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Best Baby Medicine Dispensers Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Medicine Dispensers Of 2022

Every parent knows that our children are the light of our lives. They bring such immense joy in our world which is inexplicable. There are no words in any language that could express a parent’s joy upon holding their newborn. These precious little angels need to be taken care of day in and day out. Unlike all animal offspring, human babies require to be taken care of and are completely dependent on their parents for quite some time after being born. 

Needless to say, they fall sick very often too and we are sure every parent will relate when we say that trying to feed a fussy baby medicine is like trying to snatch a chunk of meat from a tiger. New parents are already overwhelmed with everything that they need to do for their little babies and administering medicine could be something that they just can’t handle. It is something that really tests your patience and endurance levels.

It is natural for anybody to get frustrated when they have had countless sleepless nights and a fussy baby who just won’t take their medicine. To help you out in such situations an awesome tool was invented that specifically caters to this need and that tool is called a baby medicine dispenser.

A baby medicine dispenser does exactly what the name suggests. It helps you to give medicine to your baby in such a manner that the bitter and foul-tasting medicine doesn’t touch the taste buds of the baby and does not activate their gag reflex. Since the babies don’t taste the medicine they do not spit it out. It is a simple tool yet a revolutionary product since it solves big problems of frustrated new parents. 

A baby medicine dispenser will help you nurse your baby back to health faster and without frustration. A baby medicine dispenser ensures that your little ones receive the medicine safely.  These tools are specifically designed to meet your baby’s needs. They are inexpensive yet highly effective. There is no reason a new parent wouldn’t want to buy a medicine dispenser for their baby. 

There are different types of baby medicine dispensers that can be used for children of different ages. This article is going to explore the types of baby medicine dispensers and the many advantages of using them.

Let’s first try to understand the types of baby medicine dispensers available 

  • Pacifier-style medicine dispenser- This medicine dispenser looks exactly like a pacifier that is meant to soothe children. It is very easy to use especially with younger babies. It helps avoid any spitting and makes sure that all the doses of medicine bypass the baby’s taste buds. It also doubles as a real pacifier and doesn’t disrupt the baby’s schedule. It’s one of the best ways to administer medicine to your babies. It’s made of plastic that is non-toxic and safe to be used by babies. It is usually not highly prized and is trusted by many new parents. 
  • Bottle-style medicine dispenser-  This dispenser looks like a tiny milk bottle and is ideal for giving the perfect dose of medicine to your child. It is not only easy to use but also convenient to carry along.  It is made of BPA-free high-quality material and lasts for a long time. It’s designed in such a way that it is one of the most baby-friendly products and doesn’t hurt your child’s mouth. If your baby is recovering from any illness, try a bottle-style medicine dispenser that measures the correct dosage of medicine and allows you to administer it to your child without disturbing them.
  • Spoon-style medicine dispenser- The spoon-style medicine dispenser looks like a spoon but comes with added features. It has enough capacity to fill one dose of medicine. This product is made of high-quality PP and silicon material and does not contain PVC. It usually comes with a dropper bulb and a dropper. The spoon in this medicine dispenser is designed specifically keeping babies in mind and allows parents to give medicine to their babies without any mess or wastage. You can measure the correct amount of medicine and simply give it to your child using this medicine dispenser. 
  • Syringe-style medicine dispenser- This medicine dispenser is probably the most effective one with children. it is designed with a silicone tip that is soft for a baby’s mouth. It helps children swallow the medicine and allows parents to control the dosage. The double hole design makes it very easy to operate and saves you a lot of trouble. It has a clearly marked measuring bar that ensures you give accurate dosages to your baby. It is made using food-grade silicone and is a great time saver for new parents. The syringe design helps you get the medicine down the baby’s throat easily and helps them swallow. 

This little tool has been the perfect new parent assistant and has helped many parents through tough times. There are a lot of reasons why a new parent definitely needs a baby medicine dispenser.

