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Best Bathtub Curtains Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Bathtub Curtains

Bathtub curtains or shower curtains are an important part of any bathroom. A bathroom is incomplete without this little accessory. With a bathtub curtain, you can have your own privacy and enjoy long showers after a tiring day at work. A bathtub curtain not only gives you privacy but it prevents the water from falling out of the bathtub. A bathtub curtain always stays inside the bathtub but a shower curtain always stays outside the bathtub. This is the basic difference between shower curtains and bathtub curtains. 

Bathtub curtains are not just a utilitarian item but they also have a certain degree of decorative value and choosing the right bathtub curtain can make a whole lot of difference in the entire appearance of your bathroom.  A tacky bathtub curtain can instantly ruin the look of your elegant bathroom. There are many different types of bathtub curtains available in the market but the important thing is to choose one that serves both the purposes: functionality and aesthetics.

Amping up your bathroom with a bathtub curtain is the quickest, most affordable, and easiest way to immediately enhance the look of your bathroom. Whether you want your bathroom to look spacious or you want it to look classy, there are several designs of bathtub curtains that can serve all of these purposes. They will also help you in keeping your bathroom floor dry which is a very important factor of a clean and healthy household. 

Choosing the right type of bathtub curtain sometimes can be an overwhelming task because of the sheer number of options available in the market. It is just too difficult to make up your mind.

Let’s have a look at some of the major and most popular types of bathtub curtains that are available right now. These types are divided based on different criteria like design, fabric, functionality price, etc. 

  • Cotton bathtub curtains- This type of bathtub curtain is extremely popular because they have a modern design. They are also very easy to clean and maintain. The fabric offers a variety of designs and patterns but there are some drawbacks to installing a cotton bath tub curtain too. Since the material is very absorbent it soaks water in the shower and becomes worn out pretty soon. It is also highly prone to mold and mildew. To have a cotton bathtub curtain in your home, you will also have to install a vinyl or plastic shower liner with it to keep it from getting wet. You will also have to keep washing this curtain every so often to ensure that it does not grow mold or mildew. 
  • Vinyl bathtub curtainsThis type of bathtub curtain is the easiest to maintain. They are available in a plethora of patterns, colors, and designs. You can match these to possibly any color. These are opaque and will allow you complete privacy. This is also the most commonly available variety of bathtub curtains. The drawback that comes with installing these bathtub curtains is that they can be extremely toxic since they are chlorinated. Non-chlorinated vinyl is a better option but isn’t very popular. If you are a busy person who does not have time to maintain your home on a regular basis, buying a vinyl bathtub curtain will be the perfect choice for you as you won’t have to clean them every now and then.
  • Microfiber bathtub- This is yet another very commonly used material for bathtub curtains. They are heavier than vinyl curtains and absorb water to a certain extent but mostly they are water resistant. Even if they do get wet, the water dries up pretty quickly and hence they do not become a place where mold and mildew would flourish. These bathtub curtains are quite popular as they can save your bathroom from getting wet. It is also very easy to clean them as you can either wash them by hand or in your washing machine. These curtains are on the heavier side, so you must always have a very steady and stable curtain rod so that your bathtub curtains don’t fall to the ground.
  • Hookless bathtub curtain- These stylish curtains have grommets on the upper part. These grommets are equally distanced to hang up the curtain. These bathtub curtains do not have curtain rings or loops to install but there are just big holes on the top edge of the curtain through which you can put them through the curtain rod. This style of bathtub curtains is extremely popular as it looks very classy and contemporary. These curtains are pretty easy to install and therefore you can easily remove them and put them back on after maintenance. This type of bathtub curtain is available in different materials.

Using bathtub curtains is most certainly an intelligent choice.  How, you ask?

Let’s have a look at the following benefits you can derive once you hang bathtub curtains in your bathroom

  • Expressive of your style- You will be surprised to find out how many patterns and designs bathtub curtains are available in. To make your bathroom your own, you can hang bathtub curtains that express your style. Whether you are a person who likes to flaunt maximalism or you are a person of simple choices, through your bathtub curtains, you can express freely without any judgment.
  •  Suits curves Bathtub curtains are especially suitable for showers that are in a bathtub. The bathtub curtain will be a perfect fit in this case and will help you keep your bathroom clean by not letting the water splash all over your bathroom floor.
  •  Can be customized- The best thing about bathtub curtains is that they can be made to suit any sort of bathroom for any sort of person. You can get them customized according to your taste and preferences, especially the size and color. 
  •  Makes your bathroom elegant and organized- We can all agree with this point that installing bathtub curtains not only gives your bathroom a clean look but also lends them a proper structure. People who like to keep things organized can never do without bathtub curtains and that is all the more reason to buy them.

