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Best Baby Blankets In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Baby Blanket

You fancy a hug, don’t you? A pat on the back or a light brush on the head? Maybe a wrap that feels cozy and makes you feel all loved and comforted? Yeah, those are priceless moments when you feel loved and confident, most importantly ‘soothing’! Now, imagine a baby nicely wrapped up in warm amniotic fluids, cushioned in the comfy womb for a nice nine-month laidback vacay swiftly ushers into this world, our world! The baby’s first sense of comfort comes from the nurse’s hands, then the loving touch of the mother, and then the often ignored cozy little blanket that wraps up the humble soul and soothes the discomfort.


The practice of wrapping newborns in a cloth dates back centuries. They used fur and other fabrics to keep them warm and safe. Anthropologists predict that the earliest humans too used fur for their babies. In the 18th century, security blankets were locked into the baby’s crib to make them feel safe and protected. Over the years, the blanket criteria have changed and evolved with the needs of the mother and the child. The modern-day doctor recommends using a blanket at all times but not while sleeping on their bellies. This situation led to the trend of sleepsacks! Today you have blankets of all kinds avocado, bear, strawberry sleepsacks, perfect for your social media photos!

Baby Blankets today come in a variety of fabrics serving different purposes. You can get what you want, or you could custom order them. Customer satisfaction is what sells today! The prints and patterns available are so adorable that we bet you have considered buying every single one of them for your little munchkin! Some of you might feel overwhelmed with the information that is available today. It is natural to ponder how to buy, what to look for, why cotton over fleece, and so on. Let your mind race for your goals! Let us take care of your woes 🙂

So, Let’s acquaint you with the types of baby blankets available so that you can choose better!


  • RECEIVING BLANKETS – A receiving blanket as the name suggests is the blanket that is used to receive the baby into this world. Babies are wrapped in a snug and soft blanket to keep them warm and fuzzy. They are then given to the parents by the nurses. These are usually lightweight so that it is easy for the child. The fabric used is thin, smooth, and fuss-free to keep the baby safe. Cotton is the go-to fabric for receiving blankets. This is a versatile blanket that could be utilized in multiple ways.
  • SECURITY BLANKETS – Security here literally translates to comfort, something that helps the baby feel safe. These blankets are usually designed to soothe a baby. The fabric used is either fleece or plush so that it feels soft and comfortable. This blanket is the one that your child forms a bond with, keeps it close, carries it everywhere. It would be a great idea to look for colors and prints that support your baby’s cognitive development. Ideally, it is better to get something customized!
  • SWADDLING BLANKETS – Swaddling means wrapping your baby snugly to imitate the womb experience. Doing so makes the baby feel loved, safe, and protected. Swaddle blankets ensure your baby’s holistic development. Swaddles are designed to promote hip health, support the lumbar structure, and make the baby feel comfortable. The design allows the baby to be completely wrapped up but has room for easy diaper changes. These are usually made from different fabrics to sustain varied temperature conditions. These are stretchy so that the baby can be wrapped tightly. And sometimes, these blankets have velcro or flaps to ensure the same.
  • CRIB BLANKETS – These are functional blankets for the crib. It is still in practice more because of the tradition. It is usually made of cotton and is versatile. Thin, lightweight, and smooth would be an ideal choice for your baby. Ensure the blanket used is made of breathable fabric and super absorbent. However, the risk of babies getting caught up in the blanket deters people from using them anymore.


Every fabric has its own unique properties. Let’s check the fabric options available for baby blankets.

