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Best Baby Carrier In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Best Baby Carrier 2022

Are you a new mommy? Are you a working mother? Wouldn’t you love snuggling your little munchkin close to your chest while you go about your daily routine? Every mom loves this journey of bonding and holding her infant literally in her arms!

Babywearing came into practice precisely for the same reason and also to render you handsfree!

Did you Know?

Wearing the baby in a sling made up of leaves, bark, or animal skin dates back to the late 1960s. A sheer necessity to carry the baby around safely without investing a lot of energy became the norm. Soon, the practice was adopted in all parts of the world. Weaving came into being, and quality fabrics like silk, cotton, Jute, clothes like saris in India were now used to carry the baby while the mother goes scouring for food, water, wood, etc. Babywearing has now evolved into a mainstream practice for mothers from every continent.

Babywearing today is an established method of carrying your baby around in comfortable slings, specifically designed carriers ensuring the safety of both the mother and the child.

And oh! It has also brought together mothers globally connecting and sharing feedback, experiences, and a helping hand.

Is Babywearing SAFE?

Yes! It absolutely is! This is the most common question that happens to be bothering a new mom. In a series of ‘What Ifs’, doubts, lack of awareness often overwhelm a new mother. 

The prime concerns being – 

a) protecting the back and neck of the child.

b) keeping the child’s airway clear.

This is where it is necessary that you do your research and acquaint yourself with the T.I.C.K.S rule of Safe babywearing. According to the UK Sling Consortium’s TICKS checklist:

Tight: Baby’s safety is paramount. Hence, it is crucial that the sling or the carrier fits snugly enough to hold the baby tightly without interfering with the breathing. Incorrect positioning or a loose frame could prove fatal. In addition, it might affect your lumbar posture.

In view at all times: Connecting to your baby while still carrying would establish a safe bond. Also, make sure you can view your baby at one glance. It helps you monitor their breathing and keeps a tab on your baby’s mood. If in a cradle position, ensure the baby is facing upwards and not down.

Close enough to kiss: The position of the baby in the carrier should assure you can kiss them on the forehead easily. If you need to slouch too much, reposition the baby in an upright position to maintain the balance and smoothly kiss their forehead.

Keep chin off the chest: It is important that the baby’s breathing is monitored. In a comfortable and supported position, the baby is less likely to drop its chin. However, ensure there is always a gap of two fingers under their chin.

Supported back: A properly designed carrier or tactfully wrapped sling will guarantee that your back is supported as well as the baby’s back. The wrap should comfortably keep your baby close to your body in a natural position. Baby’s chest and tummy should be resting against you. Check this by keeping your hand on the back and pressing your baby gently towards you. A secure position will not let them uncurl or move closer to your body.

If you carry your baby in a cradle or a pouch, make sure their bottom rests against the deepest part of the sling. This ensures the sling doesn’t push the baby and they don’t slouch.

Types of Baby Carriers

There are a multitude of options in the market. However, Your choice of design will highly depend on your lifestyle requirements. Experts suggest that it is a good idea to practice using a baby carrier way before, using a soft toy or pillow so that you can have a full proof idea of wearing the baby carrier.

Some of the trusted options are –

Soft Wrap – Soft wraps are as the name suggests soft fabrics like cotton, lycra, or spandex blend used to carry a baby. This wrap can be stretched and tied around the body of the mother. The baby is put snugly inside it. This wrap is ideal for carrying younger babies. It is best to practice with a pillow or a soft toy beforehand to get the wrapping technique right!

Woven wrap – Woven wraps are pretty similar to soft wraps in terms of the wrapping technique. The fabric used is more structured and lends even better support to the toddler. It is also much longer and easily accommodates all shapes and sizes. This wrap is ideal for young infants and toddlers alike.

Ring Sling – This style comes across as quite trendy and stylish. The fabric is wrapped around the body, and the ring sits on one shoulder. The baby is made to sit inside the pocket, and the wrap is then adjusted near the ring. The fabric is woven and sturdy lending maximum support to the mother and the baby. However, wearing this wrap on one shoulder could get tedious if worn for a longer period.

Meh Dai – Meh Dai pronounced as “May Tie” is a wrap from Asia. The wrap has a fabric with two straps to go around the shoulders and two straps to go around the waist. The straps are usually wide and well padded for comfort. These can be worn on the back, front, and hip. This baby carrier is suitable for newborns as well as toddlers.

Soft-structured carriers – Soft-structured carriers are crafted thoughtfully to ensure an even distribution of the baby’s weight thus providing ample support to the mother’s spine. These carriers are versatile, easy to use, and extremely portable. The structure is defined, comes with straps, buckles, and padding ensuring a hassle-free comfortable experience. These carriers are great for infants but can also accommodate toddlers as they grow up.

