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10 Best Baby Massage Oil In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Best Baby Massage Oil In 2021

Soothe your baby with the best baby massage oils of 2021

The soft hands of a masseuse slowly massaging your back feel like nothing short of heaven. When you feel so relaxed after a massage imagine how a tiny baby who is cramped up all day in either their crib or in a swaddle would feel when they receive a nice and relaxing massage. A massage for a baby gives soothing results and is very essential for them as it has a multitude of benefits. Baby massages have been popular since ancient times. In Asian and Pacific islands, the practice of massaging babies’ bodies to soothe them was quite popular since times immemorial. The massage was a regular component of their bathing routine. 

In western culture, baby massage is a fairly new practice that started only after the 1970s. Lots of studies show that massaging premature babies is extremely beneficial for their health specifically towards weight gain and neurological development. Tons of experiments have been conducted since then to establish how exactly a massage helps a baby’s body. To understand that you first need to know what an infant massage actually is. An infant massage is a massage therapy wherein lotions or oils are used to massage the baby’s body just like an adult is massaged by a professional masseuse. Medical professionals swear by massages as according to them they help babies with motor and gastrointestinal problems. 

The effect that a massage has on any regular person is very similar to the effect a massage has on a baby. It is a great stress reliever. Having spent a long time in the womb in a fetal position, babies’ bodies need a lot of relaxation. This relaxation can be achieved by massaging their bodies and physical movement. A massage also helps infants to release gas, ease muscle spasms and help the digestive system work efficiently. A massage can also help babies strengthen their muscles, improve circulation, relieve stress during teething, and reduce emotional stress. These were just a few areas where babies can benefit from massages, have a look at the following points which will elaborate how a massage helps your child’s overall development:

  • Emotional bond– A baby is born out of the mother’s body and naturally shares a bond with her but to strengthen this bond, a loving touch can be a wonderful accessory. Massaging your baby’s body will help them relax and they will associate these relaxing moments with you. This will strengthen the bond of a mother and child. 
  • Digestion– A nice and thorough massage session will help your baby digest their food better. Some babies face a lot of trouble digesting milk and have gastric problems. These problems can be eliminated with a routine massage every day. 
  • Nasal congestion and teething– Every baby goes through a lot of pain and anxiety during the teething process. A regular massage will help them relieve this stress and anxiety and will also help keep their nasal passages clear, allowing them to breathe through their noses comfortably. 
  • Help strengthen muscles and motor skills– A massage with a suitable oil can be an excellent aid in helping your child develop strong muscles. Since it strengthens their muscles, their motor skills will also considerably improve. 
  • Handling the baby– When babies are first born, they are so delicate that you’re often scared of handling them fearing you will hurt them in some way. When you get into the habit of massaging them on a daily basis you will be confident with the way you handle them. 
  • Improves skin texture- The essential oils or the nourishing lotions you use to massage your baby will improve the texture of their skin and will get rid of any dry skin. It will also eliminate the chances of baby acne. 

There are many oils and lotions available in the market that you can use to massage your baby, each has its own benefit. Some countries like India and other Asian countries often use home remedies or naturally occurring materials to massage their babies. You’ll find an abundance of lotions and oils that promise the best of both worlds for your baby. Following is a comprehensive list of oils and lotions which will aid your decision about what you can use to massage your baby:

  • Sesame oil– It has antioxidant and antibacterial properties which will help your baby have supple skin and will nourish their bones and muscles. 
  • Coconut oil- It works best as a skin moisturizer but doesn’t do much to strengthen the baby’s muscles and bones. 
  • Almond oil- It is rich in Vitamin E and is safe to be used on babies. Research suggests that almond oil thickens the babies’ skin and doesn’t cause any side effects. 
  • Petroleum Jelly- It is a hypoallergenic product that is suitable for sensitive skin and it doesn’t clog pores on the baby’s skin. It is a great moisturizer for babies and toddlers too.
  • Safflower oil- It is the least processed cold-pressed vegetable oil which is again rich in Vitamin E and is perfect for babies for its natural qualities. 
  • Shea butter- Use pure shea butter without adding perfume and chemicals for your baby. It easily gets rid of dry skin and serves as a great moisturizer. 

