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Best Living Room Sofa In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Best Living Room Sofa In 2021

One of the most prominent factors before considering buying your first or fourth living room sofa is, and should be comfort. A living room sofa or a couch is one of the biggest investments in a house and without a doubt it needs to be an embodiment of comfort, snuggles, and even naps. But a living room couch needs the best of ideas and because of the influence a couch has over the living room, it requires the most serious considerations.

This selfless service of leaving reviews by strangers for helping ‌others buying stuff like themselves is what inspires us to bring you this list of best living room ideas. 

Before you move on to enjoying the blissful admiration of your guests with your new couch, there are a few simple cardinal rules to help you shortlist your choices. 

Below is a list of factors you must consider examining before buying the dream couch: 

Measure Everything, size, and space 

Yes, get ready to take out that measuring tape and size every inch of the room for how much space you can spare for a couch. Measure the door and the hallways if you plan to buy a single piece of couch that has to be carried whole.

Consider the side tables and coffee tables along with the arrangement of other pieces of furniture to get an exact idea of how a sofa will look and fit into your room. Consider and decide on the height you may like for your sofa couch. If a couch is too high or too low, it can get uncomfortable for some people to access, and the simple act of getting on or off the sofa can become an unexpectedly arduous task. 

If you plan to fit a bed sofa or a convertible couch in your studio apartment or a loft, then it is crucial to measure the space of the couch when it opens.

Beautiful isn’t an alternative word for comfortable

A couch is a piece of furniture that one sits on comfortably for long periods. But not everything that looks beautiful or is functional as well or vice versa. Many sofas that look good with a straight back may not be properly cushioned. If it is an industrial or office space then a low cushion and medium comfort cushion can work well. 

But in a living room setting, where you plan to spend hours relaxing or entertaining, the couch absolutely needs to be comfortable.

If it’s possible, then try the product. Check how it feels while you sit on it and how it will feel when more than a few people are seated together. Does it remain comfortable or does it become crowded? Check for reclining features as well as convertible features of the sofa if possible. 

Experiment with colors 

Make sure the color of your couch fits the color scheme of the rest of the living room. If you are spending a minute deciding a color for each item of your living room, then it’s obvious that you will decide everything from the color for the couch to the cushions. 

Try not to hesitate before using bold colors or out-of-the-ordinary patterns to try, according to your room, of course, to make a statement or an impression on your guests. 

Unless, of course, you are planning to buy a functional sofa bed for your studio apartment, then consider colors that may seem universal or easy to fit in the room. Some color palettes in a pattern of three work exceptionally well and make sure to try them or visualize them in your living room. 

Find out about the foundation

Before buying a sofa, you can even check for the wood or the metal frame that has the basic foundation for setting up the upholstery. Many wooden frames last a very long time. Especially when you take care of them with regular cleaning and checking for external wear and tear.

 A strong wooden frame means you have the option of changing the upholstery if it was out after a while. In the same manner, metal and wooden frames are easy to manage and assemble. The option to assemble pieces can be helpful if you cannot carry along a whole one piece of the couch. 

Check for a good, strong wooden frame that allows re-upholstering options for you to keep the couch as long as possible while tolerating rigorous everyday use. 

Choose the fabric that you can manage 

Finding the right fabric can be a task or a pleasant challenge. Make sure that you ask for samples big enough to put on your couch and check them against the light and other parts and accessories of your living room to see how the fabric blends in.

One of the easiest fabrics to manage and clean is leather, but it can also look different as it ages. Fabrics can have varying maintenance and some of them definitely can be a handful to clean.

Even though the couch is the most significant piece of furniture, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive as well. Considering all your options for fabric, size, and frame, before buying a sofa is not only natural but sensible. Buying an extremely expensive couch that is difficult to maintain makes little sense to spend your hard-earned money on. 

The basic function of comfort 

Depending on how much time you decide to or usually spend over your couch can choose your couch to be soft or firm. You can research the basic formation of the cushion against the frame to know how comfortable or good-looking it’ll remain with time.  

Since the biggest piece of furniture in a living room is a couch and its primary function is to look good in a room, consider how the shape blends in with the shape of the room or the adjacent furniture like side tables.

In the same manner, you can check if the couch has a comfortable filling like memory foam or PVC to serve the secondary function of keeping the body comfortable while sitting. Unless you never plan to actually sit on the couch yourself, you can try to check all the aspects of a couch. The body requires support and comfort while sitting, and the choice of foam or springs can also make a lot of difference. 

