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Best Baby Bathtub In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top 10 Baby Bathtub In 2021

When you think of little bathtubs for your young one, you’re immediately flooded with all the precious memories from your childhood. How your mum used to bathe you in the soothing splashes of water in your cute little tub and how, just for fun, you used to splash water back at her. Didn’t you have a lot of fun with your siblings while playing in the bathtub? Water is a life-sustaining element that is the reason for life on this planet and so human beings connect deeply with it, not just physically but emotionally too. Babies love sloshing around their cute and chubby arms in the water because it is so fun. The buoyancy of water keeps your body bobbing inside it making you feel light as a feather. The sound of your baby’s soft and happy chuckle as they slip away at the water in their tubs will become a permanent memory etched in your mind that you will never ever forget. A bathtub for babies is not just an item in which you bathe your babies to keep them clean and fresh but also something that will give you a million priceless memories to cherish. 

Nurture your baby’s love for the water. There are some babies that are naturally drawn to water. They love it when you place them in the tub and they enjoy slapping around in the water but some babies get a little antsy the moment you bring them anywhere near a bathtub. Parents must always encourage their babies and introduce them to water as soon as they can in the baby’s life. Water will help your baby develop a sense of security and trust in you and in themselves. Bathe your baby in warm water and watch them explore their senses of touch, sound, and sight. If your baby gets too anxious around water, avoid forcing them into the bathtub. Be gentle and start with a few fun splashes on their tummies. When they feel familiar with the consistency and temperature of the water, you can gently place them in the tub. 

Bathing babies in a bathtub is not only an amazing experience for them but it is also a necessary practice that ensures proper hygiene in babies. Bathing them every 2-3 days is very important. You might think that babies stay at home all day and are not exposed to dirt and filth so they don’t need to be bathed as often but you’re wrong. The human body has several types of bacteria living on the surface of their skin, not to mention in the belly button and in the ears! That sure sounds gross but it’s one hundred percent the truth. These bacteria if not washed off can cause skin problems. Babies have sensitive skins and can develop rashes and infections easily if they are not bathed and cleaned. Even if you are not taking your baby outside, please remember to bathe them because washing off sweat is very important. Use soaps that are meant for sensitive skin and bathe your baby cautiously. Maintaining the hygiene of your baby is in your hands. Keep them clean and healthy by bathing them preferably in tubs. 

Bathing has always been a fascinating aspect of our culture. It was earlier believed that bathing every day might kill you! The artificial scents used in soaps and lotions are harmful but it is not life-endangering. People were especially careful with bathing babies because the infant mortality rate was really high in the olden days and there were lots of drowning accidents in baby bathtubs. As we became more and more enlightened through science, a lot of development began. It seemed as though new products were being introduced in the market every other day and the ones already existing kept getting upgrades. A baby bathtub is also one of those items which kept getting great improvements in its features, ensuring with every update that they were safer for babies and more comfortable. When you talk about modern homes, it is highly unlikely that you will find even one family in the states who haven’t used a bathtub for their babies. The 1879 encyclopedia of domestic life and affairs recommends- “If you want your child to be vigorous in play and exercise, give it an abundance of baths: bathe it every day, using warm or cold water—never hot, never freezing, but warm or cold water as best agrees with your child’s constitution.” (212)

History of bathing is the biggest example of why babies should be bathed every 2-3 days in baby bathtubs but let’s narrow down to the most precise benefits of bathing your baby in a bathtub:

  • Maintaining hygiene- Bathing your baby every day is important because it rids their body of potentially harmful bacteria that may be on the surface of their skin. Bathing also gets rid of body odor and keeps the skin hydrated making it supple. 
  • Emotional benefits– When you bathe your baby you are actually bonding with them. It will teach your baby the importance of touch. Eye contact with your baby while bathing them provides positive and affectionate interaction between the mom and baby. 
  • Fun time– Along with getting cleaned up, bath time can also be a fun time for babies as they have fun with their rubber duckies in the tub. Babies love playing around with bubbles too. Singing songs to them while you bathe can also be a fun way to help your baby enjoy their bath time. 
  • Multi-sensory experience- Splashing around in water is not just fun for babies but it also teaches them the consistency of water. The toys and bubbles in their tub teach them hand-eye coordination and improve their motor skills. Touch is important for babies and helps them with cognitive development. 
  • Time away from technology- Since all mobile phones now have access to the internet almost all the time, it is very easy for us to turn on ‘Cocomelon’ and give the phone to the kid so they would stop crying and fussing. Bath time allows them to relax with you without any electronic device. 

