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Best Blankets For Outdoors In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top 10 Blankets For Outdoors In 2021

Spring and Summer are nature’s way of saying let’s party!

Sun, summer, friends, garden, food, and laughter. 

What does this remind you of? Yes, it’s a picnic.

Kate Winslet said that the things that make her the happiest in the whole world are going to occasional picnics, either with her children or her partner, or her big family.

Yes, we know you have started imagining it too. 

If your answer is YES for the following questions, then we have something for you.

Do you love soaking under the sun?

Does your child love playing in the garden in the summer?

Well, then isn’t spring and summer the perfect time to celebrate the summer holidays outdoors with your family and friends?

With all the social distances because of the pandemic and the measures still in effect everywhere, spending time outside with friends and relatives is the perfect way to enjoy warm weather.

And what can be the perfect way to soak up the sun and celebrate summer holidays other than a picnic?

There are few things so pleasant as a picnic eaten in perfect comfort. 

No one opposes a fancy meal but there’s a different joy in a picnic and once that’s planned, everyone signs up for it. 

To make picnics more comfortable, along with juices, food, and people, the one thing a proper picnic requires is a picnic blanket. And not just any old towel makes the cut. A picnic blanket is an absolute necessity and the best picnic cannot be complete without a perfect garden picnic blanket, which will be an awesome way to bask in the beautiful weather of summer!

You might be planning a lunch date or family picnic in the garden or might be going to the park to enjoy, the best picnic blankets will be a mix of quirky and cosy.

Picnic blankets are perfect for hanging out as it’s super comfortable. The top of the blanket is mostly made of a super soft fleece and the bottom is mostly made of something similar to a rain jacket which serves as a water repellent. 

The perfect picnic blanket must have a few qualities so that you can use it always. While a waterproof style is always the best choice one can make, going for a lightweight one that’s easily packable is also important.  

They come in so many shapes, sizes, and even different patterns, there are some that come in totes, while some even have leather handles and also some that have zip pockets for keeping keys and phones. The preferences for a blanket will definitely be varied and depend on several things but there are a few things that will be common in all the best garden picnic blankets that you will see. 

Don’t worry, it’s no rocket science to choose a blanket, we have made it super easy for you by listing the important features you need to look for in the best garden picnic blanket. 

Shape, size, materials, and different highlights can assist you with deciding whether the picnic blanket is best for you. Size and movability are your two most significant attributes. Your picnic blanket requires to have sufficient space to fit you and your friends and family on it while additionally being handily moved up and put toward the rear of your vehicle or even hauled around without occupying an excess of room.

Some of the most important features are:

Place of visit – 

The first and foremost thing to ask yourself is where will the blanket be used now and also in the future, we often think that picnic blankets are only for picnics but that’s not the case, it can be used at several other places like maybe a music festival or even on camping trips. It’s truly versatile. For example, if it’s woods then probably a waterproof blanket will be required. There is a huge difference between a blanket for indoor use and one suited for the outdoors.

Outdoor blankets will be exposed to sun, dampness, sand, rocks, and all the earth elements so it requires a strong structure with a soft and comfortable top. Some picnic blankets are designed to do just that. They are strong and soft at the same time. 


The second thing that matters is the material of the picnic blanket that you will buy. As we are going to sit on it, the best picnic blankets need to be super comfy as well as cozy so that we can sit for longer durations without any itch. Mostly we have seen that the top three materials that are being used are fleece,  acrylic blend, or nylon and sometimes there’s a combination of these materials.

  • The best features of Fleece blankets are that they offer a lot of warmth and at the same time are very soft. They dry easily and can be machine washed making the work easy. 
  • The acrylic blend blankets are comfortable and at the same time, they are more durable and provide warmth as they also tend to have a cotton blend to it. 
  • The Nylon is a bit different from the rest as it is tough and super resistant.