Let’s have a look at the few benefits that come with using a baby medicine dispenser for your child:

  • Control dosage-  A baby medicine dispenser comes usually either with a measuring cup for measuring bars on the product which allows you to control the dosage of medicine that you are administering to your child. It is very important to measure the accurate amount of dosage when it comes to medicines for babies as they can have severe side effects if given in more than the required quantity and might not be effective if given in less than the required quantity. With a baby medicine dispenser, you will be sure that you have been giving accurate dosages of medicine to your baby and helping them recover fast.
  • No mess or fuss- It is very difficult for new parents to handle fussy babies and giving medicine to a fussy baby is a herculean task. It breaks you down to see your child suffering and when you are broken down you can barely make the effort to give medicine to your fussy child but everyone knows that for a faster recovery it is important to take regular dosages of medicine. With the help of a baby medicine dispenser, there will be no more fuss or mess when you give medicines to your babies as most of these medicine dispensers allow you to give medicine to your baby without the baby tasting them. The bitter and usually foul-tasting medicine directly goes into the throat of the child bypassing that taste buds and thus there are no spit-ups or mess.
  • No disturbing the baby’s schedule- Baby medicine dispensers are designed in such a way that they do not let the baby taste the medicine. As mentioned earlier, medicine when administered through a baby medicine dispenser goes directly into the throat of your baby and this feature allows you to give medicine to your child even while they are sleeping. There is no need to disturb the schedule of your child and wake them up only to give them a drop of medicine With the help of a baby medicine dispenser you can give medicine to your child as they sleep and avoid the mess and crying. 

Baby medicine dispensers are are a very inexpensive object that will become crucial in your life when you are a new parent. Once you begin to use it, you will realize how easy it is to avoid the stress of giving medicine to your sick child.  It is truly a great invention. The popularity of baby medicine dispensers has greatly increased in recent years since people are beginning to realize how important these little tools are.

Following is a list of the top baby medicine dispensers that will allow you to administer medicine to your babies from birth till the time they are toddlers and can take it on their own.  These chosen baby medicine dispensers are the best ones you can choose from right now.  Read their reviews and features carefully and choose the one that you like best:

1. FridaBaby medicine dispenser

Price : $11.04 ~ $27.04

About the product:

  • This is a pacifier style medicine dispenser that allows you to administer medicine to your baby without spit ups
  • The design of this medicine dispenser is such that it sends any liquids to the side of the baby’s cheek
  • You can measure the accurate dosage of medicine through this medicine dispenser
  • The package also includes a syringe that has markings for medicine doses and the tab on the medicine dispenser can be used as a real pacifier
  • It is made using BPA free materials and is dishwasher safe 


This baby medicine dispenser is a favorite of all the new parents. They were happy that with the help of this tool they were able to give medicine to their babies without any fuss. The medicine bypasses the baby’s taste buds due to the design of this medicine dispenser and the parents were thrilled with it. They were glad that they came across this medicine dispenser and were happy that now they were able to manage their babies better

The pacifier works well for every baby and parents said that their children get used to it very quickly as it looks like their binky or pacifier. Some parents said that not using this tool the correct way might cause your baby to choke so make sure you read the instructions before using the product for your baby.

Most customers highly recommend using this inexpensive yet indispensable tool that will be a great help to all the parents if you want to administer medications to your children easily,  this product is a must-buy for you. 

Our recommendation:

Based on the many positive reviews and excitement of all the new parents we’d say that if you need a basic medicine dispenser to administer regular medication to your babies then you should totally go for it. 

2. Safety 1st medicine dispenser

Price : $6.50

About the product:

  • This is a bottle medicine dispenser that easily dispenses medicine to your baby in a familiar manner
  • To give your baby medicine using this dispenser just remove the top and fill the bottle with the dosage you want to give to your child, snap the top back in place and give it to your baby
  • You can wash this medicine dispenser in a dishwasher to clean it thoroughly
  • It is extremely easy to fill and clean this medicine dispenser and it can dispense up to 3 tsp of medicine


Customers felt that this is probably the best medicine dispenser on the market, however, they had some concerns too. The bottle is the right size and allows you to mask the taste of medicine by mixing it with something that will make its taste bearable like honey or milk. It doesn’t require too much effort to be used by parents or by babies.

