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Best Backpacks To Get You Through 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Best Backpacks To Get You Through 2021

The concept of carrying all essentials on the back dates back to the Stone Age. Men and women carrying sacks (probably made out of pelt) stuffed with things on their backs are depicted in cave paintings in South-Eastern Europe. They might not have thought of it as a backpack, but we sure do!

Popular in the ’90s as knapsack and pack sack, it was only in 1910, that the term ‘backpack’ came into existence. Backpacks were always more of a necessity item popularized by the military forces. Soon, they became a prime choice for hiking trips. They gained huge popularity over time-serving different roles to the students, feeding mothers, and the next gen millennials who want to carry the entire closet in one!

Well, truth be told, a backpack today is created keeping in mind the varied purposes they are used for. You have the frameless backpacks, the external frame backpacks, the internal frame backpacks, sports backpacks, and the everyday backpacks. Everyday backpacks hold the most sentiment with their owners. You would agree, wouldn’t you?

An everyday backpack is simply so versatile it doubles up as your companion on the go. Now that the simple backpack has evolved into innumerable variants, it becomes essential for us to understand what each type offers.

Let’s dig into the types of everyday backpacks you can choose from –

  • The Basic day packs Comes in a standard backpack design. A simple on-the-run design that mostly has no additional features. Ideal for everyday commute to school or work.
  • The Rucksack Sleek and stylish. Ditching the zipper design, it has a flap covering the main compartment. You might get a magnetic clasp or a drawstring. Some designs even include a laptop sleeve inside.
  • The Anti-Theft Backpack A much-in-demand design that ensures your essentials are nicely tucked away in a hidden pocket. The catch is, you can’t identify them from any basic backpack at first glance. Comes with an array of features like hidden zipper pullers, lock-on pullers, etc.
  • The Laptop Backpack The most popular of all designs. Created specifically to hold a laptop securely. Comes with a secure laptop sleeve. However, the design varies in capacity depending on the size of your laptop.
  • The Duffel BackpackThe straps on these bags allow you to carry them like backpacks. Nothing like the everyday backpack but a great alternative. Especially, when you prefer a bag with a larger capacity.
  • The Drawstring backpacks This design is the least functional of them all. Ideal for carrying to the gyms. Comes with a drawstring closure and straps for the shoulder.
  • The Biking Backpacks A specific design for the long haul. Ideally small and lightweight for long bike trips.
  • The Trekking Backpacks This includes a broad range of backpacks created to meet the required travel needs. They are very different from everyday backpacks. They are usually larger, way more functional, and accommodate many more features depending on your travel plan.

Anatomy of a basic backpack

Before buying a backpack, it is important to understand the different parts of a backpack. This will enable you to understand your requirements better. Every backpack comes with unique features meant to serve a specific purpose. A bag meant to be taken on a trekking trip won’t be an ideal bag for going to college. You could use it but can you use a college bag for trekking trips!? That might come across as a poor judgment. Hence, let’s acquaint you with the key parts of a basic backpack.

  1. Main compartment – A spacious section to carry your folders, books, clothes, gear, etc. It mostly comes with a laptop sleeve, possibly padded, and a belt to secure.
  2. Second compartment – A second section is a feature in almost every backpack. Less spacious but can accommodate your essentials.
  3. Pockets – You might find an additional compartment with organizer pockets for phones, pens, key fob hook, etc. or you might have one or two smaller outer pockets. You will find side pockets in either a mesh design or an open fabric pocket.
  4. Back Panel – The back panel in every bag is a key feature to ponder on. They are designed in a way that your back receives maximum support. 
  5. Reinforced bottom – The bottom is padded and secure thus holding the structure of the bag. An ideal reinforced bottom doesn’t sag with the weight of your stuff.
  6. Shoulder Straps – A very crucial feature that determines weight distribution. Ideally available in a straight, curved, or one-piece design.
  7. Additional Straps – Look for a sternum strap and Hip belt if carrying heavyweight in your bag. These straps hold the weight firmly keeping your back in mind. 
  8. Access Styles – This feature is important depending on your pick of luggage. You can opt for a front access bag for gym or travel, a side access bag for efficient handling of camera and lenses. The top access bag gives you a wide-angle view of your luggage. And the splayed design is the most common in an everyday backpack. It allows complete access to the contents of the bag.