Baby carrier backpacks – Backpacks as the name suggests are designed specifically so that your toddler can enjoy adventure rides with you. These are heavy, offer a more defined structure, and are highly secure. They can be carried on the back and are meant for older kids who are comfortable sitting by themselves.

How to select a Baby Carrier?

Choosing a baby carrier by looks, by feels, just because someone else got it are all valid reasons to buy one! We often feel overwhelmed and get carried away by all the choices we have. It is always best to select by checking which type of carrier meets your and your baby’s needs.

The 5 S :

1. Seat Space and Size – The carrier should ensure your baby sits close to you. It should support the baby’s back and leave enough space for you to leave a peck without leaning too much. While looking for the size, always wear and check. This applies to both parents. The carrier size should support both the mom and the dad. Also, try not buying online if you are a new mom. Checking at a store will help you identify the size of the carrier that can easily fit your growing child and accommodate the changes in your body.

2. Safe Position – The positioning of the baby should be comfortable. It should not interfere with the breathing of the baby. Make sure the mouth, and nose of your baby are not blocked whether by you or the fabric. Look for a carrier that has a wide range of positions. This will allow the freedom to change the positions as your child grows into a toddler. It might be on the pricier side but will be an investment for your family plans.

3. Support System – This is crucial for both you and your baby. While choosing a carrier, remember to check the support the structure of the carrier provides. It should be gentle and well supported. The seat should be wide enough for proper hip positioning. The structure should be amply supported by strong buckles and sturdy straps. Safety of the baby is what we are looking for here. 

4. Strap Structure – The position and grip of the straps are vital in distributing the weight of the baby properly. Look for a base strap too, which ensures that the weight is distributed uniformly for the baby’s hip and yours. Ensuring the right fit for the baby will guarantee safety. So, do not just go by the number of straps and buckles. Check and ensure the carrier can support the fit needed and most importantly handle the weight of the child and the mother.

5. Soft Fabric – Fabrics are usually the part that is always taken care of. You should still check for the softness, strength, and comfort level. And not to forget, the fabric should be washable! While you are at it, do opt for a fabric that can support easy-to-go wipe cleaning too! This will help you stay less paranoid when there are spills everywhere! There’s a huge range available in fabrics from monochromes to pastels to prints, and some stores offer custom designs too!

Our picks for the best baby carriers

We have curated a list of the top ten carriers that should extend you a meaningful insight into which one to go for. All these carriers have been checked and reviewed by nursing mothers from different parts of the world. 

Disclaimer- The reviews are subjective to an individual’s tastes and requirements. You are free to disagree or add inputs. 

Please do remember your choice is independent and needs to be completely based on your budget, lifestyle, and body requirements.

Let’s take a peek at our selection of baby carriers –

1. Konny Baby Carrier (Black)

Price: $59.99

Size Range – XS to 5XL

About the product – 

  • This black baby carrier by Konny has been recognized by the IHDI as an excellent baby carrier supporting an infant’s hip health. 
  • It meets the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Sling Carriers (ASTM F2907-15). 
  • The material is a finely woven fabric that is delicate on the skin for the baby and the mother. 
  • It has 62% polyester, 33% cotton, and 5 % spandex that lends it the elasticity and required stretch. 
  • It also comes with an eco-pouch, outer sash, and an intuitive user manual for a smooth, hassle-free experience.

General review – This baby-wearing solution has rave reviews by new mothers. It is loved and recommended highly because the soft fabric and t-shirt style makes it a smooth and comfortable experience for new mothers. The range has some lovely colours to flaunt in addition to prints and textures. 

However, some users have pointed out that the fabric doesn’t feel stretchy at all in the beginning. The wrap is light and convenient which is preferable only for home use. Some recommend using sturdier ones for outside travel. While it appears extremely easy to wear for mothers, we found some mothers struggling with wrapping their babies. The size of the wrap is suitable only for infants.

2. Woven Wrap Baby carrier

Price: $49.95

Size Range – Size 6 

About the product –

  • This is a comfy, colourful, and convenient wrap called Rocky mountain. It is a beautiful and subtly striped pattern fabric in silver, grey and black colours. 
  • It is a simple design that ergonomically supports the mother and the baby. This size is ideal for a small child weighing 8 – 35 lbs and an adult size 2-12.
  • The fabric is lightweight and can be worn in any way the mother is comfortable carrying the little one.
  • It hugs the body, keeping the child secure and distributing the body weight evenly. Most women prefer this wrap as it is very handy and super easy to nurse on the go! 

