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Awesome Microwaves of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Microwaves Of 2022

Food is a way to connect to anybody’s heart because there is literally no person on this planet who doesn’t enjoy a juicy bite of meat or a crunchy morsel of vegetables.  Food has more value than just being an item that fills our stomachs and sustains life. It is something that connects people with each other, it connects different cultures with each other and, in a way, it brings the world together. Food has always had an important place in all of our lives in various ways. 

Some of us enjoy cooking, and some of us enjoy eating, but the role of food remains significant in all of our lives. In the fast-paced world, the old techniques of cooking that used to take a long time to cook scrumptious meals have become obsolete and people have been coming up with ways and appliances to speed up the cooking process while not hampering the quality of the recipe cooked. One such invention was the microwave oven.

A microwave oven is a kitchen appliance that can be used to heat food or cook different types of meals. It uses microwaves to cook food. Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation which are very similar to radio waves.  the word radiation sounds very dangerous but let us assure you that microwaves are non-ionizing radiation that can heat body tissues the same way they heat food and so they must be used with caution. 

You need not worry about being exposed as microwave manufacturers are required to certify that their microwave oven products match the radiation safety standard which is enforced by the FDA.  It is highly advised not to use a damaged microwave oven as the microwave energy might leak from it. Make sure you keep checking the door hinges, the latches, and the other parts of your microwave oven to ensure that it is not damaged from anywhere.

The most amazing thing about microwave ovens is that they were invented by accident. Raytheon Spencer, who was an engineer, was testing something called grade magnetron over 70 years ago. He was developing microwave radar transmitters during World War 2. He chanced upon the fact that during work the snack he had in his pocket had melted due to the microwaves from the radar. As soon as he realized this he kept testing this machine with different types of foods like corn kernels and eggs. He drew the conclusion by this experiment that by concentrating and directing microwaves they could heat food and this is how the concept of microwave came into existence 

The first microwave oven was tested in a Boston restaurant in 1947. Later the same year Raytheon introduced the radar range which was a success. It was 5.5 feet tall and weighed 750 pounds. It cost a whopping 5000 dollars and had to be hooked up to a waterline. The first microwave oven for home usage was brought to the market in 1955 by an appliance maker named ‘Tappan’. 

Initially, microwave ovens were not so popular because they were huge in size and cost a whole lot of money. People could not see the practicality of this appliance and hence only a few were sold initially, but, many companies began making microwave ovens and their sizes and costs kept reducing which eventually made microwave ovens so popular that they are used by approximately 90% American house household as of now. 

All the microwave ovens perform similar functions but some can do much more than the others.

There are three types of microwave ovens based on their function:

  • Solo Microwave oven– This type of microwave oven is the most basic type. It is mainly used to reheat food or defrost it. It can also be used to cook simple meals. It is best suited for a small family or for students. This microwave oven can be used to make pizza and cakes too. If you are looking for a basic microwave that does not have special features, a Solo Microwave oven should be your pick. It does not have any features to grill or bake but it can still be used to bake cakes In this microwave oven, the only utensils you can use are microwave-safe glass or Microwave safe plastic.
  • Grill microwave oven- This type of microwave oven, as the name suggests, specializes in grilling. It is constructed with a radiant heating top.  This radiant heating top is great for grilling and roasting but if you try to bake something in it, your bread or cake would be raw and burnt at the same time. You can use utensils made of glass, silicon, and metal in a grill microwave oven. You can make grilled pizzas and grilled meat easily in this type of microwave oven. It is best suited only for grilling and roasting. 
  • Convection microwave oven-This type of Microwave oven specializes in heating food They have an extra heating element and a fan which make them an ideal appliance for baking and roasting food to make it crisp. It is a versatile product that is a good choice for small kitchens and apartments. It can also be used in RVs. It comes with a ton of special features that you will not find in traditional microwave ovens. It cooks food faster and also there are different brands where you can keep multiple dishes at once.