An innate inclination when starting research for anything is approaching an expert which for the past decade has been the INTERNET.

So here I was with the question “who are the real experts having the functional and experiential knowledge of a backpack?” 

I was searching the depths of the web for the best backpacks the market has to offer. I was searching for experts in “Bag Technology”. Finding scientific papers published on the topic. Looking for blogs by experts. And with this, my research began and went on gradually. There wasn’t much available out there that was an “expert opinion” but I kept going on. And slowly results started popping.

But just when my research started showing promise, a very lame thought crossed my mind “the functional and experiential knowledge of a backpack should be with a person who uses and experiences a backpack regularly

Great job Sherlock!

No matter how lame it sounds, it directed me towards the real experts having the “functional and experiential knowledge”. Who else other than a common man would have that knowledge?! Who else other than a common would have used it for prolonged periods.

So I left on a quest to meet the common man. Needless to say, the quest was very short-lived as I could find common people all around me. I started asking silly questions about the unassuming and humble backpack to my family, friends, random people on the internet and on the streets.

Insights from these people led to the compilation of the list that I am going to share with you.

When it comes to backpacks, you are surely spoilt for choices. However, we bring you some of our top recommendations for your everyday backpack needs.

1. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack 

Price: $25.99

Know the product

  • The MATEIN Laptop backpack comes with spacious compartments and plenty of pockets. The back support has been kept a priority with only the softest of padding used.
  • The multi-panel ventilation maintains a comfortable airflow.
  • The anti theft pocket is at the back of your bag in sync with proper padding to ensure a seamless experience.
  • There is a built-in charging cable and a USB charger outside on the bag.
  • The polyester fabric used is water-resistant and durable.
  • The zippers are made of high-quality metal. This backpack is an excellent recommendation for customers of all ages.

Know the performance

  • Oh my! Do not let the look fool you! This bag is outrightly for those whole like it minimalistic. A sophisticated design that does not call for a lot of attention. But if you like it jazzy, they have an array of color options for you!
  • The polyester fabric is highly durable. Pretty much scratch-resistant, sturdy, and water-resistant. Well, that should take care of any and every weather scenario.
  • The built-in cable and USB charger feature is a boon for social media lovers. Charge your phone on the go! The straps and buckles adorn the right places and ensure your back is supported.
  • Now, the surprise! This backpack not only has the designated compartments but also has plenty of pockets. More pockets mean more things and thus more weight, right? Here’s the catch! The backpack almost weighs nothing and no matter the weight, your shoulders are stress-free at all times! 
  • The theft pocket at the back is a slightly more secured place. The price is a bit on the higher side but totally a winner!

2. OREPEK Backpack for Men

Price- $29.99

 Know the product

  • This cool backpack from YOREPEK comes in a large 50L capacity. It has 20 independent pockets along with a laptop compartment, the main compartment, and an additional compartment with two small outer pockets.
  • The padded compartment easily holds up to a 17inch laptop. It is spacious enough to accommodate another iPad or a small device. The bag opens flat, freely up to 180 degrees.
  • This backpack also has a strong handle with a steel cable for hassle-free carrying. The fabric used is a high-quality polyester fabric that is durable, shockproof, and water-resistant.
  • The design of the bag supports the back and is convenient to wear all day long.
  • There is an external USB port with a set-in charging cable for convenient charging. Wait! It isn’t over yet. There is also a headphone access included.

Know the performance

  • A highly recommended everyday backpack! If you are the one who likes to carry the entire house with you, this might be exactly what you need. Extremely roomy with separate pockets to store valuables properly, makes it a great pick for everyone who likes to stay organized. Nitty-gritty details like the charging port, earphones loop, keyholder, bottle holder just amp it up.
  • The standard clamshell design with a lay-flat feature takes the cake here. The main compartment lies flat separating the laptop compartment from the other packing compartment thus quickly getting you through airport security. This comes as a breather for travel purposes but definitely carries your lock.
  • The ergonomic design provides efficient lumbar support, but the bag does tend to get super heavy with all that you decide to pack it with!

3. Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack

Price: $27.99

Know the product

  • The bag is sleek, smart, and with a lot of cool color options. The bag has a laptop compartment, an accessory compartment, a front compartment, and a zipper pocket in the outer sleeve.
  • The front compartment has a laptop sleeve, pen pockets, phone pocket, a keychain holder, and small pockets for essentials.
  • It comes with a fixed anti-theft password lock on the top, adjustable straps on the side, and a sturdy leather belt in the side pocket. The widened shoulder straps along with the luggage strap give a sturdy and firm grip.
  • The charging outlet has two sections for USB cables and micro cables.
  • Made up of strong, water-resistant, and durable polyester fabric with quality metal zippers.

Know the performance

  • Do you have a teenager graduating soon!? This makes for an excellent functional gift that could last for your child a lifetime. And you as a parent can rest assured about the security with the anti-theft password lock in place.
  • Your social media-friendly child can now always be on the phone charging on the go! This cool backpack is a steal deal for under 30$. The bag is a tough, modern-day design that could easily pass as your travel companion.
  • The bag however is small which makes it an efficient pick for college days, short trips, and impromptu rendezvous with friends! Secure and sturdy for every weather!

4. SHRRADOO Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

Price: $23.99

Know the product

  • The lightweight nylon fabric used enables an efficient weight distribution system. The bag has standard spacious compartments for laptops and other amenities.
  • The theft pocket is located on the lower part of the bag. This cool backpack has a built-in charging cable and a USB charger outside.
  • The mesh fabric has been put in place to ensure heat dissipation and relieving shoulder stress. The straps and an internal shockproof belt guarantee a smooth experience.

Know the performance

  • It’s a great budget pick whether you are looking for a school bag or a travel companion.
  • The mesh design really saves you from the clingy sweaty mess. And the charging option is a lifesaver but depending on where you are. Apparently, the USB does not have a good flow of power hence, not entirely reliable.
  • The fact that you can carry up to two day’s clothes along with your laptop and other gadgets is pretty cool. And you don’t even feel like you are carrying a lot, thanks to the lightweight nylon fabric used.
  • Coming to the theft pocket, it is of a decent size. You can easily carry a phone, definitely your card and wallet. The pocket being in the lower part of the bag was definitely a concern but well, the bottom is nicely padded so your essentials in case a phone is safe.
  • The only reason that this one isn’t Numero Uno is that it is not waterproof. Not really sure, the umbrella in the holder is supposed to save you or the bag! In all, a fine budget-friendly everyday backpack.

5.Venture Pal

Price: $18.99

40L Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

Know the product

  • This travel backpack from VENTURE PAL comes in a sleek, lightweight design. It has a 40L capacity. The range of colors and prints includes a variety of kaleidoscopic colors and patterns. 
  • The bag comes with nylon lining and can be folded into its mini pouch. The inner compartments have several pockets including a zipper pocket.
  • A wet pocket has been included to separate wet or sweaty clothes. There’s a zipper at the back of the bag that leads to the wet pocket easily.
  • The nylon fabric can withstand extreme wear and tear. The quality zippers and brass tacks distribute the overall load of the bag and ensure super strength for carrying all your gears and pieces of equipment. A must-have backpack for hiking!

Know the performance

  • Well, you need to be extremely clear about your objective before buying this bag. The design is modern, aesthetic, compact, and comfortable.
  • It can handle all the wear and tear you want but doesn’t ensure room for everything you wish to carry. It can easily fit a day or two’s clothes, a pair of shoes, camera gear, and other essentials.
  • Remember, the bag is lightweight, sleek, and easy to carry in your luggage. The size makes for a great fit in the overhead compartment or beneath the seat on an airplane. 
  • Although the bag is not waterproof but has a wet pocket to keep your sweaty or wet clothes. You could also use the wet sleeve to keep your essentials, phone, etc safe from accidental water encounters.
  • Another drawback is that the bag doesn’t offer any padding so refrain from carrying a laptop or an iPad in this. The bag also lacks a frame to support the luggage that you put in. Overall, we recommend this bag only for quick short trips!