Now all the picnic blankets will be used either outdoors or even indoors, it’s going to be on the floor or garden, so having a picnic blanket that is waterproof is very essential so that it is dry and always comfortable. At least, there’s no headache or worrying about what’s happening with the blanket. This is a backing that every blanket needs and it’s an absolute necessity. 


Before deciding the size of the picnic blanket, there are a few questions that one must know clear answers to as picnic blankets come in varied sizes. 

  • The number of people on the picnic blanket and the type as well as the size of items that will be on the picnic blanket – Depending on the number of individuals you can decide the size of the blanket, it’s always good to be on the safe side with a large blanket because you need space, a place for the picnic basket, maybe for your books, sunglasses, phones and also what about people?
  • The transportation and the storage of the blanket – it’s always convenient to have a blanket for which the portability is easy and can be done quickly. That is something that we always need to keep in mind.

Machine washable –  

Good picnics can be messy, the wind might knock over your glass, kids can throw food or the earth’s elements can destroy it. At the end of a trip, cleaning the blanket is something that you might not like. This is where a machine washable picnic blanket comes to the rescue.

 There are several additional features that are available in blankets that make it stand out and it can also be considered while buying the best picnic blanket.

  1. There are several security features like carrier handles, weatherproof materials, and securing systems – 
  • Some blankets come with a carrying handle that helps in transporting and makes it easy. 
  • Along with that, weatherproof materials like layers of insulation help in preventing cold colder temperatures and also stop wind chill. 
  • The securing system makes it easy to stake it down. It comes with four rings and a set of stakes making it difficult for the blanket to fly away on a windy day.
  1. Durability in terms of animals and slipping – The picnic blanket should be soft but also resistant to take care of puppy, twigs and should be made in such a manner that it doesn’t become slippery so that it becomes pet friendly as well as one can leave their children to soak in the sun. 
  1. Versatile usage of picnic blankets –  Picnic blankets can also be used for many different activities and situations. You can use it as:
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Seat Cover
  • Table Cloth
  • Beach Mat
  • Camping Rug
  • Baby Play Mat
  • Emergency Blanket

Now it’s pretty clear that a picnic blanket can be used for such countless things and not only something to sit on. At the point when you have a quality cover, you can go on it on setting up camp outings, use it as a base when you’re fishing, read books in the sun, or take it to outside shows when you really want some place to sit. 

Having an open air cover implies you’ll consistently approach a touch of extravagance in your open air life and a method for making any circumstance more agreeable. 

You don’t have to go especially to an outdoors store to find the best picnic blanket; a ton of them are available on Amazon. Get the perfect thing you need for spring and summer fun and for that we have put across the most praised picnic blankets by our reviewers on Amazon. 

Here you go, the top 10 blankets for you:

1. Large Panlen Waterproof Sandproof Beach Blanket

Price: $26.99 ~ $29.99

Product overview:

This picnic blanket by Panlen comes with cute prints of – dinosaurs, flamingos, palm leaves, and rainbow. It can fit up to 4-5 adults and is a perfect blanket for kids or toddlers because of its lovely pattern. It can also be used as a creeping mat or probably a gamepad. 

  • The blanket is completely waterproof as it does not soak water, most of the water slides off. 
  • It is also easily foldable and also comes along with a handle which makes it easy to carry. 
  • It’s soft and skin friendly, enough for a baby to crawl on. 

What do the customers have to say?

We have observed that customers have mentioned that they love the color and design of baby boys. It’s very beautiful and has excellent waterproof material. One of them mentioned that they used this many times for picnics and also used to lay out next to the pool. They were amazed when the water that got splashed from the pool did not soak through. Most of the water slid off as they held the blanket up. They used a towel to blot off whatever excess there may have been and it became completely dry! 

