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Best Blankets To Buy This Winter

by Evelyn Smith
Top Blanket to sleep

It’s almost New year and with the advent of this festival comes the scenery of heaps of snow outside our doorsteps and frosty chill winds. During winters, most of us are snuggled up in our houses. Just the thought of stepping outside our houses fills us all with dread. Absorbing the warmth of the sun is a luxury that we can barely afford to experience during winters and its equivalent is, of course, the blanket we wrap around ourselves. Even with heaters to warm up our rooms, they won’t ever be able to substitute the comfort provided by a blanket. When the sun sets and the sharpness of the night seeps in, we often find ourselves romanticizing about the moon, imagining ourselves snug in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in our hand. But such scenery can be easily tampered due to the lack of a good quality blanket that provides the amount of solace you are looking for. 

Many people refer to blankets as the cherry on top, an unnecessary element and they tend to give more preference to electronic heaters as the source of comfort and warmth. But, it is indeed the blanket stuck in the middle of layers that settles the weight on top of our bodies. Blankets are like natural drivers of our sleep. A relaxing and calm environment is extremely important for a good night’s sleep, especially in winters when the air around us is bitter. Blankets are like humane hugs, a gentle pressure that is welcome and can cure our anxious and fast-paced minds. 

 There are innumerable varieties of blankets out there in the market, each differing in design, size, colour, weight, thickness, etc. A normal customer would be more than just confused about which blanket to buy. Each blanket might look appealing to their eyes. Even though finding a blanket is a straightforward and one-person job, finding the perfect size, fabric and other attributes are extremely important. So, let’s go through some specifications that will help you next time you go blanket shopping!

Choosing the Right Size

It is quite frequent that we find ourselves dissatisfied with the size of the blankets we use. Sometimes, it is too short or other times it is too large. Thus, finding a blanket that is perfect for you is crucial. If you are going to buy a blanket, then it is important to make sure that the blanket covers the entirety of your bed. Also, the blanket should be just a few inches larger than the size of your bed, so that those few extra inches can be tucked into the sides and the bottom of the bed. The size of the bed doesn’t only define the size of the blanket. It depends on the usage. For example, you might need a blanket for a sofa or for travelling via train/aeroplane/car. Also, not every blanket is useful for every purpose. That is the reason why we have different types and sizes of blankets to be used during winters and summers. 

 While we are at it, let us also discuss why having the perfect blanket dimension matters. 

Firstly, it will greatly save you some pennies and your wallet will thank you later. Having a clear idea about the size of your blanket narrows your search and you go for the blanket which you know you want. It saves time as well as effort. It prevents you from buying extra and unnecessary blankets. For example, larger blankets will only add pressure on your space and blankets meant for a single bed won’t be able to keep you warm enough if you have a double bed. Though the size of the blanket differs from company to company, it usually follows the usual dimensions of beds.

  1. Twin- 90” x 65”
  2. Double/Full – 90” x 85”
  3. Queen: 90”x 90”
  4. King: 90” x 110”

It would be useful for the customers to gain an insight into the usage of these sizes and dimensions. 

  • Up first we have a twin blanket which is usually the type of blanket used for single beds. Its dimensions vary from 66” x 90” to 65” x 90”. It’s best suited for people who live or sleep alone. These would easily fit on twin beds as well as twin XL mattresses. 
  • Secondly, we have a double or full bed-sized blanket. It is fitting for a couple or if you need a larger blanket to cover yourself. Its dimensions are 85” x 90”. Just as their name suggests, it fits perfectly on a full or double mattress. You can also use this for your single bed by double folding it.
  • Thirdly we have a Queen Bed size blanket. This size is quite large as compared to the other two we have discussed. According to statistics, this size is the most popular and is preferred by fifty per cent of the population. Its dimensions are 90” x 90”. You can also use it on a king-sized bed according to your preference. 
  • Lastly, we have King sized blankets. These are the largest blankets available and are slightly larger compared to queen-sized blankets. Its dimensions are 90” x 110”. This size is quite all right if you want something to wrap around yourself quickly. 