Now that You know so much about bathtub curtains, let’s have a look at a few crucial tips that will help you choose the best bathtub curtain of all time

  • Do not pick a plastic bathtub curtain. They might seem easy to clean but they looked extremely cheap and horrible.  You can keep changing these again and again but you will still end up with a flimsy looking bathtub curtain
  • To enhance your bathroom decor, choose a bathtub curtain that allows some room for texture like some simple trim or embroidery.
  • While installing bathtub curtains do not use plastic rings these can easily become worn out and break in no time
  • Buying a hookless bathtub curtain is the best choice as they not only look elegant but are convenient in every single way.

To spruce up your bathroom going the minimalist way is the best choice. A bathtub curtain will assist you in doing that. Pick a simple bathtub curtain and install it in your bathroom. You will immediately notice how your bathroom lights up. Bathtub curtains do not take up too much space, however, they have a huge role to play in the look of your bathroom. To make an informed decision, go through the following list of the best bathtub curtains available on the market. Choose the one that you like best based on the reviews and the features. These bathtub curtains have been chosen after meticulous research and therefore we assure you that all of these items are the best of the best. Pick any and be sure of the quality:

1. Riyidecor Bathtub curtain

Price : $15.99 ~ $42.99

About the product:

  •  These bathtub curtains have a beautifully printed pattern on them which is floral
  •  They are made of waterproof polyester fabric which is 72 inches long and 36 inches wide
  • The beautiful red, green, and white colors in the pattern will bring your bathroom to life
  • The package includes one bathtub curtain and 7 plastic shower hooks. Using these hooks you can install this curtain in your bathroom. 
  • The materials used in making this bathtub curtain are eco friendly and the curtain itself is completely waterproof
  •  To wash this curtain, put it in the machine with cold water and low tumble. Dry it fully before using it again.


The customers were very happy with the purchase of this cute bathtub curtain. They said that the curtain looks exactly like the pictures- color and all. They highly recommend buying this bathtub curtain if your bathroom is otherwise neutral. Since the print is pretty vibrant and loud, it will not look good in an already colorful bathroom.

Some customers complained that the fabric was not the quality that they were expecting but still the material seems to work well as a bathtub curtain. The quality of this product is decent enough to last for a long time and the customers said that they rely on this bathtub curtain so much that they would order again once it wears out. The material is thicker than regular curtains and therefore, ensures its longevity

Make sure that you measure the space where you need to put up this curtain as some customers complained that it was small. The listing clearly states that it is a stall curtain so if you have a big shower stall, you should look for other options. Some customers complained that the fabric did not look like cotton; it feels more like a shower liner. 

2. Gorilla Grip bathtub curtain

Price : $19.9 ~ $21.99

 About the product:


Customers were a little fazed about the measurements of this bathtub curtain as it did not match the description. The customers were also frustrated with the company’s response as it did not do anything to resolve their issues. Customers also complained that the material is not water resistant and is just a regular cotton curtain. The product is advertised as water resistant but it soaks up water like a sponge. The list description does not mention that this bathtub curtain needs to be used with the liner but it is certainly the case.

Some customers really liked this curtain and said that they would not mind purchasing a liner to use along with this curtain as it is too pretty to be returned. The customers also said that the quality of the grommets is average and they are not completely rustproof. They do however look very pretty to hang and will make your bathroom appear more classy. They do not give off a cheap look and therefore customers prefer these bathtub curtains. 

Overall, these curtains have a nice quality and if you do not want a cheap, plastic-looking bathtub curtain, then you should definitely buy these bathtub curtains as they look pretty much like regular curtains.

3. Elrene Bathtub curtain

Price : $29.65

About the product:

  • These timelessly trendy bathtub curtains are elegant and will add the right amount of charm to your serene bathroom
  • These curtains are made using 90% cotton and 10% polyester. They are top-quality and durable curtains that have a gorgeous tassel design.
  • The curtains can be used with hooks or with rings and are very easy to maintain wash these curtains in a machine and make them last for a long time
  • The size of this bathtub curtain is exactly as mentioned in the description 


This bathtub curtain is beautiful and lightweight.  The measurements are absolutely fantastic as they are tall and look elegant.  You can hang these bathtub curtains using a tension rod to make sure that the curtain stays in place. Customers were happy with this product as they said that this curtain makes that bathroom look bigger. It is also good because it does not completely darken your bathroom from the inside and successfully avoids any glare. It is not transparent and is thick enough to be the perfect bathtub curtain.