6.Venture Pal Ultralight

Price: $15.99

Know the product

  • It is made with a high-quality, tear-resistant fabric that survives the worst of conditions.
  • The bottom piece is double padded for convenient workload distribution. The brass tacks enhance the longevity of the backpack.
  • The two-way abrasion-resistant quality metal zippers ensure the bag stays put with all the weight. The bag comes with padded shoulder straps and a mesh design for a supported back.
  • This backpack has a main compartment, two zipped front pockets, and two side pockets.
  • It weighs only 0.7LB and has a capacity of 35 liters. A compact design that can be folded into a zipped inner pocket.

Know the performance

  • This backpack is suitable for light trips. This bag fails to withstand heavy-duty rough and tear.
  • It should be a good travel bag for a week-long holiday! The bag has a main compartment, plenty of secure zipped pockets. It does have a laptop sleeve but no proper padding or shockproof belt so you better decide how you wish to go about it! It can carry a lot of weight for you.
  • The sleek design enables you to carry it to less comfy places. Straps with the whistle hooks add an additional layer of protection.
  • However, this bag’s material does giveaway and starts melting in extreme temperature conditions! The lifetime warranty is a really great offer from the company but not sure if you would wish to get it replaced again and again.

7.High Sierra Loop Backpack


School, Travel, or Work Bookbag with tablet sleeve

Know the product

  • This HIGH SIERRA loop backpack is from the ‘Back to school collection.’ The collection has over 33 designs to choose from. This black backpack from their collection is also meant for adults.
  • The bag has a classic backpack design. There is a main compartment, secondary pockets with tablet sleeves plus accessory pockets.
  • The bag is equipped with a suspension system that bears the shock of weight transfer while transporting your goods. The compression straps enable a secured gear while carrying.
  • There is an adjustable webbing strap at the bottom that allows you to carry your tent or a sleeping bag. The multi-compartment enables enough room for books, gear, and equipment.
  • The key fob hook and the organizer section take care of your small but essential valuables. 

Know the performance

  • An excellent must-have backpack for a fairly decent price. 
  • To begin with, this should end your worry about your toddler.
  • These heavy-duty backpacks can carry all the weight in the world. And in need of modern-day education, your kid can also carry an iPad or a tab securely.
  • The material is reportedly awesome and the support design of this bag leaves all your worries about your children at bay.
  • The kids love colors and prints, so you have them spoilt for choice. While you could opt for colors too, conversely this black or grey from the collection makes for a sturdy travel companion.
  • With neat pockets, efficient compartments, room for essentials, and gear, this bag is highly recommended for both kids and adults!

8.Himawari Laptop Backpack 

Price: $33.99

Know the product

  • It does include neutral colors for the likes of the sophisticated and is made up of eco-friendly waterproof canvas lending it a pretty really soft feel. 
  • The design is minimalist, packing a fashionable punch. It is a functional backpack with a framed interior. It has two big front zipper pockets, two inner smaller pockets, two side pockets with a padded strap.
  • Spacious with the steel frame ensuring a vertical framework for maximum utilization. It has an easy access doctor bag-style opening. It also has a built-in USB cable design for easy charging anywhere.
  • The backpack is large and can accommodate luggage of all kinds. The framework has a dedicated space for a laptop and an inner sleeve for a smaller device. This bag also has a concealed nappy backpack for the new mums.

Know the performance

  • Are you the one who likes it stylish yet functional? This would be an apt choice for you! This bag is designed for literally everyone.
  • A regular-sized bag but planned so well that you could carry a lot of things. The vertical steel framework with properly padded shoulder straps ensures a really comfortable, easy-to-carry backpack.
  • The hidden nappy sleeve is a bonus for a new parent. You can always carry an extra one or two on the go!
  • The zipper quality is excellent. It only adds to the overall tenacity of the frame.
  • The USB design is a bonus. A framework is an excellent option for those who prefer stacking things. And the best part is the inner pockets and the tech sleeves do their jobs perfectly well without affecting each other’s functionality.
  • Simply loved the design, especially the carry handle. Well, you can now wear it or carry it, whichever you find handy.

