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Best Chocolate Gift Hampers Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith

Have you heard of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Are you familiar with mister Willy Wonka’s strange yet delicious chocolate treats? Growing up we all either watched the movie or read the book and dreamt about visiting the grand chocolate factory. Chocolate has a great influence on children and adults alike. It’s something that can literally uplift your mood and stop all the sulking. It’s loved by all to the same degree. Some people love it so much that they’re fondly known as chocoholics in their friend circle.

Chocolate is a tasty treat that can be eaten just as it is or it can be put in many desserts to make them taste even better. Add them to cakes, biscuits, wafers, cookies and make them taste ten times more delicious. Chocolates are your mates that multiply your happiness and raise your spirits during tough times. Having chocolates is scientifically known to improve your mood. A chocolate hamper is one of the best gift choices for anyone and is suitable to be gifted on any occasion. 

Chocolate was discovered a long long time ago and was consumed in a very different way than it is today. The origins of chocolate date back 4000 years in Mesoamerica which is present-day Mexico. The cacao plants with which chocolate is made were first found here. Needless to say, it was a luxury item since it took so long to make it. It was consumed as a drink or used as medicine. It was declared a ‘drink of the Gods’ by Mayans. This drink was made by roasting and grinding cacao seeds and mixing them with chilies, water, and cornmeal. This drink was made foamy by pouring from one pot to another and was called ‘xocolatl’. The chocolate you’re munching on right now has its roots in this very drink. At some point, cocoa beans were also used as currency. Chocolate was believed to be a gift from God and was consumed before going to war. 

Chocolate has always been a popular item among the rich. It also served as a drink among monks consumed before religious practices. Chocolate remains a great treat even today but not just among wealthy people. Modern-day chocolate was first manufactured in 1847. Since then more and more American artisans have created great things with chocolate and not just regular chocolate bars.

Here are some fun and interesting facts about your favorite confection:

  • Chocolates can help prevent tooth decay by inhibiting the growth of bacteria in your mouth. 
  • It takes almost a year for a cocoa tree to produce enough pods to make 10 small chocolate bars. 
  • There are more than 450 flavors of chocolate all across the world. 
  • Milk chocolate was invented in Switzerland.
  • The price of cocoa can fluctuate daily, affecting the income of farmers.
  • It takes two to four days to make a single chocolate bar.
  • A farmer has to wait for five years for a cacao tree to produce its first beans.

All of us know chocolate in its most glorious form of brown colour but did you know there are different types of chocolates too?

Here are the types of chocolates manufactured today:

  • Milk chocolate: This type of chocolate is very popular among dessert lovers. It is made using milk materials that are blended with sugar, chocolate liquor, and cocoa powder. This mixture is then dried and it becomes a crumbly powder called milk chocolate powder. The creamy and smooth texture comes from the process called ‘conching’ which is actually gently mixing. To enhance the delicate flavors of milk chocolate, it is mixed gently while gradually raising the temperature. The process of conching allows the ingredients to mix together creating silky and creamy milk chocolate. 
  • White chocolate: This delicious type of chocolate is made with a blend of sugar, cocoa butter, milk products, vanilla, and a fatty substance called lecithin. White chocolate contains cocoa butter but it lacks cocoa solids which is an important component of chocolate. White chocolate is popular because it has a unique taste and even its appearance is very different from regular brown chocolate. Since it does not have cocoa solids many people do not consider it chocolate but on a legal level it is in fact chocolate and a very delicious one. 
  • Dark chocolate: This form of chocolate contains cocoa solids, cocoa butter without the milk or butter that’s found in milk chocolate. An important ingredient is emulsifiers like soy lecithin which preserves the texture. A small amount of dark chocolate is considered a healthy snack. 
  • Ruby chocolate: This variant of chocolate is a new one, coming to the market in 2017. It was discovered by aby Belgian Swiss company called Barry Callebaut. It is the biggest innovation in the world of chocolate in 80 years. It is made using Ruby cocoa beans. It is the gorgeous colour of the chocolate that has made it so popular. It does not contain any artificial colours or flavours but tastes dazzling. 

