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Best Patio Furniture For Outdoor In 2022

by Evelyn Smith

Remember the good ol’ days? Flip-flops, sunglasses and the ocean peeking from between your toes as you whiled your day away on a lounge chair, reading the latest bestseller or uploading those all-important Instagram worthy pictures and reels to the envy of your friends and family. Or the sonorous tweeting of an exotic bird, echoing as it meanders through lush forest cover and reaches your hotel’s backyard as you recline onto your chair, sipping away on your favorite beverage. 

No matter what your idea of a perfect getaway, the vacations have been a great part of our lives. While the picturesque locales get all the credit, no one gives a thought to the relaxing lounge chair or the outdoor furniture without which the outdoor experience is simply incomplete. 

With the walls quite literally closing in, we can’t help but think that all that holiday nostalgia must be hitting you hard. 

Fortunately though, while the crisis has ensured that your favourite holiday destination may still be a distant memory, we show you how you can bring the outdoor vibe right into your own balcony or backyard and turn it into the ideal holiday haven. With the right outdoor furniture, your home can give you the pleasure of relaxing outdoors without stepping out of your safety zone. All it takes is a few outdoor patio furniture picks and voila!, we’re in business… Err, vacation, we mean! 

If you can work from home, why not give a shot to holidaying from home? Head over to our guide to become the outdoor furniture know-it-all! 

What makes a regular balcony or backyard a bona-fide outdoor chill zone? 

While you may be thinking it’s easy to just put up a few pieces of merchandise from the patio furniture sale in your neighborhood store, the actual amount of options may have you scratching your head.

Before you end up with a chair that’s too large to fit into your balcony or a table that didn’t put up a fight and succumbed to a sudden shower of rain, here are some handy tips to help you navigate the tricky waters of the outdoor furniture trade. 

Things to consider before buying outdoor patio furniture :

Almost all of us have bought good looking comfortable furniture for our homes and offices. While it’s good to be confident about choices, buying outdoor furniture can be a different ball game. 

One of the most common mistakes buyers make is to look for qualities that may make indoor furniture great but may not fit outdoor furniture. The primary difference between indoor and outdoor furniture is that the latter is exposed to the elements of nature and as such needs to be a lot more durable. The materials that last for years inside may end up cracking under the relentless onslaught of Mother Nature. 

Here’s what to carefully consider before sealing the deal :

How much space do you have? 

While those with oodles of space are spoilt for choice with several different options ranging from outdoor fireplaces, dedicated canopies and especially designed outdoor furniture ranges, even mere mortals can get great furniture at great prices. 

Having limited space should never hold you back from making your patio dreams come true. 

Sprucing it up with the right kind of outdoor furniture can transform your corner and make it a favorite place to spend those lazy afternoons or pleasant evenings! Carefully look at the dimensions of the products and try to leave some space aside to give it an open feel. 

Who is going to use the furniture? 

While it may look so, one size sometimes doesn’t fit everyone. Your search for the Goldilocks of furniture may be easily streamlined by buying according to user size and requirements. Taller adults require adequate though and leg support for chairs while senior citizens would appreciate the ease of getting up from them. Kids can enjoy specially sized items. Those barbecue nights will only feel better once everyone is seated on a comfortable chair. Regardless, make sure you’re very well aware of the use-case scenario before making your purchase.

Sun, heat and temperature

Residents of all locales sunny will agree that life is incomplete without a good set of outdoor furniture. 

What good is patio furniture though, if it can’t be used to bask in the glory of the almighty Sun? Too much sunlight can cause serious problems to you and your beloved furniture. Sunlight has harmful ultraviolet rays that, with prolonged exposure, can cause various harmful effects to your furniture. 


Rapid expansion and contraction, especially brought about in areas with a lot of temperature changes can cause materials to develop cracks in their structure. 


Long exposure to UV rays in the sunlight reduces the potency of the paint job that your outdoor furniture piece received when it left the factory. While in some cases, a beautiful patina may develop, in most cases fading can leave your patio piece looking watered-down and ugly. 

Heat Retention

While you grab a quick shower or a nap and leave your furniture in the sun, you may find it more than inconvenient to be subjected to a hot sting as you settle into your favorite metal chair. More than that, it may make shifting and adjusting the position of the furniture a bit awkward. 

