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Best And Effective Hand Sanitizers Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Hand Sanitizer of 2022

“Health is wealth” might sound like an overused cliche but isn’t that true? The significance can’t be stressed more especially now when we are towards the end of the war against one of the world’s deadliest pandemics. Keeping one’s hands clean is of utmost importance because our hands are mostly the medium through which germs enter our bodies. Touching a dirty surface and later touching your own face with the same hand unconsciously is the most common way to infect yourself with any disease. 

You might think it’s okay since you only brushed against someone’s hand lightly but what you don’t know is that harmful viruses and bacteria can live on different surfaces for days!  And it’s not like you always have some hand soap and a water faucet at your disposal so you can always keep your hands clean. What if you’re on the subway which is jam packed and you have to hold a pole that was touched by God knows how many strangers? Where do you wash your hands after touching a pole that was generously loaded with germs? A hand sanitizer is what comes to your rescue at this crucial moment. 

Throughout the era of sickness and death the savior that we all know is a hand sanitizer. It has been with us day and night and has protected countless lives with its amazing qualities. When exactly did this magical potion come into existence and who thought of it? What necessity gave birth to this great invention?  Let’s find out!

The origin story of hand sanitizer started in California when a nursing student came up with a way to mix alcohol with gel used for disinfection and created a product that could sanitize hands. Before the invention of hand sanitizer, people were still aware that alcohol could disinfect but they were yet to identify a way to use it on the go. It was Lupe Hernandez, a medical student who mixed alcohol and gel and invented the hand sanitizer as we know it today. Originally it was only used in hospital settings but soon it was commercialized by companies like Purell. Since then there have been a ton of innovations in hand sanitizers. Some claim they keep your hands soft and disinfected while the others claim they get rid of odors and keep your hands smelling fresh. 

The popularity of hand sanitizers saw its peak on the advent of the novel coronavirus but even before that it was quite popularized by H1N1 virus. Doctors recommended keeping your hands sanitized to protect yourself from the virus. In the beginning of 2020, when the whole world was shutting down and people were moving back to their hometowns, people were on the go for many days. It was difficult to get access to hand soap and water supply which is why there was a sharp rise in the demand for hand sanitizers. 

Depending on the type of ingredient used, hand sanitizers can be classified into two types: 

Non- alcohol based hand sanitizers and alcohol based hand sanitizers. The alcohol based sanitizers contain 60- 95% alcohol in the form of ethanol, isopropanol and n- propanol. These concentration levels of alcohol help immediately denature proteins and neutralize microorganisms. 

The non- alcohol based sanitizers are usually made using disinfectants like benzalkonium chloride or antimicrobial agents. 

Which hand sanitizer is better: Alcohol based or non- alcohol based?

The main difference between these two types is the alcohol content. Doctors recommend hand sanitizers that have at least 60% of alcohol content since it is effective enough to kill germs. The non- alcohol based sanitizers include moisturizing agents which is why they do not make your hands dry and can mostly be found in gel form or in foam form. It is always advised to keep alcohol based sanitizer away from children. Due to the alcohol content if the sanitizer is accidentally swallowed, it may lead to alcohol poisoning. It can also cause burning in your eyes if it gets inside. For children, non- alcohol based sanitizers should be used and for a more professional usage an alcohol based sanitizer is a good choice.

Some properties of hand sanitizers apart from just disinfecting certain surfaces has kept them in the minds of people. Following are a few:

  • Most hand sanitizers are Bactericidal, mycobactericidal, yeasticidal and virucidal in nature. 
  • They have good skin tolerability and are replenishing
  • Some hand sanitizers also increase the skin’s moisture levels with regular use. 
  • Can be used to disinfect certain surfaces other than one’s hands. 

Although hand sanitizers are a familiar term with everyone now and we all know why we use it, there are a number of startling facts about hand sanitizers we bet you are not aware of. Check them out below:

  • Hand sanitizers are not equally effective on all germs- Hand sanitizers are effective in most cases and kill 99.9% bacteria that might cause serious illness in human beings but it does not happen with a particular virus called Norovirus. If that is going around then hand sanitizers will be of no use and you will have to wash your hands with soap and water. 
  • 60-95% alcohol is the most effective-  This is the most effective concentration of alcohol. Non- alcohol based gels usually spread bacteria without killing them. You need the perfect balance and not more than 95% alcohol since alcohol needs water to denature microbes. 
  • There is a proper way to use hand sanitizers- Just like washing your hands with soap and water is done in a certain way, using sanitizer is also the same. A hand sanitizer must be rubbed all over your hands properly and must not be rinsed with water or wiped away. The purpose of the sanitizer will be defeated if you wash your hands after using it or wipe them on a dry surface. 
  • Contrary to popular belief, they will not dry out your hands- This might sound strange but alcohol based sanitizers are actually better than soap and water for the skin on your hands. Soaps strip the moisture and oils in your skin whereas the emollients in a hand sanitizer will keep your skin moisturized. 