  • THERMAL BLANKETS – Thermal blankets are made of lightweight thermal material. These keep your baby warm throughout the year. They are easy to maintain and can be machine washed. These come in cute prints and colors.
  • CROCHETED BLANKETS – These blankets are handmade using yarns. They make for an excellent gift for newborns. There are a variety of yarns available in the market. You have solid colors, mix colors, etc. However, do check the feel of it before wrapping your baby. Some happen to be really soft while some have a rugged texture which might be harmful to the baby.
  • QUILTS – Quilts are usually double-layered blankets. Some may have an additional filler in between to maintain a uniform temperature. They are usually used as crib blankets or sleeping blankets. These are quite sturdy and perfect for cold weather.
  • SLEEPSACKS – Sleepsacks are new concept blankets. These are designed in a way to provide functional support to the baby while the baby sleeps comfortably. These are sewn at the bottom and sides leaving holes for the arm and the neck. These are wearable blankets in which a baby can sleep and rest on the go! Portable, comfy, hassle-free design that ensures babies stay warm and cozy.
  • FLEECE BLANKETS – Fleece blankets are quite popular these days. They are usually made of 100% polyester which lends it a silky and smooth texture. It easily glides and feels light on the skin. These are soft, warm, and super absorbent. Easy to clean, machine wash and space-saving features make it so popular.
  • FLANNEL BLANKETS – Flannel Blankets are usually a mix of cotton and silk. They are soft, lightweight and keep the baby cozy and warm. They come in bright colors and prints. They can be used as nursing blankets or security blankets too!
  • COTTON BLANKETS – Cotton blankets as the name suggests are made of 100% organic cotton. These are soft, comfortable, and budget-friendly. They come in a huge variety of colors and prints. They are a must in every baby’s collection. They are non-abrasive, gentle, and fluff-free. They also absorb water/ fluids easily and keep the area dry. A perfect companion for your child!


​​Investing in a baby blanket is a personal choice. The type of blanket, the kind of fabric, the feels, the size every detail is instrumental in proving your money’s worth. Here is a short guide to how exactly do you look for a blanket and what points to consider before purchasing one –

  • THE MATERIAL – The material of the blanket decides the utility factor. So, decide first, what do you exactly need the blanket for? If for other purposes, the material can be chosen accordingly. If the priority is for your baby, then look for the softness, texture, absorbent power, breathability, and comfort factor. And easy to wash!
  • THE SIZE – The size of the blanket is important. A small size beats the purpose. A bigger blanket can be overwhelming for the baby. Try opting for the standard size which is 45″ by 45″ to 60″. This size should be ideal for a comfortable experience. If you feel the need, size up or down as per your preference.
  • THE FABRIC – The fabric depends on how close the blanket is going to be to your infant. Ideally, opt for a cotton blanket for all time use. Fleece or Flannel for warmth. The texture and feel of the fabric decide the safety and security of your child. So, shop mindfully!
  • THE DESIGN – Less is more when it comes to design. Always go for a minimalistic, and simple blanket. Avoid any tassels, slings, etc, that would definitely look good but would pose a huge threat to the baby. The safety of your baby should not be compromised.
  • THE TRENDS – It is easy to fall for social media trends these days. Well, your wish what you try for fun but when it comes to your little one, safety and security is a must! Try not to follow the trends blindly.
  • THE PRINT – Now this is totally up to you. You could buy bright colors or pastels. There are plenty of options in prints too. The idea is to make the baby feel secure and happy. A custom print or pattern would be great to boost the cognitive health of your baby.


Blankets should feel like warm hugs. An ideal blanket will cover the baby completely and give a snug feel. You could go ahead and invest in one that can last a few months easily. It is no secret that your baby will outgrow clothes, beddings, and also blankets. Basically, the blanket should not be too big for the baby to get stuck in them. Here is a standard recommended size for each type of blanket.

  • SWADDLE BLANKETS – The size ranging from  40” x 40” to 48” x 48” is an ideal fit to tuck away babies to a cozy sleep.
  • RECEIVING BLANKETS – The size range 18” x 18” to 36” x 36” is considered perfect to carry a newborn.
  • CRIB BLANKETS – A crib blanket is usually in the range of 36” x 54” to 45” x 60” as per the size of the crib mattress.
  • PREEMIE BLANKETS – These are for premature babies. For small babies, the size range of  15” x 15” to 18” x 18” is ideally the best. For larger preemie babies, a size ranging between 20” x 20” to 24” x 24’ is recommended.