Raining Cats and Dogs:

Effects of Rain, Moisture and Water 

Those of you who call a heavy downpour just another usual day, might want to be careful while picking outdoor forbid. Though some of us prefer dancing in the rain, more than a few head indoors to save themselves. This leaves your furniture battling the showers with all it’s might.

Rust and corrosion 

The sworn enemy of all things metal! Long exposure to water and oxygen can cause corrosive oxidation leading to rust and discoloration. Salt in the air and water further add to the problem. 

Readers residing in coastal areas may take special note. 

Mold, rot and mildew

Natural and organic materials are susceptible to attack from the fungi, which thrive in the moisture absorbed by those materials. While most mold can be cleaned off, rot can often cause biodegradation and cause the material to break down. Nothing more disappointing than seeing your patio furniture slowly decompose.


As water gets into various materials, it can leave quite an impact as it dries out. Uneven drying causes twisting or bowing, and over a period of time causes screws to come out and change the material composition. 

Blowing in the wind.. Or not! 

Dwellers of windy places know just how powerful a gush of wind can truly be. There’s nothing more displeasing than having an angry neighbor hollering at you when your chairs fly over to his backyard! 

Choosing furniture of an appropriate weight can help keep it firmly grounded when the gale starts blowing. 

Cleaning and maintenance:

Some materials end up as new after a quick soap and water routine, others require careful cleaning and maintenance steps to keep them looking and performing their best season after season. Take your pick according to how much time you’d want to devote to the upkeep and care of the specified patio furniture. 

Going green: keeping it eco-friendly

No one wants to be the irresponsible user trying to choke up Mother Nature. The very point of outdoor patio furniture is to enjoy nature. All else being equal, choose materials that are biodegradable, recyclable and certified by various green organizations as eco-friendly. 

1. Zero Gravity Chair by Best choice products 

Price: $124.99

What is it? 

A lightweight, foldable set of chairs made up of a steel frame and textilene fabric which is flexible, weather – resistant and lasts long. It is a reclining chair that locks into place and smoothly glides into an ergonomic “zero-gravity position”. It means you feel as if you are floating in mid-air. It comes with removable elastic cords that immediately adjust to your body’s weight. 

What makes this convenient is the addition of a removable tray which has two cup holders and a dedicated space for a phone and a tablet. No need to choose between your favorite beverage or your preferred electronic gadget. A removable headrest means adds that element of extra comfort. 

How does it perform? 

With a claimed weight bearing capacity of 250 lbs the chair should be able to accept most adults that choose to use it.  The reclining feature doesn’t make it lay completely flat. The tallest of us may find their legs dangling from mid – air though. The locking mechanism has a tendency to not be the most reliable. The weight is more than a camping chair and as such may feel a bit heavier for those who want the lightest chair possible. Even though it’s made from steel, long exposure to air and moisture may end up spoiling the metal. 

Who is it for? 

The chair should please anybody who wants a foldable, light versatile chair that is able to take decent loads and is portable enough to carry out to the park, backyard, garden or even the beach. 

It’s a handy chair for lighter, more casual uses. Steel frames offer good support. They’re a good deal for the price as well. 


Open Dimensions: 32.5″-61″(L) x 25″(W) x 33.5″-44″(H)

Folded: 38″(L) x 25″(W) x 6″(H)

Pillow: 14″(L) x 2″(W) x 7″(H)

Weight: 16.3 lbs. (each)


Material: Steel, Mesh

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Includes: (2) Zero gravity chairs, (2) Cupholder trays, (2) Headrest pillows

Minimal assembly required to attach tray (with instructions)

Available in 14 colours: Gray, Black, Brown, White, Beige, Burgundy, Aqua Blue, Crimson Red, Forest Green, Cobalt Blue, Camouflage, Burnt Orange, Pink, Tan Striped

2. Flamaker 3 Pieces Patio Set

Price: $109.99

What is it? 

This elegant looking patio furniture set consists of a pair of low chairs with a breathable cushion and a small glass topped table to accompany the chairs. 

