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Best Designer Sneakers Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Sneakers Of 2022

Imagine you’re out with your friends having the time of your life and suddenly your sandal strap snaps! Now you’ll have to carry that broken sandal all the way back home. Being in such an uncomfortable situation can be avoided just by wearing shoes, right? But shoes don’t really look stylish, do they? They rather spoil your look? Well, you’re not entirely correct. There are amazing designer sneakers now available which are super comfortable and also trendy. 

Sneakers are really the best footwear to have ever existed. They can be paired with any type of clothing and will still make you look just amazing. It can be defined as the most functional piece of footwear. Once meant only for sports activities or for commuting, sneakers can now be spotted on runaways being sported by top fashionistas. Have you ever felt awkward when you walked into a crowded chirpy room and everyone suddenly stopped what they’re doing and stared up at you because the sound of your shoes attracted unwanted attention. Well, sneakers would never put you on the spot like that. 

Sneakers got their name from the word ‘sneak’ when they were initially invented they were a novelty as compared to the hard leather shoes which made a clickety- clack sound every time they hit the floor. Unlike those, sneakers were made of rubberised soles which made absolutely no sound when they hit the ground and you could possibly sneak around in those shoes, hence the name- ‘Sneakers’. They are considered to be one of the most popular types of footwear because they are just so comfy yet so trendy and affordable. 

We bet, if you step outside on the street you will find half of the population sporting some or the other type of sneakers. Ever since they were invented they have evolved a lot in shape and styles and now there are tons of types which are available in the market for both men and women to choose from. 

Sneakers have a long history. Their ancestors, ‘Keds’ were a rudimentary version of rubber sneakers which were first introduced in the US market by a rubber company in 1892. They made rubber soled shoes with canvas tops and called them ‘Keds’, which naturally became very popular. In 1917, Marquis Converse made the first sneakers that were solely meant to be worn while playing basketball. In the year 1924 sneakers had become a sensation in the States and that is when they went international. 

A german inventor named Adi Dassler invented a comfortable sneaker and named it after himself- ‘Adidas’. His brother Rudi Dassler started another famous sports shoes company- ‘Puma’. It was in the year 1984 that the sale of sneakers really took off. Sneakers were a huge part of the 80s lifestyle and fashion. As and when there was any innovation, a new design of sneakers kept dropping in the market for their customers. Now, there are thousands of brands that develop high- end sneakers that aid you in running or walking and can be used for specific purposes. They are also available in luxury brands and are used by celebrities to make a fashion statement. Sneakers have risen to such a level of recognition that many brands manufacture them and sell them as luxury items. They are status symbols and sometimes worn to show off one’s wealth. The best thing about sneakers is the versatility and the affordability. You can find sneakers at the cheapest and the most expensive prices and they will both give you enough comfort for walking, running or just styling. 

Following is a comprehensive list of the types of sneakers that available in the market right now:

  • High top sneakers– This type of sneakers is very popular right now. They are the ones that extend just a little above your ankle and give it support. High-tops are considered a very safe choice of sneakers because they have the ability to avoid a sprain in your ankle. These sneakers might even delay muscle reaction. It is a good choice of sneakers, however, the only drawback that they might have is that they increase pressure on your heels and are an injury risk. 
  • Basketball sneakers- These sneakers are specifically designed to facilitate the game of basketball. Keeping in mind all the physical activities that go on when you are playing basketball, this type of sneakers was designed to give you utmost comfort and flexibility. These provide support and cushioning to absorb shock and give you stability while running. They show you to move swiftly from  one direction to another in a fraction  of a second. 
  • Athletic sneakers- These sneakers are specifically designed to play sports. They can be used for running, cycling and possibly any other physical activity. They can also be worn to the gym. 
  • Canvas sneakers- These are probably the most basic sneakers. They have rubber soles and canvas tops. The biggest reason for the popularity of canvas sneakers is the kind of versatility they have. They will provide the best comfort and will also suit every outfit you wear them with. They are available in various closure styles like slip ons or lace ups. They can be worn by both men and women and are very popular because of their affordable price and lightweight. They are very easy  to clean and maintain. 
  • Velcro sneakers- These sneakers are basically canvas sneakers which use velcro straps as closures instead of lace ups or slip ons. They are very easy to wear and carry. They were initially designed to play sports but have recently become a popular choice of casual footwear. The basic design of white velcro sneakers is probably one of the most popular ones. It is the one you imagine when someone says the word ‘sneakers’. 
  • Designer sneakers- These are luxury sneakers designed to basically show off how rich you are. These sneakers are the most quirky ones and have beautiful designs and patterns. Created by luxury brands these sneakers are very popular among celebrities and cost up to thousands of dollars. They can also be custom made to look exactly like you would want them to look. 