Massaging the baby has been advocated by all mothers and grandmothers since it is an ancient practice. It has been trusted by our ancestors for ages. Your touch for your baby is a huge contributing factor in establishing the strong bond you both will share throughout your lives. To choose best of the best materials for massaging your baby browse the following list which comprises the best baby massage oils:

1. Cocobelle Organic Virgin Coconut Baby Massage Oil

Price: $15.99 ~ $20.99

About the product:

  • Cocobelle oil has been specially made for babies to nourish their soft and thin skin. 
  • This oil is completely chemical-free and is made using natural ingredients. It soothes your baby’s irritated skin and is a perfect massage oil for them
  • The coconuts used in manufacturing this oil are organically sourced from farmers which means the product is very safe for babies.
  • This coconut oil can be used for multiple purposes like dry skin, eczema, dry scalp, flaky skin, bottom balm, nappy rash balm. It can also be used by adults as a lip balm or hair mask. 
  • It is BPA-free and completely natural.

Is it any good?

The oil has been highly appreciated by moms as it is really safe for babies. Many moms claimed that the oil has a cooling effect and does not have any fragrance which is a good sign. Most products that have fragrances are bound to have chemicals in them. The oil is perfect for rashes and chapped skin. It is gentle on the baby’s skin and is amazing as a massage oil. 

The mothers were very happy with this oil because unlike other coconut oils this one does not have an overpowering effect and is not greasy at all. They felt that the price could have been lower considering the quantity of the product. 

Some mothers also said that this product is perfect for their babies and for them as well. After a bath, it can be used as a massage oil or a body moisturizer for your baby. Lots of mothers shared that the cradle cap of their babies completely disappeared once they used this product for at least two weeks. If your baby has extremely dry and flaky skin, this oil is a lifesaver for them. Make sure you do a swatch test to check for allergies before applying it all over the baby’s body.  

2. Mom & World Baby Nourishing Oil

Price: $21.60 ~ $30.60

About the product:

  • This massage oil for babies is the right mix of all the oils like almond oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and wheatgerm cold-pressed oil. It is very nourishing as it is rich in antioxidants and vitamins.
  • It is a very light and non-greasy oil that has a mild fragrance.
  • The oil is made with natural ingredients and is chemical-free. The nourishing components of this oil will soothe your baby’s skin gently.
  • It is suitable for all skin types and is free from lanolin and mineral oil. It has no parabens and phthalates which make it safe for your baby.

Is it any good?

This massage oil is not just any ordinary oil you’d use to massage your baby. It is the oil that nourishes your baby while soothing and relaxing their entire body. The perfect mix of the best kind of oils gives this particular oil the great qualities of all of its constituents and makes it one of the best options.

Mothers are huge fans of this oil. Regular users mentioned that their baby was visibly stronger after a few weeks of usage. Some mothers also shared that their babies are achieving milestones with this oil and learning to sit faster. The oil can be used on the baby’s entire body including the head.

It is not heavy on the baby’s skin and gets absorbed quickly without leaving stickiness on the surface. The oil is very effective and you will notice the difference in your baby’s skin from the very first usage. It will strengthen your baby’s muscles and will help them sleep better with its mild yet pleasant fragrance. Since the oil is organically made it is free from any chemicals but just to be on the safer side it is advised that you conduct a swatch test before using it for the baby.  

3. The Honest Company Baby Massage Oil 

Price: $9.99

About the product:

  • This massage oil is a perfect blend of certified organic oils which are suitable for a baby’s skin.
  • It is gentle on their skin, is lightweight, and makes their skin smooth and supple. 
  • It contains chamomile and calendula which have calming properties. 
  • It does not contain parabens, dyes, silicone, fragrance, mineral oil, or any other chemicals. 
  • All the ingredients used in the production of this oil are sourced from trustworthy channels and are completely free from any sort of adulteration. 
  • Use this oil for your baby if their skin is too thin and sensitive. The oil will soothe their skin and will avoid any redness or rashes. 

Is it any good?

This organic oil is completely trusted by moms. It does not have any chemicals and has a mild citrusy fragrance which even your baby will love. It leaves their skin feeling soft and hydrated especially if used after a bath. It is important to use healthy and natural products for babies as their skin is sensitive and prone to infections and rashes. This oil is perfect for them. 

Moms-to-be also said that they use it on their bellies and it works as a great soothing agent. This product was claimed to be the ‘holy grail’ of all baby oils. It is the only oil that comes at a low cost but is of high quality. As soon as you bring the baby out of the shower, pat their skin dry and massage their body with this oil. The skin will absorb the oil and be soft and supple.

The oil does not have any staining issues and mothers said that the skin of their baby does not feel sticky after applying it as it gets absorbed fairly quickly. The oil is not heavy yet keeps the baby’s skin moisturized throughout the day. Mothers love it and said that they would always have an extra pack of this oil as backup. 

