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Best Diaper Bags In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Best Diaper Bags for babies

Having a baby is one of the most precious gifts that life has to offer. It is a great responsibility too. When you have a baby, it is very important to have everything you need for them handy with you because you do not want your baby making a fuss in public places. It’s not just about babies being fussy, it is about their comfort. As parents all of us try to give our children the best of everything. It is therefore important to understand how many things are needed to keep babies comfortable and pacified. A diaper bag is one such accessory which was invented for new moms to keep things organized. It would not be an exaggeration to call a diaper bag a magic bag because of the things it does for you.

A diaper bag is a storage bag with many pockets that carry almost everything you might need when you are taking care of a baby while on an outing. Babies need a lot of things and a diaper bag is going to help you keep all of those in one place close to you so you have access to them anytime your baby needs something. It is a must have for keeping diapers, wipes, bottles, a change of clothes and what not!

It is a never-leave-home without items which new moms absolutely cannot do without. Choosing a diaper bag totally depends on your personal preferences. There are several types of diaper bags available in the market, each better than the other. Check out the following list of types of diaper bags you can choose from:

  • Backpack style diaper bag– A backpack diaper bag is basically a backpack that you can carry like a regular backpack on your back. It leaves both of your hands free to take care of your baby. With this backpack you can carry your baby easily in your arms or in the front with a baby carrier.
  • Totes– A tote diaper bag is designed with two handles and lots of pockets and storage space to keep the gear your baby might need. This type of diaper bag is carried on one of your shoulders.
  • Messenger diaper bags– These bags are very easy to carry as they come with one strap that can be carried over on shoulder or in a crossbody fashion.
  • Diaper Clutch– It is a small handheld bag that holds a bare minimum of accessories: a few diapers, wipes, a few creams and ointments and a change of clothes for the baby. 

Diaper bags: Are they really something I’d need?

A lot of people will agree with the fact that babies are tiny but they need a ton of stuff especially when you’re taking them out for just an outing or travelling with them. If you think you can just stuff your handbag with the things your baby needs then you couldn’t be more wrong. Your handbag is a great accessory but it is in no way suitable or even capable of holding all your baby items. A diaper bag will not only help you keep things organized but will also let you have everything handy, whenever you need anything just dig into your diaper bag and voila! there you have it. Following are a few advantages of carrying a diaper bag with you at all times:

  • A ton of storage space- a diaper bag will give you a lot of storage space and pockets unlike regular handbags to keep everything your baby might need. 
  • Keep things handy- A diaper bag will allow you to keep all the things for your baby in one place and hence you won’t have to scram every time your baby needs something.
  • Easy to use and carry- a diaper bag is designed in such a way that you always have ease of access and can easily carry it without making your baby uncomfortable.
  • Durability- Diaper bags are made of durable materials so that they last long. It is something you will be using everyday and hence it is prone to everyday wear and tear, using a regular handbag to keep baby stuff will not be a good choice as they are not built for this find of heavy- duty function. 

Diaper bags have made lives very easy for new moms and babies equally. When you shop for a diaper bag you will have many options, it’s like buying a purse. Which is why we have selected the best diaper bags available in the market for you. Following is the list of the most loved diaper bags of 2021 to keep things organized for you and allow you to have a wonderful time with your baby:

1. RUVALINO Diaper Backpack

Price: $39.99 ~ $43.99


  • This versatile diaper backpack has a changing pad, two big zipper closure compartments and 16 pockets. 
  • It has a padded laptop pocket, mesh pocket organizers and other organization essentials. There are insulated pockets too to keep the milk bottles warm. The mommy pocket can hold your keys and essential items.
  • It is designed with dual zippers for easy-access. The design is ergonomic and the shoulder straps are thickly padded for comfortable carrying. 
  • This backpack can be carried for many occasions like shopping, traveling etc. It has a unisex design which can be carried by moms and dads.

Product review:

New moms love this diaper bag. It’s comfortable to carry and is gender neutral. Its design is perfect to keep your hands free when dealing with kids. The customer service of this brand is excellent as they will do everything to satisfy their customers.  This bag is big but not bulky. It looks like a high-end bag and not one of those diaper backpacks that look unattractive. The material is thick and strong.

It’s very pretty in person. The pictures don’t do it justice to it. The material is waterproof and looks almost like denim. The pockets are just the right amount and size, the zippers are very easy to grab and pull open. The side pockets are the best. They are open at the top with no zippers and they are extremely elastic which means wide items will actually fit and not fall out.

