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Best Lotion For Skincare Routine in 2022

by Evelyn Smith

When you’ve had one of those particularly long, frustrating days at work, you simply wish to skip through all your essential 10-step skincare routine but just for the night and only to fast-forward all the way to bed. But what is it that you absolutely just won’t skip?  We hope it’s moisturizing. 

Our skin is the largest organ that protects everything underneath also needs protection from environmental drying and moisturizing is crucial for it. Yes! Even though you may be born with the best of genes and have been getting compliments all your life for flawless skin, it does need maintenance, and again, moisturizing. 

Not only your face, but your body is just as needy for moisturizing. And usually, depending on specific needs, you can apply moisturizers on your body that are of various consistencies ranging from gel, cream, oil, or lotions. A thinner watery version of a moisturizer that we use for keeping our skin supple and smooth is a lotion. As simple as that, lotions are highly effective at providing instant hydration to our skin. 

But which one do you need? 

Body lotions serve a lot of purposes and depending on your specific need, and can be broadly divided into the following categories. Based on our extensive research we have also taken the liberty to find the most loved recommendations for each category to help save you some time and effort. 

Smoothen rough skin 

When you scratch your skin from any body part, and you can see a visibly white line left where you scratched, it’s possible you need to moisturize. Although dry skin is fairly common, it can be easily managed and treated using regular cosmetics formulated for dry skin.

 But if for any reason such as extremity of dryness and your regular skincare products going waste without benefiting your skin then it’s possible that you need to see a doctor and check for any underlying condition that needs treatment. 

How to recognize dry skin?

Dry skin usually looks dull and does not have a dewy or plump appearance.  

It can go on to lose moisture to become rough flaky and sometimes in extreme cases even scaly. 

A lot of people may feel a tightness in the skin which is a sign of dryness in the skin or dry skin. 

Dry skin is also prone to the appearance of  fine lines and wrinkles most likely even at an early age than usual because of the loss of moisture and elasticity from the skin

What causes dry rough skin? 

A lot of things can cause your body or your face to feel dry and rough. 

For starters, the absence of moisturization for a prolonged period of time can lead to dry and rough skin.

On top of that weather conditions such as excessive heat for cold generally tends to be drying towards all skin types. 

Frequent Long hot showers can exacerbate dry skin leading to inflammation as well. 

Lack of Vit-D or good fats in your diet can also cause dryness in the skin along with habits such as smoking aggravating dryness. 

Here are two products highly recommended for dry rough skin. 

1. Eucerin Roughness Relief Lotion

Price: 9.38 to 12.49 USD
  • Formulated to replenish lost hydration, this body lotion is ideal for applying all over the body and reducing signs of dryness. 
  • With a reputation to be popular with dermatologists, the roughness relief lotion has clinically proven to help smooth and rough and bumpy skin.
  • Natural moisturizing factors and ceramides allow deep hydration and prevent moisture loss while urea gently helps exfoliate the dead skin cells improving the overall condition of the dry skin.
  • Not only do you get 48 hours of hydration you get a brilliant product that is safe for even sensitive skin type 

2. AmLactin Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion

Price: 21.81 to 23.99USD

  • Helping your skin stay hydrated, this Moisturizer is the ultimate moisturizer you need for your parched skin needing some love. 
  • The formula is made with 12% lactic acid that facilitates gentle exfoliation or removing the top dead layer of skin leaving it hydrated and soft
  • You can use it daily for long-lasting smooth and soft skin that looks not only deeply moisturized but also plump fresh and young.
  • Made with a specialized formula that relieves dry bumpy skin quickly while remaining paraben and gluten-free deeming it safe for everyone to use.

Treat dry-Itchy skin 

Dry skin does not look good and is not fun to live with. especially, when it comes to a particularly dry kind of skin that makes you want to scratch can be very irritating. Of course, in most cases, you can find the relief that you’re longing for by moisturizing with a thick hydrating product. 