The bottom of this medicine dispenser is flat and so you can easily set it on your counter to fill it with medicine and the wide mouth makes it easy to put the medicine in by hand.  The nipple on the bottle is good and very basic. Babies will easily accept this medicine dispenser and will not create a fuss while taking their medicine from it. 

Some parents said that they found it difficult to close the top at times because it’s too tight. They felt that if the top came with a screw-on lid that would work really well.  They also said that despite not liking the lid they would still recommend this product as you will be using it a lot. It is affordable and honestly, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to buy it. 

Our recommendation:

If you are a parent who masks the taste of their baby’s medicine using milk and honey then you should definitely get this bottle medicine dispenser as it will allow you to do that with ease. Based on the customers’ response we’d say that you should buy it.

3. Munchkin medicine dispenser

Price : $6.52

About the product:

  • This bottle medicine dispenser safely allows you to administer liquid medicine to your baby at a safe flow speed
  • The design of this medicine dispenser was created by a pediatrician and it helps reduce gagging and avoids any spit ups
  • The medicine does not touch the baby’s taste buds if you use this medicine dispenser and therefore it is the perfect tool for new parents
  • It is easy to disassemble and wash this medicine dispenser. You can boil the nipple or steam sterilize it and wash the whole apparatus in the top rack of a dishwasher


Most customers were extremely happy with this little tool and said that it makes giving your baby medicine and Gripe water very easy. What the customers did not like about this product was the fact that you can’t measure the accurate dosage in this medicine dispenser. It is also not very easy to screw the top onto the base without the medicine leaking and the customers also complained about the awkward shape that makes it tip over very easily.

Parents were happy with the fact that it is very easy to clean and wash this baby medicine dispenser. The parents said that if you have other measuring tools such as medicine syringes then you should certainly buy this medicine dispenser. Customers also liked the fact that the shape of its nipple is similar to soothies and regular neck bottle nipples.

If the measurement part doesn’t bother you and if you are looking for an affordable medicine dispenser then you should certainly buy this product as the customers who have been using it for their babies for quite some time highly recommended it. 

Our recommendation:

Since this product is highly recommended by its loyal users, we’d say that if you can ignore the measurement bit, you should certainly buy this medicine dispenser for your baby.

4. Ezy Dose medicine dispenser

Price : $4.90

About the product:

  • This medicine dispenser is a dropper and a spoon kit which is highly effective for babies and toddlers
  • It has a calibrated design that allows you to measure the liquid medicine properly
  • The capacity of the dropper is 5 ml which is the apt amount of medicine that must be given to babies
  • The quality of this dropper and spoon set is excellent and will last for years 
  • Both the products have correct measurement marks that will allow you to administer the right doses of medicine to your baby


Customers felt that this medicine dispenser is a good one as it can be used not just with babies but with adults too.  It has very precise measurement markings that allow you to measure liquid medication to the smallest extent. Customers were very happy to find this kit because it is difficult to find a dropper that measures out a larger amount than 1 ml. The best part about this medicine dispenser is that it fits down into 2 Oz bottles too and do not waste any medication sitting at the bottom of the medicine bottle

Some customers warned future users to be careful with this product as the opening is really large and takes into much at once. Some customers also complained that they received a tinted product unlike the one shown in the pictures.

Most customers were happy with the fact that they were able to find a dropper and a medicine dispenser spoon together. They felt it is just what every new parent needs. You can also use this to administer medicine to your pets. 

Our recommendation:

This product is a hard-to-find product and if you are a new parent or just any person looking to find the dropper that is sold in 1 ml form then you should definitely get this product.