It also has one slot for a package of wipes for easy access which was the feature most loved by the users. The loops are sturdy for easy quick carrying without having to swing it up on your back. This product has received a lot of love from its customers and is highly recommended by all. 

2. Happy Luoka Diaper Backpack

Price: $42.99 ~ $44.99


  • This convenient diaper bag comes with a magnet for folding it easily. It can be expanded to make a portable changing station.
  • It’s a big diaper bag with a lot of functional pockets to store bottles, clothes, towels, underwear and diapers. 
  • It also comes with a USB charging port to charge your devices. 
  • It has 3 bottle warmer insulated pockets and a section inside for a feeding bottle and a water bottle. There are side pockets to hold big bottles.
  • It is available in many attractive colours. The shoulder pads are wide and are made of comfortable wide breathable mesh and have a thick padding to let you carry it easily.
  • It also has stroller straps so you can hang it on a stroller. You can carry it while traveling, shopping or just on an outing too.

Product review:

This bag matches the pictures and the description. The sleeper pull out is spacious and fits an actual baby. The bag section has plenty of room for baby’s items too. The price is amazing. It has plenty of pockets and storage space so it definitely helps you stay organized. 

The pockets inside and on the outside are deep and wide enough so nothing falls out. The side pockets fit big items which is great because most diaper bags only fit small bottles. It’s durable too. You can pack it to the rim and you won’t even feel the weight. It feels comfortable while wearing, which is a great feature. 

The design of this bag is amazing because it has a back zipper so you can access the bottom quicker than having to reach from the top to grab something. Another feature that was loved by customers was that it is water resistant. Customers were very happy with their purchase and highly recommend this diaper bag.

3. YOOFOSS Diaper Backpack

Price: $35.99 ~ $37.99


  • It is spacious enough to fit all needs of your child, such as diapers, bibs, bottles and other baby toiletries. There are many pockets to keep your things organized.
  • It comes with 2 retractable brackets. The foldable cot can be used as a sleeping area for the baby or as a changing station. 
  • It comes with 2 aluminium foil insulation bags, 2 waterproof pockets with zippers and 10 more pockets to store various items
  • The diaper bag is made of superior quality oxford cloth which is anti-wear and anti-dirt. The zippers are snag free and convenient for you to open and close. There’s thick padding on the shoulder straps and hence it is very comfortable to carry this bag.

 Product review:

New parents absolutely love this diaper bag. It literally has everything you could ask for. The only thing missing is a sunshade for the top, to protect the baby. Customers loved the quality of this bag. It is very spacious and has a pocket for everything. The bassinet is easy to pull out. The zipper for the main compartment has extra zippers hanging off of both sides.

The best part is that it folds open to create a little changing area. If you like to travel or go for outings very often, or just want to be extra clean during these strange times, you can fold it out, and have something like a small basket to put your baby in while you change them. It has metal bars to make it sturdy. You can’t move it around much in this setup.  It’s meant to be folded out, used for a changing, and collapsed again. 

The pockets and zippers in the diaper bag are fantastic. You can store everything you think you might need in this bag. Some customers complained that since it didn’t come with instructions, they were not able to make the bassinet part stay. It kept collapsing. Other than this, the customers really loved this bag and recommend it to everyone with a baby.

4. Mancro Diaper backpack

Price: $19.99 ~ $29.99


  • This is a men’s diaper backpack but can be used by both mom and dad. It comes with a changing mat. This bag is suitable to be carried for any trip, shopping, travelling overseas, going to the park etc.
  • This roomy diaper bag has enough space to keep all your baby’s belongings and the stuff they might need while you’re out with them. The bag has 1 large main section, 2 insulated pockets, 1 baby wipes pocket, 5 easy access pockets, 1 Side Pocket and 1 back pocket.
  • The broad opening allows you to access your items easily and quickly. The zippers are sturdy and snag free.
  • It is a lightweight bag which is very well made. It will last for a long time.

Product Review

This backpack is very sturdy and can be used for heavy-duty purposes. The colour is very attractive and the customers really like it. There’s room for everything. You can carry all you need without carrying a huge bag. It looks smaller than most diaper bags but has much more space. It wouldn’t look huge on you.

