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Best Blinds Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Blinds Of 2022

Our home is the safest place we can be. Whenever you feel exhausted or whenever you have the simple urge to relax completely, what do you think of? You think of your home’s privacy; you think of how you can relax at home in your oldest pyjamas without any judgemental eyes staring you down. Isn’t that the best feeling ever, to be able to feel comfortable in your skin no matter what you are doing or what you are wearing? This is possible only because you have complete privacy at home and this privacy is ensured by Blinds and shades.

Blinds are used to cover windows and ensure your privacy in your homes, offices, hospitals, or any other institute. These are somewhat like curtains and have an equal decorative value. Window blinds not only ensure your privacy they also add an alluring ambiance to your home. The shade and the vibe created by beautiful window blinds are ever so relaxing. Window Blinds also add comfort to our daily lives. They are very simple to use and install. Sometimes they might be a little difficult to clean as compared to curtains but what blinds do for your home and for your daily life is totally worth going through the trouble of cleaning them. 

Blinds are one of the best window treatments because not only are they affordable, they are simply very easy to put up and instantly provide you with a lot of coziness inside your home. Blinds come in different sizes and are made using different types of materials like wood, plastic, or metal. You can even purchase blinds to match the color of your walls and accentuate the look of your room. Blinds are not just utilitarian window treatments, they have a considerable aesthetic value and that is why a significant amount of thought should go into the decision of buying blinds.

Blinds have been an extremely popular window treatment since the ancient desert civilization.  They used wide strips of cloth to cover the windows in their shacks. It also acted as an air conditioner. The Egyptians took up this idea and modified it by using reeds. Blinds were formed by laying reeds side to side to form mats. They used to hang them over the windows to cover them. These ancient window blinds are the ancestors of the blinds we see today.

Chinese people used bamboo to create blinds and naturally, Bamboo became more popular since it is a sturdy fabric. Blinds were invented by Romans and these types of blinds are still popular today. Apart from fabric and reeds, there are different types of blinds that were introduced in the market over the next decades. They have now become so popular that it is difficult to pass by a house and not see them. Blinds have been popular ever since they came into existence and to this day different types of blinds are used for the very same purposes for which they were used when they were invented. 

As mentioned earlier there are different types of Blinds available in the market based on their structure materials used purposes and a static value.  Let us have a brief look at the most popular types of of available in the market right now:

  • Venetian blinds- These are the most popular type of blinds that are made from either wood or metal. They are made of horizontal slats which are suspended on ladder cords. They are commonly seen in every other household and can be easily adjusted to let in more or less light. They are popular because they are easy to roll up and down.
  • Faux wood blinds- These blinds are made of different materials like PVC,  vinyl, or foam wood. They are colored in a way to look like actual wood. These blinds are less expensive than actual wood blinds and are therefore a more economical option. They are also resistant to moisture and humidity and are very easy to clean.
  • Mini blinds- These are a type of horizontal window blinds made of long narrow slats that are held together by strings. The slats are made of aluminum and are less than half the width of Venetian blinds. They are meant to control light but they cannot be used for a complete blackout. They are very easy to operate and install.
  • Vertical blinds- These blinds consist of a head and vertical strips of fabric called louvers. Vertical blinds are mostly used to control the amount of visibility without restricting the entry of light. To ensure privacy as well as natural light always use vertical blinds.
  • Panel blinds- Panel blinds are very similar to vertical blinds but they use wide fabric panels which move across a multichannel track.  The panels get stacked together nicely when open and are easy to work with. They can be used to increase privacy while maintaining brightness through natural light. Panel blinds are available in different patterns and colors and therefore you can easily choose to match them with your home decor or the color of your walls.
  • Motorized blinds- It is a motorized window treatment that operates with the help of an electric motor. It can be controlled with a remote. The cords in motorized blinds do not get tangled at all. They are the most convenient to use and show signs of wear and tear after a long time.
  • Roller blinds- These blinds are very practical and low maintenance. They are made of a single piece of fabric that comes wrapped around a casing. It also fits into your pre-existing window frame and can be installed either inside or outside. It can be operated using a cord attached to the bottom of the blinds or by sidechaining. 

Apart from being economical, blinds are one of the most popular window treatments because of their easy operation. Not only this but there are numerous benefits of using Blinds as a window treatment in your home.