Additionally, making small changes such as switching to gentle cleansers and using lukewarm water in place of hot scalding water for a shower you can make the symptoms go away but if you find yourself getting distracted from your daily routine or wake up in the middle of the night with the violent itch that does not go away,  please see a doctor. 

How to recognize dry-itchy skin?

Although you can spot dry parched skin easily, dry skin is accompanied by itching and uncomfortable sensations are also common. 

The skin may appear dry and bumpy similar to normal-dry skin. Because of the repeated scratching, your skin may also appear rough. 

Severely affected skin may also have a red-colored raised appearance along with some spots. 

In some cases, dry skin may look scaly or leathery patches and may also lead to cracks in several places.

What causes dry itchy skin?

A lot of skin conditions suggest dry skin eczema, scabies or psoriasis can cause itchy skin. 

Many times burns, insect bites, or even hives are accompanied by dry itchy skin. 

Dry skin that is inflamed and itching may also be pointing towards underlying health conditions that will require you to see a doctor.

Many times allergic reactions to several products such as chemicals, cosmetics, specific ingredients, or wool can cause irritation in the skin leading to itching or rashes. 

Here are our recommendations for helping manage dry-itching skin.

1. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion for Itch Relief

Price: 14.88 USD
  • This fast-acting moisturizing lotion provides instant relief from itchy dry skin for most people, even for the ones with eczema or severely dry skin. 
  • Made with three kinds of essential ceramides, CeraVe itch relief moisturizing lotion is an emollient-based cream that not only restores your skin’s natural protective barrier but helps to maintain it for longer.
  • Recommended by dermatologists this lotion is made with the anti-itch ingredient also known as Pramoxine hydrochloride 1% which helps in providing long-lasting relief from itchy skin. 
  • This gentle non-irritating formula is suitable for most people because of its fragrance-free steroid-free non-comedogenic base, helping people find relief from itchy skin without causing any other effects. 

2. CETAPHIL Moisturizing Cream

Price: 12.88 to16.99 USD
  • Formulated to help to moisturize and heal dry to very dry sensitive skin, CETAPHIL moisturizing cream helps you restore the skin barrier completely in only one week.
  • Meant to be used all over the body as well as hands, feet, and face, this product is made especially with almond oil that helps provide instant moisturization and allows irritated skin to heal by locking in hydration. 
  • One of the most loved products by the users and recommended by dermatologists, this cream is designed to effectively hydrate and heal without causing any irritation.

Reduce acne and blemishes

A lot of things can be considered as blemishes. Essentially any kind of spot discoloration or mark that appears unsightly on the skin is a blemish. Acne is one of the very common conditions that cause blemishes on the face and body in the form of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. 

Even if it might look counterproductive to moisturize acne-prone skin moisturizers that are formulated with gentle exfoliating agents are helpful in reducing the appearance of acne as well as blemishes.

How to recognize acne blemishes 

Acne can cause a variety of blemishes that can leave scarring and dark spots on the skin. 

Small lesions in skin that are circular ranging from pink to brown in color that can appear in clusters or individually are also seen with chickenpox or eczema. 

A reddish collection of skin tissue that is small and hard to touch and larger than usual acne is also known as nodules. 

Whiteheads or pus-filled pustules are other forms of acne that are easily recognizable on the body and face.

How are acne and blemishes caused on the body? 

Clogged pores are one of the biggest culprits causing acne and blemishes on the body. 

Your body can also begin to overproduce oil due to hormonal changes that can lead to more acne over the body. 

All the things found in the environment such as pollution, dirt, and environmental toxins stay on your skin and interact with the oil only to clog pores and cause acne. 

Here are the products that we loved against body acne

1. CeraVe SA Lotion for Rough & Bumpy Skin

Price: 16.19 USD
  • Hyaluronic acid as a special ingredient in this moisturizer helps keep the skin hydrated to avoid over paradoxical production of oil. 
  •  This moisturizer provides exfoliation with salicylic acid and lactic acid helping in reducing the appearance of acne. 
  • Because of its deeply hydrating and non-comedogenic properties, this moisturizer is suitable for extremely dry rough, or even bumpy skin. 
  • Using an oil-controlling body wash such as Neutrogena Body Clear Acne Treatment formulated with salicylic acid can help you to control the excessive oil and gently exfoliate dead skin only to be strictly followed by a spot treatment and moisturizing. 

