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Best Chandeliers Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Chandelier Of 2022

The first thing which comes to our mind when we talk about opulence is a big house with beautiful pieces of furniture, and us (preferably!) sitting on a lavish couch and sipping on expensive champagne. A lifestyle which oozes magnanimity and grandeur. A lifestyle which is fit for the kings, and all this is absolutely incomplete with a grand chandelier. If you tweak your memory of all the thought of sipping champagne under a chandelier, instantly makes the thought ten times better! Now, you too can feel special, almost like royalty with a beautiful chandelier at home.

Chandeliers are grand and beautiful. They reflect light in the most beautiful way possible. The grace, the charm and the elegance which a chandelier brings to a home is unmatchable. Having a chandelier at home is a definite show stealer. If you are really honest with yourself, just the thought of being able to soak in the light and glory of a chandelier is enough to make your heart skip a beat! After a tiring day at work, being cooped up in harshly lit spaces, coming home to a beautiful and equally relaxing space is a boon. Chandeliers make that dream come true. The soft diffused light and little twinkle here and there will fill you with a sense of awe and rejuvenation. A beautiful chandelier is a work of art and being able to have it in our homes is a great way to up the aesthetic of our space almost instantly.

Types Of Chandeliers

  1. Candle Chandeliers- When you talk about chandeliers the first picture which comes to your mind is a classic and quintessential candle chandelier. These beautiful chandeliers have five or more extensions with each extension having a candle like light or a candle holder at the end. These chandeliers have a very rustic appeal and it goes very well with such a set up. These chandeliers are classy and if you want an elegant look this type is perfect to choose.
  1. Antler Chandeliers- These chandeliers look like antlers and can amaze you with its sheer beauty. These ones look exactly like antlers, however, no animals were harmed during its making. Antler chandeliers have a wild beauty to it which adds to outdoor setting and increases the rustic vibe of the place to a great extent.It’s a fantastic choice for every nature lover. Although, some discretion should be maintained while hanging it. Kitchens and kids’ rooms should be spared as it might not go well with the mood.
  1. Drum Chandeliers- These chandeliers look just like a drum, as it has a circular shade covering the light source.These chandeliers have a very soft, romantic glow to it, and can be very well used in the bedroom or lounge.It is also a good choice for the dining area as it creates a very calm mood to enjoy your meal.
  1. Bowl Chandeliers- These chandeliers flaunt a more simplistic design where the main body of the light is a big bowl suspended by some support of simple design. These chandeliers are famous for the fact that it gives a different kind of glow which is upwards towards the ceiling.Also, the design is for all those who are looking for a fashionably understated look.These chandeliers reflect light beautifully onto the ceiling which leads to interesting patterns to look and enjoy.This interesting light source is very appropriate for bedroom and drawing room settings.
  1. Beads Chandeliers- The ultimate boho feel can be achieved by these beautiful bead chandeliers. Made entirely out of beads it gives you the exotic feel and how. These beads can be made from glass, crystal, plastic or any other material. However, it may not suit the aesthetics of everybody and care should be maintained in incorporating this in the decor. The light that these chandeliers emit is  very diffused and they are suitable for places where people unwind.
  1. Transitional Chandeliers- These chandeliers combine the best of both the worlds. It is both traditional as well as modern, both rustic as well as futuristic.These types of chandeliers are mostly bought by customers as they pair very well with any kind of decor.These chandeliers work really well in drawing rooms and stairways and emit a lot of bright light.
  1. Glass and crystal Chandeliers- These chandeliers are truly a thing of beauty. These work of art chandeliers are loved by all as they are absolutely stunning and crafted to perfection.These chandeliers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made up of glass or crystal.These chandeliers are very detailed and look very delicate.They also come in lot of geometric and abstract shapes and are excellent for living rooms and large spaces as they are bright and total show stoppers.
  1. Tiered Chandeliers- These chandeliers are widely sold as they are beautiful, bright and beautifully crafted.They can be  made up of either glass or crystal. As these chandeliers are tiered they are big and very bright, which makes them excellent for stairways, hallways and entryways.