Few others also mentioned that it is a perfect lightweight blanket for an impromptu picnic in the park in between swings and slides. One can always carry it in the car and the strap fits perfectly over the stroller handle. It’s easy to fold and can be spot cleaned or one can just stick it in the washing machine. She recommended it to all her friends and now whenever she goes for a playdate in nature they put all their blankets together and have more than enough room for their toddler crawling championships.

Apart from being just a picnic blanket, it can also be used as a camping blanket or throw blanket and can be the perfect choice for parks, beaches, concerts, hiking, and even star-gazing. A perfect gifting option too!

All in all, if you are looking for a blanket that’s perfect for your children which is lightweight, waterproof, machine washable, soft, easily portable, and foldable, this one’s for you. 

2. HANDSONIC Waterproof Picnic Blanket Warm

Price: $28.99

Product overview:

This picnic blanket by HANDSONIC comes in a beautiful gray color and can accommodate 2-3 people perfectly. This is a thermal blanket that has a grey waterproof fabric on one side that can be placed on the floor, and a black fleece on the other side to sit on for comfort and warmth. 

  • It’s a lightweight blanket with a bag for easy carrying. The bag can equally carry additional weight too.
  • The blanket also has a plush fleece on top that has insulation that provides the comfort of a warm blanket. 
  • It is suitable for machine washing and can be put into the washing machine to easily clean the dirt on it.

What do the customers have to say?

It was observed that one of them told that they primarily used this blanket to sit on rain-soaked grass and mud while camping and found no issues with the waterproofing. Even after washing and drying the product multiple times, he never saw any moisture seep through the blanket. 

Another one also said that the blanket is relatively easy to fold up into its storage bag, and even easier to just stuff back into the bag unfolded. However, the tarp side makes a crackling noise, mostly when folding and unfolding and a little bit when moving around on it. 

We saw that a few customers said that it’s easy to fold up back into the bag and is one person’s job for sure. This is perfect for your favorite holiday, you will never worry about the weather again. This lightweight picnic blanket will follow you anywhere you go.

So, if you are looking for a blanket that you need to enjoy the fun of the race in the exciting arena, resting by the campfire or watching the sunset or sunrise with something soft, waterproof, foldable, lightweight, and easy to carry with its drawstring bag, this is the one. 

3. LIVN LIFE Outdoor Waterproof Picnic Blankets 

Price : $27.99

Product overview:

Who said that all Beach Blankets should be Blue or Green? This picnic blanket by LIVN LIFE comes in unique designs with different colors of orange, fuchsia, and dark tones and is easy to accommodate 2-3 adults. It has patterns that will brighten up your surroundings.

  • They are made of a durable top layer bonded with a PVC bottom layer that gives a comfortable and dry day out. The PVC backing ensures that you keep dry and leaves, grass and sand don’t stick to the surface.
  • They are not machine washable, they are easy to clean with water and strong due to the quality materials. The top layer is water resistant so if you get any spills you can just blot up with a cloth.
  • The LIVN LIFE picnic blanket/Beach Blanket folds up so it can easily be carried

What do the customers have to say?

We saw that one of the customers said that it was well-made and it is a versatile Beach and garden blanket. It’s a tractive, and looks much more expensive than it is. It also comes with a helpful diagram included in the instructions to help fold it back up so that it fits as carryable.

The other reviewer said that it was perfect to lay out on the sand and it has great material, size, and quality. She also mentioned a precaution to be taken on a windy day. It’s best to have two people to fold it. Also, it’s a good option for grass but on rocky settings like the riverside or hiking off trails or camping, one might want to consider something that has a bit more cushion to avoid a hurt bum.

This Picnic Blanket is great as an outdoor blanket that can be used as a park blanket to relax while reading a book or with friends or family.  It can also be used as a camping mat to make life a little bit more comfortable, a sand free beach mat, a sports blanket for watching the game. So, if you are looking for a unique designed blanket that can be used for soft surfaces, this is the one for you. 

