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Best Ottoman Tables Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Ottoman Tables Of 2022

Home is a place where you find comfort. A place where after a hectic day of work you long to come and unwind. Everything in your home comforts and relaxes you, and your furniture plays a very important role in helping you achieve that level of comfort. It’s indeed an incredible feeling to rest your feet on a footrest after a long day at work. However, most of us don’t own one as we are scared to crowd our space. If we have a footrest in front of us, where do we place the coffee table, or a chair which is an important component of the decor and comfort? Let’s be honest, Resting our feet up on a coffee table or chair is neither comfortable nor a polite gesture. 

So should we compromise space, utility and not to forget good manners for comfort? Absolutely not, as ottoman tables will come to your rescue. Ottoman tables are designed in such a way that it not only serves as a coffee table but also can be used as a footrest to rest your tired feet. In addition, it can also sustain the weight of a person which makes it eligible to sit on.That indeed a  cool feature to have. It is literally a 3-in-1 piece of furniture. You get to enjoy all of this without having to compromise on space or style. Ottoman tables are renowned for their shape as these are highly compact and they glamourise any space they are kept. These tables are chic and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Ottomans are basically seats without any arms or backrest and a cushioned top.There are a variety of ottomans available in the market, right from ottoman stools, to chairs , to tables. Ottoman tables are a great addition to your homes as they are made from plush material and will instantly jazz up your decor. Ottoman tables are sturdy to use and beautiful to look at which makes it a great addition to your home.The cushion top has a very elegant appeal to it which is absolutely hard to miss.

Do you have guests at home? Put a tray with delectable snacks on an ottoman table for your guests to enjoy. Do you want some extra comfort by resting your feet on something soft? Prop it up on the ottoman, and feel the softness envelope your feet and relax. Uh-oh, too many people at home, where do you seat them? Use your ottoman table as a seater!This table is truly a cushioney dream.

How Did It Get That Name?

Ottomans originated in Turkey which was also called the Ottoman Empire in the 1700. Ottomans initially used as big seating with a lot of cushions and soft material piled on it to provide extra comfort and generally spanned a full wall.  These long seating arrangements were enjoyed by weary travelers, or people who just wanted to relax. Soon the Turks felt the need of smaller ottomans which they could easily fit into smaller spaces and this is how ottomans were born.

Later, when the French invaded Turkey, they discovered the ottomans and brought the concept back home.They soon realized it can serve as both a table and a seating, and not to forget a footrest too. Since then, ottomans have been an integral part of sophisticated decor and it is used widely around the world.

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to the types of ottomans available in the market.Ottomans these days come in an array of shapes and  sizes.

Few Popular Types Of Ottomans

  • Coffee table Ottoman– these ottomans are multifunctional as it can be used for resting your feet, seating and  serves as a coffee table which can be kept in the living room. These ottomans generally have a smooth surface so that anything can be kept on top of it without worrying about it toppling over. This ottoman coffee table is also built in such a way that it can withstand the weight of an individual, hence it can very well be used for sitting as well.
  • Tufted Ottoman– these Ottomans are built with plush material and have good quality cushioning to provide that extra comfort.These are generally made up of cotton, microfiber or leather. If you are looking for comfort then tufted ottomans should be your go to.
  • Glider Ottoman-glider automobile’s are compact automobiles which will glide easily on the floor. These ottomans are generally used along with a rocking chair so that while your chair rocks your ottoman will also glide along with it and provide you with maximum comfort. These ottomans are also easy to carry around as they glide well on the floor.
  • Storage Ottoman– this type of Ottoman is a very functional piece of furniture which provides you with all the function and comfort of a normal ottoman but at the same time also serves as a storage unit. The topmost portion of this Ottoman can open up to provide you with the space which can be used for storage. You can store anything ranging from books to toys to even miscellaneous items found in the common household. This is a great piece of furniture if you are looking for both utility and aesthetic.

Ottomans are a great addition to any living space,however, few things are to be kept in mind before buying one. Listed below are a few points to consider before buying an ottoman.