Chocolate is an evergreen sweet item loved by all. It is used to enhance the flavour of a number of snacks.

Following are a few snacks that are made using chocolate and taste a whole lot better only because of chocolate:

  • Chocolate-covered crackers– crackers or biscuits of any kind, are, as it is a popular snack item. Now if you add chocolate to it wouldn’t that be a bit better? Chocolate-covered Graham crackers are quite popular all over the States. 
  • Chocolate marshmallows- you can either make chocolate marshmallows by dipping the regular vanilla marshmallows in chocolate ganache or you can make chocolate marshmallows from scratch by adding cocoa powder to the mix when you’re making them. Both taste divine. 
  • Chocolate puppy chow-  Puppy chow or muddy buddies are loved by children everywhere. Chocolate puppy chow uses either milk chocolate or dark chocolate and the resultant product is absolutely delicious.
  • Chocolate peanut buttercups- this popular chocolate is made using peanut butter and chocolate. They are one of the most popular kinds of candy in America. You can use any type of chocolate while making peanut butter cups at home but the most popular variety of chocolate used in it is milk chocolate. 
  • Chocolate-dipped pocky sticks-  pocky is originally a Japanese snack food invented by Yoshiaki Koma. They’re basically chocolate-coated biscuit sticks. The chocolate-coated pocky was the original product and there were many new flavorings introduced since then but none gained more popularity than the chocolate-covered version. 
  • Chocolate-covered pretzels- for a sweet and salty snack you can always rely on a chocolate-covered pretzel. These crunchy snacks are very popular, especially during the holiday season. Pair these with hot drinks and have fun in winter. 

Chocolates are scientifically proven to be the key to happiness. When you eat chocolate, it releases serotonin in your body which is a chemical responsible for elevating your mood. It helps you think positively. Following are some of the many reasons why gifting chocolates is the ultimate choice:

  • It has the power to grant warmth and comfort in any form. Be it hot chocolate or a chilled chocolate ice cream it will surely comfort an anxious soul.
  •  It looks beautiful. Chocolate can be molded into any shape and can be decorated to look premium. So if you don’t want to spend too much money and still don’t want to come off as frugal, buy a chocolate basket as a gift for everyone. 
  • Since chocolate boxes have a variety of chocolates, they have something for everyone.
  • It has several health benefits. Dark chocolate restores the flexibility of arteries and fights against plaque build-up in your teeth. It also helps fight memory loss. Dark chocolate also has flavonoids that fight against skin damage. 

With these many health benefits and interesting snack items, we are sure you are looking forward to buying a ton of chocolate gift hampers.

Have a look at the following and rest assured because you’ll be buying from the top 10 options available:

1. Funky Chunky Chocolate Gift Hamper

Price : $20 ~ $55

Goodies included

This delicious chocolate snack gift hamper includes five flavors of popcorn. These five flavors are sea salt caramel, nutty choco pop, peanut buttercup, chip zel pop, and chocolate pretzel. 

Flavor factor:

All the five flavors in this hamper are scrumptious and balanced. The gooey caramel has the perfect amount of sea salt. The tiny peanut buttercups are mixed with caramel popcorn and drizzled in caramel and white, milk, and dark chocolate. In short, all the flavors are to die for.


This chocolate hamper is loved by all its customers and the taste of all the flavors is beyond amazing. According to most customers, these are pure dessert items as they have huge clumps of savory chocolate. The combinations of ingredients are clever and the quality is great. The gourmet chocolate and caramel popcorn varieties are really good

Customers recommend:

This product is highly recommended by the customers since it has a wide variety of perfectly-balanced flavors. The presentation of the hamper is great but some customers expressed dissatisfaction related to the size of the bags. They felt that the sizes were too small for the price asked and that they were embarrassed to give these out as gifts since the bags were just too small. The portion should be increased since the price is quite high as compared to other chocolate snack hampers. 

