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Best Diffusers To Buy In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Best aroma Diffusers To Buy In 2021

Last night I drifted to sleep, calmness flowing throughout my body. The sharp, sweet essence floating in the air soothed my hardened and tensed expression.

After a long day of work, what you need are not mental images of the next task on your to-do list but something to take all your worries away and turn them into mere reminders.

What you need is nature as your friend, so you can rise above the ground and dance swiftly amongst the folds of lavender fields or coffee plants, all while sitting on your favourite couch.

Aromas like that of Sandalwood, Vanilla beans, wet rain in the forest, fresh leaves, and freshly wet clay have always had an enchantment around them. Now, it is not always possible to physically experience these fragrances, hence we use things and products that remind us of the place and make our experience a realistic one. 

Imagine yourself breathing slowly and inhaling the air around you which smells like lemongrass and chamomile. As soon as you breathe in the air, satisfaction and freshness fill your lungs. All your anxiety and pain slowly goes away. You keep on inhaling and exhaling, listening to the birds chirping outside your window. All the pollution and impurities are pushed away and the desire to invest in yourself, most importantly your health increases.

 If I talk about essence, then almost as a first instinct, we think about essential oils to be specific. One might ask, “Why is essential oil necessary?” and to be fair, asking this question is valid and necessary.

Essential oils are made from pressing different parts of plants such as leaves, petals, fruits, etc. Hence, it is hundred percent natural and fresh. The difference between an essential oil and normal oil is that essential oils are concentrated, fragrant and used in aromatherapy ( Aromatherapy – use of essential oils or fragrance for relaxation) whereas normal oil is used for household purposes.

There are various uses of essential oils and once I start, I can go on and on about them but for now, here are some of the uses of essential oils – 


  • They are used for stress reduction in Aromatherapy. 5-6 drops of concentrated essential oil is often used to fulfil that purpose. 
  • They are also extremely helpful in treating and preventing fungal infections.
  • Not only that, but they also aid in sleep. Essential oils are a great solution for people with insomnia to aid them in sleep. It can often be used to reduce puffy face and eye bags.
  • Recent research has shown that essential oils contain antioxidants in them and are being experimented on to help in preventing diseases. 


  • Essential oils, especially tea tree oil, are widely used for reducing skin acne. They help in fighting bad bacteria and help in lightening scars. 


  • Hair loss is a problem for many people across the world. It can get quite stressful as hair loss often leads to a malnutritioned scalp, dandruff, etc. All this happens because our scalp doesn’t get nourished enough and our hair strands weaken. Some specific essential oils help in retaining strength and rejuvenating the scalp. 


  • Essential oils are used for massages and therapy. It helps to calm the person down and aids in anxiety reduction.


  • Many people might not know this but essential oils are also used for having healthy nails and controlling bad breath. Odd as it may seem, they help in keeping a person fresh and healthy. 

As I explained earlier, essential oils have various uses but, what if I tell you that there is a way we can inhale the essential oils by diffusing them into the air. Won’t it just uplift and upgrade your entire room? 

The next question to pop into your mind must be ‘What is a diffuser?’ To explain it in simple words, a diffuser diffuses the oil into the air in the form of breathable particles. They require absolutely low effort and are reasonably priced along with adding up to the aesthetics of your room. 

From the surface, a lot of people consider diffusers as an added attraction but what they don’t know is that it requires such minimal efforts and at the same time is an effective and affordable self-care element.

There are mainly four types of Oil Diffusers 

  • Nebulizing Diffusers– These diffusers are mostly plastic-free and use the pressure method for diffusion. No supporting element such as water is used for the diffusion of essential oil. Moreover, it is low maintenance. 
  • Humidifying/Ultrasonic Diffuser– These diffusers use diluted essential oils. They release humidified oils in the air which makes the environment slightly warm and therefore are perfect for the winter season. Ultrasonic diffusers use ultrasonic waves to break down the oil and release them into the air. 
  • Heat / Electric Diffusers- These diffusers use heat or electricity to diffuse oils. Usually, diffusers use fans to evaporate oils in gas form but these diffusers use external forces to work.
  • Evaporative Diffusers- These diffusers are used for places and areas where the effect is needed in lesser time. They include fans to convert oils into gas.  

