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Best Digital Watches of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Digital Watches

Punctuality is a quality about a person that cannot be compromised with. It tells a lot about them. If a person is punctual it can automatically be assumed that they value their own time as well as that of the others. A watch helps us maintain that quality. With a watch you can be anywhere on time, after all, time is the most valuable thing. Watches first came around a long, long time ago and have been on our wrists ever since. Sure, they have received a lot of upgrades and tweaks but the primary purpose remains the same. Watches have been popular ever since they were invented but the coming of digital watches in the market was a phenomenal event. 

Digital watch is basically a timepiece that displays time in numerical digits and not by hands on a dial. A digital watch was invented through inspiration from a digital clock.

It was in the 1920s that the first digital wristwatch appeared in the market to blow the general public away. In the initial stages of its invention, the digital watch looked very different from what it looks like right now. The digital watches today run on batteries, but, in those ancient times batteries were nowhere around so the digital watches displayed time through wheels with numbers on them like an old timey telephone .

In the 1970s, the first digital wristwatch with an LCD display was introduced in the market by George Theiss. He is known to be the first person who made the first commercial digital watch for the general public. The first digital watch was beautiful. It had a ruby red background which displayed time. Since it was the first of its kind, it cost a whopping 2100 dollars. However, as digital watches began gaining popularity the prices fell really low. By the 1980s digital watches started costing as low as $15-$20!

Digital vs Analog. Which is better?

Both digital and analog watches are supposed to tell you the time but they are very different from each other in their operation as well as functions. An analog watch uses the hour and the second hand on a dial to tell time using a mechanism, whereas a digital clock displays the time in the form of a number on a display. 

The limitations that come with analog watches are many as compared to digital watches. With an analog watch all you can do is tell the time but with a digital watch there are a ton of added features which help you more than just keep track of time. A digital watch costs very little and to increase the price and the profits, manufacturers started adding interesting features to them like calculators, games, databases etc. This made digital watches gain more popularity over analog watches because who wouldn’t want a tiny calculator on their wrist, right?

The one good thing about analog watches is that they can also be worn as jewelry of sorts. They are available in a number of designs and prices. Digital watches mostly have a sporty look and are preferred to be worn with similar or casual attire. An analog watch can be worn to all events, however, if you wore a digital watch to a formal event, you might draw unwanted attention to yourself. Analog watches are great but they have a problem with time precision which you will almost never face with a digital watch. When it comes to price, digital watches are more cost effective as compared to analog watches. 

The design and structure of a digital clock is such that it makes them very durable and the best thing about digital watches is the fact that they can have many interesting features which an analog watch will never have. Digital watches are active people’s best friend. There may be a few reasons to buy analog watches but there are a ton more to get a digital watch. 

With digital watches you will not only become more punctual, you will also be able to use interesting features like calculator, weather monitor, heartbeat monitor, distance calculator, etc. with just a band on your wrist. The conclusion that can be drawn through this analysis is that digital clocks are more versatile and generally preferred by people all over the world. Buy a digital watch today and forget about getting your watch fixed every now and then!!

Digital watches have gained popularity because of the lifestyle we are living now. People are giving more importance to physical health because the pandemic has really taught a lesson about how important it is to remain in shape and be fit, not just externally but internally as well. Many people who like to workout or go for a run in the morning love using digital watches because they tell the time with accurate precision and help them get home on time.

Following are few reasons how you can benefit if you also decide to get a digital watch for yourself or for your friends and family:

  • As compared to analog watches, digital watches are easier to read and therefore more popular among all age groups.
  • Since these watches do not use intricate needles, they are much cheaper.
  • Through the display you can read the time even when it is dark. 
  • They can be easily repaired as they run on batteries and the cell in the back of the watch can be changed every time it dies. 
  • These watches can be worn by everyone since it is so easy to read time on the display.
  • Digital watches have become sturdier with more and more updates and since they are manufactured keeping in mind that they will mostly be used by active people, they are very strongly built. They are even waterproof completely and can be worn while swimming or showering too!
  • With digital watches you will also be able to tell the date along with the time. You can also set an alarm on your digital watch and wear it while you sleep. It will always wake you up just in time. 
  • Specific designs are made for digital watches which can be sported by women and children. These are sleek and come in attractive colors. 
  • Lastly, digital watches are not just utilitarian items. They are the best accessory around the world nowadays. 

With a million upgrades, digital watches can now do everything.