History Of Chandeliers

Chandeliers which are a sign of grandeur, beauty and wealth actually had humble beginnings. The word chandelier has been derived from the french word Chandelle which means candle.

The first chandeliers date back to the 15th century medieval period, where simple wooden crosses with spikes on each end supported candles made up of animal lard.These chandeliers were used in abbeys and churches as an effective source of lightning.Later on this simple design was worked upon and a crown with multiple spikes to support candle was born, which also had long and curved arms of ormolu(metal casting), and this is how chandelier was born.Only royals and nobility could afford this candle lit beauty and it was sign of wealth and status.

By the end of the 16th century refractive stones and crystals were used in its making, thereby, increasing the glory of chandeliers to a great extent. By the 17th century slowly the chandelier was moving from palaces to prosperous homes and the rest is history.

We have done an extensive research on various Chandeliers and after hearing from the actual users based on different requirements and conditions, found a list of the best top ten Chandeliers which will estaticaly add up the royalty to you and your home.

Here is the list we formed to make it easy for you to choose among the vast option available in the market

1. Beirio-Crystal Chandelier

Price : $539.99


  • Dimensions: this chandelier has a height of 31.5 inches and width of 24 inches.This comes with an adjustable chain which can be adjusted according to your need.The length of the chain is 39.37 inches.
  • Make and design: This gorgeous ball drop crystal chandelier is an absolute eye grabber. This ceiling light fixture can be easily installed to give you that stunning play of light and shadow.made with superior quality material and three layered plating technology , this beauty is a stunner.This chandelier is not only elegant but also gives you that much desired beautiful brightness.
  • Compatibility: This beautiful chandelier is compatible with any E12 bulbs.It also comes with the function of dimming the lights so that you can adjust the brightness, accordingly. A total of 13 bulbs are required to light this chandelier completely.
  • Installation: This chandelier is very easy to  install and it comes with an adjustable chain to give you the desired length.
  • Warranty: This chandelier comes with a 100% return/refund policy within 30 days and parts of the light can be replaced within 5 years of purchase.Customer care service is available 24/7 in case of query or concern.

Lets ask the customers!

Customers were very happy with this purchase.The found absolutely stunning, and they feel that it is a great addition to any home. Customers feel that it can be put up almost in any large space with a high ceiling like reception or foyer area of a house.Some feel that by far it is the best looking chandelier that they have ever seen or bought,  and take great pride in owning such a thing of beauty. The illumination from the chandelier is mesmerizing and customers feel it’s a great buy and totally value for money.

Customers also feel that it adds great Elegance and luxury to any home decor,  and should be bought without second thought. A beautiful and mesmerizing chandelier at this rate is a rarity and people should lose no opportunity to buy this. Customers were very happy with how the late chandelier looked and the beautiful light it cast on the surrounding area.

However, some customers felt that the chain which came along with the chandelier could have been a little longer as that would have made the installation easier and quicker. That would have also taken away the hassle of buying an extra chain. 

2. Vinluz- Metal Chandelier

Price : $175.99


  • Make and design: This contemporary chandelier is sure to be a thing of envy for your guests! This chandelier has a contemporary minimalist design which is a thing of great admiration. It’s modern and yet very elegant.This chandelier is perfect for dining or drawing rooms.Even a big kitchen ceiling would look amazing with this ceiling fixture.This has a very sturdy, industrial vibe which will go very well with modern decor.
  • Installation:This chandelier comes with all mounting  hardware for easy installation. Also, the rod is adjustable to give you the desired height.
  • Compatibility: This chandelier is compatible with E26 base bulbs with a maximum of 60W.It requires 5 bulbs and comes with a dimmable function.
  • Service: You can go to LightingPlus and click on “Ask a Question” to contact the company in case of query or concern.

Lets ask the customers!

