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Best Curtains For Beautiful Home In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Best Curtains In 2021

Curtains are that important item of furnishing without which every home is incomplete. Can you think of anyone you know who does not have curtains in their house? Exactly, that is how important they are. Curtains not only add aesthetic value to your rooms but they also protect your homes from dust and bacteria. Needless to say, they protect you from unwanted gazes too. It is impossible to feel a sense of privacy inside your own home without curtains.

Are you someone who likes to come home and feel that relaxing ambience? If yes then you’re probably someone who is very picky about home furnishings and that is why it is very important to have some solid knowledge about curtains- an important item of furnishing. 

The first use of curtains dates back to 3000 BC when Egyptians used animal hides as curtains. Later, they also used textile spun from flax and fabrics like linen, silk and even wool. In modern times, simpler form of curtains are the most popular ones supporting the minimalist décor look which is extremely popular. 

Curtains are often on the inside of a building meant to block the passage of light while sleeping or stop dust from entering the building or even for noise absorption. You’ll be blown away by the kind of curtains that are available in the market right now. Nowadays, curtains can be operated using hands, press buttons, remote controls etc. They are also used as backgrounds or backdrops to enhance the room’s décor or even in auditoriums. They come in a variety of shapes, materials sizes, colors and patterns.

As mentioned earlier curtains not only protect your home but they also play a huge role in your home décor. There are different types of curtains with which you can adorn your house while conserving your privacy.

Drapes and curtains- Are they the same thing?

Curtains are usually measured fabric panels that are sold in pairs. The main function of curtains is to block excessive light, protect from dust and add a bit of aesthetic value to your home. Curtains come in all types of materials and you can choose from a variety of fabrics used to make the, drapes on the other hand, are thick and are made of fabric heavy enough to block all light outside. They’re long and typically reach from the top of the windows to the floor, sometimes puddling. Stiff fabrics are usually preferred to manufacture drapes and since the primary purpose of drapes is to enhance your home décor, luxury materials like velvet, damask and silk are used to make them. 

Just like curtains drapes are also available in various shapes, colors and sizes but mostly they are solid. They hang from rods on rings, hooks or grommets. The most popular type of drapes are the blackout drapes which will let you have your room dark enough to sleep even during the day. Drapes are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. 

Choose from the following types of curtains

Choosing the right curtain for your home can be a taxing task. If you’re confused between a few types of curtains or are unsure which one would be the best for you, go through the following types of curtains listed along with the kind of performance they deliver and the primary purpose for which they are used:

  • Sheer curtains– These curtains are quite popular right now as they look very classy and add that touch of modern interior to your homes. As the name goes, these curtains are translucent and cannot be used to block light. They are solely used as a home décor item which upgrades the look of your home. Since they do not block light, they can be paired with roller blinds or with drapes.
  • Blackout curtains- These curtains are the opposite of sheers curtains. They are a great option when it comes to blocking light coming from outside. They not only block light but also provide insulation and absorb sound. They are made using thick opaque fabric usually with liners.
  • Café curtains- This type of curtain is hung only halfway up the windows. The name comes from the curtains that used to be put up halfway in old roadside café windows. They are made of sheer or semi sheer fabric. People use this type of curtains to ensure privacy and light control. These work best in kitchens, bathrooms and even bedrooms. 
  • Window scarves- It is a piece of long fabric that hangs in front or on the side of the windows. This type of curtain is used for decorative purposes and does not have a very elaborate design. There are several styles in which window scarves can be hung up. 
  • Pleated curtains- These are classic curtains which are suitable for daily use in a formal setting. They are made of thick fabrics. There are several types pleating pattern curtains you can choose like box pleated, pinch pleated, pencil pleated, goblet pleated, cartridge pleated etc. 
  • Grommet curtains- These are the most widely used type of curtains. They look modern and are very easy to use due to the open rings or grommets. They are perfect to be used in bedrooms and patios. They are made of lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen. 
  • Casement curtains- These are the simple curtains. The heading of these curtains is a simple sleeve that a rod can be slipped into. The curtain then hangs from the rod. These curtains can also be used with wires. If you’re looking to create a romantic or country look for your house then choose this type as they create a soft romantic look. 

