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Best Sound Systems Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Sound System of 2022

Who doesn’t like a little buzz of music in their ears after a hard day at work? Just soft tunes playing in your cozy home while you prepare your dinner and groove while you’re at it. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? Well music is something that has touched every single soul in the world. Some people use it as an important part of their healing process, some people use it to focus while they work and some people just use it to relax if they are too worked up about something. Music has the ability to make you feel things you can only imagine. 

Science has found through tremendous amounts of research and surveys that music has immense power to heal and to support a soul mentally. Why then should you listen to soulful music on a crappy volume with crappy sound settings? Shouldn’t you be listening to it on a mind blowing sound system? 

Sound systems are sets of equipment that are used to play recorded music. These equipment are especially made to pick up the sound of each and every instrument used in a particular piece of music and bring it to your ears in the exact fashion as the composer had intended.  

Sound systems facilitate the flow of sound in such a way that you will not be able to ignore the music that is being played. It lends music that magical quality it possesses when it is just created by the composer. Sound systems are not just responsible for delivering music in its original form to you but they can also be hooked up to your TV and you can watch shows and movies with a better sound quality. 

No more will you have to squint your eyes to read the captions. The sound quality is so good in a sound system that you will be able to understand every single word uttered by every character.

The idea of a sound system emerged from the beautiful land of Jamaica. It is an important part of the cultural history of that country. The invention of the sound system represented a huge revolution in the field of outdoor music. Initially in Kingston, Jamaica, huge speakers, amplifiers and generators were loaded in the back of a van to provide music at street parties. It was difficult for people to access huge speakers since they were pretty expensive and would not be used very often in households. 

The invention of sound systems gave rise to musical genres like Ska, rocksteady and reggae. Since sound systems have a heavy bass as their signature feature, they have the ability to draw large crowds which is why DJs used these on streets. They were influenced by the R&B bands playing in the USA. The first commercially successful sound system was founded by Tom Wong who influenced many future artists. 

By the late 1950s the sound systems had become more sophisticated and hence more popular. As they gained more popularity their role in shaping new musical movements became even more influential. After Jamaica the sound system spread its wings and flew to Britain. Due to mass migration the number of Jamaicans increased in Britain but for them it was a hostile environment. Jamaican music was not allowed to be played in British pubs and radio stations. As a result the migrant communities got together to build a makeshift type of sound system. 

The Nottinghill Carnival was the event that really gave the sound systems a platform to rise from London’s underground scene to nationwide popularity. Sound systems have spent years in shaping the cultural phenomenon of music and have given us countless hours of fun and peace. 

Ever since sound systems have been made accessible to the general public, people have been setting up insane sound systems at home using the different types of equipment you can get.

Have a look at the following items which will allow you to set up an amazing sound system at home:

  • Loud speakers- These usually come in pairs in bookshelf style or floor standing style. Loudspeakers can be used to produce high amplitude sound waves to entertain a larger audience. They can be easily installed and do not require any technical help or training. Choosing loudspeakers from popular brands is probably a good choice since they have excellent after sale support. 
  • Tweeters- These are mainly used to produce high- pitched sounds. They are known as treble speakers. They produce upper frequencies. The name tweeter comes from the word tweet which is the high pitched sound birds make. The size of these speakers is small because to create high frequency sounds the diaphragm must vibrate faster which can happen only in small speakers. 
  • Woofers- These produce low frequency sounds. These are big and bulky speakers that come with larger magnets as compared to other speakers. They are responsible for creating low and mid range frequencies like voices, musical instruments etc. 
  • Subwoofers-  There isn’t any huge difference between woofers and subwoofers. Subwoofers are mainly used to produce low pitched sound frequencies commonly known as bass. A woofer is a specialized speaker, a subwoofer is meant to cover a more narrow frequency range.  

Sound systems for homes are not just something that will allow you to listen to music in peace but they will open up such avenues in life for you that you will be grateful that you thought of buying a sound system.

