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Best Robot Vacuums Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Robot Vacuum Of 2022

After a hectic day at work all you want to do it just flop on the couch.You come home and sit on the couch and the moment you do it…goodness gracious, to your utter horror you see a cloud of dust slowly enveloping you!Goodbye to relaxation and peace of mind.It seems it’s  time to get up and clean.!Ugh!These are the times when you really wish for a robot who could just clean your house in a jiffy without you having to even lift your finger.Fret not, because your dream of getting your house cleaned while you chill with a glass of champagne is going to come true now!

Introducing the era of robotic cleaning devices which will clean your house with just a click of a button!Now get a variety of robotic vacuum cleaners which will help you achieve your levels of hygiene and cleanliness without stressing you out with physical labor. These days everybody has a hectic lifestyle, this 9-5 schedule doesn’t leave any room for household chores, but if you try to invest sometime you end up super tired and your day is over.As they say modern problems need modern solutions, robot vacuums are a must for all the busy bodies.It’s just not for the busy office goers it’s actually for everybody who would want to have a better and hasslefree cleaning session.If you are a new parent, or a pet parent , this machine is simply a life saver.

Every new parents know the stress of keeping the house spic and span for their kids to play and grow, also they regularly deal with the stress of cleaning after them!Child rearing coupled with chores is just too much to handle.Even pet parents have a hard time trying to keep the fur off..ahem..almost everything!Not anymore though.With the advent of technology our lives have become way better than way it used to be.We have  efficient technology to assist us in our lives, and robot vacuums are one of them.Be it regular or deep cleaning these little beasts can suck away dirt,fur,dust and the like with great power that too without you having to deal with bulky vacuums liken bygone years.No more losing your sleep thinking about vacuuming the house, or trying to squeeze in a  huge vacuum cleaner into difficult spots and corner.All you have to do is click a remote and robot cleaner will do your job and how!

History Of Robot Vacuum

Swedish household and professional appliances manufacturer company Electrolux took the world by storm when they made the first robotic vacuum cleaner called “Trilobite”in1996.It worked pretty well but had a problems like colliding with objects and being unable to reach all nooks and crannies which led to its discontinuation.A british company named Dyson thought it was a good chance to introduce a robovac of british origin,and DC06 variant was born in 2001.Unfortunately, it was never produced for the masses as it was too costly.Finally, a year later Roomba, manufactured by iRobot was manufactures in America.It was an instant hit as this robovac learnt from its ancestors and problems like colliding and falling from a height was not found in this device.This robovac could move around the house very efficiently and detect dirty spots too!This robot vacuuming device heralded a revolution in modern cleaning solutions.

Few things to consider before buying a Robot Vacuum

  1. Survey your home- To need to understand the surface of your home and the cleaning requirements before you invest in a robovac.Hardwood flooring, carpeted floors or floor tiles ,different floor surfaces require different methods of cleaning.
  1. Budget- From very affordable basic models to super advancemed ones expensive ones, there’s no dearth of variety when it comes to robovac theses days.Basic cleaning ones are easily and widely used, however, if you are looking for advanced features, then investing in a high end robovac is a good idea.
  1. App or Remote controlled-both remote controlled as well as app controlled robot vacuuming devices are available.Remote controlled ones are simple to use , however, the app controlled ones lets you schedule cleaning sessions, helps you monitor the device and much more.
  1. Navigation-it’s important that you understand the layout of the house and how the robovac is going to navigate through it.Houses with different levels and stairs need robovacs with advanced technology to understand and navigate such levels.Wherase, simpler layouts can use simpler robovacs for basic cleaning purposes.
  1. Purpose- It’s a good idea to look for a robovac keeping the purpose in mind.Some models are better at picking up dust and debri than pet hair.Some work better on carpeted surfaces than on hardwood.Is it basic cleaning you are looking at or is it deep cleaning?Depending on your need and purpose you should make a choice.