Dos and Don’ts of curtains

Curtains are a huge part of your home décor and when you decide to amp up the look of your house you tend to go for expensive curtains. These curtains will give your homes a facelift but over a period of time they might look worn out. Check out the following dos and don’ts to avoid ruining your home décor:


  • Measure the doors or the windows selecting your favorite pair of curtains 
  • If you are choosing curtains with grommets then better choose a rod that is wider than your window. It will make your curtains look even more grand.
  • Choose the right hardware to hang your curtains with.
  • Choose the right fabric.
  • Remember the purpose for which you are buying the curtains and then choose the curtain


  • Set the curtain rods too close to the windows, it might cause your curtains to scrunch up from the top.
  • Choose the wrong length of the curtain for a window or a door
  • Spend too much on a curtain because too much of anything cannot be worth it
  • Ignore the kind of care required for the fabric of your curtains

When it comes to choosing curtains you might have so many choices that you will feel paralyzed by endless possibilities. To get the best out of your curtains you must religiously follow the rules given below:

  • To create a romantic and breezy look in your living room always choose sheer curtains or light-colored curtains. Let that natural light in. Choose blackout curtains strictly if you need to block light completely.
  • Match your curtains to your walls and your house will be glowing in no time. 
  • Make sure that the hardware is never visible or if that’s not possible, then make it least visible. 
  • Allow your curtains to pool but never let them be too short. They must always kiss the floor.

A few important things to consider while you’re buying curtains

  • Fabric – While buying curtains fabric is the most important aspect that must be thought of beforehand. Your purpose for buying will define your decision of purchasing them. Blackout curtains have layered thick fabric, whereas, sheer curtains are very lightweight and translucent fabric. Choose a curtain according to the fabric which will serve your purpose.
  • Colour – This is also one of the most crucial factors to be considered. As you are not going to buy new curtains every now and then, you must carefully examine the colour in daylight. Make sure that it is the colour that matches you home décor. Colour also plays a vital role when buying blackout curtains as darker curtains tend to block more light. Sheer curtains must be light in colour as they are meant for adornment. 
  • Length – The length of the curtain defines the kind of look it will offer to your home. Before purchasing make sure that you measure the height and width of the area where you want to install your new curtains. The curtains that are too long tend to puddle on the floor and hence get dirty very soon. Shorter curtains look odd and offer an awkward look to your home. The length of the curtain should be such that it just kisses the floor. 
  • Lining – This factor must be considered when you are buying blackout curtains or shower curtains. Blackout curtains are usually thick and barely ever require a liner, however if the colour of your blackout curtain is light then a liner is recommended as it promotes the blockage of light. Plastic shower curtains can be used as liners for fabric shower curtains to keep them from getting wet. 
  • Wash type – The washing type and maintenance of a pair of curtains is something that is so important that it can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. Curtains usually have too much fabric and need to be dusted and washed every so often. It is not possible to wash heavy and thick blackout curtains by hand. Always check whether the curtains you are purchasing are machine washable or not as it will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. 

Curtains are a priority item when you are moving into a new house or redecorating your old one. These are umpteen options available. Out of the ample curtains available in the market we have carefully selected the top ten curtains you can adorn your home with while protecting it too. Check out the list and exhaustive description of the best curtains below:

1. Nicetown Blackout curtains

Price: $24.95 ~ $42.95
  • These blackout curtains by Nicetown are made of polyester and they do the job perfectly. They block maximum light and UV rays. If your purpose is to block daylight, this pair is perfect as the fabric used is made with innovative triple weave technology.
  • This pair of curtains includes 2 blackout curtain panels. The measurement is 52″ wide x 120″ long. It comes with 7 back loops. The fabric is of great quality and does not need liners. It is soft yet heavy. The fabric is wrinkle free and both the sides of the curtain are of the same colour. 
  • The thick premium fabric used to make this curtain helps balance room temperature by acting as an insulator against heat during summers and cold air during winters.
  • These beautiful curtains will not only enhance the overall look of your house but they will also protect your home from the harmful rays of the sun and dust the keep settling on items.
  • It can be hung up in three ways- Pleated, Shirred or with clip-rings. The design includes both back loop and rod pocket style per panel with 2-inch inner diameter each. It creates beautiful pleats easily giving your house a classy look.
  •  The tailoring of this pair of curtains is done really well which will make them last for years. You can easily wash them in the machine when they become dusty. Make sure that you use mild detergent.

Customers claim that these curtains are really effective at blocking light as the fabric is quite thick. The stitching and finishing of these curtains were also greatly appreciated by customers. The customers also swore by the customer service offered by Nicetown as it is hassle free and totally helpful. Some customers felt that the curtains are very well made for temperature control too. 