Following are a few stunning functions performed by digital watches:

  • Tracking workout- Digital watches have been modified to assist every type of workout. Now you can change the settings of your digital watch according to the workout you are doing and keep track of your movements. Some digital watches are equipped with technology that keeps count of the number of steps you’ve walked or the distance you’ve covered on foot. If you walk or run as a physical exercise, digital watches will be a great companion for you. 
  • Helps you remain active- Most digital watches now have a tracker in them which reminds you to get more physical exercise done. With some advanced model you can set your physical activity goals or calories burn goals and have your digital watch motivate you to keep up with them. You can also check your heart rate on some sophisticated digital watches and can hence remain informed about your heart health. 
  • Helps you keep track of dates- Digital watches also inform you of the date. You might think this is not such a relevant feature,but, remember the time when you had an extremely important meeting and you felt the date was not here yet and you almost missed it? Well, that won’t happen with a digital watch. You will be up to date even while you are on your vacation when you are so relaxed that you tend to forget what day it is. 

Digital watches can be bought for several reasons and even for no reason at all. We don’t think there is any more need to convince you to jump the gun and get a digital watch today.

Check out the following best digital watches you can get your hands on. Read the detailed features and reviews and carefully make your decision:

1. Armitron Digital watch 

Price : $16.99 ~ $19.99


This elegant digital watch meant for women comes with many useful features like chronograph, alarm and backlight. The clear LCD display can tell the time, seconds, day and date.


This watch is especially meant for women as it comes in the most elegant beige and rose- gold color. It can be worn on almost all occasions. It can be worn while playing sports as well and since it is waterproof you can also wear it while showering. 


The quality of this watch is excellent. The comfortable strap is made using resin which is very soft on your skin. The buckle closure is also pretty sturdy and easy to use. The watch is water resistant up to 50 M and is tried and tested by customers. 


This watch was loved by women because it looks very trendy and classy. The only thing that disappointed customers was how difficult it was to set up this watch. You can however call the customer care service and have them guide you about the settings. 

The customers still felt that the package should have had at least some instructions and the website should also display some instructions on how to set up the watch when it first arrives. But the instructions to set this watch up are not available anywhere. Customers liked that the watch is inexpensive yet keeps accurate time and date. The color was especially loved by customers but some customers complained that the strap becomes discolored upon coming in contact with water. 


This watch is highly recommended for women by female customers. It is especially meant for active women who like dainty items. This is a sports watch but doesn’t look manly like most sports watches. Women must definitely give it a try as it is quite popular and has received mainly positive reviews. Customers who have owned this watch for years trust the brand and highly recommend it.

2. SUNROAD Digital watch 

Price : $62.99


This digital watch is a multi- functional gadget which comes with pedometer, altimeter, barometer, compass, sunrise and sunset times, thermometer, log record, clock, stopwatch, world time, calendar, etc. The watch is also waterproof and can be worn while swimming and snorkeling. 


This digital watch is mostly a sports watch and can be worn while playing a number of sports, such as mountain climbing, running, hiking, swimming, cycling, working out.


The watch is made using top quality materials like stainless steel. The display is easy to read and is sturdy enough to not crack in bad weather. 


This digital watch is very easy to set up and that is why customers feel it is a great one. It is precise and displays time accurately. This watch looks very trendy and can be worn to formal events as well as casual ones. 

Some customers did not like the dark display since according to them it was difficult for them to read the time in bright sunlight. The sensors and the barometer work really well in this watch. The GPS is pretty accurate too. 

Overall, customers felt it was a great watch and was everything they expected. Customers were happy with their purchase. 


Customers highly recommend this watch for outdoorsy people. This watch is really what you are looking for if you’re someone who enjoys the great outdoors. It is advised to not press any buttons underwater since it might damage the waterproof ring. It is also advised to keep the watch strictly away from steam and hot water.

3. Garmin digital watch 

Price : $244.99 ~ $249.99


This digital watch was specifically designed with the purpose of wearing it while swimming. It has various settings which can be fiddled with based on your swimming routine. It can be worn while you’re in a swimming pool or in open water. It comes with a built-in GPS.


Since it is a swimming watch, it is completely waterproof and is best to be worn while swimming. It can be used to monitor underwater heart rate at the wrist and track distance, pace, stroke count, stroke type and distance per stroke.


