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Best Make-Up Wipes Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Makeup wipes

Confidence is the key. Confidence is required in every sphere of life , be it work, parties or just familial walks of life. A person without confidence is like a fish without water: lifeless.Life is short and absolutely unpredictable.The best way to live it to its true potential would be to live it with absolute confidence, however, it’s not the case always.Most of the people have totally forgotten how to be confident due to various reasons.It can be due to the level of qualification, economical status or simply because how you look.Its sad, but that’s the truth.This takes a massive toll on our mental health as well.But there is hope. At Least few aspects of life can be taken care of and that too easily.You may ask how? The answer is: Make-up!

Make-up gives us confidence and helps us present our best self to the world around us.People grappling with image issues or physical deformities can benefit from it to a great extent.Makeup can give you a new face, a new life.However, its equally important that we take care of our skin, post our tryst with makeup.It’s imperative to have a squeaky clean skin so that the make- up adheres to skin better and also, show better results.Thank god for cleaning wipes!

Cleaning wipes are as important as make-up products as it’s very important to keep your skin baby soft and care for it so that it can stay healthy.Heavy application of makeup, coupled with sweating and pollution makes it crucial to remove every trace of make up after a long day.If not, problems like acne, clogged pores, dull skin and in rare cases allergies can develop making you lose the vitality of your skin.Cleaning wipes should be treated more like wellness products than cosmetics and should be easily available to benefit one and all. 

Where It All Started

Arthur Julius from the US, in 1957 is credited with the invention of wet wipes.He took the world by storm with his invention.However,the product was available to the public only in the year 1960 after he had successfully trademarked his product in 1958. In 1960, he presented his invention to the world in the National Restaurant Show in Chicago.Three years later, the famous Colonel Harland Sanders, the owner of Kentucky Fried Chicken bought the product to be used at his restaurants and the rest is history.Though it was originally  created for cosmetic purposes but later it was used widely for other purposes.Even now its majorly used for cosmetic purposes.

Manufacturing process for the wet wipes was very complicated in the initial years.It needed a lot of advanced technology and equipment for its manufacturing. However, companies like Kimberly-Clark and Procter & Gamble who had the money to buy such advanced processing machinery held a monopoly in the market.But later on, as technology was easily available , manufacturing theses wipes became easier and small industries ventured in to the market and produced durable and affordable wipes.

By the 1990s, wet wipes was a common household name and super markets had started selling their own brands and several other brands under them all thanks to cheaper processing methods.This made the wipes very affordable and an integral part of public health and hygiene. 

According to 2019 market research,the global wet wipes market was estimated to be valued US$14 billion!This reflects how long wet wipes have come and I am sure it will cross many milestones in the future!

Commonly used ingredients in make-up wipes:

  • Micellar water- employs micellar technology where minute molecules, called micelles, latch onto impurities and pull them out from the cellular level ,and cleanses our skin thoroughly.
  • Rose water-helps calm sensitive skin and imparts glow and smoothness.It’s fragrant and uplifts the mood.
  • Aloe vera and chamomile-soothes inflamed skin and helps with acne and breakouts.Aloe vera is also known for its moisturizing properties.
  • Freshly pressed oils-imparts deep tissue moisturizing which helps in hydrating the skin from within.It’s organic and retains all it’s health benefits.
  • AHAs-exfoliates skin to make it smoother by working on the topmost layer of skin. It removes marks and brightens skin tone.
  • Antioxidants and vitamins- nourish skin from within by working on a molecular level.

Why Should We Use Makeup Wipes?

  • They are extremely easy to carry-Makeup wipes come in super convenient packaging like plastic pouches, small containers, dainty click boxes and the like.This makes it extremely easy to carry it around in purses, pouches,bags or just in your pockets.
  • Convenient-It’s a great alternative to washing your face when you are in a hurry or you don’t have access to water and soap.Also, it’s for those nights when you are too tired to wash your face ,however, you don’t want to compromise on your skincare.
  • Very hygienic and clinically tested to provide better protection-It’s a great option when it comes to clinically tested skin care.You can rely on these wipes as they are lab tested and designed to pull out dirt and grim without affecting the quality of your skin.
  • Time saving and easily available-These wipes can be used on the go and can be used anytime,anywhere without the need for water or soap.These wipes are easily available in common drugstores and pharmacies.
  • Very easy to dispose-Due to their shapes and the soft material used they are easy to dispose without trashing public spaces.

