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Best Electric Scooter In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Electric Scooter In 2021

An electric scooter is primarily a ride-on toy for kids wherein they can ride this street vehicle which runs with the help of an electric motor. The electric scooter as we know now wasn’t invented exactly in the same shape and form it is in today. It began with a kick scooter. A kick scooter or a push scooter is a human powered scooter which as the name suggests is powered by the rider pushing off the ground. It was invented for children as a purpose for entertainment and independence. 

A kick scooter has been an interesting play item for children for a long time. This manually operated two-wheeled vehicle has handlebars and a deck where you place your feet. Unlike a bicycle, you need not learn how to balance a kick scooter. It has gained popularity among parents as well as children because it is less risky and less time-consuming as compared to riding a bicycle. It gives the child the same kind of freedom that comes with riding a bicycle and also keeps them entertained for a long time. 

An electric scooter looks very similar to the push scooter but has some extra unique features which make it the top choice among kids to ride along with toys. It does not require any manual effort to be propelled forward as it is controlled using an electric motor. The maximum speed of electric scooters depends on the brand and the age appropriateness of it. They weigh a lot more than the kick scooters as they have electrical motors but nevertheless are more popular than the latter. 

Why you should choose an electric scooter for your kids

If you look at the recent trends among children you will easily be able to observe that technology has influenced children greatly. It is not a something that has had only detrimental effects but since everything has pros and cons, so does technology. Now a days kids are spending a huge chunk of their free time playing video games or browsing the internet, looking at memes and practically wasting their time. In the process they also damage their health by not getting enough physical activity done. Riding a bicycle is an activity that was enjoyed by kids all over the world at some point but now it has become a tedious task for children to go out and first learn to ride their bikes and then gain the independence to ride it by themselves. Sure, it has multiple health and social benefits but children and parents both feel that it is too much of an effort. Learning to ride an electric scooter however is the opposite of tedious. You don’t have to learn to balance it, no need for manual pedaling, no flat tires and very little maintenance. 

Choosing a kid’s scooter will benefit not only you as parents but your kids also. Following are the merits of choosing an electric scooter for your kids:

  • Fun- It goes without saying that electric scooters are really fun. Your kids will love zooming around on this high-tech invention.
  • Stay fit- With an electric scooter your kids will always look for a chance to head out to ride which will increase their physical activity. They will no longer be stuck inside with their video games or tablets. 
  • Boost self-confidence- An electric scooter will help your child gain confidence in his or her friend circle. It will help them make friends and, in the process, they will develop a friendly personality which will boost their confidence. 
  • Keep them engaged- While lots of parents like to exercise or go for morning runs, they hate leaving their kids alone back at home. With an electric scooter you can bring them along with you and exercise while they ride their electric scooters and enjoy a little morning exercise too. 
  • Safer than bicycles- Electric scooters are not only easier to ride but also considerably safer than bicycles. It is highly unlikely for your kids to fall off an electric scooter because of its structure. 

Are electric scooters just toys?

An electric scooter was initially meant as a ride along toy for kids and teenagers but with the passage of time and advancement in technology it is no longer just a toy. Earlier it was used by kids to cruise around the block and have fun but now with the electric scooter models available for adults you can actually commute using them. 

Need to make a quick trip to the grocery store, hop on your electric scooter and get your essentials. An electric scooter is a revolutionary product which is very popular among all age groups right now. 

Why you should choose an electric scooter for yourself

As you know electric scooters aren’t just toys meant for children to buzz around on, they are also an excellent means of commute. An electric scooter can help you cut down your commute time and give you a lot more freedom than a public transport system. 

They’re faster than bicycles and do not require even half as much effort to ride on. They are quiet and environment friendly and are a sustainable mode of transport which is why it is always the right choice to commute using an electric scooter rather than using your fuel driven car or the public transport. 

Anatomy of an electric scooter

Electric scooters have several parts which you must know about so that you’re conversant with its features and functions. Have a look at the following parts of an electric scooter:

  1. Batteries- Most electric scooters have a battery pack of lithium-ion battery cells. Some inexpensive scooters have lead acid batteries too. Battery capacity is one of the most important factors that determines electric scooter range. A typical budget scooter will have a battery capacity of around 250 watt.
  1. Brakes- A good braking system is an absolute essential to stay safe while riding an electric scooter. There are two types of brakes: mechanical and electronic. Mechanical brakes work on physical mechanism and electronic brakes rely on the motor. Typically, mechanical brakes offer a much stronger braking.
  1. Deck- The deck is the platform you stand on while riding an electric scooter. Many are rubberized and provide better traction. Most types have a texture finish that provides a better grip between your shoes and the scooter. 
  1. Handlebars- The handlebars are of crucial importance as they are fitted with all the controls: accelerator, brakes, speed setting, electronic display and power buttons. Most portable electric scooters have foldable handlebars to reduce their width and make them easily transportable. 
  1. Motor – Adult electric scooters have hub motors built into one or both wheels. All electric scooters have at least one motor, the more powerful ones have two. 
  1. Tires- Tires give you traction to accelerate or brake in an emergency. Pneumatic tires give you a better ride quality and their supple rubber performs much better in adverse road conditions.