Try to predict Who and how many will use the couch 

The living room is the most used room in the house. It’s the only way to estimate the number of people using the couch for all the seating areas in case a gathering happens.

If you have too many visitors a plenty of time then consider the couch that is over three to four people seater. You can consider matching chairs or a sectional ottoman for extra seating space. 

If you have kids, then it becomes increasingly important to find furniture decor items that are not fragile in any sense. You obviously do not wish to invest in a couch or any home decor item that can easily break, stain, or cannot be replaced easily. You require practical furniture that may not hurt kids while playing on them or running around the house. A firm base or frame of the couch can also allow jumping around or simple playtime in the living room.

Here are some of our best picks from the highest-rated products.

1. Best Choice Upholstered Folding Futon 

Price: Upto $229
  • The most significant characteristic of this sofa is its ability to fit into small spaces such as apartments, dorm rooms, or the basement. If you have a concern regarding the scarcity of space in your tiny studio apartment, then this couch proves to be an excellent addition to your living room or area. 
  • The lack of the redundant bulk ‌attracts the most attention to this couch and then when it doubles its functionality with a futon, it is nothing short of mind-blowing. 
  • The product is good-looking and made of outstanding quality faux leather. Held together on a sturdy yet adaptable steel frame, the couch is easy to assemble. This couch is the go-to option for anyone who does not want to spend months choosing because of a lack of space. And then on top of everything, the retractable cup holders only add to the fun times.
  • The Steel legs are removable, which makes it an outstanding piece of furniture that is just as handy as a futon for a single person. The price point makes it value for money and one of the highest-rated products by users, it scores excellent points for optimum utility. 

2. DHP Emily Futon With Chrome Legs

Price: $209.00 To $260.99
  • This Beautiful looking couch is made of faux leather with tufting detail for the backrest and has the potential to look extremely masculine in an industrial as well as office space. 
  • With the absence of an armrest, this couch can fit in about three to four people while sitting and one person can comfortably sleep when it transforms into a futon. 
  • It’s so easy to assemble that most users reported only having spent only 20 minutes putting it all together. It comes in a sturdy box and can be assembled without much fuss. Likewise, it can go extremely well for a living room without adding too much bulk. 
  • The couch offers alternative reclining positions for lounging and sleeping. 

The absence of an armrest and steel legs means that the couch can fit into your spacious room while taking no extra space, still keeping it light and easy to clean. 

  • Couches like this one that have metal legs allow light below the legs and around them, making them look neat and pristine for any living room. Made of faux leather, the product is easy to maintain. 
  • Built on a strong steel frame, it promises sturdiness and durability. We can easily pair this couch up with a sectional Ottoman or chair to have more seating or an enhanced-looking seating arrangement.

3. Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon

Price: $295.99
  • One of the first and the most striking features that ‌you will notice about this couch is the beautiful navy blue linen fabric. For anyone who may not like the leather or the faux leather look can choose this elegant-looking fabric that comes in 10 other colors. 
  • The biggest advantage of having fabric for upholstery is that it’s easy to wipe clean.

With a back detailing of ribbed tufting, the couch looks exquisitely elegant for a well-lit living room with cool colors.

  •  Designed by its creators to sit and lounge for hours, this couch collection stands out with its unique rounded armrests and slanted wooden legs, the couch looks softly rounded in a room. 
  • With no visible sharp-looking edges, this couch exudes confidence and elegance while providing stability, strength, and comfort. More than anything, this couch- with the right ‌accessories- a rug and some throw pillows, can ‌be an assembled statement piece for a living room.
  • And even after packing all that charm, it is exceedingly convenient to assemble. On top of that, it converts into a futon claiming to fit at least two people to sleep comfortably. 

4. HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

Price: $328.98 To $419.99 (Plus $79.99 For Delivery)
  • Available in three muted classic colors, this couch is a distinctive L-shaped sectional sofa. The upholstery is made of fabric that is always easy to clean and easy to maintain. 

This is perfect for a corner in a small seating area to seat at least 3-4 people and one person to sleep comfortably. 

