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Best Tent For Camping In 2022

by Evelyn Smith

Beautiful touch of nature, freshens us, doesn’t it or is it only me?

I am talking about the world of mountains, coffee, campfires and golden trees, running around with a camera, an instant solution for our weary mind and exhausted body, making it rise like a morning sun. 

Life is definitely better when you are travelling and camping, isn’t it?

But what about missing home?

Well, as told by travellers and campers, home is where you pitch your tent. The tent doesn’t look like much but, as an estate agent might say, it is air-conditioned and has an exceptional location. 

To awaken on a radiantly splendid morning, in a tent pitched underneath tidy trees, and to watch out lethargically from the open side of the tent, across the dead open air fire of the night, to the stream, where the light of morning rests and maybe some early-rising local is coasting in his birch kayak; to go to the waterway and refresh one’s self with the water, and holler exultingly to the gulls and hellfire jumpers, in the actual delight of living; or to wake around evening time, when you have moved in your covers in the ice stricken kicking the bucket grass without a tent, and to turn upward through the leaves above to the dull sky and the blazing stars, and hear far away the call of a night bird or the yell of a wolf: this is the verse, the delight of a wild and wandering presence, which every human being on this planet would want once in their lifetime and for campers it’s heaven, isn’t it?

Tents have always been used for a wide variety of purposes, from recreation to exploration to military encampment and public gatherings such as circuses, religious services, theatrical performances, and exhibitions of plants or livestock. Tents have also been the dwelling places of most of the nomadic peoples of the world, from ancient civilizations such as the Assyrian to the 20th-century Bedouins of North Africa and the Middle East.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than an excursion to nature — as far as you have the right stuff. A flawed tent can rapidly turn a quiet, loosening up escape into an absolute bad dream. Having a legitimate tent is the initial step to setting up camp. Camping IS INTENSE! No, truly. In case you’re going camping, you most likely need a tent. We love resting under the stars when the climate grants. Yet, more often than not, finding and getting ready sufficient for yourself, your family, or your pets is a non-debatable advance toward being comfortable in nature.

But then which tent should you pick? There are so many kinds of tents as there are ways  and places to go camping, and they range widely in price and in features too. To help you figure out the best tent for your next adventure – whether you’re getting away for the weekend with the family or soloing – we have our picks from years of testing tents to find the perfect shelter for everyone.

So are you ready to find the right camping tent—your home away from home?


Tents range from 2-man to 8-man tents, including between 1 to 4 bedrooms tents and also some with or without a living space. There are different types of tents as well as different systems for pitching and also taking down the tent. 

Are your heads spinning to make the best choice?

There are 3 criteria that determine the choice of your camping tent: the berth, comfort, spaciousness and the time required to pitch/take down your camping tent.

1. Berth

This shows the number of people that the tent can sleep within the inner tents of a model of tent, in line with the industry standard.Before starting, decide how many people will sleep in the tent? Will backpacks and gear stay inside or out? And what about the dog? Determining all this will help as you choose the proper floor area. Normal procedure is to look for a slightly larger tent, for example, a family of four usually purchase a five or six berth tent, to give added room and comfort. The living space mostly should provide extra space, in addition to the bedrooms, where you can sit down, have dinner, and depending on the tent design and stand up. When evaluating tent capacity ratings, our general advice is this: If you seek more room, consider upsizing your tent capacity by 1 person, particularly if you or your usual tent companion(s): are large people, are claustrophobic, toss and turn at night, sleep better with more than average elbow room or are bringing a small child or a dog. 

  • Figure out how many people you want to house.
  • Go a size or two up.
  • Make sure the weight and pack size is ideal

2. Fabric Types

There are lots of different tent fabrics, with some being a lot more expensive than others. Each tent fabric has its own pros and cons depending on the situation and purpose. Which tent material is the best will depend on your needs. For example, do you need a tent that’s easy to carry on your back or transport, or are you looking for a tent to be your holiday home for a week or more?

