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Best Power Scrubbers Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Power Scrubber Of 2022

Living in a house that is clean as a whistle is definitely a privilege that most of us enjoy but not everybody has the time or patience it takes to clean every surface around your house. When you live in a home that comes with all the modern facilities and gadgets it makes your life extremely convenient. To enjoy these facilities and appliances you also need to keep them clean. For instance, your modular kitchen has all the space to keep your crockery, your dinnerware, your serveware but it is an important task for you to keep those cabinets clean. 

The Hi-Tech chimney in your kitchen which keeps all the grime and greasy oil away from all the surfaces in your kitchen needs to be cleaned thoroughly from time to time otherwise it gets clogged up with all the grease and let’s face it, it looks nasty. The beautiful windows of your home,  all the costly furniture that you invested in,  all your gadgets, in fact, all the surfaces in your house need to be thoroughly cleaned every once in a while. But it is very difficult to keep up with this cleanliness schedule if you work full time or if you have children at home or you are just not that fond of cleaning. In this scenario, there is a home superhero that can help you get rid of the most stubborn grime and dirt without having to spend the entire day scrubbing several spots, and that home superhero is an appliance called a power scrubber. 

A power scrubber will help you clean literally every surface in your house without breaking your back or your bank. With the help of a power scrubber, you will be able to remove tough stains and grease that have been sitting on different surfaces of your house for years. There are different types of power scrubbers that come with different types of features and are meant for different surfaces but each power scrubber makes any cleaning job 10 times faster and more efficient than any other device you can use for cleaning. If you are someone who is fond of living in a clean space or just someone who doesn’t enjoy sticky services around your house you should definitely invest in a power scrubber. 

Let’s analyze a few different types of power scrubbers that are available in the market

  • Cordless power scrubber: This power scrubber as the name suggests, works on a battery and does not have any confusing cables.  It comes packed with all the awesome features that will help you clean any surface efficiently and quickly.  These power scrubbers come in two variants which work using rechargeable batteries or replaceable batteries. The ones that work on rechargeable batteries are pretty easy to charge and do not consume a lot of time for charging. A good cordless power scrubber has a long-lasting and strong battery. 
  • Electric power scrubber: An electric power scrubber usually comes with long cables that can be extended. Through these cables, the power scrubber can be used throughout your house.  Sometimes these cables can be a problem to work with as they can get tangled and might irritate you while you clean but there is no fear of the battery running out while you are cleaning your house. These power scrubbers are excellent at cleaning any sort of dirt build-up, especially in the kitchen. 
  • Spin power scrubber: These powers scrubbers make cleaning tasks much easier, especially when used with soap.  They will easily remove dirt and mildew stains and grease. The head of a  spin power scrubber moves around and allows you to clean out grime and dirt from the most difficult spaces. The spinning action speeds up the process of cleaning and helps you clean your bathtubs, sink showers toilets, and floors. 
  • Power scrubber with replaceable heads: This power scrubber comes with different types of brush heads that allow you to clean grime and dirt from small areas and curved surfaces which are very difficult to reach. The different brush heads have different shapes which are the best for all-around cleaning the different heads can be used for several different purposes and surfaces. Getting a power scrubber with replaceable heads is an economic choice as it can be put to multiple uses.

A power scrubber sounds like a device that can only be used for deep cleaning but that is not true. You can also use a power scrubber for daily cleaning purposes and besides that, there are different places in your house that you can clean using a power scrubber.

Let’s have a look at the functions or the uses of a power scrubber

  • Bathroom cleaning: A power scrubber cleans all of the dirt away from your bathroom. The bathroom is a space where you go to clean yourself and so naturally your bathroom gets a lot of dirt. With the help of a power scrubber, you can clean away all the dirt that is collecting up in your bathroom and creating a hotspot for bacteria and fungus to grow. With the different shapes of replaceable heads of a power scrubber, you can clean the space in the corners of your bathroom, you can clean your bathtubs and sinks and with the very small head replacements, you can also clean the small gaps between your taps. You can also clean your showerheads using a power scrubber.
  • Kitchen cleaning: A kitchen is a place that absolutely needs to be clean all the time. This is a place where you cook food and some people even dine in the kitchen so it is extremely important to keep this place spotless. With a power scrubber, you can clean all the appliances in your kitchen like the chimney, the dishwasher, or all of your utensils. You can also clean the cabinets of your kitchen. A power scrubber will help you keep all the surfaces in your kitchen clean and grime-free.
  • Living space cleaning: Living space usually gets a lot of traffic and so there are different things that you need to clean your living space from time to time, for example, your table, the windows, and the doors. To keep your space looking neat and new,  you must use a power scrubber to get the dust and dirt off of your expensive furniture. With a power scrubber, you can clean your living room in no time and get rid of all the dust That seems to be living in your house since forever.
  • Crevice cleaning: Cleaning the small space between windows and window sills, or the corners of tiles can be extremely time-consuming and difficult. With a power scrubber, you can clean all of these places which are difficult to reach very quickly. A power scrubber will help you pull out dust and dirt from the deepest cracks and crevices in your house, keeping it spic and span.