Now that you know so many benefits of bathing your baby in bathtubs you probably want to know what your options are if you would like to buy one. There are different types of tubs for babies, all have different features.

Let’s have a brief look at what you can expect from them

  • Convertible– The suggestive name tells that the tub can be converted. It grows with your baby and can be converted from a newborn baby tub with a sling for cradling the baby to a basin tub. This is a feasible option as you won’t have to keep purchasing tubs as your baby grows. 
  • Inflatable– These tubs are portable and can be used whenever and wherever you’d like. They can be inflated using a pump and can be placed inside an adult bathtub to be used as your baby’s tub. They are budget-friendly but not durable like the convertible type. 
  • Collapsible– They are also portable tubs that can be folded to a smaller version but unlike the inflatable tub this one is a little heavy. They work really well and come with amazing features which your baby will love. They are sturdy and long-lasting but have an expensive price tag. 

A baby bathtub is your helper with which you can connect with your baby, help them develop their senses, keep them clean and healthy. Investing in a good one will certainly be a great choice you’ll be making for your child as a parent. Have look at the following list of the best baby bathtubs of 2021 and pick out the most suitable one for your baby:

1. Fisher Price Convertible Baby Bathtub

Price: $38.99~$49.39
  • Convertible- This baby bathtub is 4-in-1 and it grows with your baby. There’s a soft mesh sling for infants. The baby stopper insert is used to prevent slipping. The sit-me-up support can be used for fidgety babies. It also converts to a roomy toddler’s tub. You can use it to bathe your baby for years. 
  • Easy cleaning and storage- The tub can be easily cleaned. Just pull the plug to drain the water and wash it. It comes with a hook on the back to hang on a shower rod. It can be hung up for drying or for a space-saving storage
  • Helping hand- It comes with interesting accessories that lend a helping hand to you while you bathe your baby- a whale scoop and squeeze bottle with which you can rinse your baby and play with them. 


According to most moms, this is just the bathtub you are looking for. It fits perfectly in a regular kitchen sink. The newborn sling is easy to use as it clips on easily and seems sturdy. The green seat also clicks into place pretty easily. Babies loved the rinsing bottle because it sprays like a showerhead. The size of the tub is very suitable for babies and has enough room for them to play around while taking a bath. The tub is very sturdy and doesn’t slip and slide with your baby’s rough movements. The tub comes assembled and ready to use. It received positive reviews from most customers and they recommended it for its amazing quality


The bathtub mostly received great reviews, however, some parents expressed concern over some features like the green seat being too tight and the newborn insert being too thin without any cushion. The sling is not adjustable which was yet another update that was asked for by customers.

Final thoughts:

This bathtub is definitely worth your money as it has great features and looks super cute. The vibrant colours on it will keep your baby occupied while you give them a nice and relaxing bath. The tub is very safe for babies and most users love it for what it offers. It is highly recommended for its sturdiness and convertibility. 

2. Splish ‘n Splash Baby Bathtub

Price: $29.99
  • Simple design- This baby bathtub has a simple yet practical design that is very easy to be used to bathe newborns and toddlers. There are three modes of the tub- newborn mode, infant mode, and toddler mode.
  • Comfortable- The tub is comfortable as it has a padded recline so that the baby can rest its back comfortably. The sling in the tub is made of smooth baby-friendly fabric. The tub itself is spacious for a baby to bathe and play in. 
  • Convenient- The tub easily fits in all bathroom and kitchen sinks.  It can be cleaned very conveniently just by pulling the plug inside the tub to drain the bathwater. It also has a parent assist tray where you can keep the bath items and toys for the baby. 


This beautiful tub is popular among parents for its cutesy design and convenient features. Parents loved how easy it is to use. It is big and spacious for toddlers too. They can play around with their toys without feeling cramped inside the tub. The plastic is very sturdy and doesn’t slip. It can be used to bathe the baby from the time they are born till they are 2-3 years old. 


The newborn sling is not cushioned which was a feature that received some criticism from parents. To drain the tub, you need to keep holding up the plug till all of the water is out. Parents felt that if the plug stayed up on its own, this tub would be the most perfect one for babies. 

Final Thoughts:

This bathtub is the one that is recommended for people looking for a spacious bathtub for babies. Since the tub is not collapsible it needs a little more space than usual to be stored, if you have a big bathroom this bathtub will be perfect for your baby. The extra features like the little water drainer and bottle holder space make this tub a great choice for parents looking for a convertible tub that can be used for a long time at an affordable price. 