As mentioned earlier different types of sneakers can be worn for different occasions. In fact sneakers are such a versatile piece of footwear that they can be worn absolutely anywhere.

Let us have a look at the following list which tells you about the types of sneakers which can be worn based on the purpose you are aiming for:

  • Walking sneakers- If you are someone who walks a lot as a physical exercise then you need shoes that will give you a lot of comfort and cushioning. The perfect sneakers for you will be a pair of athletic sneakers. Make sure you buy the pair after carefully measuring your foot because the measurement has a huge role to play in the level of comfort you can derive from your pair of athletic sneakers. 
  • Running sneakers- If you are a regular runner then it is very important for you to get some sneakers that are designed for that very purpose. Your feet need special cushioning and form when you are running and running sneakers are designed keeping specifically that in mind. The ideal choice of sneakers for running are high top sneakers as they provide excellent support and comfort. The second choice can be athletic sneakers as they have the perfect amount of cushioning.  
  • Cross-training sneakers- All types of physical exercises except for running can be considered cross- training. If you are into weight lifting then athletic sneakers are considered to be the best choice for you. You can also wear cross- training sneakers when you go hiking or trekking as these shoes give you a good grip on the ground and naturally more comfort than the other types. 
  • Cycling or spinning sneakers- Cycling or spinning are not considered extremely intense forms of exercise which means you do need support but not as much as you would while running. Regular plimsoll sneakers can be used while cycling or in  your spinning classes. 

Sneakers can be considered one of the best inventions by mankind because without them you wouldn’t even begin to comprehend the kind of comfort your feet can feel while doing the most intense forms of physical exercises.

Following is the list of the top 10 sneakers you can choose from:

1. CLIFFS by white mountain shoes

Price : $29.99 ~ $118.97


  • These high-top sneakers are made using the best quality materials and the quality can be assured since these were manufactured in the USA. The sole is made of comfortable synthetic rubber and the insole is softly cushioned for a comfortable fit.
  • The look of these shoes is incredibly stylish. The ankle has a sweater lining trim which looks trendy. The shaft of the shoe comes approximately up to the ankle. The platform is pretty thick and will give you quite some height.
  • These shoes are available in 5 beautiful color options which can be mixed and matched with all your outfits.


These shoes were really popular among the customers because they found them quite comfortable for long wear. The tread on the sole is amazing and keeps you from slipping on snow. These are not tight fitting and the length is just right. The foot-bed is spacious enough to accommodate a thick pair of socks. It is also good for people with wide feet. 

Customers were very happy with these shoes as they have been wearing them often and the shoes have been providing them with a lot of comfort. They have a soft sole, which is one of the most popular reasons why this item is on the top of the list.The material is very nice. These sneakers are wide, good quality, comfortable, and stylish. Customers loved these shoes so much that first time buyers said they would buy these in all the colors. These shoes are cute, have the right color and have lining at the top that looks trendy. 

Some customers complained that they were uncomfortable when you put them on for the first time. They complained about some chafing on the ankles. However, once you wear these for some time, they will become more comfortable. 

2. Balera shoes

Price : $27.95 ~ $30.95


  • These cute and glittery shoes are made of durable and lightweight canvas. There is a coating of good quality glitter on top and it has a non-marking sole. These shoes will fit great if you order the perfect size. 
  • The closure type on these shoes is lace- up. These can be used as performance shoes since they are extremely comfortable to wear and have beautiful sparkly glitter on them. 
  • The brand is famous among all the dancers since they use these shoes to comfortably execute excellent performances without slipping. The customer service can be reached if you face any issues with your product. 


These sparkly sneakers were a huge hit among the customers. Customers said that these were the comfiest shoes ever. The glitter is sparkly, it does fall out a little but that is expected. These shoes are very cute but some customers felt that the sizing is not right as they bought their regular sizes but the shoes ran small. 

Since they run a little small, some customers complained that they were so tight on their feet that the toes go right to the tip. Some customers also felt that the bed of the shoe runs a little long but when you wear thicker socks it’s perfect. Customers recommend going one size up than your regular size. Some customers who bought these as dance shoes complained that the glitter flakes off at the crease when you walk, but overall they are cute and comfortable. 

These inexpensive sneakers became very popular among the customers for their good quality and low price. They are comfortable and you won’t slip out of them. These shoes are highly recommended by all the customers. 