Baby blankets are more than just a simple utility piece of clothing. Blankets are the environment that babies grow in along with other influences. Closest sensory items to the baby, most used, frequently touched blankets play a huge role in the holistic and cognitive development of your baby. Let’s discuss how a blanket impacts a baby’s growth and progress –

  • SENSORY SIMULATION – Swaddling can implement tactile, auditory, and visual stimulation in a baby. A baby learns to adapt and connect to his immediate environment. The colors of your blanket, the prints, the touch, the feel, the warmth create an impact on your child’s brain. Hence, you find them to be picky about some, to be bothered by some. That is their way of communicating what is actually working. Pay attention!
  • BETTER SLEEP – Proper sleep is crucial to babies too. Good sleep ensures good cognitive development. This is why parents swear by swaddling. It calms the baby down and promotes good sleep. Good sleep also stimulates healthy digestion and proper bowel movement in the baby. Blankets act like a tool for calming and self-soothing, even for babies.
  • SENSE OF SECURITY – Blankets recreate the womb experience for the babies. They feel safe, secure, and comforted in a blanket. The warmth from the blanket makes them feel loved. This promotes a calming environment and relaxes the baby. Swaddling using blankets can be excellent in destressing the baby.
  • TEMPERATURE REGULATION – Babies cannot self regulate their body temperature like adults can nor can they implement adequate measures. They need external help. This is where blankets play an instrumental role. The blankets can provide the required warmth. You can also add layers depending on the room temperature or the weather.


We have carefully curated a varied list of the top ten Blankets that you would find easy to shop for! All these blankets have been used and recommended by mothers from all over the world. 

Disclaimer- The reviews are subjective to an individual’s tastes and requirements. You are free to disagree or add inputs. 

Please do remember your choice is independent and needs to be completely based on your budget, lifestyle, and your baby’s requirements.

Let’s take you through our selection of baby blankets:

1. Hudson Baby Blanket

Price : $6.74 ~ $24.99

About the product

  • This security blanket from the brand Hudson is made up of 100% polyester material. The material is chosen to ensure it’s lightweight and easy to handle for the baby. 
  • The fabric is cozy, soft, and of premium quality. The fabric is available in a wide range of patterns. 
  • The blanket has an animal face stuffed toy. The range of animal faces includes elephants, bunnies, owls to the moon, and stars.
  • The colors used are mostly pastel tones or a pattern with solid colors. The size is big enough to comfortably envelop the baby. 
  • The stitches and the material of the stuffed toy are safe and secure.

General Review

This blanket is as secure as it gets. These blankets from Hudson are a huge hit with moms and toddlers. The feel of the fabric serves the purpose of providing security and comfort to the child. The stuffed animal acts as a great pacifier and also doubles up as a teething toy for many toddlers. 

The range of patterns, colors, and animal faces is really impressive. There is something for every moody baby! The mothers have also reported about some rare pieces having poor stitches that come off or a metal wire that pops out on the edges. These pieces have been mostly reported to be really sturdy and comfortable even after extensive use. 

However, the softness of the fabric, shape and structure still holds well after months of washing. Neither too big nor too small, the mothers find this one just the right size for their infant baby.

2. Bublo Baby swaddle Blanket

Price : $19.99 ~ $29.99 (Pack of three)

About the product

  • This swaddle blanket by Bublo is made up of 100% breathable soft cotton
  • This particular size is a large size fit, perfect for a 14-18 pounds baby. It is ideal for a newborn of up to 3 months.
  • This blanket is available in two more sizes – “the preemie” which is good for an infant up to 7lbs, and the “small-medium” fit which is ideal for a 7-14 pounds baby. 
  • This blanket is 30 inches long, comfortably wraps around the baby making it an extremely snug fit. This pack has 3 swaddle sets.

General Review

Babies love this one!

Cute gender-friendly prints really make it a lovely accessory for the infant. The piece is designed so well that it snugly wraps the baby. Mothers swear by the comfortable fit. The fabric is smooth, soft, and stays just the same after repeated washes. 

Creating a womb like environment it pacifies your baby by reducing the startle reflexes and the stress accompanied with it. This one “really does the trick” the mothers say.

Nevertheless, a few mothers found that these swaddles couldn’t contain their naughty babies. They said the legs did not stay in the bottom pocket and the hands came out just after a few minutes of wrapping up their babies.

The velcro and stitchings easily survive and perform perfectly well after all the washing, tumble, drying, and wiggle that it goes through during the cleaning process. The velcro used is strong but doesn’t go rough. The design didn’t sit well for some babies hence better to check them in person than online! Otherwise, this cute pack of 3 swaddles is a value pack.

