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Best Home Fitness Kits Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
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What’s that one thing that pandemic has made us realize?

Health comes first over anything in the world.

Do you agree or is it only me who has this thought?

It’s been proven time and again, take care of your health because it’s the only place you have to live in.

The next thing that the pandemic has made us realize is that having a gym membership or a personal trainer isn’t required to achieve our health goals. There were 1000’s of people who achieved their dream fitness goals without rushing to the gym, or having access to cardio heavy weight machines or someone constantly pushing them to workout. 

What they just needed was a basic fitness kit to help them start working out which helped them to be active during this pandemic while most of us were just couch potatoes.

They prove that fitness kits are just enough to do the work.

Do you agree that when you have a basic fitness kit at home, it’s difficult to skip a workout because it’s right there staring at you? 

Also, isn’t it more value for money in the long run than a fitness membership that you go only half the time?

The best thing about fitness kits is that despite your fitness level and fitness goal, be it burning calories or losing weight or building muscle, the basic fitness kit is enough for that. 

Additionally, if you disdain practicing before individuals or don’t want to pay monthly enrollment expenses and maybe have very little time, then buying a fitness kit is a viable and advantageous method for exercising

Yes, we know it’s not easy to practice at home, regardless of whether you have willpower or  you want to get a couple of gear fundamentals. 

So, to simplify your task, we have assembled this manual to assist you with getting the best fitness kit in full knowledge that will fit even in a wardrobe or your work area cabinet and won’t make your place messy.  

So are you ready to work out from home, with the best fitness kit?

However, there are so many options to choose from. To make it easy for you, let’s look at the factors that go into choosing the best fitness kit. 

Factors to choose the best fitness kit

Here are a few key factors that you should consider to buy the best fitness kit:

  1. Purpose of Workout: Fitness kit works for all purposes despite what you want to achieve from it but the equipment inside it can be varied depending on your exact purpose. What are you focusing on more? Is it more cardio or is it building strength with weight training? This will help you in prioritizing items that meet your current fitness needs. Select equipment that tailors itself well to how you would like to workout. You’re choosing a home gym so that you can have total control over the choices available, so make sure you pick something that fits your needs.
  1. Cost of the Kit: The fitness kits come in various price ranges, starting from as low as $20 to thousands of dollars. Here, we do not imply to reduce the quality, instead go for lesser features like probably bluetooth or touchscreen which can be avoided and doesn’t affect your workout. You will have a better workout experience if you simplify your selection to something a little more compact and traditional.
  1. Warranties given by the manufacturer: The products are long term investments and not something you buy on the go, so make sure the product comes with warranty tags given by the manufacturers. 
  1. Definitely customer reviews: Getting first hand information from the reviewers is a must because you can receive honest feedback based on the design and durability. 
  2. The space available to you: Your next concern is the space accessible to you. Regardless of whether you’re picking gear for a total home exercise center or searching for a straightforward arrangement so you can work out at home, the kit ought to be chosen considering the space. Everyone has that person in life who chose to go overboard on spending on a treadmill or fixed bicycle that they never use and presently it simply occupies room as an improvised coat holder in their home. Try not to be that individual. Choose something that fits inside your space and is something you can really, truly see working into your day by day and week by week plan for the long run.

When choosing what to purchase, be certain to think about your spending plan, space, and wellness needs. By using the aforementioned points in the beginning stage, we’re certain that you will choose the best fitness kit for you. And if you are still wondering, what is the equipment and how do I find the right fit according to my purpose, keep scrolling, we aren’t done, you are  in the right place! 

We will take you through all equipment that are available in several kits to make a perfect choice.;