  • The couch can be delivered and fit in small spaces, nonetheless, it looks good even for bigger living rooms. The chaise or the L-shaped sectional sofa can be removed to the left or right and an additional chair along with it can help seat more people if needed. 
  • The cushions are all removable and thus easy to clean, turnover, and fluff regularly. This is an affordable couch that once delivered can be assembled into the final professional sofa. Easy-to-follow instructions tables are included that do not require any extra tools for the 20 minutes assembly. 
  • The cushions are firm and supportive, not excessively sinking. The sofa is great for lounging as well as napping because of the outstanding level of comfort it provides. 
  • The brand also offers a generous warranty for their products and requests you to call them for queries.

5. Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa

Price: $128.50 To $135.00
  • For those who are looking for a couch that is an embodiment of simple sophistication and exemplary multi-purpose comfort, they should stop right here. A beautifully upholstered polyester fabric setup mixed with traditional tufting and modern design can bring a living room up a notch with its elegant yet simple look. 
  • Built upon a sturdy wooden frame, the sofa is easy to assemble in 5 minutes with notable click-clack technology. It looks amazing while showing a smooth transition from a sitting position to lounging and then sleeping in a few effortless seconds.
  • You will fall in love with the multiple colors this popular couch is available in. Of course, you will need time to decide which one to try for that touch of ultimate elegance and sophistication for your living room. All according to your style and budget!
  • The rectangular shape of the couch and the absence of an armrest make for a sleek and futuristic modern setting. Suitable for seating two to three people and one person to sleep occasionally, this couch checks a lot of style boxes. 
  • The mattress and the overall feel of the couch are medium-firm so it may not be ideally recommended for long lunging periods but serve perfectly for an occasional sparse gathering in a small apartment. 

6. DHP Aiden Futon Frame

Price: $94.99 To $129.99
  • The first of its kind on this list is this contemporary low-height sofa and convertible bed. The frame needs to be assembled and offers easy handling, while it comes packed in a box with a set of instructions that are easy to follow. 
  • With a suitable futon, this metallic frame can become a sofa to a lounger and a full-size bed in a few quick steps. The couch frame comes with handy retainer clips that keep the mattress from slipping away. 
  • A beautiful multipurpose 3 and 1 Aiden frame can make its way easily from your living room to a guest bedroom or even your child’s room as an extra functional sleeping space or seating arrangement. 
  • With a matching set of plush cushions and contemporary decoration, this metal frame fits right into any space for you. With three extremely versatile metallic colors, you can choose the most suitable fit for your living room. 
  • It is multi-purpose and with the sturdy metallic frame, this product proves to be value for money. It can convince anyone to buy it for long-term use despite the initial mildly doubtful opinions. 

7. LifeStyle Solutions Sofas

Price: $346.96 To $399.99
  • With a classic lightly tufted back, this sofa can add an essence of charming and remarkably inviting comfort to your living room area. The sofa scores maximum marks on having the expensive and yet contemporary American homely looks and with that, it can make its way to any living room. 
  • You will lounge on it for long hours watching movies or socializing with 2-3 friends, only complaining about how quickly the time flies.
  •  It will end up surprising you with how inviting it looks for comfortably relaxing in your living room and even fits in your office space with noble luxury. 
  • The couch that comes in four boxes plus metal legs is shockingly easy to assemble. You will pat yourself on your couch assembling abilities after you’re done in 10-15 minutes, even lesser with two people. 
  • The colors along with the robust fabric work perfectly with a variety of shapes and colors for cushions, adding to the pleasant looks. With simple upholstery cleaning products and a regular vacuum, you can easily maintain this couch for as long as you like. 

8.Yaheetech Futon Sofa Bed 

Price: $188.99 To $39.99
  • If you’re looking for a comfortable and yet fashionable piece of furniture for a few hours of use every day or to entertain 1-2 guests occasionally while fitting in your budget and studio apartment, then stop right here. 
  • The high-quality leather is synonymous with the current trends and a perfect match for the strong steel design. The basic thought behind creating this beautiful high-quality leather couch is lounging for entertainment. We always appreciate the cup holders for long hours keeping the beverage spills away. 
  • The 2 small cushions that come along with the couch are versatile and double up as pillows when the couch converts into a recliner to bed. Easy to seat two people, this couch scores the most marks for looking elegant and beautiful in a small space without filling it up.
  • It is the most appropriate and affordable solution for small space needs such as studio apartment lofts or student dorm rooms. Pick any place that you wish to add a seating arrangement or even occasionally sleeping, this couch will fit. 
  • The exceptionally modern style, sturdy and cost-efficient sofa can make this furniture a perfect fit even for a small office or waiting area. The metal legs have a high capacity for bearing heavy loads and function perfectly without scratching the floor. 

