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Best Rugs And Carpet For Home In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Best Rugs and carpet For Home In 2021

When you set up your home, you always want a kind of vibe in it that is cozy and inviting, the look of which melts all of your stress away and makes you feel all relaxed and calm. There are a number of things that go into making a house your home and one of those things is a beautiful, rich and gorgeous rug. Rugs are an important part of home décor. They are not just meant for ornamentation but they also serve several other purposes. 

Rugs are basically any decorative textile which is made of a considerably thick material usually meant for floor covering. If you want to change the look of your flooring but are on a budget, then you should consider adding rugs to your rooms. 

Create a soft and luxurious surface underfoot with rugs instantly and brighten up your home with gorgeous colours. The colour of the rug you choose will define the look of your home because a rug has the ability to add or change the colour scheme of your home. When you put up rugs in your living room, remember that they are the first thing your guests will notice when they enter your house. It is important to select a rug which will tastefully adorn your home and will also make your guests feel welcomed.

A rug can effortlessly upgrade the look of any room and make it look ten times classier. Not only can they change the look of your house but they also protect your loved ones and make walking around more comfortable for you and your family.  

Reasons to have rugs in your home

If you think rugs are just floor coverings which will hide a bad spot or will just allow you to clean your feet on, then you are utterly mistaken. Rugs do so much ore than just covering the floor. Read the following reasons to find out why exactly it is great to have rugs in your home:

  • Style up- Rugs instantly add colour and style to your home. They can be especially preferred if you are renting a house and are not allowed to paint the walls or put up too much artwork. A colourful and whimsical rug will bring your room to life and will act as a practical and functional art for your floor. 
  • Say yes to comfort- If you’re someone who doesn’t like to walk around your house in slippers then consider getting rugs for added comfort in your homes. It is an obvious fact that rugs are softer than tiles or hardwood flooring. When you decide to lay a rug in your house it will not only embellish the place but will also absorb some impact of your footsteps making walking a little more comfortable. It’s no secret that rugs are more comfortable to stand on as compared to tiled floors. 
  •   Beauty for your floor– Traditional rugs look like paintings. They are literally artwork made to walk on. Beautiful coloured traditional rugs can really enhance your home décor and can tie together the colour of your curtains and other furnishings. 
  • Protect wooden flooring- Hardwood can be a very expensive investment and it is just as expensive to fix any damages that happen to it. Use rugs to protect areas of hardwood flooring which are bound to see more damage like under the chairs, near the door etc. Rugs are a better option than the generic plastic covering which is used under seats for protection. Rugs look beautiful and protect your floors too. 
  • Conceal imperfections- If you have any damaged spots on your floor, cover them up with beautiful rugs. Any imperfection on your floor is a great reason to cover it up with a rug, a tripping hazard should however first be fixed. Rugs will perfectly hide a bad spot in your room and help you make your house look more stylish and less utilitarian.
  • Cushion the falls of young ones- Do you have sweet little toddlers at home who are tripping every now and then? Laying a rug will soften their fall protecting their soft heads and knees. They are ideal for protecting children and cushioning their footsteps reducing chances of injuries. 
  • Brighten up your home- Dark walls and hardwood flooring look very classy but it can drain a lot of light from your homes. A bright rug will lighten up your home and will give the look of an eye-catching artsy home. Choose a brightly coloured rug if you have dark walls and watch your room become more lively.

Rugs Vs Carpets

These two terms- carpets and rugs, are often used interchangeably but they are not exactly the same. There are a few key differences between these two, the most important of which is the size. Carpets usually take up the entire space in a room whereas rugs are smaller and cover only a limited area of the floor. Carpets are affixed to the floor which is why it is a little difficult to clean them. If you have kids in your home, it is recommended to get rugs instead of carpets as rugs can be easily washed. 

Installing a carpet is not an easy task. You need to hire professionals to do this job as the carpets are stuck to the floor, whereas rugs can just be laid on the floor in whichever position you like. If you’re renting a home then carpets should never be your choice as you will not be able to take them with you  should you relocate. 

Even though many times it seems as though rugs are a better option than carpets, there are some hazards that come along with it. A rug unlike a carpet is not stuck to the floor and hence if one steps on it the wrong way you can slip and fall. If you have elderly people living with you, having small rugs that can easily slip as décor might not be such a great idea. Getting large rugs however, will eliminate this problem as they do not slip as much. There is also an option to install adhesive grips on the back of rugs to make them stay in one place.