9.BRINCH Laptop Backpack 

Price : $26.99

Know the product

  • It is a wide-framed, rectangular, doctor-style bag. It has a steel framework supporting the bag which opens to about 7.8 inches in width. A convenient design and easy on the go. The built-in USB charging port offers a smooth experience.
  • The bag is big and has a volume of 22 liters. It is made up of water-repellant, nylon fabric that can withstand rough handling if needed. The bag opens into a sturdy frame with a laptop sleeve that can hold a laptop up to 15.6 inches.
  • There’s an additional iPad sleeve, dual side pockets, a concealed pocket on the back for valuables, and a front organizer compartment.
  • The shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort and the sturdy long 3 inch top handles allow you to carry it like a tote!

Know about the performance

  • A truly sassy and functional design! With a decent range of color options available for customers. This bag is definitely for people who get lost in their backpack luggage.
  • The framework allows you the convenience to glance at everything kept at once. The wide frame really utilizes the maximum space capacity to its full potential.
  • You can easily carry your gear, clothes, bottles, folders, etc alongside your laptop, iPad and still have quite some room left. 
  • The concealed pocket on the backpack comes really handy for nappies, cards, money, etc. Overall the design is a big winner when it comes to looking for a work bag or a diaper bag. It has a lot of space for carrying everything for a newborn baby.
  • In addition, this would make a cool backpack for your long travels. The metal in the top handle might create some issue at the airport security but that’s it. This backpack is a game-changer!

10.SHRRADOO Extra Large

Price: $29.99

Know the product 

  • It is a unisex backpack and comes with 20 independent pockets of varying sizes. It has a main compartment with a secured sleeve for a laptop of up to 17 inches. Accompanied by another mesh sleeve for a smaller device like an IPad or a tab.
  • It has two more spacious compartments for carrying books, clothes, bottles, folders, etc. The bag has a classic lay-flat design which makes it really convenient for travel.
  • The bag opens 180 degrees thus revealing the laptop compartment for quick checks at security. It has a built-in USB port for on-the-go charging and also earphone loops. The compression straps enable you to change the size. The sturdy handle comes with a stainless steel cable to support all the weight while carrying.
  • The back design is a U-shaped 3d airflow mesh enclosure that provides optimum lumbar support on long hours of hiking. It also comes with a password secure lock and a key fob design at the front of the back.

Know the performance

  • The bag weighs 2 pounds and costs fairly reasonably for the capacity that it brings you.
  • An excellent travel backpack for those extensive hours of biking, sports and hiking. The material is nylon and abrasion resistant to an extent. 
  • The lock comes along with the bag and is excellent to keep things from getting robbed. The large capacity also helps you if you are nosy about cramming things into a small place. This bag has so much room for you to pack in detail and not lose a thing.
  • This comes in basic black, blue, and purple, efficient for keeping a low-key profile while traveling. The lay-flat feature is just awesome!
  • And remember this bag can only be hand washed!

11.Amazon Basics 

Price: $53.97

Know the product

  • It is almost the size of a suitcase. It comes with an expansion zipper that extends the packing space by 10%. The design is equipped with proper support for carrying maximum storage.
  • The bag has several hidden pockets and organizers for easy and secure storage of smaller items.
  • The bag comes with proper back cushioning and padded shoulder straps. It also has a waist strap, sternum strap, and backpack straps.
  • A sleeve at the back allows tucking away the backpack straps for easy carrying. It has two handles for proper weight distribution and convenience while carrying.
  • Apart from spacious compartments for luggage, it includes a proper zippered compartment for the laptop at the back of the bag.
  • The size of the bag allows you to easily carry the bag without worrying.

Know the performance – 

  • This backpack happens to be on the higher spectrum of the price range but is total value for money. A large, rather a suitcase kinda large for this money is a steal deal.
  • To add to it, the expandable zipper only levels up the amp! The bag is sturdy, strong, properly cushioned, and padded at the right places taking care it lives up to its name so that you carry it around your laptop backpack. The unique laptop sleeve at the back is an excellent feature that distributes the weight even better.
  • The comfort and quality simply excel. The polyester material used is pretty tough yet soft against the skin. Nylon could have been a better pick but the fact remains that this backpack is a valuable addition to your travel collection.