The chairs are made of synthetic PE in a wicker design. Wicker designs mimic the look of traditional wicker but are made from a high resilience material that’s strong and durable. It is also weather resistant and doesn’t fade easily. The chairs have a steel frame and are relatively easy to assemble. 

How does it perform? 

The chairs are comfortable. Although the size is on the smaller side with the cushions measuring about 20″ x 20″ inches. The cushions are thin but very comfortable. The covers are removable to offer easy cleaning and washing. The closed arm rest and leg design makes sure that the rattan doesn’t fall off even when the chairs haven’t been used for a while. The chairs sit about 16″ above the ground. The height may feel low to tall people. The seat can handle upto 250 lbs of weight making it easy for most users to sit comfortably. 

The table features a tempered glass fixed to four suction cups. Easy to clean, it sometimes wobbles when rubbed a bit too hard. All in all, it’s a complete package. At the asking price, it’s a good deal. 

Who’s it for? 

A good fixture for patios, poolsides, backyards and balconies of various sizes. The set can be utilized by anyone who likes the elegant looks that blend in with a modern interior and retain the classic wicker style. These may not be suitable as very portable options for frequent movers. Add-in a cushion or a throw pillow for the back for a truly complete package. 

3. Homall 4 Pieces Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

Price: $178.99

What is it? 

This patio furniture set is all set to have your friends and your family soaking up the sun. The set consists of a 2 seater sofa, 2 chairs and a long table topped with tempered glass. The frame is sturdy, having steel as it’s constituent element. 

The material is PE wicker and promises to hold up to sustained exposure to the sun and weather. The cushions on the seats are washable. 

How does it perform? 

Having a full set of outdoor furniture at a great price can be a good deal, however we need to see whether the performance will sustain. The assembly of the set proved to be quite a challenge. It’s tough to get the set in place and takes a whole afternoon. 

The quality of the wicker material is good if exposure to sunlight is not sustained for a very long time. Some pieces were not aligned very well. 

Where the set scored well is value for money, comfort and versatility. 

Who is it for? 

Anyone who needs a good value for their patio, backyard, poolside or bigger balconies. A complete set for this price is a bargain. It will feel at home at family poolside get-togethers and in a set of 2 or more can accommodate a bigger outdoor event. 

Bear in mind though, that this is not a long term investment. 

Single Sofa: 18.1inch(W)X 18.1inch(D) Double Chair: 35 inch (W) X 20.7inch (D) X 33.3inch(H) Table: 28.1inch(W)X 16.1inch (D) X 15.4inch (H).


Material: PE Rattan & Steel Frame

Rattan Color: Brown

Cushion: Beige polyester fabric and sponge padded

Single Chair: 18.1” x 18.1” x 34.1” (L x W x H)

Double Chair: 35” x 20.7” x 33.3” (L x W x H)

Table: 28.1” x 16.1” x 15.4” (L x W x H)

Cushion for Single Chair: 18” x 18” (W x D)

Cushion for Double Chair: 35” x 20” (W x D)

Max. load capacity: 330 lbs

Item Weight 52.9 pounds

Available in 4 colours: Brown and Beige, Grey, Light Blue, Red

4. Flash Furniture Nantucket 6 Piece Brown Patio Garden Set with Table, Tan Umbrella and 4 Folding Chairs

Price: $189.99

What is it? 

A 6-piece outdoor patio furniture set which comes fully equipped with a table, an umbrella and 4 chairs that fold back. The table has a 5mm thick top of water wave tempered glass that is smooth to the touch. The steel used is powder coated. This helps to prevent it from scratching smoother surfaces. 

The chairs are made up of textilene. It is a strong fabric which is breathable and has superior durability. 

The umbrella is the highlight of this set. Unlike others that do not offer any protection against the sun this set comes with a 6.6 feet tall umbrella pole. The umbrella itself is made up of strong polyester to keep you shielded from harsh sunlight. The umbrella tilts by pressing a button on the pole. 

How does it perform? 

The set is good for a day out in the sun. The umbrella helps to protect from the light of the sun. The materials used are of a good quality and offer decent support for the price. The umbrella pole is a little weak and as such needs to be used with care. The chairs offer enough support but may not be suitable above the specified payload. It’s easy to fold the chairs. They’re light enough to be carried but not strong enough to withstand heavy winds.