3. Hop Baby Bathtub

Price: $25.11 ~ $35.00
  • Cute design- This baby bathtub will woo your baby and you with its adorable design. It is designed to look like a whale. The design is not just cute looking but also very convenient and comfortable for your baby. It can be converted according to your baby’s age into three stages- Newborn, infant and sitters.
  • Anti-slip design- The plastic used in making this sling is non-slip plastic. The sling is made of soft fabric and locks in position very easily giving your baby a safe and comfortable space to recline. 
  • Innovative features- The features of this tub are innovative and make it a versatile bathtub for babies. The ergonomic positions of the sling provide full-body support and lower seated support to your baby.  


The parents think that the design of this bathtub is absolutely perfect because it holds their baby up comfortably without them sliding down. The mesh in the tub is of great quality and the bottom part that can be folded into a seat is cushioned to give your baby a comfortable seat. Parents suggested investing in this tub as it made bath time fun for their babies. The size is perfect and it can fit inside kitchen and bathroom sinks.


Parents disliked the fact that it takes a long time to drain this tub. Some parents also wanted the tub to be a little bigger in size, it’s too small for sitting upstage. The big warning sticker on the inside of the tub was another thing that parents felt could have been eliminated. 

Final thoughts:

It is a cute bathtub that is loved for its features and babies loved it because of its cute whale design. It comes ready for the usage which is great as you won’t have to spend time trying to figure out how to assemble it. 

4. First Years Convertible Baby Bathtub

Price: $29.99 ~ $38.99
  • 4 in 1 design- This is a convertible baby bathtub that keeps your growing baby safe for years. The insert placed in the bathtub can cradle newborns. In the infant stage, the tub has a gentle water cascade to bathe your baby. The insert can be removed for older babies and used as a tub on its own. The tub also has a perfectly angled perch upon which your baby can rest its back while playing in the tub. 
  • Sturdy and safe- The tub is made of plastic which is baby-friendly. It is durable and will not shift or crack under your baby’s weight as they grow into a toddler. The rounded edges of the tub avoid any chances of your baby getting hurt. 
  • Quality product- The bathtub is made using top-grade plastic which ensures its longevity. Use it to bathe your baby for years without worrying about it breaking. 


Parents said that they love this tub because it has made giving their babies a bath easy for them. The angle at which the water flows into the tub is great and babies love it. The toddler stage is big enough for older babies and the insert is perfect to bathe newborn babies. The tub functions perfectly through all the stages. It looks beautiful too. Very simple and minimalist design yet very innovative for usage. 


Some parents felt that due to the design of the tub it is difficult to scoop up water from inside the tub to bathe your baby. Some parents felt that plastic is a little too hard for babies.  

Final Thoughts:

The tub makes bath time fun for babies and easy for parents which is why it is so popular. It is sturdy and will surely last for a long time. It is great that it fits all kitchen and bathroom sinks. After birth mothers are in pain for many months and you do not want to sit for an hour bathing your baby in that pain. It also really hurts your back if you’re crouching at an awkward angle for a long time. It is very easy to use this baby bathtub in the sink for newborn babies as well as for toddlers. The tub is highly recommended by mothers for the ones struggling to bathe their babies while sitting. 

5. Helper Baby Bathtub

Price: $14.99 ~ $19.99

Price- $14.99- $19.99

  • Soft and plush- This baby bathtub is an inflatable tub. It has a cute froggy design all over it. It inflates from all sides to give your baby a nice and plush seat while they are getting a bath. The bottom, as well as the back, are air-cushioned which make this tub very soft for your baby’s sensitive body. 
  • Non-slip – The material used in the tub is non-slip so that your baby doesn’t slip and slide inside risking water getting inside their nose or ears. The padded and cushioned surfaces will keep them from getting hurt 
  • Non-toxic – The plastic used to make this tub is completely Phthalate-free and makes it non-toxic. It is safe to bathe your babies in this inflatable tub. 


This soft inflatable tub has received lots of love from its users. It can be used inside an adult bathtub or it can be used outside too. It is portable and can be deflated if you want to carry it around with you while you’re traveling. The portability allows you to bathe your baby when it is sunny outside. It will be a very pleasant experience for them and an unforgettable memory for you. 


Since the tub is inflatable and really soft, it might not be suitable for babies who still need a little help sitting up or need support the entire time they are being bathed. The saddle isn’t very convenient either. 