Some customers felt that the fabric is a little thin and soaks up water too. They are linen-style bathtub curtains that come with matching window curtains. Customers like the linen style.  The curtains are also extremely lightweight and will filter sunlight and air perfectly if you plan to install them in Sunrooms.

Overall, customers highly recommend buying these bathtub curtains as they are very elegant, have accurate measurements, and make your bathroom look better. These curtains go perfectly with boho decor and the great thing is they come with matching hand towels and window curtains which have to be purchased separately. Customers were happy with their purchase because the quality was spot on.

4. Lush Decor Bathtub curtain

Price : $43.99 ~ $48.99

About the product:

  • These chic bathtub curtains are made of 100% polyester.  They are very pretty to look at as they have layers of ruffle and small pom poms on the entire panel.
  •  The fabric is very soft and has a luxurious feel.
  • These curtains are perfect for vintage bathroom decor or for a rustic style bathroom.
  • The design of these curtains is unmatched and so is the quality. The elegant colors in which these curtains are available are just mesmerizing 
  • The size of the bathtub curtain is standard and they can be hung using curtain rings or hooks.


These curtains received a majorly positive response from customers. They said that these curtains fit perfectly in a standard size shower stall or bathtub. You might have to use an iron to straighten the ruffles because they come packed and might have wrinkles. The customer said that the material is thinner than usual but it’s not a problem as the curtain is layered with ruffles. Customers said that although these curtains are extremely beautiful and give off a feminine and vintage vibe, they are not a very good quality product.

Some customers installed these curtains to transform their shady, old-fashioned bathroom and were very happy with the result. They said that the curtains will bring a peaceful and luxurious feel to the bathroom. They are not very expensive and will be perfect to have in girls’ bathrooms. Customers complained that it came wrinkled and ironing it is a pain. 

Customers highly recommend buying these curtains especially for females and for people looking for a vintage vibe in their bathrooms. These beautiful curtains are definitely worth the price as they not only look beautiful but also filter light perfectly in the shower.

5. Splash Bathtub curtain

Price : $12.82 ~ $13.75

About the product:

  • These cute bathtub curtains are made out of completely waterproof material that will keep your  bathroom floors  dry and clean
  • The size of this shower curtain is convenient and measures 70 by 72 inches
  • They are made from non-toxic materials and are chlorine free.
  • They are available in two different color options and can be used in homes, hotels, school showers, etc. 
  • The pattern is very appealing. The curtains are opaque but lightweight enough to conveniently install.
  • These curtains are also very easy to clean as they can be washed every so often.


Customers were very happy with these lightweight curtains. They said that they are even more lightweight than other clear shower curtains. The texture of these curtains is perfect as they are not completely clear but allow plenty of light to come into the shower.  

These curtains will look great in a small bathroom as they are attractive looking and or translucent. The customers were happy that these curtains did not have any chemical odor and seem safe to use. Customers said that if these curtains had grommets that would have been better. 

Some customers complained that these curtains looked very cheap as the material is too thin and it also does not have any grommets. There are only holes through which you can put rings to attach the curtain to a curtain rod. Some customers were disappointed by this. Not putting grommets in the curtain is a bad move because they will tear off very easily. Some customers said that these curtains are fit for the price you pay as they are not too expensive. They are simple but cute and right for the price 

6. River dream Bathtub curtain

Price : $37.99 ~ $39.99

About the product:

  • These top-quality bathtub curtains are designed with grommets and therefore you don’t need any curtain hooks for curtain rings to install them.
  • The package includes one bathtub curtain and one fabric snap-on replacement liner.
  • The quality of this bathtub curtain is incredible as it is 200 GSM and heavyweight.
  • The weight of the curtain keeps it in place. The fabric is also treated with water repellent treatment and therefore it does not soak any water
  • The size is standard and fits a regular shower stall 


Customers were delighted with these bathtub curtains. It was extremely easy to install and take down. It is also very easy to wash this bathtub curtain. These curtains are best for people who are sensitive to plastic and want some fabric shower curtains. The inner liner of this bathtub curtain dries up very quickly and does not drip water on the floor. These curtains are very well made and are extremely easy to install. They are a treat to the eyes. 