There are many types of wipes available in the market. Be it organic or extra moist or wipes with exotic fragrance, you name it and you get it! Consumers have a plethora of wipes to choose from, according to their choice and level of sensitivity.

Listed below are a few widely available wipes.Check them out to know more and choose accordingly.

1. Organic Cotton Mart- Organic Cotton Mart Makeup wipes

Price : $13.97


  • Multi use– due to their soft and absorbent nature they are perfect for various use.It can be used for make-up removal,exfoliation,daily face care, sweat absorption and also as baby wipes.
  • Organic100 % organic to provide that gentle touch of Nature.The Organic Cotton wipes are free from all sorts of harmful chemicals, dyes and perfumes which may irritate the skin and cause other skin problems.This always makes it a good option to be used on infants and kids.
  • Quick and easy dry-The material used in these wipes is muslin, one of the softest materials available.It is very easy to wash these and they dry very fast, thereby making it highly convenient and reusable.These wipes can be machine washed.
  • Durable-These wipes have been made by the bond edging technique which saves it from frayed ends and makes it extremely durable and can be used for a very long time.It can be washed and reused for many times.
  • Available in sets-These wipes come in the size of 11”x 11.5” in a set of ten.They are perfectly sized to be carried around or used at home. Very easy to store and easier to use.Its versatile and can be used for many purposes ranging from makeup removal to gentle exfoliation.

Let’s ask the customers!

Customers found it extremely durable and very easy to use.Due to its quick drying tendency it was easier to wash and reuse.Its not only easy to use but also because of its durability its is easy to store it as well.Customers have used it on their faces on a regular basis and feels its a great exfoliator and cleansing wipe.In addition, there is absolutely no smell after you reuse them.

Also, customers found the make of these wipes very effective. Due to the fabric being woven loosely, this makes it very gentle which can be used on kids as well. Customers have used it as DIY sheets and masks at home. It has provided them with gentle cleansing which has left their skin squeaky clean without being abrasive.These wipes are absorbent and soft and helps clean without harming the skin.

Another thing which really attracted the customers was its pricing.Generally organic products are very expensive,but this is quite affordable and a total value for money.Its soft, durable, organic and affordable and this combination is a total winner!Customers feel that it delivers what it claims and it’s a great product.However, a few customers feel that a bigger size would be better and the company should launch a variety of sizes in the market.

Customers found the feel of simple, nonreactive and gentle wipes very soft on the skin and it was a good experience to use these.

2. Simple Stores- Compostable Cleansing Facial Wipes

Price : $21.93


  • Effective and versatile– works on all cosmetic products like concealers, foundation, primer, mascara etc.These wipes do not contain any artificial fragrance or chemicals, and are absolutely paraben free. 
  • Vitamin enriched-Its infused with vitamins and triple purified water thereby, making it a great choice.Give your skin a boost of vitality and glow with these wipes.
  • Compostable-made from sustainable wood pulp, these wipes are 100% biodegradable and can be easily added to your composting bin!Use these wipes without worrying about creating toxic trash or polluting the environment.
  • Eco Friendly-Decomposes in mere 42 hours as it is made from renewable plant fibers.No trashing, no polluting and no guilt.Its eco friendly and good to use.
  • Skin and Nature friendly-Free from harsh chemicals and absolutely eco friendly, it doesn’t harm nature and at the same time keeps your skin safe.It is both Nature and skin friendly.

Let’s ask the customers!

Customers found it a great midday refresher as it can be used anytime, anywhere which instantly rejuvenated their skin and gave them a boost of moisture and goodness.As it is unscented it is very gentle on skin and can be used multiple times during the day.It is very effective to remove any traces of make up, grim and dirt.

It is an instant hit with eco conscious people who want to lead a trash free, carbon negative lifestyle. The fact that these wipes are eco-friendly helps customers use it without any guilt. 

Customers with sensitive skin found these wipes very gentle on their skin.No adverse reaction or effects was noticed and it did what it claimed.