Customers found a chandelier very contemporary and trendy which is absolutely suitable for people with minimalist modern aesthetics. It looks and feels absolutely incredible and sleek. Customers found it most suitable for living rooms or dining Areas where they see bright light but at the same time they do not want it to be overtly bright. Customers found the design very modern at the same time they felt it did not compromise on the quality of a chandelier. It is easy to install and imparts a beautiful glow once lit.

The Black metal finish adds an understated glamor to it which is very appealing to the customers. They feel that the color goes really well with any kind of decor or ceiling color. Customers found the chandelier extremely study and easy to clean owing to its design.

3. Szxykeji- Glass Chandelier

Price : $229.99


  • Dimensions: This chandelier has a dimension of 9.84 “h * 33.85” w, 4.72 “w. It comes with light smoke gray lamp shades which should be handled with care.
  • Make and design: This stunning piece of art can be used to light up big spaces like dinning areas, bedrooms or kitchen ceilings. The make of this chandelier is delicate and futuristic at the same time.This light fixture is a show stopper as the design is a rare one.
  • Installation:Small parts to be assembled first followed by proper installation(detailed installation drawings). In case of difficulty, professional help should be seeked.
  • Compatibility: his chandelier is compatible with E26 base bulbs with a maximum of 60W and comes with a dimmable function.
  • Service: Customer care service is available 24/7 in case of query or concern.Please feel free to contact.

Lets ask the customers!

Customers found this chandelier a piece of visual extravaganza. This chandelier looks almost like a piece of art by renowned artists. Many customers have received compliments from family and friends for this stunning piece of ceiling light fixture.Some feel that this chandelier looks too expensive and it is a total delight that it is highly affordable. Customers feel this is best suited for an area which does not require a lot of bright lighting as this chandelier will look best when the light bulbs are not very bright. Customers found the manual for installation very helpful and they could successfully install it by reading the instructions. People who like delicate and dainty designs should definitely go for this chandelier.

However, few customers  found it pretty inconvenient to use different sized bulbs for different shades in the chandelier. They felt it would have been better if all the bulbs were of the same size or if the company could provide different sized bulbs along with the chandelier.

Some customers have also pointed out that the shades are made up of glass and are  very delicate and should be handled with utmost care otherwise there is a high chance of cracking it even with slightest of pressure.

4. Surpars- Plastic Chandelier

Price : $79.98


  • Dimensions: 17 inch (43cm) ; Cord length: 67 inch (1.7 meter). Canopy size: 4.7 inch (12 cm)
  • Make and design: This gorgeous flower like chandelier will probably be the best piece of decor in your homes! Its exquisitely crafted and has a dream-like feel to it.This chandelier is best suited for that muted romantic feel , hence, very suitable for bedrooms and lounge areas.
  • Installation: Super easy to install as it just needs to be hung. No hassle of assembling or dealing with small parts.Just hang and light it up!
  • Compatibility: This chandelier is compatible with 3 x E26 base bulbs with a maximum of 60W.Multicoloured as well as white and warm white bulbs can be used for desired effect.

Lets ask the customers!

This is a must have for people who like delicate or things made up of soft material like silk or feather. Customers feel that this beautiful chandelier is very apt for children’s nursery or can be put above a baby’s crib or cot. The feel of the chandelier is very dreamlike and it’s an utmost delight to gaze at it. The way this chandelier grows after it has been lit is a thing of beauty. Customers were very lured with the make and feel of this beautiful chandelier. Although it looks very delicate, in reality it is pretty sturdy and does not move around or budge from its place. This chandelier can be used with a dimmer switch and dimmable bulbs which would give different moods to the chandelier.

However, few customers feel it is difficult to clean a chandelier like that owing to the fact that it is made up of feathers and feathers generally gather a lot of dust and particles. Secondly, because it is pretty high, vacuuming that chandelier might feel very tricky at times. A few customers Felt that the company should have provided the rod which would help the chandelier hang from the ceiling.It is indeed a hassle when you have to keep buying extra fixtures to hang and install a ceiling light fixture.