Choosing the Right Fabric

This point is as chief as the right size. Regardless of the size of the blanket, the material you want to be covered in runs parallel to your comfort. The most common types of blankets is Cotton, fleece, wool, vellux, down, synthetic and electric. Let’s go through a quick rundown of each of the types: 

Cotton: Cotton is a comfortable, long-lasting fabric that can be machine washed. You can get it in a range of quality levels and feels, such as hefty and warm cotton or lightweight and cold cotton. It can be light enough for a summer blanket or heavy enough for winter warmth, depending on the weave. Cotton blankets keep up well when they are cleaned and washed frequently. It is best known for its breathability and softness.

Wool: Wool is a warm and thick fibre that is ideal for the winter months. Wool might not be suitable for vegans as it is an animal product. It is typically used to warm and insulate, especially when shivering during the winter months. It can be heavy or light. Although some wool can be irritating for the skin, most modern wool blankets are smooth, lightweight, and a good and consistent year-round leisure alternative.

Vellux: Layers of foam wrapped in silky nylon casing called Vellux, are also known as hotel blankets. This blanket is often used in hotels as they are hypoallergenic and machine washable. They are durable, warm, and soft, and can withstand repeated washings even at high temperatures. Anyone with allergies would appreciate this option.

Down: Down is a blanket filling that is commonly used in duvets and comforters. It has a delightfully soft and fluffy feel about it. Furthermore, the fill is long-lasting and can endure for years. It consists of feathers and hence is not a very smart option for those who are allergic to feathers. Synthetic down is a good alternative for those who suffer from allergies. It can also increase sweat levels when used in summers as it is not a very good conductor of heat.

Synthetic: The most used and easy-to-care synthetic textiles are polyester and acrylic. Most of the blankets are made from a variety of synthetic materials. Synthetic blankets are warm, but they absorb static electricity and don’t breathe or let moisture out. 

Fleece: Fleece is a fabric that resembles wool. Even though it is named after sheep, fleece is man-made. It’s warm and moisture-resistant, as well as less costly than wool. If comfort is a high requirement, fleece may be the right choice for you.

This far into the conversation, I do not doubt that we have realised the importance of a good and worthy blanket in our lives.

Now let us go through some of the best blankets which can be used this winter season. 

1. ModernThread Store Blanket

Price : $26.94

Product description:

  • This is a comforter blanket and is made from a hundred percent Microfiber Polyester
  • It is a full bed/ Queen bed blanket. The dimensions are 88” x 88”. It is a full bed/ Queen bed blanket.
  • It consists of an alternative quilted comforter or a duvet insert. Duvet inserts work wonders for comfort. The polyester fill provides warmth by adjusting to your body temperature.
  • It is ultra-soft and ultra-plush providing a floating feeling. It can be washed in a machine and is dryer safe. It is recommended to machine wash this comforter in a gentle cycle with cold water.
  • The vibrant colours of this comforter are made exclusively not to fade away with washing.

What do the customers think?

The customers who bought this product were satisfied with the comforter’s ability to radiate heat; it is comfortably warm but not too hot. The duvet is soft, and the colours are good and true. The size the customers received was accurate and true to the description. Some of them thought that this comforter was easier to wash than their other thick comforters and hence this was a good buy.

Some of the customers were slightly afraid to buy this blanket and weren’t too sure about the quality, given the low price. However, upon receiving the product, they were pleased. Although it is light, it works quite well to keep warm without overheating. Some loved the way it fits on the bed and then drapes over the ends nicely and neatly. Even if you have a traditional mattress, this blanket won’t overhang and instead cover it perfectly.

Some customers thought that the blanket was incredibly thin and wasn’t a great value for the cost. It is very lightweight which might have gone against the preference of those who like to be wrapped in weighted blankets. They thought it was more suited for summers than winters. Some even experienced shredding of yarn in certain places when they unfolded the comforter. 

2. JYK flannel Fleece Blanket

Price : $15.99

Product review: 

  • This throw blanket is easy and mild to touch. It additionally brings a greater breathable and lightweight feeling. 
  • The processing of this blanket has been given special attention. Neat stitches ensure sturdy connections at the seams which allows the blanket to be long lasting. 
  • Its versatile nature is to be given importance as it can be used almost anywhere to bring the customers utmost softness and comfort. It is also easy to carry and can be taken on trips. 
  • The blanket requires easy care. This blanket is specifically engineered to make it durable. Microfibers can withstand harsh cleaning as well which prevents silky soft blankets from shrivelling. You just need to put them into a washing machine and then tumble dry them. 
  • The blanket comes in solid colours which enables them to blend with your furniture.