Some of them are:

Polyester – Polyester is favoured for most tents because it is a lightweight, durable tent fabric, which is easy to treat for waterproofing and affordable. For family tents, you will typically find Polyester. They are cheaper – you can get a lot more affordable tents with man-made fabrics, also lighter – from smaller backpacking tents to even larger family tents, these man-made fabrics are a lot lighter and less bulky than natural based fabrics. Additionally, quick to dry out and has less maintenance, can be more resistant to mildew and rips.The thicker the fabric, the longer it will last, before fading or degrading in the sunlight. 

Polycotton – Poly-cotton is a hybrid between man-made polyester and cotton. Essentially a poly-cotton fabric is a cotton fabric with some polyester weaved into it, – usually 35% cotton / 65% polyester. The purpose of the polycotton is that it will be a lighter weight cotton tent, offering a breathable, durable tent fabric, designed to last longer. Furthermore, the polycotton fabric will be more ideal for a range of different climates, as it will be warmer in cold weather conditions, and stay cooler in the warm weather conditions. 

Cotton – 100% cotton tents are rare, due to their weight, and pack size. Furthermore, they are incredibly expensive. However, if it is a permanent pitching tent, then cotton is the right way to go, as it is far more durable, and malleable to the weather conditions. Compared to man-made tent fabrics, cotton insulates extremely well. You won’t get as hot on a warm day, nor as cold when it is chilly. Cotton is a breathable fabric and can absorb water. This means that you are unlikely to have an issue with condensation. Due to its weight and insulation properties, cotton tents can be quieter, and not so noisy if there’s a breeze. Additionally, the fabric can last a long time and is more resistant to harmful UV rays.

Choose the fabric that works best for your travel and trip. 

3. Quickness To Pitch And Take Down The Tent

The time required to pitch/take down the tent varies depending on the structure of the tent. There’s a huge argument around which frame of tent is better, Air or Poled – both have their positives and negatives – though the pattern seems to be shifting towards Air tents as a more popular choice. Air tents certainly have their benefits, but there are also drawbacks, such as increased condensation whereas a classic pole assembly requires more time for pitching and taking down.

Inflatable tents are easy to pitch and save a lot of time. They can handle higher winds without damage. They are Perfect for touring campers. These are large sized tents and literally easier to set up and take down alone. However, there is an increase in condensation inside the tent and it is harder to pack away without the correct methodology. They also have larger pack sizes.

Poled tents can split poles and canvas for lower weight, and easier portability. They are inexpensive and there is also Less condensation inside the tent. However, they are harder to set up. There can be pole breakages in the wind. It can suffer accidental damage pitching in the wind and the most important, it may require several people to set up.

4. Tents Seasonality

3-Season Tents

By a long shot the most well known selection of tents, 3-season tents are lightweight safe houses intended for the generally mild states of spring, summer and fall. They are generally outfitted with sufficient mesh panels  to support wind streams. Mesh panels keep out creepy crawlies (yet can in any case allow in fine blowing sand). Appropriately pitched with a tight rainfly, 3-season tents can withstand deluges however are not the most ideal solution for supported openness to brutal tempests, vicious breezes or weighty snow. 3-season tents can range from the remarkably featherweight models for fast-and-light backcountry travel, to beefier and warmer models that are great for frontcountry camping. Most can handle pounding rain and light dustings of snow, but the lightest-weight models are not great for extended periods of harsh weather.

The essential elements of 3-season tents: 

  • Keep you dry during precipitation or light snow. 
  • Safeguard you from bugs. 
  • Give protection. 

4-Season Tents

Engineered to withstand fierce winds and substantial snow loads, mountaineering tents can be used in any season.They feature rigid shapes and pole geometries that allow them to bear substantial snow loads and powerful winds. They also feature more durable fabrics as the snow, ice and rock of the alpine environments where they are most commonly used can be ruthlessly abrasive.

Their chief function, though, is to stand firm in the face of seriously inhospitable weather, principally in winter or above treeline. To accommodate adventurers in bulky winter gear, 4-season tents are generally a bit roomier than a typical backpacking tent. And many models feature a large hooped vestibule to create the added space needed to store weeks’ worth of climbing gear. 