But the stock in the market is not only limited to these four types of diffusers. These four diffusers mainly elaborate on the techniques used. Nowadays, you can come across diffusers with cool and attractive sound and light features. 

Even though Diffusers have a lot of benefits, they might have some drawbacks too. Those people allergic to oils or certain components present in the oil should avoid using diffusers at all costs. Moreover, children and pregnant ladies should only use the diffusers on the advice of the doctor. 

If you want to buy the best oil diffuser for yourself, then here are a few elements to focus on while buying a decent diffuser- 

  1. Size – The size of the diffuser is an important point to consider while buying it. Depending on your need, you should consider the size of the diffuser. For example, if you are a frequent traveller then you should buy a diffuser which is small and compact so that it is easy to carry. However, if you need it for decoration, then a medium or large-sized diffuser works. 
  2. Coverage area – It is extremely important to know the area covered by the diffuser you want to buy. You can buy either a small room, average room or a large room-sized diffuser. 
  3. Operating time – You should also take note of its operating time.  Whether you can leave it operating overnight or not. Whether it uses batteries, no batteries, electricity, connection, etc. 
  4. Weight – The weight of the diffuser again depends on the purpose you use it for. Big diffusers have larger reservoirs and hence might need constant refilling. In this case, the weight might be more, whereas those diffusers which are small and have less capacity weigh less. 
  5. Noise – Since evaporative diffusers use fans to diffuse the oil, there is a possibility that the fans create a lot of noise. So depending upon the type of diffuser you buy, the noise level may vary. It is crucial to consider this element since it might disrupt your routine. 
  6. Vapour output- This mechanism controls the amount of oil diffused in the air. If the nuzzle is small, then small streaks of gassed oils are released but if it is slightly wider, then the diffusion occurs according to that. 
  7. Extra features – Last but not least, you can also look out for extra features and designs available in diffusers. Some diffusers might be made up of plastic, wood or metals while some diffusers might have LED lights attached to them and have sound and light properties. In a highly technically developed world like ours, new inventions, creations and discoveries keep on happening. The same goes for diffusers too. 

Along with this, you also need to sort out your budget scale. Diffusers are not particularly expensive. Most of them are cost-effective nowadays. Still, for the best outcome, you should always have a budget scale and adjust the prices, model and features according to that. However, don’t get too fixated on the price. For it to be called a good investment, you need a built-in timer, controlled opening and a proper heating system. 

Suppose you bought a diffuser, now the next step is cleaning the diffuser. Cleaning a diffuser is extremely crucial as sometimes oil sticks to the material of the diffuser. The leftover water and oil might give birth to certain types of bacterias and might aid in the formation of bacterial mold. The instructions are usually mentioned in the manual accompanying the diffuser. 

There are a lot of other methods to experience fragrant calmness such as incense sticks, fragrant cards, etc. But by far I believe diffusers to be the best product which fulfills your expectations. It is the safest of them all. If you buy diffusers of good quality, you can even leave them all night or use them in a small space. 


Price: $25.97 ~ $59.97
  • What’s better than getting a two in one diffuser? This product is a humidifier as well as a diffuser. 
  • You can enjoy the cool and soft blows of the humidifier along with the fragrance of essential oils diffused. This one comes with an inbuilt smart mode which helps in maintaining the perfect and healthy humidity level.
  • Moreover, you are given three options- ‘low’, ‘medium’, and ‘high’ to adjust the moisturizing level of the humidifier.
  • This also comes with an easy refilling system. You just need to pour water into it. You can clean it similarly, by wiping the tank with a wet cloth.
  • It comes with LED light which helps in easy and comfortable sleep. White in color, this diffuser by Geniani runs on corded electricity.
  • This is an amazing product for those who need an all-rounder diffuser. It has a smart mode, night light, one-button control, and auto shut off. All of these things allow you to enjoy the product without stressing too much. 
  • It is a perfect choice for people who don’t have much time in their hands. The setup is easy and understandable. Moreover, its ultrasonic technology assures safety to the fullest degree achievable. 