4. California Baby Calendula Moisturizing Cream

Price: $21.00 ~ $65.44

About the product:

  •  Unlike all the other items on this list, this exceptional product is a moisturizing cream. It is one of the best items you can use for your baby’s massage.
  • The best thing about this cream is that it is not limited to being used only by babies, your entire family can use it for moisturization purposes.
  • The cream is made using essential oils and has the subtle fragrance of French lavender and clary sage.
  •  It is very safe to be used on babies as it is an allergy-tested product. It doesn’t include any products that generally cause allergies like soy, gluten, oat, dairy, etc.
  • The cream will hydrate your baby’s skin gently with its plant-based emollients and organic aloe vera. It is perfect for your baby’s thin and sensitive skin.

Is it any good?

This product is a promising one as most moms swear by it and always have a tub of this cream in their baby’s diaper bags with them. It works amazingly on baby acne and cures it within a few days of usage. Baby acne is a very common problem that most infants go through and usually, it goes away on its own in a few weeks but why make your baby suffer for weeks when with this cream you can clearly get rid of it within a matter of days?

This cream works great for moms too. If your skin is acne-prone and you’re scared of trying any products that might cause your skin to breakout then you can try out this product. It is perfect for acne-prone skin and will not cause any rashes or irritation.

With all these awesome features packed in a small tub, this cream is the rage right now. Babies love it, moms love it and the whole family loves it. It also comes at an affordable price, what’s there not to love, right? Get a tub of this magical cream today and treat all of your baby’s skin-related maladies. 

5. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Baby Massage oil

Price: $21.00

About the product:

  • This baby massage oil is made using chamomile oil, raw shea butter, and argan oil, and all of these work amazingly on sensitive skin. 
  • It is a completely natural product that is organic, sulfate-free, and paraben-free. It will not have any harmful effects on your baby’s skin. 
  • It has nourishing qualities which make your baby’s skin smooth and non-flaky. 
  • It relaxes the baby’s muscles and helps them sleep better. It also protects your baby’s skin from any inflammation or irritation. 
  • The brand is a trusted one and is popular among customers for its amazing naturally sourced raw materials. 

Is it any good?

Mothers really love this product as it is very good for eczema. It can clear it in a few uses. Baby eczema is a huge problem for infants because it causes pain and discomfort. The oil is going to soothe your baby’s skin and reduce redness and inflammation. It smells amazing too. You can also use it on your pregnant belly to soothe your stretched-out and dry skin. It helps prevent stretch marks. To help the baby’s skin absorb the oil it is recommended to use it right after showering on damp skin. 

The oil has worked really well for moms as well as their babies. It is a little greasy which is why it is advised to wet your hands before you apply it so that the oil spreads quickly and evenly on the skin. If your baby has really dry skin and nothing has ever seemed to work for them, try out this oil and you will never regret it. 

The oil is perfect as a moisturizer and as a massage oil. It can be used on the baby’s body as well as the hair. It keeps the scalp also moisturized avoiding flaky skin on the head. Some moms felt that the fragrance was nice but a little too overpowering for infants. You might want to mix this oil with a mild baby lotion to tone down the fragrance if it is too much for you. 

6. Pleni Naturals Baby Massage Oil

Price: $15.99

About the product:

  • This top-notch moisturizing oil is made of organic raspberry seed oil, olive oil, cucumber oil, and grape seed oil. It is safe for babies.
  • This oil is perfect for soothing your baby’s skin. It is especially effective if your baby has a case of a cradle cap. Apply the oil on the affected area, wait for some time and then comb out the flakes. 
  • This baby oil is not only meant for babies but can be used by new moms and moms-to-be also. You can use it on your pregnant belly.
  • It is perfect for dry and rough skin and is better than any lotions or creams for babies. It is lightly scented with vanilla and the travel-sized bottle will be your perfect companion on trips.

Is it any good?

 This baby oil is highly rated by parents. Moms love this not just for their babies but for themselves too. It smells divine and is made of natural and high-quality materials. It is very safe on your skin and is cruelty-free. Use this moisturizing oil to keep your baby’s skin smooth after showering.

It is a very nourishing mix of oils and does not contain any heavy oils like coconut or soybean. It feels very light on the skin and is non-greasy too. It won’t stain your clothes and the fragrance won’t linger for too long. It doesn’t contain oils which can cause irritation on the skin. It is easy to pump out the oil from the bottle causing no mess at all. 

