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Best Multi USB Chargers Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Multi USB Charger Of 2022

If you look around you and notice, you will find yourself surrounded by at least 4 – 5 electronic devices that run continuously to give you a cush life. Be it all of your home improvements devices like an electronic assistant that allows you to control all of your other devices or be it small yet indispensable equipment like your phone. Most devices work on electricity and therefore must be charged every so often. Have you ever been in a situation where you absolutely needed your phone but noticed that it is almost dying? When you are in dire need of a charger, only then do you realize how important charging all of your devices is. This is where a multi USB charger comes into the picture. A multi USB charger as the name suggests allows you through its multiple ports to charge many devices at once.

Doing your own research always comes in handy when you are looking out for the best charger to charge all of your devices, but, to simplify this process we have curated this article to specifically inform you about what a multi USB charger is and how you can use it to charge all your devices at once and very quickly. Multi USB chargers are usually used with phones but they can charge other devices too. 

A multi-port USB charger is a charging station that will allow you to charge all your devices without creating a chaos of cables. 

A multi USB charger provides maximum output and is totally portable. You can carry it along with you no matter where you are and use it whenever you need to juice up your phone. A multi USB charger also charges your phones at a very high speed so that you don’t have to sit and wait for your phone to charge to use it again. A multi USB charger is a boon for people who use multiple phones as all of these phones can be charged using one charging station. Most multi USB chargers are desk friendly and small enough to be good space savers.

Difference between a regular charger and a Multi USB charger

The difference between these two types of chargers is very obvious but let’s dig deeper. A regular charger might have the ability to charge your phone fast if it has a certain voltage but you must keep in mind that a regular charger will always only be able to charge just one device at a time.  Multi USB charger however has the scope of charging multiple devices at once. 

All the devices that you charge using a USB charger will be charged at the same speed and at the same time. Multi USB chargers win in a scenario where you have many people who are all in need of charging their phones. We would highly recommend getting a multi USB charger as it saves a lot of your time. 

A multi USB charger is strongly based on USB Technology.  It is because of this technology that these charges are able to charge so fast and so many devices at one go.

Here are  some facts about the history of USB Technology

  • The USB Technology was born out of the e-waste problem caused by too many types of cables.
  • An advanced USB will allow you to charge your device efficiently without worrying about overcharging. 
  • With the advent of USB chargers, the need for a different type of charger for each electronic device was eliminated
  • This technology has been around since the mid-1990s  and has generally been used for device connections, charging, and data communication.

Benefits of using a Multi USB charger

  • Charge multiple devices- A multi USB charger has multiple ports through which you can charge many devices at once. The com[atibility of the devices depends on the model of the muti USB charger you have but most multi USB chargers have the facility to support different types of electronic devices. 
  • Can be used for laptops and MacBooks- A multi USB charger is not just meant for cellphones but it can also be used to charge certain laptops and MacBooks. 
  • Travel friendly– A multi USB charger is travel friendly and it is extremely small and can be folded up and kept in your suitcase. It is also lightweight and therefore convenient to carry.
  • Fast charging- A multi USB charger allows you to charge all of your devices at an extremely fast speed as they are usually equipped with 5 volts. All the devices plugged into the multi USB charger will charge at the same time and at the same speed which is very fast.
  • Cost-effective solution- Charger is a cost-effective effective solution because it allows you to charge all your devices using just one charger. Now you won’t have to spend a whole lot of money buying different chargers for all of your devices for every member of the family. With the multi USB charger, you will be saving a lot of money and time.

A multi USB charger is an item that is a must-have in every household nowadays as none of us can live without technology. All your electronic devices are rendered useless if they are not charged. Electricity is literally the life and blood of your electronic devices that you so dearly love and all of these devices can function exceptionally well if you charge them using the best multi USB chargers available in the market.

Following is a list of the best and most affordable multi USB chargers available in the market right now. Hurry up and get your hands on the best one

1.KOVOL Store Multi USB charger

Price : $79.99 ~ $109.99
  • This is a useful multi USB charger that has the power of 100 watts.
  • It has four USB ports to charge many devices at once at the same speed.
  • This multi USB charger is compatible with all USB A and USB C phones, tablets, laptops, speakers, etc.
  • It’s made using Q-pulse Technology that charges your devices safely without the risk of overcharging or short circuit.
  • It’s lightweight and portable so you can carry it easily while you travel.
  • The charger  comes with 4.9 feet AC power cord which makes it very convenient to use.