What do the customers like? 

The customers loved this blanket. They found it to be super soft and easily washable. They didn’t find any lint in the dryer filter which ensured the vibrance of the colour of the blankets. The colours didn’t wash away even after quite a few washes. Some customers recommend washing the blanket alone for the first wash. It helps in getting all the excess shedding off. 

Customers even bought it for their pets to lay it under or on top of the case. They felt that the blanket’s softness and warmth made the buy worth it. It can easily cover a king-sized bed without the bed feeling bulky and heavy. It can be easily used as a bedspread. Shrinkages don’t occur while washing. It provides the exact amount of warmth needed to keep the customers comfortable. The current consumers of this product suggested the blanket be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle. They don’t recommend bleaching or ironing it. 

Some customers also felt that though the blanket is a very nice throw blanket, it is thinner than their preference and gets messy when it sticks together which makes them reposition their body every few minutes. Overall, most of the customers were pleased by the colour, pattern and sizing of the blanket. 

3. Cosybay Store Blanket

Price : $99.99 ~ $64.99

Product description

  • This is a hundred percent cotton white quilted comforter filled with feathers. It is an all-season duvet insert that can also be used as a stand-alone.
  • It is a queen-size comforter with dimensions of 90” x 90” but also comes in five other sizes. This blanket is also available in six colours.
  • This comforter is filled with feathers to give the users a soft and light feeling. The soft materials used enable comfort to be experienced. It is an all year round blanket.
  • This blanket has a special box stitch that keeps the filling of the blanket in place and avoids any tears that may occur.
  • This comes with corner tabs that help in attaching a duvet cover or an anchor duvet cover to prevent the comforter from shifting from its place.

What do the customers think? 

The customers felt as if they were sleeping under a layer of marshmallows. This blanket doesn’t get overheated quickly as it is lightweight enough to avoid that from happening. At the same time, it also provides enough warmth that the customers can enjoy the easement radiated by the blanket. 

The customers found the blanket to be cute and classic. The blanket is quite fluffy and the customers were especially shocked as well as amazed by the price point of this product. According to one of the customers, this beautiful blanket goes very well with blue sheets as it feels dreamy. They also liked how the blanket didn’t remain crunchy and quickly became soft underuse. It is recommended to wash in a washing machine but not dry in a dryer. Only line drying is proposed by the previous users. 

Some customers were unfortunately disappointed by the material of the blanket and did not find it soft enough. Some even felt the texture of the blanket to be a little papery and noisy. However, rest assured, this blanket is a good product for its price. 

4. Touchat store Blanket

Price : $29.99 ~ $35.99

 Product review 

  • This elite blanket is made up of fleece and is a plaid throw blanket
  • It is a twin-sized flannel plush microfiber blanket for couch/bed/sofas etc. This blanket is available in five gorgeous and striking colours.
  • The dimensions of this blanket are 60” x 70”.
  • This incredible product is built with a 300 GSM Fleece Top and a 270 GSM Sherpa Reverse Blanket, which is warmer, more breathable, and skin-friendly than regular blankets.
  • This blanket will make you feel the warmth of fleece. Their endurance is assured by the use of microfibres which ensures that these blankets are long-lasting. It is firm and wrinkle resistant.
  • It is quite easy to take care of this blanket as it has a good sense of practicability. It is easy to carry and the dust does not settle on the material of the blanket. Hence, it makes it easier for people to use it.

What do the customers think?

Touchat company believes in bringing the warmest and comfortable experience to their customers and the customers too have been satisfied by their motto so far, henceforth proving their worth. Many of the customers have indeed called this blanket a sure-fire winner. They reported that it did not have a chemical smell after unpacking it from the vacuum-sealed bag which usually accompanies blankets or any new product.  

They found it to be incredibly soft and the fleece felt amazing on the skin of the customers. It has been scientifically proven that a soft feel against the skin helps in calming anxiety and establishing a good night’s sleep. Some customers loved rubbing their hands over the velvety softness of the flannel side while being covered up with the warm fleece side. This product has proved to be extremely convenient for people living in places where the weather turns extremely cold at times. This high quality and well-constructed throw blanket is extra long to cover your body completely and will warm your body up in just a matter of seconds after covering up with it.