Following are some of the ways in which you will enjoy your life more once you get a sound system:

  • Perfect party- An awesome party is incomplete without the right kind of music but it is even more upsetting when you have the right source of the music you enjoy but do not have any equipment to play that music on. What would a party be with a lame sound set up? With amazing sound systems at your home you can transform it into a haven of fun and enjoyment. The sound system will allow you to play music at once throughout your house and will keep your guests entertained no matter what room they are loitering in. A home sound system will allow you to play the best tracks on the smoothest volume. Keep your guests entertained with awesome music and watch how you are loaded with compliments for being the best party host ever. 
  • Enhance the quality of music- The sound of music depends a lot on the kind of device you are using to play it. You can check it by playing the same song on your phone and then on your laptop. Many beautiful tones get lost in the transfer of sound from the instrument to your ears. With a home sound system you will be able to listen to music the way the composer had intended for its audience. A good sound system will play music in the most original form. A good sound system will also facilitate the sound of voices when you are watching a movie or a TV show. That is the reason why getting a home sound system is always a good choice. You won’t have to keep reversing to the part where you couldn’t hear what someone on TV said.
  • Control your music using different devices- A sound system will allow you to control the music that is being played with several other devices like your phone for instance. You can also control it using a remote or onboard buttons. Enjoy your music from wherever you are and change the song right from your bed or bathtub using the remote or an application on your phone. Technology will allow you to download a simple app on your phone through which you can control your entire sound system 
  • Stay connected with friends and family-  Who doesn’t like a great party host, right? When you have an awesome sound system all the gatherings will take place at your house because naturally everyone will enjoy the vibe with soft music. This way you can often have get-togethers with your friends and family and keep them entertained for a long time. Keeping friends and family close is very important and, believe it or not, a great sound system will help you do that. Host all the Christmas dinners and thanksgiving lunches at your home and enjoy the company of your folks while your amazing sound system plays nostalgic tunes in the background. 

Following is  a list of the best sound systems available right now which you can buy at affordable prices and have the time of your life with your friends and family:

1. Tribit soundbar sound system

Price : $59.99 ~ $119


  • This sound bar is the perfect product if you’re looking for a complete incredible home theater experience.
  • The processor enables it  to enhance voice pronunciation. The sound produced is crystal clear. 
  • You can easily connect it via HDMI(ARC)/Optical/USB/AUX and use it with mobile phones, tablets, TVs, computers, projectors. 
  • It also has bluetooth through which you can connect your favorite devices and enjoy music or shows. .
  • You can set it up in front of your TV or mount it on the wall. It comes with a  remote control that makes it easy to adjust the volume.

How was it received by the customers?

This sound bar received mostly positive reviews from its customers. The sound is clear, loud and wide. The highs, lows and bass are all present and well balanced. 

Some customers expressed some issues with how quickly the soundbar gets too loud. It gets a little too loud when you are not really expecting and that was not admired by many customers. 

Another complaint that the customers had was that the sound bar does not have a quiet mode.

However, if you are looking for a budget friendly sound bar, you will hit the jackpot with this unit. Customers felt that for the price it is a great soundbar with a great sound quality. The performance is easily comparable to the most popular mainstream brands. It performs just as well but costs half the price. The volume on this sound bar is huge. The bluetooth works really well too. 

What do they recommend?

This awesome sound bar is a fantastic one and customers felt that if you’re still contemplating buying this sound bar, you should stop wondering about getting it and just buy it today. The sound quality on this thing is awesome and the price is pretty affordable if you look at similar offers from other brands. 

2. Definitive Technology sound system

Price : $749.00 ~ $2047.00


  • This sound system comes with an 8″ subwoofer with bass reflex that brings out the best in the sound system by not missing a single low or high note. 
  • It is made using patented Forward-Focused Bipolar Technology which allows wide sound dispersion and maximizes soundstage.
  • The brand’s proprietary Intelligent Bass Control adjusts the bass in such a manner that it maintains an overall balance between the lows and the mids to deliver crystal clear sound.
  • This is a well trusted brand since it has been manufacturing reliable products for the past 25 years and has gained a great reputation through all these years of service. 

How was it received by the customers?

Customers loved this sound system as the sound is spot on, clear & precise. Customers liked the fact that the bass can be adjusted from minimal to nearly too much without affecting the sound quality. Some customers complained about the system being too expensive but the same quality cannot be found for a lesser price. They sound amazing when they work. 

A few customers complained about the amps failing but they can be easily replaced by simply requesting the customer care service. The repeated failure of amps has made some consumers lose their faith in the parts of the products manufactured by the brand. However the vocals are so clear and the sound so crisp that this could easily be the best sound system you will ever buy at such a price.

What do they recommend?

Customers highly recommend buying this sound system if you are crazy about crystal clear sound. This sound system will deliver great performance for a long time and will help you listen to music or any tv shows at the best sound possible even at low volumes. 

Customers who have been long time users of this brand loved the update that this sound system has received by the manufacturer and hence highly recommend it. 