2. Deconovo blackout curtains

Price: $27.99 ~ $40.99
  • These solid blackout curtains are the perfect mix of style and function. The fabric is smooth and elegant which makes the drape look beautiful. It will bring that blend of modern and classic to your home that you’ve always longed for.
  • This pack of curtains includes 2 panels each measuring 52×72 inches. You can choose out of three hanging styles- back loops, rod pocket or with clip-rings.
  • These blackout curtains are absolutely best suited for you if you’re looking to block light. The darker colours naturally block more light but even the lighter shades block almost just as much. Install these curtains and experience the night during the day.
  • Since the fabric used to make them is thick and of premium quality, this pair of curtains is well equipped to regulate temperature in your room. It will help keep your rooms warm during winters and will not let the outside heat creep in during summers. They also help reduce noise coming from outside. 
  • These low maintenance curtains are made of thick yet lightweight fabric which allows effortless hanging. They can be washed in the washing machine using light detergent. It is not recommended to tumble dry them. 

The reviews these curtains have received are very positive and encouraging. Customers claimed that these are complete blackout curtains, even the light colours. They are easy to wash and hang nicely. Some customers complained of a strong chemical smell coming from these curtains, however, the smell goes away with a single wash. These curtains are the best for you if you’re on a budget and are looking for all in one curtain.

3. Good Gram 2 pack sheer window curtains

Price: $8.99 ~ $12.99
  • This pack of light filtering sheer curtains is available at a very reasonable price. Use them to add beauty and grace to your home décor.
  • They are available in 17 different colours, each better than the other. The fabric used to make them is polyester. Lightweight and machine washable, this pair of beautiful and delicate curtains is a steal deal.
  • Hang them using rod pockets or metal grommets. Each pair is available with both options. 
  • Use them to hang around your bed for a canopy style look. The fabric is perfectly thin to go for it. 

Customers are very satisfied with this pair of sheer curtains. Many people have adorned their houses with them and have praised they way it falls. Some customers felt that the fabric is not wrinkle free and they had to iron it to make it fall right. For the price you pay, these curtains are perfect and will do a remarkable job of uplifting the look of your home’s interior look.

4. RYB Home Blackout Blind Curtain

Price: $19.95 ~ $36.95
  • This curtain is made of 100% high-quality durable polyester and super soft triple woven fabric. It will make your home look beautiful and at the same time will block half of the light coming from outside. 
  • The package includes 1 panel of blackout curtain measuring 8.3 ft Wide x 7 ft Long ( W 100 x L 84 inch ). It also includes14 Rustproof Silver Grommets on the top with an inner diameter 1.6″. It will fit most curtain rods. 
  • This curtain can be used as a single window curtain or as a room separator to create a personal space. This curtain will help block the light and insulate summer heat and winter chill.
  • You can use them in patio glass doors, living room, office or anywhere else in your house. They can also be used as backdrops. 
  • The material used is the same on both sides of the curtain. It is very easy to install them and take care of them.  They can be washed in the machine using non-chlorine bleach. If you need to iron them, do it at a low heat setting.

These super high-quality curtains are perfect to be used as a room separator. If you have one large room in which you want to create space for two, use this to split the room. Customers claimed that no outside light shines through these blackout curtains. The fabric is soft to touch but heavy. The durability, the workmanship and low price made customers feel very satisfied. Make sure you measure the height of the place where you want to hang this curtain as customers felt that it is a little too long. 

5. Exclusive home curtains Catarina layered solid blackout and sheer window curtain panel pair

Price: $38.99 ~ $98.99
  • This pair of curtain panels is a combo of both a blackout curtain and a sewn in sheer panel for layered elegant design. 
  • The package includes 2 curtain panels, each measuring 52″W x 84″L. The blackout curtains and the sheer panels are sewn together in such a manner that they can be draped in many ways to create the look of your liking.
  • These two curtain panels come with 8 matte silver grommets per curtain panel. The inside diameter for curtain rod measures 1-5/8″- each panel is sewn with 4″ heading, 3″ bottom hem.
  • These blackout curtain panels will minimize your exposure to sunlight allowing you to block light at any time. Pick curtain panels measuring twice the width of your window to create the effect of complete darkness.
  • These woven curtain panels are interwoven with blackout insulation provided by LightBlock and Thermax technology which will not only block light but will also regulate temperature in your home. 