1. Serene life home-Self Charging Robot Vacuum

Price : $132.99
  • Cleaning + Mopping- This robovac comes with the option of mopping apart from regular cleaning and vacuuming dirt and debri.It can mop and sanitize surfaces, hence creates a robust cleaning device.
  • Super suction power- endowed with 1200pa suction power this robovac sweeps up dust without stressing  the battery out.Be it pet hair or fine dust particles, this machine does the job very well.All those fine dust particles which has the tendency to  linger will no longer bother you!
  • Obstacle detection- Serene life robovac has inbuilt anti fall sensors and comes with a protective bumper covering to save it from nicks and dings.This robovac can easily detect obstacles and works very well to pick up dust around it.
  • Auto recharge dock- This feature is almost too good to be true!When the battery is low this robovac goes back to the charging dock all by itself.It’s a machine with a mind of its own.
  • 60-70 min run time- This robovac comes with a 60-70min run time, where it can glide over any surface and clean the area with absolute perfection.It has a high capacity 9.6V, 2000mAh and comes with a  LiFePO4 rechargeable battery.

Let’s ask our customers!

Cleaning and mopping is one facility which instantly makes this vacuuming machine a favorite with the customers. Customers found it very effective to have both cleaning and mopping in one machine. They also feel that it is a must in every household . Many customers have recommended this device if somebody is going to buy a Robo Vac for the first time. They feel it is very easy to use and leaves your house squeaky clean.

Auto recharge is another feature of this robotic vacuum cleaner and makes life so much easier. Customers claim to have literally forgotten about the Robovac. It works very silently and comes back to it station to recharge all by itself. There is absolutely no physical labor involved.

Moreover customers recommend this robotic vacuuming machine so much that they do not want others to event out for a second. We highly recommend it to everybody who desires a clean house without having to spend any physical labor on it. The device sets up easily and quickly.

2. Deenkee-3 In 1 Robot Vacuum

Price : $139.99
  • Wifi enabled + Remote controlled- Comes with both the options of controlling the robovac with an app and also with a remote.Depending on your mood and comfort, go ahead and choose either!It can be controlled through the DENKEE APP and be easily paired with Alexa and Google Assistant.With the app you can use various modes and activate cleaning schedules.
  • Long battery life + self charging- this robovac has a robust run time of 120 minutes for an area as big as 1291 sq ft!This provides great coverage and large areas can be cleaned all at once easily.Once the run time is over or the battery is low the robovac will return to its charging dock.
  • 6 Cleaning Modes + Auto Boost Mode- comes with a variety of modes to cater to your specific cleaning demands.Modes like spot, mopping, single room and the like can be easily choose .The Auto Boost mode provides a instant increase in the suction power of the vacuum when working over carpeted surface.
  • 3-in-1Vacuuming, Mopping and Sweeping all in a single Robotic Vacuum cleaner!These options can be easily enabled for the best cleaning job.It’s the best possible combination and gives you the ultimate cleaning.
  • Smart Gyroscope Navigation technology and anti drop sensor- Deenkee Robotic vacuum cleaner comes with an inbuilt Smart Gyroscope Navigation technology which helps it maneuver better and clean efficiently.It can slide into tricky spots and efficiently do its job.Also, this robovac has anti drop sensors which detects steep drops or stairs and saves itself by avoiding a tumble.This leads to longevity of the product as well.

Let’s ask our customers!

Customers found this robotic vacuuming machine very satisfactory. They noticed that this machine maps the house very well and remembers as well as takes the layout almost instantly. They also feel along with mapping the house well it is highly efficient in both cleaning and washing.

Some of them feel that this machine is an absolute must buy and one should not think twice before buying it. These customers have also claimed that this machine is extremely quick to respond which makes their work a cake walk. This device is smart and quick. It is very easy to pair this device with both the app for voice assistant devices. Many customers have also claimed that the technology used to avoid sudden drops and collisions works great. This is one smart device that every house should have.The navigation technology used is very much appreciated by the customers who found it very helpful in controlling the movement of the device.