The assembly isn’t the easiest though, so expect to spend some time with the tools. 

Who is it for? 

Families that like a compact setup on the poolside, sunny days out on the rooftop, patio and small groups that like having some protection from the sun. Coastside residents may appreciate the simple setup. 

The 5mm tempered glass is thick and smooth but the umbrella pole may not last long. 


Table Size: 31.25″W x 31.25″D x 28″H

Base Size: 17.75″W x 19″L

Umbrella Size: 59″W x 59″D x 80″H; 76″H Closed

Chair Size: 21.25″W x 25″D x 35.25″H

Back Size: 17″W x 22.25″H

Seat Size: 17.25″W x 16″D x 16″H

Available in 4 colours: Black, Brown, Navy Blue, Red

5. Devoko 5 Pieces Patio Furniture Sets All Weather Outdoor Sectional Sofa Manual Weaving Wicker Rattan Patio Conversation Set with Cushion and Glass Table

Price: $379.99

What is it? 

When you’re done with the entry-level on patio furniture, it’s time to step to a wholly different level of comfort. This is a 5 piece sectional sofa with a customizable layout that makes it free to be arranged as per the needs.The outdoor sectional sofa comes with 2 corner chairs, 1 armless chair, 1 ottoman chair and a glass coffee table.  What makes it stand out are the thick cushions and a more sophisticated couch like design that makes it as easy to sink in as into a regular indoor couch. Water resistant cushions accompany a PE wicker design. All of this is supported on a strong frame. 

How does it perform? 

The cushions are thick and comfortable. The best part is the flexibility of the design leaving you to decide which arrangement suits you the best. The quality of the PE wicker is good. It is an all-weather material that will stand up to sunlight and light rain. The cushions are water resistant but not waterproof. It is recommended to leave them inside if it rains a lot.  A word has to be said in appreciation of the great customer service that the brand has. It makes setting up the sofa easy. The tempered glass top is easy to clean and maintain. 

Who’s it for? 

Anyone looking for a slightly upgraded version of the basic outdoor seating. Spray it with a protectant for a higher life if you plan to use it extensively in the sun. 

The materials are high quality and the customer support is excellent. It is an easy recommendation for those who seek a comfortable sofa while enjoying the benefits of outdoor seating. 


Materials: Rattan, Steel

Rattan Color: Brown

Product Dimensions: 83” X 58” X 25”

Weight Capacity: 330 Pounds

Cushion thickness: 3”

Item Weight: 70.7 pounds

Available in 3 colours: Beige, Blue, Red

6. Grand patio Premium Steel Patio Bistro Set

Price: $119.99

What is it? 

Don’t they always say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication? Well, this steel set from Grand Patio will have you convinced. Made up of heavy duty steel and consisting of 4 steel plates on the seating area and 2 on the back, this set comes with a table made up of steel. The chairs fold back and can be stored when not in use. The steel is powdered and the feet have plastic cushions for protection. The set comes in vibrant colors and can be used in a variety of settings including a patio, poolside or a small balcony. 

How does it perform? 

The set is a delight. If you understand the product it is placed in the budget segment and offers great value for money. The powdered steel is rust resistant and can withstand significant exposure to the elements outside. This makes it a good choice for residents of the coastal areas. There is no assembly required. It is maintenance free and can be cleaned up by a simple cloth. 

Who is it for? 

Outdoor furniture enthusiasts with relatively less space and a penchant for vibrant colors will be pleased by what grand patio has to offer. The set’s lightweight construction and compact size give it it’s versatile nature. Sturdy design and durable choice of materials means that it’s easily recommended. 

A good after sales support further adds to the appeal of purchasing this popular product. Those who hate spending hours with a manual will be delighted with a design that requires no assembly. 


Set includes: 2 PCS of chairs, 1 PC of table

Material: Steel

Color: Black

Chair size: 23″(D) X 19.5″(W) X 32″(H).

Table size: 23.6″(DIA) X 28″(H).

Overall Product Weight: 48lb

Available in 7 colours: Peacock Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Red, Mint Green, Blue

7. Devoko 3 Piece Rocking Bistro Set with Glass Coffee Table

Price: $149.99

What is it? 