Customers who have tried out many different USB chargers were extremely happy with this one as it really works very well. It is efficient in charging MacBooks too. Some customers had a mixed reaction and felt that there are quality issues with the ports. It is a small and convenient charger. 

You can place it on your study table or office desk. It quickly charges through all its ports. The build of the entire charger is extremely good quality and it has a heavy core. Customers also said that there were no overheating issues even after continuously using all 4 ports. Some customers felt that it was a little heavy for travel but this charger is perfect for using at home or at work. 

Customers recommend using this multi USB charger if you are looking for a powerful charger that will charge all your devices at once without malfunctioning. Since it is a little on the heavy side, it might not be ideal for traveling but it is great for stationary use 

2. TOPVORK Store Multi USB charger

Price : $21.66 ~ $31.99
  • This multi USB charger comes with 6 charging ports and allows multiple devices to charge at the same time.
  • It has Q-pulse technology which is extremely safe to use and charges your devices 2.5 times faster.
  • It is a small and lightweight multi USB charger that is compatible with almost all devices.
  • It has exceptional features that allow your devices to be charged efficiently and also comes with temperature protection.
  • The brand offers great customer service in case you face any issues with the product.
  • The charger comes with a 5 ft detachable power cord and it also comes with a user manual that is easy to understand.


This charger is the perfect option if you hate the tangle of cables. If you use this charger you will be able to minimize outlets and just have one charger for every other electronic device. The five feet long cord makes it very easy for you to use this charger all over your house even if the power outlet is farther away. It is a cost-effective multi USB charger and has enough power to charge six devices at once.

The charger is not very heavy and so it is ideal to be used while you are traveling. It works exactly like it is advertised. Customers did not face any major issues while using this multi USB charger and said that there isn’t a reason why they wouldn’t recommend this amazing product.

It has delivered great performance over a long time and is fairly priced. You can practically charge any device using this handy multi USB charger without facing any issues. Customers recommend this product due to its compact size, exceptional performance and reasonable price.

3. Slitinto Multi USB charger

Price : $26.99
  • This heavy-duty multi USB charger comes with 8 USB ports with 100-240 voltage and is compatible with all your electronic devices.
  • It comes with an LCD display  that shows the current of each port and provides extremely fast charging in all the 8 ports.
  • The charger comes with safety features that avoid overheating, overcharging, overload, and short circuit.
  • This exceptional charger comes with a compact design and it has a detachable USB charging cable. It is lightweight and small in size and so can be easily carried by you when you are traveling.
  • It not only charges your appliances efficiently but optimizes the battery levels. 
  • It comes with a 3.5 feet long power cable with which you can plug it into any source of electricity.


Customers were very happy with this compact multi USB charger as it does exactly what you would want it to do. You will easily be able to plug in multiple devices and charge all of those devices efficiently using this charger. Customers said that this product is great for you if you have small space and no room for or many chargers for each device that you own.

Some customers received faulty units of this product and complained that this charger worked only a few times. Another complaint that the customers had was low amperage because it limits how many devices can be used.

Customers recommend buying this product as it works just fine and will make things easier for you as it will provide you with a single area where you can charge multiple devices. The material at the bottom of the charger is too smooth so you might want to place some glue dots or rubber dots to keep it from slipping and sliding. Most customers did not have any major complaints with this product and said that they would recommend it, especially because of its compact size. 

4. iSeekerKit Multi USB charger

Price : $15.69
  • This multi USB charger comes with 3 port fast charging. It works with USB-C and USB-A.
  • It is compatible with many devices made by popular brands like Apple, Samsung, etc.
  • It comes packed with safety features and protects your devices against overcharging and never overheats.
  • It is as compact as a regular charger and can be easily carried in your purse or handbag.
  • It is a super-fast charger that can charge your phone completely in about an hour.
  • It has a total power of 30 watts but it is not compatible with laptops or MacBooks.
  • It has a foldable plug that folds right into the compact design of the adaptor.
  • Please note that the product does not include the cable.