4. Mumu Sugar Outdoor Picnic Blanket

Price : $24.99 ~ $26.99

Product overview:

This Mumu Sugar picnic blanket comes in 4 different types of plaid patterns varying from black, blue to green which can fit 4 to 6 adults easily. This is an extra large perfect to fit an entire family to sit, lay or play.

  • It is a Portable and Foldable Picnic Blanket, after simply rolling, this picnic mat can be tied with a handy strap or be stored in an attached storage bag.
  • It is made of 3 layers of high quality material and is thick and soft. It makes it not easy to be blown away and comfortable to sit.
  • It is completely waterproof and sand proof for comfortable sitting and is easy to clean by just wiping the protective side to get rid of messes.

What do the customers have to say?

As told by a reviewer that she used this at an outdoor music festival. It folded up super easily and is soft as well as lightly padded. 3 adults were comfortably able to lay on it and keep all of our belongings on it. It was very lightweight to carry around as if she was carrying a purse.

Another customer recommends that it’s a cute blanket and she uses it every day since it’s so lightweight. It is good for taking a photo on it. When you go to a picnic, it is very important for you to fold it easily. It works! The material she tells is definitely water resistant. This is water proof so you can sit forever and no water will come through.

This blanket can be used for picnics, camping, hiking, concerts, yoga, outdoor concerts, a day at the beach, a car blanket, or even for evening strolls. If you are looking for a comfortable, waterproof, durable, easily portable blanket and something that fits your entire family, this oversized picnic blanket is the one. 

5. Three Donkeys Extra Large Picnic Blankets 

Price : $25.99

Product overview:

This blanket by Three Donkeys comes in red and white color and is large enough to fit 4 adults. It is made of 3 layers, has thickened and sturdy fabric, perfectly suitable for people to take part in outdoor activities.

  • This mat comes with a velcro and handles design, so it can be folded as a handbag, very convenient to carry, store and also saves your space.
  • It is machine washable, or one can just shake & wipe off dirt, mud, wet grass, and beach sand.

What do the customers have to say?

Customers have been told that this was the most affordable Blanket she could find with the classic red and white checkered print. The material is a high-quality blend of what feels to be cotton and also any liquid does not penetrate quickly into it even if there’s a  spill. It’s thick, yet durable which helps it stay in place nicely. It helps to keep it safe from getting dirty in the back of the van. The blanket rolls up and fits perfectly back into it. And has a strong over the shoulder strap to keep hands free. 

Another customer mentioned that the underside of the blanket is smooth dark nylon and the top a slightly fuzzy soft material. In short, it felt like a blanket and not a sheet. This was perfect for two people and can fit four maintaining social distance. If you’re planning for more friends, then an additional blanket(s) would be necessary.

This Three donkey’s Large Picnic Blanket is suitable for outdoor occasions like a day in the park, the beach, sporting events, soccer games, hiking, family picnics, camping, travel, stadium, and even outdoor concerts. It is suitable for all seasons, so if you are looking for a large picnic blanket that is machine washable, can be easily carried, and is also waterproof for outdoor activities. This is definitely the one! A great purchase. 

6. King Cotton Blanket,Waffle Weave Cotton Blanket

Price : $25.99

Product overview:

This cotton blanket by Grivety Homes comes in six different colors like blue, white, pink, green etc. and can easily accommodate up to 2 adults easily. It is perfect for wrapping yourself up when relaxing, lounging, or reading.

  • This blanket is a soft and breathable combed cotton product.
  • It is ideal for all seasons, soft, cozy, durable for longer use and can also be used for layering with any bedding ensemble.

What the customers have to say?

Customers that have bought this blanket have said that it is affordable for the price, the weave is not too loose, and it’s oversized. It is perfect for just about everything. They have also mentioned that it’s light and can be used in between seasons.

Some reviewers have mentioned that this blanket shrinks after washing and leaves some colour, so it is recommended to use it for occasional picnics and wash it with care, separately in a machine, so that these things can be avoided.