Now that you are aware of the function and importance of rugs in your household, checkout the following list of the best rugs available right now:

1. Home Dynamix Premium Sakarya Traditional Rug

Price: $45.24 ~ $54.99

Product description:

  • This gorgeous rug by Sakarya has an intricate traditional pattern in stunning colours that will enhance your home décor.
  • It is machine woven with 100% polypropylene yarns for a soft texture. Make your floors comfortable by laying this exquisite carpet. 
  • Cleaning this rug is super easy. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt.
  • The design is pretty and will suit any home or even offices. The rugs are available in different dimensions. Choose the one that will fit your area perfectly. 
  • It is recommended to use a non-skid rug pad with this rug. Note: it is sold separately.


This carpet is absolutely amazing for the cost. It definitely matches the picture and isn’t flimsy. This rug provides a nice cosiness to your room. It is thin, but that’s perfect for kitchen or dining areas where it might get messy, plus it is easier to clean.

Some customers felt that the rug came rolled up very tightly and had a lot of kinks, but they flattened completely after a week or two. It is very pretty and attractive but there is no plushness to it. They are not luxurious but that makes them very easy to maintain. The package also has some good directions about how the rolls will come out. Customers described this rug as a very “warm” rug. 

The quality is good and the price is very reasonable. There were no slipping issues or curling. The rug holds up really well. This is a great value for the money, especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a rug. It can be cleaned easily using a vacuum cleaner. 

In a few words this rug is durable, soft, well printed, easy to clean, affordable, colour accurate and stain resistant. It is highly recommended by its users for the price and the quality. 

2. NULOOM Rigo Handwoven Jute Area rug

Price: $127.34 ~ $137.34

Product description:

  • This handwoven carpet is made of 100% jute. It is an imported carpet which was made in India. 
  • This rug is the perfect design for your rustic homes and will be suited to lay in the kitchen, the dining room or the living room
  • It is a single-coloured rug without any patterns or design so it can be used as a base rug for other patterned rugs to add more colour.
  • This is a braided rug which is why the texture will make your home look classy yet casual.
  • It is easy to keep this rug clean. Use a mild vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and remove stains with a damp cloth. 


Customers felt that the rug is gorgeous and comes clean. It warms up your place beautifully, and looks just like its more expensive counterparts. Unlike other affordable rugs, the braids are tight and uniform, and there is no visible stitching. 

It’s also incredibly easy to clean and will last you ages. Customers were really pleased that it is softer than imagined. It looks like it might be coarse and itchy, but it’s not.  It’s cute and has a really good thickness. 

Customers were really impressed by the fact that it easily laid down flat. It’s soft with variations of natural tones which add interest and texture your space. 

It doesn’t smell and it’s not dirty. It lays flat right out of the package and does not have any kinks. Customers highly recommend it and feel that you’ll not be disappointed. 

In a few words this rug is softer than other jute rugs, woven tighter, so neutral that it goes with any décor and has an affordable price. For the pricing point, you can’t find one as good as this.

3. SAFAVIEH Plush Area Rug

Price: $143.63 ~ $157.04

Product description:

  • This machine-woven rug is made of soft synthetic fibres that have a non-shedding pile. The sturdy non-shedding fibres will withstand regular vacuuming.
  • The pile height is 1.5 inches. It is meant for the cosiest cushioned softness underfoot.
  • The unique design of this rug will instantly give your room or office a new look. It can be placed anywhere in your house.
  • To clean the rug, regular vacuuming is required. If at all you get any stains on it, blot them out with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. 
  • This is a very well-made rug which will last for years with proper care. Since it is machine woven you will find absolutely no flaws in the design.


This rug was absolutely loved by all its customers. It lays pretty flat on the corners. It might need a little fluffing by hand as it comes tightly packed. The design is great and colours are muted which is great as you don’t want a gaudy design and colour for a shag rug. 

According to most reviews it is a nice rug, not very thick but still looks beautiful, easy to vacuum and most colours do not show much dirt. It is pretty with a simple pattern. It might not be suitable for those who want a really thick one. It has the perfect thickness, any thicker and you won’t be able to slide the door above it. 