5. Tobusa- Tobusa

Price : $79.99


  • Dimensions: Overall chandelier body size 21.6″L x 21.6″W x 23″H. The total metal hanging chain length 47.2’
  • Make and design: This beautiful rustic chandelier is a must have for anybody who seeks that boho chic look in their home. Made with superior quality wood and an anti rust body this chandelier is a thing of pure delight! This fixture is stylish, durable and serves the purpose to its fullest.The best part about this chandelier is that this can be hung anywhere, right from your bedroom to your foyer area to your living room, yes, it’s that versatile!  Also, the back plate is designed in such a way that it matches all kinds of ceiling.This chandelier comes with an adjustable hanging chain.
  • Installation: Very easy installation as it comes with detailed instructions, and can be ready within 15minutes.
  • Compatibility: This chandelier is compatible with 4 x E12 base bulbs with a maximum of 60W.Multicoloured as well as white and warm white bulbs can be used for desired effect.Suggested bulbs cover LED, CFL, vintage filament, incandescent. Orb open-design allows our four E12 bulbs light up your space with 360°illumination!

Lets ask the customers!

Customers found this chandelier a very pretty addition to their home decor. The look of this entire chandelier is a beautiful blend of rustic and modern. In addition to the way it looks, the chandelier casts a very beautiful shadow on the ceiling above. Customers  found it very bright which makes it a great addition to any living room, hallway, and high ceiling spaces. Customers found the charm of this chandelier very different from what we generally get in the market. It looks very chic and elegant, and instantly adds sophistication to the space.Different kinds of bulbs can be used in it for added effect and glamor.

However, some customers found the installation process not so easy. They feel it was quite a hassle and it would have been convenient and better if the instruction manual would have been a little more clear with its instructions.

6. Motini- Gold Caged Chandelier

Price : $108.99


  • Dimensions: overall height 93″, body height 18.5″, body width 12″, body depth 12″
  • Make and design: when the modern meets the classic this is what we get! A beautiful lantern-like modern chandelier with a tapered top and lantern body which has four candelabra lights inside the lantern. This chandelier is made up of glass and has a brass finish with its lower side open to maximize the brightness.This ceiling light fixture is definitely a touch of luxury to your homes.This chandelier comes with an adjustable hanging chain.
  • Installation:Very easy installation as you need to just hang it and light it up!
  • Compatibility:  4 x E12 bulbs are required, muliticouloured bulbs can be used as well.

Lets ask the customers!

Customers could not stop raving about how beautiful this elegant chandelier looks. They found the matte brass finish of the chandelier’s body, which is shaped like a lantern, very sophisticated. The combination of the golden body along with the glass casing imparts an instant touch of bygone luxury. It is very easy to install as there is literally nothing to do with it apart from just hanging it from the ceiling. The design of the chandelier is pretty compact and this can be easily hung in small spaces like overhead, a little study table or probably a cozy corner in your living room. Customers feel the look of the chandelier is definitely an add on for people living in small spaces or apartments.

Due to its design, customers found it extremely easy to clean it without going through the hassle of dismantling the entire ceiling light fixture.

However, some customers feel that there should have been a better mechanism to hang the chandelier light from the ceiling as the black electrical cable does not blend well with the gold chain which comes with the chandelier. Customers feel rather than a chain a hollow tube would have been better as it would successfully hide the cable.

7. Depuley- Cast Iron Chandelier

Price : $71.89


  • Dimensions: The fixture is 24.8 inches in diameter x 26.3 inches in height, and comes with a 15-inches chain.
  • Make and design: This quintessential chandelier will remind you of the old world in no time. Resembling those chandeliers of the bygone days , this chandelier is crafted for nostalgia and perfection.this has a very simple yet traditional design with six arms to hold the light source and has a black metal finish.This design is so versatile that it can be easily put anywhere!Bedrooms, drawing rooms, hallways or driveways.
  • Installation:Installation is very easy as the arms come pre fixed.all you need to do is tighten the arms and adjust the length of the chain and hang it.
  • Compatibility: The hanging lamp requires 6×E12 maximum 40W bulbs .It can be used with compatible dimmer switches which is not included in the package. 
  • Service: Customer care service is available 24/7 in case of query or concern.Please feel free to contact.