A microwave oven is an extremely convenient kitchen appliance that comes with a lot of benefits it’s not only the time your time that is safe but a lot let’s have a brief look at some of the major advantages that come with owning a microwave oven 

  • Preserving Nutrients- Microwave ovens are extremely efficient in keeping the nutrients in fruits and vegetables intact. Heating does break down some nutrients but with the usage of the correct technique and setting the right timer on a microwave you can help preserve the healthy nutrients in your food. 
  • Convenience- A microwave oven cooks food significantly faster than any other method of cooking. Simple meals can be prepared in a microwave oven in a matter of minutes. Most microwave ovens come with recipes that can be cooked in them. With a microwave oven, anybody can prepare a delicious meal in half the time as compared to using a stovetop.
  • Energy Efficiency- Microwaves are a highly energy efficient kitchen appliance and choosing to cook with a microwave oven will allow you to use 30 to 80% less energy.  It also doesn’t make your kitchen hot. It allows you to work comfortably even during summers. Microwave ovens transfer heat more efficiently by directly heating up the water in food. It certainly saves a ton of energy and hence saves your money too.
  • Safe and easy to use- Microwave ovens are very easy to use and come with some features that are extremely user-friendly. Through a detailed instruction manual, you can understand the functioning of your microwave oven easily. When used in accordance with these instructions, it is extremely safe to use a microwave oven and just as easy to learn to use them. With the touch of a button, you can prepare elaborate meals no matter who you are- whether you are an elderly person who still enjoys delicious food or a young teenager trying to follow your passion for cooking, a microwave oven is a safe appliance for you. 
  • Different functions- Everything that we have talked about till now focuses on microwave ovens being a great cooking appliance but there are several other things that a microwave oven can do. You can use a microwave oven to reheat food as well as disinfect kitchen items. It can also be used to heat certain beauty products. You can use it to roast garlic and decrystallize honey. It can also be used for proofing yeast. It is truly the most versatile kitchen appliance.

With such a wide range of uses and such easy operation, microwave ovens have recently become the most popular kitchen appliance. There is rarely a home without a microwave oven. Whether you use a microwave oven to just reheat your food or to recreate fancy meals you saw on your favorite cooking show, a  microwave oven is there to make your job easier and faster. The increasing popularity of this amazing appliance has also given rise to a wide variety and a large number of brands of microwave ovens.

Following is a list of the best microwave ovens to choose from right now. Read the honest reviews of the customers and make your selection:

1. Nostalgia Microwave oven 

Price : $91.99 ~ $99.99


  • This stylish and compact microwave oven will give you a retro vibe.  It is designed in such a way that will bring nostalgia and fun to your kitchen
  •  It has a rotating glass carousel that helps spread heat evenly resulting in properly heated food or evenly cooked meals.
  • It comes with 8 cooking settings and provides optimal heat for the different types of food like popcorn, pizzas, potatoes, vegetables, and more
  • The display is very easy to read and shows each setting and the time
  • The multi-sequence cooking feature allows you to use four separate cooking sequences for each program. 


Customers love the design of this product. They said that it was super cute and perfect to look at. It is a great

microwave and doesn’t take up too much space on your kitchen counter. This is the best appliance for you if you use a microwave mostly for heating up food or for cooking ready-to-eat meals. If you use a microwave for more elaborate food items this one might not be your pick. 

Some customers complained that even on the highest setting, the microwave takes a lot of time to heat food and some complained that the size is a little too small. Some customers appreciated the locking feature but did not like the tone which is annoying. Customers highly recommend this retro-looking microwave for basic usage for small families or single people. 

The attractive colours this microwave is available in is a big selling point and so are its looks. Apart from the looks, the functionality of this microwave oven is average and the technology is a little weak. Since the microwave oven takes a long time even reheat food, some customers said that they would not recommend this for people who like to cook elaborate meals or get impatient with their appliances.

2. Sharp Microwave oven 

Price : $285.00


  • This stunning-looking microwave oven is very easy to use as it comes with a dial timer that can be set from 10 seconds to 6 minutes.
  • It also comes with bright LED indicators that allow you to monitor your cooking
  • The size of this microwave oven is ideal as it can accommodate a 13.5-inch platter. It can also accommodate pre-packaged foods and single servings or a half-size pan. 
  • It is very easy to maintain this microwave oven as the exterior is made of stainless steel and the interior is very easy to clean
  • It comes with an auto-cancel timer feature which functions when you open the door of the microwave during cooking. The time remaining is canceled and energy is saved. 