General Review – Hip baby wraps are very common and recommended for their free wrapping style. The fact that you can play around with this wrap makes it super flexible and makes it an exciting experience for the baby and the mother. This wrap encourages a healthy bonding between Mumma and the baby.

The wrap has been handwoven exclusively in India with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes just like the others in the collection. Hence, each wrap has a unique and different feel to it. Mothers simply love it however, the texture of each wrap varies as it is handwoven so some turn softer and some do turn rugged which might come across as inconvenient for an infant. 

3. Nalakai Ring sling Baby carrier

Price: $61.95

Size Range – Free size

About the product –

  • This baby carrier is a sling wrap in a warm-toned neutral beige colour called Warm sand. 
  • The fabric is made up of bamboo and linen making it extremely breezy and lightweight. 
  • The sling rings are made of unwelded aluminum and coated with copper from their signature showstopper collection.
  • The strap type is adjustable, and hence it is preferred for its convenience and flexibility. 
  • This design is aesthetically pleasing, with luxurious fabric and offering the safest position for the baby. 
  • This wrap ensures the child is always close to the mother’s chest imitating an experience similar to the womb thus, making the baby feel safe, supported, and loved. The length of the wrap suits one and all!

General Review – Nalakai, former Pure Vida Slings are just every mom’s favourite. This product has been loved and recommended by mommies babywearing for over 5 years, that’s how trusted this carrier is! The fabric is just love, love, love! Yeah, this is how one mom puts it! The idea of such a breezy fabric, enveloping the body of your little infant and there is no need to tug or pull the rings, waking the child up is something you would definitely want to experience.

Some moms however mentioned that they would prefer using this only inside the home as they do not find it sturdy and secure enough. Now, this is something absolutely normal for somebody new to the journey and you can try and test the product for yourself!

4. Vlokup Ring sling Baby carrier

Price: $21.95

Size Range – Free size

About the product –

  • This baby carrier is primarily a water sling, designed for babies to enjoy the water with their mums. It is made up of 100% polyester nest fabric that repels water and keeps the baby dry. 
  • It has been designed by a baby-wearing mum so all safety protocols have been attended to. The fabric lends a very light feeling underwater too! 
  • That means there’s no additional weight of the fabric weighing you down but at the same time, there’s enough breathing room for the baby.
  • The rings are made of lead-free aluminum that is sturdy and does not slide off. This wrap is comfy, versatile, and is called A Grey.

General Review – Vlokup baby carrier is loved because of its ability to be worn comfortably in water as well as in extremely humid climates. The lightweight fabric and the super budget-friendly price tag are a big Yay! This apparently is one of the best buys that are cheap and so rewarding.

The net fabric and such vibrant colours make it a great deal. The baby is safe, properly supported, and nestles close to the mum without any interference. A few mothers complained about struggling with the rings sliding off. In that case, one needs to be always informed and verify the product before investing!

5. Moby Wrap Baby carrier

Price: $43.99

Size Range – Free size

About the product –

  • This baby wrap by Moby is made up of 100% cotton. The fabric is soft, smooth, and extremely comfy. 
  • The black colour goes well with all outfits for both men and women. This is a versatile piece that is easily adjustable and super sturdy. The wrap is machine washable and easy to clean on the go! 
  • The fabric is durable and stretchy enough to support the proper placing and positioning of the baby.
  • The secure structure distributes the weight well and supports the mother’s body too. 
  • The fabric measures 18ft and is easily adaptable to the style you wish to wear. Such length ensures it is an easy and smooth fit for both petite and plus-size moms!

General Review – Moby wraps are famous and well recommended! They have well-structured baby wraps in diverse colours and strap styles. However, this style has mixed reviews. This happens to be the latest version of their older model so some prefer the earlier fit to the latest.

The wrap weighs around 6 kgs given the length of the fabric. Now, this creates a polarized opinion. While some feel it is sturdy and super secure that way, some find it difficult to handle such a lengthy fabric! So, this would totally depend on the individual’s choice and requirements. However, the fabric is quite comfy and breezy even in the hottest sun!

6. Baby K’tan Breeze Baby Wrap

Price: $59.95

Size range – X- small

About the product –

  • This baby carrier from Baby K’tan is an ergonomically designed baby wrap that can be worn in 5 different positions. 
  • The wrap is a patented double-loop design that ensures the security of the baby’s body posture. 
  • The sash tied around the waist guarantees proper positioning and structure to the overall wrap. It distributes the baby’s body weight uniformly. 
  • The carrier slips on like a t-shirt – easy and quick! The wrap is made up of 50% cotton and 50% mesh cotton which allows ample airflow and proper circulation in a hot and humid climate! 
  • The design makes breastfeeding a super smooth task for new mothers. 