Lets ask the customers!

Customers love this chandelier for its sheer simplicity and elegance. It is highly aesthetic and very compact which makes it a great fit for almost any space. The design of the chandelier is such that it can be hung anywhere be it a small room or a big large space like a high ceiling living room. The matte black metal body is a total win win and goes really well with modern as well as rustic indoors. Not only indoors but also this can be a great addition to outdoor spaces like porches or balconies.

This chandelier is very sleek and yet spread out which is a great combination. It is very convenient for the customers to clean it and maintain its vibrancy. The chandelier comes with all its arms pre-attached to it, hence there is no necessity to assemble it in any way. All we have to do is just tighten the arms. The black body of the chandelier camouflages any kind of black wiring very well and gives you an absolutely gorgeous chandelier.

8. Modern Fort- Beaded

Price : $169.99


  • Dimensions: This chandelier: hanging shortest size is 26.75”, hanging highest size is 99.75”, chandelier diameter is 16”.
  • Make and design:This boho chic chandelier is perfect if you want some casual elegance in your house.This beautiful chandelier is made up of wood wash beads and instantly adds understated glamor to your house.it is eclectic yet elegant and makes a great addition to your home decor. This chandelier can be used in outdoor spaces like driveways, porches or simply can be used in cozy corners of the house.
  • Installation:It can be both hard wired or simply plugged and enjoyed, however, plug is not provided by us.You can buy an extra plug and seek professional help to make a connection.
  • Warranty: This chandelier comes with a 24 month worry free warranty and a lifetime guarantee of unlimited professional help and technician support.Customer care service is available 24/7 in case of query or concern.Please feel free to contact.
  • Compatibility:This chandelier requires  E12 with 40-watt maximum Type G light bulbs.

Lets ask the customers!

Customers found this chandelier so boho and chic that they recommend it to everybody. This is one of those chandeliers which can easily be used both indoors as well as outdoors. Owing to its size and making this chandelier can be put up in almost any place. Some of them feel that this beaded chandelier would look great in a rustic set up or in a space which has a lot of earthy elements.

The illuminated beads are wonderful to look at and the shadow which is cast on the walls and ceiling is equally mesmerizing.

.This chandelier is indeed a great addition to an all-white decor or a place which gets a lot of sunlight in the morning as even when this chandelier is not lit up the sun rays falling on it will make it a beautiful piece of decor.

However, some customers found this chandelier difficult to clean as it is indeed challenging to clean between the beads. These customers recommend this chandelier indoors so that it does not accumulate a lot of dust and the need for cleaning is drastically cut down.

9. Design Classics- Modern

Price : $129.00


  • Dimensions:  This chandelier comes with 6 feet of chain and 7 feet of wire. And the dimensions of the shade are 24″w x 21.5″h.
  • Make and design: This chandelier is a beautiful blend of modern and traditional.its simplicity and elegance is sure to steal your heart.This chandelier has six arms and has a black metal finish to its entire body. Six frosted lamp shades come along with it and rests upon these arms. This chandelier is very versatile and can be hung anywhere.it casts a bright light around it and is great for dining and living rooms.
  • Installation: Easy to install as it just hangs and you can instantly light it up.otherwise , professional help can be taken.
  • Compatibility: It takes five 100-watt medium base frosted light bulbs to light it up,  completely. 

Lets ask the customers!

Customers found this light fixture extremely well suited to dining areas and outdoor spaces. The design of the chandelier makes it very easy to clean it hence it can be easily hung in porches or balconies. The lampshades in the chandelier are very sturdy and make the overall look of the chandelier very warm and happy. Customers were very happy with their purchase and they highly recommend it to people who do not want the hassle of cleaning it regularly or dealing with a very delicate chandelier as this chandelier is very sturdy.