5. BRANDZIG medicine dispenser 

Price : $19.99

About the product:

  • This medicine dispenser is a quick and easy way to administer liquid medicine to your baby or your pets
  • It is a syringe-style medicine dispenser that is made from latex-free medical-grade plastic. This plastic is completely safe to be used for children and pets
  • The tips of these syringes are designed in such a manner that they prevent leakage and air from getting in
  • Using this medicine dispenser is very easy- all you need to do is hold your baby’s mouth open and push down on the plunger
  • These are top quality no needle syringes that can be used at home and at hospitals


Customers were glad to purchase this versatile medicine dispenser and used it not just to dispense medicine but for many other creative uses. Parents liked that these slip tip syringes have decent suction but not too much that waste medicine. The markings are extremely clear for both ml and teaspoon sizes.

It is very easy to use just like a regular syringe and works for all medicines. Customers said you must be careful while washing this medicine dispenser as the measurement markings tend to get washed off. They highly recommend buying this medicine dispenser as it is inexpensive and yet lasts for a long time. Not to mention they are easy to use and clean too.

Customers who used this medicine dispenser beyond dispensing medicine said that these worked great for just about anything. they said that overall it was a great purchase which allows them to use it for multiple purposes.

Our recommendation:

The versatility of this product speaks volumes about why it should be bought. Use it to administer medicine to your baby or your pets or use it to make creative things using epoxy. 

6. American Red Cross medicine dispenser 

Price : $11.04 ~ $27.04

About the product:

  • This syringe style medicine dispenser comes with accurate markings and allows you to give your baby the right amount of medicine every time
  • It is very easy to use and read the markings and the visual indicator helps you remember the right dosage
  • The plunger on the syringe works really well as it is made of silicone
  • This medicine dispenser is designed to be comfortably used with one hand
  •  It is a durable product that is easy to clean and is made without BPA 
  • It can be used for babies right after they are born till the time they are toddlers
  • It is rightly priced and is certified for safety for babies


This medicine dispenser seems to work well for most users. It has powerful suction and works pretty well to administer the right amount of medicine to babies. Some customers also used this medicine dispenser with their pets and said that they have found nothing better than this tool.

Customers said that initially, they were apprehensive about using it but once they got the hang of it, they were really happy to have purchased it. The customers did not like the fact that it is difficult to clean this product. The design is such that the medicine tends to get stuck inside and is very difficult to cleanout.

It is, however, dishwasher safe and if you wash it right after using it, it can be a game-changer. Some parents said that it is a little difficult to squeeze, however, they would still recommend it as it seems to get the job done. The measurement markings on this product will allow you to administer the right dosage of medicine for the baby.  Since it is made without BPA you can be sure that you are using a safe product for your baby. 

Our recommendation:

The customers were not entirely enthusiastic about this product as it is very difficult to clean it out completely, however, they recommend it for temporary usage as it is extremely affordable and works just fine. 

7. Dr. Brown’s medicine dispenser 

Price : $9.69

About the product:

  • This patented medicine dispenser was designed by a doctor to prevent spitting out of medicine
  • It gently pushes the medicine through the bulb to bypass the baby’s taste buds and goes directly into the throat avoiding pooling in babies’ cheeks
  • It has the right and precise measurements markings that ensure the right dosage
  • It is made using a soft silicone bulb which is effective to be used for babies and toddlers who cannot be given medicine using a medicine cup 
  • It comes in two bulb sizes. The smaller one can be used for babies who are just born up to 6 months and the bigger one can be used for babies who are 6 to 18 months old


Customers had many good things to say about this medicine dispenser. They even compared it to the top brands and said that it works better than them. The two sizes work really well and the shape of the pacifier also makes things easier. This medicine dispenser is better than its expensive counterparts and will help you save a couple of dollars.

 Customers said that they really like this tool as it makes it extremely easy to deliver medicine to a baby. Some customers complained that the syringe stopped working at first sterilization and became tough and tight. Due to this very reason, many customers were disappointed and did not recommend the product.