Have a look at the following benefits you can derive when you decide to install blinds in your home:

  • Control light- Blinds allow you to control the amount of light you want in your space. There are different types of blinds that allow you to completely block the light coming from outside and then there are blinds that will filter natural light in smooth undertones inside your homes. You can be sure of protecting your privacy and still having enough natural light in your homes through blinds.
  • Many color and style options- As you read earlier in this article, there are a variety of types of blinds available in the market that will allow you to tweak the style of your home. There are unlimited options for colors and designs. Redo your home decor on a budget and get the best blinds that match your walls.
  • Material option-  BLinds are made of different materials that cater to specific needs. Faux wood and plastic blinds are the ones you can use for your bathrooms as they are moisture-resistant and you can use bamboo blinds for your living space as they give your homes a rustic vibe. 
  • Ensure your privacy-  The primary purpose of blinds is to protect your privacy and through the different types of blinds you can choose the best type that suits your needs. 
  • Easy to maintain- Blinds are extremely easy to maintain as they can be cleaned without too much hassle and they last for a really long time. They barely ever show signs of wear and tear if used properly. 

Blinds are easily the most popular window treatments as they do a lot for your homes. Through their amazing design, they filter sunlight inside your homes in beautiful patterns and they also save you a lot of money but do not wear off too soon. We are sure you are excited now to look at your options as you are now aware of the benefits you can derive from installing blinds in your homes. 

Following is a list of the best blinds available in the market

1. Changeshade Blinds

Price : $36.99

About the product:

  • These blinds are made out of light filtering material  and are beige in color 
  • They are environmentally friendly and absorb noise to provide you with a cozy space
  • They come with a push-pull automatic locking system which is easy to operate
  • The material used to make the blinds is very sturdy and can stand being exposed to the sun without getting damaged for a long time. It does not  flake, crack or  fade
  • These blinds are made to order according to the precise measurements given by the customer 

Customer reviews:

Most customers loved these up-down blinds. They are perfect in terms of color. It is recommended by the customers to mention the exact measurement you would like your blinds to have. The blinds are very easy to install and use and the measurements are accurate. You can tell by the look of these blinds that they are built to last. 

Customers were very happy that the blinds provide good heat insulation and sound insulation as well. Some customers complained that the instructions to install and use the blinds were not very easy to figure out. Most customers were extremely happy with this product as it filters light just the way you’d want. 

It can open from the top or from the bottom and is the perfect pick at this price. Customers also praised the after-sales service of the brand as many who had issues with the size were helped instantly. They highly recommend buying this product because it does what it says, fits in your budget, and will last for an eternity. Buy these blinds today and control the lighting in your home without spending a huge amount of money. 

2. LUCKUP Blinds

Price : $33.59 ~ $46.99

About the product:

  • These day and night blinds are a mix of sheer and solid fabric in horizontal stripes. They are available in two colors- black and white
  • It’s a pulldown set of blinds that is very convenient to install and looks chic
  • The length of the blinds can be adjusted by pulling the chain 
  • The sheer fabric used, filters light beautifully and the solid fabric blocks the light to create the perfect balance of brightness inside your home
  •  These blinds also come with fitting hardware which is of equally good quality
  • To keep the blinds flat, they are fitted with a metal rod at the bottom

Customer reviews:

Customers said that these blinds are a great product but are slightly misrepresented when it comes to the size. The customers particularly like these blinds because they are very different from regular blinds. They are also very easy to pull up and are overall a decent and inexpensive item for the price. 

Some customers also went on to say that these were the easiest blinds to install. They are very easy to hang up too. Since they are very lightweight, they might fly up with a gust of wind. Some customers said that the instructions given about the installation process were confusing and they had to watch YouTube videos to install these blinds properly. 

Customers highly recommend these blinds because they look very stylish and allow you complete privacy. They block and filter light in the most fantastic pattern. These blinds are beautiful, affordable, easy to install and operate, they even look rich and fancy. Once you install these blinds in your home they will definitely give your house an instant makeover.