So, if you are looking for a beautiful blanket for a picnic shoot or just hanging out, this is the perfect blanket available in different colours which is also versatile and can be used on bedding as well. 

7. Hogardeck Picnic Blankets

Price : $19.99

Product overview:

This blanket by Hogardeck comes in a fine chequered black color and can accommodate up to 2-3 people easily. It is large enough to let you and your company enjoy the glamour of nature. The HOGARDECK blankets are ready for anything, whether you’re camping in the mountains or spending a weekend adventuring at home with the family.

  • This blanket is waterproof and also super comfortable for cleaning. To clean, one just needs to shake it or wipe it and there’s no gap for grass or mud to get in. The best is to hand wash it with cool or lukewarm water.
  • It comes with  4 stakes to make it firm when the wind blows and the 3 layers of materials make it durable so it won’t rip or tear even if it is hardly rubbed.
  • It is a lightweight blanket that folds up and goes into a carry bag for easy carrying and storage. 

What do the customers have to say?

Our reviewers have mentioned that this blanket is very sturdy and perfect for use. The best thing is its bright and vibrant colors. It is topped with a super comfortable fleece that makes it soft and it is incredibly comfy because the inside it features heavy padding, making the surface of the blanket ultra-comfortable.

Another reviewer mentioned that it is great at being water resistant however that stakes need to be used carefully as the metal rings tend to come off. 

This blanket is suitable as a  beach mat, camping blanket, family mat, emergency blanket. It is not just an outdoor blanket, it can be also used as a kids’ playing mat, pet seat cover, and even a floor mat. So, if you are looking to have a versatile blanket to have a great time that is water resistant, foldable, and easily portable, this is the one for you. 

8. CANDY CANE Extra Large Picnic Blanket Foldable

Price : $23.99

Product overview:

This blanket by Candy Cane is of straw pattern and comes in two different colors red and blue and can easily accommodate 2-3 people. It gives a peaceful space to the family and definitely a large play area for kids and pets. 

  • The blanket has a handle and can be folded with only one strap. It is foldable making it easy for storage and an essential traveling partner.
  • It has a soft top making it comfortable for sitting and the bottom is sand proof which makes it easy to clean up. Just shake it off to remove the sand or better just pop in the machine to clean. 

What do the customers have to say?

One of the customers mentioned that it is quite large and 2 adults very comfortably fit in with even a crawling baby. It is a bit plush and soft to sit on. One can pick it up, shake it once and it is clean, no more hassle and sand in the car/home. It folds very easily and it is a cute pattern as it is pictured.

Maximum customers have mentioned that it looks cute, is very spacious and cozy, and machine washes in a cinch. Thicker than other blankets with really comfy padding. Folds up nicely for easy storing and it comes rolled up neatly with handles to carry it. It unfolds easily and lays nicely. It’s a good size on the ground. It is soft and cushiony and is a great area for all to sit for outings. It’s wonderful

This blanket is versatile and can be used as a travel picnic blanket, lawn blanket even as grass mats for outdoors. It is great for outdoor activities like camping, concerts, stadiums, parks, and picnics. So, if you are looking for an aesthetic picnic blanket that comes with a handle for easy carrying and is waterproof, this is the one for you. 

9. BESTRUST Beach Blanket

Price : $9.99 ~19.99

Product overview:

This blanket by Bestrust is available in 2 different sizes and in a single colour, blue in a very basic design made of polyester, super relaxing to kickstart your day. It can accommodate 4-7 people which is great for family outings. It is durable, breathable, comfortable, and moisture resistant

  • The blanket comes with a carabiner, carry bag, a waterproof phone case, and four stakes.
  • It is super waterproof and sand proof. The parachute-like material made it clean off easily. You only need to shake the blanket to slip off the sand. The water doesn’t sink in the mat, but falls off the mat and just a wipe with the cloth is required. 
  • It comes in a sturdy and compact carrying case that is easy to carry and store in your backpack.