3. Klipsch sound system 

Price : $289.99 ~ $509.08


  • This sound system comes with spun copper front-firing Cerametallic woofers. It also has a 12-inch, front-firing driver. 
  • It is compatible with almost any AV receiver and has a strong and flexible, removable grille
  • The aesthetic value of this sound system is awesome because of the contemporary finish which can be integrated with any decor. 
  • The tweeters have an aluminum diaphragm compression driver which produces crystal-clear high frequencies. The linear travel suspension minimizes distortion and the woofers create tight musical bass.

How was it received by the customers?

Customers were happy with their purchase of this sound system because it looks high end and delivers crisp sound. The entire system is well made and is perfect for an audiophile. The sound quality is too high and never fails to impress. The bass is deep and strong without being boomy and you can hear both low tones and the pedal notes. It sounds equally good with TV or movies and with music. 

Customers felt that it was really amazing and worth every penny. It looks good and it produces solid bass. Customers loved this sub for its powerful, clean, responsive bass. This system works really well and is distortion free. It is not very heavy weight and easy to set up by yourself. 

What do they recommend?

 Customers highly recommend this system to anyone with a moderate sized room. You won’t be disappointed getting this and will be more than happy for getting it at such an affordable price. 

Customers recommend it to everyone since the new update has made it even better than it used to be. 

4. Pyle sound system 

Price : $112.99


  • The sound system is a digital karaoke amplifier perfect for your karaoke & home entertainment system. It gives you 600W peak power to be used for multi speakers.
  • It supports MP3 audio playback and other external devices. It comes with a built-in USB reader, SD memory card reader and 2 microphone inputs.
  • The sound speaker amplifying device has front panel controls, digital LED display with blue LED screen, rotary control center for mic volume, treble, bass, balance, delay, echo, and master volume controls.

How was it received by the customers?

This product was loved by customers for the amp but they did not like the fan since it makes a lot of noise. Customers said that the fan used is very cheap in quality and that is why it makes a little too much noise. The bluetooth works fine.  This stereo is very small for how much power it can put out. It takes a while for you to make it heat up since the built in fan can really move the air. If it is going in a quiet home theater you can hear the fan which is annoying. 

Some customers complained that the sound quality is really bad but customers were divided in their reviews since many others felt that the sound was crystal clear with good bass. Customers really liked the design and lights on it too and the small size.It will fit perfectly in small spaces. It has a lot of power, and a bunch of controls to adjust, so the music comes out clean and clear. 

What do they recommend?  

Customers recommend getting this digital karaoke amplifier for the clear sound quality and its ability to be hooked up with the internet or TV. 

Customers recommend getting a better quality fan which allows you to listen to the music and not the sound of the fan whirring. 

 5. MEGUO sound system

Price : $28.04 ~ $32.99


  • This bluetooth speaker has two built in 45mm full-range drivers and passive radiators. It is really compact in size but that does not affect its performance in  any way whatsoever.
  • To enjoy your music with an ultimate level of bass all you need to do is press the independent bass+ button and enjoy your music.
  • This bluetooth speaker can be easily hooked up to your phone.
  • The portable speaker comes with RGB interactive light which matches the fluctuations in the beats of the music and creates an amazing ambience with 7 colors and 6 light modes.

How was it received by the customers?

This small speaker, according to all its customers, does an amazing job of playing music the way it is supposed to be heard by the fans of music. They became particularly popular because setting them up is extremely easy and they can be used right out of the box. It is very easy to connect the speaker, it gets instantly connected and the sound quality is surprisingly good for a small & compact speaker. 

The battery life is very good as it stays charged for quite a long time. It’s really lightweight which makes it extremely portable. With this small bluetooth speaker you can play music anywhere and have a gala time with your folks. Customers also liked the fact that this tiny speaker has cool lights and long lasting battery which allow you to carry it wherever you go and enjoy your favorite music on the go.  

What do they recommend? 

Customers highly recommend this compact bluetooth speaker since it is very easy to connect it to any device and not a hassle to set it up either. The speaker is extremely portable which is why it is highly recommended for people who like to travel often.

 You will now be able to enjoy the best music while you’re camping in the woods or sailing through the waters in a cruise ship. This speaker is the best thing you can get if you’re looking for  a portable sound system. 

6. Herdio sound system  

Price : $38.99


  • This sound system is actually a ceiling speaker system which reproduces sound clearly. The speaker comes with polypropylene cone which has a rubber edge that helps extend the life of this product. 
  • The magnetic grill is easy to remove but once installed it holds up great. It also includes built in round stain resistant speaker grills
  • The front grille is held up by magnets which are pretty sturdy. The large mounting clamp grips ceilings or walls firmly. You do not need the help of any technician to install this system. 