The grommet rings are plastic but they appear to be made of metal. They are sturdy and long-lasting. The customers were very happy with the outer fabric texture. Overall, the customers highly recommend buying these bathtub curtains as they are extremely nice in quality and give your bathrooms a hotel bathroom look. 

Hang these curtains in your guest bathroom and get many compliments from your guests. The color is very classy and the design of the fabric is elegant. The customers said that you must measure the space where you want to hang this shower curtain as the measurements are a little off. Most customers were very pleased with their purchases and highly recommend these bathtub curtains to everybody.

7. Primitive home decora bathtub curtains

Price : $49.95

About the product:

  • These berry vine shower curtains are black and nutmeg in color which is a classic combination.
  • They are made using 100% cotton and measure 72 by 72 inches. The design and look of these curtains are vintage and primitive and will give your home a rustic vibe.
  • These bathtub curtains do not need any curtain rings or grommets to be hung. The fabric pocket can be put through the curtain rod and installed in the bathroom.
  • Since the shower curtains are made out of cotton they might require a plastic liner for waterproofing.


These beautiful bathtub curtains are very well made with primitive black and walnut gingham checked patterns. Customers were very happy with the design as its adds a certain amount of oomph to your bathroom. The customers were really happy with these bathtub curtains as they can be used as regular curtains too. They work perfectly to give your home a country look. The fabric is heavy and the embroidery at the bottom in berry color is a really nice touch. The customers were very happy with the quality as well. 

None of the customers had any complaints with anything regarding this bathtub curtain as every aspect of this product is satisfactory. It might be a little higher on the price point but it is worth the price. The curtains are very well made and look very beautiful once you put them up in your bathroom. They will totally change the look of your bathroom and will keep it dry and elegant at the same time.

If your bathroom is small this bathtub curtain will specifically do wonders for your bathroom. It will make your bathroom look bigger and more spacious and will also allow a significant amount of light to filter in. This bathtub curtain is highly recommended by customers, especially for aesthetics.

8. Mitovilla Bathtub curtain

Price : $24.99

About the product:

  • These artsy bathtub curtains are made using eco-friendly polyester fabric which is completely waterproof. The water glides right off the fabric and the curtain dries very quickly.
  • The design of this bathtub curtain is exquisite as it has an abstract print
  • The bathtub curtain comes with 12 free hooks and top header grommets to make the installation process easier and help the curtains last longer. 
  • This shower curtain fits a standard-size bathtub and a small shower stall. It is available in many beautiful colors. You can match them with the rest of your bathroom decor. 


Most customers were disappointed with their purchase of this product as it is not very well made. The customers complained that frayed bits of cloth material and threads were hanging out of the seams. 

Some customers who like this bathtub curtain said that it looks elegant and beautiful and matches well with blue-colored walls. The customers who were happy with their purchase of these curtains said that these curtains instantly brighten up the space where you put them up. The customers also like the texture of the fabric and the whole look that it gives your bathroom. Some customers complained that these bathtub curtains did not come with a navy-colored liner as is advertised. 

Overall, the customers recommend buying these bathtub curtains if the print and color do not bother you. The quality is average and that is why they are available at a very low price. Buy these curtains if you are looking for an affordable and temporary solution. 

9. YISURE Bathtub curtain

Price : $36.59

About the product:

  • This is a round shower curtain that is made using environmentally protective PEVA material
  • The curtain is waterproof, recyclable, heavy-duty, and durable. It comes with metal hooks using which you can install the curtain.
  • This bathtub curtain also has 6 strengthened magnets at the bottom to make the curtain stay in place. It does not float in the bathtub and stays where it belongs
  • The top header comes with 30 rust-free metal grommets that keep the shower panel from tearing and make it long-lasting.
  • These bathtub curtains will easily fit large claw foot and freestanding tub shower enclosures. 


Customers say that this bathtub curtain solved all of their bathroom problems. If you are looking for a bathtub curtain for a clawfoot tub, this one is the perfect fit since it is very easy to put up and is long-lasting. This bathtub curtain keeps every water droplet away from the floor and helps it remain dry.

Some customers particularly did not like the quality of this product and complained that the hooks break very easily. The curtain is a good quality product, however, the hooks do not match the same standard.

Overall, the customers recommend buying this product specially for clawfoot bathtubs as you won’t have to use separate liners to cover the entire area. This bathtub curtain will keep your floor dry with the help of magnets. Customers were happy with this product as it is available in a size that is difficult to find. They recommend buying this product for its exceptional performance. 

