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Best Modernist Picnic Tables Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Picnic Table Of 2021

A picture is worth a thousand words but memories are priceless. The memories you make with your families and friends are what make life worth living. Think of the time you went out on a short trip to the ice cream parlor with your dad or that time when all your folks got together and went out on a nice and sunny picnic. The other time when nothing special really happened but you remember running around with your siblings in your backyard. Life is all about creating sweet memories. When you think of these precious memories you always remember the tiniest of details. You remember how green the grass looked; how brightly the sun shone; how all of your friends and family were just happy to be in each other’s company. Do you also remember the cute picnic table you had in your backyard? Picnic tables have been a big part of our lives ever since we were little kids. Countless memories with your family and friends would not be as memorable had they not been created on that beautiful picnic table. 

A picnic table is basically a table that most of the time comes attached with benches. It’s a convenient and versatile piece of furniture. A picnic table has an ‘A’-frame structure. These tables can be used both indoors and outdoors but they’re always called picnic tables no matter the places where they’re used. The main purpose is outdoor dining but it can be used for several other reasons as well. 

Picnic tables are an essential piece of furniture that offers you a comfortable seat outdoors and with these, you can have amazing lunches and dinners and create a thousand beautiful moments.

Picnic tables have been in popular usage since the Victorian era. In fact, it all started with the Victorians’ love for outdoor picnicking amidst nature. Outdoor dining was once reserved for the elite classes and only the opulent could afford something like that. With the Victorian revolution, outdoor dining became accessible even to the masses. As the popularity of outdoor dining increased so did the demand for the items that enhanced the whole experience. In the 19th century benches and tables were separate units and were not merged into one.

Later in 1903, a man from New York named Charles H. Nielsen patented the design for simple picnic tables. His design of picnic tables is the one that’s still being used today with some modifications. His inspiration came from the X-shaped design of a sawbuck-type table, which did not have the seat. After the advent of automobiles, people started to go on picnic getaways more, and hence this design of an outdoor table with benches gained more and more popularity. As time went by, picnic tables became a more permanent setup. Earlier picnickers would pull up to a random park or a spot and have the time of their lives there. Managers of parks realized that they could set up picnic tables there to invite more traffic and it worked. These parks or spots that had already set up picnic tables became a huge hit for adventure seekers and began being referred to as roofless cabins.

Even though Charles’ picnic table was extremely close to perfection, it did require some tweaks. To make some adjustments and to fix the original design, Harold Basford got rid of the vertical posts to make the table less clunky. He was also the one to make picnic tables collapsible so that they can be carried to your favorite picnic spot, however, that idea did not last long as most of the picnic tables later preferred were fixed to the ground.

When you think of picnic tables today and compare them to the ones that were available initially, you will be surprised to note the subtle but very useful updates the picnic table received. Now, there are a number of types of picnic tables available in different materials and finishes.

Let’s have a look at the types of picnic tables available now based on the many varieties of materials.   

  • Wooden picnic tables: These picnic tables are the most popular ones since the time they were invented. They come in different types of wood like solid oak, pine, cypress, red cedar, redwood, douglas fir, etc. All these types of wood make stunning picnic tables that are sturdy as well. It is better to buy a picnic table with a protective finish because it stands the test of time and lasts long. The finishing reduces the chances of splintering over time. With the right type of wood, you will be able to use that picnic table for a long time without getting hurt. 
  • Metal picnic tables: The durability of metal picnic tables make them really popular. Metal picnic tables now come with a thermoplastic coating that protects them against rust. You never even have to repaint these. This coating is durable and easy to maintain. The coating can last in all weather, no matter whether it is snowing or raining outside, if your metal picnic table is covered with thermoplastic it will be standing there for ages. They come in a number of styles and color options. You can even match these to the color of your house. 
  • Concrete picnic tables:  If you want something truly durable, a concrete picnic table is what you should be aiming for. This will however not be a portable option. The tough surface will stand the salt-air conditions near ocean areas. These concrete picnic tables are so heavy to move that you’d need a forklift to do that so owners need not worry about them being stolen. You can also get concrete picnic tables with metal tops and benches and have them covered with thermoplastic to protect the metal.
  • Recycled plastic picnic tables: These picnic tables can be made to look exactly like wooden picnic tables but they are made using recycled plastic. These are manufactured with high-density polyethylene, plastic scrap that comes from containers. They look like wooden picnic tables but don’t splinter or wear out like them. The plastic planks are also easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Aluminum picnic tables: If you want your picnic table to be really rugged and sturdy, you should go for this type. These are very lightweight and hence portable. You can place them anywhere easily because of just how little they weigh. If you’re looking for a stylish one, on the other hand, these might not be the best option as they seem more utilitarian than aesthetic. 