Price: $69.99
  • This is an aromatherapy professional-grade diffuser for essential oils. 
  • This diffuser uses nebulizing technology and has full-spectrum oil adaptability  (full spectrum oils are oils made from hemp seed clinically and has healing properties such as proteins, vitamins, fibers, etc) No water or heat is needed. 
  • It is easily portable and produces almost no noise and hence comes with a super-quiet feature. Moreover, it is powered by a battery.
  • This mini diva diffuser has a few high techs and mind-blowing features. 
  • There is no need to dilute the oil, you just need to pour the oil directly into the tank. This also eliminates the extra step needed to clean out the water tank. 
  • They are quite helpful in boosting immunity and help with health benefits. This also allows children and pregnant women to use this diffuser (doctor advisory is still needed). 
  • The diffuser can cover up to 700 sqft of your house. It has an inbuilt timer. This diffuser is perfect for you if you are working, or if you travel from one place to another quite frequently.
  • Given that it is easy to handle, clean, and is portable, you can carry it around with you almost anywhere.
  • It can run up to 8 hours after being charged. It has a wireless structure and a built-in battery system. It also adds to the aesthetics of the place.
  • With a direct and linear diffusion system, it helps in better results of aromatherapy as the person gets to enjoy the benefits from original herbs and elements thus preserving its essence. 

3. Airome Diffuser

Price: $14.99
  • This porcelain diffuser is white in colour, non-electric and an essential oil diffuser. 
  • Being small in size and easily portable, this diffuser is a pro in fitting almost any interior setting. 
  • The diffuser has an amazing ability to uphold the scent and makes it linger. The smell lasts day in and out for a maximum of two weeks. 
  • This does not need any battery, electricity or heat supplement and hence is the perfect buy for usage in small spaces.
  • Moreover, it is extremely easy to clean and fill. But, this might not be suitable for large spaces given its size, dimensions and capacity.
  • It even comes with a small bottle of peppermint oil. People don’t usually appreciate the aroma of peppermint oil indoors but it is extremely efficient for outdoor spaces. It helps in making the space ‘mosquito-free.’ 
  • This diffuser is pretty easy to use, you add the oil and then you wait for it to saturate and for the smell to show up. You might notice a change in colour which indicates that the pinecone is saturated enough for the small to show up.  
  • This product is lovely, compact and has a hand-sculpted flower attached to it which sits on the top of the main body of the diffuser. This helps in the diffusion of the oil for storage purposes.
  • It might be a bit smaller than you expect it to be, but given the fact that this is made for small spaces; It is the perfect diffuser to use in spaces such as washrooms, bathing rooms, workspace, etc.  
  • It might be an amazing addition to your kitchen. It might perfectly go with the grey and black lamp you have at the corner of the room. Overall, it’s an aesthetic and useful piece. 


Price: $15.46 ~ $22.99
  • This diffuser being a reed diffuser produces the most natural fragrance ever. This is a two in one diffuser. 
  • It can serve as an oil diffuser as well as a reed diffuser. Moreover, it is compact and contains natural dried flowers. 
  • You can simply insert the reed into the diffuser. When the scent weakens out, you can flip it and use the other side. The reed sticks are covered in fabric, so they soak the oil when both the sides of the stick have been used. In that case, It is advisable to use new reed sticks as they won’t be effective.
  • Use new reed sticks while changing fragrances to prevent clashing and mixing of scents.
  • Given that this is pretty, compact and useful, it can be easily labelled under a perfect gift.
  • This diffuser comes in various scents. You will be exposed to several customer-friendly, eco-friendly and special fragrances. 
  • The diffuser is also light in weight, weighing only 6.7 ounces. It has a rating of 4.3 stars hence proving it’s worth in the market. 
  • The scent produced from the diffuser is balanced just right. It is neither too overwhelming and nor is it light and unnoticeable. This helps in striking the right balance. It has a capacity to diffuse large amounts of oils which makes it long-lasting. 
  • Moreover, you get natural flowers that upgrade the level in matters of fragrance, appearance, etc. its modernity adds to its attraction. Even this product is perfect for a small room or office. 
  • This product is also pretty affordable, costing only $18.78. Once you purchase this piece, it will leave you wanting more. The refills and accessories are pretty affordable.  
  • However, the diffuser tank might empty faster than you expect it to, but apart from this, the piece is pretty and elegant.