Price : $39.99


  • These cute wedge style sneakers are made with vegan suede on the outside and faux shearling lining on the inside. The insole is made using memory foam for extra comfort as you take each step. 
  • These sneakers will make you look taller secretly as there is a concealed wedge in the shoe that gives you the extra height of an inch. The platform is one inch too. 
  • The outer material of the shoe is incredibly durable and the sole is made using great quality rubber which makes these shoes last very long. They are available in 5 different colors and patterns. 


Customers love the way these wedge type sneakers fit. They are snug on your feet and the shearling on the inside gives it a cozy feeling. Wear these with or without socks since the lining is so comfy you won’t feel the need to wear socks anymore. The sizing of the shoes was good according to most customers however some customers recommended ordering one size smaller as these sneakers stretch out more than usual shoes do. 

Most customers find the shoes great fitting, however, people with wider feet recommended buying one size up since initially the shoes can be very tight. As you keep wearing them, they stretch out and will eventually give you a snug fit even with wide feet. 

Customers were very happy with these shoes and recommended buying all the colors since they would go with any outfit. You can wear these all day long and feel no pain at all in your feet. The lining of these provides extra warmth. The zipper is quite durable and glides smoothly. Some customers recommended using vaseline on the zipper to make it glide even freely. These shoes are casual yet dressy enough since they are made of suede. Customers recommend buying these shoes for either daily usage or for dressy evenings

4. Sam Edelmen shoes

Price : $49.99 ~ $139.00


  • These beautiful sneakers are made using 100% leather. They are imported and have a synthetic sole. They are available in three different colors with varying styles. 
  • The closure type on these sneakers is lace- up. The design is beautiful and looks like a sustainable luxury item. 
  • The comfy insole is made using synthetic and to top it all off the sole has a pre scuffed detailing for iconic aesthetics. 


Customers enjoyed owning these sneakers as they could stand and walk all day. They look super cute too. They are equally comfortable and stylish and can be worn with almost any type of outfit. Customers recommend using a magic eraser to keep these sneakers white. You can even dampen a thick sponge and scrub the edges to keep them white. 

Customers recommend going half a size smaller than your usual size because it runs big. Some customers even recommended going one size smaller since that would give you a perfect fit. Customers who have really wide feet felt that these shoes were not the best choice for them since they tend to be a little narrow. 

These sneakers are highly recommended for narrow feet because they are comfortable right out of the box and are very soft and stylish. Customers felt everyone should buy these since they are awesome and are available at an extremely affordable price for an all leather shoe of great quality. If you have wider feet than most people, customers recommend exploring other options otherwise this pair is the perfect one for everyone. 

5. FLYPUPPY shoes

Price : $18.99 ~ $26.98


  • These shoes are made using extremely breathable material which allows a comfortable fit on your feet. The insole is soft and comfy, made using memory foam and the outsole is made using durable rubber.
  • These are slip-on sneakers which means it is extremely easy to wear them and take them off. The elastic on the sides facilitates taking them off and putting them on. 
  • These are comfortable yet stylish shoes which can be worn for any indoor or outdoor activities. They are available in three different colors and patterns. 


Customers liked these shoes since the toe part of the shoe is great. They did have some problems with the heel being a little too big. All three color options are very basic colors which you will be able to sport with any outfit be it casual or formal. 

The shoes are easy to wear as they slip up and down your feet quickly. They look cute with all outfits. They are perfect for running errands or doing chores around the house. They’re comfortable enough to wear all day and easy to slip on and off if you go to a house where shoes inside are not allowed. Customers found the insoles of these shoes very comfortable. The outsole material doesn’t get dirty very easily. There is no need to wash these often. 

Overall customers felt that these shoes are totally cute and they suggested these to others. They are comfy to wear, are available in fun colors, and have a snug fit.  They stay secure on your feet without being too tight, and are very popular since it is very easy to maintain them for a long time. 

6. Sperry sneakers 

Price : $22.50 ~ $78.78


  • These top quality sneakers were made in the USA and have a premium metallic leather upper. The sole is made using top quality rubber. The insole is made using memory foam to provide you with comfort all day long.
  • The closure type on these sneakers is the signature Sperry- barrel tied lacing for proper fitting. The laces are convenient to use and very easy to tie up and open too. 
  • The sole is very flexible and is made of rubber which allows more traction as you walk. 


These sneakers gained popularity as soon as they were launched in the market possibly because of the versatile color and pattern options. The colors look exactly like the picture and are fabulous. Customers said they get a ton of compliments every time they wear these sneakers. 