2. TreeActiv Acne Eliminating Body Lotion

Price: 28.95 USD
  • Made with spearmint and menthol this acne efficiently eliminates body acne, getting rid of blemishes and drying body acne while providing a cooling sensation. 
  • Noted to be effective in treating even cystic acne, users found this moisturizer provides plump well hydrated, healthy-looking skin without irritating or burning it. 
  • For an ideal clearer skin free from teen or even adult body acne, apply a generous amount of the lotion and massage in a circular motion until completely absorbed. 
  • Not only does this moisturizer help in moisturizing all skin types, but it also helps in gently removing acne scars with continued use. 

Moisturize sensitive mature skin

As we grow older our skin begins to lose its elasticity and flexibility. Moisturizing mature skin can help protect it against this loss of general functions and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

A lot of things such as hormones or Sun exposure can aggravate the skin in aging factors but using moisturizers that protect the skin while keeping the hydration intact can actually help you delay signs of mature skin. 

What are the signs of mature skin?

One of the most common signs of aging or mature skin is dry and rough skin. 

You may also observe a visible loss of fat from cheeks and other plump areas. 

The skin loses its elasticity and develops fine lines and wrinkles along the expression lines. 

Skin also becomes more fragile to bruising due to thinner blood vessels and also becomes transparent to some extent.  

What causes the skin to mature?

One of the biggest culprits that cause the skin to age or mature is sun damage. It can lead to dryness, premature aging, pigmentation, and sometimes even cancer.

Regenerative qualities of skin tend to reduce as we age which means it cannot repair the everyday damage as quickly as it used to when we were in our teens. 

Skin sensitivity to external factors also increases as we age which is also resulting because of decreased restorative abilities of the skin. 

Recommendations for mature skin

1. Jason Moisturizing Crème

Price: 9.29 USD
  • This avocado oil-based moisturizer is specialized for age renewal designed to replenish hydration while providing deep long-lasting moisture. 
  • One of the key ingredients, vitamin E helps in reducing and correcting visible signs of aging such as dryness and fine lines.
  • With continued use, you can notice your skin become smoother, softer, and become noticeably more youthful. 
  •  Users also reported observing skin firming, improvement in skin elasticity along receiving a lot of compliments because of a visible age-reversal effect with the help of this age renewal cream.

2. DerMend Specialized Fragile Skin Moisturizing Cream

Price: 20.45 to 20.45 USD
  • Specially designed to cater to sensitive mature skin that may be experiencing thinning in certain areas, this moisturizer helps smoothen and soften wrinkly skin.
  • Regularly recommended by dermatologists,  DerMend mature skin solutions are incredible at providing the correct kind of care and protection-sensitive thinning skin requires.
  • With the suggested application of twice a day, this moisturizer fortified with ceramides proves beneficial for improving appearance along with the health of the skin. 
  • For anyone going through a phase of a radical shift in the moisturizing need of the skin, face, and body, this cream is efficient at supporting skin’s natural ways to heal and protect itself from tearing or bruised that are typical of maturing sensitive skin. 

Protection against sun

There are way too many people who realize too late that the easiest and perhaps one of the best ways to protect your skin from premature aging and maintain skin health at any age is possible only with a sunscreen lotion.

If you prefer outdoors or stay in direct sunlight for a long time frequently, using a sunscreen lotion with SPF or sun protection factor 60 should be ideal. For daily use and partial sun exposure, an SPF of at least 30 should be enough to suffice. 

What are signs of skin damage because of sun exposure? 

A lot of symptoms appear when your body produces melanin which darkens to protect your skin from damage, in the form of blotches, dark spots, and uneven skin tone.

Regular sun exposure can cause fine lines and wrinkles due to drying out of the skin. 