Straightening it up after unpacking isn’t going to be an issue, however, it might take a little longer for the corners to flatten completely. It will not lose threads or disappoint you in any way so you’ll get your money’s worth. Customers liked it a lot and recommended it too. They were quite happy with this attractive and economical rug. 

In a few words the colours of this rug are lovely, the texture is soft, and the design is very up-to-date and stylish. It’s a nice quality rug for the price and is recommended by the customers. 

4. Artistic Weavers Odelia Traditional Rug

Price: $65.82 ~ $180.00

Product Description:

  • This artistic rug is made of 100% Polypropylene. It is a durable rug and is going to withstand everyday usage. This is perfect to be laid absolutely anywhere in your house as it is pet and kid friendly.
  • It is a machine woven rug and is heavy duty. No need to worry about threads coming off or wearing out too soon.
  • It has a beautiful traditional design for a vintage look at a reasonable price.
  • The rug is not too thick. The medium pile lets you conveniently place it on entryways and underneath your furniture
  • It can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.


The customers absolutely loved the colours on this rug as they are bright and vibrant. It will be perfect for eclectic and boho decor. The colours are a bit darker than the pictures but they look even more beautiful in person. 

This nice and thick plush area rug has no odour. You might have to use a few heavy objects to uncurl the edges. Most customers felt that they couldn’t be more pleased with this rug. It is more beautiful than the expectations after looking at the pictures. Customers love it so much that they do not feel like putting furniture on top of it!

Many customers felt it is very pretty yet the fibres feel sturdy enough to take a scrubbing. This rug is really decent for the price. It looks better than the picture and has good weight. The corners curl a little from being rolled for packing, but after a few days they’ll be flattening fine. The pile is short, but comfortable and gives you soft underfoot comfort. Customers couldn’t love it more and they definitely recommend this gorgeous and stylish rug. 

In a few words it is bright, light, low pile, low maintenance, soft and priced right. It makes a beautiful statement with a bohemian feel in a classic design and is highly recommended if you want that kind of look for your home.

5. Loloi II Layla Traditional Area Rug

Price: $117.07 ~ $134.50

Product Description:

  • This traditionally designed rug by Layla is an absolute delight to have in your house because of its amazing colours and exquisite print.
  • The rug is designed to withstand high foot traffic and regular wear and tear. It is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. 
  • The base is made of soft polyester to give that extra comfort to your feet. It was made in China with a traditional power- loom. 
  • The rug is not slippery, however, using a rug pad is highly recommended to ensure the longevity of the rug.


Customers felt that this rug is so good in reality that the pictures do not do justice. The colours are vibrant and will surely catch your guests’ attention. It is super soft but you will need a good rug pad as it is on the thinner side. It looks like it costs triple the price and looks vintage at a fraction of the cost. This is the best price you’ll come across for this rug. 

It’s pretty and the colours are on the warmer side. The pattern on this rug is printed beautifully to create a vintage look. It can be cleaned up super easily and it holds up excellently with heavy foot traffic. It has the “worn in” look which is perfect for kids, pets and stains. Since it’s a no-pile rug, it easily wipes clean.

This rug is so versatile that it can be used in farmhouse, modern, boho and traditional home décor
The material is soft but does not have the typical weave or nap of conventional rugs. There is a textural quality but this is more similar to a rug on a nice cushy thin foam underlay. Its weight helps it fall flat nicely and it is perfect for layering on top of a more textured base rug.  It lays super well even under the weight of heavy furniture and doesn’t buckle or stretch.

 In a few words Loloi printed rugs are top quality, have a low-price tag, are squishy enough, have an intricately printed pattern and will last a long time.

6. Rainlin Fuzzy Area Rug

Price: $57.99 ~ $67.99

Product Description:

  • This shag area rug is suitable for any type of home décor. It dampens noise and keeps your feet warm. It has a 4cm high nectarine velvet pile which is super soft.
  • It is very well made and will last many years. It is tightly woven so no need to worry about shedding.
  • There are grip dots on the underside of the rug to help prevent any sort of slipping and sliding.
  • This fuzzy rug comes with a 10-year no questions asked guarantee. It is environment friendly and will be perfect for kids’ rooms. 


Customers were delighted with  the quality for the price. The material is super soft and it is thick enough to be bouncy when you step on it. It would be a good rug for a dorm or a secondary room or baby’s nursery. This is the softest rug you’ll ever step on. It will give your living room a whole new cosy, comfy and homely look and feel, it’s not very thick.  