They use more poles and heavier fabrics than 3-season tents. Their rounded dome designs eliminate flat roof spaces where snow can collect. They offer few mesh panels and rain flies that extend close to the ground. This hinders ventilation and can make them feel warm and stuffy in mild weather. But when foul winds begin to howl, a 4-season tent provides a reassuring place of refuge.

5. Other features to consider:

  • Consider tent height – Camping tent height is measured from the ground up to the top of the tent’s exterior. Can you stand up in the tent? How steep are the walls? The steeper the better, since that gives you more space to move around in. If you like being able to stand up when changing clothes or enjoy the airiness of a high ceiling, then look for a tent with a tall peak height
  • Choose clips or sleeves – This refers to the method in which the canopy (main section of the tent) is attached to the poles. The clip method allows maximum air circulation between the two walls and is extremely easy to set up. Sleeves on the other hand are slightly stronger.
  • Consider the doors – While one door is of course enough, two might minimize nighttime jostling when you or your friend crawl outside to respond to the call of nature. If you’re camping with your family, multiple doors help you avoid climbing over each other for midnight bathroom breaks. Cabin-style tents tend to shine in this area. Also note how easy or noisy the doors are to zip open and shut. 
  • Ventilation – Mesh panels are often used in the ceiling, doors and windows of tents. This allows views and enhances cross-ventilation to help manage condensation. For hot, humid climates, seek out larger mesh panels.

Are you ready to wander where the wi-fi is weak? If yes, let’s look at the top 10 tents you can choose from to buy the safest tent to pitch it and call it home away from home. 

1. 2 Person Tent – Rain Fly & Carrying Bag – Lightweight Dome Tents for Kids or Adults – Camping, Backpacking, and Hiking Gear by Wakeman Outdoors

Price: $25.48
  • This is a lightweight two-person dome tent with a large D-style door that has enough space for two people.
  • This compact tent is ideal for several things like  hiking, camping, a kid’s indoor or backyard play tent, fishing, or shelter at the beach. 
  • This tent features fiberglass poles, a removable rain fly, ventilation, and an interior storage pocket to keep your contents neat and organized while enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Simply bind the doors back with the sewn in ties to let the breeze in and keep the bugs out. With just 2 fiberglass poles, setting up and tearing down this camping tent is quick and easy. 
  • When you are finished with your trip, you can simply place the tent components back into the included carrying bag to easily pack up and transport. 

Make your camping adventure a pleasant and memorable one by sleeping in the 2-Person Dome Tent by Wakeman Outdoors. This compact and lightweight two-person tent has the right combination of features and simple operation. Not the Taj-Mahal of tents, more like a one-person-deal, but for the price, the quality and features, it meets the needs. 


Price: $99.99
  • Hammock & Tent & Bed 3 in 1: This Camping Hammock tent is multifunctional to be used as a hammock, a tent or even a sleeping bed, that meets your different demands in camping, backpacking, hiking, outdoor trip, or just hanging & relaxing in backyard. 
  • Safe with Mosquito Net and Strong for 440lbs Weight: Designed with mosquito net makes you keep away from annoying mosquitos or flies to have a safe and comfortable sleeping outside. The Hammock tent for camping is built with strong durable 70D nylon fabric and high quality accessories are quite capable to provide support up to 200KG(440 LBS) that fits for one person perfectly, and usually 2 ordinary persons if needed.
  • Cool Air Vent: These advanced vents draw cool air in from adjustable air intake vents on the ground and allow hot air to escape through a large mesh ceiling.
  • Lightweight With Easy & Fast Set up: Just tie 2 straps with 2 carabiners in anything sturdy like trees, then adjust the strap’s length to make the hammock balanced, install the mosquito net through 2 poles each side and cover the rain fly via buckles. Plus, whole package weight is just 4 pounds.

Enjoy views of the sky through oversized mesh ceiling panels and know that if it starts to rain, we’ve got you covered. With extra wide, thick tape that is heat sealed to the rainfly fabric, wind and rain do. Would definitely recommend it for a hot hour. The fabric is strong, giving you a good feeling of quality material.

3. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

Price: $119.99
  • With these tents, there’s no assembly frustration. This free-standing, aluminum two-pole design is a breeze to set up. 
  • It is a Polyester tent fly and resists water and UV damage while adding one vestibule for extra storage space. 
  • It is Fully equipped with 8 zippers, storage pockets, gear loft, stakes, guy ropes and one doorway. The Alps Mountaineering Lynx tent is on the bestseller list; it’s a must-have for your next adventure.
  • Weatherproof fly buckles on for maximum adjustability and protection.  It is a great fit for one person plus gear.

This tent goes up so easy – it’s insane! It is very sturdy, even in high winds. The rain fly is great too. The rain cover goes all the way to the ground and has a vestibule to keep the dirty stuff outside and dry.Just has enough room to sleep in and just enough room in the vestibule to store a pack and all your food.

4. Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Water Resistant Tent with Convertible Screen Room for Family Camping

Price: $180.29
  • This tent has a convertible screen room with inverted “T” style door and inside flap zippered windows.
  • The Klondike sleeps eight, five in its 98 square feet of interior space, with room for sleeping three more in the 60 square foot screen room with its zip up walls. 6.5 feet of head room lets you stand up straight while inside the tent. 
  • It has a removable seam-sealed fly which provides versatility. It also has mesh roof vents, 2 zippered side windows with inside flaps.
  • The Klondike has a fiberglass frame and uses Power Corners that increase the tent’s stability in high winds. Included are two hanging pockets that create an area for items needing easy access, a storage duffel and a 10 year warranty against defects.
  • It is great for camping with family or friends, the Wenzel Klondike measures 16-feet by 11-feet. The attached screen room can also be used as a sun shelter, a picnic room, a gear room or a room just to relax in. 
  • A full mesh roof and two mesh windows keep bugs out and let the breeze in. Double-stitched, lap-felled seams throughout the body of the tent provide a shingle effect against water. 

The design is good. It provides a separation of a “living”/”storage” space from the “sleeping” space. This is important if you want to keep your sleeping space relatively clean / dirt free. The seams were waterproofed and the sown-in tarp goes up a few inches onto the wall, which will prevent rainwater from entering the tent.  It is easy to get the tent with all accessories back into the storage bag afterwards. No problems at all.

5. ABCCANOPY Heavy Duty Ez Pop up Canopy Tent with Sidewalls 10×15, White

Price: $275.21
  • It is a professional and cost-effective tent. ABCCANOPY is the pop up canopy brand based in the USA, has professional tent specialists, design and sell the most professional and cost-effective canopy tent, deeply trusted by the American people. 
  • This 150 square feet of this tent of cool shade is big enough for about 10 or 15 people, with plenty of room for a table and chairs. This model includes(1) 3 x plain panel and 1xdoor panel with rolled up door: zippers on each side,easily attach as many as you need.
  • The door also has zippers on each side to keep it closed.(2) 2 x half wall. The durable black-powder-coated steel, non-rust frame has nylon plastic connection hardware.Beautiful, strong and security.
  • The latest thumb lock system,easy to lock and release.The canopy top is high-strength fabric with PU lining,blocking 99% of the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Stitching lines are all seam sealed to prevent water penetration from seams to make our canopy tent waterproof.
  • It is a folding steel frame with no loose parts. No tools are required. 
  • Setup and breakdown is quick and easy with the push button toggle leg adjustments. Oversize designed roller bags are easy to put frame and fabric in. 

Upgrade wheels and reinforced handles, easy to carry and long lasting. Tent is easy to put up (5 minutes with 2 people to erect the Tent only – another 10 minutes to “hang the walls” – but very simple).  Frame is constructed with heavy duty gauge metal and seems very sturdy. Walls actually zip well together & velcro easily to the roof canopy – Hint, Zip them first before using the straps – it’s easier.