Equipments in a fitness kit

  1. Resistance bands: They are ‘bands’ that come in either flat or tubular shape. Earlier, in 1990’s they were used in several physiotherapy sessions but currently they have taken off as a mainstream exercise equipment in recent years. They are mostly used to complement resistance training involving heavy weights and their portability works in their favor, also the fact that they have different pre-set tensions/resistance levels Typically, the lighter the color the lighter the resistance, and vice versa. There are several benefits of the same, they are inexpensive, portable and easy to learn. 
  1. Abdominal rollers: The abdominal wheel gives you a chance to train your entire core which includes abs, glutes, lower back muscles, and obliques, together as a unit. The best thing about an ab wheel is that it  allows you to train something called “anti-extension. Our core is responsible for many key actions and the abdominal roller helps rotate one’s  torso.It braces the spine and at the same time also flexes your spine.
  1. Pilates bar: This form of exercise was developed in the 1920s to strengthen the core and other muscles in the body. It is basically a contraption that assists you with getting your pilates in by just utilizing at least one bar, poles, and wellness ties. Most accompany their own arrangements of guidelines for utilizing them and you should simply get into your  outfit and draw out your pilates bar unit. Lightweight, compact, and with groups for added obstruction, the bars add a fortifying component to Pilates exercise that can help better characterize your muscles. You can profoundly or simply do some light extending with a pilates bar.
  1. Jump rope – Jump rope is a great calorie-burner and it has been known by ages. If you jump rope, you would burn more calories than by running an eight-minute mile. It is a tool where a person jumps over a rope swung so that it passes under their feet and over their heads. It is something that’s so compact and portable. 
  1. Push up bars – An individual who needs to follow a straightforward exercise, then, at that point, push up bars is the most ideal choice to pick. These push up bars are utilized so you can do raised push ups. The push-up bars will permit you to bring yourself nearer to the floor, which will expand how hard your muscles work when you play out every redundancy. Utilizing these bars will assist with fostering your chest area muscles like your arms, shoulders, and chest. Consistently utilizing push up bars helps in expanding the strength of your wrists and the hold of your hands.. You will quite often burn more calories while doing push-ups on these bars in contrast with ordinary push-ups in view of your body being at a raised level.

These are the few pieces of equipment that a fitness kit contains, some have a combination and some have all of them. The equipment also depends on which gender it is for, as some might differ depending on the purpose. 

Readers, now you have a fair idea on what to choose and on what basis your decision should be made. 

Are you ready to dive in and see the best fitness kits to choose from?

You don’t have to go especially to an outdoors store to find the best fitness kit; a ton of them are available on Amazon. Get the perfect thing you need for starting your fitness journey and for that we have put across the most praised fitness kits by our reviewers on Amazon. 

Let’s look at the men’s fitness kits

1. Megoal Portable Home Gym

Price : $52.98 ~ $79.98

This portable home gym by Megoal consists of  a fold – up base, two resistance bands, push up bars and pilates bar and is used for the purpose of building muscle, losing weight, increasing endurance and improving flexibility. 

About the product:

  • It is made of durable materials and the base can carry a weight of 290lbs
  • The base allows to vary the exercise difficulty based on your requirement with the bands 
  • It is easy to carry because of the lightweight folding base and easy carrying handle.
  • Easy to take the small workout equipment with the storage bag and train at anytime and anywhere.

What the customers have to say?

Our customers have observed that it is a good device where one can work out different muscle groups and be able to avoid gyms due to covid-19 concerns. They can do squats, shoulder workout, triceps, biceps and abdominal. There are multiple attachments where one can do movements for individual arms like a dumbbell and a bar where one can use both arms together. i.e. bench press movement and two arm shoulder press. There are also knee pads where one can do abdominal exercises. 

Another customer who has used this product 8 times so far has said that she is hooked! It’s really easy to set up for different workouts and it’s SUPER compact and easy to store. 

Our reviewers have also mentioned that the pushup bars and the board slots in tightly and it feels that the quality used is premium class. The board also has many options for pushups. 

All in all, it is a perfect flexible fitness kit. If you are looking for professional fitness equipment, even though  you are just starting out or a pro,  this incredible all-in-one tool  is for you. It makes it easy to perform whole-body workouts in just 15 minutes. So for a compact workout at home at an affordable price, give this a shot.

2. ESPIJO Ab Roller for Abs Workout

Price : $14.29

This portable home gym abs workout by ESPIJO consists of  a ultra wide ab wheel, push up bars, resistance rope and skipping rope and is a 10-in-1 exercise training kit that will help in strengthening your core, building arms & chest and toning lower body. It is designed to shape your figure, burn unwanted fat and calories!

About the product:

  • With all the equipment available it is perfectly suitable for full body home workouts.
  • The abs roller wheel is 6.1″ wide and it holds up to 330lb. The band helps to tone and the thick knee pad offers additional support.
  • The push up bars are easy to assemble and disassemble at home and the foam handles and inclined angle of the bar protects the wrist.
  • The portable carry bag available in the package makes it easy to take it along if you are moving out for a trip or business meetings.

What the customers have to say?

Customers have said that the resistance bands are their favorite, it’s versatile as it can be used in various ways and is also easy to use. The pushup handles are perfect to hold on your weight and along with the use of an abs roller, one can feel the core workout for 2 days!

Another customer mentioned that the jump rope is good, just a small precaution to be taken is to wear shoes before you use it otherwise it can hurt! All of this is easy to set up and easily manageable, it can be used in compact spaces and be carried wherever one goes.  