Some purchasers experienced heavy shedding of the fleece and the strings from the knitted side. The length was slightly shorter than the expected length for some of the customers. Otherwise, it’s exactly what they wanted. This blanket easily retains body heat and isn’t weighty. 

5. Desert Breeze Blanket

Price : $54.95 ~ $154.50

Product description:

  • This luxurious blanket is made from a hundred percent alpaca and sheep virgin wool. It is a thick, tightly woven blanket that is made half from alpaca and half from sheep wool from the animals raised and bred in the Andes mountains. 
  • It is a queen-size blanket with its dimensions being 72” x 88” inches. It weighs 5.5 lbs. 
  • The blanket comes in two sizes- queen-sized one, the other which is suited for toddlers. The prices vary from size to size.
  • It is available in earth ones, specifically tan, brown and grey with stripes. The edges of the blankets are protected by polyester binding. They are even double stitched to prevent the natural fibres from shedding.
  • The blanket is washable and can be dry cleaned too. The origination and manufacturing process of this blanket is very interesting as it is made in Peru. It was woven, spun and created at a family-owned mill in Huancayo, Peru. 

What do the customers think? 

For those who prefer quality blankets for keeping out cold in extremes, the experiences of the customers have proved that this breeze blanket might be more than enough for you. Customers loved that It is not fluffy soft like artificial fibres can be, but it is real wool, carefully produced and handled, to make a product that will last multiple lifetimes and do its job well. 

Some customers complained about a lanolin smell, but that’s natural. It protects the wool, on the sheep, or the human. The users thought that this is a good thing for the longevity of the product. This product, according to the research by our experts, had maximum customers as campers. They believed this product to be a lifesaver while camping. It could easily insulate if it gets wet. The binding is soft and has a nice finishing touch. The natural colours are beautiful, the thickness is perfect. The customers have slept comfortably the times they have had the blanket with them. 

Inconveniently enough, some customers had to face the disappointment of seeing a tuft of wool come right out of the blankets before they had a chance to use them. Be sure to dry clean them only, sometimes washing can also lead to the shedding of the wool. This blanket is also not recommended for vegan users. All that being said, it is non-scratchy and feels buttery on the skin.

6. Eddie Bauer Store Blanket

Price : $27.99 ~ $29.99

 Product description-

  • This plush blanket is made from a hundred per cent sherpa fleece. It can be used as a throw as well as a reversible blanket.
  • The dimensions of the throw blanket are 60″L x 50″W.
  • This blanket is ideal for travel, camping and home. You can pretty much use this blanket everywhere depending on your requirements. 
  • It has been created using yarn-dyed cotton flannel. When the blanket is reversed, the shearling popcorn fleece is felt. 
  • This throw blanket is splendidly smooth and perfect as a choice during winters. You can choose among the many design options available. The company provides its potential customers with a choice of eleven patterns. 
  • It is to be machine washed cold and tumble dried at low. 

What do the customers think? 

Customers are obsessing over the buffalo check pattern and they deem this blanket as a necessity for their living rooms. They find the blanket to be perfect for wrapping it around your lap or shoulders. Some customers thought that the blanket was going to be way too lightweight when they first received this but it proved to be warm and comfortable. Even after washing the super-soft lining remained soft.

Having an elegant and solid coloured blanket during the cooler weather is a necessity for almost everyone. This blanket quickly became the family favourite in some households. They were satisfied with the finishes on this throw, especially the mitred corners which made them look and feel more polished. The sherpa side is soft and the flannel side is flexible as well as feather-soft. Some people also used it as a bedspread and the colours didn’t fade away even after several washes. 

The colour of the blanket received might vary in front of the colour in the pictures uploaded on the website. Many customers also thought that this blanket was not best suited for covering the body as a whole, given its short length and wished that the blanket was made in longer lengths keeping the body dimensions of everyone in mind. 