The moisture in the wipes doesn’t leave any residue and gets absorbed in the skin fast.

  3. Clean Skin Club -Extra Moist XL Premium Makeup Removal Wipes

Price : $14.95


  • Facial cleanser and Make-up remover– Clean wipes remove dirt, pollutants, sweat and any kind of grim and oils effortlessly.Apart from this it also removes all traces of make-up which makes it a great choice as a makeup remover wipes too.
  • Exfoliates on one side, cleanses on the other-This unique design helps in providing two in one solution to customers.Use one side of the wipe as an exfoliator to take away all the dead cells and expose healthy and glowing skin, and use the other super moist side on your skin to give your skin the much needed moisture after all the exfoliation.
  • Eco friendly-Made from organic Rayon, Clean skin wipes are absolutely paraben free and does not contain any chemicals or harsh pollutants.These wipes are Vegan and biodegradable which makes it a great alternative.
  • Skin friendlyThese wipes are dermatologically tested to provide a safe and revitalizing effect and cause no harm to the skin in any way.
  • Money back guarantee-Our customers matter to us, and in case if a customer isn’t satisfied with our product we simply  refund or replace the product!

Let’s ask the customers!

Customers couldn’t stop raving about the size!They are bowled over with the XL sizing of these wipes which makes it so much easier to clean your entire face with only a single wipe.Also, the size makes the entire pack last longer as one wipe is sufficient to have a squeaky clean face.

Clean Skin wipes are also very sturdy and don’t rip easily which is very attractive to customers.Customers have used it during traveling and also as regular face towels and have found it very effective .

Unlike regular face wipes , Clean Skin Club wipes are non drying which keeps your skin hydrated and helps in removing every trace of grim or make up.The gentle yet powerful formula coupled with skin friendly properties have struck a very positive cord with the customers.

Customers with sensitive skin have found it very helpful as it does not interfere with their skin and has left it squeaky clean without clogging pores or breaking them out.

4. Bambootiful-Biodegradable Makeup Wipes

Price : $14.99


  • Eco friendly– great alternative to traditional wood and tree products,Bambootiful wipes are made with sustainably grown bamboo which grows back in a short span of around four months!These are renewable, eco friendly and a great natural alternative.These wipes can be easily composted as they biodegrade very fast.
  • No trees are harmed-Made from bamboo based viscose, these wipes were made from 100% bamboo and no trees were cut for its making.Bamboo grows significantly faster than traditional trees which may take about 30-40 years to grow back,thereby making it a great renewable source of material.
  • Made for sensitive skin-These wipes are non toxic,eco friendly,free from all harsh chemicals, free from paraben and fragrance.No formaldehydes were used in the making.It is a super clean product!
  • Infused with nature’s goodness-Infused with goodness of aloe vera and Vitamin E , these wipes keep the skin very hydrated and work from within.Aloe vera helps in keeping the skin moisturized and never lets it dry.
  • Sold in packs to two– purchase includes two packs of 25 wipes in each pack.This resealable pack of wipes makes it very convenient for traveling and can be used by all members of the family.

   Let’s ask the customers!

Customers with sensitive skin found these wipes to be a boon!As there are no parabens, formaldehyde, fragrance or any kind of harsh chemicals, it is a great choice for people with sensitive skin.Customers were happy to use this on their sensitive skin and also, around the eye area and found it very effective.

Some customers commented on the sturdiness and were very impressed with how it doesn’t tear easily in spite of being made from a plant source.It is soft and sturdy at the same time which makes it an instant hit.They asserted that it is easy to carry and a great travel need.Also, the resealable packs are good for keeping the freshness and moisture intact of these wipes.

Customers also liked the fact that there  was absolutely no residue found after using these wipes.No white streak, oiliness or tingling experienced which is generally associated with such wipes.This was a great bonus to all other good properties of these wipes.

5. Shea Moisture- Coconut and Hibiscus Radiance Facial Wipes

Price : $14.70


  • Nourishes from within– contains coconut oil, vitamin A and K and other important fatty acids which help in nourishing skin from deep within.
  • Brightens -infused with goodness of hibiscus which naturally lightens and brightens the complexion.
  • Imparts glow-Songyi mushroom helps in providing that natural glow to the face.
  • No rinsing-no rinsing or drying needed as it is instantly absorbed in the skin.
  • 100% safe-free from all chemicals it’s a great choice for sensitive skin types.