Price; $14.88 ~ $25.99
  • The very first time I glanced at this product, I was amazed at the architectural designs it reflects. It has very intelligently designed components fitted together like cogs of a machine. 
  • The tagline of the company – ‘Be the guru of your wellness’ is again clearly visible through this product. 
  • This piece is a 90 ml oil diffuser capable of covering up to 200 square feet. Guru Nanda is a company specialising in selling ayurvedic and nature/eco-friendly products and hence this diffuser is one of the most trustable products. 
  • It comes with a whisper-quiet-ultrasonic operation function which helps to humidify the environment and eventually helps in maintaining healthy skin and mind. It helps eliminate dry and chapped skins and makes them soft and glowing. 
  • Guru Nanda’s Honeycomb essential oil diffuser is an easy-to-use product that can last up to 7 hours. Hence, it is perfect for both long drives as well as short ones. 
  • Often we remain worried about malfunctioning devices due to overheating. This product has cutting-edge technology which prevents the diffuser from overheating and hence maintains a safe, healthy and fragrant environment.
  • An interesting fact about this product is that it comes with seven LED lights which consist of the most prominent and calming colours. It operates in absolute silence and has an automatic shut off which in the long run is a safer option than the ones which do not have automatic off mode. 
  • However, this diffuser needs to be plugged in at all times. So, that might be a problem for people who have not yet decided on a place to keep their diffuser or have all the usable plugs in the house busy. 
  • Till now, this is the cheapest product on our list and comes with tons of amazing features too. This might be a perfect buy for people with a  low budget and more features.


Price: $18.99
  • This Ultrasonic diffuser is overall a very efficient product. The outer part has been intricately fabricated which gives it a ‘bamboo’ effect, making it pleasing to look at. 
  • The diffuser is brown in colour and has a multifunctional design. Even this diffuser is adept with a whisper-quiet ultrasonic technology and auto shut off technology just like the last product on the list but what differentiates this product from the last one is that it has an additional safety design
  • The safety design allows the diffuser to shut off as soon as it touches water, making it a much more suitable choice for families and customers with children or pets. 
  • This is a perfectly cute and edgy addition to your ‘plain’ and ‘boring’ backgrounds. 
  • A lot of times, people complain that the diffuser keeps on shutting off after every few minutes. The secret to this is that the diffuser won’t work if the tank is overfilled, credits to its safety technology.
  • This product produces a lot of mist, adding to its pros. This ultrasonic diffuser is sure not to make a dent in your savings, as it costs only $18.99. 
  • This would be perfect for giveaways, or a steady and stable interior design. It would look amazing with light or pastel walls, giving it a modern and chic look.The benefit of buying an ultrasonic diffuser is that it breaks the oil molecules into smaller parts and makes it effective and safe for inhaling. 
  • Ultrasonic diffusers have an advantage over electric diffusers as they are a safer option. 


Price: $26.78 ~ $35.99
  • This product is a medium-sized oil diffuser suitable for large rooms. It can cover an area of up to 480 ft. The fragrance can last up to 20 hours.
  • So, overall it gives a pretty impressive coverage.  This product has a different design. It’s wider than the others which allows it to widely distribute the oil throughout the space. It has marbles and gold plating aiding its looks. This product is super cool and its teal colour makes it stand out. 
  • However, you are supposed to do a bit of DIY with this product and have to adjust the legs of the diffuser on your own. Sometimes, the legs might fall off and you will have to adjoin it again and again.
  • Like some of the above-mentioned diffusers, this product too can be used at night without the fear of overheating as it comes with an inbuilt waterless auto-off protecting function which does wonders to keep the customers safe and satisfied. 
  • Moreover, this could make a perfect gift, with its out of box stylish tops and designs. This product, however, needs a lot of care. If not properly taken care of, the marbles might start cracking in places and the gold finishing might come off. 
  • This could even hinder the performance of the diffuser. Hence, meaning its prime condition is important. 