Power scrubbers regardless of the type are effective appliances that do not cost a fortune but will help you do intense deep cleaning throughout your house. Now you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to get rid of the nasty grime and dirt in your house on all the surfaces. Invest in a power scrubber and deep clean your home yourself.

Following is a list of the best power scrubbers that are available right now. This list includes all the awesome features of these power scrubbers and the reviews of the customers who have used these powers scrubbers over an extended period of time. Read carefully and make an informed choice.

1. Getace Power scrubber

Price : $40.59


  • This easily chargeable power scrubber can be fully charged in a matter of a few hours.
  • It comes with a spinning feature and has a 21-inch expandable stainless steel handle.
  • It is a cordless power scrubber that works for 60 minutes when used continuously
  • Clean your shower, bathtub, tiled floor, kitchen, sink, walls, and toilets with this power scrubber easily and quickly
  • All the brush heads are made of good quality bristles that will not come off for a long time
  • The design of the scrubber is such that splashing water cannot damage it.


Customers were extremely satisfied with this power scrubber because the performance is excellent and so is the customer service. Some customers who received the package with missing parts informed that they contacted the customer service and their problems were solved almost immediately.

Customers had an issue with the battery life as it didn’t seem to work even after charging for a long time. Some customers do not recommend this product solely for the reason that it works only two to three times after charging for more than 3 hours. Some customers also complained that the first time the power scrubber was turned on, it smelt of something burning.

Most customers highly recommend this product as it cuts cleaning time to a great extent.  Customers were happy with the fact that they don’t have to sit down scrubbing each individual tile to remove the grout. The price at which this product is offered is also affordable and so this power scrubber is a great choice for first-time buyers. Assembling the product and getting it ready to use is pretty simple and a task that can be done very quickly by anybody.

2. Zaklnlife power scrubber

Price : $69.99 ~$75.99


  • This electric scrubber comes with a baseboard cleaning tool and a handle that has a 7-speed extension rod and three angles of adjustment.
  • It is a high power scrubber that can clean your bathrooms and kitchens at the speed of 350 RPM
  • The battery is rechargeable and works continuously for 90 minutes after charging for 4 to 5 hours
  • It is a top-quality power scrubber that comes securely packaged with 4 brush heads that will help you clean curved surfaces, flat surfaces, edges, corners, and even narrow gaps and spaces.


Customers were happy with this product as it comes neatly packaged in a beautiful box. For this very reason, this home appliance would make a great gift for anybody. Coming to the performance of this product, the customers were very happy to have invested in it, especially customers who have some medical issues and cannot clean their homes on a daily basis. This power scrubber helps them maintain their house without further deteriorating their health.

Some buyers, however, felt that this power scrubber was extremely expensive and not worth the extra money it charges. Customers said that there are cheaper models of similar products available that deliver the same performance.

Most customers highly recommend this product as it makes cleaning very easy.  They were happy that they were able to clean years of grout dirt and grime from their showers and kitchens. They were happy that their floors were all nice and shiny after using this power scrubber to clean them. If you have tough stains in your kitchen or bathroom and are trying hard to get rid of them, you must definitely invest in this product. It will clean everything efficiently, especially with soap.