Some health-conscious customers commented that the combination of popcorn and pretzel is not a healthy combination if you’re trying to avoid gluten. Some customers were also unhappy with the peanut buttercups because they were a little too sweet. Choose this gift hamper for someone who is not allergic to nuts and loves sweets. Customers also recommend this if you’re looking for some snacks that have moderate portions. The bags are quite small and you wouldn’t sit and eat more than you’d want to. Buy this chocolate gift hamper today and treat your friends and family to ultimate chocolate popcorn.

2. Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate Bar Gift Hamper

Price : $38.39

Goodies included:

This chocolate gift hamper exclusively includes dark chocolate bars. These bars are made from ethically sourced chocolate. The rich taste comes from the full dynamic flavor of Trinitario Cocoa beans. 

Flavor factor:

This is an absolutely perfect dark chocolate made with the finest cacao beans. The chocolate bar is 85% cacao making it the brand’s darkest chocolate bar. It’s semi-sweet and has an indulgent taste. 


This dark chocolate bar ranks very high on the taste-o meter. Dark chocolate infamously has the reputation of having a chalky and brittle texture but not this one. It’s smooth, warm and creamy. It truly is the best dark chocolate. The beans used to make this chocolate bar are not composed of milk and sugar. It has a good amount of fiber, protein, iron, healthy fat, and all sorts of things that are good for you.

Customers recommend:

The price you get considering the work it takes to harvest chocolate and comparing this bar with others is incredible. It’s great for healthy weight gain, or as a lovely, healthy treat in small pieces. Customers found it dreamily delicious, and it’s one of the only chocolates that make you feel better after eating. This chocolate is not a sweet treat you want to sit down and eat, nor something most people can tolerate in very large doses. It’s something you put in your sour yogurt to somehow make it seem sweeter; brew hot chocolate with, or otherwise slowly savor small pieces. It is not something everyone will like, nor something that you’ll be able to easily want or tolerate in large doses by itself, and that’s okay because it’s not meant to be consumed that way. Buy this Chocolate gift hamper if you’re looking for the best dark chocolate with great texture. 

3. A Gift Inside Chocolate Gift Hamper

Price : $36.72 ~ $119.68

Goodies included:

This versatile Chocolate gift hamper includes two large bags of hand popped gooey caramel corn, two bags of sweet chocolatey pretzels and white chocolate, caramel drizzled pretzels, crunchy peanut brittle, chocolate covered sea salt cashews, real chocolate almond bark, and half a dozen of Ghirardelli’s fine individually wrapped chocolate squares.

Flavor factor:

All the scrumptious flavors of this delightful chocolate gift hamper were loved by customers. All the chocolates and caramels are handmade which ensures the best melt in your mouth taste. Feast on these flavorful treats and have the best time during the holidays. 


The taste of the items was enjoyed by all customers and most of them said that the snacks tasted very fresh. They were crunchy and the chocolates tasted great. Some customers felt that some items were too hard and seemed stale. The ranking of this chocolate gift hamper on the taste-o-meter is not too high.

Customers recommend:

Many customers were in favor of this chocolate gift hamper because of the loaded quantity of snacks included. Not only are the portions large but are also tasty. The package is packed really well and is completely stuffed with goodies. Some customers were not on board with it because one or two items from their hampers were missing. Some customers complained that the description of the product says nothing about dark chocolate and yet dark chocolate was included in their hampers instead of almond chocolate bark. It can be dangerous since some people are allergic to dark chocolate. Customers loved this product but felt that the price was high. Since the package comes in a little reusable basket you can use it later for other purposes. Customers were happy and content with their purchase and recommended this chocolate gift hamper for a chocolate lover. 

4. Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Hamper

Price : $33.00

Goodies included:

This awesome Chocolate Gift Hamper includes a piece of dark & caramel sea salt square, a piece of dark chocolate with caramel square, a piece of milk chocolate square, a piece of milk chocolate with caramel square, a piece of mini milk chocolate with caramel square a piece of mini dark chocolate square, a piece of mini dark chocolate sea salt caramel square, dark chocolate wafers, red thread chocolate chip cookies, dark drizzled caramel corn, and double chocolate cocoa.

Flavor factor:

Chocolate lovers will rejoice with this delicious and flavorful chocolate gift hamper. The flavorings of all the gourmet chocolates are lovely. Versatile flavors and balanced taste make this gift hamper a favored gift. 