3. Galabloomer Receiving Blanket for Newborn

Price : $9.99 ~ $16.99

About the product

  • This Newborn blanket from Galabloomer is an ideal receiving blanket for your newborn. 
  • It is a set that includes a printed blanket along with a matching headband. The headband comes in a cute bow style.
  • This print is a vintage rose bouquet in shades of light pink. The range includes a variety of flowers and a blend of pastel and solid colors.
  • The fabric is soft, smooth, and stretchy enough to fit your baby comfortably. The fabric is lightweight and has the pattern only on one side.

General Review

A great value purchase for your little one. Go ahead and get your infant a wardrobe dedicated to them already! The set is super cute for ushering the newborn like the royal they are. The pretty prints and the headband make for such a great attire for photoshoots! 

Mothers trust this brand for their babies. The material is soft and comfy so that your baby continues to feel safe, loved, and secured. The fact that it includes no velcro nor zippers, etc makes it a really snug choice for a baby. This absence of velcro, zippers, and straps along with the round and smooth edges minimize the chances of any mishap, in turn rendering the mother a good night’s sleep  This blanket can be used both as a receiving blanket and for safe swaddling so that’s a big yay! We definitely recommend this one!

4. Cuddle Club Infant Wearable Blanket

Price : $29.99

About the product 

  • This baby fleece blanket by Cuddle Club is your baby’s ideal sleep companion. 
  • This wearable blanket popularly known as the sleep sack is made up of warm and cozy fleece.
  • The fabric is thin and soft on the skin with icing of a super cute bear design. 
  • Sleep sacks are also available in other interesting characters like the ladybug, carrot, etc. 
  • Every design comes with a unique novelty beanie. The design incorporates an inverted zipper for an easy and smooth diaper change. 
  • The design is roomy enough for the baby to move around ensuring proper hip health. The sleeveless design makes it easy to handle temperature changes.

General Review

What’s not to love about bear, strawberry, and avocado babies!? You get the point, right? These sleep sacks make such a style statement and also give you a ton of reasons to post photos on social media with your little munchkin. The inverted zipper and the chin guard ensuring no chance the zipper hurts your baby make it an excellent feature that makes this design so popular. The material holds its shape and plushness after constant machine washes.

When it comes to sizes, it has a good range from small to large but the issue that most mothers face is that it is absolutely true to its size. So, in case your baby is on the heavier side, size up! Another common feedback received is the beanie or the cap is too small in proportion to the sleep sack.  So, consider these points to plan how to go about it!

5. Luvable baby Plush Blanket

Price : $7.59 ~ $19.99

About the product

  • This baby blanket by Luvable is made up of 100% polyester lending the fabric a soft and snug feel. The size is big enough to cover the baby nicely.
  • This blanket comes in various bright colors and cute little prints. The one with the rose print especially is very pretty and stands out.
  • The fabric has a sherpa backing making it super soft and plush. A perfect warm blanket for a newborn.
  • It can be used as a sleeping blanket or a comforting blanket, practically any way the child is comfortable with it!

General Review 

This baby blanket is a steal deal. You get a soft and plush fabric at a reasonable price! The prints are gender-friendly and the feel of the fabric has been reported to be really soft.

Thick, warm, and yet light. Meaning more warmth and comfort for your baby without all that extra weight. Survives multiple washes all year long and stays plush and soft as your baby would want it to be.

A few found the packaging to be ridiculous and annoying. But then, it’s not the packaging but the comfy blanket that we’re after. So, nothing negative as such.

The design range includes really pretty colors and prints that comfort a child and promote a calm and fun experience. Paw parents have recommended this blanket as well. Apparently, they are so sturdy yet soft that they are the favorites of their pets too! This blanket is really versatile and can handle almost everything!

6. Rest-Eazzy Baby Throw Blankets

Price : $12.99 ~ $14.99

About the product

  • Extremely light weight. At only 200 grams or roughly 7 ounces, this one is going to be very light on your baby giving her a non tiring and a comfortable night’s sleep
  • This throw baby blanket from Rest Eazzy is made up of premium quality flannel.
  • It is available in 12 other solid colors. The blanket is soft, cozy, and keeps your baby warm. 
  • It has a fine hair-like texture and breathable pores. The feel on the skin is plush and delicate. The stitchings are of high quality. 
  • It is super easy to clean, can be easily hand washed or machine washed. It can be used in multiple ways. It can serve as a sleeping blanket, a throw, or a stroller blanket.