3. Tcl-Ultra Slim Robot Vacuum

Price : $199.99
  • Powerful suction-With a suction power reaching 1500pa this robovac is very powerful and extremely effective in sucking up the dirt and debri.
  • Effective on pet hair- most of the time fine pet hair is an issue with robovacs, but not with this one.Use it anytime, anywhere this vacuum device comes with a large dustbin and has a run time of 120 minutes which will very efficiently pick up all the fur from all surfaces in a jiffy!
  • Auto schedule- cleaning sessions can be very conveniently scheduled with the remote control.
  • Ultra slim- owing to its size and shape this ultra slim robovac can wiggle itself into nooks and crannies and all those hard to reach areas to give you a super clean house.

Let’s ask our customers!

Auto schedule is very beneficial to all the customers who have used this ultra slim vacuuming device. Customers found this auto schedule option where you can schedule your cleaning sessions without having to give command to the device every single day very cleverly. Do all of this too with just a click of a button. They found it extremely hassle free to enable such a good option with only a remote control.

Many pet parents found this vacuuming device a great cleaning machine to pick up all those fine pet hair which every pet parent has to deal with. Pet hair is comparatively more difficult to handle and clean than normal dust and debris as per hair is very fine. Now you can clean your furniture as well as clothes to remove any amount of pet hair.

This vacuuming device has an ultra slim body which customers found very effective in facilitating a good cleaning session. Thanks to the design of this robotic vacuuming machine, it can reach those hard to reach places in a jiffy and give you a clean and hygienic house.

4. Narwal-T10 Robot Vacuum With Lidar Navigation

Price : $1050.00
  • Deep clean-  This robovac eliminates stains and wet spots in a jiffy! Most of the time the vacuuming is insufficient and tarnishes the shine of fancy floorboards or exotic marbles, but not with this one.Deep clean your hardwood surfaces and give it the much deserved shine.
  • No hassle mopping- No need to touch the mop to clean it anymore.The mopping robovac goes to its station periodically to clean the mop on its own!
  • Powerful and silent- Highly efficient vacuum cleaning device which pulls out dirt and fur from all surfaces and tricky spaces without tearing your ears apart with the sound.This robovac is silent but very powerful.
  • Intelligent navigation- This robovac comes with the Lidar sensor and SLAM technology which helps it in navigating your homes better.It remembers the layout and totally avoids all obstacles and steep drops.
  • Sustainable- reduce the trash with long lasting mop by Narwal robovac and choose a green lifestyle.

Let’s ask our customers!

Customers found the navigation technology used in this Robovac very advanced. Problems like colliding with the wall or falling off from the flight of stairs is almost non-existent with this device. This device maps the house very well and remembers it for all its cleaning sessions.

Many customers found the suction power of this Robovac very high. All dust and debris is very efficiently sucked in by this vacuum cleaner. Most of the time powerful vacuum cleaners produce a lot of sound due to its powerful suction, however, this vacuum cleaner is very silent and get your job done at the same time.

Customers also found the fact that the users don’t have to change the mop heads often very helpful. This not only makes it a very sustainable option but also is more comfortable for the users as they don’t have to physically deal with the dirty mop heads themselves.

Customers also pointed out that their floors look “better than before” with such deep cleaning.Many have claimed that the quality of their floorboards seems improved and as good as new with constant usage of this robovac.