When your skin turns red, warm, and painful to touch after staying in the sun for a long time, you have a sunburn. 

You can also notice scaly rough patches that appear after prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light which requires immediate medical intervention. 

What causes sun damage to the skin? 

Ultraviolet rays are a component of light that is not visible, can damage the DNA, leading to abnormal growth of skin cells or skin cancer. 

Wrinkles and fine lines occurring prematurely are because of prolonged sun exposure also known as photoaging. 

A lot of pigmentation occurs due to the formation of melanin in the skin as a protective reaction against the sun. 

Recommended products from protection against sun:

1. Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Lotion 

Price: 9.97 to 10.99 USD
  • Designed especially for your days out on the beach, this is a lightweight sunscreen lotion that absorbs quickly and stays water-resistant for up to 80 minutes loving you to have your fun while staying protected.
  • A broad-spectrum sunscreen Neutrogena beach defense office new SPF 70 making it highly effective at texting your skin from sun damage.
  • Make sure that you apply your sunscreen at least 15 minutes before stepping out and reapplying every 2 hours over all the areas of the skin that remain uncovered from clothing without skipping your ears, your feet, and your neck.
  • This sunscreen does not make a white cast over your face giving an unsightly appearance.  

2. Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscreen,

Price: 8.92 to 13.06 USD
  • Formulated with shea butter mango food extract and vitamin E this sunscreen effectively protects your skin while leaving it soft and glowing. 
  • Because of being oil-free and non-comedogenic, this sunscreen is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone skin types.
  • Many users found Hawaiian tropic sheer touch lotion is a product that has a mild tropical fruity scent that is pleasant and not overpowering in any way. 
  • Made without oxybenzone or octinoxate allows this brilliant product to be safe for the coral reef and protects your skin too. 

Keratosis Pilaris relief 

This is a fairly common skin condition that causes rough patches and acne-like small bumps on the skin. Usually, it happens because of the overproduction of a protein known as keratin that 

obstructs hair follicles leading to the formation of bumps on the skin. 

These white, black, or red bumps usually appear on arms, thighs, cheeks, or buttocks. Even though this condition is hardly ever serious, it usually disappears by the time you are 30, and moisturizing may help improve your appearance. 

What are visible signs of keratosis pilaris? 

A lot of people may have bumpy spots on their skin but may not have any symptoms such as itchy or dry skin but usually painless that is associated with this condition, especially the back of buttocks, upper arms, or buttocks. 

The bumps on the skin may sometimes become more red and apparent to notice because of irritation. 

Dry and rough skin around the areas with the red bumps. 

The appearance of these bombs may be sensitive to and may worsen during winter. 

What causes keratosis pilaris?

There isn’t a clear explanation as to what really causes this skin condition. Some people may be more likely to have these red bumps because of having eczema. 

The keratosis pilaris bumps appear when dead skin cells block the pores or where the hair follicles grow from. 

Recommendations to treat keratosis pilaris: 

1. Paula’s Choice Weightless Body Treatment

Price: 28.00 USD
  • Since keratosis pilaris appears due to the formation of dead skin cells, this lotion is an effective and yet gently exfoliating treatment that removes the top dead layer of skin. 
  • While working quickly towards exfoliation this lotion is dramatically nourishing towards the parched dry skin helping it to become smooth and radiant with regular use. 
  • Formulated with 2% salicylic acid and without any fragrance or parabens, Paula’s choice weightless body treatment is both nourishing and gentle for treating dry rough skin. 
  • With distinct antioxidant benefits, this lotion helps calm irritation and redness while nourishing the skin for soft and supple, bump-free skin. 

2. Gold Bond Rough & Bumpy Daily Skin Therapy

Price: 9.89 USD
  • Designed especially to provide intense hydration, this Moisturizer helps in improving skin texture and reduces dryness associated with keratosis pilaris. 
  • Suitable for all dry areas that have rough bumpy skin, you can use this deeply nourishing cream daily all over legs, knees, or arms. 
  • Gold bond ultimate rough and bumpy skin therapy cream helps your skin to not only look moisturized but also feel smoother visibly in just one hour. A lot of users reported feeling surprised to see brilliantly soft and smooth skin, especially when used right after a shower.
  • With religious and continued use, dry skin typically noticed with keratosis pilaris is smoothened because a gentle everyday exfoliator with BHA along with moisturization helps you every day to find long-lasting relief from rough and bumpy skin.