It is the perfect oil for you if you are looking for something that moisturizes well and does not leave a residue. The delicious fragrance of this oil seemed to be a point of major popularity. It works brilliantly on eczema skin and keeps it from coming back. It gives your baby soft and supple skin and makes them smell fruity. It is highly recommended by moms for babies as well as expecting and new mothers. 

7. Zarbee’s Baby Massage Oil

Price: $8.98

About the product:

  • This massage oil is a safe and effective product for your baby. It is made without the use of any chemicals or artificial fragrances. The ingredients used are gluten-free.
  • It is a gentle oil with soothing properties. It has lavender and chamomile which can be used on the baby to moisturize their skin as well as to massage it 
  • It has a mild lavender and chamomile scent to it which helps the baby sleep well.
  • It is very popular for its multiple uses. It can either be used as a baby body moisturizer or it can be used to give the baby a nice massage before or after showering

Is it any good?

This oil is very easy to apply and spreads quickly on the skin. The oil has a mild fragrance which helps babies fall asleep faster and rest for a longer time. Some moms were not a huge fan of the smell but worry not as it wears off soon. Every bedtime, give your baby a massage with this baby oil and they will be asleep in no time. They will sleep through the night as the massage with this oil helps relax their body and also calms their muscles. 

The oil does not leave an oily film on the baby’s skin which attracts dirt and dust. If you use this oil on a regular basis to massage your baby, they will have perfect skin and will never have any skin-related issues like infections and rashes.  Some moms compared the oil with the top brands and felt that Zarbees does a better job of soothing their babies’ skin and giving them a good night’s sleep. 

Mothers highly recommend this oil. It is advised to conduct a swatch test before using the oil for the baby as this oil contains lavender oil. Lavender oil can be an irritant on sensitive skin. If your baby is allergic, do not use this oil for them. 

8. Hobacare Baby Massage oil

Price: $10.99 ~ $19.99

About the product:

  • This is a jojoba massage oil for babies which is made from cold-pressed golden organic jojoba. 
  • The oil is 100% safe for babies. It does not turn rancid and does not stain your clothes. It is also non-allergenic and doesn’t clog pores of your baby’s skin. 
  • It is made using all the natural ingredients like unrefined organic jojoba oil from organic first pressed jojoba seeds. 
  • The oil will never expire and should be stored away from moisture and sunlight. It is completely chemical-free and is a certified organic product. 
  • There is no need to refrigerate this product, however, it shouldn’t be too hot in the place where you’re storing it. 

Is it any good?

This oil works great on newborn babies. The mechanism of the bottle allows you to easily pump out the oil using just one hand. It is great for baby acne and cradle cap. Some mothers claim that this is the best oil you can use to massage your baby. For great results regarding cradle cap, it is recommended to leave the oil on the scalp overnight. 

Some moms felt that the oil is a little greasy yet not too heavy on the skin. There is a mild fragrance in the oil which lingers for a little while. It is mild enough for your baby and they won’t be bothered by it. 

This oil is a great moisturizer as it works for 24 hours after application. It can be used by moms as well and since it has no shelf life you can use it without fear of it expiring. This organic oil is loved by moms and is recommended to you especially if your child has the issue of cradle cap. Use it once on your baby and say goodbye to the cradle cap forever. 

9. Ora’s Amazing Herbal Baby Oil

Price: $13.97 ~ $20.97

About the product:

  • This massage oil for babies is very popular as it is made with organic materials and is completely vegan. It is a mix of organic calendula, licorice, and jojoba oil which is beneficial for babies.
  •   This oil can be used not just by babies but by all the members of your family. It can be used as a facial moisturizer and even as a makeup removing oil.
  • It is an unscented oil with zero traces of harmful chemicals. It can be used to soothe your skin if it feels dry or irritated.
  •  It is free from any ingredients that can damage your baby’s skin like parabens, mineral oil synthetic waxes, etc.

Is it any good?

This oil is great for keeping the baby’s skin hydrated after showering. It also works well on cradle caps. It can be used for the baby’s hair also and can be rinsed while you give them a shower. Some mothers felt that since the oil is unscented it can cause allergic reactions, to avoid this conduct a swatch test before using the oil.

It is amazing that this oil comes in a light-shielding bottle. The packaging is great and allows you to use it in a totally mess-free way. Most importantly, this oil works like a charm for babies during their massages. They sleep better and since they sleep better, they are happy and chirpy during the time they are awake.