3. AstroAI power scrubber attachments

Price : $14.99


  • This power scrubber is a set of drill scrub brushes that are specially designed to deep clean any area 
  • This multifunctional drill brush attachment set comes with 6 pieces and an extended attachment.
  • With these convenient brush heads, you can clean floors, carpets, car tires, bathtub, sink, cooktop, grills, windows, and sliding door tracks.
  • These brush attachments will help you turn any normal drill into a power scrubber. Please note that the drill is not included in the package.
  • They are a convenient and affordable choice that function just as well as any other expensive powers scrubbers


This brush attachment set seemed to work really well for most people. If you are someone who needs cleaning help but does not want to spend a lot of money on electric power scrubbers then you should certainly get this pack of drill scrubber attachment heads. Each attachment is shaped specifically to clean different surfaces without requiring too much physical effort.

Some customers feel that the bristles of the brushes were too hard and will scratch delicate surfaces like kitchen tops and tiles. The customers were also unhappy with the packaging and felt that the product could have been packaged better. Due to the bad packaging, the bristles of the brushes were damaged and were not able to function as well as they should have.

 Customers said that with these brushes cleaning will become an easy task and since it costs so little, anybody can buy it. Customers also recommended using some elbow grease to fit these brush heads onto the drill so that it works really well. Overall customers recommend this product for people who are on a tight budget get want to do deep cleaning in their homes on their own.

4. Sheildpro power scrubber attachments

Price : $35.99


  • This set of power scrubber attachments is a highly versatile set that includes 11 pieces of scrubber brushes with different stiffness, scouring pads, scrub sponge, wool pads, car wash sponge, and scrubber connector. It also includes the 6 inches extended reach attachment.
  • The stiff brush bristles will allow you to get rid of stubborn and nasty spots and clean every corner of your home.
  • These brushes have a Universal fit and can be conveniently attached to most  drills and drivers
  • It is very easy to attach all the brush heads onto any drill and change it into a powerful scrubber.


Although these brush heads are great performers, most customers were left dissatisfied as almost all of them had some or the other part missing. All the brush heads are made of great quality materials and they will help you clean things up easily. Most customers said that they worked really well with any drill. This product is meant for people who love to deep clean their homes.

Some customers were not satisfied with the quality of these brush heads as they seem to be made badly. They were flimsy and many customers said that they broke during the first use The major complaint that most customers had was missing parts and flimsy quality.

Having said that, many customers also said that this attachment set has great potential as it comes with every possible sponge or scrubber you can think of to clean a number of surfaces. If the brushes are made well and have a sturdy structure, this product would become one of the top-selling products. If you are looking for a versatile range of sponges and scrubbers to clean every little thing in your house then this is the set you are looking for.

5. GOOD PAPA power scrubber

Price : $99.99 ~ $136.99


  • This power scrubber comes with a 25-inch extendable handle that reaches into the deepest and dirtiest spots in your home
  • It comes with 6 replaceable brush heads with which you can clean bathrooms, kitchen, different types of floor, walls, bathtubs, cars, patio furniture, glass surfaces, and many more
  • This power scrubber has a long-lasting battery that needs only 2.5 hours of charging time and works for 1.5 hours when used continuously
  • It also comes with two-speed controls and a digital display. It is a top-quality product made using premium quality materials 


Customers were completely satisfied with the performance of this product and although this scrubber is a little on the expensive side, most of them did not mind spending that money. Customers said that the quality and features of this power scrubber are far better than the other power scrubbers that fall in the same price range. 

The scrubber is extremely powerful, however, some customers faced a few issues with it. The first one was the heads not staying attached. Many customers complained that the heads of the scrubber kept coming off while they were cleaning, which was very annoying. The customers also complained about the design of the product. They felt that the on and off switch is a little too low and every time you need to turn it on or off you’ll have to bend. 

Customers recommend this product to people who do not mind spending more money on a great quality product. This power scrubber comes with enough attachments that will allow you to clean every possible place in your house without experiencing any body pain. The scrubber is also highly recommended for people who are looking for a scrubber that will last for a long time. 

6. AIRSEE power scrubber

Price : $45.99


  • This power scrubber is a handheld spin scrubber that can work continuously for up to 100 minutes after a couple of hours of charging
  • It comes equipped with an LED screen that makes it easy for the user to read the current mode and the remaining power
  • It also comes with six brush heads that meet all of your different cleaning needs and clean all surfaces like shower walls, counters, bathtubs, kitchens, etc. efficiently
  • This cordless power scrubber is an extremely lightweight scrubber made of top-quality materials. It is very easy to use and carry around your home without cords.