These curtains look beautiful once put up, however, some customers claimed that they are not completely blackout curtains. They tie in the light, flowy vibe perfectly. They are perfect! They make a statement; they are the first thing you see when you walk in and you will get many compliments. This pair of curtains was described as a beautiful and classy window treatment. 

6. No. 918 Martine Microfiber  Semi-Sheer rod pocket kitchen curtain set

Price: $7.89 ~ $19.17
  • These semi sheer kitchen curtains are available in a wide array of classic, traditional, and contemporary colours exquisitely chosen to create the perfect look for any décor.
  • This set of kitchen curtains includes 1 valance and 2 tier curtains which will help you work privately in the kitchen.
  • They can be washed in the machine using cold water and gentle cycle. 
  • It is recommended to use only non-chlorine bleach when washing them. They can be tumble dried and ironed at low heat setting. 
  • They are perfect to be used in kitchens as well as bathrooms as their primary function is to let you have some privacy
  • The hanging design of this curtain is rod pocket which means it can be hung up easily in any curtain rod. 

Most of the customers felt that they got exactly what they were looking for when they purchased this set of curtains. If you’re looking for something for your bathroom then you should definitely install these curtains as they are not completely blackout curtains which will darken your bathroom and not too sheer which will ruin your requirement of privacy. The fabric is perfect for letting a little bit light in yet at the same time allowing you your personal private space. The curtains are very good quality for the price they’re available at

7. Decotex Premium Quality Sheer Scarf Valance

Price: $8.30 ~ $9.50
  • This curtain is made of 100% polyester. The package includes 1 sheer scarf measuring 216 inches long. The width is available in two options 37 inches and 54 inches.
  • This curtain is not just a curtain but a multi-use scarf which is perfect for using as décor for your home or even as a backdrop for party pictures.
  • It is available in 27 different vibrant colours. Out of all these colours most are bound to match your home décor.
  • The texture of this curtain’s fabric is very soft and smooth. It drapes beautifully due to the flexibility of the fabric. 
  • These dainty curtains can be washed in the washing machine with mild detergent. Always iron them at a low setting as the fabric is thin and lightweight. A higher heat setting might cause discoloration or burning of the fabric.

 These curtains are the perfect blend of colour and style. Install them in your living room and fetch a million compliments. They are best suited for windows. Some customers felt that the colours could be better as they differ a lot from the pictures provided for reference. They are sheer and lightweight. There are parts on the seams where the threads are frayed and some runs in the fabric but none of that is noticeable once the scarf is hung up.

8. LOVTEX PEVA shower curtain

Price: Around $35
  • This water repellent shower curtain is transparent and will not cling to your body when you take a bath. It also won’t give off any bad smell like other curtains.
  • This shower curtain can be used individually just as a shower curtain or it can also be used as a liner for your fabric curtain.
  • It is lightweight and is mildew resistant. It has thick reinforced hem along the top so you don’t have to worry about tears that usually happen with all shower curtains.
  • This shower curtain has weights at the bottom which keep it down while you’re showering. You don’t have to worry about it blowing up or moving around when the air conditioner or heat comes on. The magnets at the bottom keep it in its place.

This shower curtain is specially loved by the customers because of the extra inch of length that it offers. It allows the curtain to sit right in the shower covering up the area it is supposed to cover. It is crystal clear and if you rinse the suds off it right after you shower it will look clean as ever for a long time.  With low maintenance, low price and perfect functioning this shower curtain is a pretty good deal. 

9. Turquoize Linen Curtain Panel Pair

Price: $25.98 ~ $32.99
  • These sheer curtains are crafted from superior quality open weave linen and polyester blended material. They are not transparent but have the perfect amount of opacity to allow a little bit of light to filter through them.
  • Each package includes a pair of 2 elegant linen window sheer panels. Each panel measuring 52 inches wide and 108 inches long or 104 inches wide and 108 inches long
  • The linen fabric is beautiful and will create a surreal look inside your home while allowing you to enjoy your own privacy.
  • This pair of curtains is made by OEKO-TEX standard 100 factory. It has a natural effect; is vinyl free and is also ECO friendly. 
  • This pair of curtains will give your house a classic and sophisticated look, and you can easily match these with your existing home décor. 
  • The curtains can be washed in washing machines with cold water. It can be ironed at a low heat setting.
  • You can install these curtains easily by yourself as they are made with 1.5 inches header and 2.5 inches rod pocket. They will easily fit up to 1.6 inches curtain rod.
  • They are available in multiple classy colours. Choose the one that closely matches your décor.