Fight signs of aging 

 Healthy skin without spots, blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles is actually the ultimate sign of optimum health. But with the growing age, our body and our skin go through a lot of changes. Some of them may be unsightly. 

Although aging is a natural process that can ideally only be delayed but never truly avoided or stopped from happening. With healthy eating habits and a good skincare routine, you can effectively treat signs of aging for healthy beautiful skin through the years.

What are the visible signs of aging skin?

As already mentioned, and is well known that fine lines and wrinkles around facial expressions begin to appear with age.

As the skin loses its elasticity and natural fat, it can begin to act more in the favor of gravity by moving downwards. 

Aging skin is also going through a lack of restorative effects from the body itself leading to dry sensitive skin.

Since the skin gradually loses its rapid repair functions, bruises or blemishes take longer to heal and subside

What are the possible causes of skin to age? 

Lifestyle habits such as excessive smoking and drinking alcohol can be extremely dehydrating to our body as well as our skin.

If you are not getting enough restorative and restful sleep, you are also pushing your skin to not an only malfunction but age quicker. 

Stress also has a similar effect in being detrimental to good skin while aggravating existing health conditions.

Lack of proper sun protection through the years can exacerbate skin aging in spite of one’s genetics. 

1. Medix 5.5 Retinol Cream with Ferulic Acid

Price: 14.99 USD
  • The skin may become crêpey as it ages and ingredients in skincare products such as retinol can help in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • An excellent anti-aging product Medix retinol cream comes with a powerful antioxidant natural ferulic acid that helps restore healthy youthful skin
  • You can use this cream to improve the appearance of the skin on your face as well as your body in reducing the signs of aging such as dehydrated rough skin. 
  • Which shea butter chamomile and natural extracts of sunflower apple and Rosemary this moisturizer provides nourishing hydration all day long helping you enjoy your youthful smooth skin

2. Advanced Clinicals Anti-aging Hyaluronic Acid Cream

Price: 13.92 USD
  • For the ultimate hydration experience, you can use this hyaluronic acid best cream on your face, hands, and even body. Include this cream in your day or nighttime skincare routine for optimum hydration at all times. 
  • You may begin to notice the difference in your mature or aging skin after starting to use this product in the form of smooth and hydrated skin with fewer fine lines and softened wrinkles. 
  • Many users at advanced ages reported having used and recommended this product for amazing anti-aging properties along with better-looking youthful skin. 
  • With the intense hydration, you begin to notice that the skin is able to stay moisturized for longer, helping restore a flawless complexion and provide volume to the sagging skin. 

Hoping that you were able to find at least one product that helps take care of your skincare needs, here are some basic and fairly practical tips that can help you achieve your flawless skin goals.

Tips for better looking moist skin 

Protect from the sun 

If you have been paying attention, you will know this already. One of the foremost and critical ways to take care of your skin is using sunscreen for protection against sun damage. We already know that exposure to the sun for a prolonged period can cause a variety of skin problems and blemishes which can be avoided with a generalist generous application of at least SPF 30 at the end of your skincare routine every day. Reapply every few hours on a full day out in the sun while wearing protective clothing or a hat. 


Even though you may feel the need to vigorously rub the skin of your body or your face using a towel or physical exfoliator you can gently remove the dead skin cells to uncover clearer smoother skin. By using gentle chemical exfoliators available in body lotions or separate formulations you can effectively remove superficial darkened skin and allow deeper penetration of the moisturizing products. 

Stop smoking 

Smoking cigarettes is a particularly damaging habit for your body as well as your skin. Since it produces an effect that is blood constricting in nature which means it reduces the size of blood vessels which in turn decreases the blood flow to the topmost layer of skin, resulting in paler dehydrated skin. It can also be particularly harmful to the collagen and elastin naturally present in your skin leading to fine lines and wrinkles. 