General Review

This one has mixed reviews from the community. While some have had excellent experiences with the product being true to what was promised. Soft, cozy, and warm, just the perfect companion for your sleeping baby. 

On the other hand, many complained of the fabric leaving fluff or the threads coming out which could end up being hazardous for your infant. Paw parents have recommended this blanket to be an excellent choice for their pets. You could use this blanket for sofas or tables in case you have already bought it and it is not working for you!. Also, makes for a beautiful throw. The look of the fabric is really plush!

Do not use the dryer to dry this one. The heat would melt the fibers leaving the blanket to be hard and with sharp edges, unsafe for your infant. Hang drying seems to be the best drying alternative there is.

7. Lifetree Baby Swaddle Blankets

Price : $13.90

About the product

  • If you are the one who prefers natural, sustainable and organic, this swaddle baby blanket from Lifetree is perfect fit for you. It is made from 100% organic cotton that is eco-friendly.
  • The muslin fabric feels soft and comfy. It is also extremely lightweight. The size of the blanket is designed in a way that it can double up as a wrap.
  • The fabric is strong enough for you to wrap your baby and carry them around. 
  • The color palette is soothing for the baby and the ones around. It includes solid colors in earthy tones. This particular print is called sun print with tiny yellow sun motifs all over the ivory baby blanket. 
  • The blanket is of high quality and can be used as a burp cloth or nursing cover.

General Review

This blanket by Lifetree has rave reviews from the community and why not! Everything about this blanket just screams comfy! The soft and smooth touch, the 100% organic fabric, the earthy tones, the cute print, and every little detail make it so easy and convenient for mothers to pick this one. Being made from cotton this blanket gets softer with every wash. The light

weight factor makes it a breeze to be used as a wrap. 

The neutral earthy tones are an excellent pick for summers or those who do not want to opt for bright colors! The 47” by 47” size makes it usable even after your infant baby is a few years old. This one is loved and recommended by almost every mom who has purchased it. Besides, the price is really reasonable for the package you get. Both the prints are really cute, fresh, and remind you of class!

8. NTBAY 3-layer Toddler Blanket

Price : $16.99

About the product 

  • This toddler blanket from NTBAY is designed to keep your baby warm and have a sound sleep. 
  • It is a 3 layer design. The front and the back fabric is made up of muslin cotton. The filling is a lightweight thermal fiber that ensures warmth and also maintains uniformity in temperature. 
  • This has stars printed on it. The same print is available in 10 different mixes of colors. 
  • Can be used reversibly with just the colors reversed on the other side.
  • Some blankets have the jacquard designed too. The fabric is easy to clean and can be washed in the machine. It can easily absorb water or any spills, burps make it a super convenient companion for your baby.

General Review

The product has good reviews when it comes to usage. Mothers are happy with the quality, print, and colors. The fact that it is easy to wash and super absorbent is a big bonus while using it for feeding and nursing the baby. Inspite of being branded as a reversible blanket, the other side isn’t as appealing as the original side.

It has been confirmed by many that the blanket is neither too thick nor too thin but has just the right warmth for your baby in an air conditioned room. The biggest point that makes the NTBAY blanket stand out is the fact that it’s made 100% out of cotton. The parents definitely are comforted and happy to know that their baby isn’t spending all of its time in some synthetic wrap-around but in a totally natural and organically made blanket. A few mothers have recommended this as a perfect gift to new mothers.

9. Niyniu Baby Throw Blanket

Price : $8.99

About the product

  • This baby Throw Blanket from Niyniu is a beautiful piece to own. Carefully crafted with cellular construction to maintain uniform insulation and warmth.
  • The fabric is 100% organic cotton and free of any harsh chemicals. The feel is soft and cozy.
  • This one is knitted and not woven like almost all the others.
  • The size has been kept large enough for your baby to sleep comfortably. This one is in a beautiful pink color that would suit both genders. It is also available in a wide range of colors.
  • The design is sturdy enough to be used for swaddling. The blankets are safe, cozy, and easy to gather. 
  • Each piece comes with a gorgeous bow to wrap it up when not in use. An efficient and economical blanket for babies.