A 3 piece set of patio furniture. It features 2 rocking chairs and a glass coffee table. The chairs are made out of metal and wicker material. 4 cushions provide comfort and quality to the user. The glass table has tempered glass and is a sleek addition to the set. 

The cushions are thick and comfortable but very lightweight. 

How does it perform? 

Just when you thought you’ve seen all versions of patio furniture, Devoko comes with a surprise. Rocking chairs! Not the kind your grandparents used to use. Modern chairs with a sleek design and a rust free frame. The cushions are easy to use but difficult to clean. Assembly and after sales support are also  a breeze. The set feels at home next to the poolside or small patios that would benefit from a pair of chairs. Not having sharp legs means that there’s no worrying about the thin leg of chaits getting such in ‘grr

Devoko 3 pieces patio bistro sets including 2 rocking chairs and 1 tempered glass coffee table. All weather resistant and UV resistant rattan with modern design patio sets complement any space and the durable construction, which is best for outdoor entertainment in summer or autumn.

Who is it for? 

All those who need a sleek all weather design and comfortable rocking mechanism. The slight swinging movement can make all the difference. 

With about 330 lbs of capacity, it’s made for all.

Dimension: 28.5″ x 23″ X 36 (L X W X H),Table Dimension: 17″ x 17″ x 19” (L X W X H)


Rattan Material: PE

Rattan Color: Black

Frame: Steel

Cushion: Beige polyester fabric and sponge padded

Weight capacity: 330 pound

Armchair: 28.5 “(L)X 23 “(W)X 36 ” (H)

Table: 17 “(L)X 17 ” (W) X 19 ” (H)

Tempered glass top: 16 “(L)X 16 ” (W)

Cushion for armchair : 22 “(L)X 20 “(W)

Available in 3 color: Beige, Blue, Red

8. Flamaker 4 Pieces Patio Furniture with Loveseat Tea Table for Home, Lawn and Balcony

Price: $154.98

What is it? 

A simple 4-piece patio furniture set that consists of one two-seater sofa, two single seater chairs and a glass topped table to anchor the whole assembly. 

The furniture is made from steel frames. The fabric is textilene. The fabric is highly durable and suited for long use outside. There are no cushions included with this set and as such it means there’s less stuff to maintain. 

The strong steel tubes are powder coated and reduce the risk of erosion. 

How does it perform? 

With an easy to use design, this set will fit perfectly with the needs of small patio owners or beside a smaller pool/backyard. The frames are sturdy and powder-coated to prevent corrosion. However, we wouldn’t recommend maximizing the weight limit of the chairs. Any more weight and the tubes may bend. 

While the external section of the tubes is well protected from rusting, the same cannot be said about the internal core. Under heavy rain it is prone to rusting. The assembly is easier and most of the tools are shipped within the package. Maintenance is also easy. A cloth and some soap is all you need. 

Who is it for? 

The set will please most users who don’t have very high demands or those who plan to use it under controlled conditions. It is easy to move so it can be considered if rearranging frequently is a priority. Assembly is required but it’s easy. 

A good budget pick, it looks great and performs reliably under light use. 


Frame: Steel

Material: Textiline

Weight Capacity: 330lbs

Table: 19.8″(W) x 3506″(D) x 30.5″(H)

Single Chair: 22.5″(W) x 24″(D) x 30.5″(H)

Double Chair: 20.5″(W) x 38.5″(D) x 30.5″(H)

Available in 2 colors: Black, Yellow

9. Best Choice Products 4-Piece Wicker Patio w/ 4 Seats, Tempered Glass Tabletop

Price: $360.46 To $665.46

What is it? 

The outdoor furniture set features a table, one double sofa, and two single sofas to provide four seats that can be mixed & matched to your sitting space. All-weather wicker is handwoven over a steel frame for lasting durability, while weather-resistant cushions prevent fading and wear from the wind and rain. 

The wicker coffee table comes with a removable, tempered glass top for food and drinks. The cushions feature removable covers that can be cleaned and washed. 

How does it perform? 