7. Vellux Store Blanket

Price : $39.99 ~ $54.99

Product description: 

  • This natural chevron textured blanket is made from cotton. It is pet friendly and can be used in all seasons. 
  • It is available in six colours and six sizes. The prices vary accordingly.
  • The dimensions of the sizes are 90 inches wide by 90 inches long (Full/Queen); 66 inches wide x 90 inches long (Twin); 108 inches wide x 90 inches long (King).
  • This blanket is great for spring, summer, fall, winter. You name it, the place, the season and this blanket are suitable for all.
  • It doesn’t come with extra bulk and is made from premium cotton.
  • The cotton used is easily machine washable and hangs on to the shape, texture and size after wash.
  • For best results, the company recommends a machine wash before use as per the care instructions that come along with the blanket. 

What do the customers think? 

The customers were pleasantly surprised by this blanket. It is very nice looking and has zero odour. Chemical odour is something that most customers struggle with, but this blanket saves its customers from the trouble of going through the aforementioned struggle. It also does not have any open weave area which made the customers recommend this product.

Single-handedly, the customers found it to be perfect for summers but during the winter, it is recommended to use another layer of the blanket with it. It has a medium weight which ensures that it is heavy but not too heavy. The customers did not face any piling whatsoever which was a huge relief for them. It looked perfectly fresh out of the dryer with zero wrinkling. It fits perfectly on a queen bed with just enough to tuck underneath at the bottom & hangs down about 15 inches on each side. The customers were very happy with it.

Some customers felt that this cotton is not as plush as they would have liked it to be. They were wanting a thicker, plusher cotton blanket. Nevertheless, this does not stop this cotton blanket from being perfect for those who need an all-rounder, all-season blanket. 

8. Longhui Bedding Store Blanket

Price : $29

Product description: 

  • This bedding knitted throw blanket is a homey and snug blanket that can also be used anywhere depending on the usage. 
  • The dimensions of the blanket are 50” x 63” inches. It is made up of a hundred percent cotton.
  • It is knitted with grey and white colours to provide a decent and modern look to coordinate well with the home decor. Grey and white are not your only options, they provide sixteen other colours and patterns which will go amazingly well with your aesthetics.
  • It is big enough to drape over the couch or sofa and is also big enough to be used as bedding in the bedroom. The versatility of these cotton blankets cannot be beaten as they can be used even in the nursery room of a toddler or for any other purpose.
  • A laundry bag is included with the blanket.  

What do the customers think? 

The blanket has been serving its customers quite well. It is sized to fit a twin mattress and the customers have been using it daily for a good night’s sleep. It might be a bit thin on one side but is still heavy enough to keep you warm and snug. The gaps in the weave pattern allow some heat or air to escape which provides proper ventilation and a secure environment while sleeping. The material of the blanket is stretchy and can retain body heat which heats the blanket quickly.

Its simplicity and elegance made this blanket everyone’s favourite. Some customers also bought extras to gift it on Christmas, proving the point of its versatility. Previous users, when laundering, recommend inserting the throw into the included mesh bag & washing cold on the gentle cycle. Even after laundering, the blanket holds up pretty well and most of the customers did not face any linting issues. It also comes with a linen bag to wash with.

Be that as it may, some of the customers also had to face lint rolls on their clothes. There is no sort of unravelling in most of the cases. Sometimes, the blanket gets too warm which might prove to be uncomfortable for some of the users, this blanket is perfect for those who want moderate heat.

9. Eddie Bauer Store Shearling Blanket

Price : $34.29

Product description:

  • This product by Eddie Bauer is a reversible plush fleece and faux shearling blanket
  • It is available in two colours and the dimensions are 90” x 90”. 
  • The blanket has been made from a hundred percent fleece. It can be reversed to faux shearling.
  • It includes patterned fleece on one side and ultra-soft faux shearling fleece on the other side. It is the perfect product for bedding.
  • Also has an easy-care system that requires cold washing and tumble drying at low. 

What do the customers think?

This product has been rated five out of five stars and has been the customer’s favourite blanket leaving no space for criticism. If you have been looking for the perfect blanket, then this product might be the one for you. The customers found comfort in the aesthetics of the blanket as well. The navy blue and dark green colour of the blankets provide a chic look to the bedroom.

Many customers have used this blanket too, to give it as a gift. A two-sided blanket is always a boon and of great comfort in the bedroom. As this blanket has ultra-soft fleece on one side and a quality ivory faux shearling on the other, it creates a very safe and sound environment for its users. This blanket as reviewed by many customers is not only an accessory but a necessity. It can be used as a layering or even as a stand-alone. This blanket comes with the easiest wash and care instructions till now and is suitable for people who are working.