This mobile charger is brilliantly designed and successfully charges your phone efficiently.  Each port has a 5-volt power allotment and so it might not charge your devices as fast as the other multi USB chargers. For the price at which this multi USB charger is available, it’s a great deal.

Some customers said that the USB slot is extremely tight and makes it difficult for you to pull out the cable. Pulling out the cable with a lot of force can damage it. Customers said that this multi USB charger is a pretty sweet deal as it is tiny and folds right up into the adaptor making it very compact.

Customers recommend this small USB charger if you are specifically looking for a multi USB charger to carry while traveling. It might not charge your devices very fast but it is certainly very useful. Some customers were not happy with the speed at which this charger charges their devices but they still recommend this because apart from the speed, all the other features of this product are great. It is affordable, small, and versatile. It is definitely a great solution for traveling.

5. Rolvse Store Multi USB charger 

Price : $23.99
  • This compact and useful multi USB charger comes with 6 ports which all have a 60-watt power output.
  • It’s a mini charger that is perfect to be carried around when you are traveling.
  • It is compatible with all USB power devices and phones from popular brands.
  • With this multi USB charger, you can be sure that you are safe from overcharging, overheating, or short circuit.
  • It’s a smart charger that quickly charges six devices at a time. It has an extremely compact design and comes with protection against overvoltage.
  • The design of the charger is such that you can fit it even in the pocket of your pants.
  • It has an LED indicator light that allows you to check whether the charger is correctly connected to the source of electricity.


This multi USB charger will come in handy when you have only one source of power and a lot of people need to charge their devices. It is perfect to be used within a family or at your workplace.

Some customers complained that the connector reliability is extremely low and the material doesn’t hold up, especially when you are unplugging the cord. Once plugged in, the charger works really well. The customers really liked the power indicator light. It allows you to check immediately if the charger is working or not.

This small charger is perfect for traveling. If the charger malfunctions for any reason, then the customers recommend unplugging it for 5 minutes and then plugging it back again. The customers also recommend not putting big magnets near the charger as it will stop the charger from functioning properly. Some customers complained that the speed of charging was really slow therefore if you are looking for a fast charger this might not be your pick. However, if you need a decent multi USB charger that comes at a price that you can afford, you should definitely choose this one.

6. SUPERDANNY Multi USB charger  

Price : $18.99
  • This multi USB charger comes with 8 USB ports which can charge eight devices at once
  • It is a smart USB charger that provides an apt amount of current for different devices and protects them against overcharging or overheating.
  • This charger is made using good quality materials that are fireproof. The charger comes in two classic colors- black and white.
  • The design of this multi USB charger is compact and makes it portable. It saves space and is lightweight enough to carry around.
  • It is compatible with many devices and has 100-240 adaptable voltage.
  • There is a tiny LED indicator light on the charger that flashes or dims if the charger is nearly overloaded. Unplug the devices and the charger if this indicator light dims or flashes.
  • The bottom of the charger has non-slip mat dots that help your charger stay put on your desk.


Customers were happy with this product initially but then expressed their dissatisfaction as this charger didn’t last longer than 2 months for most of them. Many customers were disappointed due to the flimsy body and poor performance. Some customers, however, really liked this charger as it seems to work just fine for them.

Most customers were unhappy with the performance of this charger but for those recommending it worked very well. The non-slip mats underneath the charger really help the charger stay in place so even if one of the cables gets pulled accidentally the charger wouldn’t fall off your desk and break.

The design of the product is great and allows you to fit this multi USB charger in small spaces. Some customers complained about a specific high-frequency noise coming from the charger that just wouldn’t stop. The customers who recommended it said that it’s a great power source and helps you organize all the cords and cables. It is an excellent charger available at an affordable price which will get the job done for you just fine.

7. BESTEK Store Multi USB charger 

Price : $25.99
  • This highly functional multi USB charger comes with 1 USB CP D port, 2 quick charge 3.0 ports, and 3 intelligent 2.4 ports. 
  • With this charger, you can charge 6 devices simultaneously.  The fast charging ports can charge your devices in a shorter time. It is faster than standard car adaptors.
  • This multi USB car charger is compatible with many different devices and can be used in cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, etc.
  • It comes with a 4.9 ft adaptor cable so that you can even charge your devices while relaxing in the back seat.
  • This charger comes with an easy to understand user manual and an 18-month warranty.
  • The customer service can be contacted anytime with any queries or issues
  • It has a compact size, is lightweight, and is travel friendly.