The polyethylene wicker is a strong material. It can handle all weather conditions with ease. The strong handwoven design is a plus. The cushions are thin but comfortable. The only gripe we have with the set is it’s relatively smaller size. Those who are on the taller side may feel a bit cramped. On the other hand, it remains compact for those snug nooks. A tempered glass top will make sure any spills are easy to clean. It is removable for extra convenience. 

Who is it for? 

A wicker material means that anyone who plans to use it under the sun for a long time will be pleased. The set will show no fading and will continue to serve after a long time. This is also ideal for those who like to keep adjusting the layout of their patio furniture. 

It would not be ideal for taller or larger users. An extra cushion would ensure some extra back support. 

DOUBLE SOFA: 43″(L) x 24″(W) x 31″(H), SINGLE SOFA (each): 23.5″(L) x 24″(W) x 31″(H), COFFEE TABLE: 35″(L) x 18″(W) x 17.5″(H)

Available in 4 colors: Gray/Navy, Brown, Black/Teal, Gray

10. FDW Patio Furniture Set 4 Pieces Outdoor Rattan Chair Wicker Sofa

Price: $159.99 To $174.99

What is it? 

The patio furniture set consists of two single seats, one long seat and a coffee table with a tempered glass top. Handwoven wicker constitutes the main material. Powder coated steel supports the structure

The wicker is light and sturdy. The cushions can be removed. The cushions use a high – density rebound sponge for a comfortable feel. Wicker is a good material for sunlight exposure as it’s resistant towards ultraviolet rays. This makes them resistant to fading as well. 

How does it perform? 

Like most of the polyethylene wicker sets, this set looks good and is light and sturdy. The design gives a great look for the price. We found the cushions to be comfortable. The assembly took some time and not all holes aligned along the required places. The space on the seats is good and will be cozy enough for medium sized individuals. The loveseat is about 40″ long. The single seats are less than 20″.

The low height of 16″1/2 inches is okay for most individuals. 

One of the advantages of a wicker set is the ease of maintenance and the same is true for this set as well. 

Who is it for? 

The design separates this from the rest. A good cushion quality is also a highlight. This set will look great beside a pool. Pair it with an extra umbrella or cushions to make it into a full package of great outdoor furniture. 

Bear in mind though that the size should be checked in accordance with requirements. 


Package Include:

–4-Piece Wicker Furniture Set

–1 x Tempered Glass Top Coffee Table; 2 x Single Chair; 3 x Thick Cushion; 1 double sofa

 Here is the Patio Hall-Of-Fame

After a dizzying tour of patio lane, it may still be tough for some readers to make a choice. 

Here are our top recommendations for a seamless outdoor furniture experience. 

1. Devoko 3 Piece Rocking Bistro Set with Glass Coffee Table

We liked the simplicity of this set. 

With a unique rocking feature it’s the perfect companion for a relaxing day. The sturdy construction will ensure that this lasts too. Sip those daiquiris and lay back as these seats gently cradle you while you daydream. 

2. Best Choice Products 4-Piece Wicker Patio w/ 4 Seats, Tempered Glass Tabletop

For those who like a little more than just 2 seats. The family relaxation sessions or barbecues with friends will seem like a breeze. 4 medium sized people would love to have a tete-a-tete with each other around the glass topped table. We liked the robust quality. The wicker construction makes it fade-free and light. 

Add a cushion and stay lost in patio dreams. 

Honorable mention:

3. Grand patio Premium Steel Patio Bistro Set

We just couldn’t leave out the vibrant, cute metal chairs. Even if you’re not a patio furniture enthusiast, it’s always good to have a set lying around. The compact size and light weight make it easy to tuck it in when not in use. The all-metal construction makes it a bare-bones setup. 

A good set to get into the world of outdoor furniture. 

At the end of the sunny day….! 

Now that you’re armed with all the know-how of thy outdoor furniture world, it’s time to put all that knowledge to good use and start sprucing up your sunlight sanctum. Let the outdoors come floating into your own home. Beat the pandemic blues with our carefully handpicked choices. 

Exactly which set you end up choosing will depend a lot on logistics, space, aesthetics and design choices. Whichever patio furniture set you choose, you can be rest assured that it will open the doors to a satisfying outdoor experience. 

Let us know which products you fancy in the comments!

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