Before You Buy An Ottoman

  • Your purpose– you have to figure out why exactly do you want an automobile? Is it to rest your tired feet or to serve you as a chic looking coffee table? It is very important that you figure out why exactly you want an ottoman so that you can place it in the exact spot without it having to look bulky or out of place.
  • Size-the size also matters a lot when you choose an ottoman. Generally people go for smaller ones as they are compact and it’s easier to move them around. However, you definitely can go for bigger and longer ones if that is your need.
  • Design-design plays a very important role when you are choosing your ottoman. There are many available which might not suit your apartment and make it look cluttered. So always choose one which blends well with your decor and adds to the beauty of the room it has been placed in.
  • Additional function-next you have to decide is if you want to have any additional functionality in your auto man. Many ottomans come with storage units, or they are shaped in a particular way that they can be used as benches for seating as well. You have to choose which one you have to go for.
  • Material used-material plays a very important role in an auto man. Most of the Ottomans are made up of fabric which are soft or tufted. Some are made up of leather and some are made up of faux leather. People with children at home generally go for study or material which is easy to maintain as well. Whereas some customers would not like to have leather and would opt for softer fabrics.
  • Number-sometimes adding an Ottoman to your living room can be a tricky job. You might add one and feel that it’s not increasing the appeal of the room. In this case you should add a couple of them around the room to create uniformity. It is important that the Ottoman looks like a part of the overall decor and at the same time it stands out.
  • Height-Another very important aspect to consider before buying an ottoman is the height of the ottoman. Low ottomans should be preferred otherwise it would not look aesthetic enough. However sometimes you can opt for high Ottoman but it depends on the kind of decor you want to achieve or the function that you want the Ottoman to serve.

You can very well choose according to your budget and need from a plethora of ottoman tables as there is a wide variety available. Here are few Ottoman Tables for you to choose from:

1. Simpli Home-Square Storage Ottoman

Price : $234.29 ~ $387.83


  • Dimensions-36″Wx 36″D x 18.5″H
  • Material-.The faux leather used is an elegant stone gray which will add instant sophistication to any house. This table has a solid engineered wooden base.
  • Design- this table has a tufted top and solid wood framed base with a split lip top. Now convert your table into a storage unit at the drop of a hat. 

Let’s hear from  our customers!

Customers really like the fact how they can go completely vegan done with this faux leather Ottoman table. No animals were harmed in the making of this table as absolute faux or artificial leather has been used as upholstery. They really liked how it looks and feels without compromising on its versatility. Many customers spoke about how much they love the color. The color instantly adds elegance to the room.

You can store books, toys or anything you feel which can be stored there, which also makes it a great addition to your children’s room or playroom. The material is very sturdy and the surface is stable.Customers found it very stable and nothing toppled when it was kept on top of this table. So, no more worrying about toppling stuff over and dirtying the carpets.

The stability combined with the aesthetics is a total win-win for everybody. Customers also feel that this table is very suitable for a household with children as it is highly  durable and stable. It is a great choice for seating, and it is very comfortable and spacious.

2. Convenience Concepts-Storage Ottoman With Trays

Price : $168.05


  • Dimensions-19.5″D x 34.75″W x 17.75″H
  • Material used-made out of hundred percent faux leather on a wooden base. 
  • Design-this one of a kind auto man table is both a storage unit as well as comes with a beautiful set of trays. 

Let’s hear from  our customers!

Customers feel that the dark espresso faux leather instantly adds depth and glamor to the room.Built like a traditional Ottoman table which will help you keep trays, food items, magazines and books and whatnot. The special feature of this beautiful table is that it comes with two trays which are also reversible. These trays can be removed and cleaned according to your convenience.Customers found this feature very delightful as they did not have to use their brains to buy matching trays for this Ottoman. Also, this is one of its kind as most of these kinds of tables come without any trays or accessories.

Although it comes with two trays on it it can be very well reversed and kept facing downwards and the entire table can be used as a seating.So,If you want to pop the trays up and serve stuff on it, you can or simply keep it facing down on the top of the Ottoman table and treat it just like a chic table to add grace to your decor.

Customers found the closing mechanism of this ottoman very safe and would definitely suggest it around children.This Ottoman table comes with a hinged lid for ease of opening which does not slam shut on its own. 

3. Walker Edison-Metal Tufted Ottoman

Price : $193.70


  • Dimensions-18” H x 30” W x 30” L
  • Material used-Quality wood, Metal and durable linen has been used in its making.
  • Design- This ottoman and table has a very rustic appeal, due to the combination of wood and linen. 

Let’s hear from  our customers!