9. Serta Copenhagen 78″ Sofa

Price: $405.99 To 636.99
  • Available in exciting colors, this sofa is the most traditional, rounded two-seater that you will find. Mix it up with a sectional Ottoman or a chair to incorporate in a small seating ensemble and few people. 
  • In the first look, what you will notice is that this couch is perfect in terms of size and comfort for small apartments or offices. Individual rounded-off cushions with soft edges offer this couch and supportive sitting area, making it perfect for relaxing. 
  • The durable plush textured, easy-to-clean upholstery fabric is only another addition to this excellent contemporary yet traditional piece of furniture which can turn any area into a lounging area. 
  • The couch comes with a welcome tool-free and quick assembly that only adds to the functional charm of the couch. The couch isn’t very deep 
  • When paired with decorative throw pillows, this hardwood construction is bound to hold up for a long time. The fabric, the firm pillows, and the back cushions ‌ are designed to endure vigorous everyday use. 

10. Best Choice Convertible Lounge Futon Sofa Bed

Price: $129.99 To $149.99
  • Coming from a giant brand like Best Choice, this couch offers the promise and quality that is identified with it. The time will just fly by from thoughtful conversations to enjoying the movie night with a cozy throw blanket to snooze time with this extremely versatile sofa. 
  • This low seating tufted-back traditional sofa provides an exceptionally modern look to any living space, official areas, or just small apartments. When entertaining you can make your choice to leave a stylish yet elegant impression with this beautiful and yet traditional couch suitable for seating two to three people. 
  • The quality of the design speaks for itself with its wooden feet that stand sturdy and provide strength to the entire frame. 
  • The easy assembly is always a welcome feature for most people who buy furniture for themselves in their small lofts or single-person apartments to be able to handle and set up an expensive-looking price of furniture by themselves.
  • One of the most commonly heard reviews or compliments for this is that it looks so much more expensive and value for money than it is. 

11. ZINUS Josh Sofa

Price: $349.45 To $420.00
  • If it comes to describing the couch using only a single word, then nothing else comes to mind other than soft. The gentle colors will pleasantly surprise you and the soft rounded edges of this couch will become a part of your living room. The couch is fit for 2-3 people and long hours of comfortable sitting. 
  • Built entirely on a wooden frame, this sturdy rectangular couch is made of soft edges and an old-world and yet modern design. 
  • The shape and size of the couch make it such an ideal fit for any home or space that it can be conducive to endless conversations.
  • The durable woven upholstery is wrapped around a supportive form and cushions are secured to the frame. For cleaning, the back cushions are removable, easy to fluff and turn over to keep the shape of the couch intact. 
  • Over the years, with its fluffy looks and relaxing nature, you are going to enjoy this fabulous piece of furniture. 
  • As if the tool-free assembly of the single box that all the parts come in with easy instructions was not enough, you also get a worry-free one-year warranty. 

12. Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

Price: $283.97 (Plus $89.99 For Delivery)
  • Available in 5 extraordinarily complementary colors that can fit into multiple rooms, living room areas, or any sitting area in a house. The firm cushion and solid frame sectional sofa is built for brutal everyday use for a family with kids or a single person entertaining a few friends.
  • The couch comes with removable cushions that are held in place using Velcro, making it easy to fluff turnover and maintain‌. The removable cushion covers are convenient to use and easy to maintain or clean.
  • The couch comes into two boxes that can arrive separately but are fairly easy to assemble in 20-30 minutes and put back into the boxes for moving or redecoration purposes.
  • Cushions arrive vacuum-packed and as you open up and let them breathe, it can take them some time to come to their original form. The practical everyday modern design of the sofa makes it a favorite for many for everyday use. 
  • Increased functionality as a lounging bed for naps or snuggles makes it a popular choice for occasional guests. 