Price: $20.99 ~ $21.99
  • Now we move on to candle diffusers, the type of diffusers that have since long been in use. Candle diffusers usually use wax melts for essence and fragrance. 
  • Wax melts are small cubes made up of wax. They contain essential oils, fragrances and other natural elements. You can even melt your favourite scented candle to disperse essence.
  • This diffuser is an electric candle diffuser. It has a small container that usually holds the candles/wax melts. Then with the help of electricity, the container is heated and the wax melts.
  • The diffuser is not particularly heavy and weighs 1.6 pounds. This diffuser is best suitable for household settings, given that it needs to be plugged in all the time. 
  • The longevity of this device is assured. It remains moderately hot, enough for melting the wax but not enough for burning you. 
  • The strength of the scent depends on the type of fragrance you use. If you use a strong fragrance then it will give a strong scent. Similarly, if you melt light fragrances, you’ll get a light scent. 
  • This product has a great price point and has a luxurious and superior look. It’s best to melt wax rather than candle as wax melts are more effective in spreading fragrances than candles for this specific product.
  • Moreover, candles can be sometimes toxic but wax melts are perfectly safe. It is advisable to change the max welts once the smell evaporates.  


Price: $45.99 ~ $49.98
  • This diffuser is by far the most elegant product on our list. It has an aura around it which makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. 
  • This stone diffuser is made from ceramic and has a high end finishing touch to it. It is durable and chic, making it the best addition to your household. It’s not on a daily basis that you find diffusers made out of terracotta and stone!
  • The build quality is amazing and the product has a silent ultrasonic function. It has multiple spray modes. One for all night and the other for continuous spray. It can run upto nine hours in one go and is a multifunctional diffuser.  
  • This diffuser runs quiet and is extremely easy to set up. Moreover, it releases fragrance all day steadily and stably. One water fill lasts twice as long as the other diffusers. 
  • It’s a bit heavy, weighing 2.68 pounds but overall, its functions and looks cover up for it.  By comparison, this product is a bit more expensive than the other products in our list that provide the same features as this one does. 
  • The fact that this is a handmade product sets it apart from the other products. The company is committed to creating high-quality diffusers and is known for having its products tested and checked manually. 
  • This point of extra effort gives them an advantage over the other products.  Improved efficiency is an assured outcome upon using the Wanlola Terracotta diffusers


Price: $105.99 ~ $139.99
  • This last diffuser is an evaporative diffuser. It is quite different from the other products on our list. It has a wider and larger build. 
  • Moreover, it weighs 14 pounds and hence is suitable for places where the diffuser can be permanently placed as moving it around is not going to be as easy as the other products. 
  • It requires a solid setup. The pipe needs to be installed. Just like other machines in our household, this one needs to have a specific spot. 
  • It can cover up to 3600 square feet and is suitable for large spaces, especially for function rooms, meeting rooms, etc. 
  • This is a digital humidifier that automatically maintains the amount of humidity you want with a ring of accuracy to it and has a tank capacity of 3.6 gallons. 
  • It is a great humidifier and works with simple steps. You just need to fill the tank and it starts humidifying and stops when the tank gets empty. 
  • However, you need to be very careful with what kind of product you are using for cleaning the device. Use only vinegar for cleaning, usage of any other liquid might lead to the liquid evaporating and humidifying in the air. You can accidentally inhale these harmful substances, No one wants that. 

Apart from this, overall It is a great buy. 

After an extensive discussion on various aspects of a diffuser, I hope you have found the perfect diffuser for you. With this let us move on to tips and tricks which one must be aware of to use and maintain a diffuser. Let us start with a very basic yet important component of any device handling booklet- Cleaning!