Customers found this table extremely beautiful and chic and are designed to die for. I feel it’s a beautiful blend of traditional furnishing and contemporary aesthetics. Customers really like the fact that this table can be used as a cocktail table or simply an additional living room seating as it can easily withstand up to 300 lbs. The fact that this table also has a lower storage shelf which can support up to 75lbs made it a cardinal key factor to like it more. 

Customers who really believe in a clutter free and clean look of their homes enjoyed the versatility of this table as it is a great piece of furniture which also serves as a shelf which can be used to keep books or gadgets and help you make your house look chic and neat. They like the fact how whatever you store below it is visible and easily accessible.

Customers found it very sturdy, functional and highly aesthetic owing to its tufted look. Both the modern as well as the customer who likes to do it the traditional way likes this ottoman as it is a great combination of looks and functionality and this is what modern consumers look for.

4. Chita-Double sided Cube Ottoman with Tray

Price : $149.99


  • Dimensions-18″D x 18″W x 17″H
  • Material used-made up of hundred percent polyester and has a linen lining.
  • Design-this autumn table is a very compact piece of furniture and comes along with a beautiful tray on top of it. 

Let’s hear from  our customers!

Customers loved the fact that the tray can be kept on top of the table to keep stuff on it or you can simply remove the tray and use this little ottoman table, or as a seating or a footrest or simply as a table. What is more is the fact that the top portion of the table opens up like a lid to expose a hollow unit which can be used as a splendid storage. Customers who are new mothers found this feature is very helpful as it’s very convenient storage to store toys strewn around the house. 

Customers also like the fact that it can be used in a bedroom and miscellaneous things can be stored in it. Customers have also used it as side tables in their bedrooms and the trays on top of these ottomans help store bedside paraphernalia like mobile phones, glass of water or a little table lamp.

Few customers mentioned how much they like the compact shape of this particular Ottoman table which makes it so convenient for them to place it wherever they want. Owing to its design it can easily be carried and placed anywhere. Customers always mentioned its lightway and can be easily lifted around.

5. Christopher Knight Home Store-Glam Velvet Ottoman

Price : $260.29


  • Dimensions-30. 00 inches deep x 30. 00 inches wide x 14. 50 inches high
  • Material used-handcrafted with polyester and has a beautiful body made up of velvet and the top is made up of tempered glass.
  • Design-Made up of a beautiful velvet body which instantly brightens a space. 

Let’s ask our customers!

Customers feel this table is a showstopper with its charm and beauty. Customers have reported that with its beautiful cushioning and velvety body this ottoman table has grabbed the attention of their guests. They believe that the tufted velvet body looks absolutely glamorous and instantly makes any space look stunning. The table comes with a tempered glass top which adds extra zing to the entire look of the table. 

The entire unit comes pre-assembled and absolutely no assembly is required which takes away a lot of hassle and stress.This table is a great addition to any household who wants to glamorize their space without doing much. The tempered glass top is very easy to clean as all you have to do is wipe it with a cloth on a regular basis just like you do a regular coffee table and you are good to go. 

This beautiful velvet coffee table is unlike any other you have seen before. Few customers believe that the combination of velvet and glass makes it look very sophisticated and glamorous. It not only looks good from the top but also from the sides as its body is covered with the velvety upholstery.

6. Asense-Storage Ottoman with a hinged lid and large storage capacity

Price : $129.99


  • Dimensions-31.9″(L) x 16.1″(W) x 18.1″(H)
  • Material used-made up of hardwood and PU leather top
  • Design-This ottoman is highly versatile as it can be used not only as a table but also as entry bench or end of the bed bench owing to the elongated shape of this table.

Let’s ask our customers!

Customers feel it is one of the most functional designs you will come across when it comes to coffee tables. These kinds of ottoman tables are extremely versatile as they can be used not only as tables but also as entry bench or end of the bed bench owing to the elongated shape of this table. The stable can also be used like any other ottoman table where you can use it to keep stuff on it just like you would do to any coffee table and it can also be used as an extra seating for your living room. This table is long and can be put against a wall as a stand alone piece of furniture.

Few customers have used it as a shelf to keep things on. Now you can keep either some flower arrangements, books or other decorative items and be treated just like any other shelf.In addition to all of this it also opens up into a very roomy storage where you can store whatever you feel like. Whereas, few customers have also used this as an end of the bed bench. You can easily store quilts, blankets and cushions if you use this as the end of the bed bench.