Final Thoughts:

This tub is a hoot for babies because they can be bathed anywhere they’d want. Bathe your baby in the garden outside and watch them admire the beauty of nature with all its bright colours. Since the tub can be deflated and carried around easily it is perfect for traveling parents. The price of this baby bathtub is also very pocket friendly and since it does not use any hard plastic at all it is very comfy for the tiny ones. The saddle keeps the baby in its place and avoids any slippage. The drain is on the other side and can be easily accessed to let the bathwater out. It is highly recommended for you if you travel a lot and are on a tight budget. 

6. Ginsey Disney Nemo Inflatable Safety Bathtub

Price: $16.99
  • Safety- This inflatable tub is the safest one there is for babies. It is air-cushioned on all sides. It can be used for babies from ages 12- 24 months. It is advised not to use this particular inflatable tub inside an adult bathtub. 
  • Easy storage- The tub can be deflated and stored easily when not in use. Make sure it is completely dry when you store it away. 
  • Lovely design- The tub is printed all over with Disney princesses. It is perfect for your little princess. The design is very convenient as it has large storage pouches on the side to store shampoo and soap. The design also allows your baby to rest comfortably on its air-cushioned backrest. 


First of all, the babies loved this tub because of its cute design and vibrant color. Parents loved that it is inexpensive and portable and that they could give their babies a pool experience without taking them to the public pools which is very dangerous for them. Parents also loved that it is very easy to rinse out and hang to dry it. The tub functions well for babies and toddlers. Parents recommend it because it makes bath time easy for both the parents and their babies. 


Parents complained about the bottom being too slippery. Some also had a problem filling it with water. When it is inflated the edges become thick and too far to reach from the faucet. A shower head can be used to fill it. 

Final Thoughts:

This product is a good one. It is not expensive and looks super cute. The functionality is also very good. The material with which this tub is made of great quality and will not give off any weird smells. One great feature about this tub that makes it one of the most popular inflatable bathtubs is the suction cups at the bottom which avoid it from slipping and help the tub stay put when your baby moves while bathing. It is recommended by parents as it has amazing features like temperature gauges and suction cups. 

7. Inflatino Baby Bathtub

Price: $11.89 ~ $16.99
  • Spacious- This whale-shaped inflatable baby bathtub is very spacious and will allow your baby lots of room to play about while you bathe them. It is great for older babies too as their motor skills are improved and they like to move about in the tub. It can fit in adult bathtubs easily. 
  • Cute features- This is a very cute tub with a whale design. There are 10 fun floating balls that come with the tub. Your baby will be playing with them all the time. The tail of the whale is inflatable too and can be bopped and batted by the baby for fun. 
  • Portable- It is an inflatable tub and can be easily deflated and folded up for carrying. It is extremely lightweight when deflated and hence easy to carry while traveling. 


Parents found this cute bathtub very useful and sturdy. The balls that come with the tub were loved by babies. It becomes their own little ball pit and makes bathing fun for them. The flat bottom makes it stable which parents felt was another amazing feature of the tub because it keeps babies from falling over. It can be used outdoors as well and some parents shared that they bathe their babies in this tub in the backyard when the weather is good and their babies love it. 


Some parents felt that although this tub seems like it is big, the actual sitting space on the inside is a lot smaller. Some parents felt it was difficult to inflate the tub. 

Final Thoughts:

Since it is portable it is great for traveling parents. It is very easy to clean and store. It is very well made with thick plastic which is why it can be used outside too. It gets slippery with soap but you always have your hand on your baby so it’s safe. Parents loved the colored floating balls; they kept their babies occupied. Babies don’t fidget and fuss about it because they enjoy bathing in this tub. This tub is recommended for traveling parents and any parent who has been facing difficulty distracting their child while bathing them. 

8. Munchkin Baby Bathtub

Price: $9.59 ~ $12.99
  • Thoughtful Design- The design of this cute duck-shaped bathtub for babies was very thoughtfully made so that it is absolutely safe to be used by babies. There’s a safety disc in this tub that turns white when the water is too hot suggesting you cool it down for your baby’s comfort and safety. 
  • Easy inflatability- The tub can be easily inflated using an electric blowing machine or using a hand-operated balloon pump. It deflates easily too and can be folded to a small size for traveling and storage. 
  • Safety features-The tub is very safe for babies because of the temperature disc and because of the textured bottom. The bottom of the tub is textured in such a way that it is comfortable for your baby to sit but also not too smooth to make them slip. 


Parents whose babies could sit down well on their own loved this product. Babies love it because they can be bathed outside and enjoy the pleasant weather. The parents loved this tub particularly because it is tough and versatile. It can be used by your babies and by toddlers too. Parents said that this inflatable tub lasted them for years which is amazing because inflatable tubs usually are not that durable. 