It’s best to clean your diffuser once a week if you use it quite frequently. If you use it occasionally, then it is alright to clean it between longer periods of time. Additionally, you can choose to clean the diffusers before changing essential oils so that the scents do not get intermixed with each other. 

The following steps and advice should help you to keep your diffusers in prime condition. 

Don’t forget to unplug the diffuser before cleaning!

1. Empty the tank and add approx one teaspoon of baking soda to the tank.

2. Fill half of the tank with water and stir it purposefully to let it dissolve.

3. Soak for 3-5mins, using a small and wet cloth, wipe the tank and the tank cover. 

4. Next, throw the solution and rinse the diffuser with water

5. Pat the outside and inside of the diffuser dry with a cloth.

You can even try out this second method of cleaning using vinegar-

1. Unplug the diffuser and throw out the oil/water.

2. Then fill the tank with water to the waterline and add a teaspoon of vinegar. 

3. Run the diffuser for 10-15 minutes so that the diffuser gets properly cleaned.

4. Next, clean the diffuser and pat them dry with a cloth, towel, Q tip or cotton swab. It is recommended to use either a Q-tip or a cotton swab when cleaning sensitive parts of the diffuser such as the oscillator or the vibrator. 

5. Lastly, rinse with clean water and use the diffuser as usual. 

These were some of the basic steps of cleansing diffusers.You must take extra care while cleaning the vibrators or the discs. 

Cleaning tablets are also available for cleaning your diffusers. These are quite in trend these days. If you want to clean your electronic diffuser, then rubbing alcohol is a great way to clean the machine. You can just empty the diffuser tank, fill it with rubbing alcohol. Let it sit overnight. Clean the diffuser lightly and carefully with a cloth. Rinse the diffuser nicely and use ! 

If you buy diffusers such as reed diffusers or evaporative diffusers, then the requirements and methods of cleansing might change. 


Moving on to what makes a diffuser a diffuser- essential oils. Many people wonder and are often vocal about how they love using essential oils. On the other hand, some people argue that essential oils make them dizzy in the head. They might not realize it yet but the key lies in the fragrance of the essential oil. The essential oils come with a whole lot of benefits but if the fragrance does not sit right with you, then it won’t be a relaxing or calming process for you. Rather, you’d start getting irritated, annoyed and might even be subject to sneezes due to uneasiness ( No one wants that to happen ! ) 

If you are having a problem searching for the right scent for you, many online tests match your preferences and tastes and help you achieve your comfort fragrance. Whenever you use a diffuser, make sure to not add carrier oils such as coconut oil or jojoba oil in the diffuser as these oils are meant to be applied externally and not diffused. It is also equally important to buy pure essential oils from certified sites and shops to save yourself from the trap of knock offs. The quality of the essential oil impacts the health of a person. Since we inhale diffused oils and it enters our internal system, there is a high possibility of health hazards if we use essential oils of bad quality. 

We should always keep in mind that no oil is perfect for every person. The impact and effect of the oils vary from person to person. Usually, there are a few side effects known to us while using certain essential oils such as nausea, headaches, goosebumps, vomiting. It might also irritate your skin sometimes if you have an intolerance to it. Always read the ingredient list before buying an essential oil as a person might be allergic to the ingredient used. For example, Anyone allergic to marigolds, daisies and ragweed should avoid using Roman chamomile. Hyssop should be avoided if someone is pregnant or has a history of seizures.

But, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT! Don’t be afraid of these disclaimers. These are just to ensure your wellbeing. Before buying anything, a person should be well in verse with the pros, cons, safety tips, etc to extract the best out of an investment. As long as you keep these points in mind and use the product, it is going to be an enriching and calming process for you. Once you start using diffusers or humidifiers, you start noticing the change from within. You become relaxed and in sync with your mind and soul. You start to connect the dots that you earlier couldn’t and it feels satisfying. This far into the talk, I hope you have already figured out which product you want to buy. Even if you have not, don’t worry, You sure will after reading this.

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