Customers have used it as a bench to sit people in the living room and they feel it does a commendable job due to its stability and shape. If you want to use it as an extra seating it will accommodate more than one as it is designed in a bench like fashion. Customers also like the fact that It is very easy to clean.

7. Poly And Bark-Denver Leather Ottoman

Price : $649.00


  • Dimensions-25″D x 43″W x 17″H
  • Material used-made up of rubber wood frame and has a high-density polyester foam filling. The topmost layer is a non-pigmented leather in cognac tan color.
  • Design-simple yet elegant leather ottoman which will add rustic and old world charm to your house.

Let’s ask our customers!

Customers feel his boho chic Ottoman table is what rustic dreams are made up of. Many customers commented on the color that The non-pigmented leather accentuates the natural beauty of the hide. They also mentioned that with time it will change into a beautiful vintage piece of furniture with use. Customers also mention that the make of this ottoman is pretty simple and that is exactly what imparts a very elegant look to it. As it is made up of hundred percent real leather each hide is unique and the color will vary with each piece. 

Customers feel It’s an extremely smooth and sturdy surface to sit on or to keep things on. This also makes it a great choice for people who have kids running around and want some hasslefree yet good-looking pieces of furniture. Few customers who have a heightened sense of aesthetics found the Italian dye on the tanned leather extremely appealing. This table has Italian dyed tanned leather upholstery which is handcrafted to perfection.

The shape of this Ottoman is a complete hit with people as it can easily sit on adults and can be cleaned without any hassle. Customers love the fact that it is made up of genuine leather which increases its durability without compromising on the looks. This automation has a very sturdy body and few pet owners claim that their pets love to lay on it and they don’t have to worry about damaging it at all.

8. Belleze-Nailhead Trim Ottoman

Price : $149.99


  • Dimensions-35.03 x 18.11 x 16.73 inches
  • Material-soft material upholstery with bun legs for extra added charm
  • Design-this table is a head turner with its beautiful upholstery and nailhead trims. 

Let’s ask our customers!

Customers found it very beautiful and versatile as it can be used either as a coffee table or as a seating for your living room. Some customers have used it as a bench near the dining table and it feels very much part of the record as it is beautifully crafted. Whereas, some customers have set it up as an end of your bed bench and they’re very happy with the results. I feel they have got an extra space to store their blankets and quilts without compromising on the clutter free look. A few customers have simply used it in their living room for either sitting or storing something inside as it opens up to a spacious unit where you can keep things and make your house look clutter free.

Most of the customers have used it as a coffee table as it has a very durable, sturdy top and this can easily withstand up to 300 lbs which makes it a great option for being a Coffee table or a seating. They say that the nailhead trims have added a lot of sophistication and beauty to their living rooms. Customers thought it was worth mentioning that it comes with safety hinges. This comes fitted with safe hinges at each side so that it does not slam shut thereby making it extremely safe for kids or pets.

Customers can vouch for its utility and beauty and they believe that it can very beautifully blend in our living spaces. They believe that it has a very beautiful design but at the same time it is sleek and modern which makes it a great choice for modern homes.

9. Homebeezinc-Rectangular Velvet Storage Ottoman

Price : $257.39


  • Dimensions-38.4” L x 22.0” W x 19.3” H.
  • Material used-has a wooden frame and colorful abstract pattern on velvet upholstery
  • Design-beautiful velvet upholstery on a wooden frame

Let’s ask our customers!

Many customers have remarked how this Ottoman table looks like a piece of art.They feel the abstract eye-catching print on the velvet upholstery is extremely beautiful to look at and will instantly level up the glamor quotient of your household. It is not just a pretty piece of furniture but it is extremely versatile as it can be used as a coffee table, entryway bench, sitting in your living room or you can just use it as an end of the bed bench. Customers felt that the print on this Ottoman changed the look of the complete decor of the house.

Many customers agreed they were a little apprehensive before buying it as it looked fragile but they were proven completely wrong once the product arrived. It is very sturdy and has a wooden frame which can easily sustain weight up to 360 lbs. The table is very easy to clean or vacuum and customers found this to be a great plus point. Customers feel the shape, print and size is absolutely perfect and we should buy it without any hesitation.

Apart from this it has a great storage capacity as it opens up into a very roomy unit which can be used to store things like books, magazines, toys, gadgets and much more. This ottoman table is very easy to assemble as all you have to do is screw the legs which can be done within minutes.Many customers confessed that they would opt for hassle free furnishing than complicated ones, so this one surely has a brownie point.