Zippers work perfectly without ever getting stuck. It gives you easy access to the wipes through the wipes pocket and you can organize all your stuff in different pockets. It will hold all your newborn needs on full day trips. It is surprisingly spacious. The customers who have been using the bag for a while say that they really enjoy it because it’s very convenient to carry.

It fits a good amount of stuff in it, diapers, wipes, extra clothes, bottles and formula, a blanket, and some toys. So, you can stuff it pretty full. It feels comfortable, looks nice, and is highly recommended by users for the ample space it provides to organize your things.

5. HSD Dad Diaper Bag

Price: $79.99 ~ $89.99


  • This diaper backpack comes with seven exterior pockets including a large main compartment to store everything for two babies.
  • The wipes pocket allows you to reach for wipes quickly and easily.
  • The two fully enclosed bottle pockets will keep milk bottles or snacks warm or cold for your babies.
  • It also has a changing mat that doubles as a padded hydration bladder or laptop pocket.
  • This diaper bag is of superior quality and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Product Review:

Customers were thrilled with the purchase of this diaper backpack as it was able to store all the baby stuff in the backpack easily! It has a ton of compartments for organization, and a big, open pocket for stuffing things. It is easy to carry and does not look over-stuffed at all even when you pack it to its fullest capacity. The main compartment unzips completely open so you can access everything without having to dig. 

This bag is really well organized with lots of space, pockets, and inserts that are easily accessible, it’s really everything you would want for organization and convenience. The customers expressed concern over the waterproofing lining being made with PVC. It has an overpowering off-gassing chemical smell when you open the package but since none of that material is going to be touched by the baby’s food it is safe. The brand provides amazing customer service too.

If you have a lot of stuff to lug around with you, this bag is perfect for you. It has a pocket for everything. The customers especially loved the high-quality changing pad and small zipper pocket on the top where you can keep items that need to be accessed easily like phone, keys etc. Since every other diaper bag looks like it is made for moms, this one was especially loved by dads. It is loved by the customers and recommended for heavy- duty usage.

6. Miss Fong Leather Diaper Bag

Price: $57.99 ~ $66.99


  • This versatile diaper bag is made of PU Leather on the outside and waterproof nylon on the inside. 
  • It has multiple sections to store things- 6 Outer Pockets out of which 2 pockets are insulated & 9 Inner Pockets which again include two insulated pockets. It has enough space to keep everything like breast pump, baby outfits, snacks without looking too beefy.
  • Cleaning this diaper bag is super easy. Simply dampen a towel and wipe off the stains with it. Dry it out naturally.

Product review:

Customers love the size of this diaper bag, and the pockets are functional too. You can fit wide bottles in the two side pockets, they work great. The inside has insulated pockets for more cups or bottles and would also be easy to clean up if one ever leaked. 

The colours are all beautiful and of great quality. It can be worn as a backpack, tote or crossbody!  It is gorgeous and the price point is amazing. It looks way more expensive than it is. Customers loved the fabulous pricing for a bag that is so well thought out. So many extra changeable straps and changing pads. It’s a steal deal at this price. 

The best feature is the ease of just picking up the bag by the handles and the security the backpack straps provide. This bag is perfect! You can fit a lot of stuff in it. All the users highly recommend it for its quality and versatility.

7. RUVALINO Large Diaper Bag

Price: $21.99 ~ $31.99


  • This baby diaper bag is beautiful. It is unisex and is also a perfect baby shower gift for new moms.
  •  It comes with a diapering mat and an insulation pocket. The design of this diaper bag makes it user friendly.
  • It can be carried as a diaper tote or a crossbody diaper bag with shoulder strap and can be fastened to your suitcase when you’re travelling.
  • It is made of lightweight material which is sturdy. The bag is very easy to clean on the outside as well as the inside which is made of wipeable polyester.

          Product review:

The workmanship, material and hardware of this bag are top quality. The outer material is thick and is waterproof. The zippers are well attached and of good quality. Outside rear pocket will be perfect for passports when traveling. There’s a luggage strap for attaching the carry-on luggage when moving through the airport. 

Customers felt that this was one of the best features in this bag. Outer front pocket is perfect for your phone and keys and little trinkets. There are 2 outer side pockets that you can keep your water bottle in and use the other one to store your coffee tumbler. 

Inner space is large enough but not cavernous and the inside pockets and pouches are great for the little water bottles. You can store milk bottles in 2 of them which are lined with insulation material. This diaper bag is huge on the inside but does not look bulky. It has so much room. Every mom should have one of these diaper bags! The only downside is that when you stuff it to full capacity it gets a little heavy which is bound to happen, but it’s worth it for a good durable bag. It is highly recommended for the convenience it provides. 