3. PowerSellerUSA Blinds

Price : $31.78 ~ $44.99

About the product:

  • These Blinds are made of vinyl slats with matching two-inch valance.
  • They are made to look exactly like wood but they are durable waterproof and resistant to chipping, denting, or feeding, unlike actual wood.
  •  Each slat is embossed and looks beautiful and luxurious with its woodgrain appearance
  • These blinds can be controlled using cord and wand controls which are pretty convenient for slat adjustments. You can lower and tilt the slats based on your requirement.
  • The valence is removable and all the hardware for installation is included in the package

Customer reviews:

Customers gave many positive reviews of this product as it is exactly what it looks like in the pictures. Many buyers said that they are extremely happy with their purchase because these blinds look amazing but did not cost a fortune.

Apart from being good-looking, these blinds also function very well as light-blocking blinds. They are heavy and textured and give the impression of actual wood.  They seem strongly built and will last for a long time.  

Many customers recommend buying these classy blinds as the installation is extremely easy, the looks are extremely gorgeous, and they are very easy to operate too. They will go perfectly with any type of decor as they look exactly like real wood. Customers said that these blinds have great functionality, block the sunlight really well, and were a breeze to install. They are nice and sturdy and that is the reason why most people who bought these blinds couldn’t stop recommending them to everybody. If you are looking to remodel your home on a budget, you should certainly invest in these blinds. 

4. BlindDen Blinds 

Price : $128.43 ~ $306.65

About the product:

  • These gorgeous blinds are made of high-quality vinyl and PVC. They have a reflective surface on the front with a white backing
  • These are vertical blinds and are available in customized widths and lengths.
  • The operating system is child and pet safe. To rotate the blinds twist the wand and to completely uncover the window, use the wand to bring the vanes to the side
  • These blinds are made for an outside mount and the package comes with all mounting hardware
  • These blinds are extremely easy to clean and do not collect dust.

Customer reviews:

Customers absolutely love these blinds as they are extremely pretty to look at. If you are looking for something modern and glamorous to add to your home, buy these blinds today. These blinds are of great quality and will last for a long time in your home. Many customers said that these are easy to hang. They also recommended doing the appropriate measures before ordering. 

They looked absolutely stunning, however, some customers complained that the metallic shine peels off.  They also said that this problem can be fixed by contacting the customer care service as the brand believes in taking care of its customers.

Some customers said that these blinds might be a little overpriced but at the end of the day when they make your home look very pretty, it all seems to be worth it. Most customers who bought these Blinds highly recommend them for decor purposes as well as for blocking the light. They look excellent and have great functionality as well. Many customers like these blinds so much that they said that they look even better in person than they do in pictures

5. GoDear Blinds

Price : $179.99

About the product:

  • These panel blinds are made from paper and polyester.
  •  It is an adjustable 4 rail track set of panels which are each 23 inches wide and 96 inches long.
  • To reduce the length of the panels, simply trim the panel bottom and install bottom bars.
  • These blinds are perfect to be installed in your patio door, balcony door, closets, etc. They can also be used as a room divider.
  • These panels can either be mounted to the wall or the ceiling.

Customer reviews:

Customers were happy with these blinds. They are very beautiful and the pattern and the texture are pleasing to look at. Customers said that track installation is a great idea, however, the installation instructions were very unclear. The backs of these curtains have a bland appearance from behind as they look like wax paper. 

They are a beautiful and modern window treatment that functions really well as light-blocking blinds. The panels look great due to the perfect width and color coordination. Some customers complained that the color of the blinds does not look as perfect as it does in the pictures. They seem to be an average product from many buyers’ points of view. 

Most customers really loved these blinds and did not have any major complaints about them as a product, however, many did complain about the tricky installation process. The look of these blinds matches the price point at which they are available and therefore it might not be suitable for you if you are looking for a high-end product. If you are trying to find some sturdy and decent-looking panel blinds, these are your best pick. 

6. Calyx Interiors Blinds

Price : $57.00

About the product:

  • These white vinyl Mini blinds are 69.5 inches in width as a complete unit and each slat is 1 inch wide. 
  • It comes with a cordless lift feature which provides safety for children and pets
  • You can control these blinds using a wand which allows easy maneuverability and complete privacy
  • To install these Mini blinds look at the instructions and use all the hardware included in the package.
  • These Blinds can either be used for inside mount or outside mount.

Customer reviews:

Most reviews of this product said that this set of blinds looks very elegant but is extremely fragile.  It is easy to install but they break easily too. Many customers said that they do not recommend these blinds as they seem to be extremely flimsy. Some customers who like this product said that these work just fine especially for an office space. 