Let’s ask the customers!

Customers found it very effective on their skin.All traces of dirt ,sebum and make-up came off very easily with just a single swipe!Customers feel that it does what it claims.It is highly effective in providing a very clean and glowing skin.

Customers also mentioned that due to songyi mushroom being one of the key ingredients these wipes help provide a natural glow to the skin with prolonged use.Customers have noticed improved skin tone and brightness on their faces with regular use.

Although it has a subtle lingering fragrance, customers loved it and felt pretty good about it.They love the exotic fragrance of coconut and hibiscus which instantly uplifts their mood and is a very pleasant change from those wipes which smell of chemicals.

6. Dyma Care- Dispersible Fragrance Free Cleansing Wipes

Price : $7.00


  • Smart sizing– Dyma care wipes are large which makes it easy to use. Unlike regular wipes these wipes and just a single wipe can do the trick!
  • Flushable-These wipes are absolutely flushable and decompose in water!No more worries about where to throw the wipes after using it.Just flush it!They don’t clog drains or pipes and can be safely flushed.
  • Eco friendly-made from plant based fibers, these wipes dissolve in water.They can be flushed or composted.Dyma Care wipes doesn’t cause trash or pollute the environment in any way.
  • Gentle-free from all harsh chemicals,these wipes have a combination of gentle ingredients and are infused with aloe vera.Aloe vera known for its moisturizing properties is very good for hydrating the skin.Hence, it is an excellent product with people with dry skin or sensitive skin.
  • Child and animal friendly– Dermatologically tested and found to be gentle to the skin.Due to all the gentle ingredients in these wipes, it can be used safely on children or animals. Be it nappy changing sessions to wiping those cute little faces, these wipes are gentle and effective.All those muddy paws of your pets after a long walk will also be taken care of with Dyma Care wipes.
  • Comes in different packs-available in pack(s) of one (1), three (3)  and six (6).Choose a pack according to your needs and use.

Let’s ask the customers!

Customers found it ultra convenient for the fact that it can be easily flushed and no more worries about where to dispose of them.Great for traveling and camping as it is handy and can be flushed in any public toilet.

Apart from being highly convenient it does what it claims very effectively.Dyma Care wipes are soft and good to use.These wipes remove all traces of sweat and dirt very efficiently.

Few customers who are wheelchair bound and some bed ridden customers found these wipes very helpful.They can clean themselves up and conveniently flush it in the toilet.Now no more storing these wipes in a separate bin.Customers can experience better hygiene. 

Dyma Care wipes being eco-friendly also attracted a lot of customers.Everybody wants to embrace a sustainable lifestyle without compromising on their convenient lifestyle, and these wipes help them experience the same.

7. Burt’s Bees- Towelette Wipes

Price : $16.51


  • Cleansing– these soft, pre moistened wipes can be used to remove makeup,grim,dirt or pollutants from skin. Towelette wipes effectively pulls out all dirt and sebum from the skin making the skin feel clean and refreshed.
  • Good for sensitive skin-Nutrient rich botanicals coupled with aloe soothe gently enriches the skin. Ingredients used in these towelettes have natura origin.
  • Made from repurposed cotton-These towelettes are made from 60% repurposed cotton which is a waste produced during the t-shirt manufacturing process.It is a great initiative by Burt’s Bees to try and cut down on the waste.This is both eco friendly and effective at the same time.
  • No water required-No water or rinsing is required with these towelettes.These wipes are already pre moistened and ready to use.
  • Easy to use-Very convenient to carry, can be used on the go , any time and anywhere!

Let’s ask the customers!

Customers loved the feel and found it good for sensitive skin.It’s a challenge to find good wipes for sensitive skin and these wipes are surely a blessing.Infused with aloe vera and few healing botanicals these wipes soothe irritated and inflamed skin.

Another thing which struck a chord with the customers is it’s eco-friendly nature.It’s made from the scraps from t-shirt manufacturing factories!This not only makes it durable but also helps achieve sustainability.