This chocolate gift hamper has lots of flavors but unfortunately, none of those were able to fetch it a high ranking on taste-o-meter. Customers complained that the chocolates tasted and looked old. Not a very popular gift choice among customers.

Customers recommend:

This chocolate gift hamper looks better than the chocolates it has. Some customers felt that it was overpriced because it looks like something you could easily put together on your own. The chocolates, although packed nicely, lack proper texture and flavor. Some customers even reported that the chocolates were heat damaged when they arrived. There were finger dents in the chocolates. Moreover, the description pictures show 6 boxes stacked like a tower but you actually get 5. Most customers said that the price they paid was too much for the small number of chocolates given. The packing was beautiful but the chocolates were not loved as much. Customers recommend this chocolate gift hamper which can be stacked like a tower solely because of its beautiful packaging. It can be gifted on any occasion and will help you make the recipients’ day a lot better.

5. Astor Chocolate Variety Gift Hamper

Price : $11.99 ~ $14.99

Goodies included:

This excellent chocolate bar gift hamper is a beloved gift for every American. The package comes in different variants. It has the option to include either 3 or 5 bars of chocolate. You can also include mini chocolates in it. 

Flavor factor:

The flavors are mouthwatering. They include imported Belgian chocolate, rich dark chocolate, and creamy milk chocolate. It also has dark almonds, milk toffee pretzels, and milk with caramel.


If you’re a peanuts fan, you will surely love all the flavors in this chocolate gift hamper. Each one of these bars is a different color and is a different flavor. You can choose from milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, almond & toffee. The caramel flavor was the most delicious.

Customers recommend:

This is the most perfect gift a child can ask for. This perfect peanut Christmas gift has all the classic characters like Charlie Brown and his best pal Snoopy! Other characters featured are Schroeder playing his iconic piano and Lucy & Sally ice skating in a fun winter theme. The packing of the product is very protective and done expertly so that it doesn’t get damaged during shipping. Customers said that the chocolates are neither too sweet nor too bitter, they’re just the perfect balance of the blend of all flavors. These bars are not just meant for kids. They have been loved by their adult customers too. In fact, these chocolate gift hampers brought out their inner child. Customers highly recommend this great quality chocolate gift hamper. 

6. Fruidles Chocolate Gift Hamper 

Price : $6.99 ~ $18.99


This cute little chocolate gift hamper is a collection of milk chocolate balls. Each ball is individually wrapped in colored foil. This chocolate gift hamper is an absolute must-have at every Christmas party.

Flavor factor:

These chocolate balls are exclusively made of premium milk chocolate which is Kosher certified. The flavor of this milk chocolate is super rich and creamy. 


These delicious milk chocolate balls taste good enough to be placed in stockings as stocking stuffers. Some customers gave these chocolate balls as gifts to their children who did not like it so much which is why its ranking on the taste-o-meter is a bit low. 

Customers recommend:

Some customers loved it but the others were thoroughly disappointed by it. They said that the bags it came in were too small. Kids especially did not like it. The other group of customers on the other hand really liked these chocolates, especially as Christmas stocking stuffers. These can be bought in bulk and used for several things during Christmas. You can even decorate your Christmas tree with these. Customers said that you cannot go wrong with these chocolate balls. The price is extremely reasonable for the quality as well as the quantity. Some customers do not recommend it since they did not like the packaging or the flavor. 

7. Bonnie and Pop Chocolate Gift Hamper

Price : $36.50


This box of chocolates includes candy cane cups, almond toffee yogurt peppermint pretzels, chocolate foiled caramel balls, holiday peanut trail mix, peanut brittle, peppermint salt water taffy.

Flavor factor:

These sweet and savory flavors are made with a lot of care and that’s why they taste absolutely divine. The flavors are each very different and equally good. These sweets are individually packed to avoid the mixing of flavors. 


The treats in this delicious box of chocolates look scrumptious and crunchy and based on most customers’ reviews this tin of chocolates ranked very high on the taste-o-meter. 