5. Yeedi-Robot Vacuum With Self Empty

Price : $349.99
  • Tornado power- This robovac will suck up all dirt and debri in no time!A 3000Pa mega machine this vacuum cleaner will pull out every speck of dust from all corners of the house.
  • Vacuum + mop- this multitasking robovac will vacuum your floor and mop it too!
  • ultrasonic carpet detection sensor –  this smart machine can detect surfaces and crank up its suction power the moment it touches a carpeted area.
  • Visual Mapping- the advanced technology used in this robovac makes navigating through the house very easy. The vacuum device can very efficiently detect and remember the layout of the house.
  • Smart device- you can pair this device with Alexa or Google Assistant or simply use an app to control it. Now you can schedule your training sessions or create virtual boundaries to get the cleaning done according to your needs.
  • Long run time-5200mAh battery powers up 200 minutes of runtime thereby helps you get the maximum benefit out of this robovac.

Let’s ask our customers!

No matter how dirty your house is, this super powerful vacuum cleaner can suck it all dirt and debris in a jiffy.This 3000Pa monster of a machine is a huge hit with all the customers. They found the suction power to be incredible. Do not settle for any vacuum cleaner which does not give you the desired cleaning. Be it pet hair, dust, debris and the like this machine sucks in all buildings thereby making your house very hygienic and clean.

Another cool feature which the customers found very interesting is every time when the vacuum cleaner comes in contact with the carpet cranks up its suction power more and very efficiently cleans the carpet. Generally it is very difficult to clean carpeted areas because the carpet tends to catch three times more dirt and dust than normal floorboards. Now you do not have to worry about deep cleaning your carpets anymore as this vacuum cleaner automatically detects carpet and gives you the desired level of cleanliness.

Customers are  also very pleased with the longest time of around 200 minutes for a single session. That’s a lot of cleaning for quite some time!It gives a thorough cleaning to the surfaces and doesn’t leave a speck of lingering duct or particles.With a super suction power and a long run time, this cleaner is the show stopper.

6. Thamtu-Super Thin Robot Vacuum

Price : $139.99
  • Powerful– A 2700Pa vacuuming device which can easily suck up debris, pet hair and dust from all kinds of floors. It is highly efficient and can be very easily controlled.A powerful vacuum is a must and this device has it.
  • Design– due to its ultra-slim design it can reach nooks and crannies and suck up all kinds of dust and debris.This is a total win in terms of design and efficiency.This robovac looks graceful and can be stored easily anywhere. Those hard to reach corners, underside of furniture can now be very easily cleaned ,thanks to this robovac.
  • Smart-pair this vacuuming device with Thamptu app or with Alexa or Google assistant and totally forget about any kind of hassle. Scheduling of cleaning sessions can be done very easily with just a click of the button.You can simply set up a schedule, or create no-enter zone or repeat schedules and the robovac will do its job with absolute perfection.
  • Advanced technology-the advanced technology used in this vacuuming device helps the device navigate very easily through the tricky layout of the house. It has anti-collision, anti-dropping sensors to avoid any kind of topple or collision.
  • Super battery and automatic self charging-with the runtime of 120 minutes this robovac will  return to the charging place when the battery is low or it needs charging.

Let’s ask our customers!

Customers really appreciated the power with which this vacuum cleaner works. This vacuum cleaner very effectively pulls out dust particles from difficult corners of the house. As this vacuum cleaner has a very slim device it very easily reaches all nooks and crannies which was very difficult to access before. All you have to do is either pair it with the app or any voice assistant device and simply enjoy the benefits of having a smart vacuum cleaner.

Many customers found the feature of sale recharge very clever. Once you switch on this vacuum cleaner with either the app or use any voice assistant, this fact will get all your job done and come back to its charging station once the battery level goes down. They believe that once you switch on this fact, okay now you literally forget about it until you have to switch it on again the next day or whenever you desire.

Many customers found the design very alluring.It is slim and can be stored anywhere.Also, while the robovac is cleaning around it doesn’t take up a lot of space and hence, movement is not restricted in the house.