General Review – Baby K’tan wrap is widely recommended by mothers globally. Their sleek, t-shirt design is a huge hit! As they promote it, a no-wrap ‘wrap’ is the perfect companion for a beginner’s journey. With so many firsts in the motherhood journey, one can worry less about the struggles of wrapping, etc. 

There have been observations regarding the aesthetics of the product. Some do not approve of how the extra cloth/sash makes them feel while some pointed out the colours do not sit well with a party dress. Some also informed that the carrier is excellent for newborns but can only carry up to 8 lbs so, one needs to size up or find it difficult to carry their baby.

7. DIDYMOS Meh Dai Baby carrier

Price: $229

Size range – One size

About the product –

  • Do you love an exclusive experience? Then this baby carrier is the choice for you and your baby. 
  • The name fairytale justifies the breathtaking jacquard pattern handwoven on special jacquard looms exclusively for making baby wraps. 
  • DIDYMOS Meh-Dai is one of a kind baby carrier. The carrier is medium weight, soft and cozy for the baby. 
  • The structure does not have any buckle or rings or lengthy fabric thus, ensuring you and your baby have a hassle-free experience. 
  • The soft wrap provides adequate stretch for safe and secure babywearing. The colours used in this fabric are rich, royal, and jewel-toned which make the fairyland come live before your eyes. 

General Review – You can never go wrong with Meh-Dai’s. This wrap is a favourite. This style of babywearing takes care of all the requirements and provides a smooth and happy carrying experience. The structure equips mothers with the option to wear it comfortably on the front, back, and hip.

The fact that one size fits all, makes it a worthy investment for parents. Men and women can carry this sturdy and secure carrier the way they want without having to wonder about the baby’s placement and position. This carrier ticks all the right boxes but the price tag does get heavy for many parents.

8. Boppy Baby carrier 

Price: $49.99

Size range – One size

About the product –

  • This baby carrier by Boppy is a hybrid wrap in Heathered Gray. This unique design combines the best of both worlds.
  • The support and sturdiness of a structured carrier and the softness and coziness of a baby wrap. It can be worn in 3 different positions for infants and kids.
  • The Comfyfit baby carrier comes in one size fitting all shapes and sizes. The soft and stretchy fabric wraps itself around the baby snugly.
  • The fabric is UPF 50+ adding an extra layer of sun protection for your baby.
  • The design overall is non-messy, easy to carry, and super versatile which makes this baby carrier a prime choice among mothers.

General Review – Hybrid carriers are a really smart option for new mothers. Being a new mother is quite overwhelming and a carrier this easy to wear and also meets all requirements is definitely a winner! The fabric is soft, easily washable, and offers sun protection, now that is something really cool and contributing!

One fact that many ladies objected to was that the carrier keeps the baby glued to the mother’s body without any room for a stretch. Many found this quite bothering as it felt too tight! Also, the carrier does not help in regulating the temperature much so better dress accordingly.

9. Infantino Flip Advanced Baby carrier

Price: $24.99

Size range – One size

About the product –

  • This baby carrier by Infantino is a wholesome package. The design follows all safety protocols.
  • It is a 4-in-1 convertible carrier with adjustable shoulder straps and waist belts. The seat is ergonomic and adjustable in 2 different positions. 
  • This feature along with padded shoulder straps provides complete structural support to babies of all sizes.
  • It can be worn in 4 different styles perfectly accommodating newborns and grown kids. 
  • Infantino design is aimed at giving parents a better bonding experience with their kids while they go about living their daily lifestyle. 
  • Parents love the support and durability of the soft and cozy fabric. It is also super easy to clean! 

General Review – This carrier has a very polarising opinion from parents. There is no doubt that the carrier and the benefits come at a really budget price than most baby carriers. The convertible option is a good and adaptive feature for long-term usage. The carrier has completely utilized the structure to provide optimum support and strength. 

This is the very fact which most parents stand by while some have experienced this structure to be harming their babies. It is concerning as many babies have shown ruptured blood vessels, blue marks, etc. However, the product clearly mentions these symptoms occur if the child is fastened tightly. Now, it is up to you to decide how to go about it!

10. Ergobaby 360 All-position baby carrier 

Price: $60.83

Size range – One size

About the product –

  • Ergo baby carrier as the name gives away, is ergonomically smart! It is a thoughtful design that includes UPF50+ sun protection, a cute hoodie for the little one’s peaceful sleep and nursing time.
  • The shoulder straps are soft and padded, taking into account the parents’ comfort while carrying the baby.
  • The ergonomic design and the lumbar support allow you to carry the baby in all positions including the front-facing option.
  • It is made up of mesh fabric, is extremely lightweight, and allows proper air circulation no matter the weather!
  • This product comes in a charcoal colour. The entire collection includes many more colours and prints.