Customers recommend:

This beautiful tin of chocolates received lots of positive reviews from its customers. The packing was really appreciated by all customers. It was done very neatly. Customers were very happy with this chocolate gift hamper since it makes a great gift for every occasion. All the recipients who received this item as a gift really loved it and were very appreciative of the flavors of the chocolates and the beautiful tin it is packed in. The only thing that customers did not like was that the brand does not include a gift message card. Had that been included, the chocolate gift hamper would be the ultimate holiday gift. The fact that this chocolate gift hamper is manufactured by a family-owned business was very positively received. When one runs a family business they’re very dedicated and so was this brand in making these lovely chocolate hampers that can be given as gifts no matter what the occasion is. 

8. ChocZero Keto Dark Chocolate Gift Hamper

Price : $14.99

Goodies included:

This healthy dark chocolate is very special because it can also be eaten by people who are on a strict diet. The gift hamper includes keto-approved dark chocolate bars. They’re available in 6 different flavors with different nuts and fruits. 

Flavor factor:

The best thing about these healthy keto chocolate bars is that they can be eaten by everyone. Even the people who are advised by doctors not to eat any sugar can eat this because it does not have any sugar or alcohol. Packed with flavors, this is the healthiest chocolate bar you will find in the market. 


This chocolate gift hamper includes only healthy chocolate bars but as mentioned earlier, it is packed with flavors which means it’s absolutely delicious! The positive reviews of customers have given this gift hamper a high ranking on the taste-o-meter.

Customers recommend:

All the variants of this keto chocolate have received positive reviews. Customers who initially ordered this product received a bag of chocolate bars together but recently the brand has changed this packaging technique and now packs each bar in individual packs. This helps a lot with portion control. If you’re someone who really likes chocolate, this stuff can be addictive which is why separate packing of each bar turned out to be a great idea. Some customers expressed serious concerns over the chocolate bars being not what they claim. Customers said that the chocolate bars are definitely not sugar-free neither are they keto-friendly. If you really are watching your weight, these chocolates may not be the best thing for you. On the other hand, the chocolate tastes great and comes at an affordable price. Diabetic or not, this chocolate can be eaten by everyone in small quantities. Give your friends and family a healthy snack to munch on this holiday season. 

9. Godiva Chocolate gold gift hamper

Price : $26.99 ~ $344.95

Goodies included:

This is a 140 piece chocolate gift box that includes artfully created gourmet chocolate pieces. All these pieces are filled with delicious fillings that will surely please all its recipients. The flavors included are raspberry, coconut, cherry, and almond. 

Flavor factor:

The flavors are all fantastic: the raspberry star has creamy-sweet white chocolate; the coconut one has creamy coconut fondant in dark chocolate; the cherry has a whole cherry in sweet liquid fondant and dark chocolate shell; the almond crunch is almond pieces coated in milk chocolate and dipped in dark chocolate. 


The flavor profile in this chocolate gift hamper is quite different and that’s why it is so popular among its customers. The chocolates are glossy and smooth and that gives them a high ranking on the taste-o-meter.

Customers recommend:

This high-end chocolate box has been a savior for many people who have been stuck in quarantine during these trying times. It was like their little pick me up. The chocolates in the box all taste very delicious and some of the customers received them in good condition. But along with the positive reviews, there were some concerns also raised about the packaging. The customers were unhappy with the fact that all the chocolates were not individually packed and hence they ended up with a big mess of chocolate since the chocolate melted and the flavors ended up getting mixed with each other. The taste of the chocolates on the other hand was very popular among customers. The product overall received mixed reviews but there were many people going ga-ga over this chocolate gift hamper and highly recommend it as a gift for oneself or for close friends

10. Madelaine Chocolate Gift Hamper

Price : $11.89

Goodies included:

This premium chocolate gift hamper includes 24 pieces of milk chocolate each individually packed with awesome taste. This hamper is made with the freshest cocoa beans which make it taste perfect and give it the best texture and balanced sweetness. 

Flavor factor:

This chocolate hamper in the form of an advent calendar has a rich flavor and the creaminess of top-quality milk chocolate. 