Customers said that the slats on these blinds are paper thin.  They are easily damaged and might even melt in the sun.  Some customers complained that these blinds started to break apart within a couple of months of usage.  Customers said that at first, they really liked these blinds, however, after continuous usage, they started to break off and lost their popularity.

Many customers do not recommend this product for people who are looking for a permanent solution, however, if you are looking for a temporary window treatment then these cheap blinds are a good choice for you. Make sure you follow the instruction manual for installation properly as many customers said that it took them hours to set these blinds up.

7. Graywind Blinds

Price : $185.99

About the product:

  • These Zebra Blinds are 80% blackout and are a combination of sheer and solid slats. You can use these blinds to ensure privacy and light filtering
  • It has a cordless design which is safe for children and pets
  • These blinds can be controlled using a mobile app and other electronics such as Alexa and Google. They are voice-controlled and do not require a remote.
  • The motor is top quality and can be plugged in the entire time.
  • These blinds are custom made and the brand offers great after-sales service. The package includes all the mounting accessories and an instruction manual. It also has a video guide that allows you to install these blinds easily by yourself. 

Customer reviews:

These blinds are extremely popular among the customers due to their easy controls. The blinds are amazing and the customers like the fact that Wi-Fi is built-in and you can control it with a remote, a mobile app, and Alexa or Google. You can also schedule and create routine and presets. The material used in these Blinds is absolutely beautiful. The customers also praised the company as they looked into everybody’s issues personally and helped them out.

Some customers said that the instruction manual was a little difficult to follow. The customers also complained that the reset button in the instructions was a little hard to find and the instructions that guide you on how to connect it to the mobile app were wrong. This problem was recently fixed by the brand and the instructions have been rewritten in a clearer manner.  

Customers said that these blinds are perfect as the pricing is reasonable and they are even better-looking than your expectations. Some customers said that at this price point these are the best electronically controlled blinds you will find in the market.

8. MaKefeile Blinds

Price : $48.19 ~ $75.99

About the product:

  • These room darkening blinds come with a built-in thermal Aluminium foil which ensures your 100% blackout effect.
  • They have a honeycomb construction that traps warm or cool air in the cell pockets and creates insulation.
  • These blinds come with cordless operation and have been vigorously tested for their functionality. They are safe to be hung around in homes with children and pets.
  • The installation is pretty straightforward and easy and the accessory kit is included in the package. It also comes with a video guide that will assist you while installing these blinds.

Customer reviews:

These blinds work the way you expect them to. Customers liked them as the color is true to the pictures. These blinds were super easy to install. The color is dark enough to block sunlight completely from entering the room. The insulation in the blind works exceptionally well as it keeps the cold or heat outside. 

These cordless cellular blinds work perfectly with any decor. Customers said that these blinds are worth every penny as they are top quality, have excellent design, and sturdy hardware. Customers were very happy with their purchase and highly recommend these blinds. They also said that these were the best window treatment at an affordable price

The only complaint that many customers seemed to have was with the instruction manual. Some customers also said that they received the package with some missing items from the accessory kit and that’s why they were not very happy with this brand.  Many customers recommend these blinds because they are not heavy but they provide complete blackout. Customers said that this price point is perfect for this quality of blinds.

9. Yoolax Blinds

Price : $179.00

About the product:

  • These blinds are 50% shading polyester blinds. They provide proper light filtering in your house in the morning and the afternoon and allow you complete privacy at night
  • They can be controlled using a remote. You can also connect them to Alexa or Google
  • These blinds work very well with five versions of Alexa and with 16 Channel remote. 
  • These are made to order and you can customize them based on your requirement
  • This product comes with 2 years free of cost repair and replacement service.

Customer reviews:

Customers were extremely thrilled to have purchased this product. They praised the brand and product equally. The measurements of the blinds are extremely accurate and the quality is great. They were also very easy to install but the hardware that was included was not of the best quality. The blinds themselves are pretty sturdy. Some customers said that it was a little difficult to figure out how to program it using a remote. 

Many customers felt that this product is a must-buy for every person looking for home improvement and privacy on a budget. These blinds block direct sunlight and create a warm and pleasing ambiance inside your home. Customers praised the brand’s efforts toward providing great service. These blinds are highly recommended by all its customers because they function very well as motorized blinds and provide top-quality performance.