There are many benefits that come with owning picnic tables, especially now when all of us are stuck inside our homes, a picnic table in the backyard is nothing less than a beautiful rustic getaway.

Let’s have a look at all the benefits that come with owning picnic tables:

  • Enjoy dinners or lunches out in the open air without leaving the comfort of your home.
  • They will help you socialize if you’re new in the neighborhood and will help your children do the same. They can develop strong friendships for life if they have this space to hang out with their buddies. 
  • There’s room for everyone on a picnic table and you won’t have to go about searching for lawn chairs to accommodate your guests. 
  • Your productivity will noticeably improve when you decide to have good lunches and dinners with an outdoor picnic table. Since everyone is now working from home you can also use a picnic table to work from and enjoy the beauty of nature while you’re at it. 
  • They provide a great zone for children’s activities as well as house parties. With picnic tables, you can celebrate special occasions at home and still have the time of your life.  
  • If you’re an employer and you decide to put up picnic tables in the lunch area for your staff or even in the office garden, we are sure your employees will love them. They can even work outside with the picnic table and you can hence increase their productivity. 

After understanding the numerous benefits you can derive from a  picnic table, we are sure you’re excited to find out what your options are.

Following is a list of the top ten picnic tables you can choose from:

1. 2X4 Basics picnic table

Price : $88.99 ~ $468.95


This is a lot that includes frames only for a picnic table. The frames are made using maintenance-free structural resin which guarantees exceptional durability and longevity. It was manufactured in the US which again ensures great quality. 


It is easy to maintain the table since the resin that the frames are made of is pretty sturdy and easy to clean. The lumber is not included which means you’ll have to assess the maintenance after getting that too.


It’s a lovely-looking table. It can be used for several purposes and the most important thing is that it is super easy to assemble. The appearance of this table will be appealing to the onlookers. 


This picnic table kit is an excellent product according to most of its customers. A picnic table kit must be manufactured in such a way that it is easy to put it together with lumber and this table is exactly that. It is very easy to install and it lasts for decades. The materials extend the frame’s life because of their amazing quality. Some customers advised installing braces for the longer surfaces so as to avoid bowing in of the table. 

Customers also suggested that the best way to put this kit together is to do it upside down, especially if you’re planning to do it by yourself. It will barely take you a couple of hours to finish the setup. The one thing that all the customers seemed concerned about was the support. The need to install braces should not be there but as an extra precaution, you must install them for your own safety. Some customers complained that after the set up the tables and benches wobble. That would not happen if you’re assembling the product with the proper tools and method. Some customers who are professional woodworkers said that they did not face any issues of the sort. Hiring a professional seems like a great option here. 

2. Step2 picnic table

Price : $64.99


This cute little kids’ picnic table is made using durable plastic. Since it is made of plastic it will not splinter or hurt your kids. The attached umbrella is also very well made and fits into place properly without too much assembly required. 


It is pretty easy to maintain this kids’ picnic table as it is made of plastic. Just wipe away all the dust and dirt using a damp cloth and you’ll be good to go. Spray a disinfectant liquid on it and wipe it off to clean. It’s that easy to maintain it. 


It’s a cute-looking picnic table for kids. The colors used are fun and inviting. It is big enough to fit 6 toddlers which is great. It doesn’t look too big but is very accommodating. 


This cute picnic table for kids received many positive reviews. Some customers expressed their concerns about the product not being sturdy but it is an improper assembly that makes it wobble or come loose. Some customers reported that it’s a little too small to accommodate 6 toddlers but the table is fit to be used by children from the age 1-3 years. If you want your kids to connect with nature and be a little more outdoorsy then you should definitely get this picnic table for them. It will help them spend more time outdoors and away from gadgets and video games. Parents said that the assembly of this picnic table was pretty straightforward and easy. Some parents complained about the table being too small for kids who are a little taller than usual. The table is lightweight so you can move it around as you wish but not so lightweight that it’d fall with your kids on it. You can move it inside your house if your kids want to play indoors. This picnic table will give your children their own space to eat and relax in. It is suitable and a useful thing for your children. 

3. Stansport picnic table

Price : $69.95 ~ $74.99


This picnic table with an umbrella is super strong. The frame is made of sturdy anodized aluminum. The table and benches are made of heavy-duty high-impact plastic. It is very durable and built to last.