We have observed that the customers love that there are so many different components! For an amateur gym goer, this is a great start! 

If you are looking for a perfect full body workout at home and outdoors without limiting yourself to the gym, with more focus on your abs, this is perfect for you to purchase. 

3. TRIBE Resistance Bands Set 

Price : $29.99

This portable home gym abs workout by TRIBE consists of  5 resistance tube bands, 4 loop bands, 2 premium cushioned handles and 1 premium door anchor. It is perfect to achieve your best body and tone up arms, shoulders, lower body and abs. 

About the product:

  • The resistance bands are manufactured and assembled in the US. 
  • To create unbreakable workout bands that are durable, they are manufactured using 100% Malaysian Latex and heavy-duty parts.
  • The bands make a great travel fitness kit because they are lightweight and easy to carry.

What do our customers have to say?

One of the customers mentioned that this slick product is the best. He wasn’t able to go to the gym during the covid and he found this set best that actually worked. It comes with a neat little instruction book to get you going. He gladly says that he would pay double for what we received. 

Some reviewers also mentioned that the company provides easily understandable instructions on how to extend the lifetime of the bands. It is really easy to add resistance and one of the biggest selling points for them was the very large door stop. 

Another happy customer reviewed what she liked the most is the versatility, easy set up, and endless possibilities of exercises. She says one has to get inventive at home but with this kit one can have a great and killer workout. 

If you are looking for high quality elastic bands for exercise to improve your home workout, look no further, this is for you. This versatile resistance band set will empower your workout, all in a handy waterproof nylon carry-bag so you can take the gym with you!

4. Odoland 4-in-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit

Price : $13.99

This portable home gym abs workout by Odoland consists of  a AB roller pro with Push-Up Bar, Jump Rope and Knee Pad and is a 4-in-1 exercise training kit that will help in strengthening your core. It is designed to shape your figure and do a complete abdominal core workout. You can get more intense abdominal workouts in less time by using it together with the push-up bar.

About the product:

  • The 2-wheel Ab roller with knee pad helps to carve core and get ripped abs. The AB roller is built with a longer handle pipe and can support up to 800lbs. 
  • The push up bars provide better support when doing push-ups. It has anti-slip lines and protective rubber so it mounts to the ground and won’t slip easily. 
  • The AB roller and push-up bar are easy to assemble and disassemble due to its humanized design

What the customers have to say?

Our most loved reviewer has said that the push up bar handles are plastic, but quite sturdy. He is 235 lbs and they feel super solid under load. The grips are padded foam and the bases are even rubberized. The AB roller’s center rod is metal so there’s no worry of breaking it under human weight. 

Another customer said that it is easy to put together and the brand also gave him a 3 Month Extended Warranty on it. He recommends this one to those who want to work out quite often and need a jump rope, abs roller, and a push-up bar along with a protective knee pad. 

All in all, the roller wheel is more stable and effective for abs carving and you can get more intense abdominal workouts in less time by using it together with the push-up bar, so if you are looking for that, this product is the right fit for you. Purchase it in a blink of an eye!

5. NYPOT Bow Portable Home Gym

Price : $119.97 ~ $109.97

This portable home gym workout by Nypot consists of  4 resistance bands of different intensity and a bow and is a full training kit that will help in mastering your energy. This compact home gym allows you to combine tens of exercises for all groups of muscles, saving you time and money.

About the product:

  • It is a perfect tonal machine in a compact bag that can be taken anywhere. 
  • The resistance bands are lightweight, sturdy and can handle over 400 lb. of resistance training. 
  • The  bow is known as a high performance device due its versatility and also with only 2 clicks, one can start workout in a matter of seconds. 

What the customers have to say?

One of the reviewers of this product said that rubbing hands over the claws informed him of how well the bow was made. Additionally, the bands that are delivered with the bow are of high-quality latex. Nypot Bow is a truly solid piece of workout equipment that will last for several years of use.

He also loves the fact that NYPOT provided a solid traveling bag, another small bag for the resistance bands, and even a pair of workout gloves that easily fit. You can easily take the travel bag to a nearby park and your workout will be enjoyable and quite effective.

We also observed the reviewers mentioning that this product is a decent work for those who have limited space and want to prevent “atrophy” during pandemic times, it’s a solid product, very sturdy and heavy.  

If you want to build strength and tone your body, without going to the gym and  combine cardio with muscle building and be able to take it anywhere, this kit is for you. 