This multi USB charger is a sturdy little device that has a strong power cord. The charger works just fine and has no problem in handling the wattage needed when using all six ports at once. Customers like the fact that the charger has dedicated ports for fast charging.

Some customers complained that it stops working either after a few hours or after a few days of purchase, however, this was the case with only a handful of customers. The others highly recommend this charger as it is great to travel with and will charge all your devices while you are on the move. 

The cord is nice and long and the charger comes with a blue LED light that indicates whether it’s working or not. Most customers say that it is an excellent product and is a must-have accessory for each car. This is also going to be a great addition to your road trip backpack as it is compact and handy. It also gives a sufficient power supply and is one of the best multi USB chargers for vehicles. The charging speed might be a bit slow but it is still highly recommended by users. 

8. SKYCOMET Store Multi USB charger 

Price : $29.99
  • This multi USB charger is a 5 ports charging station that is compatible with USB A and USB C.
  • It is a fast-charging multi USB charger that saves a lot of your time.  It will also save you from a tangle of cables and is compatible with a number of devices.
  • It comes built-in with a safety system that ensures protection against overheating, too much power consumption, overcharging, and short-circuiting.
  • This versatile multi USB charger can charge your mobile phones, your MacBooks, and even your laptops. It’s a compatible charging hub that can be used absolutely anywhere- at home, at work, and even when you travel.
  • It comes with the feature of intelligent power distribution that helps you simultaneously charge different types of devices from one single charger.
  • It comes with a five feet long charging cable and a user-friendly manual which includes all the details about the product.


This multi USB charger received mostly positive responses from the customers because it is compact in size and saves a lot of energy and space.  The best feature about this multi USB charger is that it offers a higher amp on 2 ports for fast charging.  It is very well designed and has multiple interfaces to help charge many devices at the same time.

Customers highly recommend this charger if you need fast charging at work or at home. It works just fine with any electronic device like a mobile phone, smartwatch, Bluetooth speakers, etc. 

Customers expressed no issues or dissatisfaction after continuously using this product for a long time. They said that it’s a wonderful product which helps you keep your workspace or house organized and avoid long messy cables. Customers were also happy with the fact that it is compatible with many types of products. It is a small charger that is easy to use, works exceptionally well, and is overall a catch. The stylish design and sturdy structure of this charger make it a favorite of many users. 

9. Anker Store Multi USB charger  

Price : $65.99
  • It is a 3 ports multi USB charger that has the power to fast charge your phone, tablet, laptop, etc.
  • The charger offers a 65-watt max charge that is enough to power MacBooks at full speed.
  • The smart technology of this multi USB charger distributes power efficiently between each port to ensure optimum charging.
  • The design of this charger is compact and so small that it is roughly the size of an AirPods Pro case.
  • It has a unique stacked design and an upgraded circuit board structure that does not waste  any power at all.
  • The charger comes with an 18-month warranty and a user-friendly manual.


Customers said that this charger works great but only when it is charging one device at a time.  Problems start to occur once you charge multiple devices. Some customers even said that it completely stops working if you plug in two devices at once.  This complaint however was not consistent with each customer.

The others were very happy with this product as it has the ability to charge large devices via USB C cables. Customers said that the build quality of this charger is impressive; the finish is very smooth but the structure is very strong; the prongs on the charger are well built and keep the cable tight in the charger.

Customers who highly recommend this product said that this is the best charger they have ever used, some even said that it feels like a small solid brick. The good thing is it does not overheat even when you are using all three ports of this charger. Customers also recommend it because it is very convenient to carry this charger in your laptop bag or sleeve. It might be a little heavy for a wall outlet but it works perfectly on your desk.

10. MINIX Multi USB charger  

Price : $34.90
  • This multi USB charger has 3 ports which are powered by the latest gallium nitride technology.
  • This technology allows this charger to charge your device is at an ultra-fast speed without occupying too much space.
  • It is a compact foldable charger that is travel friendly. It is 50% smaller than a regular charger.
  • It comes with UK, EU, and US pin converters so that it can be used in any country.
  • It has Universal compatibility and works with both PD and QC charging protocols.
  • The maximum power output on the charger is 66 watts if you use all three ports together. It comes with a small LED light that indicates the functioning of the charger.