Thes wipes have a lingering fragrance which did not go down well with few customers.These customers found it overpowering and would like the company to launch a fragrance free line of wipes.

8. Body Prescriptions- Makeup Remover Wipes With Tea Tree

Price : $11.99


  • Removes stubborn makeup-easily pulls out stubborn makeup products from the skin.Heavy mascara, dirt or oil, these wipes are very effective in making the face squeaky clean.
  • Smart packaging-designed in a way that it is very portable and convenient to carry around.The resealable flip top helps in locking in the moisture and keeps the wipes fresh and moist.
  • Infused with tea tree oil-infused with the goodness of tea tree, these wipes have antiseptic and healing properties.In addition, tea tree helps in closing opening pores and tones the skin.
  • Cruelty free-not tested on animals and absolutely cruelty free.
  • 100% customer satisfaction-Our customers are our top most priority.Reach out to us if you aren’t satisfied with either our product or service.We will be at your service and we will replace the item or refund the full amount.

Let’s ask the customers!

Customers were really impressed with the amount of tea tree oil in the wipes.Most wipes which claims to contain essential oils generally do not deliver a good product.However, Body Prescription’s wipes have earnestly delivered what it claims.Laden with goodness of tea tree oil, these wipes can be used to soothe skin on the go.The feel of tea tree oil on the skin is good and customers have highly benefited from it.

Customers feel these wipes are soft but at the same time pretty strong and don’t tear easily.These wipes can be used for various purposes.

Customers which skin diseases and excessive oily skin have also benefited from it. Few  customers suffering from eczema feel that these wipes are absolutely safe to use and have caused no irritation.It’s a blessing for people with severe skin infection and makes their life so much easy, otherwise it’s a task for such people to find a non reactive face wipe.

Also, many customers claimed that it has the perfect amount of moisture in it.Neither too wet nor too dry.This balance might sound easy but it is actually quite difficult to achieve in wet wipes, however, Body Prescription’s wipes have nailed the formula!

Some customers have experimented with these wipes and turned them into eye masks and saw great results.Due to the tea tree oil in the wipes, these wipes instantly cools tired eyes and skin.

9. Charmyth- Extra Thick Dry Cotton Tissues

Price : $37.99


  • 100% US cotton-The Cotton USA certified tissues are 100% organic , super absorbent and lint free!These are crafted with 100% natural soft cotton which becomes even softer once in contact with water.These tissues are safe, comfortable and versatile.
  • Zero additives-only high quality cotton fiber has been used in the making, and no additives or preservatives have been used. It is manufactured in compliance with Cotton USA guidelines hence, it is very safe for use.No fluorescent brightener is used.
  • Both dry and wet use-These wipes are very versatile. It can be used as dry tissue form intense sweat absorption or wiping something off, or can simply be dipped in water and turned into a moist wet wipe and can be used to remove makeup, for infant care or simply to wipe a surface.
  • Long lasting-One box of Charmyth contains 100 tissues which makes it a value for money.Its durability helps it last longer as you can get more use out of each tissue.It is indeed a very cost effective box of tissues.
  • Sustainable-Right from the tissues to the material we have used in the packaging , we have been sustainable in our approach.These tissues are biodegradable, furthermore the material used in the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Let’s ask the customers!

Customers were very happy with the super absorbent nature of these tissues.Be it the gym, or while traveling this tissue can help rid our skin of all unwanted dirt and grim.These tissues are strong and have heavy absorption power.

And the best part about these tissues which the customers really liked is that it can be used with water too!All that needs to be done it wet it with water and it turns into a wet wipe! This wet wipe can now be used for almost anything.These tissues turned wet wipes can be used to remove make-up, to sanitize surfaces, to clean stuff and much more.This feature literally made the customers feel that they are paying the price of one for two very good products.Also, the fact that it doesn’t tear when wetted is an instant hit with the customers. It can be used dry as it is or wetted and used as a moist wipe,furthermore it can be dried and reused as a dry tissue once more!How clever that is!

A few customers used it as a washcloth for drying their faces on a regular basis, and they claim that it worked so well on them that it has totally cleared all acne and pimples they had.With prolonged use , some customers reported a brighter complexion and more supple skin.