This well-built watch has an internal, rechargeable battery that  provides up to 7 days in smartwatch mode, 13 hours in GPS and optical heart rate mode and 72 hours in pool and OHR mode. The long battery life is a great feature and so is the sunlight- visible display which allows you to read the time easily even when it’s too bright outside. 


This swimming digital watch received raving reviews by its customers. However, you must be aware that this watch does not count meters for you. It just counts the laps and does the calculation for you. 

Customers who have used high- end digital watches manufactured by some of the leading brands said that they would prefer this watch over any other. This watch beats all the top brands. The battery life is really long which was a feature much loved by all customers. It usually lasts 5 days even when using it for swim tracking. The watch is worth spending money on according to most customers as it does everything for you. It is very comfortable to wear while swimming for long periods of time and the app that controls the watch is pretty easy to use.


Customers had absolutely no complaints about this stunning digital watch and highly recommend it to people who love to swim or swim often as a workout. It is already quite popular among swimming athletes because of its accuracy and performance. 

4. Wrist Armor Digital watch 

Price : $34.28 ~ $42.94


This sturdy and stylish digital watch by Wrist Armor is all the rage right now for it’s amazing features like chronograph, backlight, alarm, dual time. The watch has both an analog and digital display which can be read even in the darkest time of the night. 


Since this digital watch is water resistant it can be worn inside water up to 50 m. It is suitable to be worn while swimming but it advised not to wear it during diving as the strong impact might damage the watch. 


The quality of this watch is excellent since it is constructed keeping in mind military standards. The band is made of resin and the closure type is buckle which is very easy to manage. The metal case is pretty sturdy and the display is made in such a way that it can’t be damaged easily. 


This watch was majorly loved for the way it looks on your arm when you wear it. However, most customers had some concerns about the product. The watch is supposed to be worn while swimming which is an intense physical exercise but the weight of the watch is too heavy. 

Since it is too heavy it makes it uncomfortable for the swimmer to draw their arms back and forth while wearing the watch. Customers who bought this watch said that they loved how it looks but unfortunately did not enjoy the features much. Another concern that the customers had was about the dial being foggy after a swim. This watch can be worn to work and to both casual outings or formal parties. 


Customers liked the quality of the watch since it is pretty sturdy but suggested that something should be done about the weight since it is a little difficult to swim while wearing the watch. It is suggested for men with broad wrists since the design of the watch is such that it would not suit skinny wrists.  

5. Megalith Digital watch 

Price : $42.99


This hybrid digital watch also comes with an analog display.. The watch has a sleek design and functions as 24-hour timepiece, stopwatch and timer. It also has an alarm which is very accurate when it comes to timing. The watch has a backlight which makes it easier to be read in the dark.


This fashionable watch can be worn at formal and casual events. It is waterproof and can also be worn while you’re out in the rain. It is not recommended to wear this watch while taking a shower, swimming or diving. 


The quality of this watch is very good since it is made using high hardness mineral glass. It is scratch resistant. The battery life is 2 years which is pretty long. After the battery dies it can simply be changed.


Most customers were happy with the performance of this watch but some complained about it getting foggy. It is a nice looking watch which has a good backlight and luminous hands. Customers liked that the watch shows days of the week as well as the date. The price is good too. Some customers said it took them a while to figure out the settings but once you do, it is pretty easy. 

The watch also comes with a tool to adjust the length of the strap. Customers did not like the type of clasp used by Megalith in the band. This watch comes with a butterfly type clasp which gives the band a clean, seamless look all the way around, which is nice. However, it does not allow for fine tuning the fit on your wrist. This means the only adjustment you can make for fit is to remove or add links.


Men loved this watch and recommended it to everyone looking for a multi functional watch which can be worn while playing sports and for formal occasions. Get this watch for all the men in your life today and you will see them squealing with joy. Since the watch is scratch resistant it will look as good as new for years which is yet another reason to buy it. 

6. CakCity Digital watch  

Price : $15.99


This digital watch for kids is an awesome one packed with a ton of features like alarm clock, stopwatch, waterproof, shockproof, calendar, backlight, etc. It can be worn by kids while playing all sports. The watch face has a light which can be turned on to read the time during the day.


This waterproof watch is multipurpose and can be worn by kids at all times. Since the look of this watch is military style, it is preferred by young boys but it is suitable for girls also. Even though the watch is waterproof it should not be worn while swimming since it can handle only small amounts of water. 


This beautifully built watch was made keeping all the safety standards in mind since it is a watch for children. The band is soft and adjustable made using PU and the clasp is made of stainless steel which makes it very comfortable and safe for children. 