12.Amazon Basics Ultralight 

Price: $19.49

Portable Packable Day Pack

Know the product

  • This travel backpack from AMAZON has a capacity of 35 liters. It has a roomy main compartment, one front zipper pocket, an internal zipped pocket, and two mesh side pockets. It comes with a stitched compartment for easy storage.
  • The backstraps are adjustable and offer a snug fit. The mesh design allows easy airflow and supports the back.
  • There is a nylon handle on the top for carrying it. It is a versatile piece of utility. It is ultralight, portable, and durable for impromptu trips.
  • The material used makes it easy to wash and carry on the go. The two-way zipper closure ensures optimum security.

Know the performance 

  • Are you fond of taking impromptu trips or like to carry something lightweight always on the go? This is your buddy.
  • Easy, lightweight, portable, and comes folded in a bag. Keep it in your car or carry it in your suitcase and you are always ready for a short travel trip.
  • The material used makes it water-resistant to a larger extent but it is not entirely waterproof. 
  • Another drawback depending on how you use it is its structure. Well, it doesn’t have one. It will just take up the shape of what you keep in it. Some luggage, clothes should do fine, however, not really sure if this bag can survive the weight of gears or pieces of equipment.
  • Plus, there’s no padding or clasps per se to keep accessories secured. So, an excellent keeper but not a reliable companion for heavy-duty trips

13.Hynes Eagle 38L (Flight Approved Weekender Carry on Backpack) 

Price: $59.99

Know the product 

  • This red-violet color adds a lovely hue to the backpack. The material used on the exterior is 100% polyester with an inner polyester lining as well.
  • This bag has a 13-inch shoulder drop. It comes with a roomy main compartment that has inner tie-down straps that helps you adjust the size of your belongings. The bag has a side-way approach to this compartment which makes it extremely hassle-free to access.
  • The padded laptop sleeve can easily hold a laptop up to 15.6 inches. The front organizer pocket has neatly designated spaces for phones, pens, etc.
  • The bag has a hideaway shoulder strap. It also comes with an adjustable sternum strap. The four whistle clasp compression straps on the side enable maximum compression and provide additional strength to the zippers.

Know about the performance

  • This backpack is a versatile bag to travel with, go to work with, in short, a sturdy and robust companion. This sleek unisex design is a perfect fit for trips.
  • The design includes a lay-flat feature which makes packing and security checks smooth.
  • The size of the bag is flight approved which means it easily fits into the overhead compartment or beneath your seat. The tech pocket is perfectly padded and zipped for security.
  • The compression straps really distribute the weight all over supported by adjustable, comfortable, padded shoulder straps.
  • The handle is both on the top and the side which gives you two options to carry. An efficient product that neither compromises on aesthetic nor functionality!

Tips to pack and carry a backpack

We are all excited about getting our new backpack but how many times do we pay attention to how to pack it? Packing strategically ensures we get the most benefit from your backpack. The efficient organization ensures the weight of the luggage is well distributed over the back and shoulders. 

Further, the straps uphold the weight on the journey. So let’s check some tips to pack and carry a backpack :-

  1. Always place heavy objects in the center, close to the body.
  2. Arrange the sharper objects if any, towards the outer side to avoid pressure on the back.
  3. Remember to adjust your shoulder straps as per your comfort and convenience.
  4. Never try carrying your bag on one shoulder no matter how light the weight is.
  5. Try carrying the bag upright, also placing it properly to not ruin the overall structure of the bag.
  6. Use the hip belt/ sternum strap if you have the option.
  7. Always adjust your bag before beginning any journey.
  8. Check the adjustments after packing your bag.
  9. Do not let your bag hang all the way to your butt.
  10. The ideal measurement is 5cm – 10cm below the waist.

Following these tips will result in you enjoying a fulfilling journey and maintaining a better relationship with your cool backpack. 

The backpack options shared are acing the game in popular picks. Let us know if you agree with the reviews shared by us. What do you think of these picks? Do you have any recommendations of your own? Do share your opinion and tips with us in the comments below!

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