7. Lefant Life-2 in 1 Robot Vacuum

Price : $169.99
  • Small but powerful – with 11”in diameter and 3.07” in height, this vacuum cleaner has a large 500ml dust box. This might sound tiny but it is extremely heavy duty and picks dust and debris with great efficiency.
  • Excellent on pet hair– say goodbye to all pet hair with this excellent and powerful vacuuming device. Due to its size it can get into those really hard to reach places and suck out all the fur. Besides fur it is excellent on all types of dirt and dust.
  • Super sensitive -this vacuuming device comes with 31 sensors which makes it as sensitive as the skin. Not a speck of dust will go undetected by this device.
  • smart device -Control this vacuuming machine with either the Lefantlife  app or any of the voice controlled devices like Alexa or Google assistant.
  • Self charging -this Robovac has a good runtime of about 100 to 120 minutes. It then comes back automatically to its charging station.
  • Two in one– this mini Robovac is a great combination of a vacuum cleaner and a mop.

Let’s ask our customers!

This small but powerful device can very smartly maneuver through the layout of the house without colliding or falling from a steep drop. Customers feel that we should not be fooled by the size of this little monster because when it comes to cleaning it gives a super efficient and satisfactory result.

 Many customers also feel this is a great vacuum cleaner when it comes to fine particles of pet hair.This device is super sensitive and will not even leave a speck of dust anywhere. Most of the time vacuum cleaners fail at picking up dust and pet hair but this is not a problem with this device at all.They claim that this device is hyper sensitive when it comes to picking up dirt and debris and nothing goes undetected with this one.

Few customers feel that a combination of a smart and effective device is actually a rarity and we should not think twice before investing as it does what it claims very smartly.

8. Roborock-E5 Robot Vacuum

Price : $359.99
  • Super efficient – following a Z shaped path and equipped with gyroscopes, advanced technology which aids in precise internal mapping as well as an OpticEye technology this device is super efficient. This robovac can clean the surface of 2152 ft.² in a jiffy with  a 2500PA HyperForce suction.
  • Vacuuming and mopping hand-in-hand – now get the benefit of both vacuuming and mopping simultaneously. This not only saves time but also helps pick up the fine dust which vacuuming might not have been able to pick up in the first go.
  • Smart cleaner-this vacuum cleaner is very easy to operate and can be easily paired up with your  app or any Voice assistant device.
  • Great for pet hair-find pet hair or dust particles I am very efficiently be sucked in by this robovac

Let’s ask our customers!

Customers found it highly effective when it comes to picking pet hair. Be it your cat or dog or any other pets that you have at home this vacuum cleaner can successfully pick up pet hair and give you a clean house. We all know the struggles of having a pet. Although it’s an extremely gratifying feeling, it comes with its own share of problems. With this vacuum cleaner you do not have to worry about health and hygiene anymore. Not just pet hair, many customers feel it’s an excellent machine to pick up fine particles as well.

Many customers believe that the Z pattern which this vacuum cleaner follows while cleaning surfaces is the right way to go about it. This particular shape helps pick up dirt from difficult corners and give you a spanking clean surface. This vacuum cleaner is highly efficient and smart although it looks small. Endowed with a very powerful suction capacity this vacuuming device can  clean and mop the surface of more than 2000 ft.² within a few minutes.

9. Coredy-Robot Vacuum With Auto Bin Disposal Base

Price : $589.99
  • Precise AI mapping – the LIDAR  navigation Technology helps achieve this vacuuming device a very smart and efficient route for cleaning. It precisely maps the surroundings to avoid obstacles and give your house a thorough cleaning. Also, this device can navigate through virtual boundaries and provide deep cleaning.
  • Voice service – Voice commands can be used through Alexa or Google assistant to schedule cleaning sessions and use other functions of this Robovac.
  • Sweeping and mopping -with a 2700Pa suction power this vacuuming device is a great addition to all your other cleaning gadgets. Now sweep and mop with this cleaning gadget in a jiffy.
  • Self emptying function-this vacuuming device very efficiently sucks all dirt and dust into the dustbin which then empties into a dust bag all by itself.

Let’s ask our customers!