Some customers complained of the long break in period since it is uncomfortable. Customers said that it goes with all the shoes made by this brand but since it is a trustworthy brand, it is a risk worth taking. The shoes live up to the expectations of the customers fully. They love these shoes for their good design. They look very pretty when you’re wearing them. Some customers felt that they are very closed and flat and sometimes that tends to look odd. 

Customers who have wide feet said that these were a little too tight on them and they recommend sizing up a bit . They look professional enough to be worn at work and stylish enough to be worn for fun. Customers highly recommend these sneakers and feel that they are totally worth the price. 

7. Easy Spirit shoes

Price : $43.22 ~ $49.95


  • These trendy sneakers are the perfect blend of a variety of quality materials like leather, suede and mesh. The quality is impeccable as these are imported
  • These sneakers have a removable insole which you can pull out of the shoes if you want to clean them. 
  • The closure type on these shoes is laceup. The laces are black rounded corded strings which are pretty sturdy and go very well with the entire color scheme of the shoes. 


These sneakers were loved by customers because most of them said that these were perfect right out of the box. That’s the best thing about these shoes- they can be worn right out of the box. You do not need any break in time or insoles. Some customers said that the shoes are a little wide and might not be the best choice for people with very narrow feet, however, they can be worn with some thick socks for perfect fit. They are very well made shoes and look trendy and stylish. 

These can be used as walking or jogging shoes because they are very comfortable. People with wide feet said that they fit very well without socks but a little too snug with socks. Customers appreciated the brand a lot and also went on to say that these shoes are the most comfortable pair made by this brand. 

Customers recommend this brand to anyone who needs comfort and durability. The only complaint a few customers had was the weight. They felt that these shoes were just too heavy to be worn the entire day. If you are not going to wear them for a long time, these sneakers are the best choice. 

8. Lugz shoes

Price : $49.99 ~ $108.99


  • These slip on sneakers are made using 100% synthetic rubber. The insole is super soft and comfortable and the outsole is made of rubber that gives you a soft step. 
  • These sneakers are easy to wear as they are slip ons. The elastic on each side makes it easy to slide in and out.
  • They look very trendy as they have a soft faux fur lining and trim on the ankle. They are available in two classic colors- black and beige, which can be matched with any formal or casual outfit. 


These sneakers are loved for their insoles. The fur lining keeps your feet warm even if you are not wearing socks. Some customers said that these shoes are the best ones for winters since you don’t always have the time or energy to put on socks. These sneakers will keep your feet perfectly warm even when it is freezing outside.  

Since the fur inside is extremely soft it doesn’t cause any blisters on your feet especially on the back of your ankle. The fur lining goes all the way up to the ankle keeping it safe from behind. They are good for cold weather but can be worn as casual shoes all year round. Customers highly recommend these because they match just about everything. They are as comfortable as they can be due to the fur. They are perfect to be worn indoors or outdoors and they are also called ‘the perfect shoe for running errands’ by customers. 

Both the color options are classy- black is a flat leather look and the tan is brushed suede. Customers recommend these sneakers because they are  very high quality for a reasonable price. With these sneakers your feet will stay warm on chilly days without socks.  

9. ECCO shoes

Price : $86.07 ~ $222.36


  • These high quality men’s sneakers are imported and have a synthetic sole. These are made using top quality, smooth, full- grain leather. The design detailing is done using a laser for precision. 
  • The inside of the shoe is lined with soft textile for a comfortable fit and breathability. 
  • The sole is extremely lightweight which is why the sneakers can be worn all day long without worrying about any pain. 
  • The laces are waxed for smooth operation. The insoles can be taken out for extra width, however, the shoes fit better with them and are more comfortable. 


Men love these shoes because most of them said that these fit them excellently, however some customers complained about the sizing and felt that it is not in sync with the size chart. They recommend going a size down as the shoe is pretty wide and will be loose if you buy your regular size. Going a size down might make the shoes narrower but if it is too narrow the insole can be removed for a little extra width. 

The style of these shoes was highly appreciated by all the customers. They look very well made and are of great quality. The leather is also very rich-looking. Most customers liked the shoes but some found them to be a little too stiff to be worn for a long time. They said that there is no break n time with these shoes and that they will remain as stiff as they are right out of the box. 

Overall, these were loved by customers because they are very high quality and look expensive. They are extremely well made with amazing craftsmanship , build , style and color. Customers highly recommend it for all men. 