Some parents felt that the material is not sturdy and gets holes if used on the ground outside. It also cannot be used by babies who cannot sit properly on their own and need support constantly. 

Final thoughts:

Designed after the most famous bath toy, this adorable duck-shaped inflatable tub is a huge hit among parents. It has great safety features and a sturdy structure. It can be deflated easily and drained out easily too. Perfect to be taken along on a vacation. Hey, if you’re enjoying yourself in the pool, your baby also deserves a nice pool-like bathtub for themselves, right? Get this tub today and make your baby a happy baby. 

9. JF Mall Baby Bathtub

Price: $59.99 ~ $62.99
  • Foldable- This foldable bathtub for babies is very flexible, lightweight, and convenient to use for parents. It can be used in kitchen and bathroom basins. Fold it and store it away when you’re done bathing your baby in it.
  • High quality- The quality of PP and PE used in the making of this bathtub is premium. It is baby safe and free from toxic materials. 
  • Unique features- The base of this foldable baby bathtub is non-slip and provides a good grip on your baby while they sit in it. It can be folded easily to carry around while traveling. 


Parents loved this tub so much that they regretted not getting it earlier. There is plenty of room in this bathtub for cute and cuddly babies to bathe in it. Parents loved how easily it can be folded and hung up in the bathroom after usage. It is big enough to be used by toddlers too. Parents who have small bathrooms and limited storage space liked how easily this tub can be hung and stored without acquiring too much space. 


Parents felt that it is a little slippery when it gets wet, however, to avoid any accidents it is recommended to get some bath stickers. 

Final Thoughts:

This foldable bathtub is popular because of its convenient features like easy storage, great quality, and ease to clean. Since it is very spacious even for toddlers, you can buy one if you have more than one kid and it can be used by the younger one as well as the older one too. This cute tub is highly recommended for you if you do not have a lot of storage space but want a tub for your baby. 

10. Varybeaty baby Bathtub

Price: $39.98


Parents who have small apartments loved this product because it can be stored in a small space conveniently. It is BPA free which makes it completely safe to be used by babies. The color was also loved by parents because it looks modern. The surface is smooth and comfortable for a baby to sit on. 


Some parents said that the walls of the tub might sometimes collapse while bathing and the water spills out. 

Final Thoughts:

This product is rightly priced and the best thing is the multiple usages. When you purchase a baby bathtub, it can only be used to bathe your baby but not this one. It can be used for several things mentioned above which is why it is highly recommended for parents on a budget. Use it to bathe your baby or wash their clothes or even their toys. Put it to multiple uses and save money.  


How to safely bathe a baby in a bathtub?

Babies are fidgety beings and in the water, they barely stay still. It is very important to stay vigilant when you’re bathing a baby. Follow these steps to bathe your baby in a baby bathtub:

  • Lay a non-slip bath mat on the bathroom floor. 
  • Fill the baby’s tub with just enough warm water. 
  • Lower your baby in the water keeping your hands on them at all times.
  • Use a gentle soap and a soft washcloth to wash your baby’s face, neck, and body.
  • Wash the genitals, bottom, and hair towards the end. You need to wash their hair only once a week. 
  • To shampoo them, lie them on their back and gently rinse the hair.
  • Wrap them up in a soft towel to keep them warm after the bath.

What are the best features to look out for in a baby bathtub?

There are some features of bathtubs that you just can’t compromise with because after all, it is about the safety of the most important thing in your life. Following are must-have features in a baby bathtub:

  • Non-skid surface on the inside and the outside of the tub.
  • Smooth and rounded edges to reduce risks of getting hurt.
  • Ease of cleaning as any leftover dirt might cause infections on the baby’s skin.
  • Portability so that you can easily carry your baby’s bathtub along with you even if you’re on a trip. The baby won’t miss their baths.
  • Convertibility so that you won’t have to spend a lot of money buying new bathtubs every few months.

Bathtubs for babies are somewhat of an essential accessory for a baby. It will give your baby an amazing experience and will help them in their overall development. Drowning and scalding is a huge risk when you are bathing your baby and as a cautious parent, you need to make sure that you follow all the safety protocols while bathing your baby. Before purchasing the tub for your baby, you should be absolutely sure that you’ve checked all the safety features on the tub. 

Babies are like little treasure boxes of happiness that need to be protected at all times. We are sure that the above-mentioned information in this article will be a great help for you. Buy a safe and practical baby bathtub from our list above and let us know in the comments which tub you chose for your baby.

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