This product was tagged as ‘Timesaver’ by most customers. They were extremely happy with the way this power scrubber functions to clean anything very quickly.  It has a good amount of power and works well in the shower. You don’t need to apply too much pressure to get all the grime and scum off. Customers were happy that it’s a small handheld device which makes it easy for anyone to hold and use.

Some customers faced a little problem with changing the brush head and with the battery life. It did not last as long as it promised but it works just fine while operating. Some customers also said that it doesn’t really eliminate extremely dirty stubborn spots.

Most customers however recommend this affordable power scrubber as it is highly efficient and eliminates all the effort that you have to put in when you are physically cleaning any surface. This power scrubber will add a lot of convenience to your life as with its help you will be able to finish up the deep cleaning process relatively faster. 

7. Voweek power scrubber

Price : $69.99


  • This is an efficient power spin scrubber that has a maximum power of 300 RPM
  • The charging process is extremely fast and the power scrubber lasts for about 1.5 hours when used continuously
  • It is an adjustable scrubber that comes with  an extendable stainless steel  handle and three adjustable angles for brush heads
  • It is advised not to submerge the scrubber in water as it can damage the insides
  • To clean the brush head remove it from the body of the scrubber and wash separately.


This is a highly popular power scrubber that is loved by most of the customers who bought it. With the help of this scrubber, you can clean the tiles around your bathroom which get really dirty and have stubborn spots. Some people said that they were extremely happy with the functioning of this appliance as it does not take too much time to clean with it.

Some customers said that the brush bristles are hard and when physically strained they might scratch the surface of your bathtubs or kitchen tops. It is not recommended for you if you are looking to clean delicate surfaces

Some customers also felt that the product was not powerful enough but overall this scrubber received many positive reviews and many recommendations from its customers. According to most users, the price is not so bad and the power scrubber is not heavy at all. To clean all-around, your house using this appliance is very easy and doable even for old people. It is recommended by the customers for the good quality and highly effective performance.

8. Kikunum power scrubber

Price : $51.28


  • This electric power scrubber has a long battery life of 90 minutes and comes with a 360-degree high rotating speed
  • It comes with the button to adjust the brush angle 45 to 180 degrees and allows you to adjust the length by removing the telescopic handle
  • It is made of high-quality materials like ABSand TPE
  • The power scrubber comes with three different types of replaceable brush heads, 1 extension arm, and an ac adaptor
  • The product is extremely easy to assemble and use. It is not too heavy and it will be a great cleaning appliance 


This power scrubber received many positive reviews from its customers. It charges up pretty quickly and works just fine. The adjustable handle is a great feature that allows you to adjust the angle of the brush and clean with it wherever you want. Customers like the fact that the adjustability of the power scrubber allows you to clean even the most difficult to reach places.

Some customers complained that the motor is not too powerful and the brushes wear off considerably faster. They said that the quality of the bristles of the brush could be worked upon and something could be done to make the motor more powerful.

Most customers highly recommend this product as it is a great cleaning assistant and is available at an affordable price. The different types of brushes will help you clean all the corners and crevices in your home without asking for too much time or effort from your side.  Some customers had concerns about the low power of the motor but since it gets the job done,  the customers recommend it anyway.

9. Iezfix power scrubber

Price : $39.99


  • This electrics spin scrubber is cordless and lightweight and will clean all surfaces without any problem
  • It comes with 4 brush heads which are suitable to clean floors, tiles, ovens, sink, window sills, corners, narrow spaces, and bicycle wheels
  • It is an extremely powerful and efficient electric scrubber that will make all of your cleaning tasks pretty easy. It helps you get rid of years of scum and grime without tiring you out
  • This is a high-power handheld spin scrubber that can be powered up to 280 RPM to help clean stubborn stains and spots.


This power scrubber helps you clean all the difficult-to-clean bathroom surfaces that an ordinary scrubber would not be able to clean. Customers were extremely happy with this product as it is sturdy, easy to use, and has a long-lasting battery. Customers were happy to say that this power scrubber allows them to clean the dirtiest spaces without using toxic cleaners.

Some customers complained that the battery life could have been better as the power scrubber fails to hold a charge for a long time. Some customers also complained that the head keeps falling off and does not fit really well.

Most customers had nothing but good things to say about this power scrubber which has helped them clean the dirtiest spaces. This power scrubber is great at cleaning the grout between tiles. Customers highly recommend it as it works really well and helps you bring a new shine to your home. Customers said that this product might not be ideal for deep cleaning but for regular cleaning, it is perfect.