This microwave oven was very positively received by customers. They like that the microwave oven is attractive looking, has a solid built, and is very simple to use. The handle of this microwave oven is strong enough and closes perfectly. Sometimes the dial does not operate after a few minutes unless you open and shut the door but that’s not a huge problem because you can fix it by either adding time sooner or just opening and shutting the door. 

The design of this microwave oven is very simple and does not make it complicated to use.  Customers recommend this microwave oven as it will adequately cook,  melt and reheat your food without consuming too much time or energy. 

Some customers did not like the fact that the timer resets once you open the door. If you are cooking a meal that requires stirring midway then you might want to note down the time at which you open the door as once the door of the microwave is opened, it resets the time to the original timing. Overall it’s a great product that is extremely simple to use and is highly recommended by all the customers.

3. Frigidaire Microwave oven 

Price : $204.00 ~ $217.00


  • This microwave oven can switch 10 power levels that allow you to adjust the power according to your requirement
  • With this microwave oven, you can prepare meals at a multistage cooking level
  •  It comes with several sensor cooking options and one-touch cooking options too
  • This microwave oven is aptly sized to fit perfectly on your countertop. The stainless steel finish gives it a shiny look.
  • The control panel is easy to operate and can be used by everyone.


Customers had some issues with this microwave oven as many of them complained about the product being dangerous. Some customers also complained about the dimensions being incorrect and about its tendency to break down after a few years of usage.

The other customers who liked this product said that it’s great and a perfect fit for any kitchen counter. It is extremely easy to install and works very quietly. The major issues that most customers had were about specifications. They complained that the listing does not provide the right specifications for this microwave oven and therefore it might not be a good choice for people who have only limited space to accommodate their kitchen appliances.

Overall it’s a good product at what it does and is recommended by people who have been using it for quite some time and have liked the quality of its performance. Some customers also complained that although the product is sold as a product with a stainless steel finish, it’s only the door of the microwave that has that finish. The rest of it is black if that is not your area of concern then this microwave oven is a good pick for you.

4. RCA Microwave oven 

Price : $99.98


  • This microwave is a 9 by 10 cubic ft microwave oven that comes with 10 power levels and a Child lock safety feature
  •  The handle is sleek and curved and comes in three attractive colors
  •  The soft touch panel is easy to use and has a convenient auto cook menu
  •  The glass turntable of this microwave oven is dishwasher safe and allows even heating 
  • It has 61 touch functions that allow you to cook Pizza popcorn baked potato at just a single touch


Customers love this microwave oven as it has a retro look. It has a modern display but also a retro design. It works really well but it does not have a +30-second button. There is a plastic protective film over the main body and it is also on the side vent holes. It is recommended to remove this film before using the unit as it might cause overheating

Customers said that this product is sturdy and works best for heating up leftover food. The food comes out as fresh as the freshly cooked food. Customers said that they did not face any problems with this microwave and they highly recommend it. Some customers said that the colors although look cute but they do not look like the pictures. The handle of the microwave is sturdy and sleek

The size is great as it provides the opportunity to cook a variety of meals. The soft-touch electronic control panel comes with a cook by weight option and a defrost by weight option These two are the best features of this microwave oven according to its customers.

5. Mainstays Microwave oven 

Price : $85.45


  • This microwave oven comes with 10 power levels and six quickset menu buttons
  • It also comes with a bright LED display that allows you to check the time and cook your meals in the perfect time frame.
  • This is a 700-watt microwave oven that will allow you to cook without hassle. 
  •  The size of this microwave oven is apt for keeping it on your kitchen counter 
  • The microwave comes with all the accessories that you might need to get started. It is the perfect microwave oven for beginners.


Customers enjoyed the services of this product as it works really well. Some customers complained that the turntable does not turn and therefore there is no even distribution of heat.  Customers also praised the brand as the after-sales service is exceptional. The customer said that the product is of extremely good quality and they highly recommend it. 

The size of this microwave oven is small and is perfect for a small family or single people. It is also perfect for RVs. Customers said that at this price this microwave oven is a great bargain. Some customers complained that the technology used in this microwave might be too weak as it takes a long time to just reheat food. This small microwave however is highly recommended by its customers since it will last for a long time with proper maintenance. 

It does not take up too much space on your kitchen counter and easily reheats your food to freshness. It conveniently fits a dinner plate but nothing bigger than that. This microwave oven is available at a great price and if you’re looking for a small microwave, this is the one you should get.