General Review

This one is loved by everyone. It is a steal deal! Such soft, breathable fabric in such adorable colors is a must-have. The ladies using it love the feel and comfort of the fabric. It looks classy, cute, and comfy. The design is sturdy enough to be used for swaddling. The blankets are safe, cozy, and easy to gather. Since it is made from 100% cotton there is no chance of static electricity, the mothers feel safe. Mothers were happy to know that the sparsely knitted cellular design ensured that there would be nothing suffocating their infant baby.

However, please do read the reviews before buying because there is a lot of misinformation regarding the material of the fabric. The description mentions it to be cotton once, then it mentions wool somewhere and also polyester! Mothers have confirmed it is a cotton blanket but the size is too small! So, check well before investing!

10. The Fox and The warm Hound Baby Fleece Blanket

Price : $19.99

About the product

  • This lovely fleece blanket from the brand Love Studio is an all-purpose versatile blanket
  • It can be used for an infant, a toddler, pets, or as a throw, practically any way you want to utilize it. The size is optimum for a newborn to sleep comfortably.
  • The fabric is polyester so it is silky, smooth, and shiny. The material is lightweight and can be easily folded or carried in a purse. 
  • The fabric maintains the temperature well so your baby will always be in a warm and cozy environment.
  • The fabric is fade-resistant and anti-shedding which will ensure your baby is safe around it.
  • This particular print is called ‘T-he F-o-x and warm T-he H-ou-nd’. It has a lovely depiction of a dog and a fox playing together.

General Review

This one is a pretty different and interesting blanket. Mothers love it for their babies and it is also a huge hit with paw parents. The fact that the material of the fabric is wrinkle-resistant and anti-static, is a really thoughtful quality in a baby blanket. Anti shedding makes it even easier and risk-free to use. The fabric is so easy to carry around that you don’t feel a thing. 

This brand has some interesting prints in its collection of blankets. This cute dog and fox depiction is simply adorable and will also be instrumental in the healthy and secure cognitive development of your baby. Mothers love the print because it creates a happy and joyful environment around a baby. The toddler feels playful, secure, and warm, what else could you ask for!

These are the ten blankets of different types that we are sure you and your baby would enjoy indulging in. These are the most loved by parents as well as paw parents. Parents love using the blankets for all purposes. Swaddle blankets hold a special place when it comes to parent-child bonding. Mothers simply swear by swaddling their babies. 


Swaddling is an age-old practice of wrapping a baby gently, from neck to toe in a breathable fabric. This recreates the womb experience in the outer world. It promotes a sense of ease and comfort. Doctors have backed the fact with evidence that it promotes better digestion, sound sleep, and effective hip health. Swaddling also makes the transition from the womb to the sensory world, a tad bit easier for the little one!

Let’ check some key benefits of swaddling when done correctly and effectively –

1. Babies have a longer and sound sleep.

2. Babies are calmer and experience less anxiety.

3. Babies are safe from the startle reflex. They are not shaken or hurt themselves.

4. Babies in a swaddle are not able to scratch their faces.

5. Babies feel safe at night in swaddling blankets as it mimics touch.

6. Swaddling the baby in a hand over heart position creates room for them to self-soothe. They can get back to sleep on their own on waking up.

7. Babies with colic issues find immense relief.

8. Swaddling maintains an effective back posture for the baby.

9. Parents can sleep more as the baby sleeps more!

10. With swaddling blankets, no need to fill the crib with pillows, cushions, etc.!

Just ensure you don’t over-swaddle. The blanket should be properly clasped so that there are no chances of unraveling. Maintain a healthy position and take care of not wrapping your baby too tightly. Motherhood seems a daunting task but we are here to make your journey smoother.

Please feel free to reach out to us with your inputs if you find a product and a brand that could benefit the community. Wishing you all the very best in your motherhood journey, share with us your feedback and experiences on the baby carriers listed and also about the ones you found out!

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