8. DEBUG Diaper Backpack

Price: $38.24 ~ $39.94


  • This diaper backpack is big and spacious and accommodates not only baby’s essentials, such as diapers, bibs, other baby toiletries but mom’s items too.
  • It comes with a foldable crib which is easy to assemble. While travelling it is the perfect space that serves as a changing station with a soft pad. 
  • This diaper backpack has a big opening to quickly get whatever you need from the bag. The zippers are made of durable material which makes them glide smoothly and keep your stuff from falling out. 
  • The materials used to make the bag are waterproof and tear resistant. It is very easy to clean the bag from the inside as it is made of polyester. 

Product review:

This diaper bag is very stylish so you won’t mind wearing it. Customers loved the changing station feature, which makes it easy to change your baby in public places. It has plenty of room for diapers, wipes, bottles and anything else you might need on the go. It is beautiful looking and useful at the same time. 

It’s huge, and it’ll do well for a newborn and two-year-old too! It has many pockets and it’s big enough to hold big bottles. The material the bag is made of is very durable and it will last you for years. It holds mostly everything you’d need. Most customers recommend it to anyone who needs a diaper bag. It has a special place for wipes on the side of the bag. 

It’s not bulky in the back. It has extra padding on the back so it can be carried easily. The only complicated thing about the backpack is figuring out the big zipper. Some customers felt that it doesn’t close as easily as shown. It is recommended for anyone who has a baby and is looking for a reliable and useful diaper bag.

9. SWANOO Stroller Organizer Diaper Bag

Price: $33.99 ~ $36.99


  • This unique and multi-functional diaper bag is a great organizer which can be easily strapped on to your baby’s stroller. It is super simple to install and fits all types of strollers. 
  • This bag comes with extra-large insulated cup holders, wipes dispenser, phone pocket and an extra space to keep anything you might need.
  • This bag is perfect for travelling moms. It comes with a removable pouch which easily detaches.
  • This stroller organizer diaper bag is a great gift for new moms. It comes with a lifetime warranty which is yet another amazing feature.

Product review:

If you are tired of always lugging around the big and bulky diaper bag for all your baby needs, then you should switch to this stroller organizer which doubles as a diaper bag. The non-skid straps prevent sliding and they really do fit properly. This diaper bag will stay upright and not tilt like most diaper bags do when you attach them onto the stroller. It is due to the D-rings that help it hang straight. 

It is very well made using a thick fabric. The cupholders are huge and the pocket in the middle is very spacious. It also has a small mirror and an expandable wipes pocket. This bag has outdone all the other bags! 

With all the amazing features it is simply a better choice. The straps are compatible with all strollers. They are very adjustable for all types of handles. It’s just what you’re looking for. There is an extra -large pocket in the centre that holds a ton of things. It is big enough to put snacks, diapers and everything you need when you go out with your baby. People were very happy with this purchase. It is recommended by a lot of customers due to the spacious structure and the amazing straps that fit all the strollers. 

10. ALLCAMP Diaper Bag

Price: $38.88 ~ $48.88


  • This amazing convertible diaper backpack is a great product as it effortlessly converts from a traditional cross body messenger or an over the shoulder tote, to a convenient backpack
  •  The fabric is waterproof for easy cleaning. The bag comes with a changing pad and the stroller straps. It can be easily attached to your baby’s stroller when you’re out and about with your child.
  • The design of the diaper bag is stylish yet very comfy for you to carry around with you. 
  • The bag has 4 gusseted pockets, 3 zippered pockets, 2 exterior 3 insulate bottle pockets, mommy pocket, quick reach pocket for cell phone and keys. It also has ample space inside to keep essentials. 

Product review:

This is a great bag available at an unbeatable price. This bag is made of high-quality material and will last a long time. The zippers are very easy to open and customers loved the magnetic flap on the outer pocket while still having a zipper as well. The design of this bag was very thoughtfully made as it has every feature you can imagine you might need. 

The best thing about this bag is that it opens all the way around and you don’t have to reach down in the bag to grab anything. You can easily access everything from the way it opens out. It can also be unzipped with one hand which is a great feature when you’re handling your baby. The bottle holders on the inside of the bag are insulated. Most bags don’t have that feature. The mom compartment will hold a lot of your things easily and the back sleeve stores your devices like phone and tablet. 