A variety of electric scooters to choose from

Electric scooters are modern in design and very convenient to use. The speed, the look and battery life are the influential factors that encourage the final choice of buying a particular electric scooter. They are charged by just plugging into an electrical charging point. 

There are a variety of electric scooters available in the market. You can choose one based on the features they have and the performance they offer. Following are a few types of electric scooters you can choose from:

  1. Electric kick scooters- This is the most popular type of electric scooter. It can be ridden while standing on the deck. The speed and battery life in this electric scooter depends on the brand you are choosing and the kind of money you’re spending on buying it. They have different speed modes and are lightweight and portable. 
  1. Foldable electric scooters- If you’re looking for a scooter to commute to work, this type is the most suitable one for you as it can be folded and carried along very easily. These scooters have powerful motors which will take you around town in no time. 
  1. Three wheeled electric scooters- These scooters are best for people who are not very good at balancing. The three wheeled design helps you balance on the ground easily. Their design however is broad and they are not convenient to be driven in traffic or be carried around. 
  1. Electric scooters for kids- Kids’ electric scooters are designed keeping in mind the safety factor. They do not have high speed limits. They’re foldable and lightweight making it easy to be carried by kids. Children love to buzz around on these and they are one of the most popular ride along toys among kids and teenagers.

Top reasons why electric scooters have taken the world by storm

Electric scooters are no longer just toys for children. They are being used by adults all around the world to commute. There are a number of reasons why they have recently become so popular among kids, teenagers and adults equally:

  • Convenience- Electric scooters are pretty easy to use and will take you to your destination without breaking a sweat which is why they are very popular with commuters going to their workplace not too far away from home. 
  • Fun factor- Electric scooters are the ride along toys for the modern generation. They look very cool and make your children feel like they are a part of the cool crowd. They can make friends more easily and have fun with new formed friendships on their electric scooters.
  • Eco Friendly- It is pretty evident in the surveys and researches conducted that electric scooters are an eco friendly item as fueling an electric scooter is a little more than a percent of the cost of fueling a car.
  • Minimal maintenance- Electric scooters do not require nearly as much maintenance as cars or any other motor vehicles. They will save a lot of money for you. 

Go through the following list of electric scooters for kids and adults and choose the best one for your children-

1. Razor power core E90 electric scooter

Price: $70.38 ~ $62.85


  • This powerful electric scooter will allow your children to enjoy 80 minutes of continuous ride time. The most amazing thing about this scooter is the kick-to-start hub motor which delivers an amazing ride. 
  •  The Razor Power Core E90 has a rear-wheel drive that gives greater traction, stability and control. All you need to do to ride is kick off and push the throttle. It can speed up to 10 mph.
  • The all-steel frame and fork is very sturdy. The tires are flat-free as they are airless. 
  • The 90-watt, Power Core hub motor is a powerful motor which allows you a smooth uninterrupted ride. It requires minimal maintenance as there is no need to adjust alignment, chain, or belt.
  • The battery is a rechargeable 12v sealed lead- acid battery which delivers excellent performance. 
  • The weight of this scooter is very light so you as well as your kids can carry it easily plus there are additional features like the hand operated front brake and the kickstand. 

This electric scooter has received some amazing reviews about their performance. You must follow all the instructions regarding the first charge of the battery. They are excellent and well-functioning fast scooters for teens looking for some fun. For the money it is a great electric scooter with a solid build. It will take your kids a few minutes to get the hang of kick starting but after that’s out of the way they will have an amazing time with this electric scooter.   

2. Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting electric scooter

Price: $249.99 ~ $299.99


  • This electric scooter by Gotrax has air filled 8.5″ shock absorbing tires. The size of these tires is perfect size for commuting.
  • The strong motor in this electric scooter powers the GXL V2 up to 15.5mph and has the capacity to take a load of up to 220lbs. The battery is an Extended Range Lithium-Ion Battery, and can have the scooter travel up to 12 miles per charge.
  • The handlebar has a cool display that allows you to view the speed you’re going at, view the battery life and turn on headlight
  • The sturdy frame of this scooter folds down and locks for easy storage. It is a very lightweight electric scooter that can be carried along anywhere easily. 
  • The disc braking and EABS anti-lock braking system allows the rider to have a safe ride with an efficient, responsive braking system.