6. Stansport Scout 2 person Backpack and Camping Tent

Price: $39.99
  • The Scout backpack tent, from outdoor outfitter Stansport, offers the nostalgic appeal of this classic tent design, updated with a number of modern features.
  • It is a three-season, two-person tent which sets up quickly with two sturdy yet lightweight aluminum poles. It has no-see-um mesh door screens and 8,000-millimeter-rated, polyurethane-coated nylon upper, and rugged polyethylene floor. 
  • It has proven A-frame design sheds rain and wind while still being lightweight, compact and easy to assemble. It includes: 2 steel poles, ropes, stakes and carry bag – Meets CPAI-84 flame retardant specifications.
  • It sets up quickly via two sturdy yet lightweight aluminum poles, and includes ropes and stakes for when conditions turn windy. 
  • You’ll keep both bugs and rain at bay with no-see-um mesh door screens and an 8,000-millimeter-rated, polyurethane-coated nylon upper, and the rugged polyethylene floor keeps you dry from underneath, as well. 

Overall you won’t find a backpacking tent for a better price anywhere else. It isn’t ultralight, it isn’t fancy, and it definitely isn’t roomy, but it’s a good shelter provided you know what you’re doing and set it up facing away from wind. If you want to pay less than $100 for a solid shelter that does its job, is compact, and keeps you dry, here it is. These are very compact little tents.It’s pretty easy to set up, All in all it’s a good, lightweight tent if you want to throw it on your backpack and go for a few day hiking trip.

7. CAMPROS Tent-8-Person-Camping-Tents, Waterproof Windproof Family Tent, 5 Large Mesh Windows, Double Layer, Divided Curtain for Separated Room, Portable with Carry Bag, for All Seasons – Red

Price: $114.81
  • It is made of 185T Polyester and is roomy for 8 People Family. The dimension of the tent is 14 x 9 x 6(H) ft. 3 queen air mattresses or 8 sleeping bags fit well in the tent.
  • The tent is roomy for 8 sleeping bags or 3 queen air mattresses. People can stand up in the tent.It is ideal for family car camping or camping sites. 
  • It is durable & high-quality material with the 1000mm polyurethane hydrostatic rated coating high-tech, the tent guarantees PU1000mm water-resistant.
  • The tent stays completely dry under the light rain. The CAMPROS tent keeps you warm and takes you to sweet dreams at night. It is ideal for outdoor camping, hiking, and fishing in all weather.
  • It is an easy set-up, no particular skills needed, 2 people could set up the tent easily in 5 min. 
  • The camping tent comes with a smooth 2-way zipper and well-made poles. The carry bag is 24.6 x 8.26 x 8.26 inches big as a sleeping bag. You could restore the tent in the carry bag easily. 
  • It is breathable and has separated rooms. The camping tent has 1 large mesh door, 5 mesh windows & mesh tent top, which allow the breeze to come in and keep the bugs out. 
  • The tent comes with a separated curtain to provide divided rooms. You could also enjoy movie time at night when projecting on the divided curtain. The camping tent weighs 17.4 lb.

You could carry the bag in your backpack or store it in the car easily. It also offers unconditional 1-year quality assurance to offer you a risk-free purchase. If you have any questions about the tent, email us at any time. Inside it’s so spacious ! If you take the rainfly off, you could see the stars. I love that there is a sheer part on each side of the tent so you can look up and see the stars.

8. Waterproof Instant Pop Up Tent 3-4 Person Camping Tent, Instant Set Up, Outdoor Hiking Backpacking Tent Shelter

Price: $46.99
  • The tent cover is made of 190T waterproof polyester fabric used to keep dry inside for Winter or Rainy days.
  • It has enough space for sleeping up to 4 people, and a dome tent with spacious interior allows you to move comfortably. 
  • It has skylights and a roof piece to prevent loss of water. Additionally, it has a two-door ventilation design with a double zipper.
  • The “poles” are attached together upon receiving and all you have to do is “unplug” them and voila your tent is 90% set up. 
  • Adding the rain fly is very simple with 4 clips on each side of the tent. The ground stakes being the final step.For the price point this tent is AMAZING!
  • To get camping this weekend and it was good it is not a tent for cold weather though. 
  • Very very easy to set up and pack away, it comes in its own carrying case along with steaks. 

And yes there are no instructions on how to set it up because it is so easy all you need is common sense! All you have to do is unsnap to pieces and the thing pops up on its own

9. MOON LENCE Camping Tent 2/4/6 Person Family Tent Double Layer Outdoor Tent Waterproof Windproof Anti-UV

Price: $42.49 ~ $84.99
  • This tent is made of 100% Polyester, it is roomy 2-person Tent with the unfolding size of 213*152*122cm (83.8*59.8*48in), the tent is spacious for 2 adults. 
  • It weighs 2.7kg (5.95lb), it can be stored in to the 42*15*15cm (16.5*5.9*5.9in) carry bag and also super easy to carry it everywhere. The lightweight tent can be stored in the carry bag, which makes transport easy and is truly suitable for a light-burden camping trip.
  • It gives all-round protection with 190T PU material providing 1000mm water resistance and excellent UV resistance. Equipped with Rainfly, Our double layer tent provides stronger resistance to harsh weather.
  • It is breathable and stable, it has a large section of mesh and 1 D-shaped doors with dual zippers. A ground vent and two windows provide much better ventilation, increasing air circulation to help you stay cool and comfortable.
  • Tent with big breathable mesh and removable rainfly provides great ventilation. Keep the air inside the tent fresh even on damp and sultry rainy days.
  • Equipped with 9 lightweight Iron Pegs and 4 Guy Ropes, the tent has a high resistance of wind. More Secure. It is super easy to setu, 2 Shock Cord Connecting Poles with clips on the tent make it easy to set the tent up.
  • Even one person can set up the tent in less than 15min.The tent is a three seasons tent. The top half is mosquito netting. The door is the normal door-and-screen job.
  • The tent does have two windows in the back.  If you want two doors for your It’s a two person tent.

The people in the tent sleep N/S and the door and window are E/W, so someone has to climb over someone else for late night bathroom breaks. On the other hand, this tent is super comfy sleeping one person, and it’s light enough to carry like that. The rainfly is also good, it’s made of a different material than the tent and it’s very waterproof  leaving it up overnight. Lots and lots of venting which is good even with the windows shut.

10. Pop Up Tent – Automatic Instant Tent – Portable Cabana Beach Tent – Fits 2 People – Windows and Doors on Both Sides – Water Resistant, UV Protection Sun Shelter – Carry Bag Included

Price: $69.99
  • It is a tent for effortless camping, it pops open into a read-to-use form (auto-setup) in a blink & proves easy to fold into a compact form. 
  • Abco Tech Pop up tent is ideal for casual camping and accommodates 1-2 persons. Like a beautiful spot enroute? Setup your tent instantly!
  • With double doors on both the left and right side, it’s easy to step out from either side. The floor is a thin tarp like material and is easy to clean. 
  • It is bigger than I thought it would be. It will definitely fit 3 kids (10,9,8) and an adult plus 3 rats and their toys. Moreover, a combination of inner zippered screen plus outer zippered nylon layer give an ability to easily switch between high breathability and complete privacy. 
  • Two mesh windows on the front and back add further to the air circulation while the solid nylon flaps over the windows allow for privacy. 
  • Not only breathability, you can just open everything and enjoy the surroundings too. 
  • Comes with a carry bag that’s ideal for storage and carrying it along, and in addition, a small bag for accessories to keep them organized – occupies little space in your car trunk or even when stored at home. 

With their 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE you have got nothing to lose. However, they  are quite sure that you will be super impressed with this smart tent that doesn’t require complex set up, gets ready to use in a blink, and remains easy to carry along. This tent is high quality , easy to put up and put away. Great product, delivered promptly, really robust material.

With our tent guide, we are sure that you are ready for your next trip into the woods or the peak of mountains or maybe just a relaxed picnic in your backyard?We hope this guide helps you find the perfect gear for your needs. 

The right camping tent can make all the difference on your vacation. 

Are you ready to keep calm and camp on?

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