Ever since the coronavirus has rattled all our lives, sanitizer has become an essential item in every household. There are a ton of companies that claim to manufacture the best smelling and the most effective hand sanitizers.

We have done a thorough research of the top brands and have selected the top 10 most effective and affordable hand sanitizers available in the market. Check them out below:

1. Sauve Essentials Gel Sanitizer 

Price : $1.23 ~ $1.74


  • This gentle sanitizer is perfect to be used by adults. It has an alcohol content of about 75% which makes it strong. 
  • It keeps most dangerous germs away by killing 99.9%  bacteria with its unique formula.
  • The scent of this sanitizer is marvelous. It’s the perfect blend of watery hyacinth and fresh sandalwood. 
  • The sanitizer is safety certified and is an ethyl alcohol based sanitizer. It is formulated to meet FDA regulations.


This fragrant hand sanitizer is highly effective since the alcohol content is pretty high but not too much. The sanitizer claims to kill 99.9% bacteria which proves it is a very effective formula. 


There are a ton of options available for hand sanitizers but customers particularly liked this one due to its awesome features. Customers felt that the sanitizer is highly effective and does not have a bad smell like most sanitizers with high content of alcohol have. The bottle is beautiful and the best thing about it is that you can recycle it. The fragrance is beautiful and is loved by customers since it makes them feel fresh. The sanitizer also keeps your hands soft and does not dry them out with frequent usage. 

The sanitizer will last a long time since all you need to use is a pea sized amount and rub it all over your palms and fingers. The consistency of this sanitizer is a little thick as compared to others. While the thick consistency ensures that the sanitizer spreads quickly and evenly, it does make it a little sticky. Customers were not happy with the sticky feeling and said they had to wash their hands right after applying it which totally defeats the purpose of using the sanitizer in the first place. Customers highly recommend it since it is very effective, smells great and is cost effective. 

2. 365 By Whole Foods Market Hand Sanitizer

Price : $12.49


  • This hand sanitizer is manufactured by a renowned brand all over the USA. The sanitizer does what it promises, now in a better packaging. 
  • This hand sanitizer has 62 % alcohol content which is pretty close to the perfect and desirable quantity. 
  • It keeps your skin healthy since it has chia seed oil and glycerine which lock the moisture and keep your hands feeling soft.
  • The fragrance is very refreshing and it will make you want to use it on your hands again and again. The gel consistency helps it spread evenly. 


 The sanitizer is highly effective in killing 99.9% germs. The content of alcohol in the sanitizer verifies its effectiveness. The promise of this brand to its customers can be trusted since it is quite a popular company. 


Customers have relied on this hand sanitizer for almost the entire duration of the pandemic. It kills all the germs on your hands and leaves a beautiful fragrance behind which customers instantly loved. Some customers who work jobs that require frequent cleaning of hands said that this sanitizer is their savior. Their hands don’t go dry at all and they do not have to look for soap and water to wash their hands.

The lavender scent particularly seemed to impress the customers since it is actually very close to the natural smell of lavender. While most customers were happy with the performance of this hand sanitizer, some felt that it is a little too sticky and leaves a fine film on your hands. Whenever your palms sweat they begin to feel sticky because of the fine film of the sanitizer. 

Customers said that consistency and texture is more like soap and you feel the urge to wash your hands after applying the sanitizer since it is very sticky. Most customers recommend it though because of its refreshing fragrance and moisturizing qualities. 

3. Sanit Hand Sanitizer

Price : $89.99 ~ $99.98


  • This gallon bottle of hand sanitizer is very popular among professionals since it does an amazing job of killing all the germs. 
  • It has vitamin E which keeps your skin moisturized and leaves your hands feeling smooth and fresh. 
  • The formula of the sanitizer is very powerful and does not require to be rinsed off after applying. 
  • The sanitizer is made using safe and refined ingredients which give it a gel-like consistency and make it safe for everyone to use. 


The mild formula of the sanitizer does not  mean it is not strong enough. This brand is trusted by professionals and keeps germs away without irritating your skin. This safe and effective hand sanitizer can be used as frequently as you like and still it would not dry your hands out. 