It is the best oil to be used for massaging their bodies as it is mild and moisturizes the skin very gently. You will notice the dry skin vanishing from your baby’s body. The skin will become smooth and supple. Use this oil on your baby’s bottom to avoid getting any rashes and use it for yourself as well. 

10. Motherlove Birth and Baby Oil

Price: $9.95

About the product:

  • This simple oil is perfect for the driest skin also as it is a mix of two oils- lavender and apricot. 
  • Unlike all the other oils on this list, this oil can be used during labor also. Use this oil for a perineal massage and soothe your painful areas. 
  • This oil works wonderfully on the baby’s skin if used as a massage oil. The mild scent of lavender is amazing and will help your baby sleep better. 
  • The oil is safe for your baby and for your belly as it is made using organically sourced materials and is USDA certified. It is free from any harmful chemicals that can be harsh on your baby’s skin.

Is it any good?

This product is great for mom and baby. For babies, use it after showering to massage their bodies from head to toe and for mothers, it can be used for perineal massages. It has a pleasant smell that lasts for some time. The oil is non-greasy and can be used as a calming agent to soothe them. 

This oil can be used daily as a bedtime routine. The lavender oil will help your baby sleep peacefully. The consistency of this oil is perfect. It is neither too thick nor too runny. It spreads perfectly on your baby’s skin and does not clog up the pores. 

You can also mix it with baby lotion and apply it on their skin for moisturizing purposes, either way, it works really well. If your newborn has very dry skin which is peeling and irritating them, use this oil to give them properly moisturized and hydrated supple skin. It is medically approved and loved by moms for massages and moisturization. 


1. When should I massage my baby?

Babies are moody beings and don’t like to be bathed or even touched sometimes. Give your baby a massage keeping the following points in mind:

  • Baby should be at least a few weeks old.
  • Baby’s mood should not be irritable.
  • Baby should be calm, alert, and happy.
  • Do not massage the baby if they are not cooperative.
  • Do not massage the baby if they are turning their head away from you.
  • Do not massage the baby if they stiffen their arms and legs when you try to initiate.
  • Wait for 45 minutes after feeding the baby.
  • Massaging too soon after eating can cause vomiting so avoid it.

2. How do I massage my baby?

Massaging a baby is not an easy thing to do considering that you’re always scared of hurting them. When you start the massage, go step by step and work on each part of the baby’s body to give them a soothing and pleasant experience. Massage your baby in  the following manner:

  • Legs – Start with the legs and hold the baby’s leg up with the heel. Work your way down from the thigh to the ankle with a soft grip. Repeat in the reverse order- from ankle to thigh. Uncurl the toes and gently massage them. Stroke the foot lightly and move to the other leg following the same process.
  • Head – Massage the baby’s head using both your hands and move your hands down along the side of their body from head to toes. Gently stroke the top of their head with the tips of your fingers. 
  • Face – Cover the baby’s forehead with the bottom part of your palms and move down in a circular motion. With your thumbs, massage the baby’s upper lip and cheeks in the motion of drawing a smile. 
  • Chest – Very lightly place your hands on the chest and draw them out like smoothing a surface. Do not massage the chest for a long time. 
  • Back – End the massage by stroking your baby’s back sideways and then from up to down. Be careful while turning your baby on their back. 

3. What are some tips I can use while giving my baby a massage?

Giving your baby a massage will be the most relaxing experience for them and an emotionally pleasant one for you. You will be happy to hear your baby cooing and giggling while you soothe their muscles with your loving touch. Follow these tips to make the experience even better:

  • Choose a suitable oil best for their skin type.
  • Do a swatch test before applying the oil all over the baby’s body.
  • Notice your baby’s reaction and follow their cues during the massage session.
  • Engage your baby while massaging them and talk to them.
  • Make it a habit to massage them every day before or after shower.
  • Choose an appropriate and comfortable spot.

A relaxing massage for your baby at the end of the day or even after showering is just what they need to completely feel at ease. It is like a spa experience for them. Since baby massages have an amazing history and were trusted by everyone for a long time, we cannot completely dismiss its theory. If you’re worried about hurting your baby in the process of massaging them, watch a ton of videos available online which will guide you step by step on how to carefully and gently massage your baby. If you’re dissatisfied with those videos then there are several trainers who will train you on how to massage your baby. 

The point is, no matter what you do, you must not skip massaging your baby every day. You may not realize but a massage every day works steadily on strengthening your baby’s muscles as well the bond you both share. Choose the best baby massage oil from the above list and let us know the oil you chose to soothe your baby and help them become stronger.

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