Customers love this compact charger. Users who travel for work a lot said that this tiny little powerful charger is their constant companion in all their journeys. It occupies very little space but works really well to charge all your devices very quickly. 

Some customers said that the description of the product does not match the actual product as the charger, in reality, is a little larger and heavier than mentioned, however, it still isn’t clunky. The customers also said that this product will be great for people who travel a lot internationally since it comes with both UK and EU adaptors. The carry bag that this charger comes in, makes it easy for the entire kit to be carried. 

The customers said that it is totally worth your money especially if you travel a lot. There were a few minor complaints from some customers regarding unstable power and flimsy structure but it is highly recommended by many customers due to its compact size, versatility, and amazing performance. 


1. How to charge a device using a USB charger?

With a multi USB charger, you can choose to charge many devices at one go or you can choose to charge just a single device too. A multi USB charger can cater to different types of needs and here is a simple guide on how you can charge your devices using a multi USB charger without any hassle:

  • Make sure you have all the materials ready and all the cables of USB plugged in when you are about to start charging your devices.
  • Plugin the cord of the multi USB charger into the electric socket and turn on the electricity supply.
  • Once electricity starts flowing through the multi USB charger, plug in the desired USB cable into your device, and within a few hours your devices will all be completely charged up.
  • After finishing the charging process, turn off the switch for the electricity supply and pull out the plug of the charger from the socket.
  • Unplug the USB cable from the multi USB charger and store all the items safely in a sturdy bag.

2. How to fix a phone USB charging port?

Mobile phones have become a more crucial item in our lives and we all need a phone in our hands at all times. A phone without any battery is useless and generally, over continuous usage, the USB charging port of phone chargers tends to get destroyed. Following are some ways in which you can fix your USB charging port at home if there isn’t a major issue with either the device or the charging port:

  • Try plugging in the multi USB charger into a different power source. Your phone might not be charging right because the power supply might not be accurate. If you use an extension box to extend the cord of your multi USB charger that also might be an issue why your phone charging port might not be working properly.
  • Check the USB cables as these cables often become worn out, especially from the part which is plugged into the multi USB charger.  These cables are tangled, folded, coiled, wrapped, and unwrapped on a daily basis. That is the reason why they might get damaged or become faulty overtime.
  • Check the adaptor of your multi USB charging port and if you notice any signs of damage then you must immediately replace it.
  • Check your phone’s USB charging port for any dirt or debris and also check the USB port on the multi USB charger for any filth. Clean it out using small cue tips. After cleaning out the dirt, try charging your phone using the multi USB charger again.

3. How does a multi USB charger work?

Unlike regular charges, a multi USB charger has many USB ports. These ports are used to connect the device to the charger. You can connect devices like computers, mice, cell phone speakers, etc.

To charge these devices, the USB port transfers some amount of electrical current from the source of electricity into the device. In a multi USB charger, the most common type of USB port has 4 pins that match the four wires in the USB charging cable. These pins transfer electrical current from the source to the device charging it faster than regular chargers.

4. What are some dos and don’ts of using multi USB chargers?


  • Charge your devices for a couple of hours only
  • Make sure that the supply of electricity is continuous and stable


  • Leave your device’s charging overnight
  • Ignore the quality of the multi USB charger
  • Leave the charger near flammable materials like a poles tree wood paper at 17
  • Use the charger in extreme heat or moisture

The importance of electronic devices has been realized by people time and again. All of these devices work on electricity and that is why continuous research and development has been going on to create chargers that are efficient, powerful, and top-quality.  A small electronic device does not need a lot of charging but using phones has become a crucial daily habit for everyone and so this equipment needs fast charging. To buy a multi USB charger would be a good choice because these are small items but it can charge many devices depending on the number of ports it has. 

You must check certain things that are important when it comes to a multi USB charger and we are sure this extensive article must have served that purpose. We are also sure that all the information you gathered from this article will help you select one of the best multi USB chargers that will never go faulty or damage any of your devices. Make sure you check the honest reviews and feedback of the customers who have been using these multi USB chargers for a long time. After all, the most reliable word is the word of the customer.  Let us know in the comments section which multi USB charger you chose to juice up all your devices!

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