Customers were very happy with the huge supply of this sanitizer. It does not have any fragrance but it doesn’t smell bad either. It just smells like a regular sanitizer with no added fragrance. Customers were happy with it because the consistency is not too watery. This sanitizer works great in any dispenser and does not clog the holes. Customers liked that the hand sanitizer is smooth and acts like a moisturizer for your hands. Customers were glad they chose this sanitizer over others. 

Some customers said they received the product without the pump, however the customer service helped them get their misplaced pumps and they couldn’t be happier with the help. Customers also specifically liked this sanitizer because it has Aloe Vera and vitamin E which keep the skin soft.  

Customers loved this sanitizer and highly recommended it for a number of reasons like the fresh feel and consistency, the high effectiveness and the convenient pump to use. Buy this sanitizer today if you are looking to buy some in bulk to keep it at a public space. 

4. Aura Cacia Hand Sanitizer 

Price : $3.99


  • This lavender hand sanitizer is specially formulated to kill germs and keep your hands soft. It does not dry your skin 
  • It comes in a perfectly sized bottle which is easy to store anywhere and can be carried with you very easily. 
  • This sanitizer contains 80% Non-GMO alcohol which comes from sugar cane. It has a refreshing fragrance of lavender, lavandin and spike lavender.
  • It is made using certified and safe materials with vegetable glycerine to keep your hands soft. 


This is a highly effective hand sanitizer with all the good ingredients. The sanitizer is safe to use and the chemicals used are tested and approved. The effectiveness of this sanitizer is quite good. 


This small sanitizer is good enough, very effective and is very popular among users for its convenient size. The mini bottle can be carried in your purse or in your pockets. Whenever you need to sanitize your hands, just pull out your sanitizer from the pocket and disinfect your hands with this fragrant and effective sanitizer. 

Customers liked this product since it has a nice but subtle fragrance of lavender and it can also be carried easily. Customers who are regular users of this sanitizer happily reported that they were pleased with the results and said that they keep these small sanitizer bottles in their house and their cars for convenience. 

The scent of this product is strong and it covers the smell of alcohol but for some customers it was a little too strong and they suggested that a milder smell would make this sanitizer even more popular. It is highly recommended by the customers for its convenient size and effective formula. 

5. EO Hand Sanitizer

Price : $3.77 ~ $4.79


  • This small yet effective hand sanitizer bottle is made using all natural ingredients and has the fresh fragrance of lavender.
  • The scent is beautiful and helps you relax all your senses. It has lavender essential oil which keeps your hands smelling fresh. 
  • It also includes vegetable glycerine which keeps your skin soft and moisturized.
  • The organic ethanol helps keep your hands clean without using harsh chemicals. 


The sanitizer is effective and claims to kill 99.9% common germs. The product is climate pledge friendly and uses all natural products to make this highly effective sanitizer. 


This sanitizer spray is very popular among users for the convenience with which it can be used. You will never soil the bottle while trying to get some out since it is not gel but spray. Just spritz a little on your palms and you will be happy to know that it cleans your hands instantly without having to wash them. 

Customers felt that it smells really amazing but barely does the job of a sanitizer. Some even said that this can only be used for fragrance and not for cleaning purposes. The fragrance was not liked by many customers since it is too concentrated. Some customers felt it has a very chemical smell like that of a marker. 

Since it costs very little, the customers did not mind spending money on it, however, they did not highly recommend it. They also suggested using only a little amount of this sanitizer as a larger amount can make the smell even stronger. Professionals also recommended it for the good smell and somewhat good effectiveness.  

6. Touchland Hand Sanitizer

Price : $44.97


  • This hand sanitizer is no common item, it is an award winning sanitizer which not only sanitizes your hands but also hydrates and softens them.
  • It is mildly scented and delivers 500 sprays. It is made using nourishing ingredients which are non-sticky. All the scents of the sanitizer are refreshing.
  • It is completely vegan, cruelty-free, Tsa-friendly, and is manufactured in the USA.
  • The solution is water based and kills a maximum number of germs when applied on hands. 


This scented hand sanitizer is very effective just like its non fragrant competitors. It can be used by all and is safe for sensitive skin. It will sanitize your hands without causing irritation on your skin. 


Customers love these dainty little bottles of sanitizer. Some customers felt that the price was too high but they felt that the sanitizer is so good that it is worth paying the price. Customers were also very happy with the consistency of the product. It is neither too runny nor too sticky. It is just thick enough to spread on your skin evenly. 

Customers who have been using this sanitizer for a long time said that they were very happy with the quantity and the quality. Customers really liked the citrus,  fresh, aquatic, earthy and mellow smells. The shape of the bottle makes it very convenient to store in your purse or your pocket. The bottle is also very attractive looking. The spray on these bottles is quite precise, it doesn’t create a mess.