These semi sheer curtains will let the natural light in giving your rooms a natural hue. They look gorgeous and soften up very nicely after being washed and ironed. No shrinkage from the washing. They are good quality and expensive looking curtains. If complete privacy is what you’re looking for then you might want to consider blackout curtains as these are pretty sheer. They are great for filtering the bright sunlight to a more pleasant ambient glow.

10. Dreaming Casa Velvet room Darkening Curtains

Price: $42.49 ~ $49.99
  • This dreamy pair of curtains is made with the most luxurious looking fabric- velvet. Each package contains 2 panels of curtains. Each window curtain panel measures 52 inches wide and 84 inches long
  • You can hang these curtains in two ways- using the rod pockets or with back tabs. Both the rod pockets and the back tabs of this curtain can fit up to 2.3” curtain rod. 
  • They aren’t blackout curtains which is why they do not completely block the sunlight but filter it beautifully. They are sheer enough to allow good airflow and thick enough to allow you to enjoy privacy.
  • This curtain set is prefect for your living rooms or bedrooms. They are available in 12 gorgeous colours that will add a pop of style to your house. 
  • The best service offered by Dreaming Casa is that they allow you to customize your curtains to whichever size you want. If you need customization you can get in touch with the customer care service and send them an email stating your requirements.

These curtains give your home a royal look as the colours they come in are rich and deep. They are not too heavy but not very lightweight either. For the price at which they are available they are great. The material is like suede, a bit thinner than pure velvet which is thicker. The velvet is soft and plush which makes them prefect for bedrooms. They are also very opaque, and darker than some blackout curtains but also allow the light outside to filter in. 


Q1. What are the basic ways in which I can clean my curtains?

All the curtains are made of different materials that must be cleaned according to the fabric, but there are a few ways to clean curtains which can be used to clean all types. Follow these given ways to clean your curtains and keep then new for years:

  • Dry cleaning– Even if your curtains are made of washable fabric, sometimes the lining can shrink in the wash and make it look disfigured once you put it back up. Avoid taking that risk and get them dry cleaned by professionals, especially the types of curtains that have pleats or are made of thick fabric and have ornamentations.
  • Machine wash– Almost all daily use curtains can be washed in the washing machine as they are made of lightweight fabric. Do not wash sheer curtains in the washing machine as the tumbling and tossing can damage the thin fabric. 
  • Soak and wash– Over a long period of time curtains can have a lot of dust trapped in them, to get rid of that dust soak the curtains in a bucket overnight. Do not add detergent to the soak as it may have a fading effect on the fabric. You can later wash these soaked curtains by hand or in the machine depending on the kind of fabric they are made of.

Q2. What is valance? Can it replace curtains?

A valance is a form of window treatment which covers the uppermost part of the window. They are not the same as curtains as curtains cover the entire door or window whereas valances cover only the top part. You can use valances individually or they can be paired up with matching curtains. The function of valance is to provide you moderate level of privacy in the kitchen or in the bathroom. They can also be used as a decorative fabric to adorn your windows and make them look pretty.

Q3. What is the difference between lined curtains and blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains as the name itself suggests are meant to block light completely and offer temperature regulation. They must help prevent drafts of cold air and must be able to minimize heat. Blackout curtains are usually available without liners. Lined curtains are the ones that come with lining. They have an uncoated fabric on the front which offers elegant décor to your home and the back panel is a coated fabric which provides insulative qualities. 

Both blackout curtains and lined curtains can be used to block light, however blackout curtains are always the best choice when it comes to blocking light as the fabric used to make them is pretty thick and heavy. 

Q4. What are thermal curtains? Do they really work?

Thermal curtains are the ones which are meant to insulate your home. They are either double- or triple-layered heavy fabric with a thick backing of insulate material and often a polyester-film vapor barrier. They are usually made of 100% cotton, wool or polyester and are coated on the window side with acrylic foam or layer of aluminium to protect from ultraviolet damage. Since they are pretty thick, they also act as sound barriers. It is very easy to take care of these curtains as they can be just wiped with a damp cloth on the outside. A thermal curtain will not only protect your house against bright light and dust but will also keep you warm in winters.

Reading this entire article must have been an enlightening experience for you, right? Buying a pair of curtains is more important than it sounds because we don’t buy them every other day. This fact cannot be stressed more that a pair of curtains has the power to completely make the look of your house or wreck it too. So, choose wisely and let us know in the comments which kind of curtains you are choosing from our list.

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