6. Breville Microwave oven 

Price : $39.95


  • This microwave oven comes with sensor IQ Technology and 15 inbuilt smart presets 
  • With automatic power adjusting, this microwave oven precisely cooks and reheats your food. It detects the steam released and automatically sets the ideal time for perfect results.
  • The inbuilt presets include smart cook, smart reheat and smart defrost
  • The door of the microwave oven is made with soft-close technology and it operates very quietly. It also has a child lock feature and a mute button which ensures that there are no annoying beeps.
  • This product comes with a 1-year limited warranty and has a capacity of 34 L.


Customers love this outstanding product as it has been consistent in its performance for years. Customers were happy that they could use the start button over and over again to continuously add thirty seconds to the timer. It looks very nice too and is easy to clean.  

The settings might be a little difficult to figure out but once you do, it’s a smooth ride. Customers did not like the fact that it takes a little longer to heat and complained that according to the price at which this product is offered, it should have worked more efficiently.  It does not take up too much counter space and has smart features that impressed most customers. 

The customers were also happy with how quietly this microwave functions. You cannot hear it when it’s working and it makes a soft ‘ding’ sound once it’s done and not an annoying beep like the rest of the machines. Customers were very happy with their purchases and highly recommend this excellent microwave oven for basic cooking and heating. The customers also warned future customers to beware of the reheating feature as it might overcook your food.

7. Dacor Microwave oven 

Price : $699.00


  • This microwave oven is an excellent performer when it comes to reheating and cooking food
  • It comes with sensor technology that automatically adjusts time and temperature for most food items like popcorn, frozen food, and defrosting poultry and seafood
  • It comes with 3 defrost options through which you can quickly defrost meat and poultry according to their weight.
  • It has a two cubic feet capacity which is a large enough size for big families who like to entertain guests
  • This microwave oven is designed to work as a stand-alone unit or with built-in installations


Customers trust the brand a lot because of its long-standing reputation and they said that this microwave oven lives up to the reputation of the brand. The digital screen display is a good add-on. The operation of this microwave oven is very easy and straightforward and therefore it can be used by anybody. 

It functions just like a regular microwave should at its size. Some customers complained that this is an average product sold at an extremely high price and therefore if you are somebody who’s looking not to spend a lot of money over a regular microwave oven then this product might not be your choice. Some customers also complained that since it is a large microwave it works noisily and the keypad layout might be confusing for some, however, most customers who have had this product for a long time said that they rely on it and would buy it again if need be. 

The size of this large microwave oven is perfect for its capacity and it works really well as a built-in microwave although some customers complained that it is a little expensive, most of them felt that it is worth spending that amount of money. 

8. Emerson Microwave oven 

Price : $74.99 ~ $115.99


  • This microwave oven comes with 10 power levels 
  • It allows you to defrost according to the weight or by time
  • It has the fantastic feature of a 99 minutes 99 seconds digital timer. It also has a memory and kitchen timer function. It comes with an auto cooking menu which is extremely easy to understand and operate.
  • It is the perfect size to fit in the corner of your kitchen counter
  • Without taking up too much space, this efficient microwave oven will quickly cook all your meals and snacks at an affordable price


This small microwave oven received many positive reviews from its customers as it fits perfectly on everybody’s kitchen counter and heats up their food without any issue. Some customers said that it takes a little longer to heat up a plate but not by a big margin. Some customers also really liked the way this microwave looks as it is small and has a cute design.  

Some customers complained that even though this microwave oven cooks up food nicely it does take up a significant amount to heat up liquids and leftovers. This microwave oven is the perfect option for a small kitchen. Customers said that it is nice and cheap but powerful and reliable. Most customers highly recommend this product to everyone looking for a small yet effective microwave oven at a reasonable price. 

This microwave oven works well but it does not have a light on the inside which might be an issue for some customers. The customers who recommended this product said that it is great for single people, small families, and college students. It will last for a long time as it is made by a reputed brand.