The customers feel that the performance of this scooter is great and the price it comes at makes it completely worth your money. The construction of this scooter is very sturdy yet it isn’t too heavy. The design is simple and ergonomic which is a much-loved feature by all the customers. As the name goes this electric scooter can be very well used for commuting by adults and by children in the supervision of adults.

3. Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter

Price: $879.99 ~ $949.99


  • This revolutionary electric scooter comes with a powerful 350W motor, which allows the scooter to speed up to 18. 6 mph and run up to 40. 4 miles. 
  • This well-built electric scooter can bear a load of 220 lbs and the Smart Battery Management System assures the battery safety and extends the battery life.
  • The portable folding design of this scooter has a one-step folding system for easy portability. It can be folded quickly without hassle in a few seconds. You can carry it on public transportation, store it in your car when you’re travelling and you can take it along with you on any of your adventures.
  • This electric scooter will provide you a safe and comfortable ride as the mechanical and electrical anti-lock braking system ensure braking safety. There are shock absorbers on both front the and rear wheels which are equipped with self-healing 10-inch pneumatic tires. You will be able to steer comfortable even on rough surfaces or speed bumps.
  • The scooter comes with an LED display, bluetooth functions and cruise control. You can select riding modes too. There’s a mobile app available for connectivity to ensure additional security, firmware updates and more. It also comes with a built-in charger. 
  • Ninebot KickScooter MAX by Segway is a sturdy scooter designed to deliver a smooth and powerful performance.

This electric scooter gets the job done for you. You can cruise around your neighbourhood on it and fetch all the stares and compliments. Despite the big size of this scooter is fits most cars after being folded. It is a great commuting scooter for almost any age. You can even carry your groceries on the handle bar. The acceleration speed is great without being dangerous. It is a stable scooter and the tires absorb most of the road impact. It has a good grip even while it’s raining and the headlamp works very well for night time commute. The charging is fast and you only need to carry a cable with you.

4. Xiaomi MI Electric Scooter

Price: $424.29


  • This electric scooter by the renowned brand Xiaomi comes with a powerful battery that allows you to go 27 miles in a single charge. The smart power management system offers six different protective measures, and you can easily check the health of the battery via the mobile app.
  • The scooter converts and stores kinetic energy during acceleration into electrical power to extend the battery life. It comes with a regenerative braking system for additional power. This enhances the emergency braking system and improves the battery life at the same time.
  • This scooter comes with an extra bright headlight to ensure safe ride at night and has a double braking system with a rear 120mm ventilated disc brake and a
    front E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system for efficient response braking.
  • It also comes with red tail lights which flash brightly as a warning to the pedestrians and other vehicles nearby. 
  • The front and rear 8.5″ tires are made of rubber mixed material with amazing shock absorption and road adaptability so you can ride smoothly over most road textures. 
  • The scooter is classic black colour geometrically studded with red. It brings a subtle and sleek look to the scooter. Whether you’re riding or have it parked, the looks of this bike will offer a visually pleasing sight to everyone. 
  • The scooter can be simply flipped, folded and clipped to fit easily in the trunk of your car. It weighs a mere 14.2kg due to its aerospace grade aluminium body and since it’s so lightweight, it’s easy to carry too.

You can use this scooter for more than recreational purposes as it is best suited for commuting. You can take it for grocery shopping, to go to work or just zoom on it around town. You won’t get too much of exercise with this scooter but you sure will have a lot more comfort in your life. This scooter is the best bang for the buck, the customer support is excellent and can be contacted about any issues. You will be pleasantly surprised by the excellent performance of this scooter. 

5. Swagtron High Speed Electric Scooter

Price: $399.99


  • This electric scooter is portable and foldable. It weighs just the 26 pounds and easily collapses for storage in car trunks and closets, beneath subway seats, and inside other small spaces.
  • The 250W powerful electric hub motor allows you to speed up to 18 miles per hour and roll over inclines as steep as 20 degrees. 
  • You can recharge the scooter’s Li-ion battery in 3. 5 hours and it will run for 6~12 miles. The actual mileage may vary depending on the weights, speeds and terrains. 
  • It is built to last as the scooter features a rugged aluminium frame capable of supporting riders weighing up to 320 pounds.

The tire pressure in this electric scooter should be checked regularly as low tire pressure drastically reduces the speed and range. The price point of this scooter is great according to the flawless performance it delivers. It is sturdy and well made. It can be put together easily and doesn’t require too much of maintenance. The app is a nice accessory, but not necessary to operate it. It just has a cooler display and makes it a little easier to use some of the features.