Kids will enjoy laying on it to watch tv. To clean it, all you have to do is shake it to get all the crumbs and dirt off. The colour is perfect for masking dirt too which is a plus. The rug itself is beautiful and incredibly soft and will not slip. It’s not a heavy-duty piece, but it has just enough cushion. 

You might want to get a rug pad to put underneath for an extra cushion. The padding that it has, holds it in place pretty well and it doesn’t seem to slide around all that much. Customers recommended it for a variety of uses and if you just need a soft comfy play mat to throw down get this rug now. 

In a few words this rug is super soft, lightweight, non- slip, perfectly priced, and will spring to life very quickly after unpacking. It is recommended by users for great comfort and stylish look. 

7. Merelax Indoor Large Shag Rug

Price: $38.69 ~ $54.99

Product Description:

  • This luxurious area rug is ultra-soft, and does not give off any bad smell. It does not shed too much either.
  • The shape of this rug is rectangular. It is large, super soft and gives your room a welcoming vibe.
  • You can give this soft rug as a housewarming gift or as a baby shower gift.  
  • It has a 2-inch plush pile where your feet will sink in comfortably. This fluffy rug feels amazing on your bare feet.
  • It can be used in the living room, bedroom, baby nursery room, dorm room or any other indoor place.


Customers absolutely love this beautiful rug. It is just as soft and pretty as it looks in pictures. The size is great and its super cosy and cute. Customers with kids said that their toddlers love laying on it and the colours match the pictures. It has grips underneath so it doesn’t move around. For the money its exactly what you expect. 

It’s not super thick and obviously not real “shag”. It’s more like bath mat thick, a bit plush. If you have a hand held vacuum or other light type vacuum, that will work excellently to clean this rug. Customers say it’s overall a good buy!  It’s not paper thin either, it’s got a nice thick backing but not thick enough to have a tough time rolling it up. 

What customers liked about it the most was its softness, shaggy appearance, and deep and rich colours. Its price was also a plus as it’s reasonable. True to colour this rug is wonderfully soft and the length is perfect.

In a few words, it is soft, affordable, doesn’t slip, can be cleaned easily and is thick enough to give you the perfect softness underfoot. It is highly recommended by users because of the beauty and comfort it adds to your homes.

8. Gorilla grip Faux Fur Rug

Price: $26.99 ~ $34.99

Product description:

  • This faux fur rug is thick and plush and very comfortable too. It can be used to enhance the look of your home and keep it warm and cosy.
  • It is durable: and can be laid out in any part of your home. The backside is made of PVC to make it last long.
  • It is very easy to clean. It can be washed in the machine using a gentle cycle with mild detergent. You can also vacuum it using a handheld vacuum cleaner.
  • This size of this rug is perfect to be placed under your feet or on your bedside. 


According to most customers, these rugs are very cute and soft. The colours are as it shows online. The grippers on the backside really keep them from sliding around. They are excellent quality, and they look beautiful in bedrooms. This rug is super comfortable and attractive to the eye.

There’s a little shedding which with fur rugs is completely normal. The shedding isn’t bad at all. The thickness of the rug is perfect. It’s not too thick and not too thin either. It has no weird smells at all which is a plus. Customers felt that it exceeded their expectations and they were very pleasantly surprised. Use your vacuum to clean it. The rubber bottom grips will hold well even if you lay this rug on a carpeted floor. 

The only concern of customers was that it comes all folded up and compressed so it does take a few days for the fold lines to flatten out. Also, it is recommended to shake it out outside before opening it up in your house because it sheds just a tad when it’s brand new.

In a few words this faux fur rug will add a lot of style to your house, will keep your kids and pets comfortable, is available at an affordable price and is highly recommended by its users. 

9. LOCHAS Ultra Soft Indoor Modern Area Rug

Price: $28.99

Product description:

  • This area rug is extremely soft and is made of a fluffy synthetic material which gives you ultimate comfort.
  • This rug comes with many non-slip rubber dots on the back to help hold it in place on smooth surfaces. 
  • This luxurious indoor rug is designed for comfort, warmth and beauty. It does not shed and the colours do not fade. 
  • To clean this rug, vacuum with a hand-held vacuum. If it gets too dirty then wipe with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Make sure it is completely dry before you lay it out again. Do not use bleach.  Since the rug is packed with a vacuum bag, the thickness will recover within two days.