Some customers however found a solution and informed future customers that it fits any syringe. You can basically buy any syringe from the market and use it with this baby medicine dispenser and derive infinite use from it. It is the perfect solution to give medicine to a cranky and fussy baby who just wouldn’t cooperate. 

Our recommendation:

According to most opinions of users, this is a reliable product. The fact that it can be used with any syringe makes an even stronger case if you want to buy a medicine dispenser. Buy this contraption today and forget about buying another one for a long time.

8. Nuby medicine dispenser 

Price : $5.52

About the product:

  • This is a cute little bottle style medicine dispenser that allows you to measure the prescribed medication carefully
  • It is very easy to use this medicine dispenser as it has a snap-on lid and allows the baby to finish the medicine completely on its own
  •  It is advised to wash this product before initial use and after each use
  •  It can be disassembled easily and washed with hot water
  • The instruction manual that comes along with the package should be followed when you are using the product for the first time
  • This product is made keeping the safety of babies in mind and therefore uses all non-toxic materials in manufacturing 


Customers had some complaints about this product and said that the hole in the nipple is not for newborn babies. Customers also complained that it is a little difficult to clean this product.   The nipple on this medicine dispenser is soft for babies and can be used over and over again, however,  the bottle makes it difficult to clean. Some customers also said that the measurement markings on this product are inaccurate. 

To use this medicine dispenser you might want to measure medicine with the syringe first and then pour it into the bottle to dispense it. Most customers were very happy with it as they felt it works better than a dropper. Some customers even went on to say that it worked wonders for their infants.

Customers like this medicine dispenser apart from the fast flow and the difficult to wash design. If you have a syringe available at home, it is advised that you measure the dosage of medicine through the syringe first and then pour it into this medicine dispenser to be sure that you are administering the right amount of medicine to your baby. 

Our recommendation:

There were some design flaws with this baby medicine dispenser, however, it seems to work fine with little older babies as the fast flow of the nipple can only work best for them and not for newborn infants. Buy this medicine dispenser if you have a baby older than 6 months. 

9. MEDca medicine dispenser 

Price : $9.99

About the product:

  • This medicine dispenser is a set of 2 calibrated spoons that allow you to give liquid medicine to children easily.
  • They have a wide mouth and a long tube that is a perfect design to give medication and avoid spit-ups.
  • To use this medicine dispenser all you need to do is slowly pour the medicine into the spoon part till it reaches the desired measurement marking.
  • The spoon has a capacity of holding 2 teaspoons of medicine and the raised calibrations allow you to measure the medicine correctly
  • These medicine dispensers are made using high-quality bpa-free plastic and can be washed in the dishwasher.


Customers swear by this medicine dispenser as they feel these are better than medicine measuring cups. They are made of sturdy plastic and are not flimsy. They can be easily washed in the dishwasher which is another great thing about them as most medicine dispensers can be difficult to clean.

The design of this medicine dispenser works really well at administering the right amount of medicine to children each time.  The sturdy structure of the spoon will help it withstand years of usage. The 2 teaspoon capacity of the medicine dispenser accurately holds one full dose of medicine usually administered to babies.

If you are looking for an ideal medicine dispenser to give daily medicine dosage to your baby with the right measurements then this set of calibrated medicine spoons is something you must buy.  Customers highly recommend it since it checks out all the boxes.  It is easy to use,  has the right measurement markings,  is easy to wash, and lasts for a long time.

Our recommendation:

Based on the positive response from customers we believe that this simple spoon right here might be one of the best medicine dispenser spoons in the market. It is highly recommended because of the amazing quality and easy-to-read markings.

10. Walnut tree infant love medicine dispenser 

Price : $7.99

About the product:

  • This medicine dispenser is a pacifier integrated dispenser that allows you to give accurate doses of medicine to your  baby without the risk of choking
  • The design of this medicine dispenser streams the medicine on both sides of the baby’s cheek so that they don’t taste it
  • The measurement markings on this medicine dispenser are very accurate and easy to read
  • This product is completely safe to be used by babies as it is made using FDA-approved food-grade silicone and is personally endorsed by pediatricians.  