This chocolate gift hamper did not hit the spot at all. The customers did not enjoy the flavor much which is why it ranks low on the taste-o-meter.

Customers recommend:

Customers ordered this product as gifts and were not very impressed with it. They claimed that all the chocolates had gone stale and dusty. They looked unappealing. In spite of a few negative reviews, this chocolate gift hamper is still popular because of the way it is put together. Some customers even went on to say that they’ll never buy another advent calendar of chocolates. Since all these chocolates are individually wrapped, they arrive in the best shape and do not fail to impress. One of the greatest things about this chocolate hamper is that it’s gluten-free. The pieces of chocolates in this advent calendar are quite big which is a plus because who wants tiny pieces of chocolate, right? Based on all the chocolate advent calendars in the market this one has quite a few pieces of milk chocolate. Buy this chocolate gift hamper for your kids today and give them a chance to open each chocolate door with the same level of excitement. 


1. What are some health benefits of chocolate?

  • Dark chocolate has high cocoa content which is quite nutritious. It has fibers,  minerals, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium. All of these have a good effect on your health if consumed in the ideal quantity.
  • It is a powerful source of antioxidants. Dark chocolate is filled with organic compounds that are biologically active and function as antioxidants. These include polyphenols, flavonols, and catechins, among others.
  • It works on blood pressure too. Many controlled studies show that cocoa and dark chocolate can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure, though the effects are usually mild. 
  • It might reduce heart disease risk. In a study of 470 older men, cocoa was found to reduce the risk of death from heart disease by 50% over 15 years. 
  • It may protect your skin from the sun. The building compounds in dark chocolate are great for your skin. Studies show that the flavanols from cocoa can improve blood flow to the skin and protect it from sun damage.
  • Dark chocolate is also known to improve blood flow to the brain which in turn promotes better brain function. 

 There’s huge evidence that works in favour of chocolate being an awesome snack that not only tastes delicious but is also good for your health. Buy these as gifts for your loved ones and show them you care. 

2. What is the significance of chocolates around the holiday season?

 Chocolates always give positive vibes and are an important part of all our holidays. Whether it is Christmas or Halloween, chocolates are something we cannot do without. Here are some festivals that have a special place for chocolates:

  • HanukkahThe celebration of this holiday is incomplete without the gold chocolate coins. It’s also known as Hanukkah gelt. It’s play money given to children or teachers in the game of Dreidel.
  • ChristmasDuring Christmas celebrations, people bake chocolate chip cookies for Santa Claus and exchange chocolates as gifts. Throughout the winter holidays, hot chocolate is a special treat. 
  • HalloweenHalloween is the most important holiday when it comes to chocolates. The tradition of trick or treating is incomplete without chocolates. During this holiday chocolate sales in America are very high. 

3. What are some tips that might help me buy the perfect chocolate gift hamper?

By choosing to give a chocolate gift hamper you are already making a great decision. Have a look at the following tips which will help you choose the ultimate chocolate gift hamper:

  • Look for that has a different variety of flavours which can be shared by everyone
  • Take a good look into the ingredients and check for any that might trigger an allergic reaction
  • Also check dietary restrictions and preferences of the recipient before buying a hamper for them. 

4. What are some proven benefits of eating chocolates?

  • They are very nutritious.
  •  They have powerful antioxidants
  • They improve your blood flow and lower your blood pressure
  • They reduce heart disease risk
  • They will protect your skin from the sun

Chocolates are always a preferred and loved option when it comes to gifts. There is nobody who wouldn’t appreciate a box of chocolates. The variety of chocolate snacks in a chocolate gift box will please not one but all your family members and friends. Gift a box of sweetness to each and every person you know. This is such an affordable gift that you can literally buy it for everyone and give it out as Christmas or New year gifts. Imagine the happiness on a needy person’s face when you give them a box of chocolates that signifies warmth and care. Make some lonely people happy and hand out these gifts to homeless people who are unfortunate during the time when the whole world is celebrating. It’s a small amount to spend but the blessings you’ll receive will be uncountable. Let us know in the comments which boxes you bought. We recommend buying at least one of each! Happy holidays! 

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