These rugs are loved especially by babies. Customers felt that these rugs don’t have a lot of padding but also said that they are super soft. They are light synthetic throw rugs which can be put down temporarily for kids or for a dorm room. They’re good for the price. 

Customers said that it is thicker than it looks in the pictures. The material is amazing- super soft and silky. Some customers felt that it is too hard to clean this rug. It isn’t very padded either, so if you’re looking to cushion a hardwood floor with this, you might want to check other options. 

It has a rubberized bottom, so it doesn’t slip at all, which is nice. It is perfect for hardwood floors.

In a few words this rug is extremely soft, very light weight, has no gaps, is decorative and is perfect for low traffic areas in the house. 

10. Ashler Ultra Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug

Price: $18.99 ~ $37.99

Product Description:

  • This cosy rug is made with high quality Mongolian faux fur that makes it the best to touch and soft to feel.
  • The size is about 2×3 feet which is perfect for any indoor rug.
  • It can be used as a seat cushion and can also be used on top of a carpet to enhance the look of your living room. 
  • To clean this rug wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it flat completely before using it again


This cosy rug can be used as a sofa cover as it has the perfect length for a seat. This looks great on furniture. It feels very soft and seems durable.  The backing on this rug does not slip at all.

Customers are very pleased with the quality. Whatever colour you pick you cannot go wrong at this price. It is all stitched properly to what almost looks like a fake hide on the back making it very sturdy. The white is a bright white and bonus, it stays clean, nothing really seems to get trapped in the fibres that aren’t easy to remove. 

While washing, it will lose some tufts, but it’s normal and it will look just as new once it is completely dry. The quality of this rug for the price is awesome. It’s pretty fluffy. It isn’t a very thick faux fur rug but looks and feels better than more expensive rugs 

For this price you can’t go wrong. It is recommended by the customers for its sturdiness and great quality.

In a few words it’s soft, fairly plush, reminiscent of the old shag rugs, does not have any sort of issue with creases at all, fluffs right up and smoothes out without problems.


Q1. How do I clean and maintain my rug?

Cleaning rugs highly depends on what kind and size of rug it is. If your rug is a thick polyester rug, it can probably be washed in the washing machine with a mild detergent on a gentle cycle, however, if you have a faux fur rug it might be a little difficult as this type of rugs have a tendency to shed a lot. Hand Washing them is the safest bet. Wash them in your bathtub with water and detergent and slosh them around to remove dust and dirt. If it is really dirty then you might want to put it in the washer on the lowest possible spin. Dry it out completely before laying it out again. 

Q2. What are the factors I should consider before buying a rug?

Laying out a rug will completely change the look of it instantly which is why it is very important to consider a few important things before you buy a rug for any area in your house. Following are a few things you must consider while buying a rug:

  • Size: Just like any other furnishing or home décor item it goes without saying that the size of the rug really matters. Measure the size of the area where you want to put down your rug and make sure that the rug you are buying is of the same size. A smaller or a bigger rug might not look good and will become uncomfortable over time.
  • Colour– Since a rug is a big part of your area, it will define the décor of your room and that is why it is crucial to choose the colour that goes naturally with your furniture and also the walls. A bright coloured rug in an already brightly coloured living room will be a little too much and a dull coloured rug in a dark-coloured room would look somber. Make sure you consider the colour theme of your house before buying a rug especially for your living room.
  • Cleaning method- There are some rugs available in the market that are so lightweight that it is very easy to clean them but they are too thin for most people’s liking. If you have a house full of pets and toddlers it is recommended that you get rugs which are easier to clean as you will have to clean them often. If you are sure that the area where you are going to lay your rug does not experience too much foot traffic and will not get too dirty then you should get the thick plush ones which have to be cleaned every so often. 
  • Price- This is the most important factor one should consider. Rugs that are made of premium materials might cost a little too much if you’re on a budget. It is recommended to look for affordable rugs as they can be easily replaced.  

A rug is something that was invented for need but ended up becoming an ornament in our houses. Rugs are essential for comfort and for the beauty of homes. They also help in absorption of noise and will keep your loved ones safe if they trip and fall. Choose your favourite rug from the above list of the best rugs and let us know in the comments which one you chose for your home. 

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