Customers said that the product works just fine when you use it on babies while they are calm. A cranky baby would not want to have medicine using this medicine dispenser.  The customers said that the nipple should have been a little bigger so that the baby would feel soothed by it and would be able to suck well.

The materials used in making this product are very high quality and safe to be used by babies. The customers like the quality of this product and it is one of the reasons why they recommend it.

Customers were happy to use it for their babies as this medicine dispenser pushes the liquid medicine into each cheek evenly without choking or gagging the baby. The syringe plunger needs to be used carefully as it pops out easily. The measurement markings might be a little difficult to read but they are accurate. This medicine dispenser is extremely easy to use and will allow you to give medicine to your baby on a daily basis without too much fuss. 

Our recommendation:

Most customers recommend this product if you are looking for something that is long-lasting. Initially, your baby might not want to use this medicine dispenser but if you use it on a regular basis, your baby will eventually get used to it and will accept medicine from it daily without getting cranky. 


1. How to use a baby medicine dispenser syringe?

With babies, you need to be extra careful when you are putting anything in their mouths.  Follow these easy steps to give medicine to your baby using an oral medicine dispenser syringe:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and make sure that your child is sitting upright. If the baby is too young, have the other parent hold your child upright.
  • Shake the medicine bottle and insert the tip of the oral syringe into the bottle
  • Turn the bottle upside down and pull the plunger till the syringe is filled up to the quantity required
  • Remove the syringe from the bottle and put the lip of the oral syringe inside your child’s mouth between the gums and the inside of their cheek
  • Slowly push the plunger to let small amounts of medicine  into the side of your child’s mouth
  • Allow your child to swallow before completely  emptying the syringe 
  • Give them some water to wash down the medicine

2. How to use a baby medicine dispenser spoon?

A baby medicine dispenser spoon should not be used with newborns. They can however be used with babies and toddlers.  Follow these easy steps to administer medicine using a medicine dispenser spoon:

  • Open the medicine bottle and hold the medicine spoon up and find the marking for the appropriate amount of dosage needed
  • Slowly pour the medicine from the bottle into the spoon till it reaches the mark required
  • Place the tip of the spoon on your child’s mouth like a feeding spoon and empty it into your child’s mouth
  • Make sure your baby is setting upright as you do this
  • Rinse well and watch this soap spoon with soap and water before storing it away

3. How to stop my baby from spitting out the medicine?

Babies can be really fussy when it is time to have medicine but it is important for them to have the proper dosage of medicine to get well soon. Many new parents struggle with their babies while giving the medicine but babies spit it out. Not only does it waste the medicine it also wastes your time, energy, and mental peace.  The only way to give medicine to your baby without them throwing a fit and spitting the medicine up is to use a baby medicine dispenser.  

In the article, you read about the different types of baby medicine dispensers and we suggest you choose the one that you think will work best for your baby. If you are not fond of wasting your money on medicines that are going to be spitted out anyway then you should surely look into buying a baby medicine dispenser.  it is an affordable and essential tool for new parents.

Every parent probably already knows this but it is important to take care of your child especially when they are sick. What might look like a normal cold might develop into bad pneumonia if your child is not properly taken care of and is not given proper dosages of medicine. It is completely understandable that new parents get frustrated with babies when they cry and fuss about and refuse to take medicine but we can’t give up like that, can we? Children are the best things that happen to us during our entire lifetime and to protect them at all costs. It is our duty as new parents to help our babies develop a healthy growth pattern. 

Buying a medicine dispenser will greatly reduce your frustration and will help you take better care of your child. When you are mentally at peace you have a lot of energy to keep up with the schedule of a baby. This highly elaborate article was written with the sole purpose of helping new parents become better at taking care of their lovely little ones.  The list above has all the best medicine dispensers that are safe for babies to use. Choose whichever one you like and let us know in the comments if it worked out for you.

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