This digital watch for kids was especially loved by children but many customers had issues with the quality. Many people complained that the watch broke down within two months of purchase and the dial of the watch became foggy even after it hadn’t been underwater. 

Customers liked that the watch looks cool and their children enjoyed wearing it but the battery life is not too long and you might have to change them often. Some customers felt that the dial was a little too large for a child’s arm and recommended the brand to reduce the size of the dial so the watch looks suitable for children. The watch is perfect for boys because of its large dial and the backlight which is green in color. 


Customers suggest getting this watch for your kids as gifts since they look super cool and your children will be thrilled to wear them while they’re outdoors socializing with their friends. Customers also suggested keeping a bunch of batteries handy so that you can replace them on the watch since the battery dies pretty fast. 

7. BOBO Bird digital watch 

Price : $35.99 ~ $59.99


This is a hybrid watch which comes with both digital and analog display. The best thing about this watch is that it is extremely easy to read both the displays at the same time. It functions as a military sports watch and a classic wristwatch


Since this watch has both a digital and analog display it can be worn almost anywhere. It is the best thing to give as a gift to your friends and family. 


The quality of this watch is extremely reliable as it is made using authentic products without any trace of toxic materials. It is perfectly fit to be used by people with sensitive skin. The wood used in making the strap of the watch is skin- friendly and non-toxic. 


This beautiful digital watch, according to many customers, is a very nice looking watch. Customers felt that with the amazing price point of this watch you cannot go wrong. People who own a good bunch of watches said that this is the best one they’ve bought. Customers liked that it is very lightweight and looks very stylish. 

This watch looks very exciting. The display is beautiful and the customers also liked the chronometer. The battery life is pretty satisfactory too. Some customers complained that the second hand gets stuck every now and then. Some also complained about it being too bulky. 


The customers recommend this watch for men who have an eye for sophistication. The watch has an elegant look of wood and a modern concept that includes both analog and digital display in one. The quality of the watch is also something customers really liked and highly recommended it for this very reason. 

8. Vakzovy Digital watch 

Price : $36.99


This digital watch for kids is a touchscreen watch. It has a 1.44 inch HD touch display. It also comes with built-in games, dual camera, video recorder, pedometer, MP3 music, alarm, calculator, calendar, flashlight, stopwatch.  This multifunctional touch digital watch is suitable for kids from 3-10 years.


This watch can be used for many purposes as it has many interesting features. This watch is not just used for telling the time but it can also be used to enhance children’s logical thinking ability, reaction and hand-eye coordination. It can be used as an alarm clock and can set 3 alarms. 


The watch is made using child -friendly materials. The strap is super comfortable to be worn by young children. It is a good quality watch which can handle a child’s usage.


This digital watch for children failed to impress customers as much as the others on this list. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t cost a lot which is why parents did not mind spending money on it. 

Some customers who bought this watch as gifts for their children were happy with their purchase since they saw this digital watch as a toy and nothing serious like an actual digital watch. It doesn’t hold up for too long but looks very attractive and that is why it can be gifted to children. 


 Customers did not have high expectations from this product due to the low price and were still disappointed after their purchase. This watch is recommended to be bought only as a toy for children. At the maximum level they can learn a few things about gadgets through this but that is all this watch offers. 

 9. Avaner Digital watch 

Price : $10.99 ~ $11.99


This watch functions as an alarm watch. It shows the week and calendar. It also functions as a stopwatch. It has a backlight and a digital display for easy readability. 


This pin-on designed digital watch can be easily clipped on a uniform or other clothes. It does not fall off which is why it is perfect to be used by nurses, doctors or any other medical professionals while working. 


This a high quality watch with quartz movement providing precise and accurate time keeping. The battery life is long with low power consumption. It will never stop unexpectedly and it comes in an environmentally friendly silicone case.


This highly popular watch gained many positive responses from customers. Some customers felt that it was hard to set the date but they loved the colors this watch is available in. The seconds run visibly so that’s helpful if you’re a nurse and  doing pulse. Some customers felt that it was not user-friendly since the buttons are too easily triggered. Customers also had a tough time trying to figure out how to turn on the backlight. The nurse sticker doesn’t stay in place. 

Overall not too bad. It tells the time and the day of the week, unfortunately not the date. It does have some sort of stop watch. Customers who have used this watch for quite some time said that the pin in the back won’t last but if you carry around a clipboard then you can clip it under the clip part.