Customers highly recommend these bottles of sanitizer for everyone since there are so many fragrances that there is definitely one for everyone. These are a great gifting option as they are used by everyone and can be easily carried along with you.

7. McKesson Premium Hand Sanitizer

Price : $14.85 ~ $16.73



This hand sanitizer is very effective since the alcohol content is pretty high. It instantly works on denaturing the protein and rendering the bacteria powerless. It is good to use because it works really well but at the same time does not dry out your skin. 


This moisturizing hand sanitizer received many positive reviews from its customers. Some felt this is the best hand sanitizer since it has aloe vera which works on improving the texture of your dry skin. It has a pleasant fragrance which doesn’t last for a long time. You only need to use a dime sized amount of this product to completely sanitize your hands and so the bottle is going to last for a long time. 

Some customers felt that they did not receive the original product since it smelled too much like alcohol. This sanitizer is even used by doctors since they trust this brand to completely rid your hands of harmful germs. This sanitizer can also be used by children because it has skin softening agents which are skin friendly and totally safe to be used by kids. Customers loved this sanitizer because it is not sticky at all. 

Within a few seconds of applying this sanitizer it will get absorbed in your skin and it is so light that you won’t feel any stickiness at all. 

It is highly recommended by customers because it is a 2 pack hand sanitizer which is affordable and keeps your skin moisturized while also keeping your hands very clean and free from germs. 

8. Njoyt Hand Sanitizer 

Price : $14.99


  • This is a gel hand sanitizer for your hands which sanitizes them instantly and keeps you safe.
  • The alcohol content is 75% alcohol which makes it super strong against germs.
  • The bottle is very easy to use with a pump that works really well. After application it instantly dries up. 
  • This is an antibacterial sanitizer which will not irritate your skin and will protect your hands up till 24 hours after application. 


This gel type sanitizer is very effective and is used by professionals since it dries up very quickly. The high alcohol content means it is very effective and can be trusted with killing off the germs on your hands. 


Customers were very pleased with the performance of this hand sanitizer. People have been using thi sanitizer for  a long time and absolutely swear by it. The bottle is very easy to use with a pump that works just fine and gets the gel quickly onto your hands. The size is also very convenient. 

The fragrance is very minimal, almost non- existent and vanishes once the sanitizer gets absorbed. People whose jobs involve a lot of sanitizing hands like nurses and doctors said that this sanitizer does not dry out their hands or nails and keeps them looking fresh. It is a gentle sanitizer that works very well on germs. 

Customers reported they have been using thi sanitizer multiple times in one day and felt there was no difference in the texture of their skin since it doesn’t dry it out. The consistency of this sanitizer is such that it spreads quickly all over your palms without leaving any residue or stickiness. Customers recommend it since it has almost no smell but is highly effective and keeps your skin moisturized. 

9. Nalakai Hand Sanitizer 

Price : $21.95



Even though it is a non- alcohol based hand sanitizer it still works wonders and does really well for the texture of your skin. This is a gentle sanitizer but is very effective in killing germs and keeping you safe. 


Customers were initially skeptical about this sanitizer since it does not have any alcohol but it is safe to say that this sanitizer exceeded their expectations. It doesn’t feel sticky at all and keeps your skin moisturized. Customers who had been using different sanitizers said their skin felt horrible but after using this sanitizer they were quite satisfied since it really does well to improve the quality of your skin. It is waterless and doesn’t dry your skin at all. 

It doesn’t cause irritation on sensitive skin either. The pump works well and the customers loved that the original bottle comes with a small travel sized bottle which can be filled from the original bottle and can be carried when you are on the move. It has a nice and mild fragrance. Some customers complained that it gets collected on the pump and eventually over time, clogs the hole making it difficult for the product to be pumped out. 

Customers loved this sanitizer since it doesn’t burn or cause irritation on sensitive skin and is safe for even kids to use. It has multiple uses. It can even be used as a moisturizer and a balm to soothe your skin. It is highly recommended for its versatility.  

10. ID Hand Sanitizer 

Price : $6.99 ~ $64.67


  • This sanitizer is available in many sizes and claims to kill 99.99% common germs instantly. 
  • This is a non- alcohol based sanitizer and includes benzalkonium chloride which is a natural antimicrobial.
  • It is suitable to be used in professional or home settings. It can also be used by children. 
  • It is cruelty-free, non-toxic, non-flammable and does not dry your skin. It does not have any parabens, sulfates, Triclosan, perfumes, or dyes. 


This non- alcohol hand sanitizing spray is highly effective and has all natural ingredients which make it safe to be used by everyone. It does not have any alcohol but it does have agents that kill off germs very quickly and can be trusted. 