13. DHP Paxson Convertible couch bed

Price: $299.99
  • This sofa embodies the newest trends of furniture designs, working with low-profile shapes and bringing bold lines from the back of the day into present furniture. The tight back is perfect for people who prefer straighter backs on their couches. 
  • The most striking feature of this couch is the strong erect structure that exudes strength and stability. You will fall in love with the modern but still retro look that this couch so subtly sits within your living room. 
  • The unique upholstery mixed with intricate diagonal stitching stands out in terms of modern versus conventional designs. 
  • Solid rounded wooden legs add space and extra support to the sleek but robust frame. This ‌piece of furniture does not shy away from making a bold statement, even while being ideal for small spaces. 
  • The bed converts from a couch to a bed and with an added futon can make a brilliant makeshift bed for a night or two. 
  • The padded feet keep the floors clean and looking great. The sectional sofa is great for not only functional furniture but also a statement piece, especially at the price it’s offered at. 

14. Amazon brand- Rivet Sloan couch 

Price: $873.35
  • This mid-century modern design couch in a striking denim blue color is going to start many conversations, impressed with your impeccable taste. 
  • Such is the charm of low height Beech wood legs, hardwood frame sectional foam couch that you will enjoy longer good times and laughter while sitting on it than before. 
  • The fabric upholstery is a modern-day favorite of the designers, bringing a distinctive texture to the living room decor. When put together with an eclectic mix of colors and patterns of cushions, this couch will demand attention and fill the room it’s in. 
  • As beautiful as it looks in any living room, it provides a practical and structural addition to the decor, blending dynamically with excellent accessories and side furniture. The assembly of the product is quick and easy, just attach the back and legs to the seat. 
  • The couch scores high marks on providing ample support to the body while sitting for long hours and proves to be a completely satisfying value for money. The company offers a 30-day return and one-year warranty, make sure you keep the packaging intact to make use of the return policy.

Keep using and maintaining your sofa with these tips

Now that you have your brand-new couch resting in its cozy corner, the next step is to learn the right way to care for it. Whether it remains the most used furniture or just a spot to keep your dried laundry, sofas need care to last. Here are some tips to keep in mind. 

  1. Buy sofa according to space 

Many people choose chunky marshmallow sofas because they are practically indestructible and very comfortable. They are popular, but they also take up a lot of space. Remember that rather than buying a chunky couch that takes us all the space, consider furniture that is easy to maintain. 

There is no point in having a huge couch if you cannot clean it or don’t use it enough to keep it around. In the same way, an extremely low couch will also take up a lot of space and can be fairly challenging to clean, maintain or get in and out of. Be sure to check the reclining features too and if it is easy to use for everyone. 

  1. Mix up, flip and fluff your cushions. 

With sectional sofas, you can use throw pillows to add to the comfort. Adding cushions can not only add multitudes of charm to any couch, but make them extremely comfortable as well. Make sure you fluff your pillows and rotate your seats to not have any lopsided seat edge. Especially with the super fluffy couches that have removable cushions for the back and seats that can do very well with regular care.

Buying a couch with removable cushion covers makes them easy to clean regularly and even change if one feels like it. The basic new look of the couch can be upgraded with cushions of different patterns or sizes for a beautiful living room arrangement. 

  1. Vacuum your couch and pillows

One of the most important things, for maintaining or taking care of your furniture, is regular cleaning. We highly recommend regularly vacuuming your sofas at least once a week. Make sure you check in advance for a high-maintenance fabric, whether you are up for a challenge. Use a dry brush to clean the loose particles off the couch regularly. Consider getting a professional deep clean once a year for your sofa to remove stains and odors of daily use. 

  1.  Know your fabric or synthetic couch

If your family spends a lot of time on the couch watching television or taking part in daily activities, then consider a sturdy frame and fabric that is easy to maintain and improve. Try to tend to any spills as quickly as possible with a cleanser that is suitable for the fabric of the couch. Most fabrics require different ‌care for maintenance. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and recommendations for fabric maintenance. Synthetic upholstery like polyester usually requires, by default, the simplest of cleaning products to clean and is easy to take care of. 

  1. Keep the sunlight away  

Your couch will thank you for taking care of it with those shades you decided to put against the sunlight. Natural or synthetic fibers lose color and luster by staying in direct sunlight and your designer couch will be destroyed in no time without exception. Either choose a shaded spot for placing the couch or make sure to draw the curtains close when you don’t need the sunshine. 


A variety of options are available to try and experiment with for your living room or any room for that matter. We can arrange an entirely new look around a couch in a room several times by simply switching a few plants or cushions and accessories. 

Aren’t we thankful to be living in a wonderful new world where you can check for reviews for practically any product and don’t need to actually reach that dreaded moment when you hate the living room couch right after it has arrived? 

At last, have you found your dream couch yet? 

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