6. VIRO Ride Vega 2-in-1 Transforming Electric Scooter and Mini Bike 

Price: $183.80


  • This convertible electric scooter transforms into a mini bike with the push of a button. The height can be adjusted using the handle bar. It can be folded up for easy transport.
  • It comes with a comfortable thumb-control throttle which allows you to switch speed up to 10 mph. The lever-activated rear safety brakes allow safe braking and great performance.
  • The design of this electric scooter is extremely safe as it has a fully-enclosed motor and chain drive to keep your fingers safe. The covered underside ensures that there is no damage from road debris.
  • The Foot pegs on this scooter are heavy-duty. You can rest your feet on them while riding the bike and fold them away when you transition to the scooter mode. 
  • The scooter comes with dual kickstands which will keep it upright in both the modes.

This fun scooter will take you on amazing adventures, however, some customers expressed concern over it being a little heavy. It is recommended for children from ages 8 and up so it might not be suitable for younger riders. The operation is simple. With the scooter powered up, you simply press the throttle with the right hand to go. The harder you push, the faster it goes. There is a hand brake on the left to stop but if you let go of the throttle, the bike slows down to a stop fairly quickly. There are 2 different kick stands, one to use with the scooter and the other for the bike. Converting the scooter to a bike and vice versa requires some practice as sliding the platform up and down the front handle bar is a little difficult. The locking mechanisms are straight forward. The only assembly required is attaching the handlebars to the front bar, which takes less than 5 minutes. It is perfect for a little fun and entertainment for your kids. 

7. Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Foldable Electric Scooter 

Price: $490 ~ $599


  • The electric scooter comes with premium 36v, 7.8ah Lithium-ion battery with 15-mile range and 3.25 hrs. charge time.
  • The top speed on this scooter is 15 mph. Glion Dolly Electric Scooter is a durable and practical scooter which will reduce your commuting time and effort. You can use it to go to work, for sight seeing and even just for fun.
  • This strong electric scooter is made using aircraft aluminium. The frame is designed for daily use by commuters and any adult person.
  • It comes with a powerful 250-watt DC hub motor and electronic antilock maintenance-free brake. It also has a rear fender press brake
  • The never-flat airless rubber tires will give you a convenient ride for years without worrying about any maintenance. 
  • The patented dolly and vertical self-standing feature allow you to roll it like a suitcase and make it stand vertically out of the way

The brakes on the scooter are strong and it  runs well in any weather. It is extremely portable. You can fold it up and carry it with you easily. The design of this scooter is a head turner and looks super cool. It comes fully assembled and ready to use so you don’t have to worry about assembly. The battery can be charged fully in 3 hours. The speed on this scooter is good but not too fast. 


1. Is an electric scooter appropriate for my kids?

An electric scooter is a safe ride along toy recommended to be used by children from age 8 and up. A kick scooter or a kick off scooter can be used by younger children as it is safer for them. An electric scooter can be used by children safely if some cautions are practiced at all times. Children must always:

  • Wear all the safety gear that fits well
  • Not ride on the road with high traffic
  • Not speed up or apply brakes suddenly 
  • Ride under the supervision of adults

2. What are the steps to ride an electric scooter?

Following steps must be taken to ride an electric scooter safely:

  • Make sure you are wearing all the safety gear and it fits perfectly
  • Place the scooter on a flat surface 
  • Raise the kick stand with your foot
  • Place on leg on the scooter’s deck 
  • Lean forward and hold the handlebar with both your hands
  • Once you start moving place your other leg behind the first one and balance
  • Start with a slow speed and gradually increase it according to your requirement
  • Rotate the handle bars to turn and use the brakes to stop

3. What factors to consider while choosing a scooter for my kids?

Consider the following factors before buying an electric scooter:

  • Technology– Get acquainted with the technology used in the manufacturing of the scooter so that you are able to use it easily.
  • Quality– Since this is a machine that you will ride on, it is important to buy a high-quality product. Avoid any injuries and look into the quality of the product thoroughly.
  • Features– Check all the features that the electric scooter comes with. Do not buy one just because it looks cool.
  • Price– The price of an electric scooter should be suitable for the kind of features it has. 
  • Range– the range of the electric scooter tells you the distance it will be able to cover in one charge. Make sure that the range of the scooter is the one you’re looking for.
  • Speed– All electric scooters have a different speed limit. Check the highest speed limit the scooter offers to be sure that the speed is not too fast or too slow for your liking. 

Electric scooters are an amazing invention that thrilled everyone, be it kids or adults. They have changed the way we look at commuting. After finding out so much about electric scooters we are sure you’re ready to glide into the world of fun and adventure with this cool machine. Let us know in the comments which electric scooter you choose for yourself or for your kids.

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