10. DIMUAT power scrubber

Price : $49.88


  • This innovative power scrubber has a new connection method that uses a spiral pattern 
  • The scrubber has a speed of 350 RPM which removes the most stubborn stains easily
  • Charge for 2 to 3 hours and use this power scrubber continuously for up to 120 minutes
  • It comes with 3 replacement brush heads- flat, round, and corner washer head to help you clean absolutely everything in your house
  • It is made using high-quality plastic and nontoxic materials. The bristles on the brush are of good quality and are flexible.


This product received many good reviews from its users. They were happy to buy this great little machine that will help you clean anything.  There were some concerns expressed by customers about the spinning pattern.  The customers said that if too much pressure is applied while using the scrubber it simply stops spinning.

Some customers also felt that the appliance does not have enough energy for scrubbing and that the motor is not powerful enough especially for deep cleaning.

Customers who suffer from diseases like arthritis said that this product was a boon for them.  They were happy that they no longer have to bend over for cleaning kitchens or bathrooms. The power scrubber doesn’t move too fast but it works exceptionally well.  The materials are durable the bristles of the brush are too strong. The handle is pretty study too.  It is highly recommended by most customers and they did not have any issues apart from the low power of the motor. 


1. What are the different types of brush heads that come with a power scrubber?

Powers scrubbers are a versatile tool but not all power scrubbers come with replaceable heads. The ones that do, have different types which are constructed in such a way that they are perfect to clean very specific surfaces. Have a look at the following different types of brushes that come with power scrubbers:

  •  Corner- These brushes work well on window sills and bathtub edges. The bristles on these brushes are placed in such a manner that they can reach into the tiniest places and pull out the dirt.
  •  Flat- Flat brushes should be used when you are cleaning tiles or any other type of flooring. They work best on flat surfaces like windows or kitchen tops. You can also clean tables with flat brush heads.
  • Round- Round brushes are the most popular ones as they are safe to be used on textured surfaces and are highly effective in cleaning the grout that gathers between the tiles.

2. Why should I get a power scrubber?

A power scrubber is an appliance that not only saves your time but also saves a lot of money and other resources. Following are some reasons that you absolutely need to invest in a power scrubber:

  • A well-made electric floor scrubber uses let less water as compared to other items that you use to clean floors. A mop and a bucket uses two times more water than a power scrubber and do not do nearly as good a job as a power scrubber does.
  • Electric floor scrubber is way better than using a traditional mop and a bucket to clean the floor. When you use a mop and bucket to clean the floor the dirt only gets spread around into corners but with an electric floor scrubber, you can get rid of the dust and dirt once and for all.
  • An electric scrubber has multiple uses and has industrial strength which means you can use it to clean many surfaces with the same power-packed performance

3. What are some tips to keep in mind while using power scrubbers?

Powers troubles are industrial-strength home appliances that need to be used with caution and care. To maintain a power scrubber for a long time and to keep cleaning your house with it for years, you need to keep some things in mind while you are using it. To efficiently use your power scrubber follow these  tips:

  • Always make sure that the battery status of your cordless power scrubber is enough to clean the entire space that you want to clean.  The battery is like fuel for a power scrubber that is cordless. You wouldn’t want to stop your work midway and charge your power scrubber because you were too careless to check the battery status, would you?
  • Check the scrubbing brush for any dirt trapped inside it. You are looking to clean the floor, not get it even dirty.
  • Make sure you always have the cleaning solution ready, after all, you can’t clean the floor with dirty water

Powers scrubbers are those modern devices that will help you maintain the cleanliness in your house even when you are busy. Just plug in your cordless power scrubber while you are working and let it charge. Once you are done working, use the power scrubber to clean all the dirt in your house in absolutely no time. It’s truly a great invention and has helped all American households to keep the toxic grease, oil, dust, and grime out of their homes

A power scrubber is that invention that is needed in every household because who doesn’t like to live in a house that is squeaky clean? With the power scrubbers mentioned in our list, you will be able to keep your house clean as a whistle without thinking of cleaning as a daunting task. With the power scrubber cleaning throughout your house will be a fun thing that you might even look forward to doing. Let us know in the comments which power scrubber you chose to clean your house with. 

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