10. NYMB Bathtub curtain

Price : $11.99 ~ $19.99

About the product:

  • This fabric shower curtain is made using high-quality polyester fabric. It does not need a liner.
  • It includes plastic shower curtain hooks for installation.
  • The fabric of the cotton panel is printed with vibrant colors and clear imaging which does not fade. the dyes used are non-toxic
  • These shower curtains have the perfect fabric which does not allow water to glide onto your floor.
  • These curtains can be washed in the washing machine using cold water.
  • These curtains can be put up to complement your bathroom decor.


Customers really like these floral-designed curtains. It is the design of these bathtub curtains that made them so popular. Some customers were not satisfied with the product as there was a mismatch in colors. Some designs on the shower curtain were different from the ones shown in the pictures. Customers were unhappy with the water-resistant feature as the fabric soaks a lot of water keeping your bathroom wet.

Many customers were unhappy with the color of the bathtub on the curtain as it seems to be a nice yellow in the pictures but in reality, it’s a cheap neon lime green color

Customers barely recommend buying this bathtub curtain as the material is very lightweight and so the shower curtain keeps moving around. It also tends to stick to your body while you are taking a shower and that can be pretty annoying. You should buy this bathtub curtain if you are looking for a cute curtain that you might have to replace after some time. The affordable price of this bathtub curtain makes it a popular choice however the color mismatch is the biggest complaint from the customers about this product.


1. How to install bathtub curtains?

Hanging a bathtub curtain can be a painful experience if you don’t know what you are doing. Follow these easy steps to install your bathtub curtain in a hassle-free manner:

  • Hang the rod. It can be a tension or spring curtain rod. The springs help the rod stay steady and in place.
  • Attach the rings if your bathtub curtain has to be installed using rings. Hang the curtain and the liner using the rings through the rod.
  • If your curtain has grommets, simply push the rod through the grommets before hanging the rod. Once all the grommets are in, Pick the rod up and carefully put it in place. 

Remember to follow these steps when you are installing your curtain in your bathroom as a mishap can lead to a bigger accident. You would never want to get hit in the head by a loosely hanging bathtub curtain rod and neither would you want to get entangled in the curtain while you are bathing. With the steps mentioned above, you will be able to install your bathtub curtains safely. 

2. How often should I change bathtub curtains?

Changing bathtub curtains often depends on the kind of material they are made of. The material determines the durability of the product and therefore it says a lot about how long it is going to last. 

Cotton shower curtains look extremely pretty but they are high maintenance and once they start growing mold, there is no turning back. They are not so cheap that you’d be happy changing them every so often but you do need to take a lot of care for them to not develop mold and mildew. You will have to change cotton bathtub curtains every 3 months if you are not able to match the upkeep. 

Vinyl curtains are non-absorbent and they can be let up as long as they stay. These curtains are durable and low maintenance. You can change these once a year. 

Microfiber bathtub curtains must be changed two times a year because they are somewhat water resistant but not completely. They need to be washed often too. 

3. How to wash bathtub curtains?

Follow these steps to follow different types of bathtub curtains:

Cotton: Take the curtain off the rod and remove the rings. Use regular detergent and add 1 cup baking soda. Wash the curtains gently in warm or hot water

While rinsing the curtains, add 1 cup of white vinegar and let it run through the spin cycle. Hang them up to dry. 

Vinyl: Check the label for any special washing instructions. If nothing is mentioned, wash these curtains by hand using a mild detergent. Take a bucket of warm water, add a mild detergent to it, let the curtains soak in this solution for about 10-15 minutes, and then rinse them off with cold water. 

Microfiber: Wash these curtains the same way you’d wash cotton bathtub curtains. 

If you are somebody who always wanted every inch of your house to look spic ‘n span, the bathtub curtain can be one of the best things to invest in. A bathtub curtain made using the best materials will last for a long time and will give your bathroom a neat and clean look. Why not buy something that is light on your pocket, makes your bathroom look better, and keeps it neat and clean? There should be nothing stopping you now that you know what you really want from a bathtub curtain. 

To give your bathrooms an instant and affordable glow-up, a good bathtub curtain is more than enough. You will be able to install these curtains very easily and will also be able to keep your space dry, clean, and organized. Choose any curtains from the list above and let us know in the comments which one you chose to install in your bathroom.

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