There’s little to no maintenance required for this picnic table as all you need is a damp cloth to clean it. You can wipe the surfaces of this picnic table with a damp cloth. It is advised not to place hot pans directly on the table to avoid any damage. Since it can be disassembled easily it is very easy to store it. Just make sure you store it after cleaning thoroughly. 


It looks like a perfect picnic table with all the facilities you could ask for. The seats look comfortable and there’s a pretty umbrella to give you some comfy shade when it’s too sunny outside. The benches and the table have a beautiful brown color and the umbrella is striped with blue and white. Get this picnic table in your home today and enhance the look of your backyard garden. 


This table failed to gain too much popularity because most customers said that the plastic used seems too flimsy. Some customers however differ. The ones who have been using this table for a long time said that if you want this picnic table to last long, you need to follow a few rules. The table should be unfolded all the way and locked. If you do not lock it, it will fold in and might break. In the locked position it is pretty stable to be used. Since the locking mechanism on the newer version of this table is small and delicate, you need to be extra careful with them. Some customers said that this is a great table for toddlers and not for heavy adults.

Since this table is super lightweight, it tends to be a little flimsy and that’s why many customers said that they would not trust it with their weight. It works really well for children but not for adults. If you’re planning to buy a nice picnic table for your children this should be it but if you’re planning to buy a camping picnic table, you might want to look at sturdier options. 

4. FORUP picnic table

Price : $106.99


This high-quality picnic table is constructed using high-density polyethylene plastic and a grey powder-coated steel tube of 1mm inner wall. The materials ensure superior strength and stability. It also has a honeycomb reinforcement design to enhance strength. The feet are anti-skidding and sturdy. 


The surface of this table is stain-resistant and easy to clean. It’s slightly textured to avoid scratching but smooth enough to write on.  It’s also rust-resistant and you can clean the frame using a damp cloth. 


This is a highly utilitarian picnic table which is why it does not have too much of an aesthetic appeal. The design focuses more on functionality than on aesthetics so if you’re looking for a sturdy and highly functional picnic table with minimalist style, this one should be your pick. 


This table is pretty sturdy once you set it up properly. The legs of the table lock open with a ring system and clip up on the table when it’s being closed. The table also locks open when you open it so it can’t fold up on you unless you push the lever. This is a great feature according to most customers. Since it is sturdy, it’s a little heavyweight and not exactly an ideal portable table for carrying around. The best thing about this picnic table is you can put it to multiple uses. It does not have benches attached to it and that allows you to practically use it for anything as long as it’s within the load limit of the table. 

Some customers reported that the center fold in the table allows you to fold it and fit it in your car. If you’re okay with carrying a little weight but ending up with a heavy-duty picnic table for your adventures, get this table today. Customers highly recommend buying this table since it is well-constructed, extremely sturdy, and has a nice surface that is easy to clean. 

5. LIFETIME picnic table

Price : $89.99


This kid’s picnic table is made with high-density polyethylene. The corners of the table are impact-resistant. This is a sturdy table and will be easily able to hold the weight of four children. 


This table is easy to maintain. It has a sturdy tabletop and benches. They are stain-resistant and very easy to clean. The tabletop and benches are UV-resistant which again means it’s super easy to maintain them. 


This cute little table has a minimalistic style. The colors are pretty basic but the design with rounded corners looks very cute and will surely draw your child’s attention. 


This is a heavy-duty picnic table for children and it folds up really flat.

Customers felt that this picnic table is wonderful since it’s so durable. This table can be used indoors or outside. The plastic surface is very easy to clean or completely rinse off. It is very easy to store this table away. The good thing about this table is that it can be used by both kids and adults.

Customers who’ve owned this table for quite a long time trust this brand immensely. The table lasts a long time even after being used daily for years. The main quality about which the customers raved was durability. Customers were surprised by just how sturdy this table is. Customers said that they were so happy with the purchase of this table that they would buy again if the opportunity presents itself. The setup is easy, as the table is not very heavy, and once you understand how it works the setup is quick. It locks into place and does not move around. The rubber foot caps keep it in place and the unit does not budge. It’s not too high so your kids won’t get hurt even if they fall off. Buy this amazing and sturdy table for your kids today and forget about them complaining. 

6. Little Tikes picnic table

Price : $129.99 ~ $110.00


This picnic table is specially made for kids keeping in mind their safety. The plastic used is sturdy and chemical-free. All the materials are non-toxic and safe to be used by children. It is pretty stable and can sustain the weight of up to 8 kids or 200lbs. 