10. Joveco-Storage Rectangular Lift Top Ottoman

Price : $119.99


  • Dimensions-33.3 x 18.1 x 17.3 inches
  • Material-hardwood frame and fabric upholstery
  • Design-rectangular Storage Ottoman table with anti- skid and  anti -scratch

Let’s ask our customers!

Customers have used this versatile ottoman table as it can be used as an entryway bench, seating for their living room and simply as a coffee table. Customers have remarked how the chic and elegant look of this table makes it a very pretty piece of furniture to have in your house. They also feel that it is pretty sleek and fits easily into corners and other tight spaces around the house. Customers who have children believe that this is a great toy chest and is a must have in every child’s nursery. This ottoman is stable and sturdy which also makes it a great piece of furniture for your child’s room.

Customers could not stop raving about how this table has anti-slip and antiskid footpaths which makes it a great choice as a toy chest for your kids as they constantly try to drag furniture around. This will not only prevent them from dragging it around, but even if they do they wouldn’t scratch your expensive floorboards. Also the fact that it has safety hinges makes it a great choice for nursery or a child study room. 

This table has a large storage unit inside it which can be used conveniently to stowaway books, toys, quilts, blankets and much more. The look of this ottoman is very simple yet this little piece of furniture is highly versatile and can easily be used as a piece of furniture by adults as well as by children.


1. What are Ottomans?

Ottoman is a piece of furniture without any arm or backrest and can be used for various purposes. Ottoman can be used as a footrest, for seating and sometimes it can act as a table as well. Ottomans are very versatile owing to the fact that it can be used for many things. It is a very versatile piece of furniture which not only looks elegant and chic but also is very space efficient. Ottomans come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Some ottomans come with a storage facility for easy storage and can be kept in any part of the room.

2. Are ottoman tables expensive?

There are many types of Ottoman tables available in the market. You will be spoilt for choice when you search for one.They come in varies price range and you can easily pick up one which suits your budget.The regular, inexpensive ones are go to go, however, if you are ready to invest and would like to have a plush one at home, you can pick any from the expensive price range. Generally, the expensive ones use high quality material , hence, they are very durable and will last you a long time.Having said that, it doesn’t mean that the regular ones are not good. Most of the people opt for regular, mid range ottoman tables and they are satisfied with their purchase.

3. How to maintain Ottoman tables?

Ottoman tables are to be maintained like any other pieces of furniture which have cushioning or tufting. Owing to the make of these tables a regular vacuuming session should be a good strategy to keep it in the best shape possible. It should be treated just like any other piece of furniture with a soft body and care should be taken to avoid any kind of stain or scratches. Some Ottoman tables can  convert into a storage unit upon opening of the top portion, and these kinds of tables should be clean from inside as well so that no dust or grime keeps on settling inside.Some ottomans are made out of animal hide and special care should be taken to keep it away from moisture.

4. Can Ottoman tables be used for sitting?

Yes, most of the Ottoman tables are designed in a way to withstand human weight. This is also one of the reasons why we should opt for Ottomans as they can very easily be converted into seating in case you are falling short of seating for your guests.They are versatile pieces of furniture which can be put anywhere in the house.Few of them come shaped like benches and can be easily used as one. However, some tables may not withstand the weight of a human body so kindly check prior to using it as a seating.

As they say modern problems need modern solutions, we have ottomans in our lives now.Though it has its roots in the past , but the modern art of furnishing  has taken it to great heights and has converted into an extremely useful as well as utilitarian piece for our homes. Ottomans or not only great pieces of decor but also extremely comfortable to lounge on. You get automobiles with the storage, some come with gliders and of course, you have your simple ones which are very high on aesthetic and elegance. These tables are handcrafted to give us the ultimate experience of comfort and functionality. These automatic tables are a must have for every person who wishes to revolutionize their homes in terms of décor without having to sacrifice their comfort. Ottomans are chic, contemporary and at the same time somehow have the old world charm. If you are a lover of minimalist modern decor you should definitely go for an automobile. However, if you are a lover of all things old, traditional and elegance seems to be your middle name you can very safely choose Ottoman tables. Ottoman tables literally marry the best of both the worlds. These tables suit the aesthetic sensibility of the modern buyers and instantly revamps your household.

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