9. Farberware Microwave oven 

Price : $147.79


  • This microwave oven comes in a brushed stainless steel look and this look will work with any type of decor
  • It has the perfect size and so it fits easily in any kitchen
  • The interior of this microwave oven is designed to be easy to clean
  • It comes with great features such as time and weight defrost. It also has a child safety lock feature
  • It comes with seven auto cooking one-touch programs that will perfectly cook potatoes, fries, frozen food, reheat leftovers, frozen pizza, vegetables and many more things


Customers were extremely happy with this product as it has proven to be perfect for daily kitchen usage. It also cooks large microwave meals efficiently and the keypad is very easy to use. The big handle allows you to open and close it conveniently. It is perfect for small spaces. On a smooth surface, the microwave may slide around so you should keep a rubber sheet underneath it. 

Some customers said that the microwave oven looks a little flimsy at first but it’s just that it is lightweight and not flimsy. Some customers complained that it is a little on the noisy side but it’s fine as its performance is really good and so is the price. Customers said that it should not be used for elaborate meals as it might not work. It is good for reheating leftovers and cooking basic meals. The customers were happy that every feature of the oven works. The customers said that it’s a solidly built product which is a great deal. 

Most customers loved this microwave oven, however, a small number of them were divided about its performance and features. Some customers felt that the beep which rings only five times when done should ring continuously until someone tends to it. The microwave also tends to sweat on the inside at times.

10. Haden Microwave oven 

Price : $119.99 ~ $125.99


  • This vintage microwave oven by Hayden is one of its kind and the classic retro design makes it a bestseller.
  • The microwave oven is of the highest quality and is a safety certified product
  • It heats up food quickly and also cooks simple meals pretty fast
  • The capacity of this microwave oven is 20 liters which is more than enough for a family
  • It is extremely easy to use with the digital controls and comes with 5 power levels to control the heating process
  • It also allows you to defrost and reheat your food at the touch of one single button
  • It is small yet stylish and includes a 9.5 inch round glass turntable that helps with even heating


Customers really enjoyed having this dainty piece of kitchen appliance in their homes. The brand is famous for its sleek designs and modern colored appliances and this microwave oven is a great example of one of its greatest products. Most customers who bought it used it primarily to reheat lunches and other meals as well as coffee. Some customers said that it was a little difficult to figure out, however, when it starts working it works just fine. 

Some customers complained that it might be a little too loud for some people. It is highly recommended by most customers since it looks just so beautiful. Apart from the looks and the average performance this microwave oven did receive some negative reviews about its functionality. 

Customers said that it is confusing to use and does not last for a very long time. The display also seems to keep blinking. Customers recommend this product if you are looking for something that looks nice in your kitchen but has an average performance. If you are looking for a microwave only to reheat food then this one must be your choice.


1. Is using a microwave oven on a daily basis harmful?

Microwave ovens do not cause any harm, in fact, they are even better than other cooking methods. They help preserve nutrients in the food and they prevent the formation of harmful compounds. There are however some things that you must follow to use your microwave oven efficiently.  You should never overheat or underheat your food in a microwave oven and you should never stand too close to it.  Do not heat anything in a plastic container unless it is labeled microwave-safe. 

2. How long should I expect my microwave to last?

A regular microwave oven which is very well taken care of last a little over seven years with heavy usage. If there is poor maintenance the appliance might give in even before this time period is over. A large family generally uses microwave ovens every day and with every meal, often reheating leftover food. Continuous usage might also be one of the factors that reduce the lifespan of a microwave oven. To ensure your appliance lasts for a long time, make sure that you always keep checking for da mages and get them repaired as soon as possible.

3. Is a microwave oven the same as a convection oven?

The purpose of both microwave oven and convection oven is the same i.e. cooking food. A microwave oven uses radiation to heat the water inside food however a convection oven uses a heated grill to cook the food. A convection oven has a fan inside it that evenly distributes heat and allows your food to be baked or roasted properly. The heating process in a microwave oven and convection oven is different and these two appliances are certainly not the same as each other but their functions might be somewhat the same.

Microwave ovens have been around for so long that a kitchen feels incomplete without one. A microwave helps you do a ton of things with a lot more is and convenience.  There are several reasons to get a microwave oven for your kitchen today. 

Since microwave ovens use radiation to cook food some people might be skeptical about getting them but as we assured you at the beginning of this article, each microwave oven that is brought on the market is certified by the FDA for all the necessary safety standards. Buy a microwave oven today And be sure to have a healthy and nutritious meal each time. Let us know in the performance which microwave oven you choose from our list to be your sous chef.

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