Customers recommend this watch for medical professionals as it is very helpful when it comes to measuring something that requires accurate timing like pulse. The sticker does not stay put but most nurses carry a clipboard where the watch can be clipped. It is very convenient to be worn over your uniform too and that is why it is highly recommended by medical professionals or uniformed workers. 

10. Fanmis Digital watch   

Price : $14.99


This minimalist digital watch has a unique design which makes it pretty popular among sports watch enthusiasts. The watch has a cool display which lights up to show the time. The watch is made with excellent craftsmanship which shows in the design. 


It can be worn as a sports watch or as a casual watch. Since it is lightweight it is best suited to be worn while doing some intense physical exercise. 


The quality of this watch is pretty durable. The strap is such that it is comfortable to wear and it weighs next to nothing which again is a sign of great quality. 


Customers gave this watch many positive reviews because of its simple design and efficient performance. The watch is very simple to set up and use. The plastic used for making this watch is rather hard which some customers found uncomfortable. The battery life of this digital watch is pretty satisfactory and the watch works fine even when the battery levels are pretty low. 

Some customers felt that the accuracy of the time displayed by the watch is faulty. It goes a little faster than the world clock. You’ll have to reset the time everytime you think the watch is going faster. Customers liked this straightforward digital watch and praised the designers as it is pretty unique. 


This watch is a simple one and hence it is suggested for people who are not looking for extra complicated features. Buy this watch today and simply set it up to use it right away. The price of the watch makes it even better and that is why customers recommend this watch for anyone looking for a digital sports watch. 


1. How to set up and control a digital watch?

Setting up a digital watch can be very different with different models of watches but here are some basic steps that you can follow to initially start up your digital watch right out of the box:

  • Examine the watch for setting buttons. Some digital watches have buttons on the side or at the back
  • Digital watches usually have very small and recessed buttons, in such cases you can use a pen to operate the buttons and set the time accordingly
  • Switch your watch to time mode if it has multiple modes
  • If the brand that manufactures your watch has an app to control the watch from your phone, install the app on your phone and sync it with the watch so you can easily manage settings from your phone. 

2. What are the different types of digital watches available?

Digital watches have been an important accessory in our daily lives which is why watch manufacturers have gone above and beyond to make them even better for the users. Following are the different types of digital watches you can choose from:

  • Simple digital- This basic model of digital watch has a very minimalist design and can be worn by both men and women. This watch doesn’t have many extraordinary features. The best it can do is tell precise time and date.
  • HybridThis type of watch is a mix of analog and digital watch. It has both displays through which you can tell time in the analog way or through a digital display. 
  • TactileThis digital watch also has the analog display but it gets activated with touch. It responds to touch for commands and other actions. This type of digital watch is very popular among athletes.

3. What can a digital watch do?

Like you read earlier in this article, a digital watch is capable of doing more than just displaying time in numerals. Following are a few of the many amazing things a digital watch can do:

  • Keep track of your physical exercise
  • Measure the distance traveled by you
  • Keep you up to date with dates
  • Ring alarms for you so that you can be up and at it on time. 
  • Some digital watches can also be connected to your phone and you can remotely check your calls and messages via the digital watch on your wrist 

Digital watches are probably something that we all should be thankful for. With the invention of digital watches we all are able to maintain a healthy routine and are able to exercise as much as we’ve always wanted. Digital watches are desired by everyone, be it kids or the lederly, not just because they look cool but also because they are very convenient. Gone are the days when you had to squint your eyes real hard or move your arm about in the dark to tell time. With digital watches you can tell time anywhere and everywhere. 

It is something that has become an important part of our daily lives. Some users who are huge fans of digital watches wear them all the time and their digital watch, like a loyal friend, keeps track of all their activities and helps them remain fit and fine.

You now have plenty of reasons to buy a digital watch so even if you were not contemplating buying one, we are sure you are thinking about getting one now. Once you buy a digital watch for yourself you will realize that it is something you’ve needed all along. It doesn’t matter if you’re an active person right now or not, with a digital watch you will have no choice but to become one. 

Choose any digital watch from the list above and be sure that you are choosing the best. This list has been curated after hours of research and evaluation of different features of digital watches from top brands. Buy a digital watch today for yourself and for all your folks because it is for everyone and let’s be honest, all of us could use some physical activity. Let us know in the comments which watches you choose for yourself and for your folks. 

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