Customers are very satisfied with tha AI mapping and the algorithm used in this device.This makes it collision  proof thereby increasing the longevity of the device. This device is powerful and comes with both sweeping and mopping.

This vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 2700Pa which makes it a great cleaning device.Not just the power but the ease with which this device can be operated also allures the customers.

Self emptying the dustbin into the dust bag is another feature which customers really enjoyed.The dust bags can be replaced once a month and this cuts down on a lot of trash and unnecessary labor.

10.Dreamtech-4 In 1 Robot Vacuum

Price : $1089.00
  • Beast of a machine– endowed with 4000PA ultra powerful cleaning device clean as if there is no tomorrow! This device very effectively recognises different sections of the floor and very intelligently detects the surface and chooses the best possible suction power to achieve a certain level of cleanliness.
  • Healthier and cleaner cleaning-cleaning and mopping followed by hot air drying makes the entire process more clean and healthy.
  • Advance navigation and options– this vacuum cleaner uses a highly intelligent algorithm to navigate through spaces as it engages in dynamic and accurate mapping. It very clearly remembers roots and layouts and maneuvers very efficiently.
  • Better design for better efficiency– with its D shaped body you can reach unreachable corners and crevices which is very suitable for different rooms.This modern design is pretty clever and makes cleaning 10x times better.

Let’s ask our customers!

Customers swear by the efficiency of this supremely powerful vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaning device boasts of 4000Pa and offers an incredible suction power which will give you an impeccably clean house. With a suction power that strong and a long battery life, this device is actually a magnum opus cleaning dev cleaning device. This vacuum cleaner can clean big spaces within a few minutes and that too with absolute perfection.

This feature of blowing hot air over the mopped surface helps sanitize the floor better and paves the way for a healthier lifestyle.Customers feel that this technique also gives their floors a better feel and finish and makes everything look twice as  clean.

Many customers feel that the navigation technology employed in the vacuum cleaner is very advanced and leaves no room for faulty work.No more random collisions or steep falls. The sensors fitted in this device are highly sensitive and remember the layout of the house perfectly well.

Also, the D shape of the device helps it reach places which is unthinkable with regular vacuum cleaners.No more bending down or pulling a somersault to do chores any more.Just call for your robovac through your voice assistant devices ,or the app t get the work started.


1. Are robot vacuuming devices pricey?.

     No, not at all. One can choose from a plethora of ranges.All you need to do is figure out your budget and your needs and you shall be able to buy one without burning a hole in your pocket.Robovac range from decently priced to very expensive ones.You can choose whatever fits your budget.

2. Do robovacs self empty?

    Yes, there are many in the market which self empty into dust bags, which need to be replaced once a month.Although the basic ones don’t come with that feature and you need to empty it into the dust bags but that’s a very easy process. 

3. How to control robovacs?

     You can either use the app(company app), or pair it with Alexa or Google assistant and voice  control it , or simply control it with a remote control.You can get robovacs with all three options or a combination of the mentioned options.No matter what you choose, robovacs are very easy to control and work with.

4. Do we need to charge robovacs?

Yes, most of the robovacs come automatically to the charging station after their run time or when the battery is low.

5. What is the shelf life of robovacs?

Depends on the use and maintenance. Most of the robovacs come with inbuilt anti collision and fall sensors which helps them be in good shape and increases their longevity.Also, companies provide good warranty policies to help you fix your vacuum cleaner in case of a problem.

Modern world indeed has its challenges , however, we can’t deny the fact that it really has helped us out in the domestic realm.Things which were unimaginable few years back are household names these days, and robovac is a good example.Who would have thought that now you can clean your house without having to physically moving around! You can literally read a book or watch a movie or simply take a nap while your house is getting cleaned too without involvement of any human labor!Avoid the expenses and the hassle of househelp or the  unnecessary fatigue from cleaning your house by yourself by embracing robotic vacuum cleaners, NOW!

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