We have fitness kits lined up for women too

1. TRX GO Suspension Trainer

Price : $89.95 ~ $129.95

This portable home gym workout by TRX consists of TRX GO Suspension Training Strap, indoor and outdoor anchors, a mesh travel bag, and access to the TRX Training Club app. It is a full training kit that will help those beginning their fitness journey or for busy parents and professionals who need a workout solution that fits into their schedule. 

About the product:

  • With the kit, you get access to a 90 day membership where you can watch videos on strength, cardio, yoga, and more workouts.
  • The carabiner can take up to 700 lbs and has locking loops to prevent slipping, adjusters to quickly change length during your workout.
  • It weighs less than a pound and one can anchor easily to a door, so it is very portable.

What do the customers have to say?

One of the customers said that it was easy to set up, for instance attaching it to tree limbs and to doors in hotel rooms. This kit is perfect for exercises like planks, push-ups and deep knee squats, and a plethora of complementary exercises such as rowing, curls, triceps extensions, shoulder and back exercises.

We have observed customers mention that it is super light yet super strong, excellent for those days when one travels and they highly recommended it for the price. 

Some have also mentioned that ropes appear to be a little slimmer than the gym version but all connections are secure. Foam handles are fine and everything rolls up into like an 8″ bag. It is super portable and great for people on the go who like to work out but can’t trust fitness centers in hotels.

If you need a fitness kit that helps to build strength, increase flexibility, spot-train, and fit in a comprehensive, healthy workout anytime you want, anywhere you want, this kit is for you absolutely. 

2. Viajero Pilates Bar Kit for Portable Home Gym Workout 

Price : $29.99

This portable home gym workout by Vajero comes in two different colors black and purple and consists of 3-Section Pilates Bar Kit with 2 Powerful Latex Resistance Bands. It is a full training kit designed for any fitness level with an all-in-one full-body workout. It is used to shape the body, build muscle, lose weight, and provide a crossfit workout. 

About the product:

  • It comes with 2 latex resistance bands (50 lbs) that can be stretched to 6-10 times its length without breaking.
  • It comes along with a workout guide e-Book & video.
  • One needs to roll the tubes around the bar to reach the desired amount of tension.
  • It also has durable nylon foot straps that are big enough to fit most foot sizes.

What the customers have to say?

One of the customers said that this Pilates bar was incredibly easy to set up! The bar came in 3 pieces and all he had to do was screw the pieces together. The bands provide enough resistance to really feel like you’re getting a good burn and working out your muscles.

We observed most of the users saying that this pilates bar is perfect for body weight workouts, and is compact when folded. One can do a good light workout or kick it up to a notch for more intensity. They like that the bar is padded and that it comes with a carrying case. Durable and great for travel!

This is a powerful, portable and multi-functional home gym equipment to use at home, gym, office, or even beneficial while traveling. It can be used to tone arms, chest, abs, glutes, legs and butt. If you are looking for this, get this kit today. 

3. HaroFit Fabric Resistance Bands Set

Price : $32.99

This portable home gym workout by HaroFit comes in four different combinations of colors and consists of 8 fitness bands, door anchor handles, ankle straps and 2 Core Sliders. It is a full training kit designed specifically for women’s legs and is also referred to as a butt set. 

About the product:

  • They are made of durable fabric which provides great elasticity and strong resistance.
  • The fabric also doesn’t roll up, slip or pinches your legs.
  • It is flexible to use different strength resistance loop bands based on exercise progress.
  • The resistance bands for legs and butt fabric set comes with an easy carry bag which allows you to take this booty resistance bands set anywhere at anytime

What the customers have to say?

Most of the reviewers have mentioned that they bought these to help them be active while they work from home during covid times. They say these are small enough to fit in a desk and are portable if you want to take them with you anywhere. 

One of the customers also mentioned that the straps and handles are good quality for a beginner and are made of impressive fabric and materials. Perfect starter kit for stay at home mom, looking to do at home workouts! It also comes with a bag so she can take it with her everywhere. 

If you are a beginner and want to start working out, these resistance booty bands can be used for training glutes, buttocks, legs, assisted stretching, yoga, pilates, fat burning and so many different things. 

4. CB FITNESS Portable Pilates Bar

Price : $32.99

This portable home gym workout by CB fitness consists of pilates bar, 5 different color resistance bands, three pairs of flexible bands with the resistance (10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs) added carry bag, and step by step fitness guide ebook and is a full training kit designed to improve muscle strength, balance promotes flexibility, and achieve better posture.