The side wipes holder is very convenient and can hold a big bag of wipes. It also comes with a changing pad in the front pocket. You can carry it as a tote. You can wear it as a backpack or messenger bag too. Customers were very pleased with this bag and they recommend it to everyone looking for a roomy diaper bag on a budget. 


Q1. For how long will I be able to use the diaper bag?

The usage of the bag depends totally on you. You might need a diaper bag till your child is trained (2-3 years old) and then you can still continue to use the bag as a storage option to carry supplies for your child like snacks, water bottle, a change of clothes and a small blanket. 

Some parents use their baby’s diaper bags till the child goes to kindergarten. Some diaper bags are of great quality and will last you for years so it really is on you for how long you want to use the diaper bag for your baby.

Q2. What all can I store in my baby’s diaper bag?

A diaper bag is designed in such a way that you can store every little thing you might need for your baby very conveniently in separate sections so that every time you need something you don’t have to sit around and dig into your bag. Following are a few items you can carry in your baby’s diaper bag whenever you head out:

  • Diapers
  • Ointments for rashes
  • Burping clothes
  • Change of clothes
  • Baby blanket
  • Bibs
  • Snacks
  • Water bottle
  • Pacifier
  • Small toys or rattle
  • Your phone
  • Charger
  • Keys
  • Wallet

Q3. What all should I keep in mind while buying a diaper bag?

Some moms feel that the larger the diaper bag the better it is, to some degree it is agreeable but size is not the only aspect about a diaper bag that you must consider while buying one. Take the following factors into consideration while buying a diaper bag:

  • Stroller attachment- You will be using a diaper bag at least for a couple of years and by the time your baby is in a stroller you will be sick and tired of hanging a diaper bag on your shoulder every time you go out. Make sure you get a diaper bag that has an option to be attached to your baby’s stroller. There are several options for diaper bags that fit almost all types of strollers. 
  • Number of pockets- There are various small items that your baby might need like a rattle or pacifier and many pockets help you keep these small items handy in case your baby starts fussing about.  Having quite a few pockets in the bag is important as then you won’t have to rustle through the bottom of your bag while your baby cries. With many pockets you can also keep your own things like keys and phone in a safe place and move about stress free with your baby. 
  • Colour- Just like the baby is cared for by both the parents, the diaper bag will also be carried by both parents whenever they are on baby duty. Make sure you buy a colour that is suitable for the both of you. The design of the bag also matters as you do not want to buy separate diaper bags for every different occasion.
  • Straps- The straps on a diaper bag should always be adjustable if you’re planning to share the bag with your partner or the caretaker of the baby. Since diaper bags tend to hold a lot of stuff, they become heavy and bulky. Carrying them can be a daunting task. Buy a diaper bag with adjustable straps so you can adjust them according to your own comfort.
  • Closure- Zippers are the best type of closure when it comes to diaper bags as you do not want all your stuff pouring out when you’re busy taking care of your baby. Velcro is not such a good option as it wears out pretty soon and then is not able to hold your stuff inside the bag. 

Q4. How can I wash and keep my baby’s diaper bag clean?

Diaper bags hold very risky items like milk bottles and medicines etc which might spill and cause a huge mess which is why most diaper bags are made of waterproof material. It is very easy to clean. Some diaper bags can be washed in the washer too but not all. If your bag is machine washable then use gentle cycle and mild detergent to wash it in the machine. Allow it to air dry. Do not put it in the drier as it might cause damage and the stitches might come off. It can also damage the zippers on it. If you are cleaning the diaper bag by hand, follow the steps given below:

  • Heat up a little water
  • Mix liquid detergent in the water
  • Dip a soft cloth or a towel in the detergent water
  • Rub the stains off your bag using the damp cloth or towel
  • Air dry the bag 

You can also turn the bag inside out to clean the inner part of the bag in the same way. 

This article has given you an insight into what all to expect when you’re looking to buy the most important item you’d need for your baby- the diaper bag. A diaper bag is going to make your life easier in ways unimaginable. It is something you cannot replace with regular handbags because with a baby you will need something you can easily access. Keeping milk bottles warm is also important as some babies completely refuse to have milk if it’s cold. To take care of your baby in the best possible way and to keep your sanity you need to have everything organised and a diaper will help you do exactly that. Choose one of the best diaper bags from our list and let us know in the comments section which one you chose.

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