10. NCNDB sneakers

Price : $35.90


  • This pair of clunky sneakers are perfect for women.  The top is made using high quality fabric that allows breathability and the sole is made with rubber.
  • These come up to your ankles and make your feet feel very comfortable whenever you wear them. 
  • The sole of these sneakers is thick and gives you a considerable boost in height. The outer body of the shoe is extremely flexible which will allow you to move freely even while wearing chunky shoes.
  • They are available in two shades of white and can be matched with any outfit.  


These perfect white sneakers became very popular among customers for their pristine color and the amazing quality. For most customers, they fit perfectly and they were extremely happy with their purchase. However some customers with wider feet said that the front could have been made  a little wider. It was too narrow even for regular feet. Perhaps, going up a size will help. 

Women loved the style of these sneakers. They give you a comfortable fit all day and the chunky sole gives you a little boost in height. Most customers loved that they were too comfortable yet stylish. Some customers said that they were not happy with the quality since the price was a little high. For this price the quality could have been a little better. . The laceup is pretty easy and they can be cleaned easily too. 

Since they are white in color some customers worried that they would have to clean these very often but just a wipe with a soft cloth will be enough to get rid of the dust and dirt. These are highly recommended for you if you’re looking for white chunky sneakers which are comfortable. 


1. What are some tips to choose the right pair of sneakers?

Buying a good pair of sneakers can be a challenging task especially when you are buying them for a very specific reason. We don’t invest in shoes very often but when we do we must be aware what we are getting ourselves, or rather our feet into. Use these following tips to buy the best of sneakers:

  • Check if the shoes have a stiff back. A stiff back in the shoe ensures that the shoe would not move around a lot when you’re wearing it and will give you a comfortable fit. 
  • Sneakers should always have a small amount of torque. It should be able to twist a little, that is how you will know that the shoe will allow flexibility in your movements. 
  • When you’re trying on sneakers, bend the shoe where your toes bend. This will ensure you have the perfect amount of room to keep your toes feeling comfortable. 
  • Check the lining and outsole material so that the sneakers look good and also feel comfortable. 

2. How to clean a pair of sneakers?

Having  a clean pair of sneakers is not only important so that people are not grossed out by you but also because they are something that receive a lot of your sweat and can develop bacteria that might cause serious fungal infections in your feet. Follow these easy steps to keep your sneakers neat and clean:

  • Use a dry brush to remove the dirt that is loosely stuck to the surface of your sneakers.
  • Make a cleaning solution by mixing water and mild detergent. You can also make a cleaning paste for light coloured shoes by mixing equal parts lukewarm water and baking soda.
  • If your sneakers have laces, remove them and wash them with the same solution by hand. You can also soak them for a little while if they are too dirty.
  • Apply the cleaning solution to your sneakers and let them sit for a good 5-10 minutes.
  • Scrub them down with an old toothbrush and rinse them with cold water. 
  • Let them dry thoroughly preferably in shade to avoid discoloration. 

3. How can wearing sneakers be good for your feet?

Sneakers are an affordable variety of footwear which do a lot more than just giving you comfort. Following are some of the reasons your feet can benefit if you decide to wear sneakers:

  • Sneakers are versatile and can be matched with any type of outfit. You wouldn’t have to buy separate shoes for going out on a date and going out to run errands. Buy a stylish and comfortable pair of sneakers and you have a pair of shoes for both the occasions. 
  • Sneakers give you the perfect amount of support while walking or running, reducing the pressure on your feet, and ankles. Wear sneakers to avoid any sort of discomfort while walking or even after it. 
  • Sneakers are nowadays made with highly advanced materials which allow breathability. When you wear shoes for a long time the skin of your feet is compromised. With a good pair of sneakers you will have a good amount of breathability which will ensure you are comfortable even after hours of sporting sneakers. 

Sneakers are easily one of the best things that was introduced in this world by mankind. There is nothing you can’t do while you’re wearing sneakers. Use them as your daily go to footwear or buy designer luxury sneakers to show off how hard you have been working to get that money. Sneakers are loved all around the world for the kind of comfort they give and the fact that they can be used by almost everyone- men, women, children, babies, the elderly, makes it even more popular. 

A pair of sneakers can do wonders for your feet by giving you the right kind of support, comfort and flexibility. We are sure that after reaching here in this comprehensive article, you are aware of what goes on when you buy the right pair of sneakers. Make the right choice using all the tips and suggestions mentioned in the article. 

Choose the perfect pair of sneakers for yourself from the list above and joyously do whatever you want. Go for walks, cycle a little, run errands or just enjoy life as it comes your way. A pair of sneakers will always be by your side in all your adventures. Let us know in the comments which pair of sneakers you chose to accompany you on all your outings. 

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