About the product:

  • They are made from hard-wearing parts that makes it durable.
  • One can change their resistance because of different bands that come in the pack.
  • The metal tube of the pilates bar is durable, and the foam is comfortable

What do the customers have to say?

One of the reviewers mentioned that the three bands allow for a wide range of resistance. One can easily combine them as needed giving 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs individually then 25lbs, 30lbs, 35lbs, and 45lbs of resistance. They can be stored in a duffel bag for travel. Additionally, the bar and its components are lightweight.

We observed that some reviewers have mentioned that they loved the quality. They suggested that if the resistance bands would come with various lengths as it came with various resistance – to fit a wider range of heights and exercises, it would be more effective.  

Another customer also mentioned that the bar is padded with neoprene, which makes it both more comfortable, and easier to grip when sweating; and the cords seem thick enough with all the fixtures that feel secure.

If you are looking for home workout equipment that can last for years to come. This fitness kit is crafted from sturdy and sustainable materials and has all the equipment you need for the perfect home workout and is a good purchase for you. 

5. YXILEE Pilates Bar Kit

Price : $32.98

Price range – $32.98

This portable home gym workout by YXILEE consists of a pilates bar with 10 lbs /15 lbs /20 lbs resistance bands, jump rope, hip resistance band, yoga strap and 3-section bar, gym back Bag, paper workout guides, which have different training levels for full-body muscle exercise. It is a full training kit designed for all fitness attachments for the upper body, core, glutes and legs, and strength. 

About the product:

  • They provide various exercise videos & online workouts (PFD) that can meet the needs of fitness professionals with different experiences.
  • It comes along with large-capacity backpack gym bags to store various types of exercise equipment.
  • All the bands come with an adjustable design, you can choose the quantities of resistance bands.
  • This exercise bar comes with an adjustable belt to match most of the customer’s height.

What the customers have to say?

The customers have mentioned that the product is extremely cool and it is a great alternative for working at home. Some reviewers complained about the bag’s bad quality, conversely, for some consumers the straps were not adjustable as they were too long.

One of the reviewers also mentioned that the exercise bands and bar itself are durable and a great deal for the price. For anyone wanting to start an exercise program this is the great affordable combo.

If you are looking to enhance your training or a beginner looking for some effective workout, this versatile set will empower your training to faster and more effective results.  It can provide gym-level results with a smaller budget given the amount of effort one puts in.

A fitness kit is absolutely the best thing you can possess if you are on a fitness journey, it’s portable, it’s easy to learn and so easily accessible

Now that you have access to the best fitness kits, let us answer a few questions that might be hovering on your head. 

1. Are these fitness kits for strength training?

Assuming you will prepare and acquire strength throughout a consistent time frame, you will find the advantages of these fitness kits. They definitely take care of strength building, however to achieve maximum results, you need to put in maximal energy. You should be reliably beating your own best with regards to reps or obstruction levels. Push for higher reps and gain strength as fast and viably as could be expected.

2. Do fitness kits work to gain muscle mass and tone?

YES, they do. It is one of the main benefits as a beginner. However, weights will help to bulk up much faster as they are more high-impact. If this is what you want, start out with resistance bands and progress to weights.  

3. Do fitness kits work to lose weight?

If you do any physical activity that will help you to build muscles and shed the excess calories, it is going to lose weight but it needs to come with good nutrition, staying hydrated, exercising and giving it your all when you do. It’s a win-win. 

Apart from this, we also have some tips to help you workout better and get the maximum benefit from these fitness kits.

Here you go:

  • Always try to challenge yourself by surfing the internet and trying out different exercises with your existing equipment. 
  • Try to make an exercise partner at home, then you will be less likely to miss workouts.
  • Schedule your workouts everyday and stick to it. If you miss it, reschedule it. 
  • Use a daily journal to track your progress and keep a note of all breakthroughs you have. On a bad day, just open the journal and read, you will feel good about working out. 
  • Set goals for yourself and strive to achieve that and give a reward for yourself whenever it is accomplished.
  • Don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself and push yourself more than you can do. Take baby steps every single day.
  • You don’t have to engage in vigorous physical activity to increase your level of fitness or improve your overall health. You can increase exercise intensity as your fitness improves.

We know that you are going to follow our golden advice and start your journey. 

That’s it for our article. We hope we have left you feeling inspired to give them a try. This article must have helped you decide what kind of fitness kit to get, how to use it, which one to buy, and tips on some basic usage of it. 

So, are you ready to buy the best fitness kit to sparkle as you sweat?

Choose one of the best fitness kits from the list above and let us know in the comments which one made the cut for your workout. 

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