Catch up on sleep 

There is good reason to believe that The Sleeping Beauty was the fairest of them all because of all the sleep that she got. Getting an appropriate amount of restful sleep is an amazingly restorative process inducing healing as well as rejuvenation of the skin. A lot of skin problems such as inflammation or acne breakouts are directly associated with poor sleep cycles. In fact, you can spot a sleep-deprived person from a distance by the dullness and uneven tone of their skin, especially around the eyes. 

Improve diet 

Switching from sweetened drinks to 6-8 glasses of water replenishes the hydration required for your skin. A healthy diet is a key to a wholesome state of wellness as well as amazing skin. By reducing the amount of sugar you are cutting down on inflammation in your body which begins to show on your face. In addition to that, switching to a diet that contains more green leafy vegetables, fish oil, and grains helps in making the skin find the nourishment it needs to appear younger and youthful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use body lotion on my face? 

Many products are formulated to be used on the entire body including the face. But that does not mean all kinds of lotion can be used on your face. Usually, body lotions are meant to be applied on the areas that require prolonged moisture. Lotions are also thicker and moisturizing in nature and the face with its own oil glands which means applying a lotion on your face can lead to the face feeling too oily. So with your own discretion, use the lotions according to your hydration needs and the instructions that come along with the product.

Should I use body lotion every day?

No, you do not need to use body lotion every day unless you feel the need to. In fact,  if you tend to moisturize especially after a hot shower you end up moisturizing your skin when it is most receptive to it which means you will not be required to moisturize as often until your next shower. Certain skin conditions suggest dry rough skin bordering on scaly appearance does require frequent repeated and intense moisturization. But if you have normal skin, and you do not subject your body to frequent hot showers or strong soap then you can moisturize as per your convenience. 

Can I skip moisturizer? 

Yes, you can. You don’t really need to moisturize your body unless you feel any sort of discomfort. 

But no matter what kind of skin you have, your body tends to lose its moisture to the environment, and it needs moisturization to not only remain smooth and plump but also save you from rough inflamed skin. 

By skipping moisturizer you are exposing your skin to not only environmental factors that damage the skin but also to premature aging and in extreme cases skin cancer. 

Can I use body oil instead of lotion?

Yes, you may use what suits you best. Many oils are deeply moisturizing and also fragrant in nature which can be relaxing for some people. There isn’t a lot of difference between oils and lotions because both of these products are used for locking in hydration. Body oils are slightly more heavy than a lotion while helping equally well in protecting your skin’s natural barrier.

Especially after a hot shower body oils excel at moisturization with a stellar performance of locking moisture. That being said, applying oil on dry skin may not work as well as water-based body lotion or cream.

When should I apply lotion in the morning or at night?

It hardly matters at what time that you apply illusion but when you do it. To be precise the best time to apply a body lotion is directly or after showering when you have cleansed your skin. Skin is much more receptive when it is hydrated and absorbs the moisturizer deeply. If you have particularly dry skin you may need to reapply as per your needs. Sunscreen lotion must be applied in the daytime only, 

Why is my moisturizer not working for me?

One of the most obvious reasons may be that your moisturizer does not suit your skin type or its basic needs. A specialized lotion will be required to fix the hydrated skin while another kind of lotion will be much better suited to treat and moisturize acne-prone skin. Your skin can require humectants all the time hydration and occlusives for keeping the skin protective barrier intact.   Make sure you know what your exact needs are and try a better formula.

Evidently, skincare is a vast topic that ranges from self-care, indulgence to necessity. One single product may not solve all your problems, but it’s better to start somewhere to reach your destination of problem-free, flawless skin. At transparent views, we are able to compile this information based on extensive research and your honest reviews. But we are always looking forward to hearing from you with your reviews, recommendations, or most of all, your questions. Tell us what are your most pressing or coveted skincare needs? 

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