10. Busy Co- Lavender Rose Scented Facial Cleansing Wipes

Price : $11.95


  • Glow and health-all the shine and glow which has been mercilessly taken away by pollution or by erratic lifestyle can be restored with little intervention from busyCo wipes.These wipes are loaded with cleansing power coupled with skin brightening ingredients.Moreover, it is infused with Vitamin C which firms and brightens skin tone.Along with it, Hyaluronic acid is used which helps moisturize and revitalize dull skin.Apart from taking care of your skin they initiate skin renewal process too!
  • The only Zero Waste wipes-The one of its kind, the first ever zero waste wipes.These wipes are sustainably produced and packed.The wipes are made of the fabric scraps produced by textile manufacturing factories which are totally wind powered!So right from the sourcing to the making to the packaging everything is  sustainable and eco friendly, through and through!
  • Caters to different needs-the refresh renewable line of wipes can be used for skin renewable whereas the Cool line can be used for soothing and deep moisturising.Depending on your mood or need , BusyCo is always happy to help.These wipes contain no harsh chemicals and are paraben free.
  • Gentle-a beautiful blend of non reactive and non abrasive ingredients in presented in theses wipes.BusyCo wipes also contain AHA,BHA, clover and calendula to engersise your skin and replenishes all the lost vitality while being ultra gentle on your skin.
  • Less stress on earth and more love for your skin-Thes wipes are not only good for your skin but also doesn’t abuse our Earth in any way.Its a win win situation for all. HAPPY SKIN, HAPPY EARTH!What more can you ask for!

Let’s ask the customers!

BusyCo has exceeded all expectations with its total sustainable and  eco friendly product and packaging.Customers really appreciated this fact and has embraced the product with open arms.They feel the product delivers what it claims without putting any pressure on mother earth.Customers indulge themselves in guilt free usage.

Customers feel that all the skin energizing ingredients in these wipes like Hyaluronic acid, AHA,BHA, calendula and clover revitalizes the skin and takes away all the dullness,

These ingredients coupled with sustainability is a powerful combo which draws customers.

Customers have found that prolonged use has renewed their skin and has justified all skin renewable claims.


1. When can we use make-up wipes?
Make up wipes can be used any time, anywhere and doesn’t need any prior preparation.These wipes can be used in the middle of the day to provide the much needed hydration to your skin.It is typically used to-

  • Remove makeup or any residual traces of it
  • Remove grim and pollutants from the surface of the skin
  • During traveling as it doesn’t need any rinsing
  • During hot and humid days to absorb the sebum and soothe our skin.

2. Can pregnant women use makeup wipes?

Yes, absolutely! These wipes are designed to cater to sensitive skin and can be used safely.Most of these wipes are free from parabens and other harsh chemicals which can be abrasive to skin.However, people with certain allergies/sensitivities should read the label before  using.

3. Why should I use makeup wipes?

Make up wipes are super convenient and hassle free to use.Other popular advantages –

  • Refreshes and rejuvenates the skin
  • Removes makeup and dirt easily
  • Can be stored and carried easily
  • Does Not need water or soap
  • The biodegradable ones can be composted
  • Skin friendly 
  • Economical skin care solution
  • Very easy to use

4. How to use makeup wipes?

There is no fixed rule to use makeup wipes!It can be used in any way possible.However, the best way to use would be-

  • Take the wipe out of the packaging and cover your face with the wipe or fold it according to your preference 
  • Slowly clean your face with gentle swipes
  • Put gentle pressure and repeat the swipes if necessary
  • If needed, take a new wipe and repeat the process to get a squeaky clean face!

Make wipes are not only cosmetic products but also a very important part of our skin care regime.It is imperative to keep our skin clean, hydrated and glowing inorder to feel confident.Skin care is not a WANT it is an absolute NEED! We spend so much time on clothes and accessories, a little mindfulness in choosing the right kind of wipes can make a massive difference to our skin care game.A clean face which is loaded with moisture and oozes vitality is is not a distant dream any more.Make small changes in your life like replacing chemical laden cleansing products with gentle and effective makeup removing wipes, and  see an immediate difference.

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