How was it received by the customers?

Customers were very happy with their purchase of this sound system since it is available at an unbelievably low price. Some customers felt that the sound quality was average but you get what you pay for.   These speakers are elegant and modern looking speakers which are absolutely worth your money. Some customers face issues with the shipping. They claimed they received just one product when the package should have carried two speakers. They’re pretty easy to install and they look great on the ceiling. 

Customers really liked the easy tabs for mounting. You can use these on a table to create surround sound. Customers felt  that these were a great deal at the price.

However, some customers found the sound quality to be so poor that they felt that it was a total deal breaker. 

What do they recommend?

Customers recommend these ceiling speakers because not only do they reproduce sound really well but also look super cool in your homes. They are really well made too. The quality of materials and components is very good and fitting them is pretty simple. 

These affordable speakers are highly recommended  by most customers and they stand by the quality and after sale service. 

7. LENRUE sound system (computer speakers)

Price : $19.99 ~ $21.99


  • These computer speakers are compatible with any device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • The speaker uses upgraded technology to reproduce clear sound.
  • The volume knob on the top allows easy access to control instant adjustments.
  • The speaker also has attractive RGB colorful LED lights which immediately brighten up your mood with the vibrant colors. You can turn the LED lights on or off with the control button on the sound bar.
  • There is no sound delay with this speaker and that means if you are watching something on your computer and have these speakers connected, the video will precisely match the audio. 

How was it received by the customers?

Customers who got this speaker for laptops were extremely happy with it because this speaker is the best for music. It is more like a small sound bar which plugs into the headphone port and is powered by USB. It is a breeze to set the speaker up. 

The sound is much better than the laptop speakers. There are two LED lights on the front which can be turned off if you wish. The volume control is on the top center of the bar. Since it is a dial control, it’s pretty fast at adjusting the volume compared to the button press style.This is a decent computer speaker that is way better than any available at this price point. 

Customers really liked that this speaker has various inputs. The extra cable connections allowing for 3.5mm AUX are definitely a desirable feature. Overall it’s a sleek looking speaker with cool lights. According to most customers it’s definitely worth the price. It is a compact size and can be stored almost anywhere. Some customers were unfortunately not as impressed with the sound quality as many others.

What do they recommend?

Customers recommend getting these speakers if you’re looking for a simple, affordable yet good quality sound system for your laptop. These speakers work well with all devices and have beautiful LED lights which will turn any boring somber day into a memorable and beautiful one. 

8. Moukey sound system (Bookshelf speakers)

Price : $89.99


  • This set of bookshelf speakers has three speakers which perfectly deliver all the high, low and mid frequencies. 
  • The passive speaker is manufactured using handcrafted wooden boxes which allow the sound to be delivered smoothly 
  • The speakers come with hooks on the back panel which allow you to hang them in case you’re not planning to keep them on shelves. 
  • These awesome speakers can be used to enhance any experience through the crystal clear music they are capable of playing. 

How was it received by the customers?

These speakers look stunning with your home decor and that is how they gained such a  lot of their customers’ love. Customers felt that a fair amount of power is required to drive them which can sometimes be difficult. They also complained about the sound becoming distorted at high volume.  They work very well as a bookshelf system or as some surround speakers. 

The quality of the products used for manufacturing this unit is extremely good and the wall hooks were really loved by customers since they allow them to be hung on walls without occupying too much space. Connecting this unit is pretty simple as they come with a sturdy wall mount bracket which makes things even easier. Customers were really pleased with the performance of this product and also very happy with the way the customer service dealt with the users. 

What do they recommend?

Customers recommend getting these speakers since they are so aesthetically pleasing and can be hung up on walls to make them look even classier. The speakers produce great quality sound which is again a very positive review from its customers. 

The speakers really made the customers very happy with the sound quality and the affordable price. 

9. Edifier sound system (Table speaker)

Price : $129.99


  • This table top bluetooth speaker is a work of wonder. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0, RCA and  AUX inputs. It also has a line-out port which allows you to connect an extra subwoofer or active speakers.
  • The outer box is made using a great quality wooden enclosure which minimizes resonance and delivers a rich and warm sound.
  • It has three top-mounted knobs which are designed for easy adjustment of treble, bass, and volume input. It comes with a wireless remote control for easy control of the speaker even from a distance. 

How was it received by the customers?

Customers had a lot to say about this product since it is just so good. This is one of the most compact and affordable speakers available on the market. The sound quality according to most customers is great, however it needs a subwoofer. The volume was a little disappointing to some customers because it gets to a good listening level but it doesn’t go higher than that.  