The maintenance of this table is pretty simple. It’s made of sturdy plastic which can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The umbrella is made of soft material which can again be wiped down with a damp cloth. 


This table is made to look like a wooden structure and that’s why it looks super cute. Kids love the double-colored tabletop and the brown seating. You kids will certainly be showing it off to all the kids in the neighborhood.


Customers said that their children loved this toddler picnic table. This table has four sitting sides which is a great feature. It can be used for a kids’ party because it accommodates a bunch of kids easily. The shape of the table gives all the children seated enough space for themselves. Customers who’ve used other picnic tables for their kids claimed that this one is the best one they’ve bought. It’s fairly light and easy to pick up to move it around, but still very sturdy. The umbrella is an okay feature, it’s a quality umbrella but doesn’t really offer any shade unless the sun is directly overhead. Another feature the customers did not like was how low this table is. It is surely meant for children but even for short children, it’s too low. It cannot be used by adults so you can’t look forward to having a good time with your kids on it. The description says that the table is foldable when it really isn’t. To fold it you’ll have to take out the bolts and you’ll have to reassemble it when you need to use it again. It’s recommended for your children if you’re looking for a convenient and cute picnic table for your kids and don’t plan on folding it and storing it away anytime soon after setting it up. 

7. Best Choice picnic table

Price : $219.99 ~ $199.99


This durable picnic table is made of weather-resistant wood with a blonde finish. The finish saves the wood from splintering. The benches are pretty sturdy and seat 2 people on each bench. It can seat a total of 6 people or take a load of 500 lbs. 


Maintaining this wooden picnic table is pretty simple. It is easy to clean. If the blonde finish begins to wear out, you can repaint it and make it look as good as new. 


The blonde finish that this table comes in is very attractive and classy-looking. You can either use it the way it looks or you can paint it with the color you like. 


This extremely beautiful picnic table is very popular for it’s gorgeous finish and extreme sturdiness. The smell of the wood is cedar and it’s a pretty strong smell which customers did not like. Customers recommend protecting the wood with a semi-transparent wood stain if you’re going to be using it outside. Customers also liked how easy the assembly was with the help of the instruction manual. A common complaint by all customers was that even after fully setting it up it felt rickety initially. It creaks a little when you sit down on it but that can be fixed just by tightening the screws. Customers recommend this cute, basic, small picnic table. It can be used to sit outside and work and get some fresh air. You can use wood glue to make it sturdier but it works just fine without it. 

8. Office Star picnic table

Price : $162.99 ~ $296.99


This heavy-duty blow mold resin picnic table is very sturdy. It is waterproof, stain-proof, and scratch-resistant. It is also heavy impact resistant which makes it very durable.


It is easy to maintain this table. The tabletop and the benches can be wiped with a wet cloth followed by a dry wipe. It can be used indoors and outdoors.


This picnic table has a minimalist style. It’s grey in color which matches most decor. It is perfect to use in workplaces or at homes in your backyard. The color maybe a little too dull for some people but it can be painted over. 


This picnic table was especially loved by customers who have big families. They loved how easily it provides seating space for so many people. It is very sturdy yet not too heavy. Customers informed that it was very easy to assemble this picnic table and the benches. People have been using this table and benches for all sorts of things like family get-togethers, homeschooling kids, art, activities, and many more such things. It is extremely easy to open and fold up and put away. It has a carry handle if you want to take it places. It fits a whole family easily. It is portable and with its built-in handle, it’s very easy to carry.  Customers loved the strap for the chairs that are included to help tie your chairs together and carry them easily. The chairs don’t immediately seem as stable as a metal folding chair, the curved molded plastic does make a pretty comfortable seat.

9. Bambusa picnic table

Price : $29.99


This beautiful-looking table is made with premium bamboo, a naturally sustainable resource that makes it safe to be used with food items. It is BPA-free and durable. It can be used anywhere and if taken good care of, it will last for a long time. 


It is splinter-free and easy to maintain. It can be cleaned up with a dry cloth. It is advised not to place hot items directly on it but probably with a tablecloth you can. 


This table is probably the most beautiful and artistic looking. It’s got a smooth finish which makes it look stunning. 


This little portable table is an amazing piece of furniture but many customers complained that it does not last long. The magnets that hold in the cheese knives and bottle opener are super strong, they stay on without a problem with the table assembled, if you don’t want to use all of them you can just keep them where they are for your entire picnic and they won’t fall off.