If you are skeptical about buying motorized blinds then you should rest assured that with these blinds you will not be disappointed. Customers recommend charging them overnight first and then installing them as it is quicker. Overall the customers were extremely happy with their purchase, especially at such an affordable price.

10. Persilux Blinds

Price : $39.99 ~ $59.99

About the product:

  • These neutral tone blinds are made using screen fabric that allows a certain degree of visibility but with privacy, it blocks UV rays too. 
  • These blinds are made to order and will have the exact measurements mentioned by you.
  • The fabrics used are available in three neutral tones which filter sunlight perfectly.
  • These roller blinds can be smoothly and quietly operated using the metal chain Each set of blinds is fixed with a safety chain connector that always keeps cords and bead chains out of the reach of children and pets making it a completely safe product.

Customer reviews: 

These light filtering UV protection blinds are made with sturdy materials and therefore the customer’s really like them.  They are waterproof, anti UV, and provide thermal insulation. They are extremely easy to clean too. They are flame resistant and allow a certain degree of visibility. The heavy aluminum bottom rod which is wrapped with fabric ensures that the blinds stay in place and do not flutter.

These blinds are perfect to be installed for the inside mount as well as outside mount and are suitable to be put up in your living room, patio, office, or dining room. Customers said that these roller blinds are very easy to install and gave zero problems to the users. They highly recommend these roller blinds because they are easy to mount, very sturdily built, and will allow a translucent shade of natural light to come inside your house. These blinds also effectively reduce the glare and will allow you to view the world outside in muted tones.

Customers said that these blinds might not be ideal to be installed in your bedroom as you can see through them and they allow a significant amount of light to pass through. Customers are very happy with this product as the measurement was perfect. They highly recommend buying these roller blinds if you are looking for a medium level of privacy but want some beautiful natural light filtering inside your home.


1. How to prevent light gaps on blinds?

Blinds should always be measured before installation so that you don’t end up with blinds bigger than your window. If the size is not right, they will be too big and won’t fit, or worse,  if they are smaller than your windows, they will have light gaps on the side. Here’s how you can prevent light gaps on blinds:

  • Light blockers– These are L-shaped pieces of plastic that can be stuck to the part of your window where the Blinds don’t cover them. Simply peel the backing and stick them on like stickers. They are highly effective.
  • Outside Mount- An Outside Mount is when your blinds are mounted above or outside of your windows so that they cover a larger portion than the window frame.  This will allow the blinds to cover the windows completely, however, a soft halo of light will still be visible even after installing window treatments with an outside mount. 

2. What are some easy ways to close blinds?

  • Single string blinds– Take the cord and pull it across the window. Pull on the chords slightly to unlock the blind. Release the chords slowly to lower the blinds.
  • Continuous-cord blinds–  A cord that looks like a loop on blinds is a continuous cord. Pull on either side of this cord to lower or raise the blinds.
  • Blinds with rods–  Slide the rod to move your blinds from side to side. Twist the rod to rotate the blinds.

3. How to select Blinds for my home?

  • Budget- The first and foremost thing you should check out is whether the blinds are fitting your budget. There are many options for cheap as well as expensive blinds.
  • Maintenance-  Always choose blinds that are easy to maintain as blinds tend to collect lots of dust and dirt. The ones that can be wiped down using cloth are the easiest to clean. 
  • Privacy- The main purpose of blinds is to ensure privacy and therefore you should check this meticulously.  The pair of blinds that you are purchasing should match the level of privacy that you need using them. 

Choosing the right type of blinds can do wonders for your home not only decor-wise but also vibe-wise.  Windows are incomplete without any window treatment and covering them using blinds is the best choice. Whether you want to keep sunlight out or you want natural light in your home but with privacy, blinds are the best way to go about it. There are several options to choose from and each brand makes sure that every need of each customer is satisfied. The blinds listed above are the best of the best available in the market and can be chosen based on your budget and the features of the product. 

If you measure the blinds accurately you will be delighted with the results. Blinds are meant not just for windows but also for doors, in fact, the chicest decor that you will see will involve blinds in one way or another- either on doors or on windows. Buy some of the best blinds from our list above and enjoy cozy afternoons in the comfortable privacy of your lovely homes. Let us know in the comments which blinds you chose for your home. 

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