Customers love this sanitizer. It’s alcohol free which is perfect for people with dry skin. It doesn’t have any fragrance which might irritate some people. Since it is a non-alcohol based product it can be kept in your cars even on hot days. An alcohol based sanitizer is flammable and can cause fire if it is kept in your car on a very hot day. 

Customers were very happy with this product since it is not hazardous at all. It’s gentle on hands and leaves no sticky residue. The only complaint customers had was that this sanitizer is not effective in killing the coronavirus because it has benzalkonium chloride which is not an antiviral, it only kills bacteria. 

The size of this sanitizer is convenient and since it is available in many different sizes you can get a bottle as per your requirement. Customers highly recommend this sanitizer, however some said it is better to go for the other options since this one doesn’t kill viruses. It is non-sticky and is safe for children to use since it has natural ingredients. 


1. When and how to use a hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers were the number one commodity to go out of stock as soon as the pandemic hit. The sanitizers were flying off shelves when people discovered they can keep novel coronavirus at bay by just keeping their hands sanitized. Sanitizers smell good and can keep your hand moisturized, does that mean you can always use them for that purpose? Not really. Have a look at the following points which will tell your when it is appropriate to use a hand sanitizer:

  • When you don’t have a hand soap or water
  • While coming back from the hospital even if you did not meet anyone who was sick
  • After touching surfaces that were accessible to the general public like restrooms and subways
  • After interacting with people outside of your family.

Following are some steps that will guide you about how to effectively use a hand sanitizer:

  •     Pick a sanitizer that has at least 60 % alcohol content
  •     Spread it on your palms and fingers
  •     Rub it in for about 20 seconds. 
  •     Store the sanitizer after use in a cool and dry place
  •     Keep the alcohol based hand sanitizers away from children
  •     Dispose the expired hand sanitizer

2. What are some myths about hand sanitizers?

Hand sanitizers are a very helpful commodity surely but there are certain myths about these magic solutions that need to be busted. Read them below:

  • Hand sanitizers are the number 1 solution for keeping germs away- Since the advertisements claim it, people assume that the best option to kill germs is to use hand sanitizers when the truth is not even close. If you have access to soap and water, doctors recommend washing hands rather than using hand sanitizers. Always check if your sanitizer has triclosan which is a powerful anti- bacterial agent.
  • As long as sanitizer is used, we are safe- Believing that hand sanitizers should be the only thing to keep your hands clean will be just ignorance. Do not apply sanitizer on your hands and touch every random surface and think you are safe from all the germs. After applying the sanitizer you must wait for it to evenly spread across your palms and fingers and let it dry. Do not wash your hands after applying. 

3. What are some precautions to take when using a hand sanitizer?

Since hand sanitizers have a high quantity of concentrated chemicals, a lot of precaution needs to be practiced while using them. Follow these safety precautions when you use hand sanitizers:

  • Do not smoke with hand sanitizer spread on your hands. It can be dangerous since it is flammable. 
  • Do not use huge quantities of sanitizer on your hands. Use as little as you can.
  • Do not rub or touch your eyes with your hands when you have just applied hand sanitizer. It can irritate your eyes and even cause burning sensation. 
  • Always store the hand sanitizer away from heat or any source of ignitions like switches or spark. They might cause a disaster.
  • Do not store sanitizer next to oxygen or other gas outlets. 
  • Do not store hand sanitizers inside your vehicle and store them using proper labels and far away from the reach of children and pets. 
  • Do not allow children to use hand sanitizers by themselves.They must always be supervised by an adult. 
  • The sanitizer must be stored in an airtight container to ensure safety.

Ever since the world has seen the destruction caused by coronavirus, all of us have been extra careful about our health. Let’s not forget the superhero without a cape- ‘The hand sanitizer’

The hand sanitizer has been our number one helper in the most desperate of times. It is a simple solution that keeps germs away. These germs could potentially become the cause of somebody’s death. With the usage of hand sanitizers, you not only escape death but you also keep the people around you safe by not spreading any harmful germs. 

Sanitizers have been life savers in this deadly pandemic and the entire human population should be grateful for its existence. It doesn’t matter whether you choose an alcohol based or non-alcohol based sanitizer, you can always be sure that there are no harmful germs on your hands which might cause serious illness. If you feel the sanitizer leaves your skin dry and itchy then you should select a non- alcohol based sanitizer otherwise you should go for an alcohol based sanitizer since it is more effective in killing bacteria and viruses. Choose the best sanitizer from the list above and let us know in the comments which sanitizer you chose to protect yourself and your friends and family against any diseases. 

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