The chandelier is very bright which some customers really enjoyed and would recommend it to people who want a bright light for their living spaces. The colors used in the making of the chandelier are very elegant and suit the sensibility of most of the customers.

10. Bonlichtlighting- Sputnik

Price : $92.99


  • Dimensions: This chandelier comes with a one 10 socket brushed nickel ceiling light flush mount fixture with matching stem and canopy.
  • Make and design: This amazing out of a scifi movie chandelier is every common man’s dream.Designed like a wild flower with a touch of the future , this futuristic looking chandelier is an attention grabber. This chandelier is bright and dazzling , hence, ideal for living rooms, office spaces, lounges , restaurants etc.
  • Installation: Quick and easy installation as it comes with all mounting hardware and detailed instructions.
  • Compatibility: 10 x E26 Bulb Base required. This chandelier is compatible with LED ,Edison ,incandescent , CFL and halogen bulbs.Also, you can enjoy the dimmer facility if you add dimmable bulbs and dimmer switch.

Lets ask the customers!

Customers found this chandelier an absolute stunner which will instantly change the vibe of the room the moment it is switched on. The chandelier is made in such a way that it appeals to the sensibilities of a minimalist modern buyer. The metal body of the chandelier blends really well with any kind of contemporary decor. As the light source does not hang from a chain it can be installed in any space with any kind of ceiling.

Another cool thing about the chandelier is that you can experiment with different types of bulbs with different shapes and sizes. Some customers opted for round ones whereas, some went for elongated bulbs. With different bulbs you can totally change the look and the vibe completely.

However, some customers found it very difficult to clean the entire light fixture, and some found the installation process difficult.


1. Are Chandeliers  expensive?

These days chandeliers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.Also, the material used determines the price of the  chandelier.Having said that, most of the chandeliers easily and widely available in the market are very affordable.Choose a material and the shape , and you will be able to find many in the same category having the same price range.

2. How to clean Chandeliers?

Firstly, chandeliers doesn’t have to be cleaned everyday.Once a month or couple of months is enough.Chandeliers can be cleaned with  a damp cloth or with a solution of isopropyl and water.Big and heavy chandeliers need professional cleaning as it is difficult to reach every crevice. 

3. What is used in making Chandeliers?

Modern day chandeliers are made up of different materials keeping in mind the need of different customers.right from glass, to crystal, to wood and beads, you name it and they have it.You can take your pick depending on your sensibility.Depending on how heavy or light , or how you want the light to be reflected you can make a choice.  Prices of the chandeliers vary according to the material used.

4. Do Chandeliers consume a lot of electricity?

Chandeliers are bright and beautiful,hence if you light up a chandelier you don’t have to light up anything else, this contributes in saving energy.Also, the material used in making chandeliers are generally highly reflective which increases the brightness of the light source manifold.Moreover, energy efficient lights can be used to further conserve energy.

5. How to install a Chandelier?

Most of the chandeliers need some kind of a solid hook to hang from , if the hook is missing you will need a professional to put that hook and hang the chandelier from it.The chandelier also needs an electrical supply for which you will need an electrician.However, some of the chandeliers can be directly plugged and admired provided you have arrangement to hang it without any professional help.

Chandeliers can instantly add an oomph to the decor. Now you don’t have to be royalty to feel like one. With chandeliers you can instantly feel the grandeur and the glamor at your very home.After a hard day at work, sitting under a chandelier while listening to some Mozart or Beethoven sounds super exciting, right? The opulence and beauty of chandeliers is not a distant dream anymore as affordable chandeliers are widely available everywhere.You an choose from an array of chandelier depending on your budget and your need.from glass to crystal to acrylic, chandeliers come in all possible material, shapes and sizes.Don’t hesitate to get a beautiful chandelier for your home, as a thing of beauty is joy forever.

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