General Review – Ergo baby carrier is a widely used and recommended product! Parents trust this product a lot! The hoodie is something everybody appreciates as it is a highly convenient way of letting your baby sleep peacefully in the sun or breastfeed discreetly. The lightweight factor enables parents to easily carry their baby for a walk, a stroll and some also go hiking! Yeah!

Some parents are that level confident with this carrier. Another bonus point is the mesh material which is so breezy that you don’t need to think twice before venturing out in hot weather. The straps are all properly cushioned so the mother’s body is looked after as well. There is hardly any complaint about this one!

These are the ten top carriers and wraps that mothers have voted for. Please feel free to share your inputs if you find a credible product to share with the community. 

Some of you could be still debating the purchase of a baby carrier. Mothers do feel like when they rarely go out, why should they invest in one? Some want to spend most of their time playing, snuggling, and bonding with their kids. Giving birth to a baby is such a wholesome experience that you seldom wish to give away the precious time with your growing kid.

You are completely free to choose how you wish to go about your motherhood journey, and learning the benefits of babywearing will help you take an informed approach while purchasing a baby carrier for yourself and your baby! Let’s check the benefits of babywearing –

Benefits of babywearing

  1. Flexible life – A baby carrier is any day more flexible than a stroller. A stroller has its place but the flexibility you get wearing a baby carrier is beyond comparison. Your baby will always be snuggling close to your chest, now that provides you the flexibility to do your chores the way you want, when you want without having to worry about your baby at all.
  2. Productive lifestyle – Say you wish to go out, or go to work, meet a friend, quickly finish some dishes, would you prefer laying your baby down and constantly worrying or guilt-tripping about the same? Wearing your baby instead will keep you focused, enabling you to manage time much more efficiently.
  3. Safe environment – Your older kid wouldn’t know to be as careful as you are with the little one. They would wanna play or can accidentally hurt their sibling! Babywearing saves you from the chaos and keeps your infant safe and secure with you.
  4. Postnatal recovery – Post-pregnancy body demands a lot of healing time. The schedule makes it difficult to go to the gym or do heavy exercises. Did you know? Wearing your baby can boost your endurance and stamina day by day and make your body stronger! 
  5. Discreet bonding – Wearing a baby outside the home, to the park, to the grocery store is going to save your baby from glances, untoward touches, any interaction that could be uncomfy and unsafe.
  6. Lots of Love Hormone – This is the most beautiful reason you will ever need. Child snuggling to the mother’s chest releases a lot of oxytocin, the love Hormone. This contributes to establishing healthy bonding between the parent and the child. A healthy bond ensures the proper physical and cognitive development of the child.

Breastfeeding in a baby carrier

When you are a new mom, it is okay to have doubts, to be vigilant about your baby, grappling with nursing times and diaper changes, building a breastfeeding relationship….We get it..it is a lot! 

Here are some tips for you to have a smooth breastfeeding journey wearing a baby carrier!

  1. Be confident and patient – You are doing your best! You have the best interests in your mind. Be gentle with yourself if you make a mistake, give yourself room to learn. Pause, reflect, and reconnect with your munchkin!
  2. Dress to nurse – Wearing a nursing top or dress underneath your baby carrier supports the breastfeeding process. It is easier for you and your baby. Use a stole or blanket while nursing but ensure the baby’s airway is not blocked.
  3. Comfort is the key – Don’t stress too much about following the books! Your baby needs to feel comfortable. Offer your hand behind the neck as support while feeding. This will make the baby feel safe, loved and the eye contact with you will assure a healthy, nurturing bond. Loosen your arms traps if needed and adjust the carrier for a more comfortable experience.
  4. Reposition – Post feeding, always check your baby’s position. Adjust and place your baby in a way that the back is ergonomically supported. The baby should feel close to your chest yet the airflow should be clear. Also, check the chin. While feeding and post-feeding, this will ensure the baby can latch properly and feels snuggly.
  5. Provide ample support – It is crucial that you invest in a baby carrier that meets your requirements. Take into account your body type, your lumbar structure, baby’s weight, and positioning. You might find several carriers very good, all equipped, having rave reviews but it doesn’t need to always work for you. So, experts suggest it is best to wear and try one, pick only the one that supports your and baby’s back.

Wishing you all the very best in your motherhood journey, share with us your feedback and experiences on the baby carriers listed and also about the ones you found out!

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