What do the customers have to say?

One of the customers mentioned that they had taken this to the beach several times on windy days. It does not blow away because of the four stakes and is waterproof! Great purchase! It was easy to set up and did what it said it would do. It was a little difficult to fold up to fit in the bag at times and would have been a challenge to fold to fit in the bag by oneself, so extra help is required there.

The other reviewer also mentioned about the water proof case, which removes a lot of worrying that your phone, money, keys and any other of your items would get wet or sandy at the beach.

It also can be used as a playing mat, rain shelter, outdoor blanket and even sunshade. If you are looking for a basic picnic blanket at an affordable price to enjoy your time outdoors without having to worry about all the mess with your family. This light and breathable blanket is a steal for you. 

10. Babypat Waterproof Picnic Blanket 

Price : $25.99

Product overview:

This blanket by Babypat is available in a single size and 4 different colors of black, blue, red and yellow and can easily accommodate 6 to 8 people easily and 4 people lying side by side which is great for family and friends outings. 

  • This picnic blanket is completely waterproof protecting from moisture, mud or wet grass.
  • It is easy to clean by hand or machine wash.
  • It is foldable and portable and comes with a unique handle design
  • It also comes with a bonus storage bag for users’ convenience

What do the customers have to say?

One of the happy customers mentioned that the material of the blanket is of high-quality blend and feels to be cotton. The liquid does not penetrate quickly into it and with a quick good shake, it’s nearly dry. It’s thick, yet durable which helps it stay in place nicely. The material is also breathable. The storage bag helps to keep it safe from getting dirty. The blanket rolls up and fits perfectly back into it. And has a strong over the shoulder strap to keep hands free so that one can carry the basket and everything else one needs for new family picnic events!

Reviewers also mentioned that the color is gorgeous and is a great match for summer outdoor activities. It keeps everything dry from the damp grass. The soft material on top lets people sit comfortably. Cleaning is also very easy. 

This blanket can be used for various things and can be used in special occasions like picnic, hiking, beach, park, outdoor concert, and also be used as beach mat, playing mat for outdoor activities. If you are looking for a picnic blanket that is delicate and is an attractive blanket with a unique design, then this is the one. 

A garden picnic blanket is an absolute necessary blanket to possess which will ensure you have a comfortable picnic and will allow you lots of conveniences, as you read in the article. 

Along with the usage, it also has a great amount of aesthetic value; they make your garden picnic pictures look nice and quirky. 

Now that you know about the top 10 blankets to buy from, we also need to take care that it retains its quality. 

So, here are a few methods that will help your blankets last longer and serve for a good enough time:

1. Never, never store your blankets in damp conditions. After a tiring picnic, make sure you dry the blanket thoroughly and there are no stains as well as water left behind. It might leave an unpleasant smell as well as be frustrating later. 

2. The second thing is don’t ignore the stains that you get on the blanket. Try to get rid of it as soon as possible and then and there as the stains can be there for a long term and difficult to remove later. If it’s a small area, you can add a little washing powder.

3. Make sure to follow the instructions as mentioned by the manufacturer, whether it is to be hand washed or machine washed. Make sure you follow them to the T, as failure to do so might accelerate the wear and tear of your blanket.  

Taking care of the blanket is equally important and you need to also take care of the material that you are using.

Having an outdoor picnic blanket clearly gives us access to luxury and comfort in our outdoor life, every minute, and memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

Picnics are a wonderful opportunity to relax, have fun and soak under the sun. We want you to have the maximum leisure in comfort without any hiccups.

We hope that this article helped you decide what kind of picnic blanket to get, how to use it, which one to buy, and tips on how to wash it. 

So, are you ready to buy the best picnic blanket to enjoy the spring and summer?

Choose one of the best garden picnic blankets from the list above and let us know in the comments which one made the cut for your picnic. 

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