The knives and bottle opener were also really great quality, as was the table. It even comes with a drawstring bag to store or transport it in. Everything packs into the base of the table, including the support pole. The edges are smooth and not likely to crack or splinter. This will be great to take on a picnic, outside with friends for a party or just having cocktail hour in the garden or the beach.

10. Vivohome picnic table

Price : $99.99


This aluminum picnic table has a strong frame that ensures the table has a sturdy load-bearing capacity. The tabletop can hold 132 lbs and each aluminum stool can hold 220 lbs. Both are stable and durable.


This is a lightweight table yet it is sturdy. The MDF table surface is smooth, stain-resistant, water-repellent, and easy to clean. 


This extremely convenient picnic table looks beautiful but cannot be matched because it does not come in colors. If you’re looking for a decent picnic table, this could be a good pick. 


The construction of this table is strong but the tabletop absorbs water and swells up. It is recommended to wipe immediately in case of spills. It’s a great table to have outdoor picnics on. The issue that most customers have is that the stools are extremely short. It would be great for children, not adults. It’s strong enough although the table gets a little wobbly when it’s on its tallest form. The stools are sturdy and super adorable. It helps you save space and is easy to set up and put away. It’s perfect for small areas. It can be used for kids to do crafts on. It’s easy and light enough to use inside and outside. For the price, it’s a good deal and is recommended by customers for people looking for a temporary seating area for kids.


1. What is the purpose of a picnic table?

There are many ways in which you can use your picnic table other than just having picnics or lunches there. Following are some good ideas to use your picnic tables :

  • Host a house party: We often avoid hosting house parties fearing the mess it will create inside your home. Well, don’t worry about it anymore since with the help of picnic tables you can still have that awesome house party right outside your home. 
  • Potluck: Share your amazing cooking and invite friendly people from your neighborhood to dine with you. Get to know them through their cooking as well. 
  • Date night: You no longer need to go to fancy restaurants and spend your hard-earned money on expensive food when you can very well cook some of the most amazing meals at home and have a romantic date night with your partner. 

Put your picnic table to use for every possible thing you can because any simple thing is ten times better if done on your picnic table. 

2. How to take care of my picnic table so that it lasts long?

Picnic tables are the furniture which once you get, you will always want to have in your homes. To maintain and make your picnic tables last long follow these tips:

  • Choose the best finish for your wooden picnic table which can handle water or oil because picnic tables get that a lot. 
  • Cover your table with a heavy-duty, tight-fitted table cover. You can also always prefer to use a tablecloth on it before putting down any food. 
  • Avoid placing hot plates and pot directly on the table as that could do some serious damage. 
  • Always add a fresh coat of paint before the old one starts chipping off.  
  • Use a lint-free damp cloth to clean your picnic tables. Thoroughly clean your tables weekly to avoid permanent staining or discoloration. 
  • Do not put glowing candles directly on the table as wax can be something difficult to get off its surface. 

3. Which material is the most durable for picnic tables?

Based on the longevity of the material, its durability can be predicted. Over time, each material gets damaged in some or the other way but the time period within which they wear off differs. Following is the ranking of materials according to their durability and longevity for picnic tables:

  • Metal– This material holds up very well and can stand the test of time easily. If coated with an anti-corrosion coat, the metal picnic tables last the longest. Coated metal is durable and resistant and cannot be damaged easily. 
  • Aluminum– This material is tough, lightweight, and easy to maintain. If taken proper care of, aluminum picnic tables will last for ages. It is also completely resistant to water and rust.
  • Wooden– This traditional material makes a sturdy picnic table provided you chose a tough type of wood. It must also be coated with some sort of finish to avoid splintering. Teak is one of the best choices. 

4. What are the different shapes that picnic tables are available in?

Picnic tables are a versatile piece of furniture that can be constructed in the following shapes:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Round
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • ADA-accessible (can be used with wheelchairs)
  • Single-sided
  • Pedestal

Picnic tables, no matter which material you choose will always give you fulfilling results. With these, you should get ready to have the time of your life and make countless new memories with your neighbors, your friends, and your family. Now that you know so much about picnic tables we are sure you can barely resist the urge to install one in your homes. With a picnic table, you will not only have a fun time with your family but will also be able to do a lot many things conveniently which you abstained from earlier. 

Choose a picnic table based on what you’re actually looking for from it and we guarantee you that all the options mentioned in our list above will have something or the other for everyone. Have the best time of your life with these top picnic tables and let us know in the comments which one you chose to be your favorite picnic partner.

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