in the comments below and tell us if we’ve missed anything that you think is worth mentioning.

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