An impacting number of customers have been addicted to this blanket. Some have even gone as far as to buy way too many of these blankies. Their experience and our review confirm that this blanket indeed is a flawless product you can buy without any hesitation. 

10. Downluxe Store Blanket

Price : $45.99 ~ $89.99

 Product description:

  • Possibly the only blanket in our list with satin trim, this product is an alternative down blanket.
  • Its dimensions are 90” x 90”. It comes in two other sizes and has eleven designs, patterns and colours available.
  • The cosy blanket immediately lulls you into sleep as it is extremely soft and sensitive. It has a 3-inch satin binding which creates a rich and royal edge that is perfect for displaying in your bedroom or living room.
  • The blanket has a premium polyfill and is fluffy. The material is well and evenly distributed.
  • The fabric is wrinkle-resistant, ultra-soft and breathable. The exquisite hemming ensures no leakage. It can be simply washed and sun-dried or even tumble dried. 

What do the customers think?

An intelligent step indeed, the customers washed the comforter as the very first step upon receiving the product. They were satisfied with how well it washed. It dried quite quickly without bunching up which made them content to buy. The product has been true to the size mentioned on the website. It was neither too long nor too short. Many customers recommend it to be of great use during the summertime. 

The blanket is lightweight so much so that the customers were worried about it being an ineffective blanket but this blanket proved to be cool in summers and warm in winters, a perfect blanket indeed. You can also use a cotton thermal blanket on top of it to provide you with maximum care. The colour is aptly depicted and the customers don’t find the colour to be too bright or too dull. It’s the perfect shade with the perfect shine. The blanket is soft, breathable, and doesn’t slip off the bed. Some customers are no longer waking up due to night sweating, thanks to this blanket.

Though this blanket is comfortable, the blanket sheds its stuffing all over the bed constantly according to some of our customers. Their beds were covered from this blanket and washing it didn’t help.

Advice and Tips

After an intensive review of all the products, the ideal blanket for you would have been pretty clear by now. Let us look into some additional tips that would prove helpful in having the perfect blanket and bedding combo ever. 


When choosing a blanket, the most important factor to consider is the amount of warmth it provides. Comforters, duvets, and wool blankets, which are most suited for chilly weather, give warmth insulation. You may use thicker duvet covers to keep your duvets warm. Lighter blankets and quilts may need to be layered in colder climates, but they are great for mild winters. 


Depending on your stylistic tastes and how you want your bed to seem, you may select from a range of possibilities. Because quilts and comforters come in a variety of colours and designs, they may be utilised as a lovely bedspread. If desired, a bedsheet can be laid below the covering, although it is not essential. Blankets are rarely used as bedspreads, and most people like to have a layer of bedsheets between them and the blanket.


The loft or thickness of the batting filling determines the weight of the covering as well as the degree of insulation it will provide. Quilts and fleece blankets are ideal for infants and newborns because they keep them warm without being too puffy or unwieldy.


Depending on the filling fabric for quilts and the loft, particularly for duvets and comforters, the covering will drape differently. While this isn’t the most crucial consideration when choosing a covering, it does have an effect on the overall look of the bed. Bamboo filling, for example, has a soft drape, but 100% cotton filling is stiff at first and needs a lot of wear to relax. A thicker covering, such as a blanket filled with wool, will likely lack a smooth drape.


Bed linen for children, households with pets, or allergy sufferers would need to be washed on a frequent basis. Lightweight quilts, cotton, polyester, and fleece blankets may be washed by hand or machine. Some colors may bleed, so carefully read the care instructions. The heavier and thicker the covering, the more difficult it is to wash. As a result, heavier wool blankets and comforters with a thicker filling may be more difficult to wash. Vacuuming and a few hours in the sun should be enough to keep the duvet clean. The filling of a blanket may flatten or become lumpy when washed in a machine. In this case, you may want to consider getting it professionally cleaned.

Finally, maintenance, usage and care have to be given equal importance. To use any product to its full capacity means to pay attention to all aspects of the product before as well as after the purchase. Overall, a blanket is a requirement without which people cannot spend their winters. Hopefully, you would have found your ideal blanket by the end of this. 

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