Customers felt that it is a good purchase if you are not looking for loud volumes. If you need a high quality bluetooth speaker, this would not be the best pick since the volume control is not that good. It connects to devices easily. Some customers complained that it automatically starts playing at a high volume. Another issue that was raised by customers was that the speaker doesn’t remember where you last set the volume. 

You can take this speaker and set it up anywhere and enjoy music at your own will. 

What do they recommend?

Customers recommend buying this speaker only if you are looking for a decent tabletop speaker and not something that would blare out sound really loud since the volume on this speaker does not go very high. 

It has a compact size so if you’re someone with a minimalist style you can get this since it does not acquire too much space. 

10. Platin Monaco sound system 

Price : $799 ~ $999


  • The components of this sound system are  WiSA certified which means they meet the highest international standards for wireless speakers
  • To set the system up all you need to do is plug the speakers and SoundSend into power outlets and connect SoundSend to your Smart TV. The soundsend connects to your Monaco speakers automatically.
  • You can control the volume using your TV remote or with the SoundSend app. You can also fine tune the system using the app.
  • Please note that the plugs in the system  are designed for use in the US. For other locations you might need a converter and adapter. 

How was it received by the customers? 

Customers had nothing but praises for this sound system since it does such an amazing job. Customers loved the wire free setup for good surround sound. The system allows detailed control of settings, individual speakers and latency through the soundsend mobile app. 

Customers were glad they made this purchase since the sound delivered is so good. It is easy to set this system up and does not require any technical help. All you need to do is plug it in and it will start working right out of the box. Some customers bought this system as a gift for their families and their families, needless to say were beyond thrilled. They called it the ‘The perfect gift’. The settings are adjustable and can be made to enhance voices and base. 

Customers pointed out that not only do the speakers work exceptionally well, they also do not pick up any static.

What do they recommend?

Customers highly recommend this sound system if you are someone who looks for great quality and internationally certified products. Give your family the gift of entertainment with this system and have jam sessions with them every other night. 

This system is versatile and is available at an affordable price and that is the reason why so many customers recommend it highly. 


1. How to set up a sound system?

You’d think that setting up such a complicated piece of electronic equipment might require expert help or at least technical assistance but you couldn’t be more wrong. A sound system can be perfectly set up at home without any extra help. If you feel the need you can follow the directions manual that comes along with your product or your can follow these simple steps and set up your entire sound system within a few minutes:

  • Look for  a position where you can set up your sound system so that it is close to the source of power. 
  • Place the speakers and other equipment on the furniture you want them.
  • Unwrap all the cables and lay them out before plugging them in
  • Plug them in one by one with precision keeping in mind which cable goes where
  • Power it on and check the functioning and volume. 

2. What are the benefits of getting bluetooth speakers?
Bluetooth speakers are crucial elements of a portable sound system and they have many other advantages besides just being portable. Check out the following benefits you can enjoy with bluetooth speakers:

  • They are wireless and portable which means there will be no annoying cables to ruin your day. 
  • They do not need to be plugged into a source of power. Simply charge them and use them whenever and wherever you wish.
  • Unlike all the other elaborate sound system components they have easy or no set up at all. All you need to do is switch them on with a press button and they are ready to be used. 

3. What is the basic purpose of a sound system?

You might sometimes feel that getting a sound system in your home is an unnecessary luxury which can be avoided, but believe us, once you invest in one, there is no going back. With a sound system you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Stunning sound system for parties to host friends and family
  • No more trying to figure out what the person on TV is saying. The sound system reproduces sound very clearly.
  • The sound system will allow you to play songs of your choice at the volume of your choice. 
  • Sound systems are affordable and a good way to relax at home when you really have no choice. 

Sound systems which were basically earlier used to blast music on the street for the purpose of celebration have evolved a lot and have reached the threshold of our houses. These sound systems have become so popular that sometimes you feel as if there is no use of buying a TV without a sound system. If you enjoy music, a surround sound system will enhance your experience multiple times and you will be thrilled to listen to music every time you get home. 

Buy a sound system today and enjoy music like never before. Watch your favorite shows and movies with your family and make beautiful memories with them. With sound systems you will notice a significant improvement in your mood because music has the power to do that for you and without a perfect sound system music is just noise in the background. Buy any of the sound system equipment from our list above and rest assured that the quality of sound and the performance will be mind-blowing